Aldi selling $249 Android 4.0 tablet next week

9.7in Bauhn Android tablet in Aldi stores Wednesday, June 6

Aldi's 9.7" Android Tablet will go on sale Wednesday 6 June for just $249

Aldi's 9.7" Android Tablet will go on sale Wednesday 6 June for just $249

German supermarket chain Aldi will next week begin selling an Android tablet running Google's latest Ice Cream Sandwich software for just $249.

Set to go on sale next Wednesday 6 June, the Android tablet has a 9.7in display, 16GB of internal memory and a 2-megapixel rear-facing camera but does not include GPS. The device will be powered by a 1GHz single-core Amlogic Cortex A9 processor, has 1GB of RAM and a microSD card slot that allows users to expand the memory.

The Aldi advertisement links to the brand Bauhn, which describes the product as "a beautifully designed, 9.7" slimline tablet running Android 4.0."

"Enjoy the latest Android technology with the Bauhn Tablet including a large 9.7" capacitive multi touch screen, 16GB Hard Drive, Wi Fi connectivity and HDMI output," the product page states. "The Bauhn tablet is perfect for all your entertainment and online needs including watching movies, listening to music, emailing friends, surfing the web and using social media such as Facebook and Twitter."

Other features of the Bauhn tablet (model number AMID-971R) include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a VGA front-facing camera for video calls and a range of ports including mini-USB, mini-HDMI, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The tablet will be bundled with a a mini-HDMI cable for connecting the device to a high-definition television and will also come with a carry bag.

The Bauhn-Aldi tablet comes on the back of cut price Australian manufacturer and retailer Kogan unveiling two budget Android tablets earlier this week. Like the Bauhn device, both of Kogan Agora's tablets run the latest 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google's Android operating system.

The Bauhn 9.7in Android tablet will be available through Aldi stores in limited stocks. The company says stocks of the device will vary between stores and may sell out on the first day due to "unexpected high demand."

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World


Peter Cupit


The Bauhn site lists the device as having a dual core cpu. Confused.

Ian Gilmore


Had heard about this tablet and went online on 31.5.12 to check out specs ansd in the specs it stated, GPS - Yes supported and UMTS/3G as option, to-day the site says NO to both and the Aldi Customer Service centre couldn't provide an answer



Will this device have sim card capabilities



I don't see why people bother. You won't be able to buy one. Getting this sort of stuff from a particular Aldi store is like winning the lottery. And this item they state will be in short supply - so good luck in getting one!

I would rather go with the Kogan one. It is an Aussy company, and you WILL be able to get one.



@Kerry where i live it is likely that not many people will buy one



@Kerry, Except Kogan orders their products from Chinese companies anyway. Bauhn at least has Australian employees as well. And the specs are vastly different. The Aldi is miles ahead in terms of the technology used. If I had the money, I'd be getting this one, as the price is unbelievable.

Ross Catanzariti



@ Peter - the specs on the Bauhn Web site are incorrect. The AmLogic 8726-M3 is a single-core processor. It appears they have mistaken the GPU for an extra core.

@ Angus - There is no 3G, so no SIM card slot.



i got mine. amazing is all i can say.



Are you able to use the usb port to connect to a Telstra wireless stick?



I bought one (lucky as I got the last one at my local aldi) but cannot download flash. Have emailed but awaiting response.



I recently bought this tablet but it isn't compatable with the facebook app!
Its really frustrating cause this is one of the main reasins I needed it and in the advertising it listed it as one of the applications it comes with :(



I missed out at two different suburban Aldi's in Melbourne. Managed to get mum to score me one at a rural outlet this arvo - might be the go for anyone desperately wanting one. I can't comment on the quality as I won't see it until the weekend. If it's less than average it will be going back with the help of Aldi's great money back policy :)



i git 3 (1 for me 1 for my mum 1 for my aunt)
i cant get it to downloiad apps/games

any ideas?



Got one today, going back tomorrow!!! Cannot download apps, keeps coming up with error (-101)whatever that is!!
Very slow to load, touch screen works after you tap it 4-6 times, not a good product in my opinion.



I had the same error message!
I don't find the screen slow to load though



hey jade, did you get it to download at all? I can't work out whats wrong.



Nah I got it open for my mums at the moment. The whole reason she got one was to play bejewelled but for thenkife of me I van not get it to download for her!
I did however, have a look on the google play supported divices and can't see a simple bauhn product?



Must admit, I have mOved to the other end of the house to the wifi modem and can not use the tablet at all. It's wifi signal is shocking considering I am using my iPhone on the wifi to type this now.

Haven't decided whether to keep or take it back. I realllyyy want one. But iPad are sooo expensive. And when I saw the price it was like a dream come true! So I'm a bit torn!

I think I will call the (expensive) customer service number tomorrow and try work out the games/apps. It doesn't exactly solve another of the main issue of trying to use the wifi in my room but if I can at least fix it for mum would be good!
But in the meantime I anyone has any ideas to help/fix my problems, would be great!



Jade, I need to sell my iPad, U can contact me on
I didn't even bother trying o get the aldi rubbish. U get what u pay for. N I don't know about u guys but I hate aldis cuts serv. If something is faulty or not right you have to run to that particular store which can b miles away from ur place. N then u have to way at the counter until the other cus have paid for their products, then only the cashier will help u with refunds!



I tried to search for the fix on the internet but no luck.
I think I'll pay the $150 extra and get a Ipad2 16gig from Dick Smith ($399)at least they work ok. My son has an Ipad and it works on wifi all through the house the same as our Iphones. I think Aldis will have a lot of returns tomorrow!



I must be one of the lucky ones. Mine is working fine, other than it won't download the latest Facebook App. Everything that I have installed on the phone runs fine on it, it talks perfectly well to my wifi modem with about the same signal strength as my Dell notebook.

If anyone finds a solution to the Facebook app issues, please share :). Or if anyone can suggest a decent third party app to use instead, that would be fine too. At the moment I'm just using the browser & logging into pc facebook.



I am having trouble with down loading games/apps has anyone got any ideas

Ross Catanzariti



Hi Trudy,

I don't have one in front of me, but have you tried a factory reset?



Hi. I managed to get this tablet. But just a few on-off, the power button was stuck inside. :(

Now I am starting to regret in getting this tablet.



I had following issues but all resolved now:
-issue playing video, freezes with green lines and electric static noise.
-issue downloading apps error -101 - both resolved by doing factory reset.
once reset was done video was very jumpy and not able to watch it at all.
uninstall flash player, did not have a look into fixing flash player.



for those having problems with downloading and the (-101) error, try allowing things to be downloaded. in the settings you'll find it's pre-programmed as non-allowed :)

in saying this though, facebook and twitter keep 'unfortunately' not working. anyone know why?



I can't find westpac app or nab app. Call up the help line and he said we will try call you back tomorrow. I no where its going tomorrow. BACK TO ALDI.



first thing i did was use the factory reset. mandatory. mine is a beautiful piece of tech. works wonderfully. have used an ipad before. no comparison. this one leads the way. and what about the price.



I tried a factory reset but it still gave -101 error. I took it back to Aldis today and got a refund, the assist. manager told me they had 4 returned, so not a good product in my opinion, but for $249 some people may be lucky enough to get a good one.



a factory reset has worked so far and the app d/l error has ceased.



Hey everyone!
My things finally working.
I did a factory reset and its fine. Even got a tutorial page when it first turned on that I never got the first time!

Factory reset saved thus tablets life!
Will deginately be tryimg tyo use it as much as possible this month to make sure I'm 2000% happy with it beforer the 60 days.

Sue whete abouts ate you located, how much are you looking to sell for, whay ipad is it and why are you selling.?



For anyone getting the error (-101) when trying to install apps - I tried to install the free Angry Birds app and got the (-101) error message, but I found I needed to enable writing to the internal sd card before the installation would begin. After clicking on 'install' a permissions dialog box comes up. Click on Storage (Modify/delete sd card contents) and then click OK. You then come back to the Accept and download button which then allows installation without the Error(-101) message. Not sure how to get around having to permit writing to sd card every time you want to install an app.



Hey guys don't get rid off your tablets yet. Apparently there is a problem with the google email itself and this error 101 has appeared in other better known phones/tablets. In order to fix this delete your google email account (the one that you use for your android marketplace) and instead of the type This fixed my problem. Hope tis will help

Sue Davis


Bought an Aldi Tablet, now I know to reset it to factory defult settings, its working yay. Very happy with it now.
It should hopefully work like a proper Ipad without the cost.



Hey guys!!, I'm just wondering if you're able to download music directly from a website, or do you have to attach the tablet to a computer first and then drag it on.



straight from the website steph



i think its better than an ipad sue



I got one, but not being savy, I need to know what I need to buy extra to connect to the web and to access my Emails. I have a desktop at home with Huawai wireless.

Help ,help.



Can't get it to download - getting the 101 error. I have read some of the comments above, but it's not helping. Very disappointed! Will get money back.



Quite disappointed with this! Cannot even begin to play as the on/off button is stuck inside the casing - not happy.



Found the error message -101 went when I did reset also but when I try to download the latest facebook ap said its not compatible. Also can't get on to abc iview or watching tv episodes on channel ten/nine....not compatible comes on.



I did a reset with my Aldi tablet and it got rid of the 101 error message.Seems to work ok now.



can someone tell me how to reset
this pain of a tablet

Jade Jones


You go to settings and then there is an option fir backnup andvreset. Then click it. It'll tell you itbwill erase everything butbthats the price you have to pay!

Also, I appologise about the typing, I have wet nails!



G'day folks.

I came to this forum because my tablet also had the download problem (Error 101). The 'factory reset' did the trick for me. In the Settings menu, select Personal/'Backup & reset' and hit 'Factory data reset'.

Overall, I'm impressed with the Bauhn tablet and it compares favorably with other Android tablets costing at least $150 more. The display quality, esp. viewing angle, is not as good as an Apple iPad 2, but is brighter than other Android tablets I have seen (e.g. Samsung) and the colour rendition is very good.

What I really like about Android is it allows open access to the file system. Using 'FileBrowser', you can see all your documents, pictures and media files listed and you can create and organize folders anyway you like, just like using Windows Explorer on a PC. Touch a filename and you are prompted to select an app with which to open the file (e.g. Adobe PDF reader, etc). The Gallery app locates all folders containing image files and presents them as Albums for viewing... brilliant!

Connect the tablet to a PC via USB cable (supplied) and your tablet's SSD memory appears as an external drive in Windows Explorer. Transfer data files, music, videos, etc, to and from the tablet as you wish.

Google PlayStore has a large selection of free (and paid) apps for Android 4.0. OK, so Facebook hasn't released an app for Android 4.0 yet? No problem... use a web browser in the meantime (as you would on a PC).

Overall, I rate the Bauhn tablet highly -- esp. value for money and versatility. The only deficiency I have experienced so far is that the touch-screen response is a bit sluggish and quirky in some app's and system operations, but in other app's (e.g. web browser, Adobe Reader, Angry Birds!) it is very smooth and responsive (so the poorer response in other app's is not a limitation of processor performance, but apparently just software quality).

I am curious to hear other Bauhn owners' experiences and opinions.



Bought our tablet from Aldi the other day - it all seemed to be working fine, able to download aps etc - but it is now "blinking" has this happened to anyone else?



do we remove the plastic from the screen



I have not had problems with Skype or facebook but since opening my gmail account onto the tablet I cannot get it on my phone. Phone keeps saying Sync problem ???.
I have reset to factory setting twice now - once using the programd reset and 2nd time by way of the off button and volume down button and still cannot download from Google Play ?????



@Glenice did you get skype working for you without any problem as I am not able to transmit my video to other end.. did you make any changes to settings?

I am very happy with getting hands on 2 of these value for money tabs..mine worked smoothly on all fronts except skype but I am confident I will find a solution before 60 days:-)



Bit of a novice on tablets - have set up email etc and working fine. Can't work out the calendar - I want to schedule and sync with my outlook calendar. When I try to schedule tells me to add calendar. When I try this using by bigpond email account it takes me to server settings looks to retreive details then says couldn't open connection to server and then we just go round in circles - what has everyone else done?



I am agreeing with. Micheal, did a factory reset and mine is working well, think that's what required of the tablet.



Had no trouble buying one in the Albury store.
A great piece of kits.



Picked mine up over the weekend and have been putting it through its paces.
Played high-quality movies, tested web browsing, file browsing/copying/moving over wifi, USB, MicroSD file downlaods, app store purchases, outlook/gmail/hotmail/calendar syncs, facebook, e-reader software, camera and webcam, skype with video software... all works! I've had difficulties moving files over bluetooth but this may be a product of the app used so far - no trouble pairing devices with it. Sometimes it's a little laggy in some aps on and on the main home pages - but only temporarily. I've had to reboot a cpl of times when the screen wouldn't switch on or when an app crashes.
Overall it's a winner, especially for the amazing price. As long as it has longevity it'll go down as an incredible buy.



Has anyone been able to connect to 5 GHz wi-fi ?
2.4 works great. Maybe its my wi-fi ignorance.



Can anyone help as to how to get CALENDAR to connect with server?

Also any protective cases that might fit, like the ipad has?



Would someone please advise of internet connectivity options, if this device does not allow a sim card.
Also, the instruction manual is very basic, especially for a novice. Does anyone know of where I may get hold of a more detailed instruction manual? Have emailed tempoaustralia and also googled - NO LUCK!



wifi mark



Pls could someone tell of how i can use my samsung jet as a modem for my bauhn tablet. i use my phone easily as a modem with my laptop which required the installation of the samsung cd that came with the phone. i tried using it via bluetooth, it paired okay but moving seems to happen.



i mean nothing seems to happen



I got one and for the price it works fine......I am trying to buy a cover that acts like a stand similar to the I-pad ones... but they dont fit... anyone have any ideas...



i just bought one from ebay, i hope it will fit and be ok. seems the right size..



Opened the box, turned the tablet on for the first time (no problems), turned it off for the first time, and the on/off button disappeared into the chassis. Hadn’t even used it for 5 minutes and it broke. Tried to lever the button back out to see if it could be saved but probably did more harm than good. Back to ALDI for a swap. Going to persist with this a bit more prior to calling it quits and forking out the cash for a more up market make/model. As far as I am concerned it looks & feels good and the OS is great.

Go to website


Hi to every body, it's my first go to see of this blog; this webpage consists of awesome and in fact good stuff in support of readers.



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On/Off button disappear into the casing, after 2 weeks of use. Sent it back for repair, it was away 2 weeks. 2 days back after repair, back to square one, on/off button disappeared into casing. Other wise I was very happy with it.
Took it back got a refund.



When these tablet came on sale at the Aldi store I was working at, atleast half of the stock we sold had been returned due to both customer complaints, and faulty issues. In my opinion, get something else.



Doesn't support flash? How do I watch video? Looked at the list that support adobe flash, but no bauhn product on list. Frustrated. Any ideas ppl?

melbourne dj


Thanks for publishing this information on your site.



It does support flash! I've had no problems with mine. I'm selling another one, if anyone wants to buy it. It's "as new." I bought 2 (one for me, one for hubby) but he's a techno-phobe and wont use it. It's been opened and had a couple of apps loaded onto it ready for him to use, but that's all, so am selling it for $249. Anyone interested?



Hi guys! For those who are having issues with flash, make sure u have the right. Browser set. It was originally set to ipad hence the issues. Try this... open ur browers and click on the top right and side. This opens ur brower settings. Look under advanced and brower... here u can select android, ipad etc. Hope this helps some of u!



The Bauhn android is back on at Aldi and I am thinking of buying it. I do not have a smart phone and so not savvy with the app business. After reading 72 comments I can see that I have a lot to learn!! The main purpose I would buy this thing would be for the purpose of down loading books, the bible etc. How long is the battery life and can I down load books from different sites (what sites)?
Your comments would be appreciated, thanks.



I am also looking at purchasing Bauhn Tablet next week from ALDI. Does it support a flash drive so i can watch movies directly from stick or is it easy to transfer movie files from pc to tablet. Any another info regarding tablet purchased last time would be appreciated

David Gibson


Does this tablet come with a SIM card slot? If yes, can it be used to call people?



just bought mine today in sydney were selling like hotcakes was advertised as 1.5 ghz dual core cpu amologic cortex A9 8726-MX , website says 1.5ghz & box & manual state 1.5ghz dual core cpu. turned it on all works perfect super fast,great display best buy get your hands on one nice unit..



Just been reading all you comments i was first in line at my local Aldi this morning,what a waste of time and money,biggest peice of junk i have ever owned.I am sick of doing factory resets,and as it is for my 5 year old grandson for xmas,and i can't download any games,and if the on off button is that sensetive,i will taking it back for a refund.I suppose you get what you pay for.I have a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 never had a problem.Looks like nanna will be spending a bit more for his xmas present.



Hi all, also had the 101 error message when downloading apps, took peoples advice and reset through factory settings, it now works fine, a bit of patience and you will get there.



Just bought 1 - LOVE IT!!! Been a Computer geek for 30 years and HATE APPLE PRODUCTS - this Unit flogs the Wife's iPad into oblivion _ thank you Aldi/Bauhn - you have made my day!!!! 1000% happy with the overall Tablet - Web surfing is very quick, Documents easily loaded and read fast with built-in Apps' No Issues with it whatsoever - perhaps peeps having probs are not Computer/Tablet Savvy???



I bought my tablet yesterday I have had an iPad and I got got rid of it because apple is very bad I am the happiest person on earth this tablet is amazing so easy never had a probably except 1 it froze on me but it hasn't happend in a while thanks



The manual deals quite well with -101 error issue. I'd recommend it to anyone with porblems



Can I download maps? Says something about no 3G, Is tablet 3G?

James Sullivan


we got this tablet to replace an Ipad 3....that cracked its screen after placing it on the table (spider cracks then appeared over the next few days) Cost to repair screen(full replacement) by Apple was $250 more than the cost of this tablet. I know people will now replace Ipad's screens for $140 but it will void warranty. Why apple sells these tablets where they know screens will damage easily I dont know. Does anyone know where to get a folder type cover to suit the Aldi tab?

mel welsh


Had mine 2 days. Terrific. 'Keyboard' as good as iPad. Screen not so detailed but more than adequate Will play flash (unlike ipad). Doesn't have sim slot but rapidly links itself with Telstra USB stick with no need for software. Reads all USB sticks / card-readers in FAT32/NTFS up to 8GB (biggest I've got). Plays movies straight off the USB stick or copy to internal. The MoviePlayer and Videoplayer programs look neat and play most formats, but cause regular hiss with AC3 sound, which is exasperating, but download VLC android and - bingo. It's a pleasure to use the FileBrowser and be able to copy/delete/move them around like in Windows .. to be able to copy directly from stick, unlike infuriating Apple. Screen excellent for the money. Battery ... leaving movie to run continuously, 48% left after > 4 hours of dull screen but 'normal' CPU speed setting (can adjust all these for increased battery life, and on low speed movies play the same). I'm in love. One negative .. the MiniSD looks like it should click in and out but it just goes in. Need a pin to remove. Calls it 'external', which was initially confusing. I only have 2GB SD and am going to get a big GB one to try. the case IS metal, not plastic. Wieight much less than iPad3. All buttons work as indicated. The manual IS satisfactory, but if you don't know how to drive, don't blame the car. Will play with the HDMI output this evening. And 6 updates have popped up this morning including one for Facebook etc.



I bought 2 of these tablets from Lenox (emu plains) although the tablet is good it has options for a
sim lock but where does the sim go it has options for network settings but what network? I really see the similaritys between this and a Samsung device, that's why i love it.
I think ill be taking mine back. Its Poo!

emu heights


Hi again, my tab has the following installed
GPS and Facebook and you know what they both work very well
this tab reminds me of Samsung galaxy - same settings
same fonts as well as a few other things, i love this tab that's why i bought 2
i got mine near PENRITH and they still have some now



Could someone tell me if they have tried to connect to the internet using a tethered connection via an I phone as I can not get it to work / connect at present. Seem to be having a hell of a time trying to get a bluetooth connection with an iphone also. Has anyone got any suggestions for me please. The wifi connection to my router is great, but once I am away from home I need to get an alternate internet connection using my I phone.



Hi everyone my tablet won't play YouTube clips. The circle spins for ages then a message come up saying 'there was an error in playing your clip' I called the customer service and they told me to reset which I did but it's still not working. Any suggestions???



Purchased the tablet from aldi on the weekend and Im having problems with the adobe flash player 10.2 need to upgrade to 11.0. To beable to watch past episodes on yahoo 7.
Tech support were useless and so was google play store help line.
Please help



Trying to setup my email on new tablet but need the Port number - can anyone help?



Thanks for the advice Peter would it be too much to ask if you could guide me on the tethering procedure. I was successfull with a tethered connection using a Samsung mobile, however when I select the portable Wi-Fi hotspot option on the tablet and it reports back AndroidAP active. I still can't connect to the internet. Is there something else that must be configured once you get past this stage. Your assistance with this issue would be appreciated.



Deals Direct are selling a lot of this same Refurbished Bauhn tablet PCs for a low $179. Yes I have one and it works perfectly



Hi everyone of someone can plz help me with my problem? Otherwise it's going back to aldi today. My tablet won't play YouTube clips. The little circle spins for ages then says there was an error loading the clip. I've tried updating the ap but it comes up saying the package wasn't signed properly n to uninstall n then re install the app. But as the app came with the tablet there is no option to uninstall!! Plz help!!!



Hi Cassandra

Did you get your tablet from Deals Direct

anyone know if any Aldi in West sydney has any as I was not succesful in getting one on Saturday

Ross Catanzariti



Hi Natalie,

I would try a factory reset and see if that works. Let me know how you go.



Hi factory reset worked and it connects to 3G via HSUPA modem model MF626i, mine is a telstra Turbo nextG network prepaid. Using it to post this message :-)



i liked mine so much i got my 4 yo grandson one



Reading all this makes it clear how hard it is for a maker to make a foolproof product. Yes you do take the plastic cover off the screen.

I have found my tablet to be a mixed bag of good and bad. First the good:

Screen size is good for hanging around the house. It also slips nicely into my backpack to take with me for a better browsing experience than my phone.
I like the HDMI out on it and it has a large number of video codecs on it allowing me to play video from all my cameras as well as some downloads.
Screen colour reproduction is good and audio not bad
Skype works well on it even with video calling
Gallery is nice and it is great as a mobile picture frame

On the negative I would say that ice cream sandwich is not a good is for wifi, and this causes me grief in many situations. I believe that it is the is that underpins all the wifi problems that these devices have.

Good value for moner



Hey guys,
I bought this product today and a lot of people were telling me not to and putting it down. I understand the ipad has a strong hold on this type of product however this tablet is amazing. At the start i did have concerns because the 101 failure kept showing up but after a factory reset the tablet started working optimally and im very happy with it.



At first i was excited to get the bauhn tablet but everything advertised is wrong, i was expecting 3G - and nothing, i was expecting duel core processor and its only a single. NOT HAPPY -if i could i would get a refund. This is false advertising and believe me i will be doing something about it. Its miss leading and deceptive, my advice to you all FORGET IT DON'T GET ONE. get one that you can trust like SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2.



Hey guys, I've had the tablet for a couple of months now n have no complaints. I did the factory restore before turning it on, n let it fully charge before I did the restore. Anyone who has complaints needs to slow down n take your time with it, it blows iPad out of the water !!! I do have a question though, I'm unable to figure out how to transfer files n pics to my external SD card, can anyone help me out please ??? Ih n I posted this comment via my tablet.



I'm thinking of getting one of these tablets, if i do will it work or not????



how long is a piece of string. of course it will work. have fun.



Does anyone have any hints for connecting it to a Telstra Next G Wifi, Next G sim card works in a phone situation and we can google satisfactorily. However, we cannot pair the tablet to the wifi device, no matter what we try, tablet works perfectly from home wifi though? Please help if you can!



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I am 64 managed to workout how to use most features of the tablet some people are just not technically minded and should keep away from technology. I work with people who just give you a blank stare when you try to explain, it just takes patience and google for answers



I am 64 managed to workout how to use most features of the tablet some people are just not technically minded and should keep away from technology. I work with people who just give you a blank stare when you try to explain, it just takes patience and google for answers



Hi have a aldi tablet having prodlem playing movies they are in avi format some play with a hissing sound every 5 seconds any hints how to stop this would be great

Eder Seixas


Hi i have just purchased 2 of these tablets and just cant get it to connect it to my PC



Just brought mine, after driving to three stores to get one... And, the screen does not work... It just flashes on/off constantly...

Abousulately "SHATTERED!!!" :(

Does anybody know if there is a repair centre in Melbourne for these?



error message 101 fix is in the user manual



I have Aldi Bauhn tablet works great also bought their case with Bluetooth keyboard. Have downloaded BlueInput. Even though it is connected. Can't get it recognized on my tablet
Anyone else have this problem. Gwen



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Hello Aldi,thanks for this I enjoy this Tablet...Wish soon can get sales again anywhere in Aldi...Am waiting to get my family..



I just bought a tablet today and have no idea how to start im 65 and not savvy just want to play games mostly can a patient person tell me how to get started



@Krish :- For your above post : @Glenice did you get skype working for you without any problem as I am not able to transmit my video to other end.. did you make any changes to settings?

Were you able to get your skype working? i'm facing same problem as your's i.e. not able to send video to other end.

could please mail me the solution at:


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GGG Evaluation Team

Kathy Cassidy


First impression on unpacking the Q702 test unit was the solid feel and clean, minimalist styling.

Anthony Grifoni


For work use, Microsoft Word and Excel programs pre-installed on the device are adequate for preparing short documents.

Steph Mundell


The Fujitsu LifeBook UH574 allowed for great mobility without being obnoxiously heavy or clunky. Its twelve hours of battery life did not disappoint.

Andrew Mitsi


The screen was particularly good. It is bright and visible from most angles, however heat is an issue, particularly around the Windows button on the front, and on the back where the battery housing is located.

Simon Harriott


My first impression after unboxing the Q702 is that it is a nice looking unit. Styling is somewhat minimalist but very effective. The tablet part, once detached, has a nice weight, and no buttons or switches are located in awkward or intrusive positions.

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