Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 video comparison -- PS3 vs. Xbox 360

A side-by-side comparison of Modern Warfare 2 in action

Earlier in the month, German gaming website Cynamite released a bunch of screen shots comparing the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to the Xbox 360 version. (If you haven't already, check out the gallery here). The screen shots pretty much looked identical to each other.

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words... but a video paints a million more! Using a Black-magic Decklink HD Extreme 2 capture card, we recorded scenes from the first two missions in the game -- on both consoles -- and then placed them side-by-side in Premiere. (Note: for the intro sequences we have merged the screen together, with one console on either side. For in-game footage, we had to split the screen into two separate portions, as the two halves obviously wouldn't match.)

The verdict? The Xbox 360 looks marginally better. The PS3 might have more grunt, but the Xbox still has the edge when it comes to multi-format titles, it would seem. The side-by-side comparison also reveals that the PS3 version takes longer to load each mission. So much for Blu-ray being faster.

Interestingly, we also noticed a few superfluous differences between each version of the game -- for example, in the Afghanistan mission (Act 1, Mission 2) three GIs dash past General Shepherd in the PS3 version, compared to only two soldiers in the Xbox 360 version. Curious.

Click on the video to see the side-by-side comparison for yourself. You can also check out our 5-star review of the game here.

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Chris Jager

GamePro Australia




wowww, the brightness is waaaay to high on the ps3 version, i have mw2 for ps3 and it looks way better then what these fanboys are trying to make us think



it's clear the ps3 has more post processing effects which makes it look more immersive and less sterile . i prefer the ps3 look more!



Dat showed that the 360version is just easier we actually can take a challenge da just shows ps3 gamers r more trained 360gets it easy



Wish it were PS3 exclusive

It's probably true that it looks slightly better on Xbox since it is a multi-platform port. That said, it's too bad Call of Duty wasn't a PS3 exclusive, because then the graphics would look much, much better overall. When I first started playing Modern Warfare 2 I was immediately disappointed with the graphics. But then I realized it's because I had been playing Uncharted 2 for the last few weeks. Killzone 2 is also much better graphically.

However, it didn't take long before I got sucked into the game and its great playability, and the graphics don't look so bad now that I've been playing it for a while. Modern Warfare 2 is definitely a TEN. I'm just saying that if it had been designed exclusively for the PS3, with the PS3's superior power, the graphics would bring this game to an ELEVEN.

Anyway, I gotta get back to my mission.



PS3 Settings limited

I thought we were over this, ps3 settings have to be adjusted for HDTVs the RGB it on limited thus it looks washed out. Change the Settings and remake the video. You are lying to everyone who looks at your site right now by saying the 360 looks better. They are identical. There are other videos up with the right settings, you'll find they really are identical.



they make the ps3 look so bad that is the only way they can make the 360 look better.



MW2 is made on the 360 and then they make it for the ps3. that is all that the xbox can take, well the ps3 has not hit its limit. and for the video you put up you know you made the ps3 look like crap. good one




Thats what you get when a developer concentrates making it for the 360 and then just ports it over to the ps3. This is a silly article when you consider the graphics of say, left for dead and halo pure xbox exclusives to say, uncharted 2, killzone. PS3 excels when all the game is made for them and not just ported over I thought that was common sense, I also thought that pc world would understand this and its really sad doing a comparison, more means better ps3 costs more and has more additions than the 360 so better :S



Prefer the PS3 look

It's a better looking game on the PS3, even with the 360's limitations, the PS3 can still come on top. Take away those 360 limitations, and you get platform defining games like Killzone2 and Uncharted2, MGS4, Granturismo, M.A.G, Ratchet And Clank Crack In Time...



Wow. Kind of pathetic

As mentioned before, MW2 was just PORTED over to the PS3.
You can't compare true PS3 graphics to an XBox 360.
Xbox 360 graphics are very limited if you compare them to a PS3.
Also, developers haven't even unleashed the power of the PS3 yet.



Microsoft's Cheap tactics

I believe for this article microsoft funded something like 10$ and when they went to sony they could not enter their gates, so pissed off from sony they came out with child like review.
PS3 has hands down better games then 360 and every gamer knows that. Compare the Halo 2 with Uncharted 2 and even with your tactics of making poor videos for ps3 , PS3 will be far better.



A true comparison

Oh man, thanks for the help I wasn't sure which version I was going to get, but now its so "clear", pun. Give me a break whats the point of this, of course I did watch it, but really? Games are generally always going to look better on one console vs the others and I'm not seeing many X-box or PS3 vs Wii videos around and I wonder why that is, hmm. So I'm wondering why you didn't just skip the comparison all together and just write an article telling us how much better the 360 is. Also honestly you think PS3 owners will have anything less than a great experience just because of those images, I don't think so. And yes I own all the new gen consoles.




i own a PS3 and my cousin owns a 360 and him got into it about who's game looks better...i turned my 42" sony bravia and he got my 32"from the living room..we compared the 2 games and there is nothing diff(NO MATTER IF IT WAS PORTED OVER)

ill upload real side by sidez on youtube..

the ps3 version doesnt look like that..and clearly the idiot who did this doesnt know how to adjust the ps3's super white and rbg color filtrations..



PS3 wins hands down

The PS# version has more smoke effects...



The XBOX is limited and will fade away soon

Games will become too big for normal DVD format and Microsoft will try to sell everyone an add-on Blueray player. The PS3 is more than a game machine. Microsoft must own this web site.



To my knowledge, I don't think anyone has made any claims that blu ray is faster than a DVD. Maybe I'm wrong?




Your an idiot if you took this comparison way too serious (for xbox fanboy), this is a joke. After removing the Limiter on the PS3 RGB, it looks way better compare to what you see in xbox 360, my sisters BF brought his 360 to my house and we compared both, and it's very clear the PS3 has more details. The video above is either brighten too high with limited RGB, while the Xbox 360 is brighten low. It's quite cleaver how they make false comparison to make the ps3 look dumb. Feel sad for this dumb ass who made this video that maybe got paid by MS. Dirty tactics business is very common this days, and yet they always win for that. I hope we don't get more terrorist because of this business money taker much, Let's be hones some people becomes terrorist because they don't have money. :D



I have to say that I own both xbox 360 and ps3, and played the game on each system and the game does not look nothing like it is portrayed in the video for ps3. There is not a single difference on video or graphics whatsoever between the two. The person who created this video forgot to or purposely did not adjust the hdmi display settings for the PS3.

Peter T.



The PS3 video is so terribly washed-out that it is not possible to consider this to be a fair comparison. I've never seen a PS3 display ANY game so poorly! This truly smacks of MS paying for supposed independent research to "prove" that the XB360 is better. Does anyone remember, "Get the facts"? I do not believe and do not accept these results.



sick of xbox fanboys

Chris Jager you're a douche bag.

Yes. You really are. And you also suck male genital.



Fully agree with your opinion.



What can you expect from an Xbot. Fools!! Oh the "games" we play.
So Chris - please tell us - how much did Uncle Steve Ballmer pay you for this silly article?




WOW isn't it amazing, you bag a PS3 game and state the 360 version is better and you have a major uproar - Who gives a sh*t. You own a PS3, buy the PS3 version and if you own a 360 buy the bloody 360 version and be done with it. If it's such a problem that one console has better graphics, shading more smoke etc... then go and buy that console and stop crying about it. PS3 & 360 FANGIRLS need to shut the hell up and get on with gaming. I have all new gen consoles and there's some great games and utterly crap ones on each console. Be happy with what you've got or go out and buy the others.



Xbox vs 360

Okay, so I'm in the market for one of these gaming consoles but can't figure out which one is better. Don't bring up the price because that isn't so much the issue for me. The arguments I come across are as follows:

PS3~ Bluray,
better graphics (xboxers plz don't argue this point with me, I've researched this part)
No annual online fees
No extra fees for wireless adapters

X360~ Larger Audience gamer base (this is important for pvp)
Larger selection of games a/v
Game updates/Downloadable material

On a side note...I've read about the common replacements of 360 and red rings. With the PS3, does anyone know if they push downloadable updates (new game maps/material; etc)?





Video quality

This guy apparently did not know how to set up his quality on the game because i am sure the Ps3's quality is better and i know the Xbox's is way better than what it looks like on here so yeah this guy needs to get his facts straight



Wow I love it still in denial no matter what you say the 360 has the better gpu, and the Ps3 has the better cpu. They both perform equally, you can say Drakes all you want, and it is a great game no doubt, but when I see footage of Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 and I say they are pretty impressive as well. So no more fan boy blah it's old. Let's not forget Forza is stunning, and I think it will top GT. Looking at KZ2 is very pretty but, very flat not much foliage for instance. Now to be fair Gears 2 online was total garbage, and neither system came out on top this year. Which is a major stumble for Sony, constant push backs and delays. Back on topic I have played them both on my Samsung series 7 1080p tv and they are very close I give the edge to neither.

@ The guy saying that PSN has more competition than Live is way off. Live has more subscribers so more people, hence more competition.

@ The guy saying that the Ps3 has not hit it's limit watch the unlocked videos on Uncharted 2, it is clearly stated in plain English that the Ps3 is running at it's full potential.

@ Ryan You forgot Gears of War Mass Effect and Forza 3 which so far kills all racing games on the Ps3. Halo was not designed with graphics in mind now Gears of War 2 is.

@ ak!DOs Compare Halo 2 really even if you meant Halo 3 or Odst it was built on a engine used in 2007, how about Gears 2 vs the first Uncharted now that is more realistic.

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