Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Tablet showdown

Which is the better tablet: Apple's iPad 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple's iPad 2 is clearly the market leader, but Samsung has ruffled a few feathers with its upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet — so much so that Apple has blocked it from going on sale in Australia, and forced Samsung to postpone the launch event. So, what's all the fuss about the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and how does it compare to the iPad 2?

Read our comprehensive iPad 2 review and our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review, and check out our guide to the best upcoming tablets in 2011.

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For starters, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is thinner and lighter than the iPad 2, despite featuring a larger display. It's also the first Android tablet we've seen that places a huge emphasis on design, both in hardware and software.

With this in mind, how does the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 stack up against the Apple iPad 2 when it comes to specifications?

Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Specifications

Feature Apple iPad 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Verdict?
Operating system (OS) Apple iOS 4 (upgradeable to iOS 5) Google Android 3.1 'Honeycomb' iPad 2
Display size 9.7in 10.1in Galaxy Tab 10.1
Display technology Capacitive LED-backlit IPS Capacitive PLS TFT Draw
Display resolution 1024x768 pixels 1280x800 pixels Galaxy Tab 10.1
Multitouch Yes Yes Draw
Front camera VGA 2 megapixels Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Rear camera 0.7 megapixels, no flash 3 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus, geotagging Galaxy Tab 10.1
Video recording Yes, 720p HD Yes, 720p HD Draw
GPS Yes Yes Draw
Internal memory 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB 16GB or 32GB iPad 2
Expandable memory None None Draw
Dimensions 241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8mm 256.7.4 x 175.3 x 8.6mm Galaxy Tab 10.1
Weight 607g 565g Galaxy Tab 10.1
Application store Apple App Store Google Android Market iPad 2
Processor Apple A5 dual-core (1GHz) ARM Cortex A9 dual-core (1GHz) Draw
RAM 512MB 1GB Galaxy Tab 10.1
3G Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G models Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G models Draw
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Draw
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP 3.0 with A2DP Galaxy Tab 10.1
HDMI-out No (Yes, with optional digital AV adapter) No (Yes, with optional HDTV adapter) Draw
USB port No No Draw
Quoted battery life Up to 10 hours Up to 9 hours iPad 2
Adobe Flash support No Yes Galaxy Tab 10.1


The iPad 2 is faster, lighter and 33 per cent thinner than the original iPad. It weighs 613g, and comes in both black and white models. The curved design of the back of the iPad 2 makes it comfortable to hold, and it is relatively thin given the size of its screen. The iPad 2 is ideal for use in either portrait or landscape layouts, and its built in accelerometer rotates quickly and without delay.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is just 8.6mm, thin enough to be described by Samsung as "the world's thinnest mobile tablet". That is ever so slightly thinner than the 8.8mm thick iPad 2. Although a mere 0.2mm doesn't seem like a deal breaker if you're comparing it directly to the iPad 2, the Galaxy Tab 10.1's weight of just 565g is a big deal. The lightweight design makes it easy to use single-handed, and very comfortable to hold for long periods.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet is constructed largely from plastic, but still manages to feel extremely well built. The materials used are of a high quality, right from the glossy black bezel surrounding the display, to the soft-feeling, rubber-style plastic that adorns the rear, and the stylish curved edges.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is just 8.6mm thick, and weighs a mere 565g, making it both thinner and lighter than the iPad 2


The 9.7in display of the iPad 2 is bright, crisp and clear and really brings content to life, particularly photos and videos. Though the iPad 2 has the same oleophobic screen coating as the iPhone 4, its larger size means a few taps on the display quickly results in a grubby mess that is hard to clean. The iPad 2 also has another serious flaw — its display is virtually impossible to see in direct sunlight, which is a huge issue on a device that's designed for portability and travel.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a slightly larger display at 10.1in, and its resolution of 1280x800 pixels is an improvement over the iPad 2's 1024x768 display. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's screen uses PLS TFT touchscreen technology. Samsung says that the inclusion of PLS (Plane-line-switching) technology gives the Galaxy Tab 10.1 better viewing angles and increased brightness compared with regular IPS screens. For most part that's true, as the Galaxy Tab 10.1's screen is bright and crisp, and can be clearly seen from even the most obscure angles. Sadly, the screen can't escape a common issue with most tablets, including the iPad 2: it quickly becomes a grubby mess after use, and has poor sunlight legibility. The glare also affects use in an office environment under fluorescent lighting.

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




you wonder how how apple can use the "we have more apps line", cause i think its really getting old



"we have more apps line" <= what are you going to do with those app?? install them all at once? even if apple got 1million apps and android only got 250k apps. don't you think 250k apps is too much?



actually ipad apps are more creative like garageband and for the android os there is a small amount of apps that are designed for tablets



A descent review but a bit biased towards ipad.
1. It's worth mentioning that galaxy tab has better video playback capabilities (mkv 720p on high profile and more) with better aspect ratio for watching movies.
2. The nvidia tegra 2 processor in galaxy tab is also better for graphics, gaming etc.
3.If you decrease the brightness of galaxy tab screen so i matches the one on ipad you'll probably get the same battery life.



The Sammy is awesome. Get one from us or internet resellers. Pros light, fast, flash, google integration, no apple money gouging and profit based software and hardware restrictions.



Evidence that Apple used against Samsung seems to misrepresent resemblance of the devices



I like both IOS and Android are both good also Apple and Motorola, Samsung, Acer and Asus (I cant realy think of other good makers of tablets) all make good products but if I where to get a Tablet it will either be Ipad 2 Samsung Galaxy S2, Xoom or Asus Transformer



I think that the galaxy tab 10.1 is better, because we can customize android system for me.

Ray of Perth


Summary from your chart Wins for Samsung - 9, wins for iPad2 - 4. Seems to me your declaring the iPad2 as the winner is a very strange decision based on your own chart! The pluses that are listed basically say the Samsung is Larger, lighter, 2 X the RAM,High Speed Bluetooth, Higher resolution, Flash support, and much higher resolution screen. Also Samsung is far more customisable in many ways. No wonder Apple is throwing lawsuits around to try and prevent it being sold, because it will truly begin the end for Apple, just as Android smart-phones have already overtaken Apple in total sales, and Android apps are also nearing the same position, but the prices for Android app equivalents are generally much better value. Apple doesn't like it when someone else competes with and beats them!!

Roger Ramshit


Look and feel - iPad 2
Accessories - iPad 2
Stabaility (Lack of random reboots) - iPad 2

Too bad there is not a weighting for the importance of some of the categories. I would have said that the sum of its parts puts iPad 2 way ahead of the Galaxy Tab.
For example...the Apps alone is enough to put iPad 2 ahead of Galaxy even if the Galaxy came out ahead of every other category...which it doesn't.



Becos of Flash, I will select Samsung.

the real jojo homes


it is ipad2. samsung has nothing better to do then copy all of apples stuff jacksses

jojo homes


listen up it is ipad 2. and stop writing so much crap that i dont want to read

jojo homes friend


galaxy kicks ass. dont listen to the imported mexican jojo.



I personally think Samsung may be bettor then apple but they need to come up with the new invention not just make one from apple that came up with the idea.



And apple got sued for copying creative labs when it copied music player designs...that's technology for ya. What's nice about non apple products is they seem to give you as much technology as they can from seems to start behind the curve and make people spend more money upon each upgrade



Hear, Hear Joey you said it all. Samsung Android Rules!!!!



I am typing this on an iPad and just tried to view highlights of the world cup rugby but...couldn't. Someone give me the user of this great product a great reason why!? Oh and I had to become an IT guru to be able to to load my own movies for when travel ing, why!? Plus couldn't link to another computer to manage my iPad while traveling, why!? I was told by an apple "Genious" because I had to have my laptop with me...'mobile device???' no I do not want to repurchase my media because Apple want to control me! And yes my iPad has deleted my entire address book, shut down numerous times, and had applications not respond wow it sounds like a Microsoft run devise...what happens to apple??? And now auto uppercase for an email which you can't reposition the curser to fix this...



I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 recently and I loved it since. I have Ipad2 also but I prefer to use my Galaxy Tab more often; on e-mails, video chat, social networking, games and work. It's a tab everyone should have. Having both tabs is better.






I have both and I prefer the galaxy tab.



I tried them both came home with the Samung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tired of hearing on how many apps Apple has I don't need a million apps. My friend also has the Samsung also like the Flash and Stereo.

Ray of Perth


To Pinoyau & Bank: Re Apple Apps vs. Android Apps. It is now official, there are more android apps on the market than Apple Apps, and the ratio of paid apps to free apps is considerably worse on Apple. There are more Android smart-phones being sold every day than Apple smart-phones in the world. Soon there will be more Android powered tablets sold than Apple ones. Its only a matter of time. Oh, by the way, Apple did not invent the touch-screen!!! Microsoft has had them for years!!



the tab 10.1 kills the ipad 2 come on lest get real here all of the apps that apple has means nothing. The fact that the 10.1 is thinner faster has flash can make it your own and camera is better shows all that ipad is the thing of the past.



The only reason apple is ahead is because they build it first what happens when there is nothing left to build anyway Android is showing how they can battle to all they have to do is spend I little more money on advertising and there won't even be the apple core left!



Have both - I "gifted" the iPad, love the Galaxy



Really, I think that the specs up there really doesn't matter that much. It's not like you're gonna play games on an iPad (And if you do, well…..), it's not like you're gonna take photos with an iPad, it's not like the weight difference is going to kill you hands. To me, what really matters is the efficiency and the user friendly operating system that gives the consumers the best experience.



I suspect that the Galaxy when released in Oz, will smash ipads so badly that apple won't know what hit it. People have under estimated the velocity so Oz will be blown away by this awesome piece of genius.
Go Samsung you have a better product.

Ronald Ottis


Had the iPad 2 for a while. It is ok. Got the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it is brilliant. The widgets are great, screen is much better, browsing with flash is a big improvement. Have not turned on the iPad 2 in days. I think soon it will be on eBay.



I am on the market for a tablet, i'm looking at these two as my top ones. is ipad worth it if i have an ipod touch?

Paul P


I recently purchased the Galaxy 10.1 and found it to be as advertised, very good. However, after 3-weeks the device completely failed. After much to do with the seller (newegg), they did provide a full refund. I really wonder how reliable the hardware is...I'm going to wait for the IPad3 and compare before I buy again.



So pissed just bought iPad and no flash ftw



I have both,
I am selling now my two apples on ebay.

The Samsung is heaps better operating system.

This specs is incorrect above, I have a 64GB Samsung Galaxy Tab V10.1 and also a 16GB with 3G on both, this would be draw,

THe ipad I thougth had Version 3 bluetooth and Samsung v2....? But the samsung connects to my computers, phone, tv, ps3,solar system, headset, home network link, the ipads are both intermitant and cant connect to anything almost.

Samsung hands down winner the court case with apple panic is proof they are scared.



I just bought the Samsung after using IPAD 1 for almost a year. Ipad 1 makes a great reader and internet surfer just don't try to view any flash...that drives me crazy! I got so sick of Apple and how I can't sinc my device unless I have my "original" computer. I will never buy another Apple product again.



I'm tired without Flash in Ipad...



how abt being protected agt viruses? Ain't apple has the upperhand on this.. haven't heard abt virus attack in tablets?






Samsung Galaxy is awsome. Highly recommended.Purchased Trend Mobile security Personal edition for Android $20.00.Camera is awsome. Not locked into anyone easy to use and connects with everything in the house



Just purchased the Galaxy and went in for the ipad2. After a few minutes looking at both, asking a few questions, it was very obvious which tablet was a better choice. If you compare, there is NO debate! Even every salesperson where I bought it said the Galaxy blew away the "other" tab! Nothing like some good competition! Be smart, compare, and you will be very happy!

Amit Ranade


Also found out that data migration sucks on iPad. I mean you can transfer data TO the iPad but cannot transfer FROM iPad to your computer??? Galaxy allows you to do both.... I think Galaxy is a clear winner...what else it costs almost $200 lesser than iPad....go figure !!!



I've used the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 side by side. When using as a free-standing device, in my humble opinion, Samsung is a better product, far more bang for your buck. If integrating the device with additional Apple products, iPad is the winner. Really just depends on what you are going to do with it. And, App selection is a joke of a decision maker. The reality is, you have hundreds of thousands of apps, 95% of which are duplicates of the exact same thing.



lol @ people who still think the Apple apps are better



Android is the better machine. I got an iPad2 today and it sucks balls so bad. Nuff said. Apple is about to die and it can't happen soon enough. Restrictive overpriced crud. I want an android tablet!!!!!!



I've just recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy. I have not used an iPad previously except for Angry Birds or simply App play. From what I've read and experienced while using my Galaxy is that it is the better choice and I am convinced Apple will be have marketing wars with Samsung for years to come. BUT what about the Galaxy s2 phone vs the iPhone 4S? Would you say Apple has the upper hand still on that or is Android taking over that market as well?



The iPad doesn't support flash. What is the point of the internet without flash?
Also, the apps point is hardy an argument anymore.
Samsung for sure.



I use ipad2 and i got no regrets. Then as galaxy tab 10.1 became available on the market, i got one but i got hundreds of regrets. It is not responsive when you go landscape from portrait and vice versa. It gets hotter and hotter when non stop playing games for atleast 3hrs. I immediately sell my tab then.



All apple products are way better than any android phone tablet. I have both as well, ipad2 and galaxy tab 10.1. iPad hands down!



yeah internet without flash? its a junk.. 1 vote for galaxy tab...



Basically they're an even draw. I've tried both, I own the Galaxy Tab (30 day trial, baby!) and it's starting to prove itself worthy. Basically there is more customizeability with android than with Apple, but some people don't like/need that. Apple's built to work right out of the box, but you have to do what it(apple) wants you to do... (i.e. no flash). Both have a crowd-sourced app creation environment so there is a near draw there, the Galaxy tab is definitely lighter than the iPad, which is very important to me. These things are "awkward" in the sense that they are a new way of holding onto an interface, so the lighter the better; not like a cell phone which fits in the palm of your hand and can be manipulated easily.

I was looking for something light to replace a laptop when I travel. Something with wireless so (if I get lucky) I can play with it on a long flight. Something slick and easy to maneuver, to slip into my bag with little weight, but is still strong and durable.

P.S. Get over the screen glare, people... buy a matte screen protector...

End game: Play with both, stop trying to prove which one is better than the other, and chose the one that fits your lifestyle, needs and skill... you can't go wrong with either one.

Relax, and enjoy!



before Apple nor othe rcomputer manufacturer sell/developed tablet pc, it was Microsoft who initially developed and introuduced tablet pc in the world way back 2000 followed by other (i.e. HP, MAC, etc.)

Richard owusu


The samsung galaxy tab must be compared to the ipad1 instead. IPad 2 forever!!!!!



how come 0.2mm different called to be thinner while u can't even recognize it..

Moreover, have u guys ever tried to jailbreak ur iPad? The galaxy is no compare to the jailbroken iPad, absolutely.

seriously, i think samsung is a very great company with great products... But, why can't they stop imitate apple's product? and now, they sue apple for things they've been imitating for.. come on, seriously??

Neal D


I've a question .. Is it possible to open Microsoft Word;Powerpoint documents on either of the two tablets ?? Should a separate app be installed ??



The ipad2 is so much better



i love my ipod touch but i think ipad is just oversized ipod. theres not much, if anything, that i can do on an ipad that i cant on an ipod. my verdict- buy an ipod touch and a galaxy tablet, then you win.



I have both ipad2 and the galaxy tablet look if you want to be happy with weight pictures and size go with the galaxy tablet and live a happy life ;}



Samsung has copied from apple thats why it became the best tablet ever then apple copied from samsung the notification center and the siri



lets face the facts apple IS NOT the best company in the world. the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is better by miles. the galaxy tab is faster, thinner, lighter, has better resolution, higher megapixel cameras and has a bigger screen. Ive used the iPad 2 and i dont like the feel of it and how it operates. the operating system on iPad 2 seems so basic and boring and dull to me. and all android tablets are more customizable. on apple operating systems, you get little square blue boxes that pop up to notify you. BORING. winner Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1



btw, the galaxy has a keyboard dock that allows you to type up emails much if someone could lend me 500 bucks



the galaxy DOES have expandable memory. they sell a $20 30 pin-usb adapter that allows you to connect your thumb drive. there are 256 gb thumb drives that will get cheaper in a year...



i'm writing this from a acer net book,that i plan to retire.i've been saving for the last couple of mnths to get a tab(xmas gift for self)$629 for ipad $499. for the gal 10.1 and i'm still cnfsd which tab to buy although i'm leaning twds the gal 10.1. what tab is easier to use out of the box? i still use a samsung dumb phone(i'm old skool)which could stop a bullet so i go with name brnd. pls help me decide....



i am totally picking the samsung tablet because im on it rigt now and it rocks. Askgry birds is free anyone. The ipad is so slow like seriously the samsung is twice as fast than the ipad



Try both of them and you will end up with the Ipad.
Its totally adictive.






i think all you mother #%@#*% should pick apple ipad 2 cuz samsung is just a fraud coping the ipad so shut all you haters! You *%#$! So now what do you think bout that? you must be on Crack to think Anidroid is better or even competes with the ipad
IPAD ALL THE WAY I threw my Anidroid in the trashcan , and my ipad is in the best case ever so shut up you Bitches!



okay just to let all of you ppl know i got an ipad 2 and galaxy tablet and the galaxy tablet went inthe trash can idk even know where it is now but my ipad 2 is on top of my pillow in my bedroom THE IPAD 2 all the way don't be stuipid and waste you money on the android tablet 10.1 its make out of plastic!!! it feels so fake like plastic trust me don't listen to all these other commets the ipad2 is sooooooooooooooo much better im just trying to help you out who ever can't decide because i've been there and done that.

Langgong T. Amercano


I have an iPad; Steve Jobs say its dual core 1.0ghz; it was so slow as every generic china made iped; i opened it: it's actually no more than my generic iped 600mhz 256 ram.
I have the galaxy as comparison, i opened it also: Samsung tells u that it is, and it is inside. No wonder galaxy is ten times faster than generic Steve Jobs iPad.

But i don't use my galaxy either because i have a Toshiba Regza A200 tablet. THE TOSHIBA OF BLACKBERRY, or the premium of premium so to speak. heheheh.

brian baxter


I am tired of this Apple was first so its best. I used a HP notebook that was effectively a pad 5 years ago,thin touch 11" screen on a very thin notebook, was running windows xp with wi fi. FORD supplied them to their workshops. So how is apple the originator.
Apple developed the ipad copying other peoples ideas (have a look at the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, they were using pads 50 years ago.
Jobs admitted stealing the mouse from Xerox ( he thought it was funny that he got away with it.)

So stop whining that someone stole the ipad off apple, they really stole it of HP and Stanley Kubrik



still cnfsd, which is easier to use out of the box???????????



IDK which to get galaxy or ipad after all reviews i might go with galaxy but then it gets more virises help me out P.S. in one of the comments above it calls the people who like the galaxy's that they are haters but it looks like the people who like the ipad are haters lol

Jeff Kim


Flash is crusial to me.
Samesung is the choice.
We can bug Samsung Gal tab in the ebay. $485



iOS is great on the iPhone because it works with the smaller screen. But iOS on the iPad is horrible because it seems like it is way too simple for such a large screen. With that being said, I have the Samsung and my girlfriend has the iPad 2; let me just say that we always fight over the Samsung! Widgets and flash support is a win on a tablet.



Mon 21/11/2011 - 04:30 my verdict- buy an ipod touch and a galaxy tablet, then you win.

Thanks for the advice(tablety) - I have an IPOD touch (thanks Stevie) - what's next? GALAXY and beyond....wuhoooo ; )



Apple will want to make you pay for everything,Galaxy Tab 10.1 is twice better than IPAD2



LOL all the empty rants from the apple heads. The only sensible reviews are by people for the SGT 10.1.
Work it out for yourself and don't be fooled by all the apple 'bots' posting crap.



Go the iPad. An out right winner



Got my galaxy a week ago. Gonna give my ipad to my kid. Galaxy is way better than ipad. Im saving a fortune in apps! Much better response and download speed..... Streams video better... Now i can realy enjoy my netflix on the go..



The REVIEW IS WRONG: THE GALAXY TAB 10.1 HAS A 30 PIN / USB connector that supports USB connection to other devices



the galaxy sucks its battry life good but ipad is better i had both and gave the galaxy to my younger brother



Let's get some facts straight, Ipad 2 has Infinity Blade, Galaxy Tab has...? 3d pong? Ipad 2 has Garage Band, Galaxy Tab has...? Crappy Piano Deluxe? Ipad 2 has Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Glaxy Tab has...? Super Doodlelastic? Let's face it Apple's applications are way superior, there's a lot more money invested in creating them and Galaxy Tab can't compete with that. Apple is much more refined in that regard.



Any of you folks use your tabs for business? Like for creating or editing reports, spreadsheets, or powerpoint presentations? Comparing iPad and Galaxy, which offers better compatibility with MS Word,Excel,Powerpoint? I've yet to find a salesman who can offer meaningful advice on this!!

Games,downloading movies and searching the internet are an important part of life, but before I buy I'd like to know which tab has better basic business capabilities when I'm travelling light and don't want to be bothered with a laptop.



Compare both to a Toshiba AT100.
It is equal or better on every aspect except the weight.



Apple just LOST its court case against Samsung. Samsung WINS. Do yourselves a favour folks, buy the Samsung.

Jeof Browns


We should look at statistics as numbers don't lie...
iPad 1s & 2s SOLD TO DATE: well over 15 million
All Android tablets: 6 Million

Hmmm interesting... I wonder why...

And how many Tablet Designed Apps are three for android? 100? 500? 100?
Nope, 6 months ago it was 15

On the Apple App store; Over 400,00



@ Jeof Browns. You wonder why? Well it is because Apple are genius, not of hardware, but content creation. The cult following the latest trend of buying / upgrading products that you don't even need is just a bonus.

The faith from the Apple fanbois, and the haters on the other side, it just plays into the hands of product salesmen. It reminds me of cigarette advertising in the 70s and 80s.

But then most of the posts here sound like they come from teenagers who are forging their identity based on the choice of a tablet computer! Ten years ago you would have been called a computer nerd. The names may change over time, but loser you remain.



I have read this review and others together with the comments that follow.
My decision goes with SGT 10.1 with high confidence.
I have a mac at home but got tired of how itunes locks you into their confined system so i run XP on my Mac.
I think the ipad is ok for people who dont enjoy some degree of freedom of use with their gadgets.
I love customizing the interfaces to my liking.
I also plan on moving to an android based phone. Currently use a Blackberry and Iphone4. But the Samsung Nexus with Sandwich ice cream looks awesome.
I believe the next gen Android Tabs will be even more advanced then apples offering with Android evolving and becoming a well rounded and powerful OS.



Hi Guys

Apple never created the tablet concept, the view sonic panels 15-18 years back, had a full suites of windows software, adobe, surfing the net and controlling everything AV & more in your home and office with the processor designed by the amazing people at Crestron control systems. So I guess what I am saying is - everyone can have a bit of the apple YES? More mind more ideas - better product.




I have the asus transformer, my husband has the ipad 1, i use his more than mine so I will be getting ipad2 for xmas
I got the asus because i was unable to play some games due to not having flash support but id rather have both.



Just bought my galaxy tab tonight, it's awsome. I liked how I could use it out of the box instead of having to connect to my computer to access iTunes. My computer is broke btw so if I did get ipad2 it would still be in the box waiting to be connected. I have a third gen iPod touch any way so I don't need an ipad2. Not hating on apple though it would be awesome to have an ipad2 . But I not going back to apple anymore, I'm moving on to the next best thing

sarah l.


I'm so confused. I have an android phone and I love android. I love that I can customize it on android. I also love flash. I've never had an iPhone so Idk about their products. I found out my daddy baught me an ipad 2 for Christmas. Idk if I would like. I don't want to pay for all of my apps so that's a deal breaker with ipad. I don't want to seem ungrateful, sould I keep the ipad or return it for a galaxy???? Which tablet is better????



reading all these comments has just made me more confused :(



galaxy is better



im planning to buy either ipad2 or gst 10.1.from the review and all the brilliant comments above,i think samsung gst10.1 is the better choice.hope i make the right decision.



san dont worry ive used both and i have the galaxy my self and its awesome you wont regret it best thing ever!



i like apple and all but it seems as if the galaxy tablet is out doing it.....



Android has grown to become a very good OS no doubt about it, but come on people! Apple's Operating systems are UNBEATABLE... Apple's Designs are UNBEATABLE... Apple's Quality is UNBEATABLE and just the way Apple's products work is FANTASTIC!!!!!

Those in the market for a tablet won't make a mistake with either one of these tablets, but Apple just offers the best overall product and thats a fact! also with what iTunesStore and the AppStore offer there is NO limits to what the iPad can do and with iOS 5, iCloud and Siri the worlds best OS is now simply years ahead. I have a new iPad and my friend has a new Galaxy tab and I am destroying him in every single comparison challenge he throughs at me! He orderd his iPad today!!!

Just go for Apple damn whats their to think about!



BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUE!!!! APPLE IS GOOD! In fact Apple is very very good all round!!!!
it simply is UNBEATABLE in every aspect, from design, hardware software up to the way it works. I AGREE! The thing is the world is use to the way android function cuz its based on familiar way of function, like almost windows PC-like, and people don't like something unfamiliar, the Apple needs some getting use to but it is so easy to use u'll be getting around it in no time and then u will realize there is about nothing the iPad can't do!! ITS THE BEST BY FARR!!!!



Androir has reached its prime now! This is how good its gonna get!! On the other hand Apple has the ability to always stay ahead with iOS and Appstore!!!!



HAHAHAHA. All the guys wit Samsung Galaxy tabs... how does it feel to have wasted your money!!! I'd pay triple the price for the iPad because its just that #$@#$ amazing yes. The iPad makes it easy to see why its the best, with the Gallaxy it seems to me that you have to search deep to find that its worth competing... and its funny how all you with u'r different tabs just try to prove it better than the iPad... obviously the iPad is the pinnacle in the market!!!



Pfffft! Galaxy Tab.... Pleeaasse!!!!! haha



Sarcastic!!! Apple RULE!



well,I think galaxy tab is the best because its have android apps and it is way more better than ipad2..i know bcause some people tell me that ipad2 can only transfers data and connect only with apple gadgets and cannot with other gadgets..well at first, I realy want the Ipad 2 bcause I think its more popular than galaxy tab..but when I went to some shops to look for the best items..all said that galaxy tab was better than Ipad2 so I decided to buy it..I love it so much..and Idon't know why some people find it hard of smsung galaxy is the best!,



I don't know why it still amazes me how apple and non apple product users get so steamed up attacking each other...

cj thegreat


samsung android is and will take over the technology world, watch and see

cj thegreat


and i have an i pad 2 and a galaxy and the samsung blows the pad out the water no comparison



I respect originality, Monkey See Monkey Do, shame on you Samsung and android what is wrong with integrity ?????
Samsung may be a good system, it would have been much better if they can show us some creativity and true innovation. com up with something new Apple toke the chance and lunched the iPad, against all the odds, then when they prove the market can take it the copy came out
I'll let you have the last word, hope you have some bride lift on you

John Galt


Its the same old crap all over again. Apple will not be able to battle all the hardware manufactures releasing android devices. In addition Android is going to grow into the future Portable OS. We already had proprietary OS company called Microsoft, why do we need another one for us to figure out that open source is the future.

John Hanlon


Thanks guys having read all these reviews i will go with the Galaxy 10.1 now where is the best place tobuy??? :))

Tai Beckensal - Destin


depending on who your cell phone company is, some cell phone companies as Verizon actually offer 4G speeds with the tablet, but for a much higher contract price, and tablet cost, get the wi fi tablet, sprint has them fair priced, as well as best buy, best buy and zagg have awesome extra's etc for the wifi tablet... its been a great tablet , it really has...



I've had both. iPad is for the technilogically inept. Its apps are nice and you can possibly screw up but thats where it ends. If you use it to communicate and have fun its the tab for you. If spe cificapp exsists that is not avaialbe thur android ie many medical apps, it may be the tab for you. If you are tech savy leave the iPad behind and go with the much more user ready android. Android acts much more like a PC in that you have much more control over its features and tools. The apps are secondary, and it offers FULL access to the web. iPad will rule once apple figures out flash is here to stay and without it the iPad is a nice paper weight for those who actualoly use it for the internet,



Any views on using or uploading either for MS Office products



After reading all the comments, it is really confusing. I still think Samsung marketing team is great BUT as for apple, other company is promoting their product ..My choice is still I Pad 2 even though Android is going to rule the world but when????



I'm typing this on the ipad2. I also have the i4s. I'm ONLY using the i4s because Motorola once more rudder the world (this time the Defy), I thought the camera on the phone was lousy, until I tried the ipad2. WTF???
I've given the apple range a fair go, but with no flash single tasking and a camera that is 15 yrs old...Back to the android alternatives for me.
The apple iphone/ipad range is good for grannys and kids to play, otherwise...naaaah.



buto r..
aq x taw nak beli mane satu kalo comment camnie..
tolong aq...
hati ku kuat pada galaxy tapi apple bagos gak... me...???



ipads are so much better.



I have had some great laughs reading some of the indeapth reasoning in the 100 + comments like ( i love apple so its the best ) or ( I have an ipod and a ipad2 and they rock ) or this one Samsung stole an idea from apple and they cant come up with one of their ownt. WOW you fanboy's really can argue a point with statements like that. The stole the idea from apple is my fav cos based on that statement that means we should have only TV brand, TOASTER maker, DVD/BLU RAY palyer, CAR maker and so on. APPLE fans forget one simple thing before the ipod APPLE was almost BROKE and looking at BANKRUPCTY. SO to the fanboy's who still breast feed get a clue and self educate. What you dont like steve jobbs never stole from IBM back in the day. TO those who are unsure which to buy it's simple do your homework ie read as many reviews and on youtube and talk to as many sale's people as you can once you work what you want it for. To the apple fanbase just some info for at one point samsung was making components for the iphone because apple knew they were the best at it but that change once they went to court. Also to apple elite your ipods/iphone/ipads are made in china for sweet F.A and sold to you for a premium price. This company that makes the APPLE range has installed SUICIDE nets on it.s building because of the conditions and demands to get the products out, NOW asks your self who was it that was putting these demands on this company thats right STEVE JOBBS and co, did he care about the working conditions or pay HELL NO he was getting rich.



Well folks, if a device cannot run a flash player; it SUCKS! Why spend hundred bucks if you cannot see websites with flash player? HAHAHAHAHA



Well I bought a ipad2 .I'm 72 and many of you say you cannot play flash ?
Just install another browser that can play flash .copy and paste into the new browser
Or go to youtube and there are a host of variations to play flash with a bit more
Involvement .my main gripe with ipad is you can operate windows on apple Mac book
And download any type of content .why not allow win 7 yes I know it's all about
Internal set up .nothing is impossble in electronics .the next step .

apple hater


What about price difference? How can you beat that. Apple products are overpriced and attracts high school kids with low maturity level. Apple sucks just like Ford and Chrysler



Going to buy my tablet. Soon. Youbet its gonna be a galaxy tab10.1 thanks to this thread.



for whatever strange reason I read every 1 of these comments.
and for the most part the galaxy tab wins 90 percent of votes.
and the other 10 percent are people who enjoy apps or just blinded by the apple logo
to me it's obvious that the galaxy out performs the ipad in every worthwhile situation
you really can't go wrong with either so do yourself a favor by the better product .....
samsung galaxy tablet



Personally I have 2 concerns about SGT10.1
1.Their honeycomb OS is not ready for primetime and tends to be laggy from what I've heard. Have not tried it myself.
2.There's a virus security concern.



galaxy tab is easy to use...about editing have quick office. and another thing i like about it cause it has flash...even if you use ipad to watch's is way friendlier and very open wins

samsung fan


At first I thought of getting an ipad 2 since it was popular few months ago. On second thought, I bought a galaxy tab 10.1 and did not regret. It helps me in all my office work.



Samsung Galaxy Tab I'm gettin one tomorrow that's who I'm goin with..



i have an ipad2 with ios 5.0.1
and i think it can do better than what apple allow you to do , but the only way to get the best of it is illegal , I really didnt used or touched a galaxy tab , but i think galaxy is better because all of the limits on the ipad and its so obvious that apple just want money



which one will play cafeworld??????

G Man


I am in the market for a tablet, and because apple is synonymous with Tech and what not, i was leaning towards it... But this review changes all that, Samsung Galaxy it is....



Guys can I run c ,java in galaxy tab? I want something to replace laptop¿ m very confused pls help



wait till ipad 3 comes and you will realize... xD



You idiots! The iPad is the hands down winner. Tested the Galaxy Tab. Total Crap. All these android tablets are all cheap knockoffs. Yeah, you want customization, watch how you get viruses. Second, crowding the world with crappy android isn't making more money, idiots. If apple has one smartphone line, and Android has 50, of course google is gonna win, but who's getting more money, dunderheads? And with the iPad, Apple has MORE market share. 1 vs. 50 and the one winning? Come ON!



IT'S GALAXY TAB 10.1!!!!!



Lol to the losers that are bitching just here so what apple is a tad expensive its totally worth it. Android is just like a rip of Handbag it looks good and does the job for A while but we regret buying it a few months later..

Apple is amazing always will be this should not even be questioned :)

Marwan from egypt


what the f u c k ofcours the galaxy is better but for me the best tablet in the world is the BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK



Hai i am shaikh from bangalore currentlyi am using a galaxy tab p1000 and now i want to buy a galaxy10.1but iam thinking y its nt having calling features please send me a mail if there is any option my id



Hai i am shaikh from bangalore currentlyi am using a galaxy tab p1000 and i am very much satisfied this smart phone and now i want to buy a galaxy10.1but iam thinking y its nt having calling features please send me a mail if there is any option my id

go cool


Galaxy rules!



I bought the ipad2. It is so nice however it's luster wore off quickly when I couldn't see anything that requires flash player. Steve jobs really screwed apple with that problem. I am planning on selling the iPad to someone and buying the samsung. It's sad that it is such a problem.

Carlos Rushdy


I have both, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2. But I prefer Samsung Galaxy Tab. I give my iPad to my childen for them to learn how to use tab.. ;-)

kamel from buffalo


ok ... just got a samsung galaxy tablet 7.0 and im thinking to my self i should have went with the 10.1... sooo after i bought my tablet i went to go check out the ipad2 for the 1st time n i was like WOW! BUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT..... if u actually compare the 3rd or 2nd g of an ipod.... IT LOOKS THE SAMEEEE .. now im thinking ok the ipad3 is gonna have a flash and icloud BUUTTTTT... its gonna be the sameeee!! n i love apples stuff but its the to much for no reason ... so yeah go samsung galaxy tablet !! email me at if u think im wrong



well put it this way ipads are crap and use samsung to design their ipads how stupid is that . No wonder apple going down hill because of what apple did. I dont blame samsung to stop partnership with apple :), i love my galaxy tab 10.1 is great and better then ipad2



Choosing between ipad2 and the galaxy 10.1 is like having to choose between a faithful or unfaithful future partner.



i was trying to make a choice bout which to get.i just found out that Mr ate all the apples on the tree.
so then its samsung galaxy for features

Dr E


Galaxy is by far better than Ipad. The juxtaposition above shows it. Samsung galaxy is the real thing.Go for it.



have both. IPad way better. Samgalax is brutal



As the editor of Computer Tablet Reviews, we keeps track of everything that is happening in the tablet PC market, which is presently exploding with new systems and software. A self-described "geek on a budget," we brings a practical sensibility to his reviews, which, in addition to tablets, include eReaders, apps, and tablet
PC accessories.Kurt I'm also heavily involved in the discussions related to tablet PCs within the site's forums section.



I played with both but the reason why I took Samsung is because I tried to play the games on Facebook with both NO FLASH NO GO that says it all at least to me it is. Don't get me wrong iPad is bad great apps but also some bad ones too BUT the Samsung is BAD ASS greatapps but some bad ones too but without flash the Web is no good and no fun sooo Samsung hands down .....




olatunde olawolu


the review and comments have helped me to make an informed choice between sam GT an ipad.



Steve Jobs would really be disappointed in the Apple fans it or not, Apple is NOT the best anymore. die hard fans....LOL!



Technology is supposed to enhance our lives, not inhibit it. I've owned several android devices, and they just didnt integrate well into my lifestyle and workflow. Not to say that they are bad, they are not for me. Apple's stuff just works IMHO.



I love both!



After reviewing all of the comments, it seems to me that the support of Flash on Android tablets is the detemining factor. Especially if internet browsing is the most important factor. Correct?

David (Perth AU)


Just got my Galaxy 10.1 and love it.
Biggest bonus for me is that I can view and edit Office documents then turn them into pdf's for upload to my website. And of course the ability to view Flash movies.
Love the sharp screen and it's also very fast with my home WiFi and at Uni.
Really wide range of available FREE apps and even paid for apps are significantly cheaper overall.
Only negative is the lack of usb (although that's the same for both) - would be so much easier to carry my USB stick and read direct from it. Must get more familiar with cloud storage I guess.



apple's iPad 2 is better! :)

Neeraj Vasnani





I currently run a Mac Powerbook for business travel, one function that is important to me is to be able to link into my company’s server via internet. We have loaded a VPN link plus the Server Connection Icon to my Powerbook to allow my access, can this be done with the Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad.



Crikey, to those who say the iTunes store is a plus, to me it is a negative! It is pricey and I far prefer MP3's. I hate Apples licensing - expensive and restrictive.

The biggest bugbear is the gouging Apple do on all their products - upgrades an drepairs are expensive. they try using odd fasteners to stop non-Apple dealers doing repairs. Simply restrictive trade and very expensive by comparison.

I have had both but only have the Samsung now - the iPad simply comes second in so many areas. Had the Aplep been better, I would not have a Samsung now.

And for those criticising the Samsung technology... remember Apple use Samsung developed/manufactured screens!



Samsung always win



well im a tech junkie always looking for latest versions but i didnt catch whether or not android version isce cream sandwhich 4.0 is on the tab if so it would run as good or better than the ipad, i really like the portability of the tab both battery life are good i like the tabs camera and the ipad is overpriced but it has good apps tho this is the same for the tab and i dont use apps much either way, the ipad is fast but the tab is faster and the tab despite all this is over priced in comparison. if you want something for work and are wowed by everything that is apple try a macbook with light gaming really fast and light thin, if not a laptop or dual core netbook go for the tab, and stop whining and cursing about how the tab is cheap or something your giving ipads a bad name!

Ben Anderson


I love apple fanboys, all they do all day is dance around all day with there oversized iPod touch.

iPad users please follow these steps:

1. Go to

Ben Anderson


I love apple fanboys, all they do all day is dance around all day with there oversized iPod touch.

iPad users please follow these steps:

1. Go to on your iPad
2. Now try and answer me back






Galaxy tab is far better i decided on it when i had a direct comparison apple seems to tune a lot of things down like blutooth for instance who does that. I thought bluetooth was wireless to all devices, not by apple. No flash, come on be real SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB WINS HANDSDOWN



After reading all the comments I finally concluded to get a samsung. For me IPAD is very pricey and very restricted when it comes to sharing files unlike samsung, if i understand it correctly you can connect to other device which is very important now a days and of course the flash



Why do sumsung hav to wait till apple releases..sup folks u know wat it means..I'm waitn 4 i5..let's see wat sumsung got on dis



Seems they both have advantages. I don't think Samsung copies Apple. Apple has been making record profits. Mainly because it over charges for what it offers. For the same price, you can get a more advanced android. Apple buys its processors from Samsung...and charges more than Samsung does????



there is a feature of samsung galaxy tab "messaging"....any one knows how it works.?? i am not asking about the e mail....i am asking about the messaging...???(as there is also shown in the specification of samsung tab "sim")...plz reply



and please guide me...which one is easy to use ..?? faster and better in quality by every aspect.??

alan howard


comments about samsung copying apple is quite odd seeing both of them poached many of there ideas from free bsd and linux, as does most commercial opperating systems, and android is a linux version anyway

Disc Springs


This is the third time I've been to your site. Thnx for providing more details.



to sean from where you got the galaxy 64g tell me plz because i want to by it



If you do the reserch, you will find that the Ipad is 72% built & contains Samsung hardware and parts



IPAD 2 all the way



I have a galaxy and an ipad2, and both is really awesome, but I would say galaxy is a bit better because its way easier to use, and it can do everything if not more than thee ipad.

iPad 2 Digitizer


Repair your iPad Glass Yourself! Save MoneyiPad 2 Digitizer



I don't know. All my friends say IPad. I am thinking Samsung galaxy. What do you think I should get? I might choose what is cheaper.



I purchased a SGT 10.1 , and I am not a teenager. I use it fot web browsing, viewing video, listening to music, playing games, and for business as well. I have several who have the Ipad 2, and I have used their Ipads many times in the past. I have to say that the Ipad 2 is definitely very over rated! The SGT 10.2 is a much faster, more cutomizable product with better cameras, brighter and larger screen, higher resolution screen, great front-facing stereo speakers, and a pleasant user interface. My advice to the Apple junkies: Get over it!! Apple is no longer, and never will be the leader in tablet technology- bottom line!!
By the way, Android has great apps, so don't worry !!

Meero Basha


Guys, I had an iPad 2 I really felt its abbilities jailed then I gave to my sister and bought the galaxy tab 10.1 its really AWESOME !!!



Ok, so you have all convinced me to get a Galaxy :), maybe with the Ipad wars, this will bring the prices down for competition of sales. That's what I'm taling about.......I really struggled with which one to get and I am sure to go with the Galaxy.

James Wright


Check out this blog! Its a poll what is the BEST IPAD Alternative?



Galaxy2. The Apple victory regarding patent InfrIngement convinced me. Got one b4 It's off the market. Fry's didn't have a demo and refused to open a box to let me check it out. Ordered from Best Buys online. Backorder cancellation resulted. May be coincidence.

Picking one up in store today. I like computing more than consuming. I need a tool and open is best for me.

lamar Tyler


I have both the ipad2 and galaxy tab (college student). I can say the galaxy tablet is w!ay better!



Hi. In my opinion, every Apple product is a hundred thousand times better than any Samsung product. If I had a choice between them, I would go for an Apple product anyday. It has a class unto itself. Samsung can just copy what Apple invents. :)



got them both but use the galaxy tab most of the time for the simple reason that its easier to use and connects to my laptop and pc without any prblem. can download everything for free unlike my ipad2 that u still have to purchase almost all apps fr itunes to app store, etc. i thought d ipad s d better choice thats why i bought it first but when i got hold of my galaxy tab, i was wrong. performance wise?- ipad 2 is great but galaxy tab is far ahead. lot of things u can do in it which u cant in ipad. price?- galaxy tab is more affordable but does a lot more than the expensive ipad. durability?- apple is an american brand produced fr the fake country where imitations n counterfeits are d way of life. MADE IN CHINA. so people, what do u expect???



Hell my samsung llls is faster and better than apple is I tab. Better than galaxy tab. What do you think



Every apple I purchased.....latop....desk top....cell...I took back...looks great but cannot do jac s...



I am m going galaxy all the way.....much better..just my opinion



Galaxy .....I agree with Lamar...



Back....just purchased samsung 10.1....we. will see....I still believe samsung has prett much crushed apple

ex apple lover now apple hater call me "ealnah"


the best has to be the samsung for its many reasonds including the price becuase at many shops the prices are...

I-Pad 2 over $700
Samsung Galaxy sometimes under $300!!!

i might just buy 1 in january

and if u were going to buy a i-pad like me THINK AGAIN!!! Samsung is much better!!!



Hi everybody,

I just got an Ipad2, with the intention of replacing my lap-top as I do home visits in my line of work and laptops are cumbersom comparatively. Needing to enter into a couple of agency web sites as a part of my job, I found that one of the agencies requieres to download silver light, but safari is not compatible. MY QUESTION is, would I be able to download silverlight into the Samsung 10.1" pad? Thank you in advance for enlighteneing me with your answers :)

Angel Louise Henderson


After seeing all the comments... I'm blurr @_@ Seriously, which one is truly better?! I used to had iPad2 on my mind... but sadly there's no flash... I think I better purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 cuz it is better than the old version... Whatever... All are look just the same to me... But honestly, Samsung had improved a lot... Congratulation....



Instead of comparing, buy them both.. at least you have no problem choosing..and have the best of both worlds..:)



HI Guys,
Looking at tablets for study purposes (will need browsing and word processing capabilities) but not sure if I should go iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Got a few friends who have the iPad and another who has the Samsung and they all swear by the tablet they have. :\

Mahar Awais


Please read my comment
iPad 2 have 9.7 inch disply
Galaxy tab have 10.1 inch disply
tab screen is 4 inch bigger than ipad that's why ipad and tab have almost same resolution Draw
due to abode flash player galaxy tab is slower than ipad. winner iPad
weight do not matter i have both tab iPad. Draw

Mahar Awais


iPad 2 is now at a price of about $320 (16 GB)
iPad 2 is less expensive than galaxy tab

apple girl


What's so nice bout Samsung with its plastic? Apple iPad is much better with the light metal..



Is anyone forgetting that galaxy can actually go back , other than ipad which you have to go to the home screen and go back on the app/internet plus galaxy fully charges at 2/3 hours plugged in, but ipad takes over 5/6 hours to fully charge
I love my galaxy

Jan Goodall


I'm in the process of deciding which of the 2 choices to buy. What I want a tablet for is travel so that I can store photos (some large RAW sizes as well as JPEGS) and do some basic photo editing as well. How easy is photo editing on a tablet? And does anyone have a recommendation of a particularly good photo editing app? I am, by the way, very experienced with iphoto and Apple's Aperture 3. I know that my photos will look better on the Samsung because of the higher resolution but what about ease of use?



so there is a difference tween apple and my samsung does that mean I cant download itune apps? pls reply..I do know that samsung ipad does not support flashplayer, so that means I cant play some ma games online like in fb. I dont know how to sync yet, im still learning, and I have lotsa stuff on my ipad, that I cant use, that sucks big time



The iPad 2 doesn't heat up after hours of playing on it, but besides that, I think both are great. The exact same thing, just different brand names and formatting.

George W. Bush.


I agree with most of the people on this forum: the galaxy is better. The company Apple likes to make something shiny and pretty to sell it, but the specs for its products don't match the sale price. That doesn't matter if they are selling you a tablet or a PC. Personal computers outweigh them in the highest. I do like the performance of Apple products. I don't however think that they should charge you up the wazoo or try to control all of your media.

If you look at in in capitalist history, all companies want to create a monopoly over any given product. If they do this, then after all that crap they gave you about being fair and selling their products either for lower prices or superior specs, then they can sell those items for w/e price they want. That's called market strategy. You reel em in with your fancy words, then you fuck em over once you have them. i think the same has been with most of our U.S presidents.

I don't know if you noticed this, but we also have that predicament with food. Allot of our farms used to be privately owned. Now they are owned by large corporations which I don't think is good at all. Now it seems great because those foods reproduce faster, they can sell them at lower prices. Yet eventually and inevitably as people love power, they will have control over everything you could think to eat. Then you're fucked.

To Apple fans, I appreciate your notion that Apple products are pretty and esthetically pleasing; that doesn't however make them superior products. If you believe that a product is better because it is white and shinny, then maybe you should go back to school and grow the fuck up.

Rgth hbjc



Rgth hbjc





apple ipad rocks my cousin had galaxy tab 2 and the first day she got it it wasn't fast at all apple has apps that are actually useful and worth your time anyone who wants to get a tab trust me get an ipad (unlike Samsung tablets u can do the coolest stuff like p.s jail breaking)
APPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



apple ipad rocks my cousin had galaxy tab 2 and the first day she got it it wasn't fast at all apple has apps that are actually useful and worth your time anyone who wants to get a tab trust me get an ipad (unlike Samsung tablets u can do the coolest stuff like p.s jail breaking)
APPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



apple da



apple owns galaxy better a billion times



apple is faster better stronger greater better apps



well for me apple because its just great awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz Anderson


I have both... I prefer the Galaxy.



I was excited to uncover this website. I want to to thank you for ones time just for this wonderful read!! I definitely liked every little bit of it and I have you book-marked to see new stuff in your blog.



How to call on a samsung tabletHow

Star Boy


Samsung rules

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