Nintendo 3DS vs. Sony NGP (PSP 2): specs and features

Which is the best new console for portable gamers: the Nintendo 3DS or Sony NGP (PlayStation Portable 2)

The Nintendo 3DS at its Australian launch party.

The Nintendo 3DS at its Australian launch party.

With Nintendo's Australian 3DS launch only a few days away on March 31, we thought we'd give you a quick refresher on it, and the device that's going to be its main rival for the next little while — the Sony Next Generation Portable, or NGP. That's the official name for the next-gen handheld console from Sony that everyone was calling the PlayStation Portable 2.


Read our preview of the Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS is an evolution of the Nintendo DSi, DS Lite, original DS — despite a bit of extra processing grunt it's still a dual-screen handheld gaming console, with a touchscreen down the bottom and a set of thumb-friendly controls. The big difference is the top 3.5in LCD screen, which achieves an autostereoscopic 3D effect — you don't need any 3D glasses to see it, and you can control the intensity with a side-mounted slider. To be honest, the only other big difference is the addition of an analog joystick.

Check out the unveiling of the Sony NGP.

The Sony NGP is a big step up from the original PlayStation Portable and its revisions. It's got plenty of processing power, and graphics performance that's purported to be on par with the Sony PlayStation 3. Its 5in, 960x544pixel touchscreen display uses OLED — like the screen of Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone, though we're hoping it's even closer to the Sony XEL-1 — so we're expecting excellent clarity, contrast and viewing angles. Battery life for such a powerful machine is a worry, though.

The NGP definitely excites us more when it comes to hardware. We did like the 3D effect from the Nintendo 3DS, but we expect it'll largely be a gimmick that doesn't add a great deal of playability to games. The NGP's superior power should allow for more versatility in game design, as well as the advantage of nicer graphics — yes, we're shallow, but we think nice graphics do improve an already-good game.


The Nintendo 3DS has front- and rear-facing cameras, though they can only take 640x480pixel photos — which makes them little more than a gimmick. The cameras' potential for augmented reality gaming is interesting, though. It uses the same game cartridge as earlier DS models so there's a massive back catalog to play through. Download Play will also be available for Game Boy and Game Boy Classic games, as well as DSiWare games in the future, via the Nintendo 3DS's integrated wireless networking.

The NGP is the undisputed leader in features — it can do augmented reality as well, it has two touch control surfaces, and two analog joysticks — with one critical exception. It won't be able to use the PSP's old UMD format, leaving dedicated Sony fanboys out in the lurch — instead, Sony is opting for a new flash memory-based format. Don't let this get you down, though — the NGP will have Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi which should make it as versatile as a smartphone when it comes to getting hold of games off the Net.


We're going to talk about games offerings in a separate article, so this comparison is just down to hardware and included features. The Sony NGP is clearly superior, as long as you discount the 3DS's 3D screen. It's more powerful, has a larger screen and a more accomplished control interface. We wouldn't be surprised if it was twice the price of the $349 Nintendo 3DS, though.

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Campbell Simpson

Campbell Simpson

Good Gear Guide




the 3DS is 250$
and i agree: the ngp is much better
but if sony listhens to ubisoft, it will have the same price as the 3DS



alot of people think buying the 3G model is pointless, but I dont care if it has a bigger price tag, the 3G model is good for me cause i dont even have a phone, lol it's like sony designed the NGP just for me. as for the 3DS, hmm can't really say i never was a nintendo fan but i think the 3D hype weres off pretty quick, that could be a problem when the main gimmick is something not every gamer is into



I think it is 350 for Austrilua...



Nice article.....not.
3ds has a tad more than a bit of processing power, it can run cry engine, unreal engine, mt framework, and more.
Another stupidly biased article from pc world.



The name NGP is a code name, and is not the official name for it. and this was already mentioned but yeah the 3ds price is $250. I'm going to probably buy the NGP straight away, as long as it doesn't come out on the same date as Skyrim. And @Roy the CPU of the 3ds isn't really that great. From what I hear it runs at most at 400Mhz.



The NGP is reported to retail at $250 (US) Wifi model and $350 Wifi & 3G model.

So, pricing pretty similar to 3DS, but hardware and capability miles ahead of it...



the 3DS is much better. portable gaming in 2D is a thing of the past, and sony is as usual unoriginal and boring,



I can confirm that the 3DS processor runs at lowest 800MHz and can be up clocked to 1GHz. All of this power goes on games. None on running the OS. That is separate.
Also the CPU is dual cored Arm/Nintendo 11 with integrated PICA lite meastro extention by DMP and 4MB of video ram.
I have helped with debugging Rayman 3D.
The 3DS is very powerfull. It is more capeable than the wii could ever hope to be, and out paces the PSP on a scale of 6:1

The NGP (two of our teams now working on NGP) is very powerfull and the underside touch panel is great, this has a quad core arm 9 CPU with a separate GPU.

From tests my collegues are saying the NGP only just beats the 3DS and that all games from Febuary 2012 are multiplatform releases on both 3DS and NGP from Ubisoft.
NGP resolution is higher and the chips are not new, 3DS resolution is a lot lower and has a 'next gen' chip.

NGP is almost as good looking as a PS3.
3DS is almost as good as the NGP and looks like nothing you have ever seen in your life.

We love the 3DS. Our main focus through 2011 to 2013 will be on 3DS.



Wow, well it's safe to assume the last two comments were the work of your average Nintendo Fanboys. First off, by saying the 3D automatically makes games better is ridiculous, it's the same concept as 3D making movies better, which we all know doesn't. 3D is just a gimmick that is suckering people in to buy the product while in reality it really doesn't make any of the launch titles better. Second, it's stupid to assume that the 3DS is almost as powerful as the NGP based on the specs we have currently. If Nintendo came out and said that the 3DS was just ad powerful, it'd be confirmed, but just assuming that based on a few tests and current specs, nothing is certain at this point.



Honestly, I've never been too into handhelds cuz I don't see a point in having a crappier version of a home console, but the 3DS looks to provide a new experience altogether. And if the NGP has graphics that are close to a ps3 on a much smaller screen, then I don't see the point in getting it, it would just feel dissapointing...



I want both but I'm more interested in 3d
@Andy if 3d is so gimmicky then I suppose high resolution is a gimmick to since it only improves clarity and yet high definition are the. Norm



3Ds is just a huge graphics booster for the ds franchise. Nothing else can be changed in gameplay. They just put a joystick right over the d-pad which makes no diffrence in gameplay except for those of square enix's Kingdom hearts and some other rpg games. NGP has so much new to offer to gameplay. Touch screen, back touch pad, dual joysticks, 3G, and with titles named like Call of Duty, Killzone, Uncharted, and Monster Hunter, you can expect great things.



3Ds is just a huge graphics booster. The only change they have added to gameplay is a joystick that is right above the d-pad. Only rpg games, like Kingdom Hearts can be affected by this. Everything else is just a boost in graphics, which is the one problem with some companies these days. NGP has dual joysticks, touch screen, back touch pad, 3G, and release titles like Call of Duty, Killzone, Monster Hunter, Uncharted, and Little Big Planet. If NGP is 250$ for the wi-fi version then with out a doubt be better than the 3Ds.



I have 3G and I HATE it. It's slow, unsecure, and for gaming it's 10 times worse. I haven't gotten to try 4G yet which supposively is 10 times better, so maybe i'll think about it if they relesae a 4G because that's supposed to be taking over soon. But other than that I'm not paying the extra for it.



i want a ngp soooooooooooooobaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddd



Typical PC World with a biased comparison. Nice graphics are all good, but when it comes to innovative design the 3DS is miles ahead of the NGP. Coming from a non biased gamer who owns both a DS and a PSP. I spent much more time and had much more fun on my DS than I did on my PSP. Don't take that wrong, I'm gonna be buying both the 3DS and NGP because they are both amazing and have some amazing games in the pipeline!



i dont get why people even compare the two while the3ds is cool its still just a childs toy. The ngp will be more powerful and will have more to offer than most tablet pcs. as far as the 3d sony already uses a better version of glasses free 3d on there digital cameras and depending on how well it works out for nintendo they will probably add 3d to the ngp slim in a year or 2 since they've already stated that they cut the 3d feature to help keep the price down.

Steven Z


Anybody who says the 3DS is 'powerful' (or, even more ridiculously, more powerful than -- or as powerful as) the NGP is clearly delusional. As far as we can tell, the 3DS runs on a single-core processor and is just slightly more powerful than the PSP. By contrast, the NGP runs on a quad-core beast of a processor (which is guaranteed to run at at least 1 GHz and at just under 2 GHz). I don't see any competition between the two on the hardware aspect. As for the 3D effect itself, ALL of the review sites that have given the 3DS a whirl admit that the 3D does NOT add much at all to gameplay, but it is nice eye candy. And if (according @Ubisnooby) the NGP uses 'chips that are not new', then why does the iPad 2 use the same chip? In this new console war, I only see innovation existing in its highest form in the NGP. And I am NOT a Sony fanboy. My first consoles were Gameboys (both the Color and the Advance SP), and they were my favorites up until I got a DS Lite. Once I got my DS Lite, I couldn't put it down until I discovered PS3 and PSP. Don't get me wrong; I think both the NGP and the 3DS will be exceptional handhelds, but I just feel that the NGP wins against the 3DS in almost every aspect. Now it just all depends on the games...and from what I've heard about the NGP lineup VS the 3DS lineup, it's pretty close. However, the 3DS has mediocre launch titles, while the NGP has a more impressive (if somewhat sparse, but that's to be expected; it was only announced a few months ago) launch lineup (CoD, Uncharted, Killzone, and other flagship titles).



Honestly I have always had trouble seeing the point of the psp....and now the ngp. Yes the graphics are amazing but why would I want to spend a lot of money on a system that is probably going to focus on the same games my ps3 can play...and how is adding a touch screen and "touch pad" adding anything to gaming? It's been done by the iPhone and for cheaper and with more functionality while the npg will become a brick after an hour of play time. Yes the 3ds isn't as superior in graphics but the "underpowered system" will more than make up the difference with experience, and new and innovative games as well as games that only come to that system. Why would I pay 250 for a npg when I can get a xbox360 for 200 with all the same games and experiences on a large screen...I've always found that on a little screen all that matters is quality of games, and I started on the good old fashioned game boy( not color) and have just as much fun with those games as I do with the games now offered on the ds and soon 3ds.



I don't see how anyone can say that the 3ds is going to have a better gaming experience compared to the NGP. The NGP has better controls and a multitouch screen designed to be used by a human hand, not a stylus. The single analog stick of the 3ds only pushes it to the tech level of the psp1000.



Okay, if both of them 3Ds and NGP (wi-fi model) are both 250$ then NGP is a clear cut winner. It has a lot more features. By the way the graphics thing is to play games that are nearly as good as main console games on the go. You can play call of duty at a train station waiting for your train or trying to kill time by making something new on your Little Big Planet, by the way the touch screen is not only to compete with the 3Ds touch screen but so it can complete the app feature. It supposedly will have apps to. The thing has gps, cameras on front and back. The Nintendo 3Ds is just what the wii tried to do. It was a kid rated cheap console that brought something new. Now that Xbox and PS3 have the motion handled down (and better done I might add) the wii is in all ways completely inferior. When a portable console is better than the companies main console its pretty pathetic. The 3Ds is a cheap kids toy. The NGP is your newest center of media..



To say the 3DS is a cheap kids toy is ridiculous. Since when does something that costs $250 a cheap kids toy. That might be considered cheap to you, but for a majority of people thats actually expensive. Considering the original DS cost about $150-170 when it first launched (i dont remember exactly but am sure it was in that range), the 3DS costs roughly $100 more.

As all of you have been making comparisons between these two handhelds, i myself find it difficult to compare the two right now. the 3DS is only just making its way into peoples hands, and the NGP still has a number of months ahead before it does the same. We also have no idea how games will play and incorporate these new touch screens on the NGP. Another things is games, I mean the 3DS has a terrible launch lineup in my opinion, but we KNOW whats coming, and whats coming are some triple A titles. Zelda, Star Fox, Mario, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, etc. Now i'm not sure whats been announced for the NGP, but its gona have to have a strong launch lineup as the 3DS will have had the advantage of being on the market a few months ahead of it. Its all about a market share, and if the 3DS runs away with it, it will get the games and vice a versa for the NGP. For example i recently wanted to get a portable call of duty, so i looked into black ops for my psp since it has the analog stick, well no, its not available but it is on the DS. that i tell is because the DS has the market share. if the numbers remain relatively close, then im sure we'll see alot of titles released on both 3DS and NGP.

Anyway i'm excited for both new handhelds, and try and hold off on any comparisons until we have more information on games and controls and market share for each.



okay ngp is no good cuz its just mocking the 3ds sony and microsoft just copied Nintendo with its motion interface and btw the 3ds can play original ds titles and there is a vast array of Ds titiles and psp doesnt have as much



@shadow Ah shadow, the lack of propper english and grammar is your first fault. Second, pointing fingers at who stole ideas from who is pointless, if you want something more original, make it yourself. All companies copy ideas from others hoping to improve on another company's previous flaws, hopefully drawing in more customers. So in the end, we as customers win by getting better overall products. And by the way, all previous psp games and ps1 games will be availible on NGP.

@koolaidman Do you understand the definiton of a gimmick? High resolution screens add something to gaming, offering more detail and color for better quality games. The 3D on the 3DS does not improve anything in gameplay in the end, it doesn't give better controls or improve graphical capability. It just strains your eyes and leaves you in 2D mode. It doesn't even have consistancy amoung games, some look good with it while others looked terrible. I have a driod, I see the improvements of a high resolution screen, last time I saw a movie in 3D, which was Toy Story 3, it didn't improve anything in the viewing experience.



I keep hearing that the Sony NGP will be able to play ps1 and psp games.What about ps2 games??



Well i really think the new psp is better ,but it depends on what kind of games u like to play
i like to play pokemon games and that's why i bought the 3DS, but the psp doesn't have pokemon games



Honestly, both are a disappointment.

Nintendo has the cool 3D and whatnot, but the battery life completely kills whatever appeal it has, also the graphics are a bit gritty and the lack of high quality resolution makes it less appealing. Graphics may be a little better than the PSP but probably not by that much.

The NGP's claim is out of control, basing all of its "innovation" on more features. Yeah, it has TWO joysticks and TWO touchscreens, does that really make it better? Sony just upped the graphics capability and gave it more gizmos. It's essentially a portable PS3 which most likely has a terrible battery. (Actually, I'm just ticked off by this incredibly biased review)

I hate to say it, but they're gonna lose to Apple's f--king iPhone.



Are you gonna start a war just to see which is better?
I bet Sony/Nintendo wouldn't want that.



I would just like to point out that the review said that If we discount th 3d screen the npg is better how does that make sense?



NGP=the best console ever|! It looks cool, is an absoulete powerhouse, and the games rule! Little Big Planet, Uncharted, Little Deviants,etc. It will rock!



There is no unbiased review in the whole universe, with the exception of a certain FFXIII review (look it up). Any time somebody says "I/We think", "I/We believe", or "IMO", then it's biased. Period. You want an unbiased review? Here it is:

3DS Adds:
A parralax-barrier system that functions like 3D;
A Circle Pad;
Another camera on the outside;
Extendable Stylus;
Augmented Reality;
More Graphic and Processing Power (than DS);
New Games

NGP (PSP2) Adds:
Another Analog Stick;
A Touch-sensitive OLED Screen;
A Rear Touch-Pad;
More Graphic and Processing Power;
Six-Axis Controls;
3G (in some cases);
GPS Functionality;
New Games.

The 3DS is the next DS system, coming after the DSi XL.
The NGP is the next PSP system, coming after the PSPgo.
That's all.



'Why? Console Comparing lol' [what's the point]. its just a new generation game console...
I obviously don't care whats the best... i like 3DS cos iv'e always love nintendo =] & plus 3DS its not just a kid's toy ... it can be for anyone... get your facts right for those who said, '3DS is a kid's toy'




Just a heads up, but the 3DS also is motion sensitive, it has a gyro sensor.

and that is true, there is almost no unbiased reviewers anywhere. somebody wants a true comparison, do it yourself and look up things you want to know, not what some web blogging idiot says. I will really love to get a 3DS within this year, but until I get my job, that's a big N O. i'm contained with the DSi. now, I just can't wait to see what Nintendo does with the 3D videos playback and record function. Forget the handhelds XD I wonder what everyone is gonna do for their next-gen home consoles, that's one thing I truely can't wait to see.



ngp is grate but the ds just has 3d and that doesnt make it better it depends on grafics fuctions and game play ill be honest i want both but i like ngp better and tecknolegy
is grate on both 3ds and ngp but ngp has better grafics and games but ds doesnt have a lot of good games and 3d might strain your eyes if you play it to long so ngp wins



I have to agree this is definately a biased article. The NGP is stated as a clear winner and step above the PSP but the supplied evidence is based on greater performance, which is the very thing that is shrugged off for the 3DS:

"...plenty of processing power, and graphics performance that's purported to be on par with the Sony PlayStation 3. Its 5in, 960x544pixel touchscreen display uses OLED..."

I think the rear touchscreen on the NGP is no doubt an interesting feature, but what does this really offer gameplay beyond distorting terrain to move a ball? It's just as much a gimicky feature as the 3D screen which like all entertainment 3D technology is purely for immersion and eye-candy and 3D is definately the direction all games will eventually move. Could you imagine the Elder Scrolls; games that are all about eye-candy and immersion; in 3D? It would be nothing short of spectacular.

Once the gimick wears off there needs to be something solid to keep the customer buying games which for the 3DS will be immersion and for the NGP it seems will be versatility. However I also don't understand the need for many of the features in the NGP, it seems like the same approach was taken with pretty much all of Sony's products; more is more. The power they've put into the NGP almost seems wasted on a small screen, unless you look at it with a magnifying glass why does the resolution need to be so high?

But in the end the hardware is just a means of driving entertainment and there is no solid link between hardware and enjoyment. It's up to the developpers to utilise the technology they're given in the way that best exploits its strengths.



How is the 3D gimmicky? I agree, it might seem that way as 3D movies are just bull. But the auto-stereoscopic 3D for the 3DS just adds an entirely new level of gaming. It adds depth to the game. Not just the things popping out of the screen ( and when well done, is really awkward when something in 3D is flying at your face and it gets too close and your like what the heck 
it's so awkward it flew to close to may face and wow. (( like in Pilot wings when you hit a tree the leafs just make it awkward))) But you feel like you can just stick your Hand into the 3DS's screen and feel what's going on. Of course the NGP looks like a god at this point,  but it has a bunch of unnecessary power put into it. I mean, every game on the NGP isnt gonna stress the graphics chip, use all the freaking power of the quad core processor for every game!  Odds are that one out of every 50 of the games that come out for the NGP will be a time where the quad-core processor will be of use. Yes, Nintendo is trying to squeeze as much from the 3DS as possible until the NGP comes out ( have you seen those commercials every 2 seconds? Even when their not advertising street fighter, you ALWAYS SEE that the 3DS is sponsoring some show) but they should. It's a great piece of hardware, with an all around good capabilities ( except the AR and the 3D cameras).  But, in all, think about this, the NGP has more power right? What exactly does that mean? I'm talking to the retards who don't know crap about hardware and think that just because it has a stupid quad processor, it can turn into a jet like some transformer. honestly, it has nothing to do with lag because every game designed for a system won't lag( excluding a few console games and anything that has to do with online)

Hoggle boggle


Ok seriously? Does 3D or better resolution do anything to the gaming experience?  Are you thinking about graphics or 3D when your totally ass-deep in a great game? people who have played ocarina of time recently will be the ones to understand this. That game has bad N64 graphics, and yet it's still popular. It's still a good game. of course the graphics and the fact it's not in 3D ( lol I can't only trash on graphics ) bothered me at first, but when your completely in the game, completely subdued of your sorroundings, you don't even know your playing a game and it feels that you are in the game, and your NOT thinking about the graphics or the fact it's not popping out at your face! That's what Nintendo has. GOOD GAMES. A huge variety of games, from RPGs to racing to just about everything else. the NGP Mostly focuses on shooters, like it's bigger brother, the PS3. Also, when I buy a portable gaming device, I would like to PLAY IT WHEN IT'S NOT PLUGGED IN. But, that's the problem with the NGP and 3DS. why the hell do I care if it's portable if I can't leave my house for more than 2 hours without It dieing and taking another 4 hours to charge. Honestly, Sony and Nintendo have been so caught up with adding so much stuff we don't need that they have forgotten what the hell "portable" means. But I do respect Sony and Nintendo in the gaming community, but Microsoft not so much. gfto microsoft and go back to computers. They don't even have a handheld, yet the Xbox360 beat the PS3 and Wii In console sales. That makes me mad. Also, I might add that I have bought the 3DS and will buy the NGP when it comes out. The 3DS is a good handheld. When it comes down to it, the 3DS is exceptional in quality with a few drawbacks ( awful battery life, terrible cameras, and the reverse ds and dsi playback is very bad at the moment. ds games look even worse on the 3DS as the screen is much higher resolution. I'm not sure if it's a hardware or software issues, I just hope Nintendo will fix it, and not completly bail on us and make something up the like the 3DS XL MEGA ULTMIATE HANDHELD) Over all, it's not really a matter of "having the next big thing" but really what you prefer. ( and don't judge on those really simple things like the graphics or 3D. Because it seems nice at first, but after awhile it gets old and you get used to it). Try to go by other means, like games and third-party softwares. Another thing, this paragraph was only suppose to be 3 sentences, but this came out.  



Yeah, I knew about the gyroscope and accelerometer thing. I leave little details out to see how many people react by saying "Aww, you left out ___! You're such a bad person!" It's like a hobby, I guess.
As to home consoles... I really don't know. The next Nintendo system will (maybe) add something cool like the motion sensor of Wii, while the PS4 thing will add lightning-fast computing with, like, a 200-core processor or something and the new catchphrase will be "It only does everything better than anything else, and then some". The Xbox 720? I could care less.

ngp sucks


i just think that the ngp suck i am a huge fan of nintendo and 3d i think is the next generation portable not 2d like psp2 or ngp or however you want to call it so be realistic ngp sucks



@npg sucks

I agree.
I know right ... how long does sony have to figure out touch screen on a portable system lol.
And the other touch screen (well touch pad or whatever) on the back of the npg is awkward? what happens when puting fingers everywhere on the back of the npg when playing something...? so weird... so like... what's the point...

NeeK DiamonZ


but at the end of the day which is going to sell more?
all you dudes talk about getting the ngp but why everyone sound so hesistant on the price? i dont see fans i see suckers, they feeding everyone with this 3g and good graphics but what good games are they going to have and i dont want to see re makes of games thats on every system i want to see some classics get remade for the portable system but they not going to make it for the ngp cause they know no one going to buy it they playing safe. watch what the 3ds has in stored keep sleeping on that system



@ngp sucks
Yeah, the ngp sucks because you like 3D. That seems like a perfectly rational statement, and definitely proves the 3DS is better.

The article just compares the two systems, it doesn't say "The NGP will win" or "The 3DS will win". It's just pointing out the comparative features of the two systems, and that's all.



I have 2 give it 2 the 3ds.I'm a total god when it comes 2 gaming and I'm only 10 years old! The best features u ask? Gyro scope sensor 3d camera AR and the shop
psp is an ass!



I don't know why everyone is making a big out of this. They are both great systems. I recently got a 3DS and I absolutely love it! The graphics are NOT terrible, why does everyone say they are? It's a freaking handheld!! Nintendo has the market share advantage,too. The 3DS has a 3D screen and camera!!! The NGP is pretty awesome, but the PS3 and it are exactly the same! The 3DS has different games than the Wii, so you are getting more for your money. 3G, better graphics, faster, whatever!! The 3Ds and the NGP are two different systems, dont rule out the 3Ds just yet.

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