Samsung Galaxy S vs Apple iPhone 4: Smartphone showdown

Which is the better phone -- Samsung's Galaxy S or Apple's iPhone 4?

Samsung's Galaxy S is challenging Apple's iPhone 4 in the smartphone market.

Samsung's Galaxy S is challenging Apple's iPhone 4 in the smartphone market.

Apple recently unveiled its fourth-generation iPhone, appropriately dubbed the iPhone 4. Boasting a brighter screen, a faster processor and better battery life, the iPhone 4 is expected to maintain Apple's strong foothold in the smartphone market in Australia.

Check out our Samsung Galaxy S review.

However, if you're looking for an iPhone alternative, then you're more than likely going to consider one of the latest Android smartphones — headed by HTC's flagship Desire smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy S. The Galaxy S should definitely grab your attention thanks to a 4in Super AMOLED screen, a 1GHz application processor that enables playback of high-definition video (including DivX and Xvid files), Bluetooth 3.0 support, and up to 16GB of internal memory.

With this in mind, how does the Samsung Galaxy S stack up against the Apple iPhone 4?

Samsung Galaxy S vs iPhone 4: specs

Feature Apple iPhone 4 Samsung Galaxy S Verdict?
Operating system (OS) Apple iOS4 Google Android 2.1 (upgradeable to 2.2) Draw
Display technology Capacitive retina IPS Capacitive Super AMOLED Draw
Display resolution 640x960 pixels 480x800 pixels iPhone 4
Multitouch Yes Yes Draw
Camera 5 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus, geotagging 5 megapixels, no flash, autofocus, geotagging, face and smile detection Draw
FM radio No Yes Galaxy S
GPS Yes Yes Draw
Internal memory 16GB or 32GB 8GB or 16GB iPhone 4
Expandable memory No microSD card slot Galaxy S
Dimensions 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9mm iPhone 4
Weight 137g 118g Galaxy S
Application store Apple App Store Google Android Market iPhone 4
Processor Apple A4 ARM Cortex A8 (1GHz) Draw
3G networks HSDPA 850/ 900/1900/2100 HSDPA 900/1900/2100 iPhone 4
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n Draw
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP 3.0 with A2DP Galaxy S
Quoted talk time Up to 7 hours Up to 6.5 hours iPhone 4
Quoted standby time Up to 300 hours Up to 576 hours Galaxy S
Adobe Flash support No No (Yes after 2.2 update) Galaxy S

As you can see, both smartphones stack up reasonably well, with each possessing its own strengths and weaknesses. The Samsung Galaxy S offers TouchWIZ 3 — it's Samsung's alternative to the Sense UI on the HTC Desire and promises a similar user-customisable interface.

Although Samsung's innovations on the software side of Android are impressive, it's the phone's hardware which is getting some serious attention. In particular, the 4in super AMOLED display is one of the largest touchscreens on an Android phone in Australia, alongside the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. Apple's iPhone 4 uses existing IPS technology (the same used on the iPad, but thanks to its 640x960 pixel resolution it has been described as a "retina" display, due to the human eye being unable to distinguish individual pixels.

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide


Nik Tok


Why would Samsung leave out a camera FLASH and a metallic body (unibody would have been fantastic). Had they put those in and increased the camera to 8MP and Front facing to 1.3MP, it would have won... Eventually the 2.2 and the next Android updates would have made the speed / functionality even better not to mention the market would have somewhat caught up to the App Store...

arrrgh... over to you HTC... new 1.5 GHZ processor, 8MP, dual flash, front cam, 4" SUPER AMOLED, 32GB internal + expansion, DivX XVid, HDMI out, tethering and the rest of the GPS WiFi bgn things = best phone on the market



You have forgotten another important thing: The Galaxy S wins because it is much more cheaper than the iPhone4.



how can you say that when they havent even announced iPhone 4 pricing in AU yet!?



errr...galaxy s already has a ridiculously good screen, i think the screen difference between the 2 is hardly an issue, both have good screens. the deal breaker for me is that galaxy has layar and that its standby time is nearly DOUBLE that of the iphone 4...that is insane...



why do Samsung always do this? I agree Nik Tok - Galaxy S looks a great phone on paper ...but potentially let down by a few over sights...Plastic body casing WHAT!? Samsung (who i love) just seem to turn out more and more phones that are sorta great in some ways but just generally miss the mark...due to some feature being missed / omitted or some design oversight? when was the last time they had a massive hit with a phone? guess it is hard to compete with iphone - perhaps they think iphone has the upper end of the market so they need to just compete on price by flooding the bottom end??

Come on Samsung - we want top quality, well designed n innovative phones - you've done it before...



Unibody is nice, but locks battery compartment. Having battery swap is very useful. Let's face it.. you're going to run into issues wher you need a quick recharge. Right now, battery swap is the quickest method.Camera's allow you to swap battery, why not phones.. Dual body wins imo..

A topic not on this list is 3D gfx processing, which is a slam dunk win for Samsung. 90M triangles/second equates to legitimate 3d gaming on a cell phone.

The missing flash SEEMS TO ME to be a complete failure on Samsungs part. I own the i8910, and the flash on that was not bright enough for indoor/low lighting... How can this be better?



forgot that the galaxy s also has dlna capabilities and is able to play back all types of media including divx... the standby time for the galaxy s is reported as 625hrs.. and the 3g networks are HSUPA 900/1900/2100 and EDGE/GPRS 850/ 900/1800/1900 depending on carriers.. why can't any of these journalists report correctly...



you cannot give a draw in display technology and then a win for iphone 4 in screen resolution, retina is just a resolution but the display technology still being the same odd lcd, it should be super amoled vs lcd... and everyone knows amoled is miles ahead from lcd and acording to gsmarena, super amoles is miles ahead from original amoled



Davo, what's wrong with plastic a case? You rather a metal case that can dent?

I bet if I told you it had a carbon fiber case you'd be wrapped!




Davi...nothing is wrong with a plastic case...but in relation to Galaxy S why Samsung wouldn't just make the overall look better with a metal case i just don't know. Admittedly i haven't seen it yet - but i'm guessing compared to iphone the plastic case/carbon fibre will look cheaper. I guess it's an issue about being compared to iphone4 which of course is the fate of Galaxy S. Jets/Omnias/Galaxys/HD ICONs and the plastic does look cheap. For some people the final choice will come down to aesthetics and for that reason i don't know why Samsung would have put so much effort into this phone and then just given it a look like any other touch screen smart phone in their range. Don't they want to impress us at every turn? Well potentially next to a metal banded phone - plastic/carbon fire won't impress as much - certainly won't stand out when all previous phones in the range have similar casings.

So nothing is wrong with having a plastic case but when i hear it's plastic it makes me think perhaps if they'd tried something different the phone could have looked more interesting/exciting than what it probably will. Hopefully the screen distracts.



Display technology
Capacitive retina IPS VS Capacitive Super AMOLED
= [s]Draw[/s] GalaxyS Obviously, way ahead

Apple A4 VS ARM Cortex A8 (1GHz)
= [s]Draw[/s] GalaxyS You're kidding right ? HummingBird A8, while we don't know exactly what's inside this (Samsung's)A4



Free world navigation, layer, a bigger screen, useable as a harddrive, no itunes, aldiko, fm radio and plays more formats...I take the Galaxy ;)



...and swype ;)



The Galaxy S is still able to make video calls trough 3G network...
While the iPhone 4's Face Time can only be use through Wi-Fi.. all of u guys' opinion which is better? The Galaxy S or the iPhone 4?



It's a bit odd you've split up internal and external memory in the comparison. Fact is, iPhone doesn't win even if it does support 32gb of memory, because the Samsung can support 32GB on top of its 16. Why would users care if they were using an SD?

Furthermore, some of these comparisons are SILLY. You compare the Apple App store, and say its a win over Android. EXCEPT, ON ANDROID YOU AREN'T FORCED TO USE THE STORE!!!

The weight and dimensions? Why is that even part of the comparison? How can you win on that?

And what about integration? Samsung S? Plenty of PC syncing software, iPhone, only itunes.

Furthermore, for developers, developing for Android is MUCH nicer. In fact, thanks tho the Non disclosure agreement Apple forces us to agree to, its questionable whether we can even discuss development for the iPhone.

Oh, and user replacement battery? I can easily add a 3rd party battery with higher MaH to beat the iPhone there. On the iPhone, painful.

This comparison really misses and point and wont yield meaningful discussion, because the comparisons are irrelevant for debate. Sorry.

colleen harvey


is plastic lighter than metal ?



To all you people saying OMG why not a metal body! Why not a flash! I'd say it's a price point decision. You get much better guts to the phone from a spec and they need to keep the price down.

Would you buy a Galaxy S with uber metal case and a flash for $1900? I bet not and there's the point.

Price point, market share.



Well I got the galaxy and it smashes the iphone in so many ways not listed here (thanks to android). Rooted the phone, put on froyo, have flash, swype, remote desktop, gmote, nicer, smoother ui, lighter in weight, play any type of video, snes/gameboy emulation, can get apps from anywhere, live wallpapers, can easily access filesystem, can d/l any number of different 3rd party UI's, decent battery life, and the list goes on.

The iphone is a toy for people that are not tech savvy that is closed in and does what it says (with decent support). The galaxy is basically a linux box in a phone with a 4" SAMOLED. I mean c'mon.



Sorry what does rooting the phone mean? And what is froyo? Is that similar to jailbreaking an iphone? And does it void the warranty like jailbreaking?

naveed ahmad


the galaxy screen is simply stunning and another cool feature is the layar and wireless video play over tv.this could be the iphone killer but the success of this phone will also depend on apps as iphone is leading apps.



The A4 and Hummingbird are practically the same chip (the A4 was developed by Intrinsity and Samsung). But the iPhone 4 is slower than the iPad so most likely it's underclocked from it's 1GHz maximum. So a win for Galaxy S in CPU (it's GPU is better too).



I'm a Korean and my dad just bought this phone in Korea just a few days ago and its.......well........AWESOME!!!!

The super amoled screen is VERY bright. I don't know if iPhone does this but Galaxy changes the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the surrounding.

My dad is nearly 50 now and this is the first touch screen phone he's ever had, but with the 4 inch display, he got used to the on screen qwerty keyboard very easily

The plastic body doesn't feel cheap at all. The back is like the one on the Samsung jet only better.

My dad is looking forward to the 'froyo'(or what ever its called) update. my dad has allowed my mom to buy me a new phone when I get back to Australia. I'm hesitating to chose between the iPhone 4 and the galaxy s....... because I've already had a Android phone, I decided to try the iPhone.

Sorry about any bad English in this comment.....I'm only 13 and English is my second language



I live in US and tomorrow the Samsung phone will be available at my carrier (AT&T). I will go tomorrow to check it out. Until than, how can you miss the fact that Samsung phone's memory is EXPANDABLE, while for IPhone that's it: 16Gb or 32Gb. By the way, in US the diference between the 2 IPhone models is $100, while I can get a 16Gb microSD card for less than $50. What a scam is Apple! I don't get why almost everybody is nuts about them. Can't you see that Jobs is becoming the new Gattes?



hey Nik Tok, (comment no.1) which fone r u talking bout the HTC one??



What should i do?? Does anyone know much on the Samsung Galaxy S Vs Iphone4 overall and music options?? Have been told the Galaxy S may be a better option compared to the iphone4? But i really use the ipod on it alot!? Whats the Galaxy S music setup like?



So many comparisons but can anyone help me by telling which is the better one in terms of sound quality? i need a smart phone as well as the best sound quality available .its not crucial to have dedicated music buttons but the sound qualilty has to be the best . please comment from your own experience and supporting facts if any ?



Hey everyone, I recently had an iPhone 3GS, and after installing iOS4...I HAD to get rid of the phone! Slowed it down terribly! My mate was telling me about Android phones, and I decided to take a look....WOW...So much customization, so many features the iphone doesnt's like the moment you got your first mobile all over again! It really is brilliant.

And to everyone who is concerned about the plastic body....the iphone has a plastic back cover...The difference is that the samsung one is easily replaceable if it scratches. Try removing the iphone one without voiding warranty.

This Samsung seriously amazes me..continuously! I urge everyone to atleast check it out. Sad I missed out on Android for so long, and was happy with what Apple wanted me to have!



Nobody should be saying anything about a plastic shell w/ iPhone 3GS having one & Captivate having metal back. Main difference is one is made by a noobie phone company of 3yrs. Compared to Samsung, who's the largest Electronics Manufacturing Corporation in the World and they sell more phones than any maker on the planet.

Samsung makes over 50% of iPhone 4 parts costs. So iPad & iPhone4 are more Samsung than Apple's if you consider Apple makes ZERO of their own parts since they own NO Factories!

For Samsung & it's Galaxy line phones, it's not a FAKE Rolex Exterior they went for. It's the technology going into it's phones. Samsung makes most of their own parts, but cost to build Galaxy S is 20% higher. Why?
They didn't go CHEAP like Apple to sponge higher shanked profits off YOU!

Here's the REAL Comparison:
Retina IPS= Old technology w/ die shrink 4 pixel density, high energy backlight, Contrast is low 800:1 (blacks are gray, colors muted) & Response Time an abysmal 25ms (fast 10yrs ago), but Snails Crawl Faster today. Fine if all you want is an eBook reader, but Action Games & Movies will suck!
Super AMOLED= Highest Contrast ratio of any phone out today - 100,000:1 w/ black blacks & colors are vibrant, makes it's own energy free light, only replace glass if cracks, not whole screen system like Retina. Thinest screen on a phone w/ touch layer incorporated into 2 layer screen & the screen is flexible indestructible plastic. Response Time is the fastest on the planet at 0.01ms. Action Games, Sports & Movies never lag or ghost. Best visibility in Sunlight, to be used in F-1 Formula Race Cars!

Galaxy S= SGX540 GPU Fastest on the Planet w/ 3x iP4's SGX535 while putting out stunning 90million Tri/per/sec rendering to screen!
Galaxy S= Night Shot (no light needed), Face & Smile Detection on both cameras, True GeoTagging, Full Arm Neon Multimedia Support written into Android OS. Multiple addon Video & Picture Editor Apps available. 720p viewing over DLNA via both Bluetooth & Dual 2.4/5.0 newest Wifi Direct (to device or phone to phone w/o router), Bluetooth 3.0 10x speed of iP4's BT2.1 & full FM Radio Transceiver w/ recording & Transmit to Car or Home Stereo capable coming w/ Android 2.2 update!

3G/4G or equivalent Base Band Radio w/ VOIP Video that iP4 doesn't have thus no Facetime over 3G!

With DLNA don't need HDMI out or a converter box like iP4 to get videos to your HDTV. View & Play 720p content via any DLNA device like Routers to PC, PS3 or Xbox360 or DVR, etc. Some TV's now w/ DLNA (Samsung, Sony, Toshiba & Panasonic). Ability to connect Galaxy Phone via TV-Video/Audio Out of headphone jack!

Game play via Samsung's own 6axis Gyro/Accelerometer, for both video/camera image stabilization & games. MP3 player w/ radio sleep mode for better battery life. Galaxy won't drop calls if you HOLD it right, even w/ no BARS sometims! :D



Excellent work Kron!! Samsung does make all of apples facts, which is a very little known fact. As for the plastic case, I do like the secure feel of the metal case but realistically, anyone with a little common sence who will pay this much for a samsung or even an iphone will get a protective case anyway.

I got my my samsung on Wednesday and will also get a case, There are so many components in a Samsung that i would like to protect it as much as possible.

As far as the Iphone goes, I will never get one! I sell phones for a living and I do think that Iphones have a whole heap of manufacturer problems. The amount i have to send for repair each week is crazy. It also doesn't feel me with confidence that they had 2 years to develop the iphone 4 and still have this antenna problem. Nokia, Samsung and all the other make hundreds of models a year and tend to have less serious issues. Lastly the response to the problem is disgraceful. If i bought a brand new porche with scratched leather seats, I would want a new one or it to be replaced. Not Sear covers!



I am a technology moron about to venture into my first smart phone. How does the Samsung Galaxy compare with the HTC Desire??



Dimensions it's dumb because SGS has a bigger screen 4" vs 3.5 so It seems normal that the the device is bigger .... and for talk time Iphone win but again SGS has a bigger screen and a better processor



One way to conserve battery life, for those of you who consume a lot of video, is to download Skyfire for your video browsing on your Samsung Galaxy. Due to our ability to transcode video into Html5, and do the heavy lifting/compression on our end, this can dramatically conserve battery when compared video consumption with other browsers and optimized mobile video.



Iphone beats every phone no matter what and once u jailbreak an iphone it destroys any of its competition and i dont want to hear that jailbreaking voids your warranty because theres no way for apple to find out if u simply restore ur phone IPHONE 4 is number one no matter what



im getting a samsung tomorrow and i am a bit concerened bout the camera
is there a buttin on the side to press to capture the pic or is it tap like iphone?
is there actually a flash?
i dont speak technical lingo ahah
thanks soooo much!!

Galaxy Man


I dont know why everything is compared with the iphone, there are loads of phones out there that are just as good if not better. i want a phone to do what i want it to do, i am an ex blackberry user, which is a a great device, the iphone is a nice phone and has a big following its the apple name etc that blinds people, and a lot of people bought it for that reason and not for what they really wanted it for. I have looked at a few phone and played with the iphone 4 and it is a nice device, but cant change battery, no memory card, a ridged interface, very little flexability, so i decided the Galaxy s, it has none of these issues and is very flexable,only thing is no flash , but the phone exeeds in other areas which out way this, it does what i want it to do , and does it well. And i didnt buy it for the name.



I have owned a galaxy s for month now and am glad I went with it than the I4. its faster, lighter, cheaper,and the battery life is great compared to the i4. And last of all, when it gets its update to android 2.2, its speed will increase dramatically, as 2.1 only allows it to use half (256MB) of its ram.
Iphone is no longer the phone to beat.



Ok I have a samsung omnia right now and I have had alot of troubles with it and i've always wanted a iphone. Since I heard about this new iphone coming out i've been very excited. Untill, i heard about this samsung galaxy! Its apparently a "iphone killer" which i dont think anything could replace a iphone. I went and investigated both phones and yes the galaxy might have 1 or 2 extra features but those features you wont even use. Why have a iphone copy when you can have it! Im still confused on which one to get but after today when i saw the new iphone 4 it just blew me away! I think i might get it! what do you all think?



Check iphone 4 VS Galaxy S on Youtube.

You will know who is the winner.



Im guessing iphone 4?



Taking into account the recent iphone4 issues with yellow staining on the screen and antenna issues, and also the recent consumer report taken of the iphone 4 (they said that they dont recommend the iphone 4 if u wish to make calls), I'd go with the samsung galaxy s. Samsung galaxy s is an android phone, and that means it will get updated every 6 months or so, the iphone gets updated every year.

Testing of the newest update of android (Froyo) vs IOS4 has shown that internet speed is alot faster with froyo than the iphone 4. Froyo also has proper internet browsing, you can use flash, inbedded youtube and u can play any flash games etc. With the iphone 4, u are unable to do so, u have to use their alternative software to use youtube, and it just doesnt support flash.

The best thing about android is that its truly open, u can download applications not just from the android market, but u can download apps from any mobile site and get an entirely different user interface running on it. With the iphone 4, u'r stuck with the same user interface that was on the iphone since 2007 (which is decades ago in mobile phone years).

Decide what u want in a phone, and also take into consideration that new phones are going to come out very rapidly all the time. Do u want a phone that updates every yr (iphone), or a phone that u can update at least every 6 months, or u can just customise the phone competely by urself thereby keeping up with the latest phone software (android phones like the samsung galaxy s) ?



Dimitri, are you saying that the Samsung S is an iphone copy because it plays music, makes phone calls, has apps and even has a camera?! Wow, I never knew apple created mobile phones. I mean, not a single phone had a front facing camera before the iphone4. Where were we several years ago without the ability to make video calls...



Hey everyone I don't doubt the argument that the samsung galaxy s is a more powerful phone. I chose the iPhone because it's like comparing a Lexus to a Toyota they may have the same parts & be made in the same factory but @ the end of the day when u go To sell the Lexus , it will be worth something even in 2 years time!, unlike the samsung gs who will be worth nothing in that time!, that's even if they remember it:). I would also like to point out that apples warranty is the best out of every co I have had to deal with & they will replace your phone 90% of the time!, unlike samsung who repaired my phone 4 times & I had to fight for a replacement!!. I would choose a jailbroken iPhone 4 any day:).

Jack C


Lexus to a Toyata?Really?? I had bought the Iphone 4 -used it for 3 agonizing weeks!! Call dropping was cured by a rubber/silicon case -worked very well..The Iphone 4 then was good at phone calls. Well maybe..-if you are in a car the phone rings---swiping the phone logo left to right to fit in a certain area--only a teenager can do!!Maybe. Its great for getting collisions or mass murder its your choice.. pull over off the road is the only option oh--forgot missed calls --only if a message was left otherwise-lost!! The Iphone4 was overly sensitive ,the keyboard too too sensitive --bottom line--if you love being sent to websites you never wanted to go to ,, or apps its super!!
Way way too too sensitive!!

The Galaxy S ? Super on phone calls its a 10+!!
Apps? What apps?Go to mobil apps thats much better.. but does have a longer battery life depending on the usage. Overall good for business .. needs more tutorials on using but overall sorry this Galaxy is the Lexus!!!! I know I have one get one do not listen to the gurus,, side by side comparison --tells all! Iphone -Apple never field tested this Iphone 4 its almost pathetic --the user comparisons all favor the Galaxy --well maybe my Toyota became a Accura !!! Next!!

Jack C


Lexus to a Toyota?Really??

I had bought the Iphone 4 -used it for 3 agonizing weeks!! Call dropping was cured by a rubber/silicon case -worked very well..The Iphone 4 then--- was good at phone calls!!

Well maybe..-if you are in a car the phone rings---swiping the phone logo left to right to fit in a certain area--only a teenager can do!!Maybe. Its great for getting into collisions or mass murder ,,-- its your choice.!!!

Pull over off the road is the only option oh--forgot -missed calls --only if a message was left otherwise-lost!! The Iphone4 was overly sensitive ,the keyboard too too sensitive --bottom line--if you love being sent to websites you never wanted to go to ,, or apps its super!!
Way way too too sensitive!!

The Galaxy S ? Super on phone calls its a 10+!!
Apps? What apps?Go to mobil apps thats much better.. but does have a longer battery life depending on the usage. Overall good for business .. needs more tutorials on using but overall-- sorry -- this Galaxy is the Lexus!!!! I know I have one!!!

Get one do not listen to the gurus,,do a side by side comparison --tells all! Iphone -Apple never field tested this Iphone 4 its almost pathetic --the user comparisons all favor the Galaxy --well maybe my Toyota became a Accura !!! Next!!

Jack c


I do not want to do 2 posts please drop the 11:20 post if you can.Thanks Jack

Jack C


Addendum to the above::
Battery life ---Iphone 4 -Ready ???Really ready ?? Try this--
The battery is for the life of the phone--when done At&T says --trade it in!!

Samsung--$47. lasts very well.. easy to get to..pull out the top bottom tray --its yours!! I can get this battery cheaper at certain websites--

Ta da the KIller Comment-- until you have the Iphone 4--

Wireless connecting---The *&*(&*()^& phone downloads every wireless connections around,,, all the time --then asking for the enter code number--
Example --you enter starbucks -- about 100 feet away the Iphone 4 senses the Starbucks wireless portal immediately asks for the entry code to connect to the net. Starbucks employee supply the code ,, you are on the net!!
This great--Until ---you come to an industrail park for shopping mall --the Iphone 4 goes beserk entering many portals -give the name or ID then asks for the entry codes--sure we carry everyones security codes with us--- !!!We do?? It even better if you are downloading info poof -!!Its gone!!!
My Toyota seems to run real good ,Got Lexus -lately ?

Alex Kaelin


This is a bias review... How can you compare the apple app store to the android market theres no real way to compare so that ones out the window and the samsung amoled was proven better then the ipa and 3g networks really come on...

Samsubg Galaxy S


Solo quiero decir que estoy escribiendo desde mi nuevo galaxy s. Llevo desde el viernes con el. La verdad es que todavia no le he encontrado practicamente ningun fallo. Lo que más me ha impresionado es la pantalla en cuanto a todo (resolucion,respuesta tactil, los colores, el tamanho...) La fuidez del SO es tremenda y las aplicaciones van de lujo. Lo unico que me decepciono un poco fue la camara de fotos que en cuanto amplias un poquito la foto ya empieza a verse regular -la de video es una maravilla-. El navegador web es rapidisimo practicamente como en mi portatil. Bueno pues esa es mi opinion del mobil. En un principio iba directo al iPhone4 pero me tope con este pepinaZo y escogi la mejor opcion. Gracias a todos



I got the Samsung Galaxy. This is my first smartphone ever.
OS: Android 2.1. It's super simple, I can do whatever I want.
Screen: 4in Super amoled is absoluttely stunning, beats my friends iPhone4 screen (I've compared).
Camera: It takes good pictures when there's light. The pics are corny when taken in low light. But that allright. Front camera is pretty good.
Music: The musicplayer is awesome. Plug the phone in the pc, transfer mp3 etc, to whatever folder. It just works!
Video: I've only tried a few, but in 2 of the .avi files I copied to the phone, was out of sync with the sound.. A little annoying, but I'll test more.
Looks: The galaxy looks a cheaper when it is put with an iPhone. But it looks really nice when it's alone. Doesn't feel cheap. And I like it's featherlight.

The Galaxy has better hardware, but iPhone has just made their phone a little more userfriendly. But is it worth the extra price? -Not for me. Android 2,1 is also user friendly. And why does Apple launch FaceTime, as if it's something new and radical? Europeans have had that opputunity through the 3G net a long time, but it has never become a hit.

My verdict: I am very happy for my Galaxy. As a music-listener, I am gratefull not having to go through iTunes first.



I love the Galaxy. Fast, lightweight, awesome display, Plenty of apps to choose from, and the SWYPE technology! I though it would be a bit of a gimmick, but it speeds up your text input heaps. Very clever.



Keep in mind that the iphone 4 only uses a powervr 535 (30 million polygons per second, that's as much as a PSP) while the galaxy S uses a powervr 540 chip (90 million polygons per second).

The samsung galaxy can handle games up to 3 time more complex than the iphone (just check quake 4 on galaxy S on youtube it's just rofl wtf), keep that in mind if you're a gamer on the go !



everyone's saying OMG why not the metal case g didn't you see the reception problems metal cases have and guess what, plastic has none of those, example=iphone 4 has a metal case and has massive reception problems, apple just gave out a overlaying plastic-rubber case to fix it. The galaxy doesn't have any of these problems because plastic is fine.

Mikey Mileos


The only thing that's stopping me from ditching my iPhone and going with the Samsung is that it doesn't have a flash. Everything is better. The plastic case makes it lighter, which I think is a plus.

With all the problems that the iPhone 4 has, I think it's time to switch to a better phone.

Also, the way apple makes you upgrade to iOS4 in order to keep getting apps which seem to all be getting upgraded to only support iOS4 sux. My girlfriend's old 3G is slow as s--t. Apple is basically forcing people to upgrade if they want to keep getting apps, which lets face it, is the only selling point of the iPhone.



Just bought the Galaxy, I would not even consider the iphone4 I want a phone that doesn't have to be held a certain way just to make phone calls.
Who cares if it has a plastic case, it does the job. Also who cares about a flash, I have something called a camera. It has a flash built in. I don't need a phone to pretend it is a camera.

Downhill Dude


Retina display sounds nice, on paper, but in reality pales (no pun intended) compared to the AMOLED. Put a Galaxy S beside an iPhone 4 and run your own comparison. It's not even a contest - the AMOLED kicks the $hit out of the LCD screen.

While the Galaxy S has ALL of the technology of the iPhone 4 (6-axis gyro sensor, 802.11N, 720p video, front camera, processor), it has technology that the iPhone doesn't have (Divx/xVid, Bluetooth 3.0, AMOLED, mobile access point, Swype, etc.).

4" screen vs. 3.5" makes a big difference, too.

I've used them both head to head, and the Galaxy S kicks the iPhone to the curb. It's an amazing phone!

Downhill Dude


... and a lot of good a metal/glass body does on the iPhone 4 when everybody is covering them up with cases and bumpers. They all look a lot cheaper than the Galaxy S, as a result.

A lot of people would choose Galaxy S just based on weight. Again, you have to have them side-by-side, and heft each phone. The difference is dramatic.



I have a Samsung Galaxy S and my friend has the Apple IPhone and we both agree that the Samsung is Way better than the Apple!!!! Her's is brand new and she'z selling it to get a Galaxy S, So i think we've decided which one is Better.

(Samsung Galaxy S can do a lot more than the IPhone to.) And the Video Player is HD.



Sorry this comparison is flawed!
Apple biased are we?

Here are the corrections:

Operating System: Winner Galaxy S (OTA to Android 2.2 confirmed)
Apple's only advantage is the AppStore which doesn't even belong in this section especially since Android has better browser, highly customizable, Live Wallpapers, no stupid "Apple standards" to conform to, usable Bluetooth, emulators anyone, FLASH 10.1!! ----and these are FACTS

Application Store: iPhone 4 (barely)
Again, iPhone has many more but mostly are copies, sound boards or easily-boring Apps. Android has a lot less, but it is much more open so many more variability, eg PSX emulator, giving a similar entertaining experience.

Display Technology: Winner Galaxy S
IPS vs Super-AMOLED is a no-brainer, better colours, better blacks, better viewing angles (unnoticeable) and less battery consumption. The "Retina display" is just a resolution it doesn't even belong in this section.

Display Resolution: Winner iPhone 4 (barely)
Yes Retina has more pixels vs WVGA, the difference is big on paper but it is not noticeable in real-life ... FACT

Camera: iPhone 4 (barely, see I'm not biased)
Pretty much the same qualities and features on both devices, but the GalaxyS lacks an LED-flashlight which is offered on other GalaxyS variants, this is Optus/Samsung's fault.

Front-facing Camera: iPhone 4 (again, no bias here)
Well iPhone 4's front-facing camera is a VGA, so no big deals here but it means FaceTime is possible. The Galaxy S leaves this feature out also ...seriously Samsung why? Other variants of the GalaxyS however do have a 1.3MP (better quality) front-facing camera like the EPIC 4G.

Phone Quality (why leave this out??): Winner Galaxy S
Galaxy S is just like every other smartphone out there in this instance. iPhone 4 however has issues. Holding the metal sides of the phone will cause the antenna reception to fluster. This means that in areas of high signal-traffic OR areas where reception is low, the iPhone 4 will lose the signal or drop the call. This should not be much worry for user's in Australia, but taking your phone to overseas, eg USA (high signal traffic and AT&T bad reception), you will notice how plaguing the issue just is. The easy-fix is to stick ductape on the corner/casing, compromising the look of your very expensive smartphone.

One more very important thing that's been left out:
Yes, you can replace it on the GalaxyS. Meaning on a long and power-deserted trip, you will run out of battery on your GalaxyS a little before your iPhone 4, but you can always pack a spare battery. Meaning while the iPhone becomes useless, the Samsung just keeps on going-and-going!

Price, will obviously vary depending on the your chosen method of carriers, OR store you wish to buy-it outright (in this case Galaxy S will be cheaper), OR the GalaxyS variant you wish to purchase if there will be more than just the one model.



Overall, I personally would choose and recommend the Galaxy S (no bias). Yes it seems the iPhone 4 has fallen behind the curve on release unlike its predecessors.

I urge buyers to please look at the specific's, reviews and actually research before making a purchase. Do not fall for those marketing gimmicks (eg Retina display). Because at the end of the day, it is your hard-earned cash!



After reading tons of reviews and watching comparison videos I got the Galaxy today. This phone ROCKS!



OLED(galaxy s) >> LCD(iphone4)



Unlike some, I have sold my Galaxy S and bought an IP4. As much as I wanted to like the S with it's superior tech on paper and it's open source nature, it just didn't impress in real life. Have found the IP4 to be a much better experience. Have no reception issues at all ??



The review says that the Galaxy S will be available on Vodafone "soon". Does anybody know what "soon" means ? One month ? 3 months ? 6 months ?

David Huang


Regardless of everything else, when in the market to buy a phone, I always look at the most important differences between the phones.
1. BATTERY = Replacable and built-in. How long the battery can last? On the long journey, where can I charge the phone? Even if I can charge the phone, do I have the time to wait?
2. RECEPTION = If you can't get the signal to make or receive a call, what's the point of having a good looking with all high tech inside?

Plastic or Metal? it depends on the design and the personal taste (most users will get the protective cover/case anyway).

Both Iphone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S are the best smartphones in the market. It depends on how the buyer wants to decide, which one is better for the daily use.



which one should i get galaxy or iphone4..... they both sound good but not sure ?? how much is the galaxy and the iphone 4 ...

Brian Costelloe


Back two weeks ago I got a Samsung Galaxy S based on my distaste for whole Apple had dragged me and my iPhone 3G through poorly implemented updates. The iPhone was a sweet phone till I put OS4 on it. Then it become an embarrassment to use. Since moving to the Google powered Samsung I have had many nice little surprises. Tight intergration with Google's services such as Picasa and Gmail etc. Facebook even becomes a major part of the phones workings as it ties in the profile photos (without an added on app) and grabbing birthdays. Heck it even displays the persons last status update on the screen as you call that person!

Bring on Frodo (Android 2.2) please! (Late September I hear)



I bought the Galaxy S i9000 and thank god i did. it is a beautiful phone. as soon as i turned it on the image blew my tiny mind. it is freaking amazing and it is fast. There is barely any lag. Youtube works great on it and the divx is a blessing. the program given to you with the phone is amazing as well with its own converter...not that its needed :D. Great interface, gonna go buy the extra 32 gig tomorrow. who needs 32 to start when you can end up with 16 gig more than the IP4? IP4 is for those that like the name, like Guess, or Prada. Samsung is for those that want quality. And what idiot compared Lexus to IP4? Lexus is known for perfection, apple is just riding on its own fame. Its phone is for the sheep that don't know better. And retina display? (w/e its called) when you buy a tv what do you go for, LCD or LED? The galaxy is a great phone, could of used a flash but it doesn't bother me. i'm just disappointed that apple gets all these sales when the better phone is ignored. Its bs but its fun being at uni surrounded by those with IP4s asking me what my phone is and why its quicker and has a better image. I just smile :D



wow, im don't bet for either side, but the amount of irrational anti-iphone stuff here is hilarious.

the iphone 4 is actually a really really nice phone.

all this stuff about 'galaxy kicks iphone 4's ass is exaggerated.

they are both really nice phones (shame about ip4's reception issues)

i like the feel and usage of ip4 more and its camera. and honestly thought they have pretty equal screens (they both look pretty amazing, come on! you make it sounds like ip4 has an average screen or something!)

let the exaggerations continue!

Ps galaxy is awesome phone. its about time samsung put something out like this. im looking forward to more



OS: Android -Open source and multitasking gives this OS a clear lead over iOS
Display Tech: sAMOLED beats LCD every day of the week. And side by side the Galaxy looks better even with slightly fewer pixels.
Screen Size: why no mention of the larger screen on the Galaxy? 4" beats 3.5"
Internal Memory: irrelevant since you can upgrade with external memory.
Dimensions: Bigger screen = bigger phone, this is not a disadvantage
App Store: Android because you are not forced to use it.
3G networks: Galaxy supports 850MHz.
Other things you missed: replaceable battery and upgradeable internal memory, both of which are big advantages.



im going to buy a galaxy s tommorow and it tottaly roxxx and all the one who thinks that iphone is better than glaxay s.....get a life....!!



I had the Galaxy for a week now after 2 years on Iphone. Feels like I was just let out of jail. Doing what I want to do an not what Apple tells me. It beats the Iphone in just about every area and the display is just out of this world



The Android System and it's App's (which are open source, meaning everyone in the world can produce Android Apps as is GNU and Linux based), while Apple charges a $100.00 developers license fee),...hmmmm I'd rather the Android Phone as a lot more people have input in the App development and it's less expensive to choose between Android Apps that are growing daily for free downloads, get a GalaxyS it will leave the Apple4 for dead soon enough.



I've had the Galaxy S for a week and I've had the opportunity to directly compare it to my daughter's iphone. The Galaxy is streets ahead in many ways.

The icons are a little vivid and cartoonish - but I can live with that. I'd have liked a flash but then I'm only likely to use the camera for quick snapshots (If I'm taking photos I can use a serious camera).

Where the Samsung falls down badly is in the PC/phone interface. The software just doesn't work - even after upgrading everything in sight. I can upload and download files (Ebooks, video, music) using the phone as a generic USB device and it all works well. The Keis connection software is total crap and just hangs looking for the phone. It oesn't work on either Vista or XP.

Battery life is good and WiFi is very fast. And when I can get a working copy of Skype for the Galaxy it will make it complete.



What is the talk about Android apps bringing viruses onto your phone? Is this true, possbile or probable?

My husband has an aftermarket sleeve with internal battery for quick charge for his Iphone3.

I have looked at some of the You Tube stuff and the Galaxy doesnt appear very well lit and the photos show as quite blue. Can anyone who owns one comment re this?

Phone man


This thread is so funny, all the Samsung fanboys crying about an incorrect comparison. I have used both phones and quite frankly prefer the iPhone, it simply looks far better and there is no discernable difference in the computational power of both phones.. Also the screen resolution of the iPhone better as well as having more accurate colour than the SMOLED samsung. The response time for the iPhone screen is also quicker than the Samsung screen, yes that's right (laboratory testing). So many people here simple haven't got their facts right. I have also found the GPS fix on the iPhone is much better than the Galaxy, below 10 feet for the iPhone and the Galaxy is 20 feet or more in the exact same area.
Back to SMOLED, it just simply isn't a mature technology and has a long long way to go. Samsung even admits it has no idea how long the screens will last as over time they lose their vibrancy.
Galaxy S are for people who think they know something about tech and love to bash on Apple, it's very funny.
Gave my Galaxy S to my gf, was going to sell it on eBay but wasn't worth the effort. She can suffer with it.



super stressed...just received my new HTC minus amoled screen..after using this feature I just can't go back..Htc is now a piece of crap....I find usability of message function on iphone 4 too laboursome...therefore galay has my vote



I used to have Iphone. And I Believe that marketing still be great, but the machineÇ double the price for half of the thinks that can doç



Foolish comparison on display this guys is a isheep fanboy who is trying so hard to get even with android phone.

retina on iphone is just a gimmick product - still old same lcd
samsung amoled > led display (btw, samsung made iphone display)

Samsung processor also better than iphone because it has better gpu

How about replacement battery? Galaxy S can - where iphone 4 (any iphone/ipod) ..not

Dimmension iphone 4 win???? LOOOOOLLLLL Galaxy S has 4 INCH DISPLAY! It's larger and thinner

And the most important thing on every phone -->> RECEPTION
My Galaxy S never had any problem, I have tried the death grip on ifail4 -- it's real! not media hype



My wife has the iphone 3gs and i just got my son the Galaxy S

At first when putting the battery in i thought cheap case but solved that with a gel case for protection

the son wanted the iphone4 but as usual not available for at least 4 weeks on a waiting list thats if you are lucky

both phones are through the Optus network and the son has compared the 2 side by side when downloading the same site

and the Galaxy kicks butt and the more he uses it the more he is happy not to have the iphone 4 and it's cheaper .
But all in all its down to personal preference as an onlooker of the two phones if i was to purchase one i would go the galaxy for what i've seen I'm impressed



Just an FYI the A4 and Hummingbird processors are exactly the same however the Apple A4 is running at 80Mhz while the Hummingbird in the Galaxy S is rated at the full 1Ghz.

Also the GPU in the Galaxy is better (The 540 vs the 535).



I really like the Galaxy S but it seems like it is design for men. Unfortunately I have a small hands to hold the Galaxy. SO I guess iPhone fits for me!



After Originally Going to Get the I phone 4. I had a look at Galaxy S.. My old phone is a Samsung and I wanted a Apple i phone. But now looking at the Galaxy. I,m unable to decide what phone to get. After weighing up everything. The Andriod OS and the apps Kind of made the Point.. AS in the Very near future Andriod will be the Leading Apps and OS. All other Phone Brands are going with Andriod. and Hey its by Google.. and open source.and Not controlled by any one Phone Brand.. I would still like the I phone.. But I think Im getting the Samsung Galaxy S as I see more future for the Andriod OS and apps.. Samsung wins Galaxy S.. My pic



If you look back at all the comments...
All the specs..
Battery life, customizablity, calling quality, weight, screen, reception, bluetooth, gpu, os (in which flash capability comes under)...

Sorry apple fanboys, but we beat you on this one.



I did not go through all of the comments above, but did anyone mention the fact that if you have an iPhone you will not be able to exchange bluetooth files with other types of phones unless it's also an iPhone. That's very restrictive and daunting to say the least. My wife bought the iPhone 3GS a couple of months ago. But to her dismay, she is not able to exchange bluetooth files with other types of mobiles. And she is thinking seriuously of selling it.



Sorry i-Phone fans. But galaxy S is top of the line. i-phones are all played out. Galaxy S rocks! The fact that is light weight and thin in dimension. Too fast too furious.



tell her to sell it to me :D



i, myself am also a user of the samsung galaxy s ive only had it for 5 days but i am sooo amazed by it features like the layar,write and go, youtube, app store, facebook app, maps, gmail, the camera is amazing, mobileTV,aldiko, navigation, all share,socialhub, sociaview and my favourite road sms
trust me u might not like the plastic body but once u have the fone u dont even care becaz its just the best fone u can have rite now , thumbs up if u agreee , i would definitly recommend this phone to everyone , it is the first ever iphone killerr , enjoy



You've got resolution and dimensions, as you should, but you forgot to mention screen size, which would be another tick on The Galaxy S side of the line.



My two cents. I bought Galaxy because I don't like iTunes. I had a bugger of a time using it. I just like to drop and drag. Maybe that's not very sophisticated but as a result I never used my 80GB ipod cos it was annoying putting music on. (This may be because I'm a luddite or because syncing is a pain if you want to copy friends tunes).

Oh yeah and I knew about no bluetooth, no Flash and maybe reception issue.

So anyway I got the Samsung and discovered the GPS is rooted, broken. Very, very bad news as this was something I was excited about coming from cheap old Nokia. Kies software is a stinker as well. I had to stuff around on the net to find that probs are caused by some files having 16 letter extensions or something. I dont really know how i got it working!

No flash on camera is puzzling but night mode helps a bit. Photos range from rubbish to acceptable. There was also a bug that stopped MMS working but an update fixes this provided you can get Kies to acknowledge your phone!

So I'm looking forward to Froyo 2.2 cos I want to watch ABC iView in bed on the nice screen. Don't screw this up JamJung! Make my GPS work or I will return this shiny, brilliant piece of junk.

I also bought same phone for my g/f and I have to say without me to do the technical things this phone is no good. If you can tinker it should be good. If you just want it to work and expect good support I would suggest iphone.



Oh just want to add that Kies software is the worlds worst software and God knows how it is supposed to work. Samsung you will never beat anyone at anything with this horrible horrible nasty rubbish. How does it work you bastards?! What's your problem! I hate you!



The main reason i chose galaxy S is that the SAR is 0.33 versus iphone's 1.17

Atish Nischal


Φίλε σίγουρα είναι το καλύτερο αλλά δεν κατατάσσετε στα καλύτερα εν λόγο απουσίας flash όμως δείτε λίγο παρακάτω !!
Επειδή η samsung έκανε την λάθος κίνηση να βγάλει το κιν. χωρίς flash ,ετοιμάζει το νέο galaxy τον επόμενο μηνά με ονομασία ως SAMSUNG BEAM ,ολόιδιο με το galaxy απλά βγαίνει για το κενό του flash και συν πολλά πραγματάκια μαζί με τον projector στάνταρ στο κινητό !Δηλ. θα βλέπετε τις ταινίες στον τοίχο η στο δωμάτιο σας χωρίς να κουράζονται τα μάτια σας η και ακόμα και YOUTUBE κτλ. !!Όσοι λοιπόν θέλετε να κάνετε υπομονή ,θα σας βγει σε καλό ..

John Davis


galaxy s rules. period. i believe it will be even more true when it's upgraded to 2.2 froyo at the end of september (the international version). after having galaxy s for a week i'll never go back to iphone 3gs. iphone 4 is even out of consideration as no high-end phone may have a problem with a basic and vital phone function: reception, as telephony is the primary purpose one buys a PHONE for.



Ammmmm pretty easy decision for me the best phone is the one thats @#$%$%ing !!!! available for purchase, its now almost mid September and Optus have finally stopped taking laybys because there is no stock %$%#ing Steve Jobs you need a %$%$ing a good kick in the stones.



Well, my friend got the samsung galaxy s on a plan just yesterday, and I've had my iPhone 4 for nearly a month. I had a play with it, and I do agree the resolution on it is okay, but the iPhone does better. Personally, I do believe samsung have done a good job with this phone, but could have done better. I have hated samsungs in the past, but this one has changed my thoughts on samsung phones. But, of course, I do believe that apple has done better then samsung. Cause my friend is on the same plan as me, and she's paying 49, and I'm paying 54. It's only a 5 dollar difference. Also, my friend has said that if she has many apps running the phone generally slows down quite a lot, and I haven't had any problems with mine when it comes to multitasking. And by the way, I do believe with the settings bar up the top on the samsung they sorta copied the jailbreak program on iPhones, "SBSettings" >_>



Does Kies(Samsung Galaxy) work properly for your computer?



Well I went in for an iPhone4, came our with a Galaxy!
I think the journalist for this comparison is a little loppsided.
There's just 2 specs worth commenting on that iPhone4 wins - flash for camera & metal body. Everything else when compared pound for pound - Galaxy wins!

Phone Dealer Au


I have an iPhone 4, had it for 3 weeks. Same stuff as iPhone 3GS, same restrictions, bad design (poorest antenna pos. ever) & now... With makers of cydia calling it quits.... I'm swapping it over for a Samsung Galaxy S.



I have been using an iphone for past two years - never again after discovering the Galaxy s , the galaxy is light years ahead, has fantastic free apps, it is fast and the screen is superb. I did a lot of research between the iphone 4 , galaxy s & HTC Desire.
The desire was not a user friendly phone and screen quality poor.
iphone sure has a following but has a fractions of the menu options of the Galaxy, Samsung has one me over.
One small problem with the galxy is the sync, only works one way, thansfers from pc to phone but not vice versa. Samsung are working on a fix.



To solve the sync problem, why not buy an SD card (which the galaxy can use! as apposed to the I Phone) and move the file you wish to transfer onto there, then plug SD into your PC?

Galaxy > I Phone 4



Nik Tok, is there suck a mobile that you have mentioned?

"new 1.5 GHZ processor, 8MP, dual flash, front cam, 4" SUPER AMOLED, 32GB internal + expansion, DivX XVid, HDMI out, tethering and the rest of the GPS WiFi bgn things"



Just bought my Galaxy and absolutly love it.
OH, and it does have flash on the camera.



Why is everyone worried about the plastic back. Plastic is a way better option to metal in many cases.

Glocks and H&K pistols have been made from plastic for years making them one of the most reliable and rugged guns going.

If plastic guns are better than all steel, I'm sure a plastic cover for the back of a phone isn't a problem. Get over it.



I have used the Galaxy S and the iPhone 4, I think Samsung have dong I nice job on the Galaxy S but for me the iPhone 4 is defiantly the better phone. I found the user interface on the iPhone 4 to be miles ahead!!! The Galaxys S's hardware is just as good as the iPhone 4's (accept the iPhone's camera is way better and the display is notacibaly better). But the Galaxy is very jerky on the home screen and is somehow feels very messy like a PC. And my other problem is Samsung has just copied the iPhone, and people dont buy the iPhone just because it's made by Apple, Apple has erned it's reputation because it makes amazing products for people, other companies can try but no one will ever beat the iPhone, however the Galaxy is the closest yet, but still has a long way to go.

Phone Boy


Hello, everyone!!!
I do agree with those who say that Apple Iphone 4 has improved its design and it has a better design and hardware than the Samsung Galaxy S. It has also a camera flash. It has better resolution than the Galaxy S as it has a retina display. But you all have to and must agree wit those who are in favour of Galaxy S. Iphone 4 is better than the Galaxy S in 3 things, it has better design, better camera (just because of camera flash) and better resolution, nothing else. It has more apps in the appstore but most of them are craps rather than apps. The rest of the features are better on the Galaxy S: better apps instead of being less, so much of customization, 4" super amoled screen, faster web browsing, lightweight, better front camera and the front camera can be used without wi-fi unlike iphone 4, it gives a more easy use and better experience to the user, we can use it the way we want unlike the same old boring homescreen on the iphone, no restrictions, better reception, no calling problems, youtube, socialhubs, flash for playing flash games etc. I would not appreciate those who criticise the iphone so badly as it is not so bad by the way. However,Galaxy S is better and I would rather stay with the SGS.



Used iPhone 3G for 2 years, replaced with Galaxy S week ago. Upgraded to froyo.

Usability: crap
Rebooting frequently: crap
Battery life: double crap
App I am used to on iPhone: not available (my banking only through web now)
Facebook apps: utter crap
Extended podcast replay: cant find app that will do it
Reception: drops off where iPhone never used to
Reception: gone to Mt Buller over the weekend - no reception with Telstra after Melbourne city limits - disappointing
GPS: forget it - apparently I was in Yea when the road sign told me I was in Melbourne.
App market: after update to 2.2 (froyo) 5 apps that were on the phone before, report that app is not there when I try to get it installed - nice one android market, esier than telling me that app is not compatible with 2.2

Other things: after upgrade to Android 2.2 (froyo) - external SD card mounts read only - so if I want to put something on - need to take it out of the phone and connect to mac directly.

Google applications are much more streamlined on the iPhone than on Android.

Nice but totally unusable light, plasticky piece of high-tech machinery. Ended up as a crumpled piece of plastic after 'accidental' high speed encounter with a near by wall.

Got iPhone 4 at the cheapest plan with another carrier, with free of charge unlock and got my carrier to put the sim in it. At least now I cand send e-mail and post on facebook in the lift.

Summary after this stressful week: I need a phone to communicate, not to tinker with 'rooting', play games or take photos - there are better gadgets for that.



And lets not forget the major design flaw in iphone4 antenna..the monkeys. 80% of android apps are free while only 20% are free on iphone.

Wife has an iphone4 and I a galaxy s. Managing media on galaxy is so much easier than using that pile of s--t itunes.

Also the iphone is locked and galaxy s is not so have no problems using sim cards while abroad.

The samsung screen rocks its so much brighter that iphone and has far less reflection.

The only win for the iphone, that we agree on, is the camera has a flash.



Which smartphone is better ? overall..due to price , design , function , application , casing , display and etc.



i think the samsung galaxy s whips the Iphone in terms of multimedia and compatibility, and probably in power too. The Iphone is really only powered by marketing hype, as is apple. If aesthetics is what pleases u, than get an apple product, but if u want the important stuff like value and performance, stick with samsung or HTC. Most of apple's products are overly priced for what u get, but that is my opinion.



someone said the galaxy s comes with a flash, is it true?



Got a Galaxy S and people around me keep telling me why I didn't get an iPhone 4 instead.
Well, the bottom line... I love it!

I am not a techy so I am not sure why you compare the pixels for the screens. If you look at the screen side by side, i4's screen looks absolutely dull and dead. I am not exaggerating, you should try it out. The screen is just stunning. I love the fact that I don't have to convert it to MP4 format. It virtually plays back anything - I heard that there are some limits (fortunately haven't run into that problem so far) but I believe there are going to be continous upgrades any way.

The only think that I do not like about the phone is that it does not have a flash light... yeah, they should've included that. Not sure why they didn't. But how many times do you use that feature? Even with a normal camera I rarely use the flash light coz it kills the background any way.

Also, maybe I am too old... Of coures in terms of Apps, Android falls way behind. However, personally I don't think that is a big issue. If you think about it, it doen't matter if you have 50 thousand apps for 5 million... YOU ARE NOT GOING TO USE ALL THAT any way... In the end, you end up using only a number of apps any way. And there will be a wave of apps being added going forward.

So iPhone or Galaxy S? Dunno...
So far, I am really enjoying the Galaxy S experience.

I think it solely depends on the preference of the user.
I think the key point I want to make is the # of apps doesn't really matter coz there are already a good/excellent number of programs available in Android.



I have the Galaxy S for two months now and i don't know if i'll be able to change to another phone. I think this cellphone is nearer a notebook or a tablet than a phone. Iphone though it has solved many issues still has a lot of disadvantages. Camera config and modes, radio, file managing, flash player, swype and alfanumeric, removable battery and sd card, anntea reception, 4inch superamoled, divx xvid playing, better polygons per sec for games, widgets for homescreen.
Iphone 4 barely improved things already in a lot of phones but not in iphones, multitasking, front face cam, better resolution, flash led. Still many pending.



After reading the comments I thought I was on a galaxy S forum. All the people on this page who have said that the sgs beats the ip4 are sgs fanboys



After reading EMRE's comment I though he was just another apple isheep but upon further investigation he truly is a applefanboy? Maybe the people on this site seem to like the samsung galaxy better because it is? Ever thought of that EMRE and other applefagboys?

Captain Ash


We all agree that galaxy s is better than iphone infact better than any phone around at this time and i agree iphone WAS a great phone but now galaxy s has takan over its position

ok i'll compare both phones

FIRST TOPIC..... LOOKS................Iphone is better looking than galaxy s because galaxy has been given a bit plastic look to save weight but i am ok with that but the winner is iphone over here

DISPLAY...........i dont need to say anything the galaxy s is the winner let me give u a primary school explanation TFT<LCD<LED<AMOLED<SUPER AMOLED and iphone has lcd display (retina watever it is called) but some ppl will say iphone is better in this topic because the 1st screen has a very good default wallpaper apart from that galaxy s has black wallpaper in the app menu......

SOUND....... i have tested both and i'll say its a draw both r good

DIMENSIONS....... iphone has 3.5 inch display but samsung has 4 inch.....galaxy s is lighter but iphone is slimmer so the winner is galaxy s.......

SPEED........... galaxy s processor can shift 90 million triangles per second but iphone can only shift 30 million triangles per second so galaxy s is very good for hardcore gamers and galaxy s is faster than iphone because galaxy s uses same processor the ipad uses and iphone is slower than ipad..... WINNER..... GALAXY S but itll be more faster when we'll update to android 2.2 (its the operating system)

CAMERA.........iphone and galaxy s both have have 5 Megapixel camera with 720p recording @30 foots per seconds but galaxy s dosent have a flash............ there is a model which is owned by carrier Sprint called galaxy s pro which has a flash and querty keypad but at this point iphone is winner

APPS......... with the iphone we r forced to use apple store whereas in galaxy we can use all mobile apps store (not that apple one) in the world.... winner galaxy s.......

Standby time......... winner galaxy s is has a good batery life compared to iphone

memory....... iphone may have 32 inbuilt memory as compared to galaxy s but galaxy s is expandible upto 32 gigs of memory so thats 32+16=48 gigs of memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WINNER GALAXY S

resolution...... winner iphone because(read above)

wifi and blueteeth...... both have same wifi 802.11b/g/n(i dont no whats that :/ ) but i do know that galaxy s have 3.0 teeth compared to 2.0 of iphone which means 3 times the speed winner GALAXY S YEAH........

other problems........... IPHONE HAS A ANTENNA PROBLEM WHICH MEANS U CANT TALK................... SO ITS NOT A PHONE ITS JUST I(not Iphone) it dosn't have a fm radio ......... do i need to say more about that? some people said that there is problem of gps tracking in galaxy s but i didnt found any!!! (i was using andorid2.1)

IN THE END RESULT....................

SAMSUNG GALAXY S GT i9000 score 8/10


Captain Ash


CAPTAIN ASH AGAIN (comment no 116)
i am not saying that iphone is worst phone its that ive tried both phones and my god these 2 phones r AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a galaxy s but i dont care if iphone has 1000000 problems both r AMAZING PHONES they r just from another planet.........

THE END...........................................................................



Sounds like a Galaxy S win - and it's very hard to get an iPhone in Oz anyway. Can someone who knows about this stuff tell me if the Galaxy will sync to my Mac laptop anywhere near as well as the iPhone? This is a deal-breaker for me and it'll make work much more streamline.

Captain Ash



well i dont like HTC but i DO LIKE IPHONE EVEN WITH ITS many problem but when its value for money galaxy S is best and it dosn't matter if it has no flash....... i dont know about syncing galaxy s on macbook sorry........... but if u cant buy iphone in Oz galaxy s is the phone for you but if u can buy iphone its YOUR CHOICE............ READ ALL SPECS OF THESE 2 PHONE BEFORE BUYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



lol um storage report Fail the galaxy s as up to 16 internal and can input a SD card of up to 32gb! so win for galaxy get your facts straight reviewer iphone you stuck with max 32gb as galaxy 48gb.

A Ryder


Hmm, I've had both phones, both are excellent.

I prefer the Galaxy's bigger screen and it is lighter but the iPhone software is solid, sync-ing with my MacBookPro is flawless! But the Galaxy requires a Windows-Only Kies, which is much flakier, it failed with Mac/Fusion/Win-XP, Mac/Fusion/Win-7, Mac/Bootcamp/Win-7 (64-bit) It only worked on an old XP laptop!

The iPhone is much more mature and polished, for instance, Skype on iPhone is version 2.1.2 but for Android/Galaxy it isn't even worth calling a beta! Fails to login, hangs ... Skype said they're "working on it"...

Trying to get Android 2.2 was a nightmare I don't need to have versus Apple upgrades which a dead easy. This is a big difference between the two.

So IMHO the Galaxy is great but it left me stressed, yes the iPhone leaves me smiling.



I love my Galaxy S



galaxy won eisa 2010-2011 best smart phone award



From by personnel perspective , I think the reason behind choosing the plastic and no flash in Samsung rather than metal is purely price and weight wins against IPhone .

for me the flash and being plastic won't change my decision to choose Galaxy as winner , with its' affordable price , FM, divx and xivd multi media support,expandable memory ,supporting HD video recording and video calling through 3G .

I believe the next generation of Sumsung will be really impressive .



Where are all the Galaxy S accessories?? IPhone wins hands down in this department. If Galaxy S have the accessories then the decision would be easy



samsung is junk plain and simple. I tried to update my phone when it told me to and the update bricked it to the point where they have to send me a new phone. This is after I had to return one for randominly shutting off. So for anyone thinking about buying any samsung phone or even a tablet do not waste your money. They are nothing but junk

Shelim Alam


Samsung Galaxy S rapes the Iphone4G! Lol



iphone is more good ! because is iphone not samsung......iphone are the best phones ......all the American stars have iphone . AND THE PRICE !!! .......... IPHONE IS THE BEST ...



samsung and iphone have slow batteries ......... 2 days max and when i listen music .... I think iphone and nokia are the best



to be honest people have talked up the iphone TOO much which shows that they are taking it too seriously. what i mean is that they have overdone it and now you see a new phone introduced like the galaxy which in my opinion is a better phone.. so i will go for a galaxy because if you do talk up the galaxy it is worth it



If it's one thing Apple does well it's syncing with itself...and absolutely nothing else! Now that a smartphone has come along that outperforms the iphone, Apple (along with all the people banging on about trying to sync with their macbook) may start to rue making that mistake.

Sorry iphone fanboys but galaxy s is by far the better phone. I've had mine for a little over a month and all the iphone owners at my work are jealous. Some like to admit it more than others of course!

BTW: one more huge win for the galaxy s - IT DOESN'T HAVE iTUNES! I can put what I like on there and it just works. Also, I don't have any of the problems with kies that others seem to be reporting, maybe updates have fixed it?



I live in Seoul where iPhone made a big splash since it was first launched a year ago. Samsung's first answer was Omnia 2 (not sure what it's called elsewhere). I got iPhone3GS and my friend got Omnia 2 at the same time. He tried to show me once how the Omnia phone worked and got a blue screen when a call came in. (Yes, it was a Windows Mobile Phone.) Had to turn it off and back on - while I finished another beer. That phone had so many problems I can't believe it passed any quality controls.
After that Samsung came back strong with Galaxy S, which is a way better phone than Omnia and perhaps better in many ways than iPhone as well. I played with it in a couple of stores and it looked good, but the applications seemed not nearly up to the iPhone level (that was in July) so I left it at that.
Now here's the best part of the story: remember the friend with the Omnia 2? Well, as soon as Galaxy came out he traded his junk phone for Galaxy. One day, as we're drinking, he starts showing me his phone... and guess what? No, no blue screen this time, Android is a good OS... but the phone wouldn't connect to the internet on 3G no matter what. Now that could be the mobile carrier, I don't know, but it's funny that the two times I was shown a Samsung smartphone it didn't really work. Then, after a couple more drinks, I got to hear about a few more glitches with the Galaxy - he had to get it replaced after two weeks because the first one wouldn't connect to the internet at all.
So.. I'm not a fan of Apple or any company, but it seems that iPhones are quite reliable compared with the Samsung smartphones. I never heard of any trouble with iPhones - except people being annoyed about Apple, which is an old debate to which I'll contribute some other time.
My impression is that it's a question of time - a year ago Samsung was in trouble even on its home turf and had to come up with an answer to iPhone quickly. Its previous smartphones, like Omnia, were absolute junk, so they passed a few quality issues on the Galaxy a bit quicker than they should have. Maybe next models will improve on quality, and almost certainly the applications for Android will get better as well, so in the future I might consider buying one, but right now I'm quite happy with my 3GS and wouldn't trade it for a Galaxy just yet.



samsung galaxy s is great



I think you gentlemen should relax a bit. Do you get paid by these companies to praise their products or slam the ones of the competition? I assume most of you don't, so why the company loyalty? Companies are in for the money, and that's about it, so get over your love.



this goes to number 67 "rem" i absolutely love you.

you have summed up this whole rivalry

go samsung!



Hi all!! I just bought the galaxy s having owned a SE X10i. Dont know enough about the iphone4 to comment on that side but the galaxy S has some good and bad points. Firstly, the battery gets very hot really quickly!! It worries me sometimes. The charger is really flimsy looking, with really thin wires. Indeed, I use my X10 charger cause I swear it charges faster. Battery life is not great but none of them are. I find it can be a bit laggy for no apparent reason. Those earphones are horrible. Both in your ear and the sound quality is ghastly. At least compared to X10i. I dont mind the plastic/carbon. Keeps the weight down and strong. If youve never used swype than youll never quite get it. It is simply amazing!! As is that amoled screen. Flash player is a bonus but still lots of lag on facebook poker- I'll blame Fb for not accommodating android users yet. The customer service is excellent. Overall in my opinion, the is very good. I was a critic until I owned 1. Now much loved X10 has been relegated to the 'other phone'. Just a pity they didnt put just that bit more effort into a flash and better sound quality. But, I put X10 earplugs in and its much better. I love the phone. And with the X10 as back up Im reasonably happy with my decisions. So, to me, all the comparisons are odios. Merry Chistmas and all the for the New Year to you all. :-)



Btw. If I had to pick a clear winner it would be the smartphone in general. What an an incredibly useful device. Doesnt matter what OS or brand, if youve gotta a smartphone you ARE going to enjoy it.



Application store Apple App Store Google Android Market iPhone 4 WHY APP STORE BETTER THAN ANDROID MARKET!!!!??????



if almost everybody here is claiming that apple iphone4 is a losser compared to samsung galaxy, then can anyone tell me why people are still lining up to buy it ?



Just to let you know the Samsung does have a flash!



Ok Ok... I've read enough... there is simply just too much evidence that Samsung Galaxy S is better.... I'm convinced.

I think all the iphone lovers just love its style... but they have been blinded by the fact that it lacks substance.



When does the Galaxy S get upgraded. I'm about to get a new one however will wait if the release is just around the corner.



hey all
i got my new galaxy last week and love it i normaly only buy nokia and after having my last one for only 8 months i had to buy a phone(samsung) outright to continue with my contract and i was really happy with that phone so when it came time to renew my contract i decided i wanted another samsung so a galaxy it was also everyone has i phones and hate them or cant wait till there contract is up so i am in love with my new galaxy and i have also almost convinced hubby to get bone instead of an i phone that he is in love with lol

soi think samsung galaxy wins hands down it is an awsome phone




Rice Man


I got my Galaxy S a couple of wks ago and im very impressed in fact I cant fault it at all, got it on a good deal too from Virgin



@5 - hmm.. It feels really nice to hold the Galaxy, so the plastic does not bother me at all! it is bigger but has a lower weight and price, absolutely fantastic!
Ofc, both phones are super, but I prefer this because of the never ending huge screen and because it is almost 280 euros cheaper.. great job samsung, i like the Galaxy S<3



well i like both but i think galaxys looks better than iphone

sleeping beauty


guys,i really need some help here.
im still torn between Galaxy & IP4.I hope any kind hearted person can fill me in. :)
As from what i know,IP4 can be jailbreak. Can Galaxy be jailbreak to?
Is there any similar app like 'Whatsapp' in Galaxy?




am from experince .. i got both ~
as brand i respect apple so much , but belive me as dvice , samdsung creats wonderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfull smart phone with great screen color's disply , faster and has freedom with use more than apple's ones .
dun know why still apple restrict alot of things in thier new relases .. like blutooth , vdieo calling ,vidoe display extension rather mpeg .......etc .
this time i am with glaxy s .. and hearing a news time to time to get a news rerlase of s2 .

for a sleeping beauty ...147
advice you to get a glaxys2 .. witi this coming next days will be in markets . hackers are every where ... and talented well to jailbreak all types of phones ... so yup it has breaksoftware and easier than ihpne 4 .



Howdy every one, can somebody help please.

For what reason will not the buttons at the top of the forum page that submit a comment work for me?


abdalla, KSA


i already bought the galaxy s 5 days before, i made a complete comparison between it and the i phone before i buy, actually when u check the you tube you will be fully convinced that galaxy is better in many ways, the advantage of iphone is that it is well known and has better brestige for the people who consider this issue, but you think reasonably and make fair comparison you will find galaxy is better and i phone4 is good.

actually it is a wonderfull phone and has a lot of hidden advantages over, the iphone.

abdalla, ksa


As a reply to mr raflesha in comment 138

1- they care about their image and the bristige disregarding the real value and quality, cause to be ohnest iphone is has better rebutation(they like to make show off, hey guys i got Iphone sounds better for them to say i got samsung)

2-or they dont know about galaxy s as much as we know, for example if they read the current page comments they will diffenatly go with galaxy

3- some of them is afraid of being diconnected from their friend cause they already have i phone and they ndont want to change the operating system, knowing that this because they dont know the galaxy can comunicate witrhout problems

4- some of them have some sort of loving and trusting the apple products in general, again regardless to to the quality

provided that Iphone is great but galaxy much better



hehe, just meade some comparison between samsung (wave, not galaxy s getting galaxy next week) and iPhone 4 side to side.

-the settings, The samsugs has waaay more things you can operate, change and set. I think this just tells about the overall useability of the phone. compared, iPhone 4 was a ipod with easier calling abilitis (you can hack ipod yo make calls)

-Bluetooth. okay apple what the Fuuuuuu? Doesn't work at all, got the iphone for good connection and sharing abilities with my mac but the iphone didn't even find it. aand, its a software-based problem so the reason for it is pretty much that Apple can charge you for a bluetooth connection. Had it working on the samsung (again Wave but still) without any problems, learned tho appreciate that only after tried the iphone for a day.

The connectivity between the computer and the phone,
Samsung, no problem, with the usb you can use it as a mass storage or opearaate through Kies, which i havent even used in five months. no need, just the filebased use is enough.

Free internet tethering. Need i say more?

About the applications for iPhone, most of them lets you do thing you can allready do eith your samsung so why oh why would you want to download things you should allready have? maybe thats why they got so much more than android store?

In general I think that even the Samsung Wave that i had was pretty much way more usable than the whyPhone 4. had the apllethingy though a new carrier deal and luckily I was able to send it back. had it for about 24 hours and decided that its not my war to start getting pissed about it.

All in all i think the iPhone 4 is a crappy toy, which though look great is not worth the price, i get my samsung galaxy s for 4€ less in a month so... cant wait to get my hands on the galaxy :D but thanks for all the comments in here, made me feel all the better about getting rid of my iPhone and changing it to the galaxy s. thank you, thank you.



re post #120: "Skype on iPhone is version 2.1.2 but for Android/Galaxy it isn't even worth calling a beta! Fails to login, hangs ... Skype said they're "working on it"..."

Any other comments re using SKYPE on Galaxy S ?

I am going to jump in a week and have been heading towards Galaxy, despite a veritable chorus of happy iPhone-using friends, colleagues and relatives assuring me that iPhone is just simply IT (and a bit)...

When choosing phones, we all want different things; we all have our own personal "Top 5" of features that HAVE to be good in the phone we ultimately choose - and Skype is in my Top 5.

Feedback much appreciated ...

John Z


Call me old fashioned but I need a phone that actually has decent reception because the networks in Australia are crap. I have noticed a huge difference between an old nokia (ie from 10 years ago) and all the smart phones which seem to be sometimes ok in cities but lose connection far more often. Any comments on which of these has better reception???



Can one search on a Samsung Galaxy S while you are on a call (like iPhone can) ?

Matt P


Comment 154 - Go with Telstra, and you'll see if the networks in Australia are crap, especially when you realise they have rolled out high-speed 3G networks all over Australia for several years now, and will be upgrading to 42MBits bandwidth in many metro areas end of the year.



Gday mates!nice country u have there.
Had iphone for week,wife has Galaxy for a week.



for me Galaxy S also wins.. i had an iphone late last year and now i'm using a galaxy S..

i like the galaxy s better because it last longer.. and i have more storage space because beside the 16 GB internal storage it can still carry my 32 GB SD card compared to the 16 GB internal storage of the iphone..

another factor is that i actually like the size of the Galaxy better than the iphone cause it fits my hand better... and i also think it looks cooler (i'm not sure why though)

the main reason (for me) why galaxy s is much better is that it is easier to connect with my friends' phones because not all of the have iphones...

i think some of the categories you used aren't really applicable for everyone, the answers differ with the people's opinion... like the size and weight of the device or even the store. (cause i actually like google android market better)



Can someone confirm to me that samsung galaxy S (not S II) have a 6-axis gyro sensor? I saw the specs of sgs in gsmarena and it doesn't have gyro sensor written on it. If it has, then most probably i'll be buying samsung galaxy S..

Also, is sgs' messaging memory not fixed like the older models(ie. star wifi)?

Matt m


I got the Galaxy S and the camera has a flash, don't know what you are talking about. Apple just plain srewed up when they just went with AT&T at the begining. Google is with every carrier, pretty dumb marketing if you ask me! I like the Samsung Galaxy S!!



Bought my 16G Galaxy S last week and finding it great to use , I slipped in a SD card for more capacity so I am happy about that , I am over 50 yr/old and doen't have any problems viewing the screen , easy as screen to use , so here's to a long happy relationship with Samsung .P.S. way less than the I-phone cost to get close with what the Galaxy has .



hey deciding whether i should get the iphone or samsung galaxy S (either the i9000 (AMOLED) or the i9003 (LCD))..could anyone help me decide..? would appreciate it especially to those who have had both phones..THANKS :)

Gala xys


I got a Galaxy s i9000 just because i have never used Mac systems before. Galaxy s allows me to bring my office work with me especially my microsoft word, excel and powerpoint files.
Galaxy is amazing and is No. 1 on my list.



i just sold my iphone was very dissapointed ,im now going for a galaxy s, as for the issue of no camera flash if all i want to do is take photos i will buy a camera



my chick has an i phone4 its pooh. and i have a galaxy which isnt. angry birds is well better. and its bigger. so if i get annoyed and throw it at somebody. its guaranteed to for all this 4473ie gghz nonesence. forget it. who really cares.everybody should go back to nokia 5110.



I have both.. LOL.. I had tha Galaxy first now I have the Iphone4.. My Galaxy used to give me ALOT of problems! It would always forclose even when I tried to make a phone call I HATED IT! With my Iphone4 I haven't had not one problem even when I had my 3gs I didn't either! They even are alot easier to text on your not having every other letter pop up other than the letter your actually trying to get! Iphone is overall better than any phone I have ever had or used! =)



I love my samsung galaxy S



Looking at getting the Galaxy s.... have an iphone 3 and not that happy with it... does anyone have an opinion of either phone and how they compare.

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