Five things we hate about the HTC One X

HTC's One X is arguably one of the best Android smartphones on the market, but it isn't perfect

The HTC One X: an excellent phone, but not perfect.

The HTC One X: an excellent phone, but not perfect.

HTC's new flagship One X is a beautifully designed smartphone with a fantastic display and slick, intuitive software. It's definitely one of the best Android smartphones money can buy right now, but does that mean it's perfect? Certainly not.

Even though we believe HTC has produced its best Android smartphone ever, the One X is not immune from criticism. It has a brilliant screen, a fast processor and an an excellent camera, but there are a few niggling aspects that we don't like.

After playing with the HTC One X for over a month, here are five things we hate about HTC's latest flagship Android phone.

1. No removable battery

We absolutely love the HTC One X's polycarbonate design. It's without doubt one of the best looking phones we've ever reviewed. However, in opting for such a design HTC has sacrificed some flexibility that current Android users will be left disappointed with. The first is a non-removable battery.

In truth, the non-removable battery won't be an issue for most users. We don't know of many people who carry a spare battery around and this same issue certainly hasn't hindered the popularity of Apple's iPhone. However, Android users are used to flexibility and the fact the battery can't be removed will surely annoy many potential buyers.


2. No microSD card slot

Another sacrifice of HTC's polycarbonate design is expandable memory. While HTC will point to the rise of cloud storage as one reason the 32GB of internal memory is more than enough, we suspect many users will disagree. Dropbox integration with 25GB of free storage is a nice touch, but doesn't truly make up for the fact the One X's lack of expandable memory.

3. HTC's inconsistent Sense UI

The HTC One X ships with the latest version of Google's Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, but it also comes with HTC's Sense UI overlay. While Sense does offer some nice extra features, we feel it often makes changes to the standard Android interface for changes sake.

The recent apps menu is slower to open, only shows one app at a time and adds no real benefit over the original version. The phone app interface feels cluttered and aside from the roboto font it doesn't achieve any consistency with the regular Android UI. The default Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard has been replaced by HTC's keyboard which is neither better looking or better implemented.


Whether you like or dislike HTC's Sense UI is ultimately a personal preference, but we feel it is inconsistent and could definitely be improved.

4. Poor battery life

It's tough to get an accurate figure on the battery life of a smartphone as there are so many variables to consider. Your usage patterns, third-party apps, network performance and more means that no two users will achieve identical battery life.

Despite considering all the variables, we couldn't manage to achieve a full day of use of the HTC One X before needing a recharge. This was the case even when we turned off automatic synchronising, arguably one of the more power hungry features of an Android phone.

To be fair, the HTC One X doesn't appear to use much power at all when the screen is off, but the 1800mAh battery certainly drains quickly whenever the screen is in use. It often accounted for over 60 per cent of battery life during our test period.


5. No physical camera key

The HTC One X is a very capable camera. It snaps a photo in 0.7 seconds with a 0.2 second autofocus, you can hold your finger on the on-screen shutter button to enable burst mode (up to 99 photos), and you can take still shots while recording uninterrupted video. However, we think it's a shame that HTC has not included a physical camera button, which would make it easier to take photos and capture video.

The One X's on-screen shutter button works well enough, but the sheer size of the phone makes it hard to keep still when you're holding it with two hands. As a result, we often found that the first one or two seconds of recorded videos are shaky, while autofocus is erratic with even slight movement.

What do you love and hate about the HTC One X? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




Removable battery is pretty important to me, especially when you can barely get a full days use out of it. Charging a phone via cable is so tedious, I prefer to use an external battery charger with a spare, then just cycle one on charge and one in the phone (no waiting time to charge phone). IMO, people aren't even ready to take advantage of quad core phones yet, battery life is a bigger issue than running more than 2 apps simultaneously.



If you dont like the battery life dont usse the phone. Personally I have a charger at my desk at work. As my wife also has a HTC we have the charger at home. So why not just buy another charger for the phone to keep on your desk at work. As you are not on the phone 100% of the time charging it at intervals should not be a problem.



This article is nonsense. What sort of obvious hatchet job is this? Must me a Samsungophile or an Appleophile.

1. Removable Battery ... it has a reasonably big battery that comfortably lasts a day and a bit on moderate usage. More than enough for a Smartphone. Who carries a spare battery anyway?

2. SDcard .. I though this would have been an issue for me. But 32GB is a lot, plus a 25GB free Dropbox. Not ideal, but more than enough, and not worthy of "hating"

3. Sense UI (and HTC widgets) is the BEST Android interface on the market. This is total balderdash. Samsung Touchwiz SUCKS ... as do Samsung widgets.

4. See point 1. Comfortably last a whole day on moderate and occasionally heavy use. And lasts a LONG LONG time when you use it only for calls/texting. Only uses about 5/6% when I leave it dormant overnight. You can easily squeeze 6/7 hours out of the phone when it hits 15% battery life left.

5. I'd prefer a physical camera key also. But HATE? Do I hate the fact there is no camera key ... WTF is with that? The camera is awesome ... you can open the camera from sleep, take 10 individual shots ... all in the space of about 12 seconds.

Total hatchet job ... One X is a great phone.



agreed!! @ Jon. I use my One X heavily and it has great battery life!, and 32gb is more than enough!



"As you are not on the phone 100% of the time charging it at intervals should not be a problem." ---------- Well it shouldn't be necessary! A battery which lasts the day seems to me to be a bare necessity of any phone, and failing that the scope to swap the flat battery for a freshly charged one. This phone lacks either. And yes I do have one, I don't actually do much with it, and it's flat by 7pm. In many respects I love it, but if it won't actually work at the point of the day when I'm conducting my social life then the main reason for phone ownership vanishes!

Ray of Perth


Dislike HTC UI and always have. NO MicroSD Card is a total pain! Dropbox doesn't make up for not having removable card or removable battery. Unless you live and work in the central city, dropbox and wifi/3g is too slow and drops out regularly, nothing better than having you "stuff" on the phone itself. Better phones with many more features are coming very soon!



No spare battery killed the phone! I always have 2 batteries...I just swap them them charge tghe battery on wall charger itself and keep walking awaya withe the charged new battery! Just stupid design...

an no SD card...forget about if I need it or not(and I do)...why ????? why??? Stupid HTC...



I'm willing to compromise on all the issues stated in the article, but not having LTE is HUGE!! This phone although new, already has aged technology!! And Why does the U.S. version has to get dumbed down to dual core processors? The Int. version has quadcore, what's up with that??



@Shawn, the reason why is because the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip does not support LTE. Qualcomm chips always do and I think you will find that the dual-core Qualcomm chip in the XL provides better benchmark results than the quad-core Tegra 3, anyway.



I love this phone, and find this article really harsh? Hating? Come on, guys! Give us a break! It's my first android phone and I **LOVE** it! It's left my iPhone in the dust, and I can't see myself going back to an ios Phone.

After using this phone, then looking at my old iPhone again, the screen on the iPhone looks ridiculously small!

I think the interface is really easy to use and intuitive. It took a week or two to get used to after 4 years with iPhones, but now I love it.

32GB is more than enough for me. And I've got a lot of movies and music on the phone. When is enough going to be enough? Even if they'd have released a 132GB phone it wouldn't have been enough!

Yes, battery life could be better, but I generally get a full day out of a charge. And 95% of the time I'm at my office desk, in the car or at home. Why's it so difficult to plug the damn thing in? It takes 2 seconds! GPS navigation seems to drain the battery very quickly, but I use it with a car charger and have no issues at all.
(Google Navigation is BRILLIANT, by the way!)

My only issue is that I'm having BIG problems with syncing it to my PC. It either won't sync, or takes an hour to sync, or won't register the phone. Not a major issue as I can "drag and drop" on to the phone as a hard drive, but I hope this is something that's resolved when HTC releases Sync Manager (which has been on the cards for ages now, but still not sign of it).

All-in-all, I love this phone and have no regrets buying it now that I'm used to it. People just have higher and higher expectations and get more fussy as tech gets more advanced.



Oh - one thing I forgot to mention... the "MACRO / CLOSE UP" mode on the camera is VERY hard to focus and doesn't result in clear shots. Anyone else having an issue with this? It's not something I use much at all, but when I first got the phone and was trying it out I noticed this. Anyway to turn auto-focus off on this phone or get pics in the MACRO mode to come out a bit clearer?



This phone is awesome. It lasts me almost 2 days on a full charge. I don't know what people are doing that requires them to charge every day or twice a day. I am not a heavy user though. I watch a youtube video here and there, browse the net, text a lot, and it lasts just fine. The only problem i've seen as of right now is that sometimes it seems like it fully charges, but it does not. Although i am guessing it might be my charger, i'll have to go down to the att store and ask if anyone else is getting the same problem though. It's happened twice sinve i've had it. It shows fully charged, but it dies after just mild use. Has anyone else run into this same problem?



we just download juicedefender for my girls htc one x. it has done the trick to save the battery. half a day use and still over 70% battery. we tried other programs but this one seems to be working the best on this android device.



So agree with part of this article.
1) Battery life is a huge issue for me. The difference between the iphone and the one x is that the iphone has standardised the charging port (which is at the bottom of the phone), this makes it easy to attach a portable charger and still be able to use the phone. Having a charging port on the side is such a pain in the butt and basically renders the phone useless.
2) No mucroSD slot. Huge issue!! I, like many others dont like using drop box. Have you ever tried uploading or downloading 25Gigs?? over 3G network? not only will i say SLOW, i will also say fricking EXPENSIVE! battery killer.
In Austrlia like many countries, we are charge per MB.
3) Travelling overs seas and want more storage?? Want to use ROAMING 3G to upload photos to drop box. HA! i was onced charged $90 for 7MB download using ROAMING 3G to get google map on my phone. Still don't think having an memory expansion as unneccessary?



The screen is way over saturated. I know Joe Public thinks the more colour there is on screen, the better, but as a designer and photographer, it makes my eyes bleed. I use instagram daily, and I have to guess how the photos will look post-filter. Please HTC, allow colour management for people who don't keep TVs in store mode.



After using this phone for 4 month I have to say all the points there are valid and I HATE this piece of crap so much that I cant wait to get rid of it!! I am so frustrated specially by its half day battery life. who cares about a super awesome camera (camera IS awesome btw!!) when ur phone is dead every time u wanna take a damn photo or flash is not working becuz battery is too low !!!

battery life is just ridiculous!!! full charge coming out of the house in the morning its already half when i get to office in an hour by only facebooking, reading some online news in train!!! at least they didnt give us the option to carry a spare battery!!!

Sense UI is inconsistent, full of bugs and gets super slow most of the times...




Why has HTC produced a phone that cannot be charged in car?
I have many clients to visit in a day and being able to keep my phone topped up with a car charger is essential.
Even without using sat nav the power drains away.
All the chargers I have tried only slow the discharge down but eventually my phone shuts down.
A very stupid ommission!!!!!

Rene H


Obviously all the haters are apple freaks! This is my first Htc and it's great I'm glad I made the switch. Yes the biggest downfall would be the poor battery life! battery life! Ahh they do sell power cases or packs these days which make hell of a difference. Seeing as though you all "apparently" "always "have a spare battery (what a Croc of s#@!) these two options shouldn't be a problem. Hate the phone that much to write a in depth hater review. Pfttttt sounds like u apple freaks are just jealous. Seriously get a life guys, everyone has different tastes! Can believe I spent time replying to this ridiculous discussion, someone with half a brain had to! Have a nice day :-)

Nathan S


I dont see why so many people hate HTC Sense, After having a Iphone for two years the Sense UI just makes this phone so much better. i partially agree with René H (she/he didn't need to accuse everyone of being a apple freak :/) but yeah and i see the need to complain about the battery you could always take your charger with you wether its to work, vacation (or school sneaky >:) ) hahaha

Jeff C


Someone tell me why I can't open a .MOV attachment from email? I get the "can't play video". Yes, I have installed Mobo and everything else and chosen them from App Associations but that's for Web, not sure why clicking an attachment does not work without me having to bring up the app and search for the attachment in Downloads. Funny thing is, I think this used to work until I was annoyed with it asking me which player I wanted to use and when I chose one (a valid one like MoboPlayer) it stopped working and I could never figure out how to get it back. Other than that and the fact that I can't have more than 6 tabs open and have to close one constantly it's great!

Jeff C


oops, prev comment should read "Cannot play video" and "Sorry, this video cannot be played."



I dislike the battery life also. My battery discharges even with the phone turned off. I might regret buying this phone before too long. It is also difficult to turn the phone back on in the morning after being off all night. Does not seem normal to me.






Have you tried galaxy note. Battery last a week or more. Don't waste your time with HTC. Galasy note is the best.

Jenny Donaldson


I have had 5 phones in the last month. The first 3 were the new Atrix HD the last 2 have been the HTC One. Loved both of these phones until they just quit working after being hooked up to a car charger. The small amount of battery life doesn't bother me so much, but I should be able to charge the phone with a car charger without it destroying the phone. I'm on the go a lot and need to be able to use a car charger to keep my phone going. So my overall opinion of a smart phone is rapidly declining. I'm tired of being without a phone while I wait for them to send me a refurbished phone in place of the brand new I had for only a MONTH!!!!



Non-swappable battery was a deal breaker. Love HTC stuff, but bought a Galaxy SIII this time around. I a;ways carried a spare with my old HTC.



Try charging your htc with a bb in-car - works for me



I'm a convert to htc 1 from bb curve etc just for messaging alone. Anything smaller is simply un-usable in vital emails etc. Life's too fast not to. Voice recog excellent with a quick esc if it exasparates. Keyboard is as big as it gets without the phone becoming something else. Especially the draggy swimmy thing - lol please. As for battery I get 1.5 days. If I'm travelling I use my old bb car charger and it fills it up from 20% to 100 in a 3hr drive, short hops ie. removing from charge doesn't give a chance for the battery to heat up sufficiently, remember energy is heat everyone. If you're visiting clients as i do leave it secure in the car, it'll drain car batt but not significantly. If you want it to last longer keep it close your heart or tuck it down your pants, butt cheeks work well but remember to remove for obvious reasons, main 1 it going the same direction as what we eat. Just kidding everyone. everyone forget your phones just for one day movement.



Non removable, non user replaceable batteries are just another tactic utilized to force buying new devices semi/bi-annually. Battery integrity degrades after each charge, eventually rendering a battery useless thus causing a need to buy a completely new device. No carrier or device manufacturer shall receive my loyalty due to tactics such as this..screw em



Ive had my One X Since June 7th, and honestly it's the best phone I've had. As far as the battery, i love the fact that its built in, since all my other phone the back case would always come lose for whatever reason. My battery will last me all day, or at least till nights depending on my day, most of the time i run at least 4 hours listening my music at work and it will last till late night before charging it.

I am a little bummed about the 16gb, since I'm in the us i don't have the awesome 32gb, but it turned out to fine with me.

As far as the interface goes, i enjoy it, again the best phone I've owned, i haven't messed around with androids old interface so i can't say much on that, but over all based on whats out there now, I like it.

And as far as the camera key, not a big deal, all my other phones id have an issue with it getting hit in my pocket and would end up taking black photos, i like the fact you can set the camera as a tool on the unlock screen which is plenty fast enough for me to get to it



On my htc one x the recent apps button shows more than one app. And my phones stays at least 90% all day and i use it a lot. And i can agree on the no physical camera button, that would make the phone 1000 times better, and the removable battery, because im very clumsy and if my phone goes in water it would be nice for me to take the battery out and blow dry it, or set it in rice. Other then that, its a great, reliable phone.



your spam filter is rubbish. I posted a well thought out comment in English sentences directly relevant to this topic and it doesn't pass. Removed all numbers and capitalisations except HTC (the subject of this article) and it will still not accept my comment. What do I need to do to have my comment categorised as spam? Perhaps just a few spellig misteaks?



Hilarious. Spellig misteaks helps to categorise me as human...

All you claiming that 1 day of usage is enough are just deluded and if you
go and look at what you were sold you will see they claim five hundred hrs of talk time and six hundred hours of standby time, not ten hours of standby time with twenty minutes of real usage during the day, which is the reality. It is absolutely unacceptable for a phone to be fully charged overnight, switched off most of the day while you're at work, except for a little net surfing and a few texts at lunchtime, and then reach power saver mode only half an hour after you've left work, so then when you go out that night, you're left with a piece of dead rubbish in your pocket and cannot even call a taxi. That is what HTC phones with big displays are like. They consistently mismatch displays to batteries simply to save money and sell their devices to poor suckers who believed their lies about battery life. HTC are fraudulent lying thieves, their phones are a joke, and I'll never be buying another one. .

Andre from Oz


HTC One X is my first smartphone... I checked out many reviews and wanted the best phone I could afford. Yes I am a noob and proud of it, though in one week I have gotten over the 90% per day battery drain caused by a super bright and large screen (not complaining) and moreso the stupid apps constantly accessing my data for no intelligent reason - and when I am not even opening the app!

A few internet searches found Advanced Task Manager and Juice Defender apps... kills non-essential "spam", and preserves my battery. Combined with first turning screen brightness down (a shortcut on my home page lets me turn it up on bright days for calls / tasks) and the screen sleep shortcut that lets me quickly put the phone into 1m sleep or increase as required for prolong use. And yes - I was smart enough to buy a 2nd charger for at work (though I have not needed it yet.

So wise up people - power in short bursts with constant top ups is better than poor performance over a LONG time...



ehhh i guess its another post of Sumsung paying people to criticize phones... removeable battery..? not acceptable for the design of htc...I like the finishing at the back. imagine if it has a removeable battery.. its going to ruin the design... its just about personal taste dude..SD card.. new htc one x plus has 64 GB.



I love my HTC, but after updating it with the latest updates, the camera now wont work. What do I do?
Any help here would be appreciated.



Can you send text messages and listen to music at the same time? I've read that the multitasking is bad.



Everyone has there opinion bout the hot one x. My personal opinion.... It garbage!!!! The worst android I've ever dealt with. I'm a str8 android fanatic! I hate iPhone. But I blew my charging port within of a week of have the htc one x. The battery life sucks. Screw using just text and call to save battery life I'm a business professional, I need my phone for everything. It's as slow as all *ell!!! I read about it over and over again and still got the phone. I had to learn the hard way that phone just absolutely sucks. Anyone interested in trading for a galaxy s3 let me know.



I got HTC One X about 6 months back. The only hassle in this phone is poor battery life, it lasts me around 12 hrs. Maybe a good idea is to get spare charger. Other than that all the points raised are just personal opinions.

I personally found HTC One X better constructed than its android peers & better looking than iPhone 4S & iPhone 5. It gave me best of both worlds - design & construction quality rivalling iPhone & Android software which I prefer more.

I have 32 gb storage & it is more than sufficient + I already have around 160 gb online storage (did I mention free storage) but haven't got around to use it more than 100 mb so far.

Why so much hate for UI sense? It is one of the best Android skins on the market bar none. My wife has Galaxy Nexus & even she & her friends who are on iPhone concede that my phone is indeed superior in all sense (pun intended). So, it is just your subjective opinion vs mine.

So far I haven't had any trouble with HTC One X & was upgraded to Jelly Bean in Dec 12. I am truly a satisfied customer & (except battery life as I am coming from feature phone) have no complaints whatsoever.

Disclaimer: I already owned iPod touch 4th Gen & Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet so I knew what each platform brings to the table. Eventually, I found HTC One X best of all trumping Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 4S & iPhone 5



I can't use my HTC one X inside my house 2 steps outside perfect tell me please what is the answer



First, I can say that this is the best phone I've ever had. To address his five points:

1) No removable battery. Yeah, kinda sucks, especially when you want to do a hard reset, but this hasn't been a necessity, thanks to an OS that's probably more stable than some laptops I have. See number four for more.
2) No MicroSD. No, but as others have stated, the amount of space you have available is more than adequate, and I have stored thousands of pictures and dozens of movies on mine at the same time.
3) Inconsistent Sense UI. Dunno what he's talking about; no problems here. Only thing I don't like is that when shooting video, it's formatted by however you hold the phone at the beginning. This means if the phone is vertical and you shift the video to hold it parallel with the ground, when watching on a TV later, it will be sideways, and there is no way to edit this video later (with ease, anyway, but if anyone needs a link to a tutorial showing how to accomplish this, it can be found with some effort on Google).
4) Poor Battery Life. This is the biggest issue for me. I am admittedly a heavy user, but when I'm out at school, carrying a charger is a PITA. I bought a Mugen power battery/hard case (4000/6000 additional mAh for a total of 5800/7800 mAH), and now I can use the phone as much as I want and only need to charge it twice a week. It does add size, but my hand are fairly large, and it's worth it, plus, the case can be removed when the phone is charged. Google it, best purchase I made, and the functionality of this phone for me is better than most tablets.
5) Camera button. Complete non-issue. It can be difficult to take self-portraits, but we don't need many more duck faces anyway. I will say that I'm the kind of guy who sees a lot of "cool" stuff, but have never taken pictures, because I'm not carrying a big clunky camera with me. This phone is a godsend and the picture-blast feature has allowed me to take photos on par with those my sister takes professionally, as far as my unrefined tastes are concerned.

Get a Mugen power battery to fit your needs/hand size (6000 is pretty big for most), and this phone will be the best one you've ever owned. Pretty sure of that.



Why do you people say they are apple fans. They obviously own the htc



I am an android person. I have had this phone 4 months it sucks I hate hate hate it !!!!! HTC should compensate me or my carrier!!!!!!! I have no memory sd card...and dropbox ...really?? That is not the solution. this is a disposable smartphone you cannot change the battery no external sd card this phone sucks it's nothing but an expensive paperweight now. Ugh

Rayne Swezey


Please tell me where you get 160 gb free storage?? My phone from ATT came with 16 gb and only 9 available because of preinstalled apps. I am so frustrated....going to have to clear out my pics and movies...and I like my pics and videos to STAY ON MY PHONE...DON'T wANT THEM IN LALA LAND...DROPBOX...what is the use if I can't show off my lil grandson who was born with a serious heart defect...I really hate this phone !! Can anyone give me any advice...?? and getting a new phone is not an option for me right now as the money is very tight



Oh just saw this is Australia...I am in USA...still if anyone has ANY advice, I would appreciate :). My posts are the two above this one under name ihatehtc1x...and I guess other user name rs!!! How did that happen ??



This phone Is a peice of junk it Is always freezing to the point where I have to turn it off then recently all my songs are bring switched around so it will say one song Is playing but really another one Is I am very Pissed off at htc i absolutely hate this damn phone



my htc one x has bean dead ,so they say motherboard has to be changed ,so can i get my photos and videos back,,any solution or this,,,



SYNC Manager sucks. I have a smart phone and I can't sync my outlook contacts and appointments with my smartphone? Ever since the dreaded update i can't sync my phone. REALLY!?
And I don't know anyone who owns this phone where the sim card cover hasn't failed; tabs break and constantly falls off. My son has same phone and we both have had to tape the cover in place to keep from loosing it. Battery life could be better. Othen than that I don't have any other complaints, but then again that's enough.



I am really surprised no one has complained about the fact that you can't see all the symbols on the keyboard! The main letters are a crisp white against black, but the numbers and symbols are dark gray on black. Nearly invisible, and I don't have them memorized! In daylight, they disappear completely! It is driving me crazy!



Anyone else have problems typing or texting with this phone? I've never had this problem with any other phone, but I misspell a lot of words because the wrong letters get pushed even though I feel the correct letters are being pushed. To be fair I have fat fingers, but it's pretty frustrating having to use the auto correct feature exclusively.



HTC One have a bigger problems than what listed, unresponsive screen, miss a lot call. The software have so much flaw, such as dial out, screen goes black for 10-20 s. When select a phone in history, pop up a message box about that phone number and allow for cancel or continues calling, instead of processing for 20 s then dial out, make user thinks the phone did not sense their tab, etc... Phone should be very responsive to user with today processor power, should not have any excuse!

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