Five things we hate about the Samsung Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II may be the best Android smartphone on the market, but it isn't perfect

Samsung's Galaxy S II Android phone

Samsung's Galaxy S II Android phone

Here at PC World Australia we go by the motto "nothing is perfect". A great example of us putting this into practice is Samsung's Galaxy S II — a phone that is widely regarded by experts as the best Android smartphone yet, and perhaps even the best smartphone on the market, period.

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Even though we think Samsung has produced the best Android smartphone ever, the Galaxy S II is not immune from criticism. It does have a brilliant screen, a fast processor and a great camera, and also offers blazing performance for almost anything you throw at it, but there are a few niggling aspects that we don't like.

After playing with the Galaxy S II for over two weeks, here are five things we hate about Samsung's latest flagship Android phone.

That flimsy battery cover

We absolutely LOVE the Galaxy S II's slim profile and light weight, but Samsung simply needs to do better with the quality of its materials. We don't consider the frame of the phone itself to be flimsy despite its plastic build, but the rear battery cover definitely detracts from the overall feel of the device.

The carbon-like finish does provide a solid grip when held, but the cover is a chore to remove, and even tougher to click back into place. In fact, the first time we had to remove it we almost broke it — such is the flimsy feel of the plastic. In comparison to the iPhone 4's all-metal body, the Galaxy S II definitely feels inferior in this regard.

Galaxy S II The Galaxy S II's battery cover feels flimsy.

A missing notification LED

Many Android phones make use of a handy notification LED that flashes when you have a missed call, an incoming text or an e-mail. Often, these can be colour coded to work with various apps — for example you can make the LED flash red when you have a missed call, and green when you have a new text message and so forth.

Samsung has not included a notification LED on the Galaxy S II, which is an annoyance, especially given that the screen doesn't automatically power on for all notifications. Sure, the message and missed call notifications on the home screen that allow you to swipe directly into call logs (for missed calls) and your inbox (for new messages) are handy, but these aren't adequate replacements for a notification LED.

No physical camera key

The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the best camera phones we've tested, perhaps surpassed only by the exceptional Nokia N8 (which happens to be a poor smartphone on the whole). The 8-megapixel camera also doubles as a full HD 1080p video recorder, and the quality of videos produced is exceptional for a phone. It’s a shame then that Samsung has not included a physical camera button, which would make it easier to take photos and capture video. The on-screen shutter button works well enough, but the thin design of the Galaxy S II makes it hard to keep still when holding with two hands — often the first one or two seconds of videos are shaky.

Galaxy S II The lack of a physical camera button makes holding the Galaxy S II still a little tough.

Samsung TouchWIZ UI

The Samsung Galaxy S II features Samsung's TouchWIZ 4.0 UI overlay on top of the standard Android interface. Though this really comes down to personal taste, we aren't huge fans of TouchWIZ. In particular, the default lock screen is slow to slide and feels sluggish on such a top-end phone, the TouchWIZ home screens don't scroll as fast as we'd like, and the screen does not wake instantly when unlocked. You also can't automatically sort the icons in the main menu, though you can move them around manually. In addition, we found little value in the four Samsung software hubs: the social hub, readers hub, game hub and music hub. Of these, the readers hub (which integrates electronic newspapers, books and magazines) is the most useful. We prefer using separate apps to social hub (which groups social networking, e-mail and IM accounts), the music hub is a music service not yet available in Australia (but coming at a later date), and the games hub simply searches for and lists compatible games in the Android Market — hardly groundbreaking stuff.

Call quality and volume

Believe it or not, behind the Galaxy S II's dual-core processor, brilliant display and quality camera is a device that makes and receives phone calls. While call quality is above average, the Galaxy S II could use some improvement in this regard. The volume of the regular earpiece for calls needs a boost, and our callers did sometimes complain they couldn't hear us too well when we were talking softly. We found you need to speak directly into the built-in microphone at the base of the phone to get the best outgoing audio quality.

In addition, the built-in loudspeaker is relatively loud and clear for phone calls, but the speaker is located in an awkward position; placing the Galaxy S II on a flat surface covers it. The loudspeaker also distorts during audio playback at about 70 per cent volume and higher.

Keep an eye out later this week where we will discuss five things we love about the Galaxy S II — because we aren't always grumpy and negative.

What do you love and hate about the Samsung Galaxy S II? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World


galaxy s owner


Does it have a led flash? I picked up a Galaxy S on a great bundle a week ago (I don't feel ripped off). But there is no flash!



Yes,it does have LED flash =),not dual led though



To be honest, I don't buy any of these arguments. Even about the "filmsy" back cover, there are others who love its flexbility, texture and lightness.



Solve the no notification LED problem by using the App NoLED. Its free from the market and turns your screen into a LED notification. It uses very little battery, includes a tasker plugin and a widget to turn the service on and off and has lots of options to play around with.



And solve the Touchwiz problem by using WidgetLocker to change your lock screen and another launcher (ADW, Launcher Pro etc)



apple sucks,and apple lovers are big suckers



Wow, they are really digging here. Honestly, the only one I see that worries me is the lack of LED notification light, but as the other poster said, it can be remedied with an app.

This phone is going to blow everything else out of the water.



Its actually quite difficult to get the back cover off. Its ultra flexible. Its not the sort of thing that shatters when dropped. I don't really see the point of this article.

Ross Catanzariti



I know about the NoLED app (using it myself actually) and also about other launchers, but I am purely judging from an out of the box perspective.

We are not "digging" - we will be publishing another feature on five things we love very soon. I still think this is the best phone on the market, but it is not perfect.



@bogey23 - I don't care if they are digging. I'm very keen to get one of these but want to be fully informed before I do. To that end I want to hear the negatives as well as the positives. I think I can judge for myself what is material and what isn't.



i quite like the plastic backing on phones, keeps them lighter than the metallic counterparts.

although i absolutely agree that it could do with status LED's!

i also wish samsung would get rid of that stupid little groove on the backside of the phone so it could sit flat on the table!

Greased Up Deaf Guy


who cares if the back isn't metal like the iPhone? The SGS2 weights less and feels better to hold too!!! The back may feel flimsy when its off, but how often do you really need it off anyway? I actually prefer it to my old Omnia 7's metal back and it is HEAPS lighter!!! the SGS2 is the best phone ever made without a doubt... Apple have got their work cut out to make something as good as this VERY soon!!!!!!!



Are any of you having trouble with the phone freezing??

Mine seems to do it quite constantly now. moments ago it froze and wouldn't even turn off i had to take out the battery.. I have only had it for maximum of a month, i took it back to where i brought it from (all phones) and they just told me i need to download an app cleaner and the new softwear...

Granted i haven't yet downloaded the new softwear but i fail to see how that would affect the phone freezing??

other than that i love the phone...



I'll be the judge of what I consider to be important information. I want to hear all the negatives people have before I spend hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone.

As someone who has primarily used a BlackBerry, I am sick of loose/flimsy/difficult battery covers. The lack of a notification LED is most troubling. I can't say for the life of me how many times I have seen the red blinking light on my blackberry and know I have a text/bbm/missed call.

As for the camera button, this could be an issue. Some phones allow you to program other keys for camera etc. I'd rather see Samsung do that that unnecessarily add buttons.

Brian Paul


Great title to your article. Too many people focusing on the hype of this phone. Here's what I don't like:


2) Samsung constantly makes promises it can't deliver.
a) SII phone was to be realesed in March.
b) Froyo promised to (SI) but delivered 6 months later
c) No Gingerbread yet to (SI) Sammy promised it April

3) Galaxy S 4G? This is the same phone as the Galaxy S only tweaked to add front facing video and HSPA+. Both should have been delivered with the original phone.

4) Galaxy SII still no official release date and accessory providers offer more insight into possible variations across carriers than Sammy.

I think Samsung is having troubles negotiating contracts with carriers on the new SII and that's the real holdup, why isn't anyone looking into their delays?

All that being said, I think Samsung is top of android class above and beyond HTC and others and I can't wait to pick up the new SII. However, wait much longer and their new phone won't be the best in the class, for now it's all hype in the U.S.



Silly what some people want, a flashing LED really? None of my last 5 phones had it and I don't miss it.

Flimsy back cover, I agree with the other poster, how often do you take the cover off?!?

Dedicated camera button? Do you really take that many pictures with your phone? In any event it can't be as bad as the iPhone camera!

Sound quality, well I rarely ever use my phone without a headset so this is a minor annoyance.

Samsung UI, never used it so I can only say that all UI's suck; the biggest reason people unlock the iPhone is so they can modify the UI. So hopefully there are alternative UI's for the GSII



I received mine on the 1st of June. So glad to be rid of my iphone, itunes and Apple. The thing I don't like is it's pc interface Kies. Does anybody know of any different programs that will work

Rob N


My girlfriend has got one of these phones and I'm majorly jealous. I can safely say Ross is digging for issues here... given the small things he "hates", you can see it's pretty awesome.

I was hanging out for the iPhone 5 but I'm growing tired of Apple's restrictive approach. Looks like I'm going to jump to the Android camp for one of these babys.



how about the GPS? the chipset in the first Galaxies was inaccurate

Homayoon 94


Hello everyone
really nice phone gonna buy it in a few weeks but nothing is perfect so galaxy s II problems i think may occur:
1.not so fine build quality(material used) could be better not financial enough to buy 694.99$ is so much is said that memory card is placed under battery so phone must be turned off in order to change memory capture is not 60fps it is 30fps but still enough does not have exmorer sensor as in se arc
6.galaxy s was aerodynamic so you cant use it while you are in a jet turned on cause it will fall down

Roy Sudhir


Generally speaking any Samsung/LG/korean designed device is more about style then substance. Nearly every foray into consumer devices has been an above average but flawed exercise. The broadstrokes are there, but they always manage to disappoint in the finer detials. They are really good with more simple devices, e.g. screens, tvs, dvd players but anything else is always an eventual disappointment and reliability is always an issue. Kind of like their economy really. Never quite makes it to the sophistication of Japan or the size of China. Tries hard, but for whatever reason never quite makes it.



its a touchscreen phone why do u need a separate camera button then. are you still stuck in a rut? end of the year we probably see quad core smartphones already and you are still moaning about wanting a separate camera button? why so square minded

secondly...less mechanism, less one thing to be broken. if the camera button has problem, u will hv to send it to service centre where it stays there a day or two which you probably die to part with your monster phone so there is actually good reason.

thirdly, on screen shutter induse less shakes as compared to physically press the separate camera button, make sense? not enough? end of the year we're going to see quad core smartphones already and you are still moaning about a separate camera button, dont be a baby.

and u think it's difficult to on screen shoot a picture with a GS2? have u seen ppl shoot picture with ipad and galaxy tab? how about 800g dslr and u r complaining 116g hard to take picture? i think u just lack the skill that i have.



the phone is suppose to be a full touchscreen phone ! I'm surprised it still have button! what is this, a semi-manual phone?!



Semi-manual? u mean twin-clutch is it? I thought the GS2 is fully automatic? I think the Sensation is a Better Phone in term of overall user experience. :)



Re a separate camera button: I put the camera and video camera icons on my home screen so that they are immediately available. Works great.

Curlwurly: Try DejaOffice instead of Kies. Works great.



I REALLY want this phone. I now have a Samsung Vibrant, which is very similar to the Galaxy S II. I am drooling for this phone. I sure hope T-Mobile gets it.



iphone might be perfect for u apple lover dude... :P galaxy s II is 99% perfect.. all it needs is a bigger battery life that u could hav wrote.. but the battery it has got is 1650mah .. quite large.. and if they give it a larger capacity battery it wont be the slimmest and lightest smartphone till now... :D :D :D



Galaxy s2 is a great phone.not too mtch but better than iphone 4.bcause of its fast processing ,browing ,better camera,,,,so guyz don b stuck on camera key .be focus on galaxy camera performance ,,,jus buy it n chilllllll,i have galaxy sii n m in a great chillllll



I'm surprised you almost broke the battery cover....

Sounds like an altered truth to me



I have a Galaxy s II .....nothing comes close. Serious the i piffle 4 is old n slow compared to this ferrari .... The display is dazzling and you can see it in the sun. Thank goodness there is no separate camera button because when you use the touch screen there is less movement so better pix, takes excellent video in HD.

You can keep your ipiffle4 and your i tunes.. Go on to the android market get a mp3 download app and get your songs for free....



I agree to every single point. And I hereby adding another one: Samsung should really get rid of suppressing call recordings! Once you've received a call outside with getting some detailed informations like directions, article numbers, a series of appointments with having the chance of simply pressing ONE button to record the phone call, you'll never accept this function missing.

Samsung explains this policy with legal restrictions, which is true only for concealed recordings. Nevertheless the Samsung's support is impudent enough to do exactly this "Welcome to Samsung technical hotline. Some calls are recorded for training purposes. If you don't want to..."



such a stupid points, cover ?! , batteri sax like **** and you stick to cover?
Galaxy s2 battery is pothetic, it's such a shame that the phone wont work for one day with a full battery.
they are proud to make the slimmest phone ever while put no battery on it !



Aside from the 5 negative points I will have to agree on at least 3 of them. An addition to a feature which we have no control would be the call logs.

Yes you can go in the settings and change whatever you want to see logged. In my case I chose missed calls only. I gave it a test by calling my phone and leaving a message. Not only did it record a missed call but it also gave me a text notification of the call and a voicemail notification. I'm like...WOW! I made one call and got three notifications. I would hate to see if 20 people called me simultaneously.

So that's my biggest beef with the SGS2. It records every call, text, video, email, and whatever else all on the call log.

Annoying I must say.



Well as I've migrated from an iphone I saw a lot of similarities plus a lot of differences. The camera tweaking is great and smart and love the idea of external storage and access to the battery, what a nice feature.

Frantic peace


It has been my choice to have twitter sent to my phone through text messaging. The thing i do not like about my galaxy s2 is that when i am scrolling up my text messages from twitter reading the texts all of a sudden when i get a new text it drops down to the new one making it hard to read three olds ones if you keep getting new messages.



how the F do you get the back cover off without tearing your nails off?



I really hate the location of the power button of SGS2. Often times I would press it inadvertently, and at times would power off while in my pocket, presumably because the button is so easy to press. They should separate the power button, recessed and put it at the top.



I have both phones iphone4 & SGSii
I have to say the experience with SGS2 is fantastic compared to iphone. I loved the idea of having external memory, bigger screen with awesome display HD features, and most importantly how fast this device is! I wished for two things though, the battery life time to be longer I havent seen a difference between iphone and SGS2 knowing that I have been turning off all notifications and updates to , and also the device tempreture goes a lil bit high if used for longer than an hour or so.

afterall, yes this device is worth buying for USD 695 and you wont regret it



I've used all kind of phones from Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. This phone is the best in terms of speed, flexibility, camera, etc.

All these details written in this article are so minor to what the phone worth.

At the end of the day, if you know android, you can customize everything, even the UI. Get Go Launcher, with the related apps (Go Keyboard, contacts, etc) and you can have an amazing customized phone.

Can't wait for the next versions from SamSung



How is compatability in general with games? I've heard it crashes with most Gameloft games (obviously it won't work with Tegra 2 exclusives unless its rooted). But it has even has some problems with basic ones like Pocket Heroes.



First of all I would like to point a few details about the S2.
1/ Flimsy cover,, not that flimsy when you can bend it from side to side.,with out breaking it. Youtube for more details. ABS Plastic.
2/LED notifications.(Red, Green, Magenta), I bought a phone not a traffic light. There is loud sounds to download for hearing impair.
3/No physical button allocated for camera....Uhm, let me see.. once again I have purchased a top end Super smart Android mobile phone; Not a Fujitsu 100 megapixel digital camera. (instead Samsung has embedded a free None Fujitsu camera.).
4/Touch Wiz,, not up to top Notch?,,, uhmm is it "IOS"!!! to compare with Samsung?....widgets, and shortcuts.?. Do not think so, there are a vast collection on the Android market to fulfill any ones hearts desire.
5/Call quality?,,, I own three of the S2's and yet I do not have any problem with audio, or call quality, Unless if you suffer from some impair condition.
Overall I do hate criticism in this manner, when it is so simple to appreciate and admit that there is always something better yet to come.



Wow! We had to wait almost 4 month to see the first iDiot fanboy. Congrats, Suzuki! And the xenofobic detail of mentioning its Korean like something bad is just lovely. I urge you to go and look from where your iPhone's chip come from. Korea!? Samsung!? Oh, crap!



I have the original Captivate and use it for thousands of pics and hours of great 720 video!

This phone freezes up ALL the time forcing me to remove the battery (easy because of the design of the battery cover so why did they change it??)

It DOES need a real button for the camera!

I don't really care for touch screens; too clunky to use.



I am a Blackberry user considering buying the Samsung Galaxy SII. I am told that incoming E-mails, which are received on the the Blackberry in an instant, can take an hour or longer on the Samsung and even get lost? Can users please offer me their experience?



i bought GSII just a monthe ago and I do agree with those who think positive about this smartphone....every smartphone has got dissadvantages and advantages but GSII features really made me to forget all dissadvantage even if it has any which i dont think it has got. Having a LED, physical camera button, clumsy battery cover...all these excuses doesnt lower the ranking of this smartphone in the it....and all apple users please at least once use this smartphone keeping away ur iphone..then u will come to know...where iphone stands...they are so costly and still their features are always less as compared to samsung or any steve jobs is gone lets see what happens to apple now....



I have my GSII for 4 months now and i have been extermely happy with it! it's only now that Im a dissapointed with the failure of the main (home) batton ..although it clicks it doesn't respond!!! and i do not recall dropping or in other way misusing the phone...
Any other with the same problem?



apple buys their iphones,ipod's chips and displays from it...if they really hav got so much talent then they shoud manufacture it on their need to buy it from samsung....

ana bee


crAPPLE....catch up. You brought out the iphone4s that does basically what us DROID users have been doing already.voice activation, notes, you just now gained the ability to use one......congrats. welcome to what the rest of what the world is experiencing.



You guys are all wrong best phone ever and in the US sprint version of the phone the SGS2 Epic 4G Touch this phones comes with LED Notification!



i had one and loved it at first but then texts people sent me started going astray, sometimes taking hours to arrive. calls would often go straight to voicemail without the phone ringing plus it would frequently fail to put calls through when i tried to ring someone. i sent it back, got a new one, put a fresh sim card in... and the exact same thing happened! now i've gone back to my knackered old iphone which has never ever let me down - and i realise how nice it is to use. much, much nicer than the samsung, which btw also had super annoying predictive text, a weirdly tricky keyboard and really poor battery battery life. it also very helpfully listed ALL my music as 'unknown artist'.



I bought a SG Sii three weeks ago, and I love almost everything on it, except the phone is getting hot so fast, and one day when i played angry bird, it even reach a 52C degree!! What makes me worry the most is, I can smell some BURNT SCENT from the phone when it gets hot. It still works fine right now, but I wonder if the plastic or whatever components will be burnt completely in near future.



I have had this phone for a couple of weeks now and for the most part I love it. I had an iPhone that I liked as well, but hated dealing with iTunes and problems with syncing and also having to replace phone 3 times during a 1 yr. period. This Galaxy SII flies! Apps open up instantaneously. The screen is bright and clear. I had difficulty getting my contacts from my yahoo account and I still don't have my calendar synced and the calendar app has already deleted meetings I had added that repeated. I am somewhat aggravated that I have not been able to find a way for my music albums to play in the order in which they were recorded. It makes a difference as many of my albums are praise and worship sets that flow from one song into the next without a break. When they play in alphabetical order they are disjointed. The battery charge does not last as long as my iPhone, which would last all day unless I was using an app that drained the battery. These things are aggravating, but overall I love my Samsung Galaxy SII and I will look for ways to change the order in which the music plays and keep a charging device handy.



This Article was written by a sore apple-fan-boy



How do you download music if you dont use itunes on samsung?



After receiving one today, it was an amazing phone. It worked flawlessly..up to a point.
It's having very major issues with the keyboard. Randomly pressing buttons on screen and choosing the wrong option.
At one point she actually locked up.
All after about fours hours worth of use!



Not having a LED flash is PERFECT! I hate those flashing things - when I want something to flash from my phone I will turn it on!



S2 is a gr8 smartphone...the above 5 things I hate abt s2 is a trashh.
Just go for s2, without any hesitation.



#55 joy
You can't. Right now, iTunes is the only known way to download music. Sorry, bro. At least you can listen to the radio.



to me my sgs2 is flawless n i fell in love wit it more. Y? Bcoz i've just install a custom rom which can customize the phone n even boost up the sgs2 performance(which apple cant) n u can change the custom rom wit other custom rom so easily. For me all of this crap is nonsense its juz wasting ur time. U apple boys are juz jealous coz samsung made an excellent n the best smartphone ever n its still climbling up the top selling chart. So juz chill n shut up u must.



Man this is the best phone period! Sure it has a few things missing but apps solve most of those problems. I have the international version of this phone, and if I was iphone I would sue too. I have some of the Iphone4 guys already asking where can I get this or that app from, HA HA. I have beat one of the guys in a speed test and I have a unlocked phone with a prepaid sim! I have not even begun to realize most of the stuff this phone can do, plus since it's right out of russian with the help of a good friend neither will the iphone users. Samsung makes good stuff!!!!!!



Also, the writer of this article is a hater that wish he owned one. With an Iphone they own you. I can go to any site with this phone, Oh I forget to mention that I am writing my comments with this phone and I have a call....just one minute.......back to this, I can go to any site and feel like I am on my PC!!! Samsung may be the company that makes the first self aware computer! I am already saving for the S3!



You can simply download free music through some apps. easy and fast. no need for itunes.



sorry but that is not true above when someone mentions you cant have an alternative to kies.I use double twist and it works like a dream on mac. you have many many mp3 downloaders on app market as well:)



Without question the all-plastic kills the Iphone in the weight dept. 116g vs 141g. So Iphone fans can keep their heavy phones, which they invariably put a cover on. Ive dropped my Samsung Galaxy S1 and nothing broke, the cover flew off and the battery jumped out...put things back and it hasnt missed a beat.



I got my S2 about a week ago as my first smartphone. I've found it pretty easy to use, haven't had too many problems. Although having said that, like Albert, I found it got hot quickly. It's also managed to put itself onto silent whilst in my pocket a few times and this really worries me.



The back is plastic and flimsy due to it being 1.5 Ghz so it doesn't overheat too much and shut of unlike apple's iphone can't have too many apps open cause it'll shut of in the middle of watching porn. Who ever wrote this review is obviously an apple fan doing a review on android phones



Hello all, I absolutely love my phone. I only have 2 complaints and they are not really complaints because all of the positives outweigh the negatives. 1st..My battery life isn't that good.
Secondly, I cannot figure out how to get my contact pics to show when I am in my messgaing folder. I went to the T-Mobile store and they couldnt figure it out either. If I add a new number and their pic, it will show their pic under the caller id and the text messaging id, but if its an existing number, and i add a pic, it will not show the pic in the messagind id. Is there anyone else having this problem.?

Edem...., Melbn


Flimsy and whimsical points, if u ask me....
I have been using this fone for the paast two months n i have never felt any of these points as a defect... i hardly wake up in the morning opening my battery cover to see how 'flimsy'it is; for a dedicated camera u can always put the camera app or shortcut thereof on any of ur homescreens... notification led, or touchwiz ( i have used the nexus s with vanilla 2.3 and the two have basicallyu few differences)...
On the other hand the GS 2 is one of the best fones on the market at the moment n so theses gripes remain just whines n gripes to me....



For the poster who couldn't play albums in the correct song order - you can install another media player, like Songbird, and if your files' metatdata tags have the songs in order, they will play in order...



I have an S2 and for those of you saying the lack of physical camera button isn't a problem try taking a self portrait with the main camera-its a complete gamble trying to tap a virtual button on the screen when you can't see it.
Plus the added shake involved in holding the phone in an unnatural photographic position.
A simple update to allow the power button to be used for the shutter in camera mode would suffice.



Samsung Galaxy....simply..yummmmmm! Couldn't wish for anything more.



If you guys were older you would have bought Beta video tape machines. iPhone's are still the best.



Been using smart phones since they evolved, hated most of them until iphone4 appeared, couldn't resist the SGS2 and got one a few weeks I see why Apple try to stop these babys from being sold in so many counties...those five most hated items are blown away by the high points, quality and price. I want to buy another one it's so nice!



How do I know when I've received a text message when I'm on my samsung galaxy s2?? I really hope there's a feature on this phone. Please I need help!



how do i turn the camera shutter noise off my s2?



Jenni, I use app NoLED to get notifications when my phone is locked. It works great and is free!



I love it because it's not Iphone..



I bought my wife one, she hates it because she has long nails and the screen will not input unless your skin contacts the faceplate. I can't find an adjustment or aps for that yet.



When I send a picture in a text it turns into a video, ATT does not have an answer as to why this does not send as a photo



Rather than being a holden/ford vhs/beta did/didn't mine's bigger/you got more squabble - amazing how pathetically immature, combative and defensive some posters are about a mere review. These articles help us to weigh up &/or clarify simple cons, for which Ross noted the pros list follows. As some have retorted, of course they/we decide for them/ourselves. Yet ungraciously fail to acknowledge that regardless of how starry eyed or otherwise towards the imperfect latest and greatest (where & how any product is), that Ross and the testers have done us an informative service.

It's all very well to behave ashamedly counter to how you no doubt present yourselves at least when not hiding behind public anonymity, but presumedly this audience and participants are 'grown ups', yeah? If it's not immediate jump to polarised trench warfare vs blind loyalty, those oddly disgruntled (mature?) ones pretending not to have an opinion, do the equivalent of putting their hands over their ears sprouting "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA" to drown out what they 'grew up' to constitutionally reject: the notion of *constructive* criticism.... amidst pure observation. All these emotive responses serve as though acting from a personally wounded place -- that it's tragic to think what substance some of you have in your lives other than expensive toys to get heated and make cowardly spectacles of yourselves over. Raise the tone & lift the game - fed up with having to navigate the ship of fools rancour/pollution just to get to the odd useful input.

Comprehendez? No one gives a @#$%^&*(_) about your mentally imbalanced foisting of love/hate for one brand against another. Just think what you could do with your scraping over just this one:



Kathy, have also had some probs with it somehow switching formats while messaging. After about two message quotas worth in a single texted message, mine turns it into a MMS. Telco profiteering? The overheating is a worry and lack of a camera button on the side frame is indeed an absolute pain. A serious backward move from my two y.o. samsung. Part of why I got the SGII was for a reasonable camera, my only (occasional use) camera. As the author and two other posters have well described, it is a considerable drawback, causing many dud photos (& missed opportunities). Trying to hold it steady with both hands, (haven't tried being in front of the camera), to then unnaturally contort right hand, the one that most has to support it all (the left, keeping out of the way of the lens), to click a spot on the screen (not where fingertips grip/rest), awkwardly leaves only the front nail, side of finger or less sensitive thumb for the job.... far from intuitive/user friendly.

deborah bartlett


I recently puchased an gs11 and I do love it the only complaint I have is if my phone goes completly flat when its re-charged I carnt make any phone calls or recieve any and it keeps saying my fleight mode is on so you de-activate it go back to make a call and it does the same thing, took it to telstra shop they reacon all my settings were out but they wernt touched can any body advise me on how to fix it

john jh


great phone. there arent enough swear words in the english language to express my feelings each and every single time the connection system messes up. By far the single worst piece of technology I own for frustration levels. I would happily shoot a samsung employee in the face right now.



Really ! One of the best things on the phone is the lightwight back cover. And even if you would be able to brake it (which I think is very hard to do after trying hard by my self) it´s really cheap to buy a new one if needed. And the weight of the SII is simply exceptional. I really don´t miss my Iphone, which always felt like i had a heavy brick in my pocket



I am a tech idiot..and so..if anyone can tell me..I've been trying to make a voice recording..A Holiday Greeting that I send annually to friends on social sites..and with my Samsung Galaxy..rather than uploading as an audio msg, it uploads as a video..however, it's not accepted by the sites that normally accept videos, saying there was an error...How do I get a voice recording with the proper file ending???



I've been on Nokia for over 10 years and I'm really disappointed when I changed my phone to SGS2. As others mentioned it's super smart device but it's not simply a "Phone". I usually can't hear callers' voice when I'm outside and this is the most annoying thing about this phone. I don't know why in they mentioned that audio quality is loud and clear. I think the Samsung gave them special device ;)

Another thing is the different build quality of device from Korean version to Vietnamese and Chinese versions.
First I got Korean version but its screen had problem and I replaced it but this time it was Vietnamese. The body build is very poor in comparison to Korean. Also the screen sharpness and quality! On Korean one I couldn't see fingerprints and screen colour and sharpness was brilliant but in Vietnamese, I have to clean the screen every now and then and the picture quality is really different.

GPS sensitivity is also not good, it takes near 2 minutes to lock to the satellite in open areas where my Nokia 5800 took less than 15 seconds!

Notification LED is another drawback of this phone cos I have to turn on the screen to check if I had missed calls or sms.

Samsung should really do better than this. I regret my decision to buy this phone over Nokia N9 (I was crazy at the time of purchase because SGS2 was 49 per month and Nokia N9 59!)

Overall, I'd like to be fair and say this phone is good but it could be better and again it's not Nokia at all! I have to spend 24 months with this :(



I started with a Droid X and thought a thinner device with a larger screen would be an improvement. Not so, the GSII form factor is extremely difficult to use. Even with a cover, you have to hold it with your finger tips and try to avoid the side buttons which is very awkward. Getting a good grip on this thing is impossible and it is easily dropped.If you so much as breath on the screen it will do something you didn't intend. Other times you have to push several times to do what you want it to do! I am very frustrated with this phone and I miss my old Droid X.



Im agree, but for me is all about the camera key. I LOVE MY SAMSUNG GALAXY S II.



I own a galaxy s2 and tested 2 more; 2 out of 3 including mine has an awfull outgoing sound quality during telephone calls. People just cannot understand what I say, unless I talk very loudly. This a very big disappointment for me and a shame for a smart"phone" producer.



Geez pull your headz out of you neather regions, who gives two ***** about the pros and cons,
@SAMSYD, why would you even bring the nokia into this equation , if you like it so much sell the GS2 and buy an N9, and stop whining about the GS2's negs,and who really cares about LED notification, its a smartphone wheather it be a Iphone 4,4s or SGS2, it comes down to personal preference, wht phone you choose is YOUR AND YOUR CHOICE alone.



Plz tell how to turn on led on GalaxyS. I dont know abt led how to turn on plz tell fast i want to know



The back cover does suck compared to the samsung captivate that cover was made of metal and had a locking complaint is when watching a video the touch key light buttons dont shut off..

galaxy s2 and note owner.


How much did apple pay you to say this? You'd seriously go to the effort of'hating' this device because of these points, given the fact that its just plain awesome in everyway? And as far as its build a quality is concerned, it doesn't break when dropped, unlike "OTHER PHONES" :p and if its creation is at the hand of humans, how the hell could it be perfect? Since we are the most imperfect creations of all.

You idiots. And your motto sucks balls, talk about stating the most obvious!!!



Only on the internet screen I am having a white and grey pixelation appear momentarily. Sometimes just a line, several lines or at times the whole screen when scrolling. It doesn't interfere with the function at all, just a visual anomaly. Anyone else? Other than that issue I love my GS2!



galaxy s2 cannot take picture during call



I dont know if anyone else is having this problem - but for some reason my GS2 just turns itself off and I have to turn it back on? Is there something that I am not doing or should be doing? It could have a full battery and be just sitting on the kitchen counter and do this - other than that I am totally in love with my new phone :)

Pacific Rock


@Pacific Pearl : LOVE your post ! You have hit the nail on the head. I mostly gave up reading readers' comments some time ago, on account of the overwhelmingly puerile content of most postings. I did read this one right through, as I had a vested interest in the subject. But for the most part, I despair of the intellectual future of this planet. In particular, there appear to be a number of serial trolls who have nothing better to do than to add offensive and irrelevant comments to the various debates. I agree with you that it would be more appropriate to be grateful to the authors of articles such as this, for bringing technical issues to our notice, and to stick to the topic rather than attack them for perceived and mostly imaginary shortcomings. Thank you, Pacific Pearl - you're a pearl ! (And so are you, Ross)



Flaws in this awesomne phone imho:
- microSD card under battery
- position of power button
- no call recording
- I wish there was a central point to turn on/off: wifi, 3G, BT, brightness, GPS, sound/vibration, fight mode. Those are all over the place.
- wifi reception sometimes poor.

To "almost broke the back cover" : you didn't break it because it is really hard to break. You bent it a lot maybe, but it doesn't mind, it is very rugged.
No issue there: keep the weight and thickness down.



Gs2 is a plasitic piece of crap,you drop it your done the HTC evo 3d is better build ,might have it on speed just By a sec,I'm a hatter ..anyone want to trade your phone for mines? Lol



I own the Samsung Galaxy S2 and there are several inaccuracies about this article off the bat(To it's credit, it was written in June, so maybe some things have changed). To start off, I have the sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. It does have a notification LED on it, there are 4 buttons on the bottom of the phone. Also the battery cover and the UI is a personal taste so it's your right to state your opinion. I personally don't think the battery cover is flimsy and I haven't had too many problems with the touch UI. The sound quality was pretty good for me and also the memory is slotted above the battery not under it on my phone. Just wanted to clarify a few things.



The worst of all is a miserable customer service.



I have both iphone and the s2, All I can say is the the iphone is not better than the S2, but the S2 is not better that the iphone, they both have their individualities which is why I love them both. to sit and insult either item is a down to plain personal taste, but as a user of both, samsung have an amazing phone to give the iphone a run for its money, but could apple do the same if they tried to make an andriod.. to sum up for me is 6 of 1 & half dozen of the other......



I hate how my cheek ALWAYS hangs up on my phone calls!



Worst phone on market no battery life, get so hot when making call,will not connect with computer to update and has no signal strenght even standing next to tower.It has been sent away 3 times in 12months and told nothing wrong so it lives in bottom of draw in my office and have gone back to my good old nokia 6210.galaxys2 is not very smart phone



You're full of crap with this article! I have this phone and it's incredible! So what there's no LED notification. The rest of your "Complaints" are ridiculous. I can hear loud and clear when i make calls and no one has ever complained that they can't hear me. Do us all a favor and stop writing reviews.



OH and to Greg - This battery is amazing! streaming music and video and internet all day..along with calls and texting i still had 15% battery at 10pm after using it since 6am! BS to your comment



there is nothing roung with the gs2 in my eyes it the best phon iv own'd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



there is always something to complain about i suppose...nothing is perfect....this phone is the best one i've owned

Veethi Telang


Brilliant article. The only thing I hate about this phone is the absence of a button to click my own photos. It's a big ass phone, and clicking my own pictures becomes such a mess because every time I try doing it, the phone either falls on my face or on the ground.

Also, I love that the phone is too lightweight, but sometime, it scares me to death to hold it while I'm riding a bike. It feels as if I'm holding a dummy handset. Rest, it's the awesomest phone ever, and I feel proud to own one.



The battery on my SGS2 was depleted during the night and my morning alarm never rang. Maybe I need to change settings (and if anyone knows how please tell me) and I hope that's the case. This was my first major disappointment with this phone so far, along with other minor ones mentioned in the article. If it is a Smartphone, why it isnt so smart as to save e.g 2% of the battery for such emergencies??? I know some dirt cheap Nokias do!



I feel like this was a bit nit-picky, but to each his own.
Regarding Push Emails: My Emails come through instantly.
I absolutely love this phone. Hands Down best on the market right now.
I am with T-Mobile and got the white version. Came with Gingerbread, with ICS to come soon.



Other than the LED issue, which I actually just realized today after a month of having it, the problem I have is that it DOESN'T fit comfortable in my hand. Prior to this I had the Sony xperia x10 and that phone fit me perfectly. I don't see this as a problem on Samsung's part but rather because I'm a small girl with small hands! I love this phone!!



With Blackberry you cd copy and paste from ANY text, and easily. One would think one of the most popular android phones cd copy off of THE most popular social networking site meaning facebook. But no. Confounding.



72 hours switching from Galaxy 1 to Galaxy 2, pissed about no notification of txt, while CHATTING... IL get over it, but my YAHOO App does NOT SHOW FOLDERS. as in personal folders, u can send emails to folders but it won't show a folder title so u can look inside. Wtf? Its a piece of artwork though... Truly inLove



The lack of enterprise level Wi-fi security means we can't deploy this to our staff. Apple were late to the game on this too but they support it now. In time I am sure Samsung will catch up.

Ankur Rasiwasia


the only one feature which i miss the most in my s2 is that when i plug the data cable from computer to s2, the internet(data) connection cannot be used in the s2. whereas other android devices like htc has this option. Since my office does not have wifi but the internet speed is brilliant i needed this option but its disappointing that this option is not there in any of the samsung phone in the market yet



Most of the commentz are old,I just got the wgite one from Sprint,and ithas a notification light.battery is awsome,got almozt 12 hours on moderate to heavy use.I thought touch wiz wluld suck but I like it just much as HTC interface.only thing I see so far is the stock browser has checkered on the screen when I scrollfrom time,to time.I will deal w it until it can be delt w. Coming from HTC touch,evo and evo 3d ...evo 3d really
sucks compaired to this phone. This real dual core speed! Thanks Samsung..keep up the good work.



brilliant fone only fault it could ring for longer when getting incoming calls

king royal


i just got a s2 a week ago and im pretty happy with it... so far is one of the best smart phones ive ever had.
But yeah.. the camera button is missing and the battery goes out too fast compared to other phones like iphone but other than this im pretty happy with it, lets see in the future how it goes..



I love the galaxy s2 epic for sprint Best phone ive ever had



Can i download porns with the samsung galaxy S2 ????



Had Samsung Galaxy S2 a Adobe Flash Player




i love the phone, its great just dont understand what the icons are that appear at the very top of the phone mean.



My internet on my galaxy sii slowed Down and I compared it to an iPhone 4s which is3g and this is remarkably slower and I have unlimited data



Surprised there haven't been more comments about Samsung TERRIBLE customer service with warranty issues. My S2 failed after 3 months (overheated, would not charge or shutdown or do anything). Had to be sent to away to the 3rd party repairer - Samsung do not offer replacement warranties (direct quote from Samsung) & use refurbished (2nd hand) parts to repair. Took them 3 attempts over 3 months to get it working, by which time with the help of the TIO & ACCC we managed to get our network provider to replace it with an iphone 4s. ACCC were not surprised about our experiences with Samsung - appears this is a common issue. Nice phone when it works, but when it fails expect major dramas trying to get service! Apple on the other hand excel at this aspect.



The Iphone is a brick but I give them credit, it can be used for self difense.
Does anyone know if apple pin drop can be used in android in naps. Yhanks



galaxy s2 is the best smartphone ever..these cheap little so called bad things are just for mess..move on guys..u shought here in these topics..and there will be more s2 day



People take note - the SAR values of these phones will start
to become a big issue - aka Specific absorption rate.

That is why I am considering a Samsung S2 - it is amongst the lowest
with 0.34. (Motorola consistently the worst by the way)

The iphone 4S sits at a whopping 1.17!!! Apple seriously wake up
about this! It took you long enough to realise that Foxconn working
conditions was bad for your reputation. Going to take you longer
to figure out that Samsung are way ahead of you in SAR too.

Latest news headline: "Israeli parliament moves to require cell phones
to carry health-hazard warning" - check it out. It will be the same
disclaimer like on cigarette boxes.



I just discovered the pong research covers for phones,
and no I dont work for them, haha. They are the only
ones so far to have proven to deflect the radiation to the
head and body. Their existence is the only reason I may
still get an iphone. I know Samsung maybe be better, the
the size of the phone just comes across as too big.

I also have a certain distrust of google's privacy policies.
But, ugh, I guess nothing is perfect,



Wow.... LOTS of folks here that think this phone floats on water and the sun rises and sets on it's proverbial shadow. I have had NOTHING but trouble with mine. Had I not been given this phone by my IT company as an upgrade from my trusty old "crackberry" I would probably still be using it. I LOVED all the goodies with this phone, including GPS, voice recognition, apps up the wazoo, etc., but they all systematically failed and when I went to a local "phone perveyor" (a MaJor US provider) I surrendered my phone to some nord behind the counter who immediately WIPED out every contact and program I had in favor of attempting a "system reload" and I lost EVERYTHING related to the business I use the phone with. THEN... when the "technician" advised me of his sorrow over the loss of my data, he THEN advised me that even though the phone was only two months old, they couldn't replace it. He gave me a sheet of paper to call someone who "most likely could." Later, when I obtained a phone that worked, I called and got tested in the same manner that was done at the store and when I had had enough crap, I decided that duct tape, a large brick and a handy bridge would be the about the best remedy for this troublesome phone. WHAT a piece of junk! I am sure they (Samsung) make a great phone. I just didn't get one of them and the phone company did NOT stand behind my company's purchase of this expensive piece of over-techno'd crap. Anybody NOT wanting to get screwed by this company (specifically in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia) are welcome to comment back to this location and I will be happy to "SHARE" information.
Thanks for NOTHING...... ATT



I just did a search on overheating issues with Samsung Galaxy S2.

Am amazed that this was not mentioned in the article!! Just watch that
browser search (notice my avoidance of advertising for search engine name)
page fill up. Go to Android forums for more, right up till this month. Supposedly
a software issue, but they keep having issues. People suggest taking off the cover
when charging!!!

That does it - iphone for me. At least I know it will function and I can get a pong
cover to reduce its high SAR rate. And I am not supporting a company (google) that
wants to know all about my private life.



Not to be a fanboy or anything but:
*You can buy a "better" cover if yo desire so.
*There're apps that let you customize the hardware buttons so they go blinking (Right for call and left for text/facebook/etc. for example)
*Custom camaras and custom roms let's customize it (Pressing search button for AT&T SGS2 for example, or volume key for all sgs2 branches)
*There are many varieties of launcher to choose from, gingerbread UI isn't as good as touchwiz for most users.If you want ICS ui you can simply use a rom.
*Call quality has been greatly improved with latest modems, and is generally carrier's fault, you can also always use custom roms which have even better improved audio quality.



I've had one for a week. In general, I love it. However, there is a little red light that blinks every 5 seconds in the top right corner of the screen. The battery life seems very short. I wonder if there is something running that I don't know about. The user manual is a joke- with no info beyond the physical design of phone.




I agree!! AWFUL battery life. Not even a day and it's down!!!
Plus there's delay on the phone....the internet isn't working properly. Most times I try it isn't on...have tried to call up and check but apparently the settings are all fine.
I was also told I should turn internet on and off anyway...JOKE! 2 years with a blackberry and I NEVER had a problem. WHenevr I tried it just connected.
Hate that you get no notifications on the screen either for things like facebook etc. Blackberry was so much clearer and user friendly.
I might send it back....



Samsung galaxy sucks coa its a samsuck. Sony xperia s/u/p ftw

Felipe Machado Cardoso


I just realized that put a memory card is useless, because it can't be used to sync media. The media is at /sdcard/media folder, and the SD Card is mounted at /sdcard/external_sd. So, you would need to manage media manually, wich is not user friendly.



Had phone two months when it suddenly began doing strange things, like placing calls even though the screen was turned off. Then the phone began freezing. Did factory reset, and still had freeze. Exchanged phone and had this one a week when it began doing the same thing plus giving me an error message that the processor had unexpectedly shut down. Many of my listings are duplicate and triplicate, with only their email addresses showing with NO phone numbers. Cannot save to favorites without getting same error message. HOW, could I get TWO BAD phones, UNLESS the Galaxy has some issues Samsung isn't aware of?



Second ever mobile phone. Walked into the Telstra store asked for iPhone, sales person steered me to Samsung - all the bells and whistles, fantastic, bling - brave choice. It does everything it says, until I attempt to connect it to my laptop. The software will not upload, integrate or communicate. And I am not alone. I don't need all the whizbang add ons - my life is not lived on the screen. Just want something that works out of the box, especially when it is being flogged by a major telco.



How did they almost brake it? I just bent my back cover all the way in half and it didn't brake



Can't access outside voicemails. Changed phone. Problem persists. Worked when tested in store but later recurred repeatedly. In phone vm may or may not access. PW not recognized. Staff in Montague St store in Brooklyn were less than interested.



These are not real problems. You don't face these when you are really using it. If you are really facing these problems then sgs2 wasn't the right phone for you. You shouldve gone with iphone.

I use this phone for

1. To take awesome pics and full hd videos. my frnds ask me if they were really taken from a phone.

2. To play mkv encoded 1080p movies on soft decoding.

3. i usually have 10 tabs open in two browsers simultaneously along with angry birds in background. still i get no glitch

4. i use apps that i download to change anything i don't like on the touchwiz. later ill root my phone.

5. there is a software for everything.

6. to connect it to the pc i just take the wire and plug it in. i copy the files from my pc to my folder in my phone and its done. I don't need kies and never used it.

7. I only use the headphones coz loudspeaker is not possible in a public location and at home i connect it to speaker with woofer. frankly no phone produces that good sound.

8. extra camera button is not a problem coz touch screen is so sensitive that it accepts the command before i feel i have touched the screen. for self portrait i use timer.

9. i get mails and gtalk notification like sms. in sms it writes the whole sms in the top 4mm of the screen so i don't have to open anything.

Only problem probably would be heating. but that's probably because i am a heavy user.



I like my sgs2 coz i can use a pen drive on the go. i don't need to replace the memory card. Everyone having button problems and call volume problems should go to the service centre rather than venting them here.

Les Takash


WHAT a piece of junk!I have had NOTHING but trouble.
Smart phone ?
Can not comunicate with hese own Kies.
Shame Samsung Shame
This is my first and last Samsung



Recently purchased a Galaxy S2. Disappointed in a few things. Rarely uses phone or text as being elderly I don't phone or text much and yet the battery goes flat within 2 days. The manual does not have information on quite a number of things. How do you put a $ sign in the text? Also there is no sound after text has been sent like with my old LG mobile



I been wit sprint since oct. Got a galaxy an I'm now sendin my 4th one back. The screen freezes, it cuts off an on, the light r stupid, its slow on everything even typin this, it presses stuff on the screen, calls ppl an the signal sux. I'm goin back to evo tomorrow.



Overall, Samsung TW UI is sucks, real sucks... widget and apps r sucks too... way behind HTC Sense... Not sure why Samsung is no 1 seller... should be no 1 sucker too...



I was a happy iPhone 3GS 16GB user for about three years when the reception on it recently took a nose dive. I got the Galaxy SII because of everything great I was hearing about it and the fact that with the addition of a 32GB micro SD card, I could get a phone with a lot of storage at a price way lower than an iPhone 4S 32GB.

Big mistake. The battery is so poor on the SII that I have to keep it plugged when at home or in my vehicle, AND carry a rechargeable 12 volt battery with me when I'm away from home or vehicle.

It is such a pain to use that I continue to carry my old deactivated iPhone 3GS to listen to music and use apps that don't require active service (games, etc.).

I could go on and on about my dislike for this phone.
I should have just ponied up and gone for the iPhone 4S 32GB.

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just got the SS Galaxy s2 4g is a little bigger than the S2.Of course there will be improvements BUT what Sam has come up with is Damn good me personally had to get a cover just to keep from adjusting the volume inadvertantly..back cover is brilliant light and easy to remove,,the simm and the mem card are easy to get without removing the battery,( did you have to with the OLD Galaxy ? Camera is great.. no need for externall button led would be an advantage I will see about the apps. sound is clear pictures (dont forget to turn on flash) Great to sms LOVE IT GET IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Download a full manual, the short one supplied is for people who already know the phone



Contact pics will only come from the phone..NOT the simm



105 Greg Can I buy your samsung galaxt s2 from you?

Mine has non of the problems you list... Good battery and no heat ? are any other having this problem ?? are you using the correct charger? I use my phone constant without any battry savings turned on.

Mc Wong


Love this phone but one word of advise..when I first bought it, it use to freeze constantly many times daily. The camera also cause freezing. Then I replaced the leather case with front flap and switched to a back silicon case with no front flap. The freezing and hang is now quite rare and overall the phone seems smoother. I guess it's the heat dissipation. A full leather or PVC case prevents heat dissipation. Hope this helps..



Anyone know a good smartphone that doesnt have flaws like... not syncing photos to kies rubbish, no options to send photos via msg, firmware updates that wipe everything, AND all the above problems??????

Graham Wynn


the issue i have is the swipe to answer an incoming call, on too many occassions i will swipe to my hearts content and still not be able to get the call, and as i run my own business, this is an issue. Should be a better feature, like any key answer to make sure you never miss a call.



I think trying to type this out has convinced me to return this phone today. While inputting my email address, it kept changing my email address to something it liked better. I had to retype it 3 or 4 times. I don't have time for that! I expect it to do what I tell it to. I also agree that the on off button is in a bad place. The webpages load very slowly. My daughter's iphone is much faster.
I really did not want to get an iphone because they are bigger and heavier but I think that might be what I'm gonna do. ster



For those of you who love it, great! I'm not trying to make you change your mind. This is a place where those of us who have not had a great experience can possibly get help. There are things I really like about it, and possibly if there is a for for the other things, I may choose to keep it. The battery in my last Samsung would last 2 days. This one does around noon on day 1. *dies, (it won't let me edit the text)




Can you help, I have deleted my home page, how can I get it back. Thanks



Hello mates, how is all, and what you desire to say regarding this
article, in my view its actually remarkable designed for me.



Battery battery battery.....Damn phone is flat after a few hours......LED ap is fine ,Flash is fine (turn it on ) all comes down to BATTERY



I love the size of my SG2. I don't have any trouble with the battery cover. If you turn your phone over and move your finger up the right side, there's a small place where you can stick you nail into and the back comes right off. I have no problem getting the back to go back on either. I just lay it into place and go around all sides clicking it into place as I go - kind of like a plastic food storage tub. The volume - yes. There is a problem with that - this phone is so great at containing music and playing music but what's the difference if the speaker sucks - and it does. Since the ice cream sandwich update the main thing that bugs me is that there is no preference dictionary in the phone. For instance - prior to the change over, If you typed I want a sandwich and I want to eat now - the second I that you type would automatically change to uppercase. Now it does not - it remains lowercase. I cannot seem to locate a fix for this anywhere. There isn't a dictionary in the phone where you can say "if I type an i change it to I" like there is in a computer and in some phones I've used. As far as battery goes - when I leave the house, I turn off my WI-FI which I use here at home in order to get service (hot-spot). Texting can be difficult because of the way that the keyboard is in the way of the bottom line so if you need to highlight a word, you must use your back arrow to arrow out of text so that you can see what you've typed, but not your keyboard - then you are able to tap the word that you are looking to change. Also - although I've turned off the feature where it chooses the word I "meant" to type for me, it still does it just the same and so many times it chooses incorrect choices and this can be vexing. Overall - for many reasons this is my fav phone in a long time. My husband has an SG3 - he offered to get me one, but I just don't see that big a difference between the two, and the differences that I do see aren't really anything that I feel that upgrading to it would benefit me.



how to safelly remove screen and lcd or led light behind the screen



I cannt open my S2 there is a dialog box stating that " The application Large font home (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.". . .. . I need help pls



I have just upgraded to s2 and it freezes alot sometimes just does with a blank screen and i have to take battery out and put it back in and out starts working again.

Ben Mace


Looks to me like the Samsung trolls are out and about. If I were you, I'd take much of the positivity regarding this phone with a large grain of salt. Samsung, your phone is overpriced and comes with far too many flaws to justify it's alleged "brilliant" customer feed back. The receptionis absolutely rubbish, there's not one single protective cover (that I've personally tried, and I've tried MANY!!) which doesn't cause terrible voice echoing, the battery life is a joke, it gets boiling hot, etc, etc, etc. I recommend to many people I meet to NEVER buy a samsung!



I have this phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2, unfortunately. All the above points in this article are 90% correct . . . but they are just the beginning and don't scratch the surface of the problems with the phone.

Call quality and volume . . . is sub par. It is terrible. There are things on this phone that can not be altered - the built in dictionary - you're stuck with that. The poor quality camera shots and gallery - get used to them. The inconsistent speeds, yep it has them too and the unpredictable touch screen that unlocks itself in your pocket/bag - even when protected in a case.

I have had Samsung phones before, old school styles with buttons and coloured screens - but I will never own one again by choice, not with the superior options that are available on the market.



very glad i only paid a buck for it. its not too bad though. it used to just cut off by itself. it hasnt done that in a while. so maybe it grew out of that problem. like a lot of people on here i think my main complaint is the battery. it didnt do too bad today. its weird. when i first got it, it cut off by itself, drained itself in a matter of about 8 hours with no useage hardly, but now it seems to be doing better. my main issue is that i can hardly text on the thing. that would go for any phone like this anyway. sometimes during phone calls i suddenly cant hear the other person. thats because you cant move the phone from that certain spot on your ear or you cant hear them. then you have to find it again. that happened with my lg rumor. i shouldnt have to "find" the person again like that especially with such an awesome phone. well, id give it about 3 stars.



whenever I restart the phone no network for hours ?????? what is this ????/



I have had three different s2 phones sent to me and each one had the same callers can hear me, but I am unable to hear them. It does not happen with each call but it does happen enough to frustrates me. I have tried all of the solution given by T Mobile touble shooting area, and even called Samsung and still I have this issue, then they tell me it is a network issue. My old galaxy did not have that issue in this area. I have spoken with other S2 users who are having the same issue. They got rid of the S2 and purchase S4. Okay that is not affordable for me, so I am struck with the S2 that no one seem to know how to fix, otherwise the phone is fine. However I need to be able to communicate with my customers without me say, I can not hear you , let me call you back, after three or four tries I can communicate with them. HELP Any suggestions???



Worst phone ever!!!! Worst phone ever made.



Used to love this phone, now I HATE it. I've had it for maybe 2 or 3 years now. Problems with applications force closing caused the phone to go (I don't know what to call it I know for a fact it's not "factory mode." It reset itself COMPLETELY and I mean, COMPLETELY. I took out the battery last night an "EZOPower" not the battery it came with as I couldn't use that after the USB cable failed to recognize its charger and my PC so last night, I pulled the battery out and went to sleep.

Today I got a horrible surprise, wishing that I was in a nightmare like I've had with this stupid phone (yeah, this phone gave me many nightmares!) As I saw the regular bootup screen and thought nothing was wrong and then, I saw the horrifying startup guide (the guide of a brand new phone not factory reset), with the words "WELCOME SGH I-777" telling me to click the Android icon to set up my phone that I had already set up!! Then I see "forced applicacations closing for Twitter (which I never use). Why did it do this to me?

It also erased my Amazon cloud drive account, my Google Acoount, EVERYTHING. Even when I went to see on my PC my account. BEWARE, THIS PHONE CAN ERASE CLOUD DRIVES!!!! So all my contacts, my pictures, GONE.


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