What eReader should I buy? NookColor vs. Kindle 3

We compare the price, size and features of two ebooks: the Amazon Kindle and NookColor

NookColor vs. Kindle 3

NookColor vs. Kindle 3

If you pride yourself on being a bit of a bookworm, you need to buy an e-reader – end of story. While basic, no-frills E-Ink models continue to be produced, the category has morphed to include all manner of fancy tools and features: from inbuilt WiFi to full colour LCD displays. Indeed, some ebook readers are so feature-packed, they share more in common with the likes of the Apple iPad.

Before you buy an Amazon Kindle, NookColor or Apple iPad check out our eBook buying guide to find out which features you should compare.

Two of the most feature-packed e-readers on the market are the Amazon Kindle 3 (3G Wi-Fi) and Barnes & Noble's Nook Color.


nookcolor vs kindle 3
NookColor: Size matters

As its name implies, the Nook Color incorporates a full-colour 7in LCD touch screen that is capable of displaying up to 16 million colours. This naturally opens up a new world of reading possibilities, including comics, children's stories, magazines and university text books. Other handy features found on the NookColor include MP4 video playback, full colour Web browsing and a MicroSD slot for additional storage.

Kindle 3 (3G Wi-Fi edition)

nookcolor vs kindle 3
Kindle 3: thinner than a pencil

The Kindle 3 (3G Wi-Fi), meanwhile, sticks to a greyscale E-Ink display, but with vastly improved contrast. While it lacks some of the Nook Color's multimedia features, the Amazone Kindle is more portable and costs significantly less than its Barnes & Noble rival.

In the table below, we compare how the Kindle 3 (3G Wi-Fi) stacks up against the Nook Color:

Amazon Kindle vs NookColor: specs

Feature Amazon Kindle 3 NookColor Verdict?
Screen size 6in 7in NookColor
Display resolution 800x600 pixels 1024x600 pixels NookColor
Display technology 4-level grayscale VividView LCD NookColor
Touch screen No Yes NookColor
OS Linux (2.6.10 kernel) Android 2.1 Draw
CPU Intel PXA255 ARM Cortex A8-based Ti OMAP 3621 (800 MHz) Draw
Internal memory 4GB 8GB NookColor
Memory card slot No Yes (Micro SD) NookColor
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n Draw
3G HSDPA network support Yes No Kindle 3
Radio No Yes NookColor
Battery life 4 months (approx.) 8 hours (approx.) Kindle 3
Dimensions 191×135×18mm 205x127x12mm Kindle 3
Weight 241g 422g Kindle 3
Keyboard QWERTY Touch screen Kindle 3
Web browsing Yes Yes Draw
Price US$189 US$295 Kindle 3

As you can see, the Nook Color trumps the Kindle 3 when it comes to display technology and file support. The Kindle 3, on the other hand, wins out in the price and portability stakes.

If you're looking for a gadget that can do a variety of multimedia tasks, plump for the NookColor. If you just want an affordable and easy-to-carry reading device (with a few extras thrown in), get a Kindle 3.

Still undecided? Read our full, in-depth review of the NookColor and Kindle 3 for an exhaustive overview.

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Chris Jager

PC World




The battery life for the Kindle should be up to 4 weeks rather than 4 months.

The Kindle does directly support jpg and gif files (to whatever extent) that I've moved over to it, displaying them (incldg screenshots by Kindle being .gifs), but it indirectly supports Word Doc and HTML files also via automated free conversions.

When comparing features and value, it should be noted that the 3G on Kindle gives *free* access to all websites, albeit slowly on e-Ink. Best for text lookups - available in 60+ countries, while 3G downloading of Kindle-books is supported in 100+ countries. Nook customers cannot buy Nook books if traveling outside the U.S.

I have Kindles and a NookColor and love both and find them complementary.



LCD vs E-ink screens are useful in different situations. For reading books, E-ink trumps LCD screens soundly. For an e-reader, the LCD sacrifices readability for color, something that makes it more useful as a general-purpose device, but disqualifies it as a serious e-reader for many people who don't want to read from a computer screen like that NookColor has. The Kindle looks like paper so it is very easy on the eyes. It's not just a matter of higher contrast; e-ink reflects light, like real paper, instead of shining a backlight in your eyes. This is much more comfortable to read on. And color is not useful for reading novels so the sacrificing readability for color doesn't make sense if reading novels is the primary purpose of the device. Thus, I agree with the conclusion of the article but want to point out that saying that the LCD trumps the Kindle's screen is only true if you want a tablet, not an e-reader. Otherwise the Kindle screen wins.



I just wanted to point out that you have the incorrect price for the Nook color. It is priced at $249, not $295. Further file support is also intended for the NC within the next couple of months.



E-ink screens are much easier to read than LCD ones for any length of time, so it's simplistic to say the Nook Color "wins" on display technology. The Nook Color really is a tablet, with limited functions at this point, and e-ink display is much better for reading books.



I have both the Nook and Nook Color. The NC screen is no more irritating to my eyes than the e-ink screen on the Nook - if you haven't tried reading one and are comparing to other LCD screens, your opinion is not fully informed. It's of much higher quality than most notebook/netbook screens as it has a higher dpi and higher contrast, so is not a good comparison to those, and is less of a strain at night than an e-ink screen, which is when I do a lot of my reading. That being said, the regular e-ink readers are nice and my wife loves the Nook with it's regular e-ink screen. Can't beat it for reading on the beach. One big feature of the NC (and Nook) is e-pub support which allows use of library books. The Kindle is a nice device, but having had both e-ink and the NC, the only real advantage to the Kindle will be battery life and the weight, not eye strain. That being said, you can read a solid 8 hours straight without having to charge the NC, so unless you plan to go somewhere where there are no outlets, that's not much of a factor.



What an absurdly silly table you made to compare the devices. Besides the fact that you couldn't eben get the basic information correct, you provided no basis for your evaluations. Sure, battery life on the kindle is more (although not the fabricated number you gave) and it pretty clearly wins, it might help readers to know WHY it is more. Obviously, this has to do with the display technology. Nook doesn't win, simply because it is a conventional backlit color screen. And, kindle doesn't lose because it has a revolutionary e-ink screen. That's about as helpful as saying that bagels are better than toast. There are much more helpful reviews out there. I encourage readers to check out reviews on amazon and b+n as well. Personally, i am thrilled about my kindle dx (doesn't appear in the article).



@Zdar - It's true I haven't had chance to do some reading on the NC. I'm sure it's better than a regular computer monitor. However, I still greatly prefer e-ink to even the retina display on my phone, which is even better than the nook screen (at least in dot pitch. I don't know about contrast). I agree that newer high resolution LCDs are nicer, but they still have the backlight. That bothers some people more than others. I much prefer the e-ink screen but I know there are others like you who don't mind LCD reading. I would recommend that people try each kind of screen before buying an LCD e-reader, in case they are like me and find it uncomfortable.



Fix the price. Its $249 for NOOKcolor.

I have one, and it is amazing. Highly recommended.



Let's not forget, if you don't want a back-lit color screen, Kindle is not your only option! Barnes and Noble still sells the original e-ink NOOK in both wifi and 3g models.



I guess it was unfair to mention, Nookcolor uses epub format which is the most common free ebook format and kindle doesn't. You also missed that you can download books from public libraries using ADE "Adobe digital editions" and Kindle can't. Did you mention that with the fantastic Kindle you can't read in a dark room, you need additional lighting and the Nookcolor read great in a dark room with no extra lighting? Browsing the internet with the Nookcolor is natural, pages look like they should, this isn't true with Kindle and shouldn't be a draw.

Everywhere I read user comments about the Nookcolor, I read of Kindle owners buying and using the Nookcolor, hmmm but I never see Nookcolor users complaining and going out and buying a Kindle. Why is this important? Two reasons, just like every honest professional review rates the Nookcolor best ereader available today, and indicates what has always been true, e-ink may be nice technology but is a gimmick to get people to try to read ebooks on portable devices. Now that there is a LCD display that is equal or better no one will be interested in e-ink, it is about to go the way of the dodo bird.



How can you prefer a LCD display over the e ink technology for an e reader????? This article totally misses the point: the reason why people will buy a Kindle rather than an iPad is the possibility to read on it as comfortably as on paper!



The claim that ebooks are unreadable on LCD displays is just plain false. The LCD displays of the Nook Color and the iPad are not the conventional ones used on low and mid-level quality computers. They are LED backlit displays, not LCD. The iPad's is also IPS so that it can be viewed easily from different angles. The effect is an easier reading experience than one has one computers, including those with LED backlit displays like a MacBook Air.

Second, the backlight is adjustable. It can be turned to middling, low or off. The notion that people reading on an iPad are being blinded is bizarre. It would not be such a possible device for reading if that were true.

Last, but not least, the flash to black between pages on an e-ink reader can be quite disconcerting. Some consumers will find it irritating enough to prefer an iPad or Nook Color.



I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the other problem with LCD for reading: Refresh. LCD screens are constantly refreshed which causes more eye strain for extended reading sesions. Eink only refreshes when the page is turned.

I read on both my kindle and my android phone and for extendedreading sesions I prefer the kindle. I use my phone when I'm out and about because the kindle akeeps the two device in sync.



I have an Amazon Kindle. I love it for e-book because its like reading a book but for some reason its easier to read than a physical book. Not sure why but I guess prefer the technology versus the old fashion book.

While I love the Kindle, I think I am going to also get the NookColor, mainly for magazines and newspapers. It'd be nice if they would offer the Kindle App but I can understand their reasoning.



After using nookColor I find it harder on eyes after extending reading periods, even with backlite all the way down. I like the lite level when plugged in for charging but it gets brighter once turned all the way on. The Kindle is like reading a book to me. I get no eye fatigue. I like nookColor for textbooks and color pdfs which i have a lot of. I also like the dictionary feature Kindle has while reading that nookcolor does not have. I would rather read a book on Kindle but read magazines, pdfs, ebooks, on nookColor. I like them both!

daniel b


Wow. A comparison of e-readers that doesn't mention e-ink??? Are you serious?

"As you can see, the Nook Color trumps the Kindle 3 when it comes to display technology..."

Uh...no. The better display technology for an E-reader is that which works best for the fundamental purpose an E-reader. Sheesh.

Horrible, vacuous article.



The comparison table in this article is ludicrous. Full of glaring inaccuracies, and superficial comparisons.

If you are reading novels, e-ink wins easily over LCD displays, especially if outdoors.

This kind of article is one reason why I stopped subscribing to PC World (Australia).



In general I found the article to be informative / thought provoking, as well as some of the comments - thanks!

I do think it's inaccurate, however, to call "web-browsing" a draw.
The Nook Color, closer to an iPad in function, has a more developed web-browser which is cleaner, clearer, and loads pages far, far more quickly (do a side-by-side comparison). As such the Nook Color is the clear "winner" in your 'web browser' row - but bear in mind that the Kindle's browser is apparently there predominantly to allow you to access your Kindle.

Kindle's lock-in to Amazon-only +pdf formats (no .epub) is concerning. If they allowed this, for the weight and eyestrain issues, it would be a no-brainer for me.



I don't have either.
But, I plan on buying a Kindle.
I did get both the Kindle and Nook app for PC.
I like the Kindle better, and also I think the Eink will be better for someone like me who has sensitive eyes. Looking at my pc screen, tv, or cell phone for too long hurts my eyes. Being out side in natural light kills my eyes. So, I think that the Kindle will provide relieve, and heck you have to have a light on to read a printed book too. So.



Tested the Nook, already have the Kindle. I'm purchasing a Nook. Why. I love to read, but have to use an addon light. My eyes are already bad (wear tri-focals) and find that I'm straining them more this way. In addition, the addon light - I've tried three different ones - emit a glare which disturbs my husband. Plus, I did my homework, the books I've purchased from Kindle are comparatively lower (at least $1 less) in Nook. Sorry Amazon - if your eyes were as bad as mine and reading was the highlight of your life, you'd understand. But I'm giving the Kindle to my daughter, she loves to read as much as I do!



I tested the color Nook in a B&N store and loved it, although it's heavier than the Kindle. I've never had any problems with eyestrain, so that's not an issue for me. But what I do need is 3G, so I can check my email, etc. when I'm out, even if there's no wifi around (and also because I'm not about to pay extra to use my cell phone's 3G). Kindle has 3G, Nook color doesn't, simple as that. And if it's a choice between regular e-ink readers, then choosing the Kindle was a no-brainer for me.

epub to mobi


I have a Kindle 3 and have no problem whatsoever in reading epub files. Thanks to this great free application called calibre which is now at version 0.7.57 (in Windows and Linux, mind you). It converts epubs (and just about any ebook format you can throw at it) to mobi format which is readable in a Kindle.

So the epub advantage of the Nook is no longer relevant.



From what I have read here and a poll on http://nookvskindle.info, it seems most people are gravitating towards the Nook Color. I've seen several comments in several blogs from current owners of ereaders that they would have purchased the Nook Color if it was available when they bought their ereader or if it was a bit cheaper.

Just my $0.02 worth.



Youve got a few things that arent correct on your wonderful graph there... Both prices are wrong; The Kindle is 139 and the Nook is 249. The Kindle doesnt last 4 months it last 1 month/4 weeks and finally theres no possible way the Nooks screen is better for reading than Kindle. Maybe you should get your facts straight or do a little research on what the devices feature before you post most knowledgable articles like this.






First of all, I do not own a Nook Color, but based on the write-up here and a recent poll I found at http://nookvekinlde.info wher after 250+ votes, the Nook Color has almost 50% of the votes amongst the Nook, Kindle and other ereaders, it seems like the Nook Color is going to take a strong position in the ereader market.

Also, remember that B&N just announced a firmware upgrade that will turn your Nook Color into a tablet (it;s not an iPad but...).

My $0.02 worth.



@ Misha
The new Nook Color (May 2011) has an email app set up. As long as you're in a wifi area you can set up your Nook to check your email every 5, 10, 15 minutes etc. Plus, I already pay $30/month to Verizon for my Blackberry internet service fee, I'm not paying another internet service fee for a Kindle 3G. I get my emails right away on my BlackBerry or iphone. And I'm in wifi areas most of the time. When I'm not in a wifi area, I'll just read one of the books I've downloaded. Plus for me, the Nook Color wins because I want Flash media to play when I'm in wifi areas. Most of my reading if it's not a novel is magazines and news websites where I want to see pictures and videos. Plus, you can download thousands of free titles on a Nook Color, I can hook it up to my computer and download ebooks from my public library for free, and a friend told me about adding an sd card to also be able to buy amazon ebooks. She also showed me in one click how to turn off the wifi-connection (if you know you're not going to need to be online), and then the battery lasts much longer, like 7 or 8 hours. All this makes Nook Color best for me - I want to read novels but do other stuff too. And most of all, again, I'm NOT paying another $30/month for 3G when I already do so on my smartphone.



I was trying to determine which to buy as mother day gifts, now I'm more confused than ever:)



Well I just got my wife the nook color. I am sure she will like it . I have looked at bot the nook and the kindle . First off I have a phone for no added fee turns into a wifi hot spot so no need for 3g and the added things you can do with the nook made it worth the added money . Plus working at Best Buy I see more kindles getting returned and almost no nooks .



Well this is just my opinion but i would perfer the NOOKCOLOR over the kindle because im one of those people that needs color i could not just read in black and white and really be able to do nothing but the kindle battery life is incredible and better then the Nook Color but i would still perfer the nook color



I was Considering Buying a Nook Cause of all the capabilities, But i was stunned to find out that nook colour is irreplaceable and if faulty nook becomes useless so i am leaning towards kindle because of battery life, And if u already have a laptop, why just are you buying a minimized version of that? And With Kindle you Get Battery life thats through the roof and 3g and i've wondered does the nook colors wifi and app downloader for in other countries(Nigeria) And for that reason alone Kindle is better(my opinion atleast)



Have the kindle 3 g. Love it! love the battery life which is always 4-5 weeks. Love the built in dictionary and highlight features. Love the ease and speed of selecting and buying books. Love being able to get sizable samples of books before deciding to buy. Easy to read, lightweight and convenient to carry with me. Night time just use a small clip on light that coils up for easy storage and cost much less than the official kindle light. Love that I can have all the books I want to read with me anytime and can easily switch back and forth and never loose my place. It also has mp3 if you want music but music does take up more space and uses the battery life faster than just reading. It also will read to you in your choice of male or female voice. They do need to upgrade that function though cause it is a bit robotic, but convenient if you are doing something else and want to continue with your book. If you love to read, love lightweight, convenience and more choices than just B&N kindle is great. If you want all the other gadget functions get an ipad. I recommend the kindle to all those who love to read!



I hate to tell all of you that say "you need a light for the kindle but you don't for the nook" using any type of computing device with a light off is actually bad for your eyes as it creates a strain, so those of you who use a PC or anything (including a nook) should turn the light on or risk permanent eye damage.

Interesting article though I can't see how you can compare the graphic on each of them as they are for different purposes, its like comparing a small notebook or even netbook monitor to a 50" TV screen...



i have both a kindle and a nookcolor, i love my kindle because i love to read books, my husband wanted me to have a nookcolor beacuse he loves gadgets, i tried really hard to love the nook, but it was to distracting to read a book and just to hard to figure out how evrything works, so my hubby has a nook to play games ans surf the web, and let the Grandkids play games and read books in color/i on the other hand love my kindle, i just want to read... so both are great depending on what you want to do.



I appreciate all the comments & different views that I've read , I have a kindle 3 wi-fi /3g & I agree with comments sayin the nook color & kindle serve for different purposes.. Please do your research & choose wisely.. I believe I will end up owning both.



I'm confused. I bought a kindle but sold it as somehow the backgroud was hurting my eyes. I am considering buying a nookcolour but am getting mixed review as to whichone is better.




crap article for all the above reasons. i hate these win/lose comparisons without any justification or explanation. in the context of an e-reader i can't understand how anyone can say an lcd screen is better than an e-ink screen.

also, i would like to point out my suspicions that a few of the comments look like they may be written by the vendor rather than end users;)

A Curious Shopper


Wow! There are lots of different opinions here! I am looking to buy a Nook Color and I wanted to know how it was compared to the Kindle. A family member of mine had bought a Kindle and they absolutely loved it, but I wasn't sure if it was for me. I really love all the apps and the fact that the Nook Color is like a small, book reading, computer, but all this talk about the backlight on the Nook has gotten me nervous. I don't want to buy it and then find out that it irritates my eyes. Also, what if I want to buy a book that isn't on barnesandnoble.com? Am I able to get it? I really want to chose the right ereader so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)



It is very easy to convert epub files to free DRM Mobi files. There is a great free program that can do this called Calibre. It can convert most anything actually. So there is no locking in to Amazon.



Amazon will sell a Kindle to an Australian customer. Barnes & Noble flat-out REFUSe to sell the Nook Color to outside the US.
I tried to order a conventional book from them. They insisted I provide a 7-digit postcode, and their order system ignored my attempts at a 4-digit code.

So how do you get one? Via eBay, or a trip to the USA, or a third-party ordering system. Heaven help you if it breaks.

If your books have colour (art, photoshop manuals, mags etc) then there's little competition. If Sony were to bring out a colour version of their reader, I'd buy that: I don't want WiFi or 3G on an eBook reader.



I found the Kindle 3G to be horrible device. Don't waste your money on it.



Which is better, Nook Color or Kindle?

You might as well ask how many angels can dance on the head of a pin...everyone will have their favorite, and everyone has different tastes and preferences.

To new buyers:  e-Ink is probably the biggest factor.  Kindle has it, Nook Color doesn't.  Although e-Ink is in its infancy, many people agree that the paper-and-print-like quality of e-Ink is far easier on the eyes than LED or LCD technologies.  Still others don't give a hoot and would rather have the color-capable, backlit display of the Nook Color (Kindle's e-Ink is currently incapable of color, a backlight or a touch-screen).

That said, e-Ink, like an actual printed page, doesn't "wash out" in direct sunlight, making it a favorite of folks who prefer to do their reading poolside (or on a beach).  Also, since e-Ink only uses electrical current to change the display, an e-Ink display uses FAR less power than LCD or LED screens.  In fact, once a page has been rendered with e-Ink, it will remain that way even after the power source is removed (unless the device has been programmed to clear the screen when the device is turned off, which does use power).

For me, this was a disadvantage.  To refresh an e-Ink page, the device first had to clear the entire screen...a process that took noticeable time...especially when turning pages.

I owned a "first-gen" Kindle for a few months, then gave it to my mother.  Although I found e-Ink to be sharper, the refresh times were far longer than a color LCD screen.  Plus, being a software developer who stares at an LCD monitor for hours a day, I am not particularly bothered by displays using that technology.

But a very important side-note to experience with Kindle and B&N is this:  I continue to buy books in Kindle and Nook format, but read them on my iPad, iPod and Android-capable phone.

That's something you don't hear advertised much by either Amazon or B&N:  they both provide reader applications that can be downloaded for free for just about any device (including a PC).  Once installed, you can purchase and read any book as though you were using the "physical" Nook or Kindle electronic readers.

So if you can live without a special-purpose electronic reader and already own a PC, iPod, iPad or Andriod phone, you may already have all you need to start reading either Nook or Kindle books.  No, it won't help you decide if e-Ink is as easy on your eyes as Kindle claims, but it WILL give you an idea how user-friendly (and cost-effective) the eBook stores are for both Amazon and B&N...another important factor in deciding between devices.

And when you DO decide on a favorite, both Nook and Kindle devices will be able to download all the books you purchased while using their respective virtual readers.  You won't have to buy your purchased media (books, magazines, audiobooks, etc.) again.

Incidentally, the only reader I won't use is Apple's iBook...it only supports Apple devices.  Go figure.



Since you so strongly feel about "NOT paying another $30/month for 3G" ...it's hard to find a better choice than Kindle, where 3G access is essentially free (didn't "and also because I'm not about to pay extra to use my cell phone's 3G" of Misha made you stop and think why 3G on Kindle would make any difference?)

In large part of the world, it's a real life H2G2: http://xkcd.com/548/



i love both the nook color and the kindle but i like the nook color and my reason fro that is because i love reading and i will be reading and it will get dark and when i turn the lamp on brother always complains about the reflection in the screen and also i love to read on a road trip and once is gets dark you cant turn the light on in the car because it coul distract the cra infront or behind you and you can get a ticket so i can use the nook color os i recomend the nook color but if you eye issuse on reading on the computer then i guess you shold get a kindle and also i love harry potter an dtwilight books but they are so darn' heavy but with either one it wont be as heavy i hope this reveiw helps :)



Very insightful discussion. Thank you all. I am really on the fence and find both the Kindle 3 and NC appealing for different reasons. I downloaded both apps on my IPhone 4 to explore both e-reader worlds. Rumor has it that a Kindle 4 may be released by December. I will give it a couple more months and see where I land in terms of making my decision. Thanks again.



A primary problem with the color screen devices is that they're a real problem in a well-lit environment. E-ink is more like a book - works great in any situation where you have light. You cannot simply declare the Nook Color or Kindle superior in this area as it depends on your goal. For someone who wants a more general purpose display the Nook Color is clearly the better option, but for someone who wants something similar to a book the Kindle wins.

For all those referring to a poll to show the Nook Color is more popular do some reading to find out the various reasons why polls can be unreliable sources of information.

@mandy, please learn about sentences and punctuation. Good grief, how can anyone who claims to read a lot write so appallingly.



does the nookcolor have to have internet?



the debate all depends on your lifesyle. example i just returned kindle (2nd edition ) for the nook color. i love to read at night which is very easyy on the nook color.the kindle is way too dark to read & the nook color's brightness can be agustesd for no glare. if you are a multi tasker it is perfect. everywhere is shortcuts.you really hsve to make the decision basesd on yourself.:)

A Curious Shopper


I posted a comment before on whether to get a NC or a Kindle 3G. I'm still not sure which one to get! Which one would you chose for a young adult?

Sharon B


I am trying to decide on one of these devices for my daughter for college. Can someone please fill me in on the best one, since I am definitely "technologically challenged"? Thank you!



What about books?
Does the e-reader you choose determine from where and how many books are available for you to purchase?
If I buy the NC can I buy books from Amazon?
Did I read somewhere that Amazon has over 900-thousand books avail. and the NC with Barnes and Noble has a couple million?
Sorry for the stupid questions, Im just electronically challenged.



E-ink is so much better than anny LCD! What is wrong with you people. LCD will flash, you wont see it but it does! Ink not! Think again! Try, and see...E-ink much better for your eyes



The Kindle 3 has 16 level grayscale not 4 level grayscale as is mentioned.



The Kindle is more like a book....
No Back-light with means reading in direct sunlight with almost zero glare. E-ink also works totally different ..there is no refresh so there is less stress on the eye.
Long Battery life - take your book on a 2 week holiday...forget the charger? Who cares?.....Like i said more like a book

LCD is a bad choice for any e-reader...



Uhm.. the Kindle 3 can be used to get all the same "free" ebooks that the Nook can, not sure where people pulled that wrong info from. The B&N claim for 2 million books includes the "free" books and nowhere on their site can you find the actual amount that does not include these free repositories. And since when was there no wifi available for Kindle??? Wifi comes as default on the cheaper model and even with the 3G the Wifi option is there... wtf?

I could go on and on about the inaccuracies in the above comments about the Kindle (I don't own a Nook so I can't comment) but what comes down to is this:

If you want backlit with colour, buy the nook. If you want e-Ink, buy the Kindle. In the end they are book excellent eReaders but have different feature-sets for different people. I love that my Kindle is not backlit, is not a touch screen and is e-Ink.. but my colleague at work is the opposite :)



Can somebody comment on the "sd card" to be able to buy amazon e-books fron a Nook color.
Where do they sell it'



I live in Canada and I am undecided between the Kindle 3G and the nook colour. My husband has the Kindle and has trouble getting some books that are available in the US only. I have read one of the comments and read that the nook books are not available outside the US. Is this true? I was going to order this or have a friend pick one up while in the states. Is there a number I can call to get more information on the nook colour as to prices and book titles that are available in canada






I am a military brat and I have lived my whole life outside of the US; I have only visited family and had vacations in the US. The Nook Color sounds pretty good because the easy access from the touch screen and the effect of color, but the Kindle 3 is best if you do not live in the US. It would be nice if the Nook Color made it available for people that live outside of the US. I own a Kindle 3 right now and I think it's perfect for its purpose: READING. :)



Which is better for over 60 year old lady, doesn't like a lot of buttons and no glare. Help!!! Nook vs Kindle please help...



It looks like the people commenting know a lot more about it than the reviewer.



I'm not buying either. I still like to hold and smell a book! And the best place to get them -- the Library -- free of charge!

Not Happy


This website is pointless!!!!Nobody is answering any of the questions that people are asking; they are just complaining that the review doesn't have every single detail they want.



Nook im accually responding to u right now one its long lastinig and touch screen and u can also get apps on here check ur emals and borrow and lend book to friend for 14 days so i borrow a book from u and u agree i have it for 14 days and u can read it until im done with the 14 days.






(@ Anonymous) your just another typical FANBOI throwing your weight around, as if your ever going to say anything nice about the Nook when your so in love with your Kindle.

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Kathy Cassidy


First impression on unpacking the Q702 test unit was the solid feel and clean, minimalist styling.

Anthony Grifoni


For work use, Microsoft Word and Excel programs pre-installed on the device are adequate for preparing short documents.

Steph Mundell


The Fujitsu LifeBook UH574 allowed for great mobility without being obnoxiously heavy or clunky. Its twelve hours of battery life did not disappoint.

Andrew Mitsi


The screen was particularly good. It is bright and visible from most angles, however heat is an issue, particularly around the Windows button on the front, and on the back where the battery housing is located.

Simon Harriott


My first impression after unboxing the Q702 is that it is a nice looking unit. Styling is somewhat minimalist but very effective. The tablet part, once detached, has a nice weight, and no buttons or switches are located in awkward or intrusive positions.

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