PSPgo @#$!!% yourself!

Is the PSPgo Sony's biggest blunder yet?

Howdy, Sony reps and PlayStation fans. Glad we got your attention. As you’ve probably gleaned from our tongue-in-cheek article headline, we have a few issues with the PSPgo. Big issues, of the deal-breaking, hair-pulling variety.

We’re talking, of course, about price — the price of the console, the price of games and the price of Internet broadband in Australia. When everything is tallied together, the PSPgo is arguably the most expensive console on the market — even compared to the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim and Xbox 360 Elite. If you already own a regular PSP, you also have to factor in the cost of replacing your game discs. So what exactly are you getting for all your hard-earned cash? In short: a smaller PSP with no disc tray. (Don’t all rush to the shops at once, guys.)

PSPgo @#$!!% yourself

Below are our main gripes with Sony’s digital doppelganger, broken down into easily digestible chunks. We defy any Sony fanboy to challenge the points we raise. Like the shameless flame-baiting headline above, you’ll be defending the indefensible.

Gripe 1: Console RRP: worth its weight in gold?

With an official RRP of $449.95, the PSPgo is just $50 cheaper than the Blu-ray equipped Sony PlayStation 3 Slim. It’s also $170 more expensive than the PSP 3000, which shares most of the same core components and firmware. Whichever way you shake it, that’s pretty atrocious bang-for-your-buck.

We can’t imagine anyone plumping for the PSPgo over its PSP 3000 predecessor; especially casual users who are sure to baulk at the download-only interface. Simply put, the PSPgo is way too expensive. At its current price point, it is destined to become an eccentric oddity rather than the revolutionary game-changer Sony is hoping for. Our advice: shave $100 off the price before it’s too late!

Gripe 2: 'Pricing Parity': the same, yet different

When Sony’s all-digital PSP was originally announced, we truly believed it would usher in a new era of cheap, affordable gaming. After all, with no distribution costs, no box or manual, and no retailers-cum-middlemen eating away at profits, Sony was going to save a motza. We must have been stupid or something.

Instead of passing on the savings to consumers, Sony has decided to maintain ‘pricing parity’. In other words, every PSPgo game will cost the same as its UMD equivalent on the PSP. Call us crazy, but we think digitally distributed games should be cheaper than boxed retail versions — just look at the cut-price deals Steam regularly offers PC gamers. By contrast, Gran Turismo will set you back $59.95 whether you download it from the PlayStation Network or purchase a physical copy from a store (although in this case, it’s a bit of a rip-off either way).

Personally, we feel about 20 per cent should have been shaved off the retail price of PSPgo games. If nothing else, this would give customers an incentive to go for the newer model over its cheaper sibling. But what do we know? Sony obviously has a handle on its pricing strategies — it’s not like it's ever made a hardware blunder before.

PSPgo @#$!!% yourself

All that money is going straight into Sony's coffers. Don't forget to tip!

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Chris Jager

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Victor Bigio


This article exaggerates a lot in some aspects, but I have to agree that buying a PSP GO isn't a good deal (for separate reasons).

No Way


PSP Go Is A No No

Im sorry...but everything this artical is saying all but true. Why waist so much money on a PSP Go when you can by a PS3,360 Or Wii For Much Cheaper and more out your buck? Your much better off with the PSP 3000. Besides its small and the design is not just that good...I couldn't imagine playing half the games I would want to on it with the controls feeling so cramped together.

Save your money...its just another way of Sony Getting your money. Most would say say Microsoft is guilty of this but even though you pay for more stuff on the 360 like Onilne with XBL Gold you get your moneys worth with there service. Get A Nintendo DSI or a PSP 3000 and buy some games with the rest with the rest of the money you save.



Oh Please

What is it with people hating on the PSPgo. This Sony hate just never ends does it. This article is just flamebate plain and simple. The PSPgo isn't here to replace the psp and UMD, it is just another way for gamers to get their gaming fix, just in a more portable way. The point he tried to make about the extra cost for broadband is completely ridiculous. The PSPgo is advertised as an all digital gaming device. So consumers that buy it will already have broadband connections. And if they are too cheap they can always go to a wifi hotspot use it there and buy the digital game cards at retailers. Please save your hate for another product. Who cares about the used game market. I buy all of my games brand new. I think developers deserve your money when they develop great content. Digital distribution is the only way to combat retailers cutting into the developers profit margins. Everyone needs to make money so don't try and act like the used game market is the greatest thing since sliced bread. For cheap gamers it is great, but it does hurt the other players. so please use your brains and don't believe all the flame you here.



hook it up to a ps3 and

hook it up to a ps3 and use the DS3 to play your games.
thats the best feature in the psp go and its why im buying one.
yea, i know kinda defeats the purpose of portability, but do you really play games on the run that often?




If it is too expensive for you leave it on the shelf. I have four PSP's including PSPgo and three PS3's. Love gadgets and especially Playstation. If it is new I must buy it. Now just waiting on my Sony Ericsson Satio. Glory days.



- Smaller form


- Smaller form factor
- Bluetooth
- Ability to suspend games

OK, three things right that, apparently, the "same" PSP-3000 cannot match.

In terms of your criticisms, there is competition for games on PSN, and the retailers get a cut. Don't put your credit card details on the PSN, buy the PSN cards (like vouchers). These can be picked up at discounts, so you can get a 20% discount on ANY game (yes, even the new ones) right there. Still more expensive that ebay? Yes, in the majority of cases, but it is still another option, and the fact that you don't mention it would seem to indicate that you haven't done all the research.

Game availability? Yep, I agree in general. The selection of games is still a small subset of what is available on physical media. But, it DOES include GTA, and new games are added weekly. ALL games issued from now on will also be available as a download meaning this is only an issue for legacy games.

So good article, but not quite on the button. Now, back to GT on my GO!



The end of gaming???

The PSPgo is a travesty, easily the biggest "up yours" to gamers in recent memory. Stupid features no-one wants (why in the hell would you want to play a portable game with a PS3 controller? Buy some damn PS3 games!!), smaller screen, similar battery life to older models with honking great optical drives, enough space for 12 games on the drive if you're lucky, no second analogue nub (madness!!), absolute rip-off in terms of game pricing, no chance for cheaper games via 2nd hand or trade.....
it's a mess, and anyone who actually buys one of these things has more money than brains. The day that games consoles go download only is the day I stop being a gamer, and many others feel the same, it's purely an excuse to fleece the customers at source and will lead to the next industry crash. Bank on it.



three psps, three ps3s? well, if you're a sucker with your money more power to you, I suppose



You're generous

Only 20% discount for digital? Give me 50% or more before I even consider it as a regular purchase method.




dude, you can do that with a regular PSP.



you're an idiot of the highest order. it's stupid rich kids like you that egg on the industry. they bank on morans to spend money like you do. congrats on showing us your true colors in such a tiny statement.




"...I have four PSP's including PSPgo and three PS3's." Yes, but you have the grammatical acumen of a retarded squirrel. Why don't you put down the hardware for once and realize that there is no further possession relative to the PSPs and PS3s because you indicated it earlier in the sentence. You can stick your apostrophes up your worthless elitist scumbag dooker.



psp is not that expensive

its $244.99 not 449.95



thats $299 or so US dollars, Australian dollars are different.



PSP GO down the crapper

playstation lied when they said that a converter software was in the works to convert UMDs into digital games for PSPGO, why not let the consumer choose if they want digital or a hard copy of the games. definitely it will kill the game industry. PSP go is a step on wrong direction. While Playstation thinks new ways to get richer the consumer gets screwed at the end. BAD BUSINESS!!!!!!




You missed the best part, about the battery not being removable.



If you have 4 psp's and 3 ps3's you obviously just don't use your brain in the slightest in the first place, it's a rather useless investment as they all do the SAME GODDAM THING. I'm sure you live in your parents' basement, have no job and pay for everything with a credit card they pay for too, because no rational human being with a decent concept of wtf money is would think all that shyit would be worth dumping over 2 grand or wtf ever into.



If you've ever wanted to play something the likes of Tekken, or Fate/Unlimited codes (fighting games) on the PSP, I'm sure you'd be interested in using a PS3 Controller hookup as it's not as hard on your hands. Spend a moment thinking -before- you type. On the other hand, and I know this sounds bad, you do know that if your friend buys a game (digital), you can download the same game to your PSP -without- another purchase (unless the Go has some firmware I'm unaware of). So trading games (with friends) is still quite possible ( only you get to keep the games).



I'm interested in getting a PSP GO if only because of the extended bat life and bigger HD. However, since I have a perfectly good PSP as is, I won't be making this purchase for quite some time.




PSP Go for $449.95?!?!?!?! Where are you shopping, I found it for $200 off.



Please note you are reading an article based out of Australia

You guys who are posting comments really need some internet education, commenting on this writers price "being wrong" is ridiculous especially when the URL clearly states this site is hosted within Australia. Please learn to join the rest of us in the world and get out of your "U.S.A" is the only country in the world and all prices are same mentality. You need to understand things vary depending on region and how to identify these differences so you can be subjective and not come out off as unintentional morons that waste our time.




Oh dear. Jealousy is a bad thing. Everyone spends there money on something that someone else finds a waste. Personally I think buying a car and having kids is a waste of money. At least with gadgets taking over my life I am not spending £150 a week in the boozer anymore. Now that was a waste. lol.
P.S. Do not underestimate the power of Playstation.




i bet you tot about writing this article the moment you heard about the PSPgo, just from the headline of this article i can see you feel deep hatred for this company (you probably have nightmares at night). well no need to argue with you cos it won't make sense anyway. Sony can make the perfect portable console (which they do psp) and you would still write articles like these...



LOL! "Perfect portable console"

Have you lost your mind? I hope you wern't implying that the PSP is the so called "perfect portable console"... I mean look at it... its so "perfect" that its just in everyone's hands... riiiiiiiiiiight... hell, I don't remember the last time I saw someone playing one.

I think the article writer is spot on. One more in a long line of tactical blunders that Sony's made. Releasing this when there are a lot of people barely making their rent... they might as well bury it before they even produce it. It'll be bought by a dedicated group of fanbois and then fade into obscurity.



man, you guys are all missing the point. Sony shot themselves in the foot as soona s they fixed the battery hacks with the PSP3000, original or 2000 is the only way to go.



Carrying a PSPGo is like writing Dumbass on your forehead

It's like when you see someone smoking. They know it's going to kill them yet they do it anyway - it's like advertising you're a retard.

It's the same thing with the PSPGo. You can't resell your games and have to pay nearly full price for even old games (if they're available). Sony actually removed the USB port so you can't use regular cables anymore. And you get to pay an extra $100 for the privilege. Seriously, anyone who carries around a PSPGo has DUMBASS written on their forehead. That or they're wiping their ass with $20s.




The blog writer did not say anything bad about Sony's other product. He JUST STATED FACTS ABOUT THE """"""""PSPGO"""""""". Now turn off your fking fanboy defense off and read it as a neutral reader, not a retard fanboy.

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