Samsung quiet on Aussie Galaxy Note II release

"Decision has not yet been made" regarding the Galaxy Note II in Australia

No word on an Aussie release...yet: the Samsung Galaxy Note II

No word on an Aussie release...yet: the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Australia has refused to confirm the release of its newly announced Galaxy Note II smartphone Down Under, saying a decision on the availability of the product has not been made yet.

Read our preview of the Samsung Galaxy Note II here

Unveiled overnight at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, the Galaxy Note II is the successor to the original Galaxy Note smartphone. The new model has a larger 5.5in screen, a faster, quad-core processor and runs the latest version of Google's Android platform, 4.1 Jelly Bean. It once again comes with an "S Pen" stylus that allows users to take notes, draw onto the screen and annotate images and PDF files.

Samsung confirmed today that the Galaxy Note II will be available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East by October and will be released in the US by the end of 2012. However, it has refused to confirm or deny an Australian release.

"Samsung is delighted in the response from consumers in regards to the GALAXY Note 2 following IFA 2012," said an Australian spokesperson. "A decision has not yet been made whether this product will be made available in Australia."

A delay in releasing the original Galaxy Note in Australia saw online mobile phone store MobiCity claim a "world exclusive" by becoming the first online retail outlet to sell that device Down Under. The store sold the Galaxy Note to Australian consumers from October 2011, a full five months before Samsung officially launched the device in Australia in March this year.

Despite initially expected to be a niche device, Samsung announced earlier this month that it has already sold 10 million units of the Galaxy Note worldwide. The milestone came four months ahead of schedule, as the company initially forecasted it would sell 10 million units by the end of 2012.

Should Samsung release the Galaxy Note II in Australia as soon as possible? Would you be annoyed with a potential delay? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




I certainly Would be annoyed. they had better not leave it like they did with the original note as if they left it until the middle of next year they will miss the boat as by then the other companies may have comparable devices available.



If they do, mobicity will be getting my bucks or my brother in europe will.



I have followed the release of this phone for the past 2 months. Having decided to move away from iphone, I would be extremely disappointed if the Note 2 was not released on the Australian market by October this year.



Definitely will be disappointed if they delay the Note 2 here !!



I have been waiting for Note 2 for months, I've postponed entering into the smartphone in the hope that Note 2 would eventuate. I would devastated if it is not released here.



I, like others, will be very disappointed if Australia has a delayed released. Most probably will try to purchase one from overseas and have it posted here. But do phones purchased from overseas such as korea or the US work here in Australia?



I've had a Galaxy smartphone for 2 years (bought while I was still living in the UK) and I have been delaying replacing it because I've been waiting for the Note 2. I would very very disappointed by any delay in releasing it here.



I will be devastated if they delay it. I've been searching for rumours about it for nearly 4 months in anticipation of it. I was infuriated how late they released the original note here, as it was basically redundant because the market advances to quickly. Please Samsung, bring it to Australia by October, it will sell like hotcakes.



we love this phone as much as any where else. but if the give it to us they think it will cut the gnote sales. no it will just have me people picking up the gnote 2 not the original. iv been watching every video i could find out it for the last 2 months to then only find i mite not have it for well i dunno how long.... yeah you could say im upset with that.



I'm desperate for either a decent Android 7" tablet or an Android smartphone & have been monitoring the Internet for the past several months. I identified the Galaxy Note as the ideal product & have patiently been holding out for the new model to be released with all the latest tech. Now that it's been announced, I'll be devastated if it's release in Australia is delayed. Samsung, please do the right thing!



Yep - October release or nothing! this device is hugely anticipated and can make or break samsung is Australia - don't leave us out!



Samsung has a chance to convert Apple customers with the Note II so they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they delay it's Australian release. I have an iPhone 4S at the moment and was looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5 in September/October. I'm so impressed with the Note II though that I have to have it! If if is not released by October though then I will stay with iPhones. I haven't had a Samsung phone since 2003 with the E700!



I am a huge Apple groupie but as soon as I saw the Note I was won over and have been patiently waiting to get rid of my iPhone. I certainly wouldn't be buying any other Samsung phone and I am pretty sure I'm not the only potential iPhone convert they would be losing by delaying the release. Very upsetting.



this is very upsetting news. i cant believe we.migjt not even get it.

ive been reading rumours for months.


When will they learn that global launches SELL!!!



I've been following the Note since it was launched in Australia and have now come off contract on my iphone 3gs..

I suspect the delay is due to 4G networks in australia as only Telstra has 4G

Note 2 better be released in australia in 2012 or i'm just going to get it overseas.



i think even to delay it a few months would be a huge mistake. The item needs to be announced globally and very fast or most people will just buy the iphone. people dont want to wait over a month to buy an announced product, its old news by then.

Bring it to Australia please samsung.



Ive been anticipating the release of the Note 2 for the last couple of months....My over 3 year old iPhone 3GS is really starting to crap itself and need to upgrade soon....I wouldn't want to wait longer than the release of the iPhone 5 should that be available before the Note 2....If the iPhone 5 screen does infact turn out to have only a 4 inch screen, I'm definitely gonna wait for the is falling behind IMHO...Samsung should release it the same time as the Asian release date....



Well, i've heard (well rather read) on the internet that vodafone/three were going to let buyers let in on the contract and get their phone for around $55 per month. Can't find the source right now.. but I just had a skim through, maybe it was just a dud.
Anyway, as alot of people here are dying in agony as I am, I believe there is an alternative way instead of waiting for the Australian release (assuming it is delayed). I did a bit of research and Mobicity is taking pre-orders at the moment for Galaxy note 2 for about $850. Althought thats not the official price as of yet, they said they'll refund the extra pay if its overpriced or charge more if underpriced. I already put mine in the cart, but just waiting abit more. I just can't wait..



Oh and by "let in on the contract" I mean, I read that the company were going to release the phone either late september/early october (around the official release date). Not sure how reliable the information is, I'll post a comment here if i come across the article again



if they want ppl to stay away from the new iphone , they better realse it asap as im sure the new iphone will come out october / novemeber and ppl wont wanna wait

Jay 2


I am also waiting,
in the meantime have bought the standard Gnote at a good price.
If and when the Note 2 arrives I will buy one.



Not concerned anymore about Note 2 as the Galaxy S3 4G is just about to be released with Telstra and Optus. It has same specs, Note 2 is just bigger with stylus pen.



I would be very annoyed. I am in the market for a phone with a (much) bigger screen than my current iPhone and the new Note would be perfect. I don't think the new iPhone is going to suit my purposes.



Yes the delay would be annoying..



Samsung said the same thing before the Galaxy S3 was released, then we got it the same time as everyone else.



i have been using one off the phones from the cave man stage because i have been waiting for the samsung note 2 for a while as ive heard many different rumours that it will be coming out soon

Rob G


Come on samsung!... what's the delay on the Galaxy Note 2!.. It's already annoying when manufacturers dangle the carrot of a new phone several months before its release and then have to deal with delays here and there!!!... BRING IT TO AUSTRALIA ALREADY!!!!



I see the iphone 5 has LTE 1800 and dc hsdpa which are compatible with Telstra. The note 2 doesn't have either.

I will get the note 2 either way but really want 4G.


29 sure Samsung wont leave poeple far as release date concern...people talking about this release by 2nd week of Oct in moving away from iphone...thats for sure...worth to wait for this ;)

the only thing im worring that this note2 doesnt have 4G compatibility :(



Im itching on tradeing up to this device, i have the first note FANTASTIC and the note 2 is even better, hurry up samsung!



I have a HTC Trophy running Windows Phone 7 and it is "ok". Does most of what I want, eventually, so long as I remember to restart it at least once a day. I saw the original note and wanted it then but my contract wasnt up until the end of October.

It is closer to the end of my contract and I want the Note 2 ASAP! I could get it on plan NOW if it was here to be had! A quad core phone to work in on Jellybean with my TF201 also on Jellybean? Heaven!!



I have an old archaeic Nokia phone and was determined to buy a Galaxy Note today. The lovely lady serving me in the store hinted that the Note 2 was on it's way. I rushed home to google it and was so excited. This is what I have been waiting for. Samsung will release it when they are good and ready.......we will not be disappointed.



I have kept with my iPhone 3GS until I could find a device that had everything I wanted: hot as hell, with a large screen for games and movies and reading on the go, and the right performance specifications...
I waited for an Galaxy S3, and it didn't have 4G on release (jipped)
Iphone5, to me, looks outdated, and is a piss-poor effort considering how long it took to come out
Nothing else on the market impressed me... until I played with a friend's Note, and seeing the specs of the Note 2, I am now happily in love.

If this device is not released in Australia (AND WITH 4G/LTE...) I suspect that I may forget that I am a 27yo male, and channel the rage and craziness of a young spoiled rich American girl who's daddy did not buy her a pony for her 16th birthday. I'll be rather disappointed, is what I'm saying.



well, Australia didnt treat well to the first one, so aussies must beg a bit....



Hey guys u can buy the Note 2 on mobicity dot com dot au ..titanium grey looks beautiful..
I went to the Samsung store in Sydney yesterday and they said they don't know when it will be released. I'm guessing early 2013 so they can sell the original Note a bit more. Cos.. Who would buy the note when the note 2 is out??



waited for the Iphone 5,only to be told in their store I had to reserve one online and wait for apple to reply. waited a few days and had to re-apply each day for the right to own one. finally got an email from God telling me I was now allowed to now own one, but was so frustrated that I checked out the competition . Almost bought the Note, but guy in store told me the new Note 2 will be out soon. Buying a new phone in is not so easy these days. Customers are now being treated like donkeys, with a carrot in front of them. BUT I have now decided I will wait for the new Note 2. Eeeee orrrgh........BUT NOT TOO LONG



Very frustrating if Samsung will not release gnote 2 this October. I have been waiting for few months to upgrade my N8 and I was thinking about iphone 5. But I was disappointed to see iphone 5 when it was released. Eventually I'm waiting for gnote 2. but if it will not in the Australian market by this month I might purchase it from other country.



If they delay the note 2. ... I think I will most likely revert back to the iphone

Sam Stillitano


Dear Samsung
I'm an iPhone user and would like to buy the Gnote2 as it has everything I need and this is your chance to kick IPhones butt so get your arse into gear
And release here in Australia before you lose millions of customers to other
Phone manufacturers as iPhone is losing customers by the trick load so wake up

sigh.. hurry up! the globe shrunk a long time ago!


why delay at all? probably because they haven't sold enough of the last cycle yet, all the middle men [service providers?] haven't made their money on the previous cycle either..
better to keep us behind the curve, like everything else here...



I've been waiting for the note 2 to be released for so long now, and my plan is about to finish - I'm trying to hold out for it!!

Arlo Boehm


Good things....
No great things.....
Indescribably awesome things come to those who wait, There are two flavours the N7100 (3G) and the N7105 (4G).
Network Band LTE 2600, LTE 1800, LTE 800, GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, 3G 850, 3G 900, 3G 1900, 3G 2100
Recommended Networks Optus 2G, Vodafone 2G, Telstra 2G, Optus 3G 900, Optus 3G 2100, Vodafone 3G 900, Vodafone 3G 2100, Telstra/Voda NextG 3G 850, Telstra 4G
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I would buy from overseas if not in Aus.
Samsung rock, Apple is all about cloaks, daggers, and bull shit to suck people into buying tech that was invented longer than I care to remember.
I had a HTC TYTN WM as my first smart phone which is Telstra NextG, Does true video calls and has a full complement of built in features that the IPhone 5 has just introduced. Voice activation has been around since then also, all apple did was introduce a system where responses are looked up on the Internet for responses presented to Siri, not that clever. Apple eliminates the competition by means of law suits, anti-competition. Maybe Microsoft should not have bailed out Apple in 1997 “$150 million investment”, when it looked like they were going to fold. Apple will have their day and they know it.
Sorry got carried away, Samsung are the best at all things tech.



Come on Samsung get your shit together, you have giving enough cash away to IPhone already, there’s a demand so fill it.



FFS Samsung, what the hell are you playing at? Why the hell is it released in other countries and not here? I'm not too fussed about 4g as the 3g will be a major improvement on my current iphone 3gs. It's sooooo annoying use this piece of garbage. Samsung pull your finger out or you will lose a lot of potential customers

Law Legends


A large number of Samsung potential customers will simply turn away from Samsung if they do this and deservedly so. SAMSUNG release a 4G version now!!!!! Its a big msitake to anger australian comsumers. Many left iphone because of such biullshit dont be so stupid and dont be the same as apple you will loose out samsung



I Have been monitoring this Note 2 for some time, I am an iphone 3GS user and ipad user. Note 2 has everything I could possibly want, Don't delay Samsung we have the money to spend on it now!
Not just me but some of my friends who also have old iphone WANT a Note II this round. Only reason I have not already purchased one from online or overseas is that I want a 4G version from the start. Samsung you will be surprised how many sales you will make on Note 2 it isn't a Niche market anymore people want this phone/tablet. Also I think for those out there who can not afford to own both a tablet and phone this is perfect for them!



Why do we always have to have the end of season stock?!



I am another iPhone user about to ditch for note 2, Samsung pull your finger out, I recommend people start ringing samsung Australia on 1300 362 603 and make a complaint, when I rang the guy said he had been inundated with heaps off callers complaining about the lack of information re release date etc. Wake up Samsung you are just p$&&ing potential customers off.
By the time we get a release it will be old technology and everybody will be onto the next big thing. Very dangerous game to be playing at Samsung

Extremely Impatient


Wanting to ditch my little crappy iPhone 4 for Note II ASAP! Need an upgrade!! Hurry up Samsung Australia!! Seriously you are annoying and frustrating SO many potential customers!! Release it next week so we all can be happy and have phones like the rest of the much more technologically advanced
world already has!!!!!! If you miss the boat on this one, you're going to down in this market!!
Please please please!!

Samsung Lover


I have a galaxy note and absolutely love it.. I am even wanting to upgrade to the Note 2 and saw rumours that said it would be out by now. I have convinced quite a few people to wait and go with the Note 2 but they wont wait around for something that may or may not come. I am a samsung lover.. Had the galaxy s2 now note and hubby has had s1 s2 and now s3.. Please Samsung bring it to Australia. You would ruin your reputation by miles if you didnt.



I want the note 2, but i refuse to wait months for it! So if there is no, note 2 release date by the end of the month it's iPhone 5 here I come....



"According to Ausdroid, Optus will be the first major carrier to release the Galaxy Note 2 on November 5, followed by Vodafone on November 19. Telstra, which is Australia’s largest carrier, will release its version of the phablet on November 26. Sources say, that both white and gray flavors will be available on the aforementioned release dates, on two-year contracts."

Trish Doe


Bring it to Australia Now am waiting for it



Kogan is selling it now through Hong Kong . Had mine now for two weeks, it's awesome. It took just over a week to arrive, very happy with it.



i buy it from android enjoyed! the shipping just a bit slow but i still get it within one week! this phone is much much better then iphone5, cos i got iphone5 too, always holding this phone, note2 is really good for ppl running business, just the spen have some issue, (not touching the screen but got line show on display), the Company still trying to fix this problem for me , hopefully no one hav3 this problem



It wouldn't be very smart of them NOT to release it here in Australia. There is a great market for their product. I can't see why they wouldn't. However it is already approaching November, I highly doubt it will be released here in Christmas 2012. Most likely early 2013.

Personally I've been using the iPhone since it first came out to Australia and also upgraded each and every time a newer version of the iPhone came out ... The Galaxy note 2 will see me switch to Android if it becomes available on Telstra. Can't wait! Seems like such an amazing phone!






yep comment 57 is right that site is legit and dose seem to have the SGN 2 in stock
i ordered mine
cant wait :)



****This is an update****
Just got mine form Mobility Very Trustful
Been using the phone for about 2 days and so far no problems its flawless
----------> TIRED OF WAITING<-----------
+++++++Get your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from
It wont be disappointing Trust ME



Well after reading this article, I'm giving up waiting.

My new one online should arive within 14 days.

Thanks for nothing Samsung.



if u like it go get it, no point waiting, got mine for $600 last week .. easily the best smartphone i have ever used , esp the battery after a full day of heavy use im having 45% batt when i go to bed. never seen that in any smartphone.



I guess this is what makes Apple always beats Samsung, as soon as apple release a new product the exact date is set too. Customers knows how long they will wait for and apple never let people down. Samsung, how can I say I love you when I don't know how long I have to wait... ... very very very disapointed.

Jennifer Watchorn


Ive been waiting very impatiently for the release of the note 2 phone , im out of contract and my present handset is playing up. The longer i wait the more im starting to weigh up an alternative which i would be settling for. Just hurry up all ready :(



I got mine from Mobicity today
Such a good deal
if you dont want to wait order it now



Why delay? Wot's up Australia? Get your act together with the rest of the world.
My business is relying on the Note II



I went into the Optus store yesterday to find out when they are getting the Note 2 and they believe around xmas time, she did mention that not even the samsung rep knew the exact date. I am waiting patiently, I'm over the Iphones.....hurry up please!!!!



Very disappointed to find out today that Telstra won't be releasing till "early next year" as far as that goes "early next year " to Telstra could be as late as march April.
This is a discrace on telstras behalf treating there loyal customers like this, you are supposed to be leaders in the industry only a few months too late, I'm sure a lot of ppl are going to jump ship to Optus now. Sorry telstra it's realy not good enough, I'm sure I share the same frustration as thousands of other Australians "loyal" customers to Telstra

Carmel James


I have been anticipating the release of the Galaxy Note 2 for over 4 months now. If they do not release it soon, I will be very very dissapointed and move to someone else. Great product Samsung, Please dont ruin it.



Not happy - have the bucks ready - no Tablet II !! WTF!



vodafone is finally releasing note 2 this thursday or friday (finally!!)

i've reserved one from the dealer and they will have stock definitely on friday ($60 plan). The only thing that annoys me is that the new vodafone plans only somes with 1.5G of data whereas I got 2G of data when I got my iphone 4.

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