Samsung Galaxy S II vs Apple iPhone 4: Smartphone showdown

Which is the better phone? Samsung's Galaxy S II or Apple's iPhone 4?

Can Samsung's Galaxy S II Android phone challenge Apple's iPhone 4?

Can Samsung's Galaxy S II Android phone challenge Apple's iPhone 4?

The Samsung Galaxy S, along with the HTC Desire, is one of the most popular Android smartphones on the market in Australia. Samsung has just lifted the lid on its hotly anticipated next-generation Galaxy S, aptly titled the Galaxy S II. Does it have what it takes to compete with the Apple iPhone 4?

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Boasting a 4.3in Super AMOLED Plus display with a resolution of 800x480, an 8-megapixel rear camera that doubles as a 1080p HD video recorder, a 2-megapixel front camera for video calls, and an integrated Near Field Communications (NFC) chip, the Samsung Galaxy S II definitely holds some advantages over the iPhone 4.

With this in mind, how does the Samsung Galaxy S II stack up against the iPhone 4 when it comes to specifications?

Samsung Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4: Specifications

Feature Apple iPhone 4 Samsung Galaxy S II Verdict?
Operating system (OS) Apple iOS Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Draw
Display size 3.5in 4.3in Galaxy S II
Display technology Capacitive retina IPS Capacitive Super AMOLED Plus Unknown
Display resolution 640x960 pixels 480x800 pixels iPhone 4
Multitouch Yes Yes Draw
Camera 5 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus, geotagging 8 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus, geotagging, image stabilisation, face and smile detection Galaxy S II
FM radio No Yes Galaxy S II
GPS Yes Yes Draw
Internal memory 16GB or 32GB 16GB or 32GB Draw
Expandable memory No microSD card slot Galaxy S II
Dimensions 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm Galaxy S II
Weight 137g 116g Galaxy S II
Application store Apple App Store Google Android Market iPhone 4
Processor Apple A4 ARM Cortex A9 dual-core (1.2GHz) Galaxy S II
3G networks HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 HSDPA 900/1900/2100 iPhone 4
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 802.11a/b/g/n Galaxy S II
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP 3.0 with A2DP Galaxy S II
NFC (Near Field Communication) No Yes Galaxy S II
HDMI-out No Yes (via MHL) Galaxy S II
Quoted talk time Up to 7 hours Unknown Unknown
Quoted standby time Up to 300 hours Unknown Unknown
Adobe Flash support No Yes Galaxy S II

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




bias article...iphone wins in everything



samsung made its best job with galaxy s 2 but it should be launch in march...



Apple would love to have the new AMOLED screen on their iPhone5. Actually, they probably will given Apple signed a contract with Samsung to buy the displays and memories from them.



Many thanks for the informative article. I feel safe to buy a Samsung phone now. Hope Telstra gets the latest model.
Sad Optus spent 2billion bucks up grading. I live in possibly the richest region in Australia..Mackay Ie coal mining/sugar/tourism and live 22kms from the city of Mackay. Yet Optus tell me no 3G at my place.

Again thanks for the clever know in a democracy freedom is important...Apple made in the USSR



Samsung Galaxy S II beats the Iphone 4 in every possible way there is to beat. Hats off samsung, the reign of apple iphone is about to be over. Because galaxy s II has better ram (2x), better battery life, better camera and video, much better display in practical and definitely lower price.



Galaxy dobles up iphone in everyway excvept for the price. So galaxy is the looser (!) to become a half price. what a sad point for iphone users...



It's hard to compare these phones because the Samsung Galaxy S II hasn't even come out yet, but the iPhone 4 has been out for a year. It might be worth re-comparing them when the iPhone 5 comes out.



I'm going to buy the G S2, because I love Android over iOS, and I think it's the best of the droids at the moment. However doing a compare against an old model iPhone isn't really credible unless you're going to make a purchase decision in between the 1 or 2 months that the iPhone 5 is unavailable. I'm sure iP5 will be just as competitive as the G S2 in many areas.



On top of that:

Samsung looks like to be saving money on the design, because they seem to have copied almost everything from the iPhone - starting with the case of the phone itself, aswell as their software-

Could be the reason why its much cheaper :-)



Well on paper he samsung might cut it, but in real life it is still a big question.

The iphone might have a slower CPU, but the OS is specificly designed to work with that hardware so perhaps the iphone needs less hardware to be faster allround. (also counts for its apps) Also android is still not as refined as iOS and perhaps never will be due to its open source (wich can also be a big pré) and the fact that there are a gazillion phones wich must be able to run it.

Also, the iphone display delivers more pixels per inch thant the samsung, so it might still be a crispier screen.

Then, the 8 MP cam doesn't say much about the image quality. As whe all know its the image sensor behind it that counts (try comparing an 12 mp digital compact cam to a 10 MP DSLR - because of the DSLR's bigger sensor it still beats the compact by miles - this is also the case with the iphone and especially gives away when the surrounding lights get a bit darker - the result on a small image sensor is a noise canon - just like nokia's N8 - In other words, more MP's does not mean better photo quality, only bigger images)

I hope its better than that horrid galaxy 1 because that realy is a slouch




LoL mate, you are funny.

Have read your reviews and can only say you are an Apple Cult member. For sure!
How can you say Android and iOS is a draw? Open is beter than closed. Android has more specs (features/functions) than iOS. Wnat me to go on?
How can you say the iPhone 4 Display technology and SGS II is a Unknow? Comeone, everyone knows that SAMOLEAD+ is much superior to LCD - even Apple knows it and has been begging Sammy for this (hint, what do you think the real reason behind the Apple sueing Sammy is? - its to get access to Sammies superior technologies!)
HDMI-out : SGS2 can do this (cable is optional), iCrap can not.
Application store: WHy you say Apple is better. is it just because there are more apps available? Lol, then you should just say iPhone is the best phone in teh world because it the most expensive! Lol! (and guess what is the most expensive phone in the world???)
Processor: SGS 2 is 1.2 GHz, not 1. Please update.
3G networks: This is a Draw. SGS2 supprots the same as iCrap4.
Multitouch: SGS 2 is better. This is due to two factors, 1) the SGS2 processor, 2) the SGS2 SAMOLED+ is thinner and less air gaps.

Battery: Better on SGS2 because of 1) more capacity, 2) removeable and replaceable.

Rob, when you compre on specs, pleasse at least have the correct updated specs. And if you do not know which spec is better then read a bit to find out. Many people see reviews like this and go by it without realising that the author himself do not know - blind leading the blind!

To put this simple:
SGS > iPhone 4
SGS 2 >> iPhone 4
SGS 2 will be >> iPhone 5
SGS 3 will be >>> iPhone 5.

Apple days are over. Sell your shares. Hoistory repeating itself for Apple again (hint...Win PC vs Apple PC).

Game over.... <<<BANG>>>



Galaxy S II > Wireless purely because it supports 802.11a! LOL you are a noob son.




Mate, iCap is yesterday. No matter what you say, the fact still remains: SGS II >> iCrap4.

Why you say Samsung is saving money on the design? Is that your justification why iCrap is more expensive? Could not be that iStveGod is ripping you off?

So hat did Sammie copy? They make the key components for the iCrap dude. If anything, ipple copied from Sammie!. Lets see the outcome of the cout case and put you at rest for once and all - and btw SGS II is not in teh mix for the court case - : ) lol

Software copy: yep lets see how many features iCrap5 takes from Android in the next iOS release....

If you really belive that iCrap 4 (or 5) is faster than SGS II then you are just plain blind. Did you know that Apple does not do any manufacturing at all! I rather buy from a company that actually manufacturs the phone than one that use sub-contractors whos employees have a massive suicide stat!

iCrap does have more PPI. But SGS II is bigger display, superior display tech, beter on battery, better for outdoor reading, more vibrant colours, better viewing angles, less airgaps, etc, etc. Lets put these two phones next to each other and then you can comment on which display you prefer.... (in your case as an icult member you probably will always pick i crap even if it has no display!)

8 MP cam : Why dont you post more informed opinions by actually posting real examples and real technical facts. You are just stabbing in the dark for things that you do not understand.

SGS is a great phone, and better than iCrap4. Saying it is a slouch shows your uninformed, uneducated guess. It craps all over iCrap - lol.

Dennis, Apple days are over. They have stolen enough now from other real mobile phone manufactures/designers. It was just a question of time before people realise this and that iCrap was never a contender any. All the stats are out there. Time for you to admit it and buy a real smart phone! -- Unless Apple Marketing pays you for spreading lies!

Benjamin Turner


You have some mistakes in your specifications for sure, the SGSII comes with a 1.2GHZ Processor, and QUADBAND 3g, 850, 900, 1900,2100. It also has hdmi out.
These are 3 major differences in specifications that you have knocked the Galaxy on, seems that the specs you have given here are the ones that Apple would have wanted the SGS to have, not the ones it actually has.



Both iPhone4 and Galaxy S II are good phones. I have both phones. Competitions are good for consumers! In real life the iPhone display is better, but smaller, than Galaxy S II, and iPhone's camera take better quality photos.You would be disappointed if you buy either iPhone or SGS II. iPhone is made in China. SGS II may be made in China too(definitely made in Asia). Don't worry about it, you will find very hard to survived without using anything made in China.



Sorry! I mean- "You wouldn't be disappointed if you buy either iPhone or SGS II.



Why are we comparing a new Top of the line tech phone with an old iPhone? Display goes tot he SGS2. Res might be lower on SGS2 but wait till you see the difference in real life. And 3G networks to the iPhone?!?! the iP4 has a top of 7.2mbps download.. to the SGS2's 21MBPS!!!



You are comparing a next year phone with last years phone. Not really a fair article? You should rewrite comparing it to the Galaxy S not S2

Iphone 5 will no doubt be out Sept. Lets do this again. But you will probably do Galaxy S3 versus iphone 5 in which case it will be better because they waited for Apple to release.

Samsung - copier

Apple - Innovator.

Why so many Apple haters? Before they came along what did you all cradle in your hands? Bricks like Nokia 6210 or worse you considered N600 to be the pinacle of phone design.

Funny how people DONT support the ones who brought in a fresh way of thinking about phones. But go for the knockoffs who only follow and copy. Nobody wants to pay for "ideas", they just want to pay for cheaper parts. Pathetic.



The new Samsung would want to better than its predecessor which despite all the rave reviews from the techies out there is a total dog in the coinfiguration provided by Optus. Laggy in the extreme. Forced closures left right and centre. Useless GPS. Dodgy Wi Fi. Yes you can fix all of these things. But should you? If it was a car you would send it back. Weren't these things tested. I would be very very circumspect about any reviews in the future and take all of them with a very large grain of salt I am afraid. My old Sony Erickson operated without issue for years. Not a day goes past when I don't have to cajole my Samsung in some way.



without flash player always a looser

Karen Toole


isnt the idea to compare what is in the market NOW with what is in the market NOW! not much use saying the Iphone 5 will be better when you need to get a phone today



John I personally think you're the Biased one.



John, WAKE UP! iphone4 is CRAP. Samsung wins hands down!




Dear Alfonzo,
the reason people are anti-iphone (and i am one of them) is because of the closed operating system and Apple's total rejection of culpability of design faults (antenna, operating system, etc).

Putting aside design faults, because each smartphone will have something, the key reason i am against the iphone is because they are closing things more and more in the back end.

What exactly would happen if they had open source for the operating system? It's supposedly hardware specific and would give the people who buy the product the freedom to do what they want with the product they purchased - legal or illegal. And if you read the terms and conditions, the owner of the product is liable, not the manufacturer for illegal use.

what's the problem?

Yes. Apple came up with a GREAT idea, but someone came up with an even better business model.

This is not paying for ideas, you are paying because Apple knows most people will pay (business model to get maximum money for minimal ideas - c.f. crude oil). If there were less people like you and more who reject Apples dictatorial ways things may change again - for the better.

If anyone is offended, please accept my apologies.
I just though a comment was in order.




Nice Post LawAbidingCitizen, you summed it up well.
The reason we don't like apple is because apple controls what you can and can not do on the product.
That is one of the reasons i am ditching the iphone. Pardon me, I mean the icrap.
If apple products were more open (like support flash) then they will have a lot more customers.
By the way i am quite enjoying the SGS 2 and the android platform.

Thank you,




you worry bout things that dont even matter like 1GHZ n 1.2GHZ processor there both fast ! n Double the RAM.. YOU DONT EVEN USE HALF THE RAM TO USE DOUBLE !

The Iphone is running IOS (ONLY FOR IPHONE DEVICES)
Samsung Galexy II is running ANROID (FOR ANY SMART PHONE)


IOS is still winning and growing and you cant compete with it

Thank You :)



thanks for all the input peoples, i couldnt decide between the iphone or the samsung. Now I know its the samsung :)



it all comes down to simplicity...iphone clearly wins. this was a very bias article i think. there are plenty of things that the iphone has that the galaxy s2 can not even begin to dream of. sure there are some things that the android has over the iphone but they are the things that dont really make the phone remarkable, only SLIGHTLY more capable in that area. i have used both phones in depth and i would recommend the iphone to anybody anyday



Iphone is my first sweet love, always in my heart, nothing could change that ! Keep innovate !



I have had 3 iPhones and absolutely loved them. I'm ready to get a new phone and can't decide between the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 4 or do I wait for the iPhone 5?? I am not that technically minded, but basically I use it for calls, msgs, some games but very few and above all my music! Can someone please tell me how simple a Galaxy is to use??



It is so funny to read all the Mac evangelists comments. Over and over I read that ANY article that puts ANY phone ahead of iCrap is BIASED. Come on trolls. You can do better than that............LOL. If the article said iCrap was better, the response would be.......Great article......ROFLMAO. Nothing but blind loyalty to an outdated phone. And even IF the iPhone was superior (which it is CLEARLY NOT) I would never buy an iPhone because I would be in the company of IDIOTS.



No matter what the specs are, if you want a phone that is locked to apples



Once again more examples showing that Apple devotees a just like many groups of people - that just follow blindly without reason or logic! Just like sheep & the religious militants who roam the surface of this planet!!



the galaxy looks really nice. though can anyone tell me which phone fairs better when dropped. i can be a bit clumsy sometimes :S



in what respect is iphone screen is better? The "perfect" optometrical resolution/screen size is 640x360px on a 3.6" screen as it yields exactly 203 ppi. Dpi Ppi calculator Apple uses old TFT there is nothing wrong with it it just old technology and nothing to hype around that it it innovative.



I am interested in learning if there is any benefits if using an Iphone if you use mac computers, compared to the galaxy 2, I have been an android user and never used my phone with my computer.

I have never used a iphone. I have been around them and found that I like bigger screen, and I have had bad battery life with my evo, really bad its orig evo.

Your thoughts feedback?



Iphone, user friendly for closed minded ppl...

Droid, massive opportunities for customization and tinkering and fun. for a real tech lover. get Droid ftw



Well considering how many iphones seem to be stuffing up and being sent in to shops for repairs id say a galaxy, had mine for year and its never gave me problems



Have the iphone 4 as a work phone have the Galaxy S11 as a personal phone much prefer the Samsung Galaxy S11

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