Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 4: Smartphone showdown

Nokia's N8 smartphone throws its hat into the ring, challenging Apple's iPhone 4.

Nokia's N8 smartphone is set to hit Australian shores in Q4 2010.

Nokia's N8 smartphone is set to hit Australian shores in Q4 2010.

Apple has thrown down the gauntlet to its competitors, releasing the fourth-generation iPhone, appropriately dubbed the iPhone 4. Samsung has already signalled its intent to challenge Apple with its Galaxy S Android smartphone, while HTC's flagship Desire smartphone is already on the market. Now Nokia, one of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers, has also entered the ring with its new N8 smartphone.

Read our comprehensive Nokia N8 review.

UPDATE: The Nokia N8 smartphone will be available through all of Australia's three major mobile telcos — Telstra, Optus and VHA — for $749 up-front from 1 November.

On paper, the Nokia N8 certainly looks like an impressive piece of hardware. We were taken through an early sneak peek of the touchscreen smartphone with Australian Nokia representatives and were reasonably impressed. The N8 has a 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and a Xenon flash, it records 720p HD video and has a HDMI-out port so you can watch high quality footage through a television, and it also supports Dolby Digital sound. It also has an aluminium body and is available in five colours including white, orange, green and black.

During our demo, the HDMI-out capabilities were particularly impressive — we watched a short movie clip through a full HD television and the video was clear and smooth. The Nokia N8 will ship with plenty of accessories, including a dongle to connect a USB flash drive to the phone to share, transfer and store a range content.

With this in mind, how will the Nokia N8 stack up against the Apple iPhone 4?

Feature Apple iPhone 4 Nokia N8 Verdict?
Operating system (OS) Apple iOS4 Symbian S^3 iPhone 4
Display technology Capacitive retina IPS Capacitive OLED iPhone 4
Display resolution 640x960 pixels 640x360 pixels iPhone 4
Multitouch Yes Yes Draw
Camera 5 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus, geotagging 12 megapixels, Xenon flash, autofocus, geotagging, face detection Nokia N8
FM radio No Yes Nokia N8
GPS Yes Yes Draw
Internal memory 16GB or 32GB 16GB iPhone 4
Expandable memory No microSD card slot Nokia N8
Dimensions 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm 113.5 x 59 x 12.9mm iPhone 4
Weight 137g 135g Nokia N8
Application store Apple App Store Nokia Ovi Store iPhone 4
Processor Apple A4 ARM 11 (680MHz) Unknown
3G networks HSDPA 850/ 900/1900/2100 HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 Nokia N8
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n Draw
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP 3.0 with A2DP Nokia N8
Quoted talk time Up to 7 hours Up to 5.9 hours iPhone 4
Quoted standby time Up to 300 hours Up to 400 hours Nokia N8
Adobe Flash support No Yes Nokia N8
HDMI-out No Yes Nokia N8

As you can see, both smartphones stack up reasonably well, with each possessing its own strengths and weaknesses. The Nokia N8 is the first Nokia phone to run the latest Symbian OS, Symbian S^3. The changes are mostly related to performance and stability, with only minor changes to the actual user interface. During our brief hands on, the Nokia N8 was zippy and fast, and offered a smooth multitouch experience, bringing it closer to the iPhone and Android smartphones. However, the menus don't look as polished as the interface on HTC's Android smartphones or Apple's iOS4, and we were left feeling that Symbian S^3 merely brings Nokia in line with its competitors, without pushing ahead of them.

Although we're looking forward to seeing Nokia really take the next step with Symbian S^4 (scheduled for release sometime in 2011), it's the N8's hardware which is getting some serious attention, in particular the 12-megapixel camera, HDMI out and HD video recording features.

The N8's 3.5in display is the same size as the iPhone 4's screen but uses OLED technology. Apple's iPhone 4 utilises IPS technology (as does the iPad, but thanks to its 640x960 pixel resolution it has been described as a "retina" display, due to the human eye being unable to distinguish individual pixels. We are keen to see exactly how it stacks up against the N8's screen, but it is expected to beat a regular OLED display. Unlike Samsung's Galaxy S, the Nokia N8 has an aluminium body that feels well constructed.

What do you think about the Nokia N8 and the Apple iPhone 4? Tell us in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide




You are such a dumb, ignorant and biased writer, like you have zero expertise in what you are trying to write? apples market share is 16% and Symbian's market share is above 40% in the world, so which is better platform? by this number its Symbian. in other its ever ones one preference.

Its too early to say if ratina is better or OLED, as many Iphone 4 users complaining about yellow spot on their Iphone? so you are busted here as well.

You are such fool why compare only internal space? Iphone lacks sd card slot, put 32GB card in N8, you will get whooping 48 GB in N8 so iphone suffer here as well and it further comfirms your dumbness.

Apps store has more than 200,000 Apps, N8 has more than 200,000 websites from where you can download uncountable apps.

Iphone has limitations of downloading content from web direct and N8 has no such restrictions either.

This list can go on and on and on and it can further and it further show how genius you are my dear :)



I feel its bit too early to downgrade Symbian^3 against iOS4. First to tell you that Symbian^3 is not same as old Symbian versions you might have seen earlier. Its must polished, refined and quite different from other. UI is much simplified and easy it use. Even on OLED screen of such a resolution its hard to make out the difference with naked human eye unless you have holding it very close to your eyes or using lens. Connectivity and compatability wise Nokia N8 seems far better than Iphone4.
Another thing woth mentioning here is that applications on Apple AppStore needs to be codded again for iOS4 if they have to use multitasking, which again is not a true multitasking in real sense, open for few features only.

Quick Draw McGraw


I'll have to agree with some of the comments above. Symbian remains the OS of choice for smartphones. This is proven by its market share. Symbian OS has a larger share of the smartphone market than the IOS and the Android combined.

Its interface is not "ugly." It has more menus, and more options. It is a tried and trusted interface. I'll always stick with Symbian over the IOS because it is open source and Nokia makes better phones than HTC hardware wise (So no Android for me).

In addition, I dislike iTunes. With the IOS, you must use iTunes. Flash support is also a HUGE obstacle standing in the IOS's way. Internet is simply not the same without flash- its incomplete.



GPS is not a draw since N8 come with Ovi Maps free for ever. Also there will be a Nokia N8 variant with 32GB available (+ SD)



How's free GPS navigation for the N8 vs. paid for an iphone a draw? The N8 is only thicker with that camera extending out.
It seems like you were pretty clueless while writing this article.

About the display: yes, Apple did a good job. However, after a certain point I'm sure it becomes redundant. Just to let you know other phones had higher resolutions waay before.



Why you dint mention other features in the table. There are so many features where apple scores absolute zero. Integrated GPU, USB on the go, HDMI Connectivity, True multi tasking (Not like the one in iOS4), Bluetooth mouse n keyboard connectivity, FM Transmitter, LED flash for video recording, the list goes on n on.. Get the full spec before comparing..



i agree with the posters here... im tired of these biased partisan articles of Apples

and you didn't even speak of the cameras... 12mpx carl zeiss lens with the largest sensor ever vs a 5mpx apple...



Wow - another biased review from a company that has developed this article without even seeing the N8 !
I guess Apple is spending big on advertising with PC WORLD - I have lost all respect for you as it is bloody clear that you deliberately left out all the superiour features of the N8
And OLED is totally superiour to any LCD - no matter what the hyped up marketing from Apple that PC WORLD is regurgitating.

The N8 KILLS the iphone 4 in features and from what Im seeing, the interface is superb and fast.
I love the fact that you can get a blutooth keyboard and mouse to work and the support for USB on the go is fantastic - along with the FM tuner and memory card slot.
PC WORLD, please correct this article TODAY



pc world is tuning into
paid corporate world.



I agree with the comments above. I WILL WAIT ON MY NOKIA N8! ;)



This this articles confirms either of two things. They are paid by Apple to write such a baseless comparison or the writer is completely without brain and he likes Apple as a brand.

Don't tell him about USB on the go or other such features to Ross Catanzariti, he/she/mixed dont have a clue about technology matters, being an Apple user it happens.

plus Iphone has more magical features missed here, like magical signals come and go, yellow spots on scree and etc etc lol



ofc N8! who have just a little brain and can use Google can find 10000000 apps for the ****** i Phone ;)



Nokia is one of the few companies in the world, that just doesnt tried to get rich as they earned market, they actually have spent millions of dollars in researches, and they have provided the world with a lot of new technologies, they have gave in return for their success, they have encourage the green hardware manufacture, and what's coming in the near future is just amazing.

To address the article... they didn't talk about the 12 MP camera's light sensor, about the display resolution... that's the bad thing about apple, but they wont realize of this for the next 2 years at least, nokia already saw it, and that's why they are way ahead. It just raises the price, and it's not worth it, same with the storage, that's why nokia droped from 32GB to 16GB, as you may know the n900 and the n97 one year ago, both included 32GB storage but that just raised the price, and just a small percentage of ppl really make use of it, so they switched it, they included 16GB and gave optional 32GB, lowering the phone cost but still giving 48GB of storage, that's the type of smart thinking that's keeping nokia way ahead of the competition, that's why almost in every aspect the nokia cellphones will beat their rivals, even if they have better resolution screens (which by the way, there's no whay LCD will beat OLED).

The speed.. people dont know anything about electronics,they see a large number(1.2 GHz) and they assume is better, but what they ignore is that the processor will get jammed processing all the graphics, and will lower the overall speed dramaticaly, while the N8 has a GPU(Graphical Processing Unit) dedicated only for the Video, leaving them with a full 680 Mhz speed exclusively for the processes.

To get the real specs just go to and compare both the phones, now what's REALLY IMPORTANT IS THIS... you can't compare a Ferrari with a Ford Fiesta, because is just a different league, that's why they compare by pricing, and here's the shocking news for all the apple and androids fanboys... the N8 is not nokia's top line device, it costs up to 30% less than the top phones out there, and the sad part is that is WAY superior, it's almost humiliating for Apple, Samsung and anyone standing in their way. In a month or two nokia will be announcing the N9 with Meego, but still it won't be the top line device, cause theres a new S series coming on top of the N.

Having said that, ill leave you the for you to compare (Keep in mind the N8 lower price)

Oh and about the Symbian, it has always been better, i have it, there's no spec sheet out there that can tell you all the things i can do with my n79, is the best OS out there hands down, i wont even argue about it, but this new Symbian made from scratch, that also supports DLNA, VoIP, 1080P video playback among other features, we'll be on top until Meego, and that's IT.

Ross Catanzariti


Hi all,

Thanks for all the feedback.

Unfortunately we are not paid by Apple and we receive a regular journo wage. It's a terrible shame, I know.

Let me address some points.

Osman: "apples market share is 16% and Symbian's market share is above 40% in the world, so which is better platform? by this number its Symbian."

Does bigger/larger numbers really make it better? There are more Ford Fiesta's on the road than Ferrari 360's - that must make the Fiesta a better car in your books.

Osman: "you are such fool why compare only internal space? Iphone lacks sd card slot, put 32GB card in N8, you will get whooping 48 GB in N8 so iphone suffer here as well and it further comfirms your dumbness."

Actually, I have compared both internal memory and external memory in the table above.

Netborn: "GPS is not a draw since N8 come with Ovi Maps free for ever. Also there will be a Nokia N8 variant with 32GB available (+ SD)"

I was merely comparing GPS specifications, not software. Fair point on the Ovi Maps though, this should have been included.

Stylinred: "and you didn't even speak of the cameras... 12mpx carl zeiss lens with the largest sensor ever vs a 5mpx apple..."

Camera is mentioned in both the article and compared in the table.

Neil: "Wow - another biased review from a company that has developed this article without even seeing the N8 !"

Actually we we shown the N8 last week.

Neil: "The N8 KILLS the iphone 4 in features and from what Im seeing, the interface is superb and fast."

From what you are seeing. Would this be from seeing the N8 first hand, or without having seeing the phone? Surely not the latter, Neil?



Fair enough explanation, change your chart with N8 memory size upto 48 GB instead of 8GB if your memory was not just internal one, put USB on the go, put use of keyboard and mouse, if you are interested i will let you know about 25 things more which N8 has and Iphone lacks, this will give head to head comparison? are you willing for that? i guess not.

Your review or comparison is based on personal preference and it is certain that you are far from actual usage of smart phones and you lack experience as well, you right in accordance to hype created in blogs in USA.

Any ways i heard previously on Iphone you could not download mp3 from a website or email direct to your phone? is the situation same? this is your so called smartphone my dear.

No matter what you do? thinking of apple needs to be change and it needs to be open for them to have clear impact on world market.

Now "There are more Ford Fiesta's on the road than Ferrari 360's - that must make the Fiesta a better car in your books."

Well you think ferrari is better cuz its expensive? it creates hype? feels more luxurious? i heard it is not the best looking nor it is the fastest in the world, plus it is beyond common mans reach, do you think by making a thing expensive makes it better? i doubt.

the bottom line is that you need to make your reviews more rational less biased, and you should know the facts about the things before you right about it. this above table shows your negligence to say the very least.



You have to agree this was a paid advert for iphone4 regardless of how much you try to twist the story.

secondly you and I know that with the specs on the N8, iphone4 is useless.

Iphone4 is like ahalf baked product, you have to keep paying to make it functional through their application stores. Some thing that never applies to Nokia.

I can connect my Nokia to any computer any where in the world as for Iphone4: apparently you have to syncronise with only one computer. whats that bull####?

Retina my foot.... these phone spec definitions have turned into food menus.... Oled and Retina a moreless the same and iphone is seeking a differetiation strategy by calling theirs Retina.

Now there are a million things i wld say about the N8 that the iphone4 users will never enjoy. but quote me, we are saving this article and once the N8 i will post it back to you.

This here is a public court and we disagree with what ever defence you try to put up with regard to your biased article.

Any reasonable person would clearly see that the specs in the N8 are superior to those of the Iphone4



For Ross's reference:

IPHONE 4's some features which Ross missed, how can she know:

* No Flash support in the web browser
* No true multitasking for all applications
* No quick toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G
* No social networking integration
* No info widgets on lockscreen or homescreen
* SMS tones are still not customizable
* No mass mark emails as read
* No proper file browser or access to the file system
* No USB mass storage mode
* No vibration feedback when touching the screen
* No Bluetooth file transfers to other mobile phones
* Contacts lack a swipe-to-delete or mass delete feature
* No SMS/MMS delivery notifications
* No smart dialing (but Spotlight is a somewhat of a substitute)
* No DivX or XviD video support and no official third-party application to play that
* The whole iPhone is too dependent on iTunes - you cannot add the same type of content (video, photos, apps) to the phone from two computers, a regular file management interface would have been much better

what do you think about that Ross? this is fact? what you are crying is fiction which you copy pasted from websites? you better give up writing about mobile technology to avoid giving your self and your website a bad name. if you have some shame, then give up.



Sorry about "if you have some shame, then give up." thats too personal and not decent, my apologies.



Well I love my iPhone 3gs and I'm sure Nokia owners love their's for many reasons. And I'm just as sure iPhone 4 owners and owners of other phones will too, so there's no reason to get into a one up game, is there? There are many reasons for thinking one is better than the other, but we all have different reasons for wanting different things, and I think that that is the light in whicht you should read any article. :-)



I think the review is fairly unbiased but symbian^3 still does have bugs so until it has finally been released you cannot say that IOS4 is better Operating system. only when the phone has been released can we compare operating systems. (testing a phone in its beta stage does not count). To me an FM transmitter is extreemly handy. your phone can be used in your car as hands free and you can also watch divx movies and have the sound transmit over FM to so the sound comes out of your car speakers. FM transmitter has been missed off the list. Also price has been missed off the list. N8 wins both here but you have also missed off from the list frames per second recording which appears to be an Iphone winner at 30 frames per second where as the nokia is only 25. Another winner for the iphone is that it supports video calling over wifi out of the box. I probably purchase both and only after a few months will I decide which one I will flog on ebay.. As long as there are no bugs I can see myself siding with the N8 though



@ Ross
Plz include following points in table.
* Integrated GPU
* USB on the go
* HDMI Connectivity
* True multi tasking
* Bluetooth mouse n keyboard connectivity
* FM Transmitter
* Xenon Flash
* Dual chaging port



*Dual charging port -
Dedicated chager port + USB charging



Im just gonna buy whatever gets to the shops first

Comapre Man


These two links sums it up perfectly:

A comprehensive comparison that's REAL:[]=4543&phones[]=4586

And a video that sums up those that have an interest in Apple:



Man, I cant stop laughting about your ridiculous text. Im gonna save this website and spread everywere showing how biesed are opinions about Apple. On the other hand it is amazing to see how Nokia consumers are so aware of this manipulation and can clearly see the diference between this mass manipulation and true inovation. Apples decadence is coming, FAST, and by their own hands and by the hands of people like YOU!



Hi ppl

Well,I too am impressed by the specs of the N8. I've checked out just about every video about it and many many reviews from those with hands on experience. I always had nokia phones and I was more than happy with them until I bought a Samsung OMNIA 2 years ago. Feature for feature this phone Sh#ts on the Iphone 3 AND 4! BUT the only thing letting it down is it's Microsoft operating system. I fixed that by installing SPB3 gui which makes it an unreal device!
I'm not here to diss the reviewer but more to diss the poor misguided iphone user who falls for the hype and good looks.I have many friends with Iphones and the one thing I find in common with all of them is that they are fairly"NOT tech-savvy" and therefore find the iphone very simple and straightforward to use. Really...a small CHILD could use it without a problem and I think that's the appeal. It's like putting the pegs in the holes-that simple.
In my opinion you'd be settling for 2nd or even 3rd best, buying an iphone as it does fall short of quite a few other phones on the market as far as features go. Yes,it's pretty but so is the N8. My money's on the Nokia!



Dear Apple Fanbois here is news for you - Nokia sells more phones in a day than Apple has ever sold. iphone features today are roughly what nokia n95 had almost 5 years ago - before iPhone was even released. Nokia phones for power SMASH iphone, software destroys it (N900 has a full desktop operating system on it - dont even think about comparing them as you will look utterly ridiculous), Nokia has more hardware features than you can poke stick at, nokia is expandable (multiple sd cards), nokia has battery battery life, faster, more customization, has thousands of apps before the iPhone was even released (morons), and the most important feature - I can put any music, any video, any software on the phone I chosse from ANYWHERE - iPhone is the most restrictive device I have ever, ever come across, its ability to play media is unquestionably pathetic. The fact is Nokia n95 had multitasking - something the iPhone 4 still does not have - FIVE YEARS LATER …..the truth is the VAST majority of you have absolutely no experience with the power of Nokia, are profoundly ignorant, and simply post ridiculously ignorant ideas you have gleaned from the web.

The Nokia flag ship phone can run Android, Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu etc,etc - oh and of course all new nokia phones will be coming with flash becuase they have the battery power and GPU / CPU to handle it - as Steve Jobs admitted - the oPhone can’t handle it.

So get off the net and do some research and stop posting what are fundamentally ridiculous comments about things you CLEARLY have no idea about.

la cent


Xenon alone is better than Iphone and iOS

Arun Kumar


price comparison is the main issue. apple 4 is 0ut with 999$ aus dollar and nokia n8 is just under 700$$$.
so all will prefer cheaper price one with better tech.



Nokia stands out from fellow-competitors...
the truth is iphone fails in its basic function (call quality) [jus get ur iphone and say nokia n8 or even nokia 1100 , with same service provider at same location and same time and test it]. you will get the difference.
this iphone4 candy bar desing is almost similar as nokia n78 or n79..
in USA or other makets iphone sells bcoz of its "contract feautre" with service provider. else its not worth the price..
nokia n8 gives enough room for everything.. practically we can do anything.
iphone is improving i should say.. the first model didnt have sms forward feature. :-) ...
always remember iphone is like truman show movie.. they gave artifical world to play rather restricted.. and showcase that has everything... but nokia is ocean.. you dont believe for 6600 (old model) i have an application which enables to have video for incoming alerts..
just visit nokia developer pages and you will get to know what is phone, smartphone, what is symbian, meego..
ios really pathetic..



Haha nokia fan bois

What all of you nokia fan bois don't know is that it's not about the hardware ,it's all about software and that wat makes iPhone a winner.with over 250000 apps to make your phone better to the way you like is one of the most awesome experience you could get from a phone.
As for flash, it's unusable on a touch screen and was basically built for keyboard and mouse and 99% of web video is on html5 makes flash useless, and I cbf with ads
Some one talked about downloading - there is an app for that
Camera takes video at 30 gps better than n8
Still pictures in hdr ,n8 doest have that
The ui is great fast and responsive
iPhone have 6 axis gyro- n8 has 2 way accelometre
iPhone have restrictions for my privacy and security
Kickass 3d gaming better than ds and psp combined
And even n8 copied the iPhone music player watt a shame
Basically nokia is epic fail since the n95



iphone the worst phone ever



It's now September and I haven't heard much about the N8? I am your slightly above average phone user but definetely no geek! Everyone I know that owns an iphone 1-3 is generally happy with them sure there is always the odd problem with txt and compatible software etc however I don't know anyone else with a N97 or later smartphone other than myself.
I have owned approx 15 Nokia's in last 19 years (a few stray other brands inbetween)
I have spent countless hours day weeks upgrading, hard resetting or re-configuring but mostly just waiting for an app to open or just the clunky dialler screen to open, basically getting angry redialling- or removing battery due to freeze etc!
So Please someone tell me what the current opinoin is not still be talking about a review months ago, What do I buy? Nokia
Anyone actually own or use N8 yet? I need serious realistic opinion to change my mind about ditching NOKIA???



As above, after owning an N97 32gb and mini (which ironically both drowned), I am tentative in my choice to see if the next nokia smart phones will do the business.

I love the nokia's because for my lifestyle (which has alot to do with motorbikes) you can play tracks wirelessly to proper sport earphones under your helmet on a BH-124 - which you can easily skip through tracks and take calls/messages on the run, all while getting turn by turn navigation (which cancels out the MP3 in the background) all while you phone sits in your pocket.

Better yet get the racechrono app and slap a qstarz to your bike and you have awesome GPS based lap telemetry for your trackday adventures.



Wow, people take this very serious. Im here in the states and watching videos on all the new smartphones, the Nokia besides the camera doesn't drive me to want to buy it. Most of the new high end smartphones are running 1ghz processors. On top if the slower processor the screen is only 3.5 inches. I think I still prefer a android or apple product.

Quito Washington


"Ross Catanzariti : this article is not a review, it is merely a preview comparison."

I question why people thought it was anything more? And why get so personal in the attacks? Ross didn't lie about the Nokia phone, didn't downgrade it, didn't over rate the iPhone, so really it is up to the reader to think about which aspects of the phone matter to them...I know a number of people that love the iOS, while I personally only use Nokia...both phones are good for the people that use them and like them....

While the article was professional, as was the writer's numerous responses, the same can't be said for the vicious personal attacks in response....

Grow up, people...



I think the issue among the few hardcore commenters / reviewers is the symbian os's lack of visual polish. Ive used them all and when you look at symbian 3 it does look unpolished. Graphics on buttons, menus and icons is pretty simplistic looking.The iphone simply has the best user experience, but falls down in being so closed and restrictive. Android is great for openness but the systems operation is not yet up to scratch. Symbian works great, is now open, but lacks the visual polish. When I used symbian on the i8910 I thought it was the best for all rounder, though it lacked access to decent apps, looked visually less appealing than its counterparts, but worked very well (admittedly I flashed it to hyperx firmware but thats what was possible). So, my opinion is that this phone will do alright for Nokia. Its a step in the right direction for them and I see it as a stepping stone. They've polished the operating system, and given it decent spec hardware for a change. Visual polish is still lacking, but I think the real test for nokia will be symbian 4. It needs to be the leap in visual polish that people expect when paying for a $700 - $900 smartphone.



the bottom line i didnt see people lining up for days on a shop to buy nokia, i never met anyone who own iphone want to switched to other mobile,but who ever purchased nokia n97 and n900, want to buy other mobile cuz nokia is suck, i wouldnt buy nokia phone even if they sell it for free



Can anyone confirm what i have read on the Harvey Normal Website. That the Nokia N8 will be released in Australia on the 20th of this month?????

Phone boy


Well, according to me the N8 is obviously a phone which defeats the iphone in many aspects except for the processor. If you want a real smartphone out there in market then go for the Nokia N8, and if you want a phone which survives on fame and can do nothing relating to how much the price is, then go for the iphone4.



the iPhone started the whole trend. EVERYONE, yes including Nokia...FOLLOWED the lead of Apple.

all phone companies were SO threatened that they ALL started making phones like an iPhone.

just a fact.

what did Nokia have before the iPhone? what did ALL PHONES have before the iPhone launched? NOTHING. just ordinary "Smart phones". when the 1st Gen iPhone came out i got a Nokia 5800, which i still have and use today (i have multiple carriers). it's CRAP compared to the iPhone then. not even CLOSE. not even in the same league.

EVERYONE followed Apple.

the iPhone was a blessing to all cell phone companies.

thanks to Apple, Nokia and everyone else are now awake from their slumber and are now competing with better and better phones (with the new Symbian OS, Android and maybe even Microsoft's).

all cellphone manufacturers got a wake up call from the iPhone. let's just get that clear.

now we are at a competitive point that EVERYONE is doing their best to give us better products. that is VERY GOOD for us consumers. we now have BETTER choices out there. and now EVERYONE, yes, INCLUDING Apple, has to be on their toes to give us better products.

that is good.

healthy competition is the best.

p.s.: i mix my gadgets. i have Nokia phones (my N95 1st gen is STILL alive and kicking -but i don't use that for surfing or emails).
i also use my old foldable Nokia bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone (yes, they are very much compatible) and i like to use them together. why not, right?




Heloo All.

I realy agreed by the posted above. When I saw the Iphone advertisement, I wonder why they are so proud with the 3g video confrence, the technology is here since few years ago. For me Iphone 4 is a good phone but still lacking in globally function as the N8. Although the Symbios is looked old but its enhanced and still most of the people around the world is familiar with the OS and can easily acess to lot of softwares not limited to certains such as IPhone.

For me and I already tested it, N8 with it own GPU have better graphics and totally beautiful pictures from its powerful biggest sensor 12mp camera with xenon flash.

With a very reaonable price and nothing you have to pay to download software, free forever GPS and other cool features that most of people can afford to own it, this will be the best nokia smartphone after n95.

Im not saying that Iphone is not good, but still if u look in reality they just using the Apple brandname and the phone with its heavy price will need more useful fetures to be the top notch as Nokia .. Connecting People.


Zack, Malaysia

The First Musketeer

43 is it draw in GPS? Ovi Maps turn-by-turn vs. Google Maps is a draw? Please.

The dimensions of the iPhone 4 are truly terrible, it looks good but by God it feels horrible in the hand with those hard edges. The previous iPhones felt amazing in the hand, this one makes my hand feel like it's made out of wood.

Wi-fi and bluetooth come under one category: connectivity. The N8 wins that hands down with USB OTG, HDMI and bluetooth 3.



do u have to updat the nokia n8 like u do the iphones?



I don't think the N8 will anything to grow Nokia's customer base like the iPhone is doing & the aesthetics of the N8 is a fail. Androids, iPhones & probably WP7 will continue to gain on Nokia if this is the best they can do because media attention and public perceptions are favoring those products. The reason? The sum of their parts is greater than an N8.

I preordered my N8 today



Do you know that movies are shot at 24fps? Do you know why? To minimize shake while capturing video. See the comments:

You would know why now



Please do not call the iPhone 4 a phone. It can not make calls! We could call it a glorified and overpriced iPod Touch. You buy a piece of garbage for twice the price of the N8 for ornamentations on screen transitions?



Symbian OS will never come close enough to IOS. No comparison. And as I saw in a comment before, I think it was the first one, just because a certain platform has more market share, doesnt make the it better. Just means they have had their phones in more countries and with more carries than Apple. Apple has has only 1 carrier in multiple countries and has just started expanding to multiple carrier recently



In his review, Ross Catanzariti claims Nokia fans will be disappointed by lack of removable battery in the N8, yet Nokia specs list Nokia Battery BL-4D as a Standard Sales Package item. Sounds like a separate item, i.e. removable battery, which to me is a significant advantage over iphone. I haven't got an N8 but am keen for confirmation of this N8 feature - and believe it should be included in comparison table if indeed correct.



I saw some reviews about the N8 and they said that the OS is too complicated. How is it complicated we are not Neanderthals that don't know how to use a cell phone. And the hardware is totally awesome, Way better than any other phone in the market. And Apple makes a big deal about stuff that they have but Nokia already had like a long time ago. Like the front facing camera. Sure Symbian^3 may have some issues but Symbian^4 is under way.

Dr Ned


Apologies Mr Ross Catanzariti. The Nokia fanboys sure hate Apple.
All phones have their advantages and disadvantages, but our boys above couldn't be bothered at presenting any balance.
All I saw was a seemingly blind fanatism. This was meant to about phones but you guys took it way too far: personal attacks on the writer and hate at Apple.
The writer responded with grace and class, more like a Ferrari. Whereas some of the respondents were a bit crass.
But did they ever stop to think why the N8 (and all other smartphones) look 'Apple-ish'? Because Apple is a leader.
By the way, I'm Nigerian, I use a BlackBerry and I don't think I'm ever going back to Nokia, unless they give me a good reason to.



Hi everyone. I see that N8 is really good and have everything I need on a phone. Currently I am using N95 and still quite happy with it...

My concern is N8 has Symbian^3 operating system and Nokia is developing MeeGo. Is it a better idea to wait Nokia's new phones working with MeeGo?

Can we upgrade N8's Symbian^3 operating system to Symbian^4 when it releases? Does anybody know whether N8 is Symbian^4 compatible or not?




yeah yeah the iphone is a pretty impressive device,HOWEVER,nokia's ALWAYS suited my lifestyle cause it's devices have always been pretty durable. the only prob i've always had with nokia is that,do they intentionally design their more high end devices to not withstand impact or water???? whichever way I STILL LOVE EM!!!!



Hi guys, Have a open mind and view both the phones and decide which will suit your needs. I was a Nokia E72 user before and changed not willingly to iphone 3gs jail broken version. just amazed at the features and usefulness of the phone. So use and compare and then conclude. Its our decision and we are paying for the phone. Don't stick to brands and features rather what will be useful to you. thanks



U can't beat NOKIA PHONES"....even if iphone,htc,samsung n Lg androids come all together!!..coz since nokia 7650 upto n8 and n9 it's leader in smart-phone in world..if u count nokia phone lovers n users u'll become old :p it's saying n8 is not just like saying that you yourself is ugly!! I'm holding n8 and writing this comment apple guys come out and let's compare!!

Phone boy


I would like to just criticize the writer on writing a comparison without perfect knowledge of any of the smartphones. Nokia N8 definitely takes lead over the iPhone 4 except for the processor, RAM, video light for recording videos and screen resolution. Many Apple fanboys will say iPhone has more apps in the app store than Nokia. In general thats true. But consider the use of those apps in daily life. Apple has its appstore filled with useless apps. Not all, but majority of them. Other drawbacks of iPhone 4 are most commonly its heavy price, call reception issues, front facing camera can only be used with wifi, No memory expansion, but the Apple iPhone 4 is definitely a good smartphone considering its processor and easy usage.

Leon Felix Johnson


You all are idiots Ross dont worry man.Every one of you are commenting here like IPhone is a person or Ross is responsible for the Iphone to come out better....Well I am a Nokia N97 user...I have biuyed N97 mini also but looking at Nokia N8 as it was beaten up by IPhone 4 in all the markets...Nokia N8 was a flop....If anybuddy argues on N8's flop means you dont watch news about technologies....I prefer that no other phone is out in the Market to beat up the IPhone mobiles....IPhone 4 is the best phone ever as its a fourth generation mobile phone....Well I am a Nokia User but I am disagrees bcuz Nokia is not a Rapid Use smartPhone...likely I buys smartphones for my bussiness and recently released Nokia X6 was down within 29 days.IPhone is a perfect use mobile...use it full day or for one momment the experience of IPhone 4 never changes Like Nokia closses apps.....foolish graphics...IPHONE 4 is the full pack entertainment which is with you where ever you go in your pocket.....You can enjoy any where with the IPHONE 4....
i am waiting for the reply of Ross,and others and ofcourse tht old A S S osman....



Iphone 4 doesn't have the memory card slot....and where is USB on the go..???...and nokia n8 also have the UPnP technology for Wi-Fi ......why you didn't add these features of nokia n8...??? are you an apple fanboy..????!?!?!?

plain sad


get a f**king life you guys
its just a phone.. why do you need to keep arguing about it as if you're comparing your girlfriends



I am not arguing i am telling u the truth that Nokia n8 is much much much much much much much better than that bloody iPhone 4..!!!!! all are bloody apple fanboys....nothing else...huhhh!



Nokia n8 only good on hardware, but very suck on software. The apps on nokia n8 just like garbage. Just jailbreak your iphone and you will found a secret power of ios, just lik mywi or ifile. Oh and also iphone 4 had an synth apps like morphwiz,bebot robot, nano loopers, etc.



Umm.... Ross hasn't answered any questions but instead has written excuses that are all in favour of the iPhone 4............................................



I'm quite disgusted...To the rest of the world we must look like a bunch of narcissistic w#*kers...Not only that, but uneducated too.Poor grammer,spelling mistakes and I'm am writing as a man who left school in yr 10...Who gives a flying #*^! what phone you use or the power it has..Isn't there enough crap going on in the world to warrant not to argue over something so trivial...Can't say that I'm proud of being an Australian at the moment...



Apple = Fashion over Function
Apple is the more 'Fashionable' phone to have these days it seems whereas the Nokia is the more 'Functional' phone to have..
Also depends if you want to download some Games application and play it during your lunch break so you don't have to talk to people...

Asian Guy


Apple Iphone from US and Nokia N8 from Finland. As an asian point of view, I need to choose between the two. I'm a Nokia fanatic ever since because most people in my country bought this type of phone because we are poor lolz, the elite/rich however chose Apple, first and foremost not with the specs but the prestige it gives to other people (its an expensive phone by the way compared to Nokia N8). Here, If you have an Apple Iphone 4, you are one of the elite regardless of the specs as long as both of them are mobile phones lolz. Apple is known for its classy, sleek electronics while Nokia is for the masses.



I am currently using my replacement N8 and am about to return this one too. It has no receiving sensitivity, the same as the first one. When I have a signal strength of only three bars on another phone, these two showed only one or two. Sometimes none. If I Make a call when showing the one bar, the phone drops out after a few seconds. Sometimes it will show five bars for a signal strength when I put it down but as soon as I pick it up it drops to one or two bars then back to zero. This is a pretty good phone if all you want is a 12 Mp camera.



I like the N8 - but only because it is simple to use (have not had to pick up the handbook once) and because I take A LOT of photos so this phone has now replaced my need to always carry my camera in the car or n my bag. I don't care about most apps... I can get email and facebook and a navigator on this phone and it has simple multi text capabilities. I've had Samsung, Sony Ericson and Nokia phones in the past and Nokia has always lasted the longest and been the most user friendly. Never was a fan of Apple products but that is only because I can build a PC for a lot cheaper and my Toshiba lap tops have never died on me yet. More phone stores need to have demo models in store - my choice was between Sony Ericson Xperia x10 and the N8. Glad I picked the N8 on size and colour availability alone as I was using my co-workers Xperia today and it was V. Frustrating. I have played with Apple Iphones over the last few years and the difference is in personal preference really. What do you use your phone for? N8 suits me but it may not suit you. Happy shopping!!



Hey everyone, after all, they are telephones!

I don't see any comments or reviews about how well they do that job.

*Which one is more comfortable to hold while talking on the phone?
*Which one has the best Audio when held up against your ear during a call?
*Which one has the microphone best located to reduce bad noise artifacts?
*Which one has the best signal reception?

etc etc



Oh baby it's just a fcking phone...Oh...Oh!!!!OH~~~~OH!!! BABY why does we have to go crazy over phones oh baby no oh!!!



btw iPhone is the first smartphone that has multi-touch interface and also the first that is mainly touchscreen...hmm other are copies!



you bias much did apple pay u scum bag



cant wait for my nokia n8!! iam so excited, hope theres white coz some shops only have black atm! :(



Like someone said, would you stand all night in a queue to buy an N8? Would you migrate to another phone after using an iPhone?



apple is apple banana is banana.take what you like.



Galaxy S Pros
bigger better screen
more ram
better cpu (90 million polygons)
android better for some people
better web browser but still doesnt like the n8 have flash 10.1 until android 2.2 becomes available

Nokia N8 Pros
best camera on a mobile (12MP)
better video recording seeing it uses realtime zoom and stereo sound cause it uses 2 mics
faster gpu (about 30million polygons and the galaxy about 18milion)
better build quality
better gps
usb on the go
hdmi out
real 5.1 dolby digital plus surround sound
pentaband coverage
symbian 3 is fully hardware accelarated which means the powerfull broadcom gpu can help anywere, anytime in the OS

my winner the nokia n8



I phones have a 1 minute Early life failure meaning if its faulty has to goto repair NOKIA is 30 days to see if you got a lemon or not !!!

This shows they dont back their quality !!



Funtionality = N8
people with nothing to do=iPhone
picture quality=N8
people has more kids=iPhone
easy to use=N8
people like to show off=iPhone



Guys, I own an iPhone 3GS on 3 Australia and on Tuesday I bought a Nokia N8 on Starhub (Singapore).
I hasn't read about the phone but I needed on on the spot for my new job and there were no iPhone.4 left.
I want to believe that the N8 is good but right now I cannot stand it (eg with both phones to hand I am choosing the iPhone for it's simplicity and ease of use).
I am really finding the N8 user unfriendly for the following reasons (amongst many);
Slow reaction to menu choices ( eg press once nothing happens, press again and it eventually undies your original choice)
Not intuitive menus (I accept I might get used to them)
Internet is infuriating eg opening new pages seems difficult, max of 5 pages (v 8 in iPhone)
The Maps are crap, I tried to navigate in Singapore
little India district tonight and it did not update as I walked along in the wrong direction (my old nokia 6110 Navigator was far better), also the street names do not display well enough to actually read on the go
Entering text, cutting, copying, pasting and even placing the cursor are all FAR easier on the iPhone 3GS.
Entering values in fields online (eg logon pages) unbelievable that when the 'enter random text/symbols below' pops up you can't both view the random text at the same time as typing!
Camera wise I don't care because I have a Nikon D90 but the features do sound good
Flash software sounds good, that is certainly a frustration of the iPhone but I can't stand the internet menus enough to try it out.
someone tell me why I shouldn't sell this on eBay straight away (I bought it outright) and does anyone want to buy it (blue one, unlocked)?

Cans and String


Wow, you people need to get outdoors more. They are just phones people. If this is what happens to you when you buy one of these phones i think i'll go for two tin cans and a piece of string. No battery needed, more reliable and lasts a lifetime



the nokia n8 is a piece of scrap iron..the usb port has no cover.all the mobile wants to do is connect to the internet,has a mind of its own,which is a nuisance.small protection coverings have samsung hd out does my n8 most ways.



i'm using a 5800 and i went to store to try this nokia n8, hoping this might be the phone i'll get in the future.
To my horror, after using the phone for like 1 minute, it feels totally like 5800 at all. Just with an aluminium skin and the touch screen is no match to apple's touch screen.

I was wondering, did the designer used an apple iphone before? what phone do they actually using in daily life? Come on, this N8 is so laggy, so unfinished. Let me start 1 by 1.

- User interface, totally same like 5800, which you can argue that they are using the same OS. well, if you can launch a new phone, u can launch a new os right? it was as if you are comparing window Dos vs Window XP. its slow, ancient, laggy.

- In this world, if you're a geek, you go android, and write your own app. If you are busy, u get iphone, its idiot proof. If you are an executive , a busy one, u get blackberry. Nokia? that is so yesteryear. who cares about the 200,000 app ( to those that wrote nokia has 200k app, are you out of your mind? if you can find me 200 app that nokia has, you win, and to me, less than 20 app is usable, can you read pdf in your n8, i'm sure u can. even on 5800. But after you tried ipod/iphone, you'll never look back)

Nokia can compete at the low end market, but beware, samsung is flooding the market with cheap android phones, and nokia is going to be like sony, wiped out in the new age.

Seriously , anyone know what phone is the N8 designer using? Can they pls go to apple store and try out the fluid iphone/ipod? such an embarassment. they are at least 5 years behind.

Hey, 12megapixel? the photoshot is so slow, and they have more megapixel than my dslr. 12megapixel, 1 photo is how many mb you know? can you upload 12megapixel photo to facebook? see? Nokia is still sleeping, the reason we take photo with phone, is becos we need to upload to facebook. i dont need 12 MP photo to my facebook ok?

those nokia supporter here, if you have facebook, go get apple stuff, nokia is disappointing. even if you give me a free , i wouldnt wan it.

i'll buy iphone 5 to replace my 5800
on my ipod, i am able to read pdf, powerpoint,excel to prepare for my exam ( i'm 28 , i'm an engineer).

Who needs HDMI? i did not even touch the hdmi port on my 60 inches LED. that phone can replace ps3 or blueray? why HDMI? they make this phone, as if they are in 1999 or 2003.

The phone is laggy, period. the User interface failed in 2010. 2005, is ok, but its now 2010 dec, and we are waiting for iphone5/ipad2. so, this Nokia N8 interface is disappointing. forget about hacking the phone or something. no one cares. If they wanna do that, they get android or iphone. this N8 doesnt worth the time anyway.

Thanks for reading.

in short

-laggy, not fluid.
- 12MP produces pic with file size too big. and slow shooting.
- hdmi for wat?
- accelarometer failed. try iphone, pls.
this is another 5800, with metal skin, thats all.



oooof this bastard is dumb oie notapplefanboy nokia has been making phones before mac was even born and they will keep on producing the best phones and overtake apple and htc samsung and all that crap



i think that it just needs to be able to make calls and send sms. other than that i dont care. you people need to realise that these phone company's are about 8 years ahead of what they are selling you now. they are only releasing things slower to make more money. so what ever you buy a phone for. realise its main purpose. i have had over 25 phones since 1996. this new n8 is not a bad phone for the price. iphones are also ok. its really a personal preferance thing at the end of the day. the best phone ever made was the nokia 3310. basic but did what i was meant to do.

Mr. Hoffman


The Iphone is a populous phone, it was designed for the average user who believes that having it puts them right up there with at least what the rest are using.. That being said I have yet use the N8, however the Specs. are on the WWW for all to see as the Specs. for the Iphone4, although I'm no mobile phone power user I can see the N8 being the better of the two just by the simple fact that the N8 has Flash..I'm still confused as to why Apple would make a phone that has WiFi and not make it Flash compatible, it is like putting gasoline in a wrecked car...I have for some time and still use the Nokia E71 and it is just a Nokia E Series Phone and being a couple of years old still holds it's own against the Iphone4..The iphone4 would be a phone I would buy for my kids and that would be because my family phone plan and the want of saving data bandwidth so the kiddies are not watching Flash videos and eating up 2 Gig. data monthly limit..



LOL! this is the most stupid comparison ive ever seen! how can the retina-lcd in the iphone even match the amoled of nokia n8?!?!?!? in addition, you can't compare the two phones just out of these categories. instead of just writing down specs and what you think is best, you should do a full test of performance and user experience!



all of u just stop commenting!



Happy New Year =)

Apple is good in marketing... Just like Toyota/Honda & Lexus

Nokia is a true technology... Just like Merz, Audi & Volvo...

iPhone so expensive & this smart can't even use Bluetooth oh no!



I used to be a big fan of Apple but not anymore after my experience with ipad and iphone.

I don't like their pseudo monopolistic behaviours. I can't imagine watching Youtube and some other sites without using Google Chrome and Adobe Flash. I lose my freedom when I use iphone and ipad.



I used both devices now and must say iPhone realy disappointed me. Can`t realy call it a smartphone. It`s like a Sony Ericsson K700 i had, just a bunch of apps available for installation, java or otherwise, to user it`s a same thing. And just to mention, nobody mentioned that symbian is only os capable of changing themes, not just wallpaper but icon looks, animations etc, i know couse I`ve been using Nokia N93 for a long time now. I really disagree with comparing these phones since iPhone is a joke and not actually a smartphone.



Well all of you are talking about the market share of nokia as you now better nokia is manufacturing new models on weekly basis..



I have never held the N8 but from experiences with Nokia and in particular the N Series. They are the best all rounders. I have had my N95 for a few years now and was considering the N97 mini but this came out. The best part is people will pay unreasonable amounts of money for the iPhone because it's that. Unlike it I can and I will afford the N8.



both devices are great...i checked them both...u just have to know witch one its suitable for your lifestyle..i just ordered me a nokia n8 from can t wait to get my hands on it...peace !

lmao :D


I absolutely LOVE how people have time to just sit there and argue over which phone is better when world hunger is still out there !!!
BTW, I have an N8 and I wouldnt change it for an Iphone if my life depended on it ......just sayin....
If youre looking between an Iphone and N8 , its really your choice whether you want the phone that everyone has (Iphone), or that adorable new phone that is just as good (if not better) .....



First two Iphone 4s went back to apple for repairs - great games, apps, es, etc just couldn't make a phone call. Got them through Optus. After battling Optus for three months they finally allowed me to choose another phone for free. Apple couldn't have cared less - ^&%$&^$% of a company to deal with. As far as I'm concerned if you get a phone and it doesn't work straight of the box it should be replaced not sent back to Apple or Nokia.

Gave the N8 a go. First one was buggy (nothing earth shattering at least I could make calls) and same crappy treatment from Optus. Actually contacted Nokia Head Office - letter to CEO. within a week head of Nokia Customer Support on the phone and a .brand s new N8 sent to me within 48Hrs.

Now been 2 months and not a single glitch - took me a bit of getting used to menu layout, but can now do nearly everything I did with the Iphone 4 + better:
- Can actually make a phone call
- Feels better in the hand making a call
- Better quality hands free speaker
- Pics/video (my opinion),
- Less restrictive swapping songs between friends, etc,
- USB on the go (great for watching divx etc or opening docs).
- Can plus straight into HDMI port on my plasma and play games / watch HD Video I've just shot/ look at pics taken.
- browsing web a little worse off but at least some flash sites work.

Only negatives:
- Getting used to menu layout. A little less intuitive straight out of the box for non Nokia users.
- Less apps but seems to be catching up.
- Mostly snappy but occasionally slows when a background task like synchronising contacts/tasks etc with Ovi or downloading email is occurring.
- Original keyboard, but since SWYPE installed typing is a breeze.
- No keyboard in portrait mode, but apparently will be fixed soon.





It funny because the 1st comment says how much of a dumb ass he is but he can't even spell retina properly :)



i admit retina display have more smooth colors but not sharp as Amoled or super amoled. Specially for watching a Video.
So for me , N8 wins the display

Browser is kinda not smooth as iphone but still best cuz it can display flash 10.
ios cant. And a Good News for Nokia users ..
Nokia N8 is getting a new browser with adress bar on top like in N900 and is going to be a smoother and much much better browser.



I believ iphone can't be called a smartphone. Smartpho es in most cases r supposed to be ur peesonal computers on the go.
Bt the iphone is so heavily resteicted
*no bluetooth file transfer
*no fm radio
*no usb mass storage connectivity
*very uncustomizable user interface...
*heavily restricted access to apps..
just to mention a few...

i personally wou'd even take a huawei anyday of the week over an iphone..

The only reason why iphone owners support it is coz they r tryin to console themselves for havin paid extortionist prices for half a phone... Also perhaps because their favourite star has one and could'nt be less concerned about what smartphones SHOULD be capable of doing...

Oveehyped, overvalued and understocked...



The information is very useful to make decision, i was confused between iPhone 4 and Nokia N8, and now with the help of comments i can definitely decide that N8 over iPhone is best choice.



Thanks boys and girls, just ordered my Nokia N8. Im fed up being a sheep and everyone on the train having the same ringtone.



WOW. So much anger in the article...

Its like comparing fruit and vegetables.

Both are good, both have there +/-



Eh ! Just finished reading all your comments.. Symbian OS was already sentenced to death. Future nokia handsets are to use WP7 0S. Me and Nokia have been old friends for so long, im partying with my N8. I totally hate Apple's restrictions and monopolistic tendencies...but that crispy display.......i see myself having both :)



iphone 4 VS N8 - it's something like Apple and PC. When Steve Jobs started apple computer the software was fantastic , very fast and graphics were really great with no competition and it was doing great till Steve left Apple and went down scale.
After Steve rejoined Apple it started climbing the scale for computers,iPod,iPhone, iPad.
The market share is less than PCs/ cell Phones. Steve was very ill (cancer)Underwent med. treatment Then he came back to introduce these gadgets. He is definitely a great American unlike others who don't look for new ideas.
How long will the second part of these computers/ gadgets from Apple last , depends on Steve presence mainly.
Just as I would not buy an Apple computer for the parts/service are expensive, PC parts/service are very cheap and readily available every nook and corner.
People have a craze to follow others to purchase the latest items that hit the market without understanding more about it.But will in time realise their mistakes when they face problems with their gadgets.
For smartphones the best could be Motorola Atrix as it is like a mini-computer , Samsung Galaxy Ace, N8 and HTC and so on.
Keep in mind Acer are also in the same path and they have a great share in pc market.
Time will Tell the next new Gadget.



N8 is the best.....



i use N8 & it is quite good & user friendly rather then iphone 4 that i had before



Guess you dumbasses were wrong. N8 is a terrible phone that hangs even when using basic features like, making a call or even sms. I am not a big fan of Apple but Nokia is just too crappy.

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