Why do the press hate the Sony PlayStation 3?

A brief history of PS3 hate-mongering

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve doubtlessly heard about the PlayStation 3 Slim and accompanying $200 price drop. Next month, the big black box we know and love will be replaced with a svelte, streamlined variant that weighs a third less than the current model. More importantly, it’s going to cost just $499, which places it in direct competition with the Xbox 360 Pro console.

For years now, members of the gaming press have been clamouring for a PS3 price drop. Even games publishers have weighed in on the debate, with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick demanding that Sony "price [its] hardware appropriately".

Why the hate?

Love for the new PS3 has been slim on the ground.

Well, now you all have exactly what you wanted — a cheaper, slimmer PS3 with all the functionality of its bigger brother. Surely that’s cause for jubilation? After all, it’s not every day that a company shaves $200 off its flagship console. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Microsoft pulled a similar stunt with the Xbox 360, there would be nothing but positive news stories surrounding the event. Below is a selection of this week’s headlines ‘welcoming’ Sony’s announcement:

'Slimmed PS3 Won't Save Sony.' (PC World).

'PlayStation 3: Too Little, Too Late.' (Forbes.com).

'No Backward Compatibility for Slim PS3.' (Gamingbolt.com).

'PS3 Slim Isn’t Backwards Compatible? Sony Has Lost Touch With Consumers.' (Albotas.com).

'Will PS3 Price Drop Make a Difference?' (GamesDaily).

'Is the PS3 Price Cut Enough?' (Gameplayer.com.au).

'Redesigned and Cheaper PS3 May Be Too Late for Sony' (Newsfactor.com).

'Skip the PS3 Slim and get one of these Blu-ray laptops.' (CNet.com).

‘Slim’ chance of toppling Xbox. (mX metropolitan newspaper, 19/08/09)

'Top 25 Reasons to Ditch Sony' (Gamedaily.com).

'Know Your Enemy: The PS3 Slim.' (UK Resistence).

Why the hate?

The PlayStation 3 -- a black sheep in an all-white family.

As you can see, the arrival of the PS3 Slim has done nothing to quell the fires of hatred from the gaming press. For reasons I can’t begin to fathom, fair and balanced journalism seems to have gone out the window when it comes to Sony, with many commentators treating the Nippon conglomerate with as much distaste as a sniffling swine flu victim. Just what has Sony done to tick you all off, exactly? Did Ken Kutaragi pee in your drinks? Did he punch you in the nose or steal your partner? Or is Sony simply an easy target to kick in the butt — like celebrity Tom Cruise or Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks?

Whatever the reason, it’s a trend that has been gaining momentum ever since the original PS3 launched in 2006. Who could forget those snarky George Forman Grill comparisons that plagued early news coverage? Or the gloating eye-witness accounts of poorly attended PS3 launch events? (Sample headline: “What if Sony threw a launch party and nobody came?”) Some doomsayers even predicted the demise of the entire company due to the console’s lacklustre sales.

Over page: a call to arms...

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Chris Jager

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Finally someone with a sensible opinion! Sony has done their fair share of propreiary crap but Sony hardware is timeless.

3 years on since the original Playstation 3 came out, there's no need even think about a "spec-update". It's such a future-proof beautiful piece of mechine.

I think most of the writers out there are not journalists, they are simply sansationalists. Anything Apple is hyped up and anything Sony is bashed even before the release.

Since 2006, there were 3 different iPhones(iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS), 54% returned XBox360s and 1 PlayStation 3. Give the credit where it's truly due!



i hate sony because i've been a fan of it since i was 5 when the 1st playstation came out then i also went through the trouble of buying ps2 and then the ps2 slim back then because i was small i didn't understand money, but now 5oo dollars or 300 pounds for a toy is just unfucking beleivable and sure i would love to play fifa 10 and tekken 6 but 500 dollars is like 1 month or 4 months of salery for some people(not me) but still money's not a toy sony
better make your ps3's a bit more like wii nintendo has set a great example
they have they're own franchise of games and characters (in which rivals cant rip off of)
they're game is fun and educational, and when they first released wii it's already slim and its 176 pounds!!! meanwhile that ps3 is gonna cost 400! i would have brought a wii long time ago if it wern't for the fifa series so sony better make the price 178 or something

Peter T.


Too little RAM?

PS3 is a fantastic piece of hardware. I have the original 60G model. It is not only a great games console, but a good multimedia system as well. And, unlike M$, Sony does not charge for every extra, such as Vidzone. My only concern about its future ability is that it only contains 256Meg RAM, which is not upgradable. I won't think twice about buying a PS4 in the future!



If you think it's expensive, get a job.

Have you seen the price of other top of the line electronic equipment on the market? $500 is CHEAP!

Here in Australia I was lucky enough to win a PSX at a raffle at my local club when I was 18 in 1997 after having previously owned an Atari 2600 and NES in the late 80's early 90's, I then went on to buy a PS2 on launch for $900! which I used nearly all the time for the next 7 years until I bought a PS3 for $1000... now, I don't know about you, but the price only going up $100 after 7 years is excellent.

Now, to put this into context, I recently bought a HD camcorder for $2300, a 1080p TV about a year ago for $4000, a new surround system for $4500 and a new PC for about $1500 (which I built myself). All four of these things I would consider "toys". To say a peice of kit like a PS3 is still too expensive at AU$499 just shows a complete lack of understanding for the price (and value) of electronic goods in general.

The PS3 is fantastic unit, and is the centre of my home theatre which is used every single day to either play games or stream TV shows from the PC wirelessly. I couldn't live without it to be honest!



Best to check facts. the 360 has 512MB shared GPU/CPU memory the PS3 has 256CPU and 256MB GPU memory. And no console has upgradable memory, that's the whole point it has dedicated tasks and specifications for a reason.



Remember when the Wii came out and every video game journalist took their turn kicking it in its metaphorical stomach? This isn't new. The PS3 Slim is just the new console to pick on, now that the Wii has proved itself with its ridiculously high sales. There will always be video game press that need to have something to pick on. It gets more clicks when you have a negative article, rather than a positive one.

For the record, this price drop has been consequential enough for me to finally be able to afford a PS3. I already have a Wii and an Xbox, mainly because I could afford them in my monthly budget. Now a PS3 will finally be able to join them on my entertainment center, and I'm elated. But, unlike other consumers, B/C isn't a problem for me because I still own a PS2...




PS3 has 512 MB of RAM just like 360.

On 360, all 512 MB is shared between the GPU and CPU
On PS3, 256 MB is dedicated to the GPU, 256 MB is shared between the GPU and CPU

Shared < Dedicated
This is why laptops use shared RAM, desktops use dedicated



They are doing what they are told.

I am in love with my PS3, I honestly can't believe all this stupid fanboy crap. The Machines are both good! If prefer PS3 but the 360 is fine too> They both play amazing games and have amazing graphics.

The Media is going to trash PS3 because, lets be honest. Microsoft is one step away from owning the planet! Their fingers are in or own almost every media companies in North America. Do you really think game journalists are really going to bite the hand that feeds them?

A good example of this is as follows. Recently I was watching a review of consoles and games on a popular game review show by a panel of "Game Journalists" . No one denies that the PS3 had a fabulous year in 2009, but if given an opportunity to say something bad about the console, they jumped all over it! One even went so far to say that " he couldn't forgive the past problems or sins with the PS3". Yet when talking about the 360 and the issues of 54% failure rate, noise, the power "Brick" and 2009's mediocre exclusive game selection, they were all praises. I quote "I can forgive the failures, i am on my 4th 360 and i still love it". "I can forgive it".

These comments obviously come from a very biased media, more than likely afraid of speaking against Microsoft. Because, in case you hadn't noticed, PS3 has none of those problems but can't seem to catch a break because of an old price which was worth it considering what you got out of the deal.

Anyway, the media can't bite the hand that feeds them, that's why fanboys get affected by what the sarcastic tv hosts of X-Play say. They have to say it. You actually think Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb say what they think? Webb can barely read a teleprompter. Anyway, I digress.

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