Street Fighter X Tekken: The cases for and against

We debate the pros and cons of Capcom's team-up with Namco Bandai

Streetfighter X Tekken Your fearless reporters; Spandas Lui and Chris Jager

Street Fighter X Tekken — The Argument For:

by Chris Jager.

In 1996, DC and Marvel teamed up to bring us the ultimate face-off in comic book history — the imaginatively titled DC vs. Marvel Comics. This limited-edition series took the heavy-hitters from each universe and pitted them against each other in a series of one-on-one brawls. The results were positively nerdgasmic.

DC vs. Marvel Comics remains a defining moment in the illustrated medium — to this day it hasn’t been topped. It also settled a brace of schoolyard debates that had been simmering for up to half a century (e.g. who would win in a fight between Captain America and Batman?*)

Well, guess what boys 'n' girls? Next year, gamers are going to get a taste of the same magic.

Street Fighter X Tekken is the crossover event that fans have been waiting for. After years of wistful “what ifs?”, we are finally going to see our favourite titans clash in the ring. Cammy vs. Nina! Ryu vs. Jin! Blanka vs. Kuma! King vs. Zangief! Come 2011, gamers will be treated to some of the greatest dustups the fighting genre has ever known.

This is pure fanboy nirvana, plain and simple. Just listen to the wails of euphoric ecstasy that greeted the game’s announcement at Comic-Con 2010 — you’d think the world’s biggest rock star had just walked into the room. If Ali and Foreman’s historic Rumble in the Jungle could be distilled into a video game, it would look a lot like Street Fighter X Tekken.

Streetfighter X Tekken

To the cynics, naysayers and killjoys, I have only this to say — shut up and embrace your inner geek! For once in your life, try not to rag on a project before it's even been released. It just makes you look like a parody of the Comic Book Guy (and he was a parody to begin with).

If you agree with my black-hearted colleague Spandas, you are hateful scum; plain and simple. I will now address each of your mealy-mouthed objections in turn.

1. The control schemes are too different! They’re going to clash!

Capcom and Namco are no strangers to the fighting genre — with the possible exception of SNK, they are the best in the business. To put it bluntly, they know how to make a fighting game better than you do. Is it really unconceivable that they can strike a successful balance between both playing styles? Besides, both companies are developing separate games that will pander to their core audience — so nobody is getting left out of the loop.

Sure, the Tekken characters might control differently in Capcom’s game, but all of their signature moves will remain intact — from Kuma’s spine-crunching bear-hug to Kazuya’s devastating double-face kick. They might not control exactly the same, but they should feel right, which is all that matters.

Likewise, the Namco version will probably include new and unfamiliar moves for each Street Fighter character — but surely this is a good thing? Personally, I'm excited to see what fresh attacks and combos they come up with. Put it this way: no matter which series you're a fan of, you'll soon have a whole new roster of characters to try out, and every one of them will be iconic.

Namco and Capcom have hardly ever put a foot wrong when it comes to fighters, so have a little faith, eh?

Streetfighter X Tekken

2. The storyline won’t make sense! It’s going to ruin continuity!

Okay, so the plot will probably be a convoluted mess — but who the hell plays fighting games for the story? Unless you’re an avid consumer of fan-fiction, does it really matter if the game flies in the face of established canon? (Incidentally, DC vs. Marvel Comics didn’t make a lick of sense either, but that didn’t stop the series from being awesome.)

3. I’m a cynic at heart — I refuse to buy into the hype!

I refer you again to the Street Fighter X Tekken announcement at Comic-Con 2010. Y’see, sometimes, hype is a good thing. The feeling of excitement and anticipation, the shared joy and optimism amongst fans, the frenzied devouring of fresh news and announcements — it’s like being a kid on Christmas morning all over again. If you want to deny yourself those feelings and prefer grumpy, world-weary cynicism, then I kind of feel sorry for you. Do yourself a favour and geek out for a change.

Streetfighter X Tekken

4. It’s a cynical cash-in designed to take our money!

Well, duh. Every commercially produced video game exists for one purpose — to make large sums of cash for greedy corporations. Of course Street Fighter X Tekken is a cynical cash-in — but that doesn’t mean it won’t be brilliant. Capcom and Namco both have a reputation for treating their fans with respect. Do you really think they’d take a huge, steaming dump on their cash cow just to make a quick buck? The long-term damage simply wouldn’t be worth it. Mark our words — Street Fighter X Tekken will be just as polished and meticulously balanced as its award-winning stable mates.

5. Street Fighter > Tekken

Oh shut up and die, you pathetic fan boy loser.

In conclusion, there’s no reason to doubt that Street Fighter X Tekken will enjoy every kind of success. It is being developed by first-party experts who respect and understand their fans. Frankly, if you’re not excited by the prospect of these two incredible franchises teaming up, you have no soul. Repent and join the party, before it's too late.

* It was Batman, natch.

Streetfighter X Tekken

Well, there you have it. Two very different viewpoints from a pair of die-hard Tekken/Street Fighter fans. Let us know who you agree with most below.

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Spandas Lui and Chris Jager

GamePro Australia




Well honestly, I am a fan of this new franchise collabo, and I absolutely love the idea that The character roster will be increased, and that both franchises are making separate games, so nothing is genuinely lost. The fact of the matter is, its going to be neat seeing Cammy play in the Tekken world, and King play in the Street Fighter world, in their own games respectively. I think thats what makes the separate games so spectacular: they are so dissimilar. New moves to each game are sure to make up for whatever the other franchises' counterpart is lacking, and vice-versa.

But honestly, I think Spandas put up a better argument. Although I dont personally agree with the disapproval of Spandas, he/she certainly said more than "shut up, stop being a loser/funsponge/funpolice/hater etc", he/she actually provided some good details on why it might not be a good idea. Basically, all I heard on the other viewpoint was "get a soul, get a life, stop hating".

Anyways, I love this idea. I'll be buying both copies. If people claim that this is a cash crop, then maybe you should recognize that everything made is a cash crop. Nobody makes a video game simply because xxXXStreetfighterkillerXXxx wanted one. Money is involved always, so stop being a little soft and copping out on an excuse to hate even more (like the tecno music bit, totally inconsistant).




It's a shame, really, as Spandas comes off as uninformed, while highlighting that he is sticking to his journalistic integrity (which means that he should be informed) by not succumbing to all the fanboys.

If he had simply read any of the interviews that have been done with Ono, he would know each of the games is being developed as a view of what it would be like to bring the Tekken players into the SF world and vice versa. It's not an attempt to tightly integrate two fundamentally different systems, but to see what those characters would be like in the other's "world".

That doesn't mean all the influences of the "guest" game will be gone, we've already seen Kazuya do Tekken-style weaves to avoid projectiles and the like, as well as Ryu do Tekken-style chains in the SFxT videos. Clearly, Ono has his view of how Tekken will fit into the Street Fighter world, just as Harada will have his view of how Street Fighter will fit into the Tekken world.

You can't trash Spandas' opinion, he's entitled to it, but I believe it's self-evident that it's a horribly uninformed one.

Carlos Alexandre


I read Spandas Lui's argument until I reached the absolutely absurd claim that Street Fighter is more simplistic than Tekken.

At that point, I knew I was reading the drivel of an idiot.



Calling her an idiot would have been harsh but than she said she was a journalist, which just opened the flood gates lol.



Er... The whole "Tekken characters will lose out to Hadoukens! Oh noes!" for SvT isn't a legit argument. A lot of the top characters in SSFIV don't have a single projectile to speak of.

Jamison Trumpets


If you are suggesting that SF4 is in anyway 3D, you need to read the definition of 3D. (Hint: There are THREE dimensions).

SF4 is 2.5D, which is to suggest that the models are three-dimensional, but the gameplay is strictly two dimensional.

On the whole, I thought Spandas argument was actually more well thought-out and enjoyable than Chris's. While I disagree with Spandas, I felt that her opinion was voiced in an intelligent and respectable manner, as opposed to simply saying "This will suck because it looks stupid. Booooo."

Also, I think most of you, if not all of you, are unfit to critique journalistic writing. From a non-competitive standpoint, Street Fighter is certainly simpler than Tekken. After all, if you compare the games at a base viewpoint (that is to say, simply by looking at them and not researching them), Tekken LOOKS more complicated than Street Fighter. After all, there's a lot more going on in Tekken than in Street Fighter.

As a whole though, Street Fighter has a different level of depth than Tekken which is why experienced players will say that Street Fighter is more complicated.

Though I'm going to be honest, I can't speak for Tekken. I strictly play Street Fighter so a Tekken player is more than able to disagree with me. That's fine.

Anyways, good article.



It's a shame that the so called "Journalist" comes so uninformed she doesn't even know how to write "Hadouken". Spanda make yourself a favor and read just a little bit next time you are going to make an article.



@ Jamison Trumpets

Yes, you are right about SF IV being 2.5 D, but Spanda was refering simply to the graphics (or at least thats what I undertand since she put SF EX3 as her example), and Brutt refuted her argument by saying SF IV is actually the LAST time SF has gone 3D (in graphics since SF has never been an actual 3D fighter).
And how are we not going to critize her work if she says thing like: "Fact is, Street Fighter is, by far, a much more simplistic game compared with Tekken", and you know thats not true. You said it yourself: tekken may LOOK more complicated at first glance but "Street Fighter has a different level of depth than Tekken which is why experienced players will say that Street Fighter is more complicated". Hence that was not a fact.
It's the same as if I said: fact is Tekken is a button masher. Would you think I am an informed "journalist" ? Of course you wouldn't think that.
Forgive my poor english, it's not my native language.



This is a silly argument. Here it is plain and simple.

Capcom and Namco can't make a cash grab by making a half-made game. The fighting community is probably the most notorious for wanting a game to be TIP TOP quality for it to be worth anything. Name alone will NOT be enough (just ask KoF 12). If it is nothing more than a cash grab, it's fine by me because they know we won't buy it unless the game is triple A quality.



Spandas proved she hadn't done basic research when she came out with the painfully glib "but how will Tekken chars deal with fireballs!?" rebuttal. Even in this early, EARLY stage of development there is already footage of Kaz using his trademark wave-dash to pass through fireballs, rendering her entire argument an exercise in ignorance. The other guy's write-up was equally lazy, but at least he didn't say anything as mind numbingly stupid as "Capcom and Namco just want our money!". And here I thought they were a charity...



@ Robo-Mitsu
Exactly. Because non fire ball character must suck. Quick someone tell gammerbee, Marn, Mike Ross, J.Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Juicebox etc...that they are playing all gimp.



"Both games will be soulless."

For a "journalist" who places such merit on facts, she sure interjects much more opinion than fact all over this marginal excuse for creative writing.

The article is useless upon noticing she is going to extensive lengths to convince us she
a) knows what she's talking about. She doesn't. It reads as over-rehearsed, overpracticed, and googled for information as to not sound like...well, a girl talking about street fighter.

b) is a journalist. She is not. She is an editorialist. A huge difference, with the main separating factor being credibility based on truth, and fact, not based on the personal opinion of facts.

She calls herself a journalist, while speaking only opinions. Just because you spout words about things you look up online... it does not make you a journalist.
It's about as stomach turning as a life-long civilian claiming to be a General to a limbless veteran Lieutenant.

Ms, Whomever. Hurray, you have an opinion, and are worth more than the weight filling your bra, you really are. But, Please don't ever call yourself a journalist. You are not. You are a talking head and your cohort is not far behind.

Journalists are unbiased reporters of fact, editoralizers give their opinions based upon their understanding of fact (limited as it may be here, or not).

PC World AU is to journalism, as The Weekly World News is to true stories.



The author of the argument against seems to not realize that there are two games to this crossover (I'm saying "seems", not claiming that they are ignorant, or attempting to start a fight). It's a bit obvious that characters from each series will not play 100 percent the same in each others games, which Capcom and Namco seem to have noticed.

I was originally against the idea for similar reasons, because I didn't like the tekken series as much as SF and didnt want either mixed, but now knowing that I have a choice of both, I may actually consider buying both versions. I want to see what Capcom does with the Namco characters and vice-versa. Also I am wondering if Namco will incorporate the same character customization I saw in Tekken 6, which was probably my favorite feature in the game.

Although I REALLY wish they had announced Capcom vs SNK 3, I can find some interest in these games since they aren't just targeting one audience. Also doesn't hurt that you can chain normals in the SFxT version.



"DC vs. Marvel Comics remains a defining moment in the illustrated medium — to this day it hasn’t been topped"
- Chris Jager

defining moment? (pause)
to this day? (awkward moment pause)

you sure about that?

because I remember that being a pile of crap
illustration wise
concept wise
all round sucky

I wouldn't compare the crossover/VS game series to that, because Marvel vs DC is one of the quintessential examples of how NOT to do a crossover (Its up there with Aliens vs Predator and Freddy vs Jason)

So I'm hoping the Street Fighter X Tekken games work out and do well for themsleves, but lets not go comparing and cursing them to the likes of the Amalgam universe that crapped out of Marvel VS DC.



Man, Spandas' argument makes waaaay more sense than this Chris guy's.

The games are way too different to meld together properly - this is going to be a piece of crap and anyone that says otherwise can't call themselves a gamer.



This article period is fail. Both arguments suck ass, and both writers fail at their mission: convincing me they are right. But what can you expect from Pcworld? smh...

Lord of the Geeks


I was hyped when I saw the release trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken, but after reading the articles, I am giving this a second thought. Tekken X Street Fighter might not be that good, cause the SF team is gonna have ridiculously complicated combos and Street Fighter X Tekken might also fail, cause nobody's gonna like 2-D Tekken fighters.
You know what's gonna kick ass though?
Tekken Tag 2 Tournament.



I was so excited about this crossover, and have had it reserved since like October. When it finally came out; I bought it, played, and was disappointed. It takes out a lot of Tekken moves and you hold down a move to perform a super. Really disappointed about this game and the money they are trying to make off future DLCs are ridiculous. Estimated at around $120 for all of them.

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