Aldi's $249 Android tablet doesn't have a dual-core processor

Cut-price Aldi tablet has a single-core processor, despite promotion suggesting otherwise

Aldi's $249 Bauhn branded Android tablet

Aldi's $249 Bauhn branded Android tablet

Aldi's budget $249 Android tablet was incorrectly advertised as coming with a dual-core processor, it has been discovered.

The Bauhn branded 9.7in Android tablet went on sale yesterday morning through the German supermarket chain. The product was advertised as having a "dual-core 1GHz processor".

However, it appears the device — listed here as a product of Chinese OEM Tsxd (Shenzhen) Technology co. — is powered by a 1GHz Amlogic 8726-M3 Cortex A9 processor, which is a single core chip with separate graphics processor.

All references to the tablet appear to have been removed from the Bauhn Web site. That page previously linked to further details about the tablet and included specific reference to a dual-core processor. The sales packaging also lists a dual-core processor as one of the device's key features.

The Bauhn Web site as it appeared yesterday, outlining the features of the Aldi tablet.

Despite the incorrect advertisement, Aldi is understood to have exhausted most stocks of the device across the country. A crowd of well over 100 people attempted to purchase the tablet at the North Sydney store in New South Wales yesterday morning, though only around 40 tablets were available.

PC World contacted an Aldi spokesperson yesterday to clarify stock levels and other details, but is yet to receive an official response. Aldi previously stated that stocks of the device would vary between stores and that it may sell out on the first day due to "unexpected high demand."

That demand comes on the back of cut price Australian manufacturer and retailer Kogan selling out stocks of a budget Android tablet in just four days last week. Like Aldi's Bauhn device, both of Kogan's 10in Agora tablets (8GB and 16GB models) run the latest 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google's Android operating system.

PC World has contacted Aldi Australia for comment and will update this article with any new information when it comes to hand.

The Bauhn Web site listed a dual-core processor as one of the features of the Aldi tablet. The site has since been removed and now shows a blank page.

Did you buy an Aldi tablet yesterday? Let us know your thoughts about the device in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World


Allan Shankland


I have had the Bauhn tablet for 1 day now and it seems like a very capable device for the price. But the one thing that I've found to be very anoying is that when the screen goes into 'sleep' mode, whether it's 15 seconds or 30 minutes, it seems to switch off, not sleep. I then have to hold down the power button for 8 seconds, then it actually does switch off totaly, then I have to hold down the button again for a few seconds to reboot the tablet. There seems to be no way to send it in to a proper sleep mode that can be re-awkened with a quick press of the power button. I have spoken to a rep from 'Tempo' who are the service providers for it, and they seem surprised as much as I am thet the problem exists. An update to the software would seem to be the obvious answer, but until then the screen will just have to stay on full time which eats up the battery. Cheers, Allan



I got a tablet at aldi yesterday but I'm having trouble with some apps,saying the unit is not compatable, one of the apps doing this is facebook. I'm not a computer wizz,but have tried everything I know with no luck. Any suggestions?

Ross Catanzariti



@ Allan: Have you tried a factory reset to see if that may correct the issue? If that doesn't work then I would be returning it as that is a very big issue.

@ renee: After reading a number of other comments, it appears there are issues with the Facebook app on this tablet. The only solution so far is to access Facebook through the browser, not using the app.



Thanks. It seems I can't get any app, says error 101. God, this is one frustrating process.



Renee, this isn't a problem with the aldi tablet, it's an android market issue. I had the same trouble yesterday and found and used the fix here. It worked :-)

I have had no issues with this aldi pad. I also have first gen ipad. Ipad still better than android market, but give it time :-)



The only proble that I have had with the Anroid Table is that it says on the box that it has intergrated Webcam and Microphone BUT We cannot get Webcam to work on Skype ??? anyone else had this problem ??



Overall really happy with the tablet. Couple of small things that are frustrating: Citrix receiver isnt currently compatible with AICS4.0 which is annoying coz i cant access my work system. Not an aldi problem, but a Citrix plug in problem - but still frustrating.
Also, the "email" app cant find the server when i go into my hotmail account so wont receive new emails (even though its connected to internet and will access hotmail through the browser).
The facebook app issue is annoying - mine will access FB but the version is awful - bookmarking the browser is easy though and working well.
And i'm currently searching for a decent converter on my pc so i can watch videos on the tablet because the video formats on this one seem limited.
Other than those few small things - im really quite happy with it!



I also bought one at aldi toukley nsw, and for the price am rather happy, does what i need in terms of browsing the web, i am more concerned with android app market being so far behind my iphone's (ios) as renee said FB does not work in app form but i believe that is more an android market fault rather than the tablet. My GF got the hp tablet for $99 when they dropped the web os, and if i got one of those i would be happy but am hoping that android pick up their game.



to tylrgln
Yes, I am having the same problem. I cant seem to get video on Skype. Voice is OK but not video. i can't see any video off/on key like my laptop. Ideas anyone?



I purchased the Aldi android tablet and have not been able to download any apps at all. It just keeps coming up Error (-101). I rang tempo today and I was informed they are aware of the problem and technicians are working on it. Extremely frustrating.



I purchased Aldi tablet yesterday and phoned several times for the Mini HDMI cable and ear phones. Their phone was engaged and when it was answered the call was droped out. I phoned back and left my phone mumber as requested and I am still waiting for my call back. I have had similar problems with Skype and have tries to dowm load some apps for the grand children to play but returned errors. I can wait for my returned phone call to ask several questions. Maybe Aldi will have some returned units for sale sooner that they anticipated.



very frustrating that i cannot get facebook app to download.coming up as error seems that none of the apps can be downloaded.and i cannot see any seetings that would allow me to update firmware.(is there a firmware update at all?)



Hey guys stop complaining its not an Ipad you only paid $249. If you want more spend more.
I bought one for my husband he loves it.



I am extremely happy with the Aldi tablet. I also have an iPad 1 and an Acer Iconia, and the Aldi tablet is just as useful as the others (better than the iPad because it runs Flash and has proper USB). The Acer is much snappier in the way it operates, but other than that, they all feel pretty much the same. Apart from Facebook, everything runs perfectly. I think the Facebook and app problem is more related to ICS than the tablet itself - some of these developers need to test under ICS.

Allan Shankland


Hi again, I think I've solved the problem with the screen apparently switching off instead of going to sleep. I changed the security from slide to pattern, and it's been going into and out of sleep mode perfectly. I haven't tried the old way again to check as I'm scared it resets the problem. My Facebook also keeps crashing, but I'm not a teenager anymore, so it doesn't really matter :+)

Unhappy Purchaser


Not happy that this was advertised as dual processor.
Would have thought that that selling point would have been confirmed before advertising. Maybe not false advertising but over zealous advertising.

Also, device lasted two days. The power button collapsed inside the unit. Rang tech support they said that a number of calls had been received about this issue. Not repairable and return to Aldi for a refund. Oh well.



Got the -101 error on my tablet as well
Unable. To contact Bauhn support
Just hang up on answer
The other unit my wife got works fine
Trieed variuos accounts but no joy
Hope they fix this soon



Skype video problems were fixed by downloading latest skype from play store. :)



Read my lips.... 101 error is not aldi problem, read my post above, all fixes I have posted work! And are store probs NOT the tablet!

Allan Shankland


Hi Robert, with Skype I think you might have to go in to settings on the bottom of the screen and tick the 'Enable video calling' box, that might fix the video camera problem. As far as it only costing $250 which is far cheaper than an iPad, I still expect all the apps that should work with any tablet to work with this one.



message for Robert
Thank u for ur reply is frustraiting with the tablet but I worked out the Skype Vidio
go onto the Blue Skype screen ... at the bottom the tablet there are three dots press on this and u will get Skype settings go into the settings .. scroll down to vidio access and allow this It shows person on receiving end of call but not u personally from what I can see



Aldi staff have been told not to sell any more until further notice



I didn't expect it to be iPad quality at $249, but I think if you're going to advertise something with the features it has, then I would have expected more.
I'm having trouble downloading a lot of my favorite apps - weatherzone, mivoTV, Facebook. I bought this one over an iPad because I can't get mivoTV on an iPad because of flash. I also liked that I could expand the memory, but if I can't upgrade or get the apps I want I don't know that it's really worth that. Didn't think this would be a problem. Not what I expected, unfortunately.



Thanks janet' it worked



I don't know much about the tablet yet but i cant even move 5 meters away from my home computer with out the WIFI dropping out.. My Iphone picks up the WIFI from 10 - 15 meters but this seems to drop out ?? :(



I seem to be really happy with it :) I had the problem when I put it into sleep mode and it fully turned off, but when I changed the password from slide to pattern it didnt do it anymore. The facebook app dosent seem to work so I just use the facebook on browser. I think its great value for its price!



I haven't been able to connect to the Internet over Bluetooth. It pairs fine with my iPhone and appears to connect (Phone confirms Internet tethering) but tablet says no Internet connection??

Allan Shankland


Oops, looks like I spoke too soon. After changing from slide to pattern it seemed to be ok, but then a few houre later it went back to the old way. So now I've tried all screel lock combinations and they all fail at some point. This is too much of a big issue for me, so it's off to Aldi for a refund I think...



Has anyone had the problem when they have the tablet in a cold room and when you turn it on it goes all laggy and freezes and does not respond, but when I put it in a warm room it started to work perfectly?



Has anyone had the problem when they have the tablet in a cold room and when you turn it on it goes all laggy and freezes and does not respond, but when I put it in a warm room it started to work perfectly? Weird



In mobile home travelling to canberra last night, on stop over overnight temp was minus five. Temp in van was 1deg. Aldi pad started perfectly. My husband has one too, and he has had no problems either.

Allan Shankland


Just done a factory reset and the screen lock seems to be working again, but time will tell if it stays that way...



Okay thanks janet, my device must be faulty.



I also purchased the Aldi tablet. Can't get my email account set up. Keeps coming up with - Couldn't open connection to server - Any tips for a frustrated Granny



if the email app dosent work I suggest you just go on the browser and access your email from there, can't really think why it wouldn't work on the email app.



Hi, can someone plz tell me how I connect to internet using bluetooth from my iphone. I have tried everything (well obviously not) Do i have wi fi on tablet turned off & bluetooth on??



I'm having -101 apps download 2. And will try fix. Had 11apps listed to download ...... reset tablet and have lost Adobe.
Any help out there for this. :-) :-) :-) :-)

External Sound Cards


I the actual little USB one, Can somebody let me know that
you I want, Help!, That someone Should I Get to play MP3?

Happy User


You young ones of 2day just want it given to you on a silver plate and if it doesn't work throw it away.
I to have had some of the same problems but insteed of complaning I did some thing about it.
just google your site's or apps and down load them from there and they work. If you read the sleep mode from the book you will understand, yes read the book don't just pick it up and use it.
Try down loading skype from thier site it will work.
I bet you would not work to well at -1
The only problem I am having is getting it back from my wife she love it.



Read the article. Tried to do it. Didn't find half of files nominated to select/click. So unforrtunately downloading updates and apps still no-go. Absolutely love it apart from this glitch.



Have loaded my kindle books onto 'external sim card' but they don't show in file browser. Also because of -101 prob can't get a reader. Any suggestions pls?l



I've had the Bauhn/Aldi Tablet now for a few days. Not a day goes by when the tablet seems to freeze, reboots and runs OK for a while. I realised the Freezing & rebooting were part of an automatic download process. I've now got my Optus 3G USB dongle recognised when I plug it in, but that doesn't happen if I have the wireless tunred off. IT only connects to the net via the WiFi and not the 3G.
And no Youtube movies, quite a few web pages rendered badly (invisible text). Again seems to suggest driver issues. The connectivity ports on the tablet are great.



has anyone found a case of screen protector for this device?



I have found the page to fix the error 101 but I don't understand how to fix it. Could someone pls help. I can see that janet and jo have fixed there tablets. Could you lovely ladies help me out. Thank you



I have found the page to fix the error 101 but I don't understand how to fix it. Could someone pls help. I can see that janet and jo have fixed there tablets. Could you lovely ladies help me out. Thank you



Janet is the standout in the above posts. Would she kindly put us all out of our misery and list the steps taken with regard to the Aldi tablet fix please.



Any one could tell me how loading my pictures to the tablet.I pluged the USB into the tablet with my read card but the tablet does not give any option for my CF card (picture card .) How and where to loading my fhotos. Thanyou I tried with all icons appear in the tablet but I could not. Thank you for any help.



Is it me or have i missed something I can not find the contacts app? where do I store name and addresses



I bought this tablet from Aldi last week, took ages to connect to my wi fi network , week signal, tablet is sooo sloow, have to keep cleaning cache, so as to get browser to work without freezing.
I installed 8GB Kingston sd card , settings reads it but how do I
install downloaded programs to it. So far only able to move programs to internal 16GB sd getting full quickley .
The external sd card is displayed but cant do a thing with it



To read external card, goto /sdcard/external_sdcard it should be in there



Janet the genius could you please provide step by step instructions on the app error 101 issue?



Janet the genius could you please provide step by step instructions on the app error 101 issue?



I got my tablet last Wednesday and although I have not spent a lot of time on it, so I think it is good value for the money. I connected to my wifi very easily but had the same problems trying to set up my email as others - "cannot connect to server". I spent some time on this but eventually just used the browser to connect. Due to a previous life, I am paranoid over security so am currently setting the tablet up to be totally encrypted - seems you have to set up a password to unlock the screen first (p. 33 in the booklet) and then select 'encrypt tablet' Once I have done that I will look into getting some apps but meanwhile I will keep an eye on this forum fot more hints.



If you want to update the facebook or other apps and can't on the play store visit to download the apk file and install direct. You will need to turn this ability on in your settings.



If you want to update the facebook or other apps and can't on the play store visit to download the apk file and install direct. You will need to turn this ability on in your settings.

Allan Shankland


This is for Sue...
The domain/username: \(first part of your e-mail address)

This worked for me.



very disappointed, once i turn it on it freezes and dosent respond. connected it to my computer and said that device has malfunctioned. is there any way i can fix this problem by resetting the whole device to factory settings? i cant access anything on it, or i will just take it back to aldi for a full refund.



Hi everyone

I had the same issue with downloading apps and just about everything else getting the error 101 message. I wasn,t having any luck with Janets advice either not to say that it didnt work, just wouldnt for me. I keep getting the page expired or has been moved. Anyways one thing is for certain we are all having difficulties with this blasted thing!! I did a system reset and joined google when setting up my account minus providing card details and now eveything is spot on. I have been able to download everything and its all working fine.I hope others have the smae success I have had. Good luck.



Hi its not too bad. my probs are 1. the screen suddenly starts rolling madly when doing something or watching video, it keeps flashing.

the other problem some audio files have a weired air pumping sound in the bakground. help
thanks Dom

Jack C


I am very frustrated with this tablet Ican not find a way to down load kindle apps . Amazon apps has geographical restrictions CAN ANY BODY HELP



Bought the Bauhn tablet on Thursday, returned it on Sunday. If it was dual core processor as advertised then I would have hang on to it. I have lined up for it thinking it was dual core processor :(
Even my 3 year old son find the Bauhn table slow. He said, dad it's frozen. But it wasn't, just slow. Also the brightness set at max is still not bright enough, the sound jack has some sort of noise, Wifi signal was weak. Pay a bit more and get a better device out there!



same problem, Scandalous. Can't find a contact app. Where do I store my e mail contacts? googled for an answer and aparntly ICS has a new app call 'people'. But can't find that in the app store... maybe should be installed as standard on any device and they forgot!!!!
Also, has anyone found screen protector and case that fits?



Well Ive had my Aldie tablet for a week now, and I havent had a problem with it at all. Everything seems to be working.... even when it goes into sleep mode, I just slightly tap the poweron button n its back to where I left it. Now the question is... do I still take it back and go get something else? Is it only a matter of time that it will start the problems I have read about ?



Hi, i bought the anroid tablet too.I have problems with skype.
And i had a look but no of these comments helped.
The camera will not jump on!?
Can anyone out there help, please????!!!!!
Thankyou!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)



jillian, try upgrading to the latest version of Skype. That has worked for others on other forums.

Also, the Bauhn website now specifies it's a single core CPU plus a GPU, rather real dual-core, and says there is more stock coming soon. Yay. More pain to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public...



The geko carbon folio case (BigW) fits OK (you'll need to drill the cover to give the cameras a view!) and watch out so not to install it upside down (i.e. don't let the elasticised strap hold down the power button!). Has anyonme figured out how to have it connect to a 3G doingle-Tech Support doesn't bother replying-
overall rating: very poorly done Aldi! Consumer affairs needs to get involved



Rented a movie through Google Play app and it does not work I cant stream it and watch it or "pinIt" to watch later , tried all solutions in help at google play but still no movie! what am I doing wrong?? Please help



Like most people I had a lot of problems with software downloading etc But peservearance with it provailed and the staff at Tempo on the phone were very good. I tried this and that that they suggested. However once the tablet syncranised with google ( after a lot of trying this & that) it automatically came up to update the installed software and once this was done it all started to do as I had expected it to do. Skype Camcord etc and could downoad. I found the download worked by actualy going to the google play widget rather than thru the browser. Persevere averyone its worthwhile.



I have had most of the problems mentioned and have had to continually do a factory reset and still have a problem when syncing, I can only get it to since with Gmail but not Calendars or Contacts.Is this the unit or is there a firmware update available as I can seem to find any setting to get updates like other tablets



Well so far i dont want to be to harsh on the tablet.
YES it has a few glitches. I have played with it for a little while now and am pretty happy with it. I also own a samsung ace mobile phone ... that also has glitches but the price was affordable. I think that if you have to be constrained within a budget then these products are affordable and they will not be "perfect". But they do represent value for money.
For the price i will wear the occasional fault that will appear and then dissappear.
If money was unlimited ... i would go out and purchase one of the overpriced products that are available, but with the way technology is accelerating whatever you get will be out of date next year....



Had minor problem with lock ups but over all is very good .I was also sure was dual core but have had no performance issues at all ,as a browser and utube great, used mobile as hot spot traveling fantastic, email great ,bottomline... $250. About 4 tanks of petrol!!!!!



Remove the aldi app and reboot to get rid of error 101



Bought one as my first ever tablet. Apart from the ics facebook app issue, I can't complain for the price. Twitter and kindle work great. Browser crashes now and then. I may download a better browser.



Help. We have a had our Aldi tablet for a couple of weeks now and still can't work out how to watch a movie. Am i supposed to download something to make this work? I'm not computer literate, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Look forward to your responses



@ Activist, I also rang Aldi and found the number on the slip for the midi HDMI cord and earphones was wrong, the number is 13ALDI, I rang 3 times, a week apart, before I received the package, I like the tablet, but then I know nothing about them really, I put Facebook on my "desktop" by saving the page through the browser.
I don't know how to use the microphone, can anyone tell me please.



Purchased norton internet security which can be loaded onto tablets. Spent many frustrating days. After almost 1 hour with norton found out the android is not compatible



scotchandry...could you please give detailed instruction on how to tether to use mobile bluetooth as hot spot when traveling.

Many thanks.



Hi I was reading every ones comments today it got me thinking as I reading I got the same problems too even my husband got one too. I want to get it fixed but to think about it worth it when I get back I may have the problem agian .

Kathy roil


I can't get any apps error (101) as every body is saying I brought this off shopping from the Internet , I'm not impressed at all and there is no excuse because it's cheap , I want this problem fixed and I deleted the FB app cause it didn't work either , please respond



I must be lucky because I love my Brauhn tablet, I use AVG virus protection (as I do on my PC), when I download any thing it pops up and scans it, I don't bother with apps, I just go to the page I want on the browser and save it to the desk top, ie; facebook. I have downloaded many games and have not yet bought any but will.



Yes, my webcam won't work on Skype either! I have a Gadmei T863-3D with android 4.0- ICS. The app store also won't load, so I can't get any apps. The app loader that came on the device, is in chinese (or some other asian language- please forgive my ignorance, but I really don't know what the difference between languages is), so I can't get google apps.
Can someone please help???



I have been doing a bit of research and it seems that android 4.0 coming out of china is not the full google version. So a lot of apps may come up shaded or labelled not compatable with this device.

Little Blue Pill


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user of internet so from now I am using net for content, thanks to web.



It's awesome for me to have a site, which is helpful designed for my experience. thanks admin



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Graeme Wilkins


Hi... does anyone know how to change the wifi password on the tablet?


frustrated soul


Gah!Youtube won't let me sign in!!!Keeps giving the 400 error. And now play store won't accept either of my Gmail accounts to let me download apps!!!Its super frustrating!!!



I am quite disappointed that i find that it doesn't have tether option to connect to the internet, as i have no wireless or bluetooth access (or knowledge for that matter). Mind you, until I found out I didnt have it, I didnt know I needed it. Another forum advises to use superuser ap on the tablet to get it to reverse connect, but no superuser ap either. I cant report any screen problems, but couldnt figure out how to turn off the camera when i was playing with that...



For all you disappointed people getting the 101 error it can be solved. I purchased one today and got the 101 error. I'm in IT and it was tricky for me to solve. Avoid the factory reset if possible.

Try deleting your google account --> settings-->accounts


Goto settings-->apps and goto all apps. Find google play store and google services framework apps and delete both the cache and data. Try a reboot and then goto play store again and log in with your google account.

Try to download and may the force be with you. If it doesn't work persist and try again. Good luck.



got 1 yesterday. so far so good. it would be nice if i can get it rooted;) ressearch in process...



Hi. i also purchased a tablet yesterday. we cant seem to play you tube videos any suggestions????



I purchased the tablet yesterday. have spent 6 hours on it so far. Wi-Fi weak, can put up with that but am not able to access any web page. I have connected the tablet to my pc and still nothing. Can someone please help a novice??? I'm ready to return it. Please help.............



i bought it on sunday it works great very thing fine i love it, but the only problem i have is error 101, cant download apps. i bought it to use it as e-reader. browsing apps skype etc are all bonus cos its only 249 its not going to work as i pad so be it.

if any one can properly address 101 error issue that would be very kind of them as i have tried every thing janet posted even created new account and i m still having same isuue.
thanks for your post though janet.



Mr Joe::

For all you disappointed people getting the 101 error it can be solved. I purchased one today and got the 101 error. I'm in IT and it was tricky for me to solve. Avoid the factory reset if possible.

Try deleting your google account --> settings-->accounts


Goto settings-->apps and goto all apps. Find google play store and google services framework apps and delete both the cache and data. Try a reboot and then goto play store again and log in with your google account.

Try to download and may the force be with you. If it doesn't work persist and try again. Good luck.

IT WORKED... mohohohahaha I have a full working tablet now



I also purchased yesterday,I am a not too savvy computer user,but cannot connect "tablet just keeps telling me Authentication problem"have phoned provider to re-confirm my password etc,but still this message.Any help would be gratefully received,or else its a wheelchair ride back to Aldi.HELP!!!!

marcel dimoski


I have this aldi/bauhn android tablet but it doesnt have GPS so I suggest you get the ACER or whatever when they are on sale at Harvey Norman. and get the $50 cash back. so i think its $350 and once you get the cash back you will pay only $300 for it and it has GPS but it only has 8GB internal memory but its ok u can buy a micro SD card 32Gb from ebay for $25. overall it looks a good quality tablet except for the GPS. I would suggest its worth $200 or less but hey Aldo needs to make profit to Survive. And coles/woolworths are so dumb they should take lessons from Aldi. Go Aldi go! I love aldi sales! hahahaha



I was having the same trouble with the error 101 but I have now fixed it. Go to page 26 of your Instruction manual and do what it tells you to do in the Pay store and Calendar error messages and it will fix it up. I can now download apps from the play store :)



Hi can anyone tell me if it is possible to use a wireless 3g USB stick modem for internet connection please.



I followed instructions in booklet to fix error 101, but now cannot connect to play store! Help please???



I have just purchased the AMiD-972XS from ALDI. Just copied my songs from itunes library to the far so good. touched the speaker icon, reply message is Player does not support this type of audio file. Do i have to download something or am I missing something (anything is possible at 63 and getting older).

Ross Catanzariti



Hi Harry,

Try downloading an alternate music player from the Google Play Store on the Aldi tablet. I suggest RockPlayer Lite or doubleTwist Player (both are free).

Then try and play the songs through the new player. Let me know how you go.



the ITunes music is an encrypted file that ONLY plays via ITunes.
(oh yes... thats right.... they have you by the short and curlies unfortunately).
I used to be an Apple fan back in the 90's but I just cant bring myself to jump thru the hoops any more with them - regardless of all the hype.



Some people might feel they have the right to use the music file in any format they can hear it in - because they have legally purchased it on ITunes, and therefore there is no conflict in downloading the file again (for free this time - because its already been paid for) from a site like Pirate Bay for instance: t h e p i r a t e b a y . s e
Not that Id condone that of course - Im just saying thats what some people might feel and do.



Can I mirror Charchies request:
Does anyone know of an intetnet provider that has 'dongle', 'toggle' or stick to provide internet service to the BAUHN tablet via U S B?



For everyone complaining about 101 errors, if you had read your instruction manual you would have seen instructions on how to fix it. It is a known error and not specifically related to this tablet.

I am an iPhone user and have been skeptical about Android but for the price I am very happy with the tablet. The only problem I've experienced so far (apart from the initial 101 which was an easy fix) is that an app it the browser will crash every now and then but for $249 I'm not complaining!



Have the new Bauhn dual core version,1.5GHz.Seems fine. Re email setup For hotmail do MANUAL setup and type in your settings for ingoing and outgoing (got my settings off Thunderbird on my PC) eg incoming;security:SSL/TLS outgoing Worked/works for me. NIce and quick tablet too!



Hi everyone for some reason I cannot view YouTube clips on my tablet. It shows the videos to choose from but when I select a video to watch the little circle spins for ages but then a message comes up saying 'there was an error loading your video' I called the customer support hotline and they said to do the master reset which I did but its still not working? Any suggestions? I have very strong wifi



Hi all,
Has anyone had trouble logging into my channel in youtube??
I have a channel in youtube which i use to subscribe to youtube vidoes i cant access it I get 401 network not found error ?



Cannot connect to internet at all, have rung tech support- they told me to ring internet provider, they told me to ring modem router being Belkin, they told me to ring tech dupport again- have been on phone for an hour listening to music, is there a fix?



Has anyone found a way of using the external sd card. I have a card installed and it shows in the settings area, but I can't get anything on to it. Everything just goes to the internal card.
Also I can't get it to read a USB WiFi dongle. I think perhaps the dongle may be incompatible. It is a standard Dodo dongle. The light just keeps flashing. Otherwise so far happy but only 3 days old.
Pleased with the movies through the HDMI cable. All the MP3's play well. Sound quality not that good but OKI through bluetooth headphones



Thanks Janet,
I was getting frustrated by error 101 and by reading your lips the error disappeared :-)



Does anyone know why I cant connect tablet with USB to PC. It connected first time, but since then nothing.The little safely remove icon is there, & I turn on usb storage, but nothing happens. It comes up with an orange android on the screen.



I have the Bauhn Android tablet and am happy with it so far except that I am not having any success at all in using my Vodaphone USB stick for internet access. It works fine on my laptop but the tablet doesn't recognise it at all. Any suggestions?



Have just purchased this new Bauhn tablet but like others cannot connect to Internet - password correct but message comes up telling me there is authentication problem Is this a faulty tablet?



Wireless internet connection issue. I am less than 5 yards from my router and it states poor signal and I cannot access the internet. All my other devices in my house Ipad, phone, laptop no issues.. It automatically indicates avoided poor internet connection and the signal bar indicates excellent. However, when I say connect it says poor. Any recommendations. Sent in a request to Bauhn and I have not heard back.



I brought a movie thru the app store but it won't play, and box comes up saying "Google play movies is closed" with the options of CLOSE or REPORT with both options being pointless as nothing gets me closer to watching my movie I hired! Any pointers or help guys???



Is anyone having a problem using yahoo messenger chat on the Aldi/Baune Tablet? Mine is crazy. When I type into the chat box, nothing appears - until I press enter. Sometimes text appears that I am sure I did not even type. Seems to have a mind of it's own. Anyone else got a problem?



I purchased Tin tin the game from playstore and it has installed fine but keeps telling me to check license when i try to open it and wont let me in. Does anyone know what I should do?.....Other than this we love our aldi tablet



I bought the tablet mainly for use to connect to TV as media player via HDMI, able to get picture via HDMIor sound with cable from earphone jack,but not both together. is the tablet stuffed or the sony Bravia incompatible



Have problem setting up email account. Are with optus and will accept mail.opt for incoming but will not accept for out going mail. Any one had same problem.



hi all i think i might be able to help with the 101 error.
What you must first do is go into settings then apps tap on the all tab scroll down until you find google play store tap on it and tap on where it says clear cache and then tap on where it says clear data then click ok now go into accounts & sync, tap on your gmail account then tap on the three dots in the top right hand corner, then tap remove account. Once this is done you MUST power off the tablet or it will not work. once the device has been left for thirty seconds to reset you can now power up the tablet and go into the play store and re add your google account by just signing in. Once you have aswered all the questions and have excepted all the terms and conditions you can now update all your apps , yes including facebook without a hitch . hope this has helped Have Fun



Hi, can anyone help me to get my camera to operate normally on my bauhn tablet, it has a weird type of psychadelic pink light on all objects you focus on!!! Was normal about three weeks ago, would appreciate any suggestions and help, thanks. :-)



to turn the device on, you need to touch the on button and not hold it down.



Has anyone had a problem thr the on button jaming in. Mine wont come out. Called Aldi in Melbourne they are happy to refund. But I wont a new one, no more available. Too Bad



I have the first version of the tablet that came out in June.
All of a sudden it wont load up and stops at the "android" part of the startup process.
Then I found that my volume down button is stuck and not working properly. By the way I need this to do a full reset on the unit.
I dont want to send it back for repair as it has private data on it.
Anyone else had these sort of problems.



I keep having authetication problems. I can log on to the network if i am out and about but not on home network. Even though i am using my lap top using homebetwork. This is so frustrating



Purchased 2 close to 6 mths back for grandsons for Christmas today one, touch wood seems to be working OK for now...the other has frozen up altogether hasn't even been running for 4 hrs can't even do a factory reset cause nothing is working.



peice of shit,cant download apps dosent connect to net,and couldnt even wipe my ass with it,
so what dose this thing do other than waste 250 bucks??????????????????????????????????



Could anyne help me with Error 63 when ting to play movies? I purchased a movie from Google store and when I try and watch it it comes up Error 63. Has anyone else come across this?

Terry Willgoose


What a great idea to put up this site for all the folks who have purchased the Aldi Tablet and are having minor new product questions - Keep all the questions and answers coming guys and thanks for your total support with your comments



Anybody having a 101 error problem? Do this.
Open your Apps window, Click on the settings box,click on the APPS from the menu on the left, Click on the all tab on the right, click on the clear data button, click on OK. Turn the tablet off and agree to turn off. Turn back on. Your tablet when connected to WIFI will start downloading the files you had 101 problems with, so this may take sometime. You will see ticked boxes on the bottom showing showing the downloads.


Not working


Hello I need some help I have a tablet from aldi and it is really good BUT it switches of randomly and it laterly flashes but now it doesnt even turn on and I put it on charge for 24 hours but still not working please someone help and I can't find the instruction manual



I am very Upset about this Android I configure it properelly but the touchpad is gone with in 2month I contact the aldi shop they transfer me Sydeny main office I call the person he send me through email FACTORY REST PROCEDURE but No change my 249 is gone?
why its include troubleshoot data at BAUHN MANUAL AM SOORY BAHUN its sad for me bye Bauhn




The tablet will not turn on. I have had the unit on an overnight charge but refuses to charge up. I have spoken with the Tempo customer service Technician whom sent me a Reset process to follow. This procedure is useless as the tablet has no charge within it to reset itself with. Even with the AC Adaptor attached it will not allow a reset to occur. It isn't the charger as I have tried my friends charger. Still nothing.
Now Aldi won't exchange or refund it as I cannot find my docket. It's off to Consumer affairs i"m afraid.



So far I haven't had any of the problems described. My Facebook works, no error messages, no shutting down or locking up. It even plays my iTunes songs (possibly downloaded from CD rather than purchased).
The only trouble I've had is trying to watch movies, does anyone know what format they need to be in?
It's a shame about the dual processed, but apart from that, it's $249 well spent. Thanks Aldi



Can someone help me solve the authentication problem? Will hook into others internet provider - same as mine but will not with mine. Have tested on my phone and that's fine. Someone must know how to solve this. Have spent hours surfing the net. Even updated my router - no success. Grrrr



Because the latest Aldi Bauhn tablet uses Android 4.1 it is not compatible with Adobe Flash Player. No live webcams or video clips!

Does anyone know a way around this? I have tried several Apps without success.



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Can anyone help me? I can't find this on google so this is my last resort

Everytime I use my tablet it starts up normal then after a few minutes it overheats and freezes unless it's infront of a fan or if u rub cold water on the back.

Is there any way to fix this and is this normal? Also sometimes when it's almost overheated the screen flickers white lines across the screen.

Thanks, Anthony



When I download and install a free game or solitaire I cannot find it anywhere on my tablet. Am I missing something here or is it just hidden away under another name. Could someone please help.

thanks. Val

C Barton


There is no obvious way to direct photos to the SD card as there is on other androids. It must have taken a considerable distorted effort on the part of the programmers, to create such a non-functional menu.

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The screen was particularly good. It is bright and visible from most angles, however heat is an issue, particularly around the Windows button on the front, and on the back where the battery housing is located.

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My first impression after unboxing the Q702 is that it is a nice looking unit. Styling is somewhat minimalist but very effective. The tablet part, once detached, has a nice weight, and no buttons or switches are located in awkward or intrusive positions.

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