ASUS delays Transformer Pad Infinity, raises price

Transformer Pad Infinity won't hit the shelves until August and will retail for $999

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity: will now cost $999 in Australia

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity: will now cost $999 in Australia

ASUS has admitted it is uncertain exactly when its flagship Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Android tablet will officially release in Australia, while the device will retail at a higher price than initially expected.

The Transformer Pad Infinity, the company's flagship Android tablet for 2012, was expected to hit Australian retail shelves early this month, but an ASUS spokesperson has told PC World Australia that the "release date is now very up in the air" and isn't likely to be seen on shelves until August at the earliest.

"The release date is now very up in the air," the ASUS spokesperson said. "We don’t have an exact on shelf date, and if there are no more hiccups at factory level we are expecting the stock to arrive mid to late July to our distributors, then usually a week or two on shelf. At this stage, that's the most accurate timing we can give you."

In addition to the stock delay, the Transformer Pad Infinity will command a higher recommended retail price in Australia than initially expected. The tablet was expected to retail for $899, but will now sell for $100 more than that at $999. This retail price includes the keyboard dock bundled into the sales package, an accessory that is sold as an add-on option in other markets.

"Originally it [the price] was supposed to be $899 but this has changed to $999 for the 64GB with dock," the ASUS spokesperson explained. "It will release with 64GB only, with the possibility of 32GB depending on market demand."

ASUS initially stated the 32GB model, slated for release in some other international markets, would not be sold Down Under at all.

Despite the delay and the higher price, ASUS still has no plans to launch a 3G model of the Transformer Pad Infinity in Australia. Globally, the company will sell 3G and 4G LTE models of the device. Both of these versions use a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait dual-core processor instead of the Tegra 3 quad-core chip that powers the Wi-Fi only model.

The Transformer Pad Infinity is a follow-up to the Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet, which was released in Australia earlier this year. The Infinity is an almost identical tablet to its predecessor but boasts an improved screen and a higher resolution front camera.

The key feature of the Transformer Pad Infinity is the 10.1in super IPS+ screen with an impressive 1920x1200 resolution. In comparison, almost all current 10in Android tablets use a 1280x800 resolution display panel.

The Infinity's included keyboard dock adds an extra six hours of battery life to the device's stand-alone 10 hour battery life when connected, therefore producing a total battery life of up to 16 hours.

Australian models of the 64GB Wi-Fi-only ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700T will be available in "champagne gold" and "amethyst grey" colours.

Is $999 too much for the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity? Will you be buying one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




ASUS I was highly anticipating this tablet, but everything has come crashing down. FIRST $999 is WAY to much. I sold an Ipad for this but ASUS has completely dispointed me. If you lowered the price, ASUS, you would make 8 times the amount of what you will with that outrage... This tablet isnt even that good!!! NOT 1000 Dollars good!!! ASUS - I have seen reviews of your tablets bugs and crashes of the Hardware. ASUS I HOPE YOU BECOME BANKRUPT AND LOOSE YOUR PROFITS! Your only after the money, your problably thinking the weathy of australia can afford 1000 Dollars - which we may be able to but SERIOUSLY!? Might as well re-purchase my recently sold iPAD 3 64GB LTE model, It is much higher anticipated and Apple actually make a reasonable price with on-going action to suppy the customers with happiness (FIRMWARE ETC.) I personally love anroid tablets over apples boring software, but ASUS you've made me think differently. I know that ASUS wont see this - but hopefully I can stoop atleast one person from wasting money!



The US price for the WIFI tablets were reportedly going to be $499 & $599, respectively, for the 32gb and 64gb models. Did they raise the prices on the US models also?

Ross Catanzariti


Hi Jeffmspa,

The US pricing has not changed, as far as I know. $499USD for the 32GB model, $599USD for the 64GB model and $150USD for the keyboard dock.



"Asus executive now cleaning car windscreens at traffic lights after disastrous launch of Infinity Tablet. For the first time ever, an executive has had to take responsibility for their blatant incompetence and has been sacked for turning a potential class leader into an industrial joke with dismal sales."

Na. We'll never see that headline will we!!!!!!

Toooooo much (try $700). The similar spec'd Acer looks a bargain compared to this and you can almost buy 2 of them for the same price.

Another Android failure!!!! Google please take back control of your ecosystem (the Nexus 7 is a good start). Your manurfacturering partners can not see reality through their misconceptions that people really, really, really want to buy their brand no matter how inferior or more expensive.



Please stop panicking. This only effect Aussies, which is a big deal but it's not like they increased the price by 50% across the globe. Only the Aussies are unlucky and, seriously, should complain. And remember that it's for a 64Gb plus dock, not that it makes it much better.

I would instead take my anger with the authors of this article. The title is utterly misleading - and it took me two readings to realize what's actually going on.



Title looks pretty accurate to me...
Certainly disappointing, makes the TF300 look like better value. Likewise iPad 3...



The price is fairly steep, however if you look at getting a 64gb iPad with a 3rd party keyboard dock you'd be looking at about the $920 mark, so it's not that much of a difference considering that the Asus also has better connectivity and the dock has the extra bonus of adding several hours of battery life. I would've thought that about $950 would've been the maximum price they should set though. Obviously they're not going to sell it cheaper than $900 because that's about how much the Prime is.



At that price I'll be getting the 12in Windows Tab insted.



Certainly will NOT be shelling out 1K for just a tablet. Way too expensive Asus! I refuse to be taken for an idiot, I will not pay excessive prices in Australia just to pad out the CEO's bonus. At least Apple are now only charging the 10$ GST on top of their US prices in Aus.
I will be looking at other Android tablets instead.



Will be the same in the UK. 64gb version bundled with keyboard. Complete pr disaster!

Ross Catanzariti


@asd: How is the title misleading? In case you haven't realised, this is an AUSTRALIAN site. It is not misleading at all.



This SUCKS! Why add the dock to raise the price?? Asus should have SEPERATED the dock so it become an OPTION for protential buyers. I guess they never learn. This is a disaster. Im def not buying Asus. I wasted my time waiting for this after the problems with the first tramnsformer prime. Good riddance!



At that price then the device ought to include 3G and 4G LTE (even though the latter will not work in Oz right now).
There is no justification pricing the device so much more in Australia than US and so much more than Apple. The 64G Ipad with 3G sells for $899 and there is no indication there are any reliability issues for that device; but there are plenty of indications Asus are haveing QA issues.
At that price its very hard to justify this purchase, even though I've been hanging out for a decent release since July last year. So Asus punish me for being patient or just stupid to wait for them.
However it seems to me that its well justified to purchase a device on the open market overseas rather than in Australia, if the price differential means I would be ripped off by purchasing in Australia.
After all the Infinity can be purchased in taiwan right now, no waiting. Delayed release in Australia seems not to be justified.



It is offensive that Australians are being forced to pay a huge premium over the American pricing.

This is the only tablet that comes close to the IPAD but with very few tablet optimised apps it should be selling at a big discount to the IPAD.

Instead these idiots think we are idiots and they plan to sell it for much more than the equivalent IPAD.

You can purchase a 64gb IPAD with keyboard for $850.

The Acer A700 is no match for the IPAD based on size, build, screen and laziness. It will need to sell for a big discount relative to the IPAD to be worth considering.

I would like to buy Android but in Australia it is just not logical.



I am looking for a slim, 32gb, high resolution tablet with good build quality and no keyboard. I can pick up an IPAD for $650 but I can't find anything that comes close on Android.

Android is way behind in providing competitive hardware at competitive pricing. Android is way behind Apple on tablet apps.

Only "enthusiasts" would spend $1000 on this tablet. And I use the term "enthusiast" as someone who's emotions override any objective assessment.

Google needs to start leading with a Nexus 10 that can compete with the IPAD.



I have bought a lot of ASUS kit over the years but no longer. This decision to very specifically and deliberately fleece Australians is offensive.



Well after reading this asus has changed my hate apple vision i said i would never own a apple product because of the contemped attitude towards customers.
Looks like i might have to eat my words and go apple
wife said best decision you ve made



One good reason you buy an Android tablet is that it allows you to connect USB devices. But these twits decided not to include a USB port on the tablet on the assumption that everyone will buy the dock. I don't want a dock. I don't want to carry it. I don't want to pay for it. It's of little use to me. Twits.



David I agree. I am fed up with waiting for Android to deliver a tablet that competes with the IPAD. And then this decision by Asus to price gouge is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.

I have pretty much decided to give up on Android and go with the IPAD. In Australia at least this appears to be the right decision.



DMAN your pricing is way off. The 64gb IPAD is $760. You can pickup a keyboard for $60. Totalling $820.

Now taking in to account that the screen is not as high resolution as the IPAD and that Android has very few tablet applications a reasonable price for this tablet would be about $750 allowing for the fact that it has a larger battery.

The argument that they cannot price the Infinity below the Prime just emphasises the ridiculous pricing of the Prime. I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to pay $900 for a Prime when it has half the resolution of the IPAD.



ASD you are absolutely right. This is no big deal. It is price gouging but it only impacts Australia so who cares.



If the price for Asus infinity 32GB goes above $500 I will buy my second IPad and say goodbye and good luck!!!!!!! to ASUS.



Very disappointing ASUS. Not only have you not been able to deliver a timely release date, you can't even get the price right. Worst of all is you don't intend releasing the 3G version. What good is this when you're travelling and don't have access to WIFI - NONE!! I've been waiting months for this. Well I've run out of patience. Looks like I'll have to go for the ipad now.



Love the transformer range and will gladly pay 1k for it. Asus looks after there customers more so then other company I'd pay $1200 for it :)



There will always be a few "enthusiasts" who will pay silly prices for hardware. Your average nerd defines himself by the tech he purchases. But most people will make a more rational and objective assessment of price and capability and pick the IPAD.

Until Google starts taking more control, Android tablets will remain a niche market for nerds or those looking for lower end tablets.

Google's decision to release the Nexus 7 was a step in the right direction. They need to follow up quickly with a Nexus 10. It's unlikely that they can do this with ASUS or Samsung as a Nexus 10 would cannibalize their portfolio. But perhaps one of the other vendors would benefit from the boost the Nexus brand would bring.



$999 is to expensive. I am going to look for something else. This is disappointing.

Apple Pie


Anyone for a trip to Thailand to pick one up for a REASONABLE price? This price tag won't last long in Australia, either ASUS will have to drop the price to boost sales or accept that this device will be a miserable failure in the Australian market. Aussies are well aware that their dollar is worth more than the US$ and will gladly pay several hundred $ less to import one of these than buy it locally. The only people who would pay this kind of price in Australia should be ashamed of themselves and their lack of regard for the value of a dollar.



Absolutely UNBELIEVEABLE....yes, respect our healthy economy and DON'T get ripped off. Send a message to ASUS that we won't be the dummies to pay whatever premium they like while everyone else can buy cheaper when our dollar is worth more. THe price tag has definitely made me rethink what I WILL purchase, cos it won't be an Infinity at that price



Have been holding out on buying a tablet since Infinity was first announced.

After reading this article, I went and buy a 64GB iPad for AUD$899 (wifi AND cellular).

Great resolution, lots of apps (just bought SplashTop, which is absolutely amazing), cellular access, $100 less than Infinity, and, the best thing of all: I can use it NOW.

And my next tablet purchase is probably going to be a Windows 8 Tablet. I guess Asus won't see a dime from me for at least another year or two.



I'm not surprised at Asus' decision. Basically, its Australian arm has just decided to adopt the absurd pricing strategy practised in Asia all along - huge mark ups to US prices. In fact, the keyboard dock has never been sold as an option in Singapore where I live. If you want the transformer (right from TF101 to prime to TF300), you have to pay up for the dock.

In fact, almost all android tablet manufacturers are shooting themselves in the foot. If you want any of the Galaxy Tabs, there's only the 3G version in Singapore. Apple is about the only tablet manufacturer that treats its customers fairly in terms of pricing in Asia, and that partly explains why it it eating the lunch of its competitors.

I was lucky to have bought a transformer prime without keyboard dock at a very good price during a recent trip to Gold Coast. Guess I won't have such luck the next time.



I imagine the mark up will have come in because we're a smaller market and mostly dominated by Apple/Samsung and so on (there are so pitifully few people that shop around, research or do anything other than doddle down to Harvey Norman and accept the bs- I would put money on over 80% of people have never heard of Asus here).
Rather than drop prices to encourage sales they've probably increased to try and make up for lost numbers.

But what gets me is simply this; why buy this tablet in Australia?? If it's cheaper elsewhere, buy elsewhere; buy online. There are warranty and claim issues that might arise but really, if you have a problem even from a local retailer I find there's next to no support locally and you're forced to deal with the international company in any event.

I agree a grand on this unit is a bit much... though all the -newer, more powerful- tablets are starting to creep up around this amount. I wouldn't be surprised to see the next generation of tablets nearing (or even exceeding)the price of decent laptops.

As to the no-option on the keyboard dock, I am only interested in this tablet *because* of that dock. Otherwise why bother? Unless you're spec-obsessed I'd seriously doubt *most* users would notice more than a marginal difference between this new generation of tablet.



If they are going to release it, I rather one with the 3g model 64g as when you're travelling you need the connection!!!



I waited for the infinity, but no more.
Too late, toO expensive.
Am buying an ipad3 next week.



This is absolute crap, I may even take back my tf300 for an ipad, 999 dollars for that? you are kidding right? HOW do you expect to win over a market when even then the screen on an ipad is better even though its a prison cage but at 500 dollars for a 16 gig its a no brainer compared to a 999 dollar infinity, a keyboard suggests typing? maybe I should try a bluetooth keyboard on the ipad? thats still well under 600 and I would only use a keyboard to type.. what else will I use it for on a tablet? CLUELESS sack the guy at the board room and hire me I will make android take apple completely. I have been an engineer for 8 years and Im sick of seeing crap from both manufacturers. If you want to beat apple make a 300 ppi TRUE Retina display, but guess what apple is doing that right now with a mini pad? it seems as an outsider I understand the market better then the people making these things.



I thought it was going to be the same price as the prime, therefore replacing it.



Very disappoint. I was also waiting on the inifinity to be realeased.
Apple must be thanking ASUS in OZ as it looks they will be picking up a whole lotta business.
Am still going to wait for the Windows tablet before i make my decision.



Why bother to wait when Amazon is selling at 499 for 32 gb version. Buying from oversea seems to be the best choice.

The Cat


Stop ya whining and buy a chinese knock off instead... sheesh...



In the market for an advanced Android tablet but this is far too much for what is really a low powered computer. Too bad, I wanted one but the price is silly.



What a ripoff! - and without 3G? forget it! Yes, I like the idea of a detachable keyboard, but certainly not going to pay that sort of price, especially without 3G. I'll just sit & wait until a sensible company with a bit of foresight brings out a tablet with a detachable keyboard that has both wifi AND 3G access, at a reasonable price

Luke Boland


I can land one of these from the USA for around $700 (not including dock), including fees from a buying proxy. Why the hell would I by in Australia?

Nice work, Asus.


Denny J


with 3G version 64GB at $899 I will still try but not with just WiFi. That's it, Asus should consider this based on past experiences with many returned products ie: bad Wifi signal at prime model, consistent device reboot, etc



The price does seem excessive but I must say its a good buy...compared to the alternative market ileader.

I cannot see how Asus can justify the 1k price, given the fact you can get the 32gb landed for $560...and I should know!

Its a good unit though and I'm glad I got it from OS and not wait for local stores to stock it and by the sounds of it id be waiting a while...



Just brought from the states 540aus including delivery took 4 days to arrive the screen is fantastic.



No USB3 !
No Wifi !
Forced to have a dock !
Forced to pay $1000 !

Why are we so stupid as to buy this outdate overpriced crapalooch!



I think tablets are just as popular as laptops were they first came out. The only difference is tablets cost a lot less than laptops cost when the first went on sale.

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