Apple new iPad vs. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime: Tablet comparison

Which is the better tablet? Apple's new iPad, or the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Apple's new iPad has just been released and its clearly going to continue the company's complete dominance in the tablet market. However, this doesn't mean there isn't any competition. How does the "new iPad" stack up to Android tablets, specifically what we think is the best Android tablet on the market: the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime? Let's find out.

Apple new iPad review
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime review
The new iPad ultimate buying guide

Apple new iPad vs. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime: Specifications

Feature Apple iPad ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Verdict
Display size 9.7in 10.1in Transformer Prime
Display technology LED backlit IPS Super IPS+ LCD Draw
Display resolution 2048x1536 pixels 1280x800 pixels New iPad
Multitouch Yes Yes Draw
Front camera VGA 1.2 megapixels Transformer Prime
Rear camera 5 megapixels, no flash, autofocus, geotagging, HDR, face detection 8 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus, geotagging Transformer Prime
Video recording Yes, 1080p @30fps Yes, 1080p @30fps Draw
GPS Yes (4G models only) Yes, with A-GPS Transformer Prime
Internal memory 16GB, 32GB or 64GB 32GB or 64GB Draw
Expandable memory None microSD (full sized SD on dock) Transformer Prime
Thickness 9.4mm 8.3mm Transformer Prime
Weight 652g 586g Transformer Prime
Processor Apple A5X dual-core (1GHz) NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core (1.3GHz) Transformer Prime
RAM 1GB 1GB Draw
Australian 3G networks 850, 900, 2100 (Wi-Fi + 4G models) Wi-Fi only New iPad
HDMI-out No (Yes with optional digital AV adapter) Yes, micro HDMI Transformer Prime
USB port No Yes, on keyboard dock Transformer Prime
Quoted battery life Up to 10 hours Up to 12 hours (18 with dock) Transformer Prime
Removable battery No No Draw
Adobe Flash support No Yes Transformer Prime

New iPad vs. Transformer Prime: Display

The key feature of the new iPad is its "retina" display. The resolution of 2048x1536 is double that of the original iPad and significantly higher than most Android tablets, including the Transformer Prime. This gives it a pixel per inch (ppi) of 263, a significant increase over the 132ppi of the iPad 2, and the 149ppi of the Transformer Prime.

The Transformer Prime's Super IPS screen certainly isn't a bad display, in fact, its a very good one. The screen is bright, crisp and clear and feels smooth to swipe. It also has very impressive viewing angles. At full brightness we found it significantly brighter than most other Android tablets on the market.

Verdict: The new iPad has by far and away the best display on any mobile device on the market. Text is crisp and clear with no visible aberrations, even when zoomed right in. Photos and videos look bright and vivid but not over-saturated like many other mobile displays. The iPad's screen is so sharp that it constantly highlights the low quality of many images on the Internet. After using the new iPad, switching to another display makes text and images look blurry and low quality by comparison. It's a clear winner in this battle.

new iPad Text on the new iPad's retina display is crisp and clear with no visible aberrations, even when zoomed right in.

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




i want that transformer prime with windows 8 in x86 sooooooooooooooooooooooo *takes breath* ooooooooooooooooooo bad

Canadian WizDude


This is a very nice article , but you failed to mention the HDMI output that the Prime has and the ipad doesn't :(
This can be important as my older plasmatv is not connected to my network and I can stream right from the tablet.



My greasy fingers keep cleaner on the Prime , in 15min with the ipad it looks like ive buttered a pan . thats reminds me ........only the GPS is not better .



Thank you for this comparison - all my friends are mad iPad users, but I was looking for a tablet that was a bit different and gave a bit more. The Prime certainly seems to tick all my boxes.

The way you have laid out the features of the two products side by side makes it easy for a non-expert like me to decide.



I find iPads interface boring and limited. I'm the type of person who wants to be able to personalize things and make them my own, including the look of my tablet desktop.

Gucci Wallet


I visited a lot of website but I believe this one has something extra in it.



A nice comparison list is put together and at the end your verdict is " It's (ipad3) a clear winner in this battle."?

you have 20 comparisons - take away the draws and you have 12 items that is won by the prime and 2 won by the new ipad...

The only thing "Clear" is a biased opinion for this article.

So here is my biased opinion - If you do not wish to have use-ability, expand-ability, or a open source based OS where anyone can develop and publish applications without the fear that Apple will take it away because it is better than what they have and then later re-introduce the feature as 'new' and their own. And lets not get into the fact that Foxconn (the company that makes many of the apple products) now have nets around their buildings to catch employees from committing suicide...

a CLEAR winner indeed...

...just saying



"A nice comparison list is put together and at the end your verdict is " It's (ipad3) a clear winner in this battle."?

you have 20 comparisons - take away the draws and you have 12 items that is won by the prime and 2 won by the new ipad...

The only thing "Clear" is a biased opinion for this article.

So here is my biased opinion - If you do not wish to have use-ability, expand-ability, or a open source based OS where anyone can develop and publish applications without the fear that Apple will take it away because it is better than what they have and then later re-introduce the feature as 'new' and their own. And lets not get into the fact that Foxconn (the company that makes many of the apple products) now have nets around their buildings to catch employees from committing suicide...

a CLEAR winner indeed...

...just saying"

Hey dumbass, that is the verdict for the display. Learn to read. If anything this comparison is heavily biased toward the Asus. To point out a few, flash support is a joke, usb and hdmi ports are unnecessary for 99.999% of people, the a5x processor outperformed the tegra 3 in benchmarks, .4 inch larger screen is by no means a win, and a gps on a wifi tablet beating a 4g enabled gps is just plain dumb.

But hey, just saying...



Oh and btw, according to third party tests, the Asus battery life is 7-10 hours



Look clearly Asus is the winner Jake obviously is some kind of apple fanboy , who is mad that the apple is now being exposed. I mean the one good the apple did is the new retina display which looks beautiful and as always apple out done themselves. With that bring said I a gadget junkie I sorry to all my apple people it’s a damn near draw for these two tablets and the only reason I would prime the prime the edge is because overall you get more bang for your buck and that’s the truth. So JAKE relax its ok somebody had to take down apple sometime



This review is pretty fair; the devices do more or less come up equal, with each one having it's strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately the better tablet is the one that works best with what you want to do with it.

It should be pointed out though that many prime users can't get their gps to work, for various reasons (mostly a design flaw of the prime tablet).



nice article. but now now boyz an goylz ,,

this boylz down to jyst one very simple question...."Do You wsnt s besutiful display with less options and NO expantion or would you be satisfied with a lower resolution screen and much more options and expantion?"

I my self do a ton of trsvrling and carry well over 250gb of movies with me, Now take a second and imagine your laptop or desktop with NO HD expantion option,,Personaly I constantly watch vids when flying, an push vids to my lcd when im home or if the input is available in hotels , so my opt is for the sd slot regarless of the screen.. I can easly carry 20 or more sd cards with me... when the ipad hd is filled its done... time to start deleating, moving etc.. not some thing i enjoy doing and ive easily filled tera drives ... so if your anything like me this is a no brainer... you have to have hd expanability ...

the only thing i would say to apple is "what idiot did not engineer a memory slot into the ipad3 ?" a 2 dollar memory port.. realy..... Not including a memory port is huge engineering ERROR as the end user has no way to open the unit and upgrade, I would never pay 500+ for a tab lacking this option,,,



You can't just judge a tablet by its specs. People may prefer the comfort or feel of iOS over the Android tablet. People may need plenty of productivity, so they go for the Android tablet. It all comes down to what they are using the tablet for...



@Joe, By Apple adding a memory slot, it makes it easier for users to jailbreak their device... Apple is restrictive...



The ONLY thing the iPad is better than the Prime for is 3g/4g (if you're in the US). If you can live without the 3G, Prime every day of the week.

Additionally, has anybody bought an iPad, to make it halfway berable to use, you need like 500 different adapters, each of which cost about $30 and could easily choke an unsuspecting baby. And unless your baby is the blue jelly thing from Monsters v Aliens, your baby isn't going to choke on your Prime detachable keyboard.

Cost of Prime - $850-899 (with keyboard, 64GB model, dependent on store you go to)

Cost of new iPad - $850-$899 + covers, screen guards, apps, dongles, attachments, 3g/4g carrier fees for 64GB + 3g/4g model. Total cost is about $1500-2000 dependent on your own spending.



I personally have an iPad, and previously had an iPad 2 which I gave to my sister when I got the new iPad and I have never had any issues with it. I don't need a keyboard, if I wanted one i'd get a macbook air. I don't have any problem storing movies and it blows my mind that someone is complaining because they can't store hundreds of movies at once.. I mean where the hell are you going that you need that? Also, the battery lasts plenty long without connecting it to a dock/external battery pack. I don't think that the Asus transformer prime is a bad tablet, but it really doesn't do it for me. Most of the things that people say are better than the iPad are subjective because most people, including myself, don't need the extra ports, and you still have to buy cables, albeit different cables, just like with the iPad. And yes, I have a friend who has one that I have spent some time using and playing with.



Hey Jake, I think you are a dumbass not almosthonest... USB not use 99.9999%??? you said that because you have very low expectation for a tablet. But hey, we have high expectation for a table so it matters for us most. . just saying ...



Please share what you use the usb/mini hdmi for and how often you use it. Also, feel free to include how necessary you believe it is.



WOW! nobody has answered! wonder why? hmm...



@ Jake.

You are the dumbass. iPad is rubbish !



I own an iPad and find that, overall, it is much better than any Android tablet, regardless of what anyone says. The apps, the feel...just every factor of an Android repels me. I mean, I love GTA 3, and have you ever tried that on an Android? The graphics are also much better on the iPad 3. In my opinion, the Transformer would be a strong competitor against the iPad 2, but the screen, processor and applications are the main pieces which make a tablet. With common use, the iPad towers above in every single part. And don't regard me as some "Apple fanboy", I'm merely stating how much better the iPad 3 is when opposed to an Android tablet, and to be more specific, the Asus Transformer Prime. These, my friends, are what makes the Apple iPad the most popular tablet.



As a programmer and both an IPad and Android owner, I've found that iPads have more appeal to those "light duty" consumers that aren't tech-savvy and are willing to trade off an open architecture for the more simple, "canned" experience that Apple offers.

We need both kinds of platforms, because I don't want Android to have to be dumbed down because John Q Public gets confused by its configurability. That's what Apple is for: the guy that just wants to pick his tablet up and not have to think.



That isn't true, Paul. You're just offering an unneeded, stereotyped view, in which you think the iPad is for the less technologically "with it". The iPad has much more to offer, considering the price tag of these devices, unlike its rivals, the Android tablets. The apps which are made available on a device are a key point when considering a tablet, and more so, the asking price for each device. I am an extremely technological person who uses Apple and Android devices on a daily basis, and I much prefer Apple over Android. Have fun with your mediocre Android tablets whilst we use a tablet for what it's meant to be, not some overrated piece of junk. I love the iPad for what it is, and it is, in my opinion, the best tablet out there. Consider what these devices are truly capable of before you offer your biased and judgmental point of view, but regardless of these previously raised points, it is only a tablet.



Of course it is true Mitch. For example: I can use GPS on a WiFi android tablet without having to subscribe to a data plan. That's a deal breaker with an IPad as well as being absolutely asinine. I'd go on to discuss connectivity with other devices and expandability and things like USB/SD connectivity versus proprietary connections (or NO connections), but I think it has already been thoroughly covered by others. iPads will eventually assume the position as the Mac of the tablet world. It is happening now as we speak.



Your statement, Paul, is not entirely true. Regarding what you said, "I can use GPS on a WiFi Android tablet without having to subscribe to a data plan," I live in Australia, where Telstra offers a prepaid data option. Also, if you really wish to have USB connectivity, you might as well buy a laptop, as you a) cannot run proper computer programs on an Android, and b) you'd have a more "free" interface, as opposed to Android. Various websites have written reviews saying how the Android interface is laggy, has a limited application range, and that the overall design lacks that expertise. It might just be me, but I find a lot of other people saying what I'm saying.






I would take the Asus over the iPad, and I have an iPad 2. You do have to pay for a lot of unnecessary accessories with the iPad 2. A USB port is terrific if you can plug your camera into it, especially if you have an SLR. You can also have additional memory with the Asus. The memory on all of these tablets is far too small. People do not have to have a super high definition screen with a tablet. I also disagree with Apple's philosophy that the tablet should not replace the laptop. In the future, I think there will be tablets with 500 gb of memory and 8 core processors. Also, for all the Apple fans, everything goes in cycles. I think Apple has reached the peak of its productivity. I don't see any revolutionary changes in the new iPad. Also, the editing and word processing capabilities of apps like Pages and Numbers have to change. The fact that Apple doesn't use flash is irritating if you have an online business. You can't even advertise with the iPad through google ads. It is a barely functional tablet for business considerations. For me, the pluses for the iPad is its apps and its usefulness as a leisure device. However, for someone who wants to use it for business purposes, forget it. Flash is sometimes necessary. I predict in 5 years from now, Apple will have to produce tablets with: usb ports, Flash, and with SD cards. Right now, they are just trying to rip people off with their name brand status, but eventually, tablets have to have multiple usb ports. In the future, tablets will be the primary device people use according to some predictions.



I agree that Android is not yet the best platform, and USB ports might not be so necessary just yet. However, I would like to be able to plug in my DSLR camera into the iPad, but I can't because it doesn't accept the USB cable. So, I have to fork over more money for an adapter. I would wait to buy a tablet until the Windows 8 tablets come out. You will see that they will have far more memory than the present tablets. Also, they will have the ability to use Windows. That means you get a full fledged edition of office. You can run programs that are much better than the current ones. Until this fall, I wouldn't purchase a tablet. The iPad is nothing revolutionary anymore if you compare it to other tablets. In a few years, people will be able to have the same graphics they have on a desktop computer with a tablet. I think Apple should have come out with something more revolutionary than the new iPad. Aside from the new screen, I can't see any rationale to choose it over the Asus. In the future, I think cloud computing will also take over, and people will buy money and space in the cloud through a payment plan. There probably won't be a need for so much space on the actual device if everything will be stored virtually. I guess what will become important is the speed of the network and of connectivity.



After owning both (iPad2 new gen and Prime) it's clear that the Prime with ICS is hands down the better of the two tablets. Sure, Apple has more apps, but really, how many do you use? I can count the apps I use consistently on two hands and I'm not much into gaming.

But for a business person on the move, traveling, the Prime beats the iPad hands down.



You apple fanboys are so brainwashed that you will defend your captor until the bitter end. This is Stockholm Syndrome defined, you need to go see a psychiatrist to help you get past this disorder.



You are the same guys that will by Beats by Dre headphones just because the other cool kids have em. You guys aren't fooling anyone but yourselves.

kindle fire


kindle fire rocks ;))



To each his own. I do not understand why some people are bent on shoving their preference down other peoples' throats. Stockholm Syndrome? Psychiatric help? For using an Apple product? Pretty silly stuff. Product competition is what makes products better; iPad users should be thankful for Android, and vice versa. Use what works best for you, and do not burn others at the stake for making a different decision. They worked for their money, they should be able to decide how to spend it. If they decide to spend $200 on some headphones, good for them.

Come on..... laptops, people!!!


I bet that boy Mark favors apple products lol. No, but seriously, I favor the asus, but I won't knock the ipad for other people. I had one before my lil cousin trashed it. I personally however, will never again purchase an ipad. Great screen resolution, and a huge application variety..... But thats it when you compare it to the Prime(In reality the ipad will beat alot of the other android tablets, but not the prime). . I actually agree with "Paul" who posted a lil earlier.

Anyone disagree? I like to stir the pot a little and compare opinions.



I agree with our friend Semen. He makes the best argument on here....



I have been reading the posts with interest and can only say that the iPad is and never was intended to be a computer but just a hand held device. It seems that the Prime is bridging this tablet/computer idea by including USB ports etc. I think the decision as to which one to buy depends on what you need it for. Personally I like the feel and look and use of the iPad. If I want a tablet that is also a computer then I'd buy a prime or better still a notebook.



What the hell are you thinkingsir? The stats clearly show a 12 to 3 show up, in Primes favor. Across the UI, the smooth touch and all those features, you choose that table serving dish solemnly because of the display. What good is that display if it has no hdmi port for larger screens. What good is that display if its innards arent even strong enough to handle tasks. That's like strapping cinderblocks to an olympic runner's feet: he looks good, but thats all he is, cuz he's not fast. Point is, the display isn't worth two turds if it is just performing the same old stale boring, unimpressive way. I'm going to go play Dark Meadow on this Prime, you should try it. Oh wait...



Hey guys, actually you can use a SD card in an ipad. Actually lots of adapters if you look.

Rotten Apple


I tend to agree witn Paul above and I appreciate the info. as I am in the market for a tablet, but now I think I will wait until fall for the windows 8 tablets to come out.

I suspect I will be buying the ASUS transformer version of one & I was getting ready to buy a transformer INFINITY when it comes out, but now I think I will wait.

I have an asus netbook that has worked good for me for 2 years with a minor issues, system peformance, partly my fault for installing too many memory hogging programs and also letting someone borrow it before I logged out of my admin account & suspect they messed with my system or registry somehow. Recently had a NORTON remote session and their tech cleaned out my netbook junk and it is running so nice!

I had a recent apple experience with a refurbed mac book pro that I kept for less than 48 hours, which alone should tell you alot.

I think for the time being I will get my old laptop repaired and then I will visit the chain store before my vacation to buy the cheapest ipad I can and then I will return it after my vacation, I dont mind to pay a restock fee.

That way I can try it out and it will give me an idea of if it is worth it or not.



iPad is an over rated tablet, selling mainly because of hype and materialism.Is its screen incredible: YES, but is it worth 2-4 hundred more dollars: NO, especially when the performance is even better in some competitors tablets



iSlut Bias is getting really old.



the iPad is a clear winner? Seriously?
12 to 2 and their saying the iPad is a clear winner. iPad only has a good retina display compared to all the features asus has.



The great thing about the IPad is that it has a nice screen, its not going to get hacked or virus'd, and it comes preloaded with a large appstore and basic apps. its preloaded stuff is mostly entertainment based (the photoshop, the garageband, ibooks, etc). which is what i mostly use my Ipod Touch for, entertainment and reading.

The prime is much more "specialized" on the student/worker area (this is just a classification name, its vague and broad), comes preloaded with some powerful and usefull apps (supernote, polaris office) that are more productivity based. Its camera is better (forward) for things like skypecalls and stuff like that. Its keyboard and expanded memory help for the heavy worker as well, you can easily move and backup stuff on the Prime.

basically IPad is the more "social" of the two, and Prime is the more working-recording tablet.

Thats not to say that you can use one more to a social or working aspect based on your apps plus personal use. thats the beauty of the tablet, THEY ARE VERSITLE. it almost doesnt matter which one you get (as long as they are top of the line like these) becaues you can exploit both to preform the same tasks. really its just the ease of doing the social vs. productive stuff that people are fighting about. you can smack a 40 dollar keyboard and case on to an ipad and making it a netbook-like device for working. you can plug in a controller/use that tegra for the wonders of gaming/social stuff on the Prime. i personally draw on my computer with a wacom, but have done with my friends Ipad and Prime as well, and its basically the same, ipad just lets more zooming.
(but who needs 5000% zoom, 2500% works just as well.)

the dress code


I just finished looking at your blog post. This is a Wonderful piece
of writing. This has really helped me learn something unique.



Does anyone knows if we can play movies online on the New iPAD?



What about the application? There's a lot of application from iPad/iPod/iPhone. That is truly amazed me (eg. Games, Remote application can operate TV's, and Laptops., Music Applications such as Garage from Apple Store which is very usefull for me and very accurate every touch of fingers. )



I didnt want to ad my two cents but I literally am getting furious after reading all the slander and just outright untrue things people have to say about the iPad. First of all if you own a prime good for you, if that suites you're needs than great. But for people like me who would prefer to have in arguably nobody can't can deny that it's a. The best looking tablet b. had the best screen which is the most important feature on a small device I'm able to zoom all the way out on any web site and because there so many pixels am able to read everything, the prime gets pixelated and hard to read unless zoomed in. And c. Apples software has and always will be 10x more stable, smooth and refined the " androids open" software, open just means built and designed by any average joe which ultimately equals a crapy user experience. So if I'm buying a tablet I wanna feel like I'm using a high end device with a beautiful screen and reliabable consistent operating system. And before some android idiot try's telling me I'm a apple fanboy and just buy things because there pretty you're wrong I'm a graphic design major and have been working in a tech career for the past 4 1/2 years. So end of story this is the first web site which is android bias but go to any reputable site everywhere you go apple is agreed to be the best company in every category, phone/ table/ laptop, desktop, PERIOD, apple is the most valuable company in the world for anreason.



This was a good dialogue(not withstanding some of the name calling). I have a HP Touch pad and converted it to Android. I really wanted to get the iPad but ended up with the HP for 149.00. That was the real deal. It is no iPad but I got it for 149 and not the original 599. Having said that, I wanted to get my wife a iPad for our anniversary and came real close. As the saying goes "Its the economy stupid" and if I go by what it would be used for, my Autobot Optimus Prime will get the job done in style. I'm sure she will be happy.

If Asus is an Autobot then Apple would have to be a Deceptacon. :-)
You have to admit Apple would love to take over and they have some cooler weapons.

In reality I will most likely end up with an iPad in the future because it is not without dispute among the top.


Whizz Air


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I have both an Ipad2 and a Transformer Prime and I can state with utmost clarity that the Ipad is the superior device. The built in browser (which handle flash) sucks on the Prime. It's slow to load pages and if there is flash used on the site it makes it slower still. Chrome (which doesn't handle flash) is moderately faster but still slower than Safari. The built in wifi on the Prime has less range than the Ipad. The interface on the Prime is more configuable so i give that a slight edge. Android Market apps are just not there yet compared with the Ipad apps. Remember I'm talking about a comparison with and Ipad2 not an Ipad3. I can only imagine that the Ipad3 is better than the Prime in every way.

Ernesto Bustamante


i'm a dumbass and I dont care what you guys buy.....Thats what my little mexican brain tells me.....Ipad gives the best when shoved in my ass



Qomaqu uhi jenakabepi eh uyaz uvuruk bali mojo ider pewoguv be yoqurapud turudev. Racucumeci e, ilijeh okuruhise age okupojov uvoha yok idunoxes, ruk.

bali mojo


Qomaqu uhi jenakabepi eh uyaz uvuruk bali mojo ider pewoguv be yoqurapud turudev. Racucumeci e, ilijeh okuruhise age okupojov uvoha yok idunoxes, ruk.



Get a grip people. Use whatever you want not what you are told by others. Either way, some like the I pad and more like the ASUS. Get off the padlets and smell the roses around you, life is more that being stuck in some techno dreamland!



its fentastic but its colour r in black and white

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