The most disturbing YouTube videos of all time

"What has been seen, cannot be unseen."


"What has been seen cannot be unseen."

Those who venture beyond this point would be wise to take the above words to heart. At risk to our own sanity, we have sifted through YouTube’s grimiest sewers to bring you the most disturbing videos of all time. From homemade zit-popping movies to openly satanic children’s TV shows, these are the worst videos that YouTube has to offer. All of the following clips are safe for work — but they might not be safe for your soul. Proceed with caution...

Dancing man wearing a horse mask cooks wild mushrooms.

There's something about this clip that crawls beneath the skin and festers inside your brain. The combination of the music, the horse head and the dancing defies all logic and/or reason. It is like a lunatic’s nightmare. Watch it more than once, and it's possible that you’ll become the man in the video.

Random YouTube comments:

"You ruined my life... I will never forget this. My mind is irreversibly damaged..."

"I will not sleep... NEVER!"

"I now question reality and life in general, not to mention my sexuality."

"My head exploded."

"MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"watching that was equivalent to suiciding."

"Don't watch this video; it uses brain-washing techniques that will make you go insane."

"I've seen some horrible stuff on the internet, but this video... it just disturbs me to the core. I'm going to lie down and cry a bit."

"This is what the inside of a serial killer's mind looks like."

"My god... When I close my eyes I still see the video in repeat..."

"Shut down YouTube. This is the end of the internet."

Banned Kinder Surprise advert

Seriously, what in the holy name of hell was Kinder thinking when it commissioned this monstrosity? “Maybe if we scare the living daylights out of kids, they’ll buy our eggs”? Drowning a barrel full of puppies would make a more suitable children’s commercial. If the mountain men from Deliverance were reborn as sentient blobs of cancer, they’d like something like this. Kill it with fire.

Random YouTube comments:

“This makes me want to kill myself.”

“Jesus. I'm going to need shock therapy to forget this...”

“That's one of the scariest things I have ever seen....”

“Oh crap why did I click on this?”


“Imagine going to sleep and that thing is under your bed.”

Ronald McDonald insanity

If you suffer from Coulrophobia, do not watch this video — especially from 1:59 onwards. You will almost certainly need to be institutionalised. (On the plus side, it will put you off Maccas for life.)

Random YouTube comments:

"I'm so scared. I feel like crying."

"WTF just happened."

"ARRRRGGGHHHH, WHAT THE F***ING HELL DID I JUST WATCH? I just lost my gender to this video."

"I just chewed off several of my fingers... it did nothing to lessen the pain of watching this."

"I can't even begin to deal with this."

"My soul just died."

"Every time I watch this I have to poop."

Chocolate bunny

Have you ever wanted to see a chocolate bunny slowly melting to the strains of Rosemary's Baby? You're sick. Get help now. (Bizarrely, this was originally produced for children's TV in the Netherlands.)

Random YouTube comments:

"This is... disturbing..."

"Gah! The heat lamp bunny looks like it just opened the ark of the covenant."

"It looks like the bunny skin is peeling off, ima have nightmares now."

"I cried inside."

"Damn, the guy who made this is a serial killer for god's 911!"

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Chris Jager

Good Gear Guide




The mushroom man is freaky

Tom Megginson


Have to totally disagree on the "Embrace Life" ad. As a husband and father, it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe you're not in the target demographic.



How far down did you have to go to find a negative comment for the "Embrace Life" PSA? Seems like most people (myself included) thought it evoked very strong emotions and was masterfully done. The supporting quote from some random adolescent Aristotle ("thats [sic] gay") didn't really help your point any.



To each their own Ronald. I can see why some people are deeply moved by the ad, but I found something a bit off about it. I think it's the editing -- it's too slow and surreal to have the desired impact. The dad's smile is a bit bonkers too.



Watching the whole "spot squeeze" video while eating a bowl of cottage cheese and not gagging is the new official test of internet superherodom.



I don't feel well, I watched them all from start to finish...I...I don't know anymore. I'm trying not to exaggerate, but i will never be the same. especially the No Money Down one will haunt me forever. I could be the horse guy though...



There's a glaring omission from this list:

Bunny the Tap Dancer is by far the most disturbing youtube video ever...



I think the most important missing item is this.



try this.



I like the song, but the video scares the hell out of me.



One video missing from the list is "Pickle Surprise". Look it up, it is fantastically creepy!



These are the most disturbing videos on youtube? srsly? Moving on...

Amanita muscaria


The horse head video shows a man detoxifying and then eating an amanita muscaria mushroom, known for its hallucinogenic properties. Wikipedia says: "The active constituents of this species are water soluble, and boiling and then discarding the cooking water will at least partly detoxify it.[66] ... Amanita muscaria contains a number of biologically active agents. At least two of which, muscimol and ibotenic acid, are known to be psychoactive."



YuriNalarm, you are absolutely correct.


15 HA!



OMG... YuriNalarm... you... what did you make me do?!?! : O_O O_O O_O



I some how enjoyed them...Except the mushroom and the egg one. Those were just kinda weird.



these videos are nothing compared to this one :

ps: read about it you will be freaken out...





you have to checkout this one...
"obedece a la morsa" (obay the walrus)'s creepy... not as creepy as the eye thingy but way crippier than the pink elephants



Somehow just scrolling through them was worse... it's like closing your eyes right before a scary part in a movie. I wasn't too disturbed by the Pink Elephants or the Mark Twain one, but I was revolted by the eye and zit pop thing. And as for the horse-man...the screenshot is terrifying enough.



I think the embrace life ad was done brilliantly. people see what they want to see and those who see evil in this, want to see evil in it. kudos to the creators. brilliantly done and it does send the right message.



yo_man-san, if you think that was bad, check out the EVIL version:



I may sound a bit jaded but this list was weak



Ok warning to everyone when watching these videos...Dont read the comments...Theyre the real thing that "Disturbs" you or drives you insane.Im ok now but i went through a serious panic attack after watching the mcdonald one....If you watched it after reading the comments all i can say is be true to who you are ...Not what the video was imposed to turn you into.



For me, the Cuica Solo is by far the most disturbing. It just seems to go on forever, and all the while, the 'musician' is staring with lifeless, dead eyes.

II wouldn't be surprised if this guy is a serial killer who is forcing one of his victims to film the video.



ronald mcdonald insanity was awsome becuse i showed it to my friend and he freaked out
the bunny one was cool
no money back was messed up



you forgot a beautiful lotus redrum is murder...that vid should b on this list..scary lol



I've seen all the videos posted on comments and the videos in the article itself. I found all of em to be rather stupid and boring. I can't understand why people freak out over this kind of stuff.

Anyone care to explain?



WHAT THAT'S IT?! This isn't even freaky! What was bad about all these videos is just the video quality.



Mr. BooBoo

33 this video in my opinion was pretty disturbing

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