The 47 Most Diabolical Video-Game Villains of All Time

The bossiest of bosses are counted down in our retrospective through long, breathless nights with sweaty palms, thrown controllers and endless battles against the baddest-ass villains we've ever faced -- both new and old-school. Of course, with these famous foes, it's a love/hate relationship. Did your favorites make the list? Comment and let us know!

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47. Richter Belmont (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

It was a shock for fans of the Castlevania series to see a Belmont as the lord of Dracula's castle, but this was only one of several storyline stunners in the masterpiece that was Symphony.

46. Vega (Street Fighter II)

You've never felt pain until you've felt the pain inflicted by a ninja bullfighter! Zesty!

45. The Colossi (Shadow of the Colossus)

Towering mythological titans, perhaps the most impressive and fearsome creatures ever rendered in a videogame, and incredibly cinematic experiences that had us checking to make sure this was still the PlayStation 2... need we say more?

44. Carmen Sandiego (Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?)

When you're famous enough that every child in the world is hunting for you, it's clear that you've made your name with an impressive legacy of villainy. Did anyone ever really know what Sandiego did wrong, though? (Answer: she was a thief).

43. Kane (Command & Conquer)

Kane was the diabolical leader behind the shady Brotherhood of Nod organization, which plotted to take over the world. And, as the storyline implies, he may just have been the immortal Biblical figure Cain. Living up to that rep, he went ahead and murdered his own brother. "I ain't your keeper, dude!"

42. Dahlia Gillespie (Silent Hill)

This would-be antichrist (and hella creepy old hag) is the ringleader of the dark cult that draws its power from the supernatural reckonings within the town of Silent Hill. (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

41. Lady Vox (EverQuest)

Every EQ raiding party cut their teeth on this vicious dragon, an encounter that paved the way for WarCraft's Lady Onyxia. Getting WTFZOMGPWNED by this beast is just a rite of passage in MMO gaming.

40. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil series)

A modern-day Cavendish, Albert Wesker was once an honorable member of the S.T.A.R.S. special forces unit that has been drawn to the disturbing events of Raccoon City in the various Resident Evil games. However, he betrayed his comrades and has taken the helm of a shadowy organization that seems to have an agenda for the disturbing biohazard outbreak... and the story continues to unfold. (Photo Courtesty of Wikipedia)

39. Dr. Wily (Mega Man series)

Clearly a standout from the overcrowded school of mad scientists, Dr. Wily has gone on to terrorize the honorable Dr. Light... who, in turn, apparently didn't get into the overcrowded school of elderly chosen-one teachers for nothing-he also can create great robots, like Mega Man!

38. The Thief (Zork)

Okay, dude... I'm so dedicated to this damn game that I'm gonna go through the trouble of typing all of my actions and just read text to create the entire scenario in my head. Yep, that's right... type. In my leisure time... I'm gonna read. And you're gonna come along steal my crap? Again and again? You, good sir, suck.

37. The Creator (The Final Fantasy Legend)

If you want to ask God himself why He needs a starship, you can find Him as the final boss of this game. You gotta wonder... how many hit points did the developers give God?

36. Ragnaros (World of WarCraft)

Big, spiraling lava dude at the end of Molten Core, the first truly epic dungeon of World of WarCraft (requiring a 40-man raid party). Before the Burning Crusade, Ragnaros was the threshold between hardcore and lite WoW players. If you'd beaten him, you were a playa, player.

35. Officer Tenpenny (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

This corrupt police officer is a masterful puppeteer, manipulating Los Santos' cops, its gangs, its community and its seedy drug runners, eventually resulting in an all-out riot. You gotta respect a guy who takes a stand and says, "No, man. We can't all just get along." (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

34. Lavos (Chronotrigger)

You've heard one story of an alien parasite who came to Earth 65 billion years ago, you've heard 'em all. Unless you're talking about the diabolical Lavos, who had three distinct phases and then two parts in his final phase and then a whole 'other form in Chrono Cross. My boy goes through more makeovers than Madonna.

33. Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)

Let's face it-we could populate this entire list with characters solely from Square games. And yeah, there will be a couple more. But this guy enslaved our girl Terra and, let's face it, committed genocide. I mean, it's not like he threw some fireballs at us. Homey killed billions.

32. Evil Otto (Berzerk)

Don't judge us for putting this bouncing smiley face in front of the guy who killed billions. Look, you try playing the frantic neural spasm that is Berzerk and tell us if Evil Otto doesn't freak you out too. (Photo Courtesy of

31. The Flood (Halo: Combat Evolved)

The arrival of the Flood marked a completely unforeseen turning point in Halo's previously straightforward storytelling, but the developers were too busy throwing a brutal, unforgiving assault at Master Chief to stop and pat themselves on the back. Now THAT is adrenaline.

30. M. Bison (Street Fighter II)

This guy had the nerve to look you dead in the face, threaten your very soul and then tell you he represents an organization called Shadoloo. That's brave, man. You get the image of him busting into a breakdance fight against Sha Na Na. (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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GamePro staff

GamePro (online)




wow dk is very very evil i had no idea



Thank god for once


Thank god for once Sephiroth isn't on top! :D



what the cheese!

sephiroth wanted to use the planet as a boat!!!!!!! how the cheese did donkey kong beat him to nb 1



The main way it's fail IMO is having CATS up there that high (and with his trademark quote all there is to boot) and actually including Vega. C'mon if him, why not someone like Dio from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (in various games so far AFAIK thanks in part to the Jump DS games) since Vader's there, or maybe someone else from Street Fighter... Like Akuma? LMAO at Bison, I like him, but he looks too much like Washizaki (from Riki-Oh).



Fail where's ? Le Chuck from Monkey Island Series.



donkey kong number 1? wow whoever made this is retarded lol



Hogger should have been #1...he is the epitome of evil

JK Alston



i'm sure someone has already said it by now but there's no way Kefka should be anything lower than 2 on this list. And yes, he should be ahead of Sephiroth



The Butcher

Where the hell is The Butcher from Diablo 1?



Um... Wesker...#40? WTF!? Did the title say diabolical or am I misreading this? Seriously, DK?!! A hero, number 1!? wtf



info from where?

where did this guy get his info? Eggman, IQ of 3000. Wow, please telll me he typoed, even wikipedia got it right with 300....
Donkey Kong.....seriously?



got to remember DK was a villian to start with. in two DK games before his big SNES makeover.



The first powerful boss. (All the rest before him suck).

Yet Another Anonymous


Where are the rest?

Ok, srsly, where r the rest? Wheres Sargeras and Kil'Jaeden and Kel'Thuzad? I dont see how a stupid monkey that snatched ur fave hooker is eviler then a Dark Titan who killed thousands or an evil lich who rules a big fat flying fortress and thousands of undead? WoW pwns all these games, holy crap. Open your eyes! And also, where the hell is the Prophet of Truth? A slut-snatching baboon is in no way more powerful then a diabolical monstrosity wanting to destroy the universe with thousands of religious fruitcakes praying for the day the get to pick up his crap! THESE ARE DIABOLICAL VILLAINS, NOT HOOKER STEALERS.COM!!! HOLY CRAP!



how the hell did Donkey Kong beat out Sephiroth?? Donkey Kong? Diabolical?? I would hardly call throwing barrels at mario to keep him at bay diabolical.



my god arthas the betrayer the corrupted the lich king is on # 20 WTF i mean stabbing fathers killing people killing mentors fucking ur friends girlfriend isnt enuogh?




Sephiroth 2!!!!!!???

I can't belive it....



wtf wheres hitler from wolfenstein?



Nemisis #29 OMG

Okay Nemesis is the most diabolical thing I've ever seen and hes #29!?!?! OMG! He should be #1 I mean Donkey Kong? Seriously, he's #1 on the Nice list Nemesis is Meant to BE #1!



illidan the betrayer?




Kefka should have been ranked higher than Sephiroth.



I totally agree

read dis


video game villians

Arthas should be in top 10



Sephiroth and


Sephiroth and Final Fantasy VII altogether is NOWHERE NEAR AS GOOD as VI, and definitely nowhere near as good as its fanboys like to claim. Frankly, Sephiroth is like Master Chief, a video game cliche, and not even a challenge (Kefka was a decent challenge.)

Kefka gets my vote as the single greatest Final Fantasy villain of all time. And he sure as hell shouldn't rank lower than Sephiroth on ANY list. And I think whoever wrote this list bought into the hype or is a FFVII fanboy.

I find that FF actually turned to crap from VII on, as if Square stopped being so inspired. VI was definitely Final Fantasy at its very peak, veritably epic story, massive cast of player characters with an almost larger fleet of NPCs to interact with, the fact that you're taking on an entire empire that ends up not even being that actual threat ... and seriously... KEFKA. No other RPG villain was anything like Kefka.

Kefka definitely beats Sephiroth hands down because Kefka actually did things Sephiroth tried and failed to do:

1. Kefka enslaved the main character before the story even begins. Sephiroth did manage to take over Cloud for like three minutes in the entire story of FFVII, but that's not even a blip on the radar of almost the entirety of Terra's entire life that Kefka did. Why is Sephiroth considered a more primo villain than Kefka if he barely manages a few minutes of enslavement of the hero?

2. Kefka had THRICE committed full-scale genocide in Final Fantasy VI: First the unfortunate people of Doma were poisoned to death at the time Cyan joins the story, an action Kefka committed in clear opposition to his orders. Second, he absolutely slaughters pretty much the ENTIRE Esper race at Thamasa just for the sake of taking their magic. And third, he turns the light of judgment and kills almost everyone in Mobliz just because he didn't like them. Want to know how many genocides Sephiroth actually did? Zero. None. Why is Sephiroth considered a more primo villain than Kefka if he doesn't even slaughter an entire people?

3. Kefka murders a few key people key people in the story: General Leo, Emperor Gestahl, and if you're in too much of a rush to get off the Floating Continent: Shadow, a Player Character. Sephiroth only kills two people and emos for the rest of the game: President Shinra and Aeris. Why is Sephiroth considered a more primo villain than Kefka if he can only manage to kill two people, only one of which you get to play for only 1/3 of the game?

4. Kefka also does three VERY MAJOR THINGS Sephiroth does not do that essentially means Kefka "wins" in Final Fantasy VI: a. He actually BECOMES a god, unlike Sephiroth who couldn't even manage to hit the planet with a big-ass meteor. b. Kefka actual destroys the world, unlike Sephiroth, for the reason I just mentioned in a: He couldn't even hit the planet with a big-ass meteor. c. Kefka actually wins on the Floating Continent... nobody, as hard as they try, could stop him from exploiting the Goddess Statues and accomplishing a or b. Sephiroth... YET AGAIN... never once won in any sense, never reached godhood, and never thwarted everyone at any point in the story. The most he did was get the Black Materia which was only a means to an end. Why is Sephiroth considered a more primo villain than Kefka if he never actually attains his goals?

Kefka is better than Sephiroth in every way.







Reading these descriptions, I begin to think that, A, the reviewer has never played most of these games and is instead writing purple prose out their exhaust pipes and going on third hand information, B, whoever ordered the list might have been a different person, and C that the reviewer and staff are misinformed as to what diabolical means.

A lot of the villains on this list (specifically Sephiroth though) were not diabolical. Evil? Undoubtedly. But diabolical? No.

Murder is not diablogical. Genocide? Poisoning a castle and killing the entire civilian populace to achieve a goal? Planning a massive Xanatos Gambit to take over the world? That's diabolical. Sephiroth might have had the potential to be diabolical, but you really can't lay a claim to fame without some amount of success.

Also. Noble does not describe Cloud in any way. At all. Terms like noble are reserved for brooding anti-heroes, like Vincent, or innocent bastions of goodness, like Aerith.



Oh. like my gawd, u suck. like, sephy-poo should totally be number 1. I mean who's donky kong? why does a fat monkey beat the most handsome awesome villain ever?

Spherioth for numbar 1!



Hogger owns all. End of story.



donkey kong < all of the others

and i agree with kid who said illidan for pres. he's frickin evil. and lawlsauce at dk bein #1. imo it should be mother brain cuz she's the scariest fucking last boss i have ever encountered and i had nightmares.



I'm sad that Exdeath isn't on here. He did everything Sephiroth did and then some.
-Killed a main character
-Fought you 3 times (But Sephiroth died each one, Exdeath never died)
-Has a sword (That's Sepiroth's only weapon, Exdeath has the void)

Something villains never do: HE DID THINGS HIMSELF.

Jimma and Old Alf


Crappiest article in hisrory. Yes, let's find a list of fifty games smothered in pop culture, then grab their antagonists and paint them as the greatest villains in videogaming, regardless of the merit or relevance of the characters themselves. Don't forget to epic up the title by mentioning "all-time".

CATS from Zero Wing and Donkey Kong in a diabolical villains list. For Christ's sake.



No Master Hand?? Really???



That's what Cloud said.



Thats gay...

WTF? Dk wasnt evil at all he just thrown fuckin barrels at mario and luigi wtf?
Whoever made this ure dipshit who dont even know whos worst bad ass!
Kerrigan is worst than DK she betrayed her friends DK did not lol



If Sephiroth is 2 then Kefka is 1, ontop of that Lance Vance? if you're going to pick someone from GTA:VC then the obvious choice is the protagonist; Tommy Verceti

Never you mind my name


This whole...

"Sephiroth is the best villain in the entire video game universe" thing is getting ridiculous. The only reason he's so goddamn great is because of the fanboys ranting and raving about him. It's been, what, 12 years since FF7 came out? Give other villains a chance, and not just Sephiroth OR other FF villains. For example, Wesker from the Resident Evil series (a.k.a #40). Wesker's MUCH more calculating than Sephiroth. Plus, Sephiroth didn't do much at all from what I can tell. He just walked through fire and tried blowing a planet up. Plus, he's a MOMMA'S BOY. Now, I'm not just ranting about Sephiroth because I hate him, I just think that he's being blown a BIT out of proportion. ...Okay, WAY out of proportion.




Kerrigan should be #1 in the list!!! Considered that in the eternal fight between good and evil good boys always win, but in StarCraft EVIL WINS!!! She's a lot more epic than any other villains... she even betrays her creator, which was already pure evil.
Take a look at her final speech of the game:

"Once again I stand atop the broken bodies of my enemies... Victorious but not unscarred. The Earth-borne Directorate has been destroyed, and the Overmind lies dead and trampled beneath the ashes of Char. As for my unlikely allies, I think that I shall allow them a reprieve, for in time I will seek to test their resolve, and their strengths. They will all be mine in the end, for I am the Queen of Blades. None shall ever dispute my rule again."

Kerrigan is pure PWNAGE! 'nuff said.



So lame

how can the Flood be 31st? They killed hundreds of billions of people and took over entire fucking galaxies. anyone who thinks they shoulden't at least be top three can eat shit and die.




seriously! WHERE IS HE! Giygas could whop all of these peoples asses IN ONE ATTACK! Not only that but giygas looks soooooo much cooler than anyone else and hes the reincarnation of evil itself!

momma's boy hater



first thing's first
this,as most villain/hero tops is based on memorability and popularity of the characters not evilness nor status
Sephiroth:a name which inspires gayness,like all gay fan boys who overrate and fanatically love him for no apparent reason(or maybe because they're fags)
all he did was being there and being momma's boy o,he WANTED to do many things(not really original of course) but couldn't because he's a pansy and hes not really awesome hes just ur usual gay knight rip off
as usual,most comments were shit they really made me lol a lot of sephi's fan boys with no arguments and some guys who didn't even know where they are
there's also a lot of flood supporters not that they're shit but they arent the most awesome and memorable or diabolical eusocial race of life devouring aliens
the zergs are kinda over rated also they arent the direct spiritual successor of the aliens it goes like this
aliens(first MODERN eusocial alien species)->tyrannids->zergs
not that zergs arent cool they're more awesome than the flood but their kinda copied after tyrannids blizz stoles a lot of ideas they first told the guys at games workshop that they want to make a warhammer game(with both warcraft and starcraft)so that they didn't risk copyright infringement



Lol, you guys all care so much about one person's opinion. There's no need to exert yourself so much on something which won't be changed because you swore at it =D




I love how there are more complaints about Sephiroth fanboys (like 8) than there are actual Sephiroth fanboys (1). Did you say Advent Children? Movie was tight. Respect. As for "Momma's boy hater": GET BACK TROLL! All you do is bash other people for having an opinion without positing one of your own. Off with his head.

Besides, we all know that Ganondorf is the greatest villain in history. Or at least he wins the A for effort... He's tried to take over Hyrule like 8,000 times.



you only live twice

"Ok, srsly, where r the rest? Wheres Sargeras and Kil'Jaeden and Kel'Thuzad? I dont see how a stupid monkey that snatched ur fave hooker is eviler then a Dark Titan who killed thousands or an evil lich who rules a big fat flying fortress and thousands of undead? WoW pwns all these games, holy crap. Open your eyes! And also, where the hell is the Prophet of Truth? A slut-snatching baboon is in no way more powerful then a diabolical monstrosity wanting to destroy the universe with thousands of religious fruitcakes praying for the day the get to pick up his crap! THESE ARE DIABOLICAL VILLAINS, NOT HOOKER STEALERS.COM!!! HOLY CRAP!"

Yet another anonymous u r completely right and the gods should take you in as one of their own, well that is if you added in the argument to add in Ganon and Ms. Bigglesworth and move hogger to the top. Other than that ur totaly right WoW kicks ass and Halo does too




DK, evil? That confuses me but i know where the authors coming from. Dk probably owned more gamers than all these games bosses combined. He may not be evil but he rapes gamers on a daily bases



jeeeeeeeeez...c'mon where's Doctor Proton from Duke Nukum ???



I would like to see arthas and sephiroth get in a fight, epic




I honestly don't understand how and evil jester/clown who DESTROYS THE WORLD loses out an ape and multiple others. How many did Sephiroth kill? like 7. How many did Kefka kill? 2 villages, let horrid beasts out (which killed people), killed the 1st have major antagonist and General Leo. How can this guy NOT be on the top. Just a hunch but his Judgment Light or whatever it's called could PWN anyone else on the list.




How is a stupid ape #1? We have groups in this list that are much more diabolical than a monkey who steals your girlfriend and throws barrels at you. Some of them even KILL your girlfriend. Then the monkey becomes friends with you in later games and that's SOOOOO evil. Donkey kong shouldn't even be on the list!




how bouts big smoke
he was your brudda (sort a)
then he back-stabbed you



Icon of Sin

What about the Icon of Sin from Doom II? He was a massive olive-green goat head with a hole leading to his brain that shot skull cubes that summoned massive amounts of demons to pwn you and took over and demonized earth AND committed a WORLDWIDE MASS EXTERMINATION of humans while the player was busy in Doom I (which is better than kefka)!




#40 you got to be kidding me that guy is dfinetly one of the top 20 and how is DK #1 there is no way with all the others not on the list



Sargeras could beat them all

Well Kil'jaeden was send by Sargeras so I wonder who is more evil. Sargeras was the one who send the Burning Legion into the outlands and Kil'Jaeden tricked Ner'zhul into believing the draenei wanted to attack the orcs. (ofc on demand of Sargeras)
So yeah Sargeras should be in the list. BTW Ner'zhul wasn't really that evil. He was tricked by Kil'. He even saved the Frostwolf clan by telling them not to drink the blood Kil gave to them. Thus saving the Frostwolf Clan(todays horde orcs) He even betrayed Kil'.
Eventually his body and soul were seperated and he became the Lich King.(Ner'zhul had a huge craving for power) Who took over Arthas and Atrhie killed his father and unleashed the plague upon Azaroth thus completing the circle.
Like I was saying Sargeras should be on the list.

But on nr there can be only 1: Chuck Norris.
"What? there is no video game of him?" "There should be"
Btw, Chuck Norris is nr 1 on any list!



Not enough love for Bowser

People really don't appreciate Bowser for his evil acts. Not only did he steal Mario's woman, but he made Mario fight his way through legions of minions and bad landscapes, to get to a castle that in the end, didn't have the Princess in it. Forcing Mario to continue on through more minions and more castles.



Prophet of Truth

Why is the Prophet of Truth not up there? How is it trying to blow up the entire universe with a giant ring kick ass purple ships all for a misguided Holy crusade NOT DIABOLICAL??? Hell the brutes themselves are more badass apes then Donkey kong ever was.

Also screw Arthas its the Lich King who should be up there? I mean killing thousands of people and THEN enslaving them isn't good enough to make the top ten?

What where you on when you wrote this article you stupid Misinformed author!?



VI-Fanboy ranting is nowhere better

maybe because attaining the goals of the villain's scheme isn't the only measuring criteria?
Tss...there you are ranting about FVII fanboys or Sephiroth Fanboys and in essence you're no better than that...only that you're a FFVI Fanboy (or girl) and a Kefka Fanboy(girl).

That stupid psycho clown is as overrated/or underrated as is Sephiroth.
Yes, Kefka is a good villain, no doubt about that, but Sephiroth is that as well.
And more often it's also an issue of personal taste.
There are many factors which contribute to a good villain besides Power, accomplishments and appearance.

Many villains just gain fame because they are memorable to a broad audience from their respective Game or other Games they appeared in.
It depends also on the success of the game itself over a longer time period. FFVII was the first 3D-FF and also the first one to be released world-wide (the world doesn't consists just of Japan and the USA!).
Most Final Fantasy villains are excellent and good villains, Sephiroth for example is one of the few villains who is strong in physical powers and swordplay as well as magic and psycho-powers.
If you're talking about great FF Villains you've also to talk about Artemisia from FFVIII who actually has power over time and space and is even acting through several time periods, something neither Sephiroth nor Kefka can.
Exdeath (FFV) or Cloud of Darkness (FFIII) have power over the void, Zemus has the power of mind control and Emperor Mateus from FFII even conquered Hell and Heaven.

Personally, although I regard Kefka as a fine villain he's not greater than Sephiroth for me, or greater than Artemisia, Xehanort from KH or Diablo.

However, departing from FF, I'll also wonder about Donkey Kong placed first...that Gorilla is more of a good guy than a villain. (At least he had more games where he appeared good, only one or two where he's the villain.)



it seems most of you people never played the original DK... Of all the ones you keep saying are so much better then him, I'll ask you a question. Did you ever beat them? Yes? okay. Did you ever beat the original DK? No. Got it. (in fact you CAN'T beat him...seems pretty diabolical to me...) He's arguably the hardest boss of all time.



Pyramid Head should be number 1!



retarded post , DK for fuks sake , u must be a 13 year old jap girl



I think Donkey Kong sucks.

There is no freaking way he is number one in a MOST DIABOLICAL VILLIAN! He threw barrels! WOOPTEY FREAKIN DOO!



WTFFFFFF DK??!!!?? ok DK had an evil streak yes....but arthas killed his DAD!!!! arthas should definitely b top 3



HOGGER!!!!!!!!!!! NYAHHHHH!!!!!!!



What about the freakin tonberry on FFVII!!! THE LITTLE BITH WAS EFFING INSANE!!! All he had was a knife!



Sephiroth: THE most overrated videogame character there is. No way should a wuss who burned down a village, went to sleep, and took adavntage of Jenova's body should be called the best Final Fantasy villain. A name that will forever inspire retarded fanboys to start wanking themselves to their girly looking pretty boy.

Garland, Golbez, Exdeath, Kefka, Kuja, and Jenova would all make Sissy-roth their whore.



really? No John Irenicus? fail



Fail list. You got most of the right names, but the order is all wrong. Kane, Lavos, Kefka, Kerrigan, Jon Irenicus should be Top 5, no questions. Sephiroth may belong in Top 10, but there's no way in hell he should be above Kefka; Kefka friggin' ATTAINED GODHOOD during the game, not to mention being a truly insane, dangerous villain.

I mean, sure, Seph killed Aerith, but Kefka...well, Kefka is a God. Enough said. You could argue that on Seph, but fact is that he ultimately "failed" while Kefka is one of the very few video game villains that SUCCEEDED. Oh, and he killed the Emperor while being clearly weaker than he was; Kefka is not only insane but brilliant.

M. Bison should be WAY higher than Goro (or Shang Tsung, Shao Khan or any other Mortal Kombat-villains) simply on scale; Bison is a semi-immortal pool of psychotic energy pretty much ruling the world and yeah.

Kane...I don't think anyone has the balls to doubt his villain quality. Kane is just...Kane.

Jon Irenicus...anyone who's played BG2 will place him on the top. Period. Only excuse for that is NOT having played the game. He was a truly dominant, powerful villain and one that WILL send chills down your spine.

And Kerrigan, well, that's just a matter of placement. You can't really beat her. You just can't.

Others you've underrated: SHODAN (eh, obvious), Lavos (remember that whole "morphing the race to his needs for a DNA pool to harvest and repeat the migration on other planets"-stuff?) and Lich King (what's Arthas doing up there? It's the Lich King that's the mastermind villain in that world; Arthas is merely a pawn).

The only worthy villains up there: Ganondorf (over Ganon, obviously), Darth Vader (though better fit for a movie list since that's where his true awesome lies), Mother Brain & maybe Bowser.

Awesome though they may be, Psycho Mantis & Septhiroth are simply out of their league here. So...yeah



Irenicus, how in the hell could I have forgotten about him?



Well, what i think is some people are just taking this way to seriously..



Where is "Pokemon Rival"??? hahaha...
yeah KEFKA for #1... did everything so sinister...
Sephiroth is just badass, not diabolic






I'm surprised Hogger didn't destroy this site! He has the power, trust me, he's destroyed more raids than anyone can count



How could you forget about Lechuck? How??!!!

Somebody Random


A few people I think that should have been in this list:
Sargeras: this guy is just insanely diabolical. I mean, the Lich King is awesome, but Sargeras is the one who CREATED him, for god's sake!
Giygas: As far as diabolical goes, this guy is one of the best. When I fought him, he creeped me out so much that I had nightmares for a month afterwards.
Also, I know some of you don't like the opinions of the others, but that doesn't mean that you have to make three-paragraph posts that serve no purpose but to flame at the others!



All the Sephiroth hate is getting pretty retarded, understandable none the less. What separates him from many villains is his tragic past and the believable actions the writers chose to take with him. He's complex and isn't evil for the pure sake of being evil. There is a reason why he has so many "fanboys" and why he is one of the most popular villains in video game history.

Although i don't necessarily agree with his specific placement (I would have placed him maybe 4th or 5th), we all have different opinions on what makes a good villain. Do you value tragedy, complexity, fallen angels, pure evil, master scheming, etc? There needs to be real reason why you disagree and not because a character is too "pop," "fanboy," or "mainstream".



hey, anyone here complaining actually beat donkey kong for real? not just the 4th level, but wherever you actually beat him and the game says: the end? you beat sephiroth in the end



I don't think the guys here at PC World know what diabolical means.



According to, diabolical means, "belonging to or so evil as to recall the Devil". There you have it, straight from the horse's glossopharyngeal cavity.



Yeah, doesn't really fit for this list....should be called memorable bosses or something, but diabolical?
How does being the first boss ever or having bad english qualify for this?
To the Sephirooth debate: Yeah he was a great villain, but the List says "diabolical"...i mean bosses like Tyson were diabolical cause they were so freaking hard to beat, Kefka/Kerrigan etc... were diabolical because they killed tousands out of fun(and did generally insane or evil acts). Sepphi was neither hard to beat nor did he kill thousand,(and he even only did a handful of Evil things) hes totaly misplaced on this list.

And i add one more to the forgotten diabolical Bosses: Ugh Zhan from Serious Sam, the first time you notice him, you go like wow hes big, and then you notice that hes very, very far away.
The guy was 300 feet tall(you are like 8), had 4 Weapons(which shots were bigger then yourself), spit fireballs, regenerated his health so you needed to activate some special device, which only worked when he stood at the right place WHILE still wounding him with normal weapons at the same time.
And I forgot: you have to fight him 1on1 in a rather small arena.
Thats Diabolical, altough not enough to place in the tops here.



The Prime Evils from Diablo and Kel'thuzad and Kil'jaeden from Warcraft should've made the list, and in the top 10. Actually there are loads more missing...



How could they have forgotten President Kreeger from Disruptor? He had the hero's father murdered by terrorists, had a duplicate of his office created, but as a teleporter and then had the builders and people involved in funding him killed. He sabotages the reactor on New Atlantis and sends you in even though he knows there is no way to stop it or escape just to get rid of you and tries to extract the Terrablast psionic from you without using any painkillers because.. ' I'm not authorised to prescribe medication.'

Why is Kane in the 40's ? He planned and set up the events of Red Alert 1 and kills the woman at the end in the name of his Brotherhood of Nod when she is a member herself.

Diabolical does not mean: "How much the villain could PWN everyone else. It also is not how cool the villain looks, it's how the villain behaves and goes about his/her plans"

Baal from Diablo 2 was diabolical, getting the little guy to confess everything about the stone only to reveal who he is and laugh at him at the end.

Robert Smith


Dude.. I am so totally upset about this list. I can't believe they didn't even include Brian Boitano....



Sorry and The Evil Ghost of the pirate LeChuck where is in that List?!?

Totally useless.



Sephiroth? Really? He's the suckiest villain ever.



Where the hell is GLaDOS?



29. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)
Anyone who played this game must still have post-traumatic stress disorder from this guy. His constant pursuit made RE3 memorable even among the other, superior installments in the series. My policy: Whenever a guy has an eyeball in his shoulder, I vamos! (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia) <---

True, the Nemesis is from Resident Evil 3. But it had the mostly humanoid form of a large, towering man.

The 'Eyeball in his shoulder', was from the 'G' creature (Aka William Birkin), which was born from being infected from the G-Virus. The G Creature was somewhat Humanoid to start with, other than the hideously mutated arm + eyeball, but it soon mutated into a ugly massive goo.... thing. Yeah.

Sooo, either you meant Resident Evil 2's 'G' or you got the wrong info with the Nemesis.



Like a few other people said...where's Jon Irenicus? For me, he's the best evil character I've seen in a video game. I mean, really, the dialogue and cutscenes of him make him into an all-powerful mage that fears nothing! Not even the Lord of Murder.



the most diabolical villain is the troll.



Dude Ganondorf is better than Sephiroth, and all of those guys on the list. He is so bad ass.......... he has his own freaking theme song. Enough said.......



dude, ridley is waaaaaaaaaay eviler than donkey kong.



and by the way...who the hell is sephiroth!?! Almost every villian on here I havent even heard of! Also just because your favorite villan didn't get to the top thingy doesn't mean you should throw a huge temper tantrum over it. Its just one guy's opinion.



Hmm. Pretty sure Kefka would obliterate Donkey Kong in a fight. Just sayin'. ;)




Mrs. LOL


Every villain is a whore...

Anti-Citizen ONE


Epic List of Epic Failness, I wish I had four thumbs to give this list a FOUR THUMBS DOWN

Most Evil Video Game Character Ever: The G-Man (Half-Life series)




Darth Nihilus is much more nefarious than Malak will ever be. And I agree w/ Wiseman; i take personal insult at the fact they put the wrong picture of Mother Brain. Don't worry, though, I'm making a new one with reader input. I'll give the URL when I'm done.



Here it is!!

Wow greatest fan


damn....really boring list....where the hell is Archimonde and sageras and all WoW ffans favrote the lich king Arthas...should be on top 3...

again Wow fan


actually ''let them come....frostmourne hungers' who else said such a epic word Arthas shaould be NO. 1



Sorry the URL got changed up on me... it is now PS WoW Greatest Fan Sargeras made my revised list and Kil'Jaedan. Arthas remained in his spot, though.



All of you are clearly retarded.. cause #1 is Diablo. You can't get anymore evil / diabloic than the Devil himself.. come on now..



Although I have less than zero idea about more than half of those hardcore pre-2000 games, the list should be simply equal. Since opinions change, obviously. However, was glad to see Arthy, Raggy and Lord Hogger. But this list is a bit outdated....and I dont know why this hasnt been noticed in 2008(not so old). Of course, Arthy is much more cutey than Illidan for most players. Of course, everyone has been killed by Hogger(if you havent - go play private servers), and everyone loves Ragnaros. But....let's be logical. As of Cataclysm, Hogger has to move to place 15. Chogall has to move to 14. Nefarian has to be at 10. And then Deathwing has to compete with Sephiroth. That is, if you do not iclude Algalon, Old Gods and Lil Timmy. THIS WAS MERELY A SETBACK!



Okay, I'd pee my pants if I had to fight a frigin giant zombie with just a gun. Or if I had to fight the devil himself. But come on! A friggin ape that just throws barrels while you have a friggin hammer!? How is that even evil!?



Where is chuck norris



UM Ripto? Hello! Hes worse then all these fools.



DK? Rly? How about yuri from c&c. Came within minuets of controlling the minds of every human being on planet earth. Not even on the list? Cool



well, imo, the woman from prject sylpheed who fired the prometeus driver is the baddest of baddest, destroying an entire planet!

and the the flood, they are extremely much more badass than any of these villains...



Wheres The Butcher Baal Mephisto DIablo is there good WHERE THE HELL IS ATHRAS I THOUGHT I WOULD SEE HIM AT THE TOP



Why not Liquid from MGS series?



Seriously? Im sorry, I'm not biased against Square (Chrono Trigger and Einhander are among my favorite games of all time), but why does everyone overrate Sephiroth? He's really not that original or good of a villain... seriously cool for sure, but that's about it. :-\



WHERE IS THE DOG FROM DUCK HUNT??????? The evilest, vilest, more horrific villian in the history of villany. He sat there laughing at you, taunting you for every duck you ever missed. Sure he'd hang around and pick up whatever ducks you killed, but whenever you missed a SINGLE duck, he rears his ugly head and laughs at you as your heart and hopes are destroyed. I dont even know IF there is a way to beat duck hunt, but that dog should be number one on this list. The evil dog who TAUNTED you.



What the hell with you guys? Sephiroth 2nd? DONKEY KONG FIRST?! This is is supposed to be ranking of most diabolical, not hard or this shiet.
How about Dahlia Hawthorne that played with hearts of two people, killed many people...
Well, darn, she always lost in court, but she was evil as hell. Also creepy. Months after her execution, guess what? SHE GOES TO KILL EVERYONE CHANNELED BY SPIRIT MEDIUM.



wtf, where's GlaDos from the portal series?!



Anyone from the Fallout series
Caeser, President John Henry Eden, Mr. House
I can't believe the greatest villain of all didn't make it
Andrew Ryan: The mastermind and the legend



I know a crap list when I see one, ESPECIALLY when Dk's on top!



I kinda liked this list-- up until you said DK was #1. But my problem doesn't lie with the list, it lies with the biased people (or some of them) commenting on it. I hate it when people think they're opinion is a fact and treat it like one. (ie "Sepiroth is beat my a monkey!? F**k this, U R retrarded!")

My problem with the list is that DK is #1. But wait, I just bashed idiots who treat their opinion like a fact, doesn't that make me a hypocrite? Hear me out: Though DK is indeed a on-&-off villain, for the most part, he is portrayed as a hero. Plus, compared to the things and personalities most of the characters on the have/have done, DK doesn't much hold a torch to them(ie Diablo, M.Bison, etc.). I'm not going to bash this opinion, I'm just trying to make a point.



Oh, that reminds me: The Sephiroth thing. Why? I mean, most people hate him without playing the game just because he's overrated and others just love him because he looks badass. Also, this whole "Momma's Boy" crap is just an idiotic banter. I'm sorry, but anyone, even an intelligent and reasonable person, who uses this argument to hate on him is stupid. I, for one, do NOT think he's great. I will say, he did everything a good villain should, but with a boring personality and poor fanbase, it really holds him down from being a "great" villain. I hate when people overrate him as much as I hate people for hating him for the sheer reason that he's "overrated." I probably would put him on my Top 50 Villains List if I could, but not near as high as this list did. This Spehiroth thing is just being blown out of the water. That's all I wanted to say.

And anyone wondering, yes, I like Kefka better than Spehiroth. Sue me. *awesome face*

PS: Bob the Goldfish? Are you kidding? C'mon, who can take that seriously?



Seriously, DK is the 1st.
You have to be kidding me, he's barely evil, you mostly see him in Mario Party and such, yet no sign of evil nor diabolical I mean steal your girlfriend? Wow..I'd like to see DK go in a fight with any of these villains, i'd doubt he'd survive..Well, Bob the goldfish, eh..maybe. Yet, He was pretty hard to beat, being the first game(I think) But we're talking about DIABOLICAL not a freaking Impossible fart.

black dragon


i agree with 31 anonomous i can name at least 5 people eviler than $&*%ing donky kong 1 MOTHER BRAIN (METROID), 2 THE FLOOD (HALO), 3 THE GHOSTS (PAC-MAN), 4 BOWSER AND HIS CHILDREN (MARIO BROS), 5 GANONDORF (LEGEND OF ZELDA)



Donkey Kong... the Colossi... if I'm not mistaken "diabolical" has a similar meaning to "evil". How in the holy name of f**k is a "boss" like Donkey Kong more evil than Kefka??? or Giygas? or Wesker? or Saddler? or Yami?? The GHOSTS from PACMAN?!?!?!?!?! Are you f**king kidding me?
Seriously, are you ok? Like, you know.. up there?

Layfon Corvus


I believe the 4 ultimate video game villians would be Omega from the Megaman Zero series, Bass From the Megaman series, Angeal from Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, and Vanitas (with the X-blade) from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.



Wait. Where is Ner'zhul?



The comments here are proof that a large portion of the so-called "gamers" lack in humor and coolness.






Sephiroth is a whiny little bitch. No way around it. He is what he is. Hardly a compelling character, especially a villain, even for a straight-to-DVD movie.



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Masterful Trolling 10/10

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