Five reasons not to buy an iPhone 4

We've rounded up five reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 4.

Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 4, has finally hit Aussie shores. But do you remember the days when it was cool to have an iPhone? Once upon a time the iPhone was the latest wow-factor gadget, a device so sought after that you could walk down the street carrying one and receive any number admiring stares.

Fast forward to 2010 and your Apple smartphone is "just another iPhone." After all, it is just one of more than 85 million iPhone and iPod Touch devices that Apple has sold worldwide since its launch in 2007, according to the latest IDC figures.

Five reasons not to buy an iPhone

Apple has sold more than 85 million iPhone and iPod touch devices since 2007

With this in mind, shouldn't you dare to be different? Don't you want to have a new, cool phone that nobody else has? We've rounded up five reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone!

No Flash support

Flash is a multimedia platform that can add animation, video and interactivity to Web pages. See those flashing, animated banners on Web sites? See the embedded videos on sites like YouTube? They are all implemented using Adobe Flash.

Now try and access these sites through an iPhone — they won't display correctly because Apple does allow Flash on the iPhone (nor on the iPad and iPod Touch). These devices can't display many of the videos and animations on the Web when using the Safari mobile browser. Apple's official line is that the "mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards — all areas where Flash falls short."

Regardless of what Apple thinks about Flash, the end result is that most iPhone users are left disappointed. Sure, there are ways around the limitation — the iPhone's YouTube app is a great example — but a large number of Web sites use Flash, so the mobile Internet experience on the iPhone isn't as comprehensive as it could be.


Before you all shout me down, yes, I know Steve Jobs unveiled multitasking for iPhone 4.0 OS. However, Apple's definition of multitasking remains an issue; it's a very basic form of multitasking that allows users to pause applications while allowing basic tasks like receiving calls or selecting music to play in the background. Apple says this is the most effective way to integrate the feature into the iPhone without draining precious battery life or slowing down the phone, but the fact remains there are plenty of other smartphones on the market that offer true multitasking — headed by the latest range of Android smartphones.

Five reasons not to buy an iPhone

Apple announced the iPhone 4.0 operating system would include multitasking, a long awaited feature

No custom message tones

Have you ever heard a nearby iPhone receive a text message and mistakenly think it is yours? That's because the iPhone only has six message tones preloaded and you can't edit or add any new ones. That's right, iPhone owners are stuck with six of the most boring, plain and uninspiring message tones in existence. The only way around this is through jailbreaking your iPhone, and, even so, replacing message tones is a process that isn't straightforward for most users.

Crippled Bluetooth

Apple has made a number of improvements to the iPhone since its inception in 2007. The original iPhone couldn't copy and paste, didn't multitask and couldn't stream audio wirelessly over Bluetooth — all features of most other smartphones at a similar price point. These features are now all available on the iPhone, but Bluetooth remains crippled. A big omission is the fact that iPhone users can't send and receive images, videos or other files via Bluetooth.


For a lot of people, especially those who have Macs at home, iTunes presents minimal problems. For many others though, particularly those who have a PC, iTunes is slow, unfriendly and a teeth-gritting effort to use. Having to install iTunes in order to use the iPhone is a "feature" we could really do without. Why can't we just drag and drop our music onto the iPhone? Why can't we just drag and drop photos taken with our iPhone to our PC?

Five reasons not to buy an iPhone

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide




I for one think these are moot points.

1) I happen to agree with Apple's assessment of Flash. Yes, I agree that it makes things 'look nice', but as a low-bandwidth internet user, I suffer constantly when trying to access sites that are all about Flash. And I deeply dislike the new 'video is the best form of communication' approach that so many sites (for eg. IGN) have started to use for the bandwidth reason. All the more better is HTML 5 support that Apple is progressing.

2) People keep crying about multitasking but I do not know anyone for whom not being able to 'multitask' has really affected their performance. Granted, it was annoying that we did not have copy/paste for a while, but after that was implemented, I have never had issues or a need to multitask. And I use the phone for music, business, and personal errands daily, so I think I'm qualified to say so.

3) There are sites such as Audiko, or programes like Ringtone that will permit you to create or freely download your own ringtones. It is easier than 'jailbreaking'.

4) How many photos will an average user take? And compare with abundance of features an iPhone has had over its competition in comparison to the features the competition has over the iPhone. You may see that the competition has more to catch up with an iPhone. Upgrading a camera to the next highest pixel is no big deal and will come with the next model.

5) I have both an PC and a Mac, and have never had ANY issues with iTunes. It has been the most stable and complete bit of music software I've ever owned.

I feel that becoming anti-is-trendy has become a bit of a virus in this whole smartphone segment of the market, much like how the Linux community suddenly wants to crap all over Windows and Mac together. Give Apple their due ~ stop complaining over spilt milk.

David Lee


I agree with the bluetooth aspect. It is infuriating I hate that about my Iphone. I sit at work with all my mates bluetoothing stuff to each other and feel like the fat kid at a party.

Everything else is good ( apart from camera)

Alexander Brooks


I agree with GRV and David Lee.

Although, this article seems a little bias to me.



Saying not to buy an iPhone 4 for these reasons assumes most people really care about these nitpicking issues.

This is not a good list of reasons not to buy iPhone 4. You didn't make AT&T's network stability in the US the number one reason!?

You find fault in leaving out Flash support but didn't mention whether Flash would work well as a touch interface.



Why not buy a Iphone. Dont even think about it if you want to use this phone for anything serious. Purchased Iphine 3GS had it for 3 weeks returned it. Battery life the worst, bluetooth connection hopless. Phone turns off by its self at least 5 times a day thats real handy. Save your money DON'T BUY THE IPHONE !



If you want a toy that's going to disappoint you but has lot's of Flash, get an Android. My iPhone 4 is a great little workhorse for doing everything from managing my Wiki when away from a computer to keeping up with the news to reading my Kindle books. (frankly, I think the iPhone kicks my Kindle's butt... so much more portable and good in any lighting situation.
Great little device. I pray that one day all manufacturers will find a way to improve battery life but we're all going to have either deal with what we have or get a battery pack. Quite whining.



Interesting comment fgbourman :) Since returning my iphone 3GS have been given a Sony X10 in its place. Hate to have tell you this its twice the phone of a iphone. Not sure what you use your phone for but i use mine for work. Why get a battery pack when the Sony X10 lasts a hell lot longer than the iphone 3 hours more talk time. Plus the bluetooth works with this phone unlike with iphone. Both in car bluetooth and ear type one works fine with the new Sony X10 also other problem i had with my iphone at least 5 times a day it would just turn its self off. Asked Apple about the problem the guy said hmmm . He had noidea but try this. He was just guessing his guess did not work. So i went looking on the net iphone has been having this problem since 2008. Anyway i hope your iphone works great for you. Will ever buy a iphone again NEVER. I paid $ 900 AU for it i expect it to work:(



I Tunes on a PC, yeah right!,......sluggish and needs updating a lot all the time, thanks,....use VLC-Player for playing back all kids of formats.
Think Android Phones are the go, more customizable and apps are mostly free.
Give them a GO.

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