No 4G Galaxy S III, no problem, says Samsung

"If people want a 4G phone right now there are other options available" - Samsung

No 4G? Not a problem, says Samsung.

No 4G? Not a problem, says Samsung.

Samsung is confident the initial lack of a 4G Galaxy S III Android smartphone in Australia won't hurt sales of its new flagship mobile device, the company said today.

The Korean telecommunications giant took the wraps off its "hero device" for 2012 at a large media event in Sydney this morning. However, the Galaxy S III is a 3G phone and won't be compatible with Telstra's new 4G network in Australia.

Samsung says a 4G model of the Galaxy S III should arrive in Down Under in the future, but refused to comment or speculate on its release.

"We're working on it [the 4G Galaxy S III], we're working with the carriers and we'll announce those phones when we are ready to announce them," Samsung's marketing director Arno Lenior told PC World Australia.

Although still in its relative infancy in Australia, Telstra currently sells four 4G-capable handsets in Australia. This includes the HTC One XL, considered by many to be a direct rival to the Galaxy S III.

When pressed on these rival 4G smartphones being available in Australia now, Lenoir said he was confident the 3G model of the Galaxy S III would prove an enticing proposition for smartphone buyers.

"This product [Galaxy S III] is already out there, if people want a 4G phone right now there are other options available, we don't have that," he explained. "Certainly we have got it on other devices. We will have it, but it will be a little bit in the future."

"We are confident in the 3G model, it works brilliantly. And we think the other features the phone comes with now, that's what people are looking for."

These software features include the ability to take 20 photos in burst mode (six photos per second), capturing still photos while recording video, calling a contact you are currently messaging by simply holding the phone up to your ear and S-Voice, which is a Siri-like voice recognition feature that can be configured to control various features of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is available now through Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, along with Virgin Mobile, Allphones and Telechoice.

Here is a video of the Samsung Galaxy S III in action at the media launch this morning.

Do you think Samsung is right to be confident in its 3G model of the Galaxy S III? Do you want a 4G model right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




If they dont release the 4G soon, may as well get the HTC One XL 4G



Almost certainly going to grab a One XL in a few days time. 4G, nicer screen and design and a very nice battery, in a frame that is a little smaller. If there were a 4G variant of the SGS3 i would consider it, but I value the 'future proof-ness' that the OXL provides.




Its a shame they didnt release the 4G model as the flagship model. They will ultimately lose out on sales and i dont think they fully took this into consideration when deciding which models to release.
Considering Telstra are pushing ahead at a rapid rate with their 4G tower rollout, it seems silly they would once again wait for quite some time to release the 4G model.
I was going to be a prospective customer with telstra, but now that it could be some time to wait, i may just keep my business elsewhere. Oh and im tired of the constant spin they give too.



I want a 4G. Very dissapointed.

You would be crazy to lock into a 24 or even 12 month contract with a 3G handset.

Even if 4G coverage is limited now, the 4G handset will fall back to Dual Carrier HSDPA. This is the important thing.

I've been waiting for months for the GS3, and now dissapoined, I might reluctantly look at the HTC.



They just lost me. HTC here I come



I want the s3 in a 4g it's more important to me for business to have access to reliable and faster calls and internet speeds than anything else.
I'm waiting for 6-14 weeks for a 4g handset then may reluctantly go for another if the S3 isn't available



I've been waiting for this phone for months and would still really love one. The fact that Samsung think they can get away with releasing a lesser model up front just shows what kind of a company they can be... I'm going straight to HTC

Gibbo McCool


HTC and telstra did the same thing with their One X(L). The real problem is neither the telcos or mobile makers communicate clearly when or why a (delay in ) release is happening. Instead they leave it to the tech sites to speculate.



Only reason I would switch to Telstra is S3 with 4G. I can have 3G s3 such as optus which has now even started to give free calls within their network. I was going to get One XL 4G with beats headphone offer, but this amazing s3 is holding me. Will wait for few weeks for 4G s3 with quadcore..



Very disappointed with the lack of 4G with the S3, like mentioned I will not consider to get locked with a 24 or 12 mths contract for a 3G phone. I was looking to get the One XL with Telstra but was waiting for the S3 with 4G and quad core. They definitely lost all the customers like myself.

Dave Gosling


Yeah was so disappointed the s3 is not 4G! Will now look at the HTC!
Always hated how Apple did this! Example the 4S!
Samsung should be ashamed!



Yeah was so disappointed the s3 is not 4G! Will now look at the HTC!
Always hated how Apple did this! Example the 4S!
Samsung should be ashamed!



No way in hell am I committing to a 24 month contract without 4G. It's a shame as I have just come off contract being stuck with a phone that was well past it used by date 12 months ago. I won't be making the same mistake. HTC here I come.



I have a feeling that the 4G of Galaxy S3 will not be having quad core processing power after reading some forums.



Nilange, Your right. The Galaxy S3 4G will be a dual core same as the HTC One X.

The current cpu made by samsung (there new Exynos quad core in the SGS3) and even Nvidia's Tegra 3 dont support LTE / 4G.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon s4 is the current cpu that supports LTE. It is a dual core and im pretty sure its the same one thats in the HTC One X. The snap dragon S4 dual core is build on the newer ARM Cortex-A15, which in benchmarks is very comparable to the other quad cores, only more battery friendly.

I will wait for the SGS3 4G dual core!



I have been waiting to get a new handset for at least 6 months (been stuck with Nokia N8) but wasn't satisfied with previous offerings. Was about to get HTC One XL however offer with Dr. Beats Solo headphones shutdown earlier than advertised by Telstra. I cannot bring myself to pay same minus the headphones. Thought I was lucky I missed out as the Galaxy S III was released but now discover no 4G??? How can Samsung incorporate this technology in the SII model but not achieve in SIII? I guess I'll now need to wait for someone mentioned in here 24 months is too long to be locked in contract for a 3G only capable handset. We pay a premium for Telstra network so would be a waste not to make full use.

Henry Every


Releasing a 3g version only is crazy, Im going HTC.

But Telstra will be equally at fault, those morons were 6-8 months behind every other carrier when it came to supporting droid 2 when the original galaxy S came to Aust. This just proves that Telstra still has a massive monopoly on the Aussie market if they get to decide that no-one can have have a 4g s3 cause they wont play ball with Samsung.



Like everyone else here there is no way i'll be committing to a 24 month plan on 3G, or any carrier other than Telstra. Either SG3 on 4G very soon or something else. Anything but the current iPhone on Vodafone!



(I must have the iphone s4 because its apple oh and the new ipad too)Well looks like samsung are now thinking like apple releasing outdated products with the new one ready to ram down our throats when the idiot stop buying the s3 3g.I'll keep my s2 going till the end ofmy plan then upgrade to the new s3 4g.By that time other providers will have 4g so I can avoid telstra and their poor customer service.



So, Apple annoyed me by not releasing a 4G iPhone..ok, I lived with that...then they release the iPad 3 promising 4G, but not in Australia due to incompatibility with Telstra 4G network...seriously Samsung, I'm not going to get stung again.. you can keep your outdated 3G phone....

Oh and by the way, the North American version is 4G LTE, what exactly is the problem with releasing the 4G LTE phone here? It's not like it's not available....getting sick of being treated like an idiot by Telcos and Phone device manufacturers

I will vote with my wallet..Apple will not get my business again and guess've lost it before you even got it...stupid stupid move



x_iphone_user : I understand we can't utilise 4G LTE yet because analog tv is hogging the bandwidth.

I'd like to know how far away Optus would be at providing 4G, and what reliance this is on Telstra.

Samsung Galaxy Fan


They only think about their sales they don't think about the customers i want a 4g s3 if they don't release one within a month I'll be forced to get a htc which i don't want....



I would buy a galaxy 3 right now, this second, if it had 4g.



I have the Galaxy s2 now and would prefer to update to the S3 model but dont want to be behing the 8ball so prefer to wait for the 4g model with the latest technology.

Malcolm Sproule


I also have the Samsung S2, and would really like to upgrade to the S3, but will not until it is Telstra 4G ready or something else comes along that is as good as the S3



I want a Galaxy S3 on 4G! Can't understand the business sense to keep us waiting. No way I want a 2 year contract with an old phone. Bonus if Samsung can make the 4G one a Blue-Tick phone.



Just buy a SAMSUNG 4G Galaxy 111 unlocked like did, to easy. From mobicity Hong Kong. Lucky I live in the city :)



Telstra have a Blue tick Rural ONE XL, that is also 4G, only problem is you cant change the battery, hence ill wait for the 4g S3 due possibly in October this year...speculation indeed.



My Galaxy S3 has battery problems, the speaker vibrates every few calls. If the 4G isnt an improvement i will join everyone else and get a HTC

Still happy with S2


Im finding this whole hoo haa about screaming foul over not being able to have a 4g s3 right now now hilarious. As a Telstra customer, i ALREADY get faster download speeds than my home WiFi. Yes, i know 4g is going to be faster, but for gods sake, are you really that anal that you cant wait to upgrade from your already lightening fast, fastest 3g in the country, to a ludicrous speed exclusive 4g network? Come on.. HTFU, youre starting to look as lame as the iPhans. I for one couldnt give two squids because my contract doesnt end for another 8 months, just the right time to start getting the slightly cheaper deals on the slightly more stable and ironed out current range of phones. Sucks to be you guys i guess.



I can wait, its that simple.

Andrew Richards


I don't have to- and it's totally worth the wait guys ;)



I had a HTC One XL till it got wet, the phone was great, but I was concidering a Gallexy III 4g next time as it has the faster processor, but if it's not coming soon I will go back to the HTC as I do prefer them.
Also I wouldn't even concider a 3G phone after having 4G.



Is the 4g version out yet ?



Got a sony eriksson xperia arc, was definitely willing to buy s3, however with lack of 4g samsung has lost me! kthxbai samsung :)



I want 4g model but also found out telstra is charging ridiculous prices for data usage. Their most expensive plan only gives you 3gig. Freakin pointless. Heres a farari with 1 litre gas tank.



I own the sgs 1, 2, and 3. Although amazing phones I'm gona have to switch to the IPhone 5. Apple only makes 1 phone. Samsung sgs3 there's a 4glte model and a 3G model. I thought my sgs3 is 4gLTE capable but its not. What the hell. The rep told me I'm buying a LTE phone. But when we finally have 4gLTE available I was told I have the 3G model. So I spent $999.00 for a phone that's supposed to be samsungusa flagship phone. Nevermind iPhone all the way. I'm gonna post a vid on YouTube of me burning my sgs 1, 2, and 3.



There is hardly anywhere you can use the 4b.c. Inner city, &only some on Optus atleast. Outer suburbs will only get better 3G image near future, so some 4g devoties need to research then decide, though it's a mute point now they have 4g anyway.

sweetie lane


Please make my phone a 4g.:(



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