Aldi to sell new dual-core Android tablet for $249

Aldi's Bauhn dual-core AMID-972XS tablet will sell from Saturday 8 September

The Bauhn AMID-972XS Android tablet, on sale through Aldi supermarket stores from Saturday 8 September.

The Bauhn AMID-972XS Android tablet, on sale through Aldi supermarket stores from Saturday 8 September.

German supermarket chain Aldi will sell a dual-core Android tablet running Google's Ice Cream Sandwich software in Australia for $249, but it has warned potential customers that stocks are likely to be limited.

Set to go on sale this Saturday 8 September, the new Bauhn-branded Android tablet appears to be an upgrade of a similar device Aldi stocked in limited quantities back in June.

The previous Bauhn AMID-971R tablet, also sold for $249, was incorrectly advertised by Aldi as having a dual-core processor. At the time, PC World Australia discovered that the original Bauhn tablet was powered by a single core chip with a separate graphics processor. However, the new model (Bauhn AMID-972XS) is powered by a 1.5GHz Amlogic Cortex A9 8726-MX, a newer and faster dual-core processor.

The AMID-972XS Android tablet as it appears on the Bauhn Web site.
The AMID-972XS Android tablet as it appears on the Bauhn Web site.

Aside from the bump in processor, the new Bauhn tablet appears to be a similar device to its predecessor. It once again has a 9.7in display, 16GB of internal memory and a 2-megapixel rear-facing camera but does not include GPS. It will be powered by 1GB of RAM and has a microSD card slot that allows users to expand the memory.

"Enjoy the latest Android technology with the Bauhn Tablet including a large 9.7" capacitive multi touch screen, 16GB hard drive, Wi Fi connectivity and HDMI output," the product page states. "The Bauhn tablet is perfect for all your entertainment and online needs including watching movies, listening to music, emailing friends, surfing the web and using social media such as Facebook and Twitter."

Other features of the new Bauhn AMID-972XS Android tablet include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a VGA front-facing camera for video calls and a range of ports including mini-USB, mini-HDMI, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Aldi says the tablet will be bundled with a a mini-HDMI cable for connecting the device to a high-definition television and will also come with a cleaning cloth and a carry pouch.

The features and specifications of the Bauhn AMID-972XS.
The features and specifications of the Bauhn AMID-972XS.

Like the original Bauhn tablet, Aldi has advertised the new Bauhn device as a "limited special buy" and says stocks will vary between stores. The supermarket chain also says the product may sell out on the first day due to "unexpected high demand."

"While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores," reads a statement on Aldi's Web site. "Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities."

Aldi refuses to reveal exact sales figures, but it is believed the supermarket completely exhausted Australian stocks of the original Bauhn tablet in days. PC World Australia understands that many stores in suburban Sydney sold out stocks within minutes.

Bauhn provides a one year warranty with the AMID-972XS Android tablet, while Aldi says it will refund or replace any Bauhn product within 60 days, provided it obtains a proof of purchase.

Did you buy an Aldi tablet in June? If you missed out, are you going to try again? Let us know your thoughts about the Aldi tablet in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




Does anyone know what the battery life is like?

Ross Catanzariti


Hi TJ,

Bauhn lists the battery life as 6 hours. I suspect it won't last that long in real world use, though.



I bought 2 of the original ones in June and have taken them both back for a refund. I found them very slow and at times unresponsive, rather weak Wi-Fi (even when beside router), very slow to load web pages and the battery life only moderate. I'm hoping the new ones prove to be better. I will trial one for a while but if it, too, proves no good, I will return it and opt for a Samsung Galaxy. Here's hoping!



Well i got one and deems to be pretty good for the money if you need info or test email me at



I just picked up at aldi thai new unit due to they backordered a pile of them for customers who missed out last time they do seem to be very fast i connected my tivizen tv to it wirelessly and it is. Very smooth and fast if u have a question or test just whack it here and i'll try and give you an answer before it goes on sale saturday 8/9/12



What is the battery life like ?
The specs say 6 hours but what is it realy.....

Peter Wrzos


One question from me related to 'how' to connect to internet on the new tablet? Is it only using Wi-Fi and connecting to router(s) around or... using the provided USB2.0 with a USB internet stick as well? Someone who knows, please help here. Thanks,



USB internet stick works, KB and mouse works. Benchmarks up with the quad cores...Great buy i reckon. Screen is well, its only let down. quite washed out and low res but what can you expect for $245.....Also not sure what battery life is going to be like but you can already control the CPU (not sure if speed or Governor) under settings.

cc rider


I tried using my USB internet stick via the supplied adaptor cord, but nothing. What do I have to do to get connected? Any help will be great.



How do you connect to the internet if you don't have wi-fi? Help!!!



Sandra You will need to get a usb wifi stick and sim...Connect it via the USB cable supplied with the tablet or else buy a 3g usb modem and connect via wifi ... Amaysim seem to perform quite well, they have plenty of pipe direct on the optus 3g network...



cc rider.. Use the file folder icon to navigate to the USB stick.. It takes a couple minutes to read all the files on a 16 gig stick...

Arie Ernst Cornet


I dont think the reveiwer knows what he is talking about when it comes to the Aldi / Bauhn 9.7 inch tablet.
I agree it does not have a 1gb dual core processor, It has a 1.5GB DUAL CORE PROCESSOR I also have the latest ipple Ipad as well as a arnova tablet as well as a samsung tablet and the ALDI tablet has best Graphics for a tablet otu there on the market to date. It also the best PC sync friendly tablet, it does not over heat or slow down when running all applications.
and as far as battery consumption is concerned it is also the out on the market.
Either the reveiwer did not know what to look at as far as the specifications of this product is concerned or he should look at the product properly maybe even get another job as this is not the first time he has misled the public.
dollar for dollar I personally rate this product 9 out of 10
ps I a computer engineer with over 150 qualifications.
so far as a engineering prespect is concerned I give this product ten thumbs up.



Arie, Thanks for heads up however still cant get it to talk to PC all I need is to download games for kids to my PC and then move to new can it be done.. I have read manual with NO success I await your reply...

Ross Catanzariti


Hi Arie,

I suggest you read the article properly before you publish completely false accusations.

The first iteration of the Aldi tablet (sold in June) was incorrectly advertised as having a dual-core processor. It was later proven to have a single core processor. Aldi admitted its mistake in advertising the product with a dual-core processor not long after it went on sale.

The new Aldi tablet that went on sale on 8 September now has a dual-core processor, which is clearly stated in the article.



Manny! Your downloaded games must be .apk files.
When you connect the tablet as a disk drive to your computer, make a folder and put the .apk games you have downloaded. Now go the file browser/manager on the tablet once you've transferred the games. Find the folder which you have transferred from pc. e.g. sally spa, click sally spa and press install.



Make sure in settings, you have allowed installation of third party software (that is apps not from google play market) to allow the transferred apps to be installed.



I got the new tablet. I tried most of the functions, and got one problem with the HDMI streaming. Only the video shown on my sony HD TV, but no sound. Anyone else there got the same problem? any suggestion how to fix it?



Does anyone has problem with connecting the device with the computer via usb? My pc does not recognise the device.



Bought one on Saturday. Happy with things so far. . . . anyone know where to get a case, hard to know if any will fit properly?



Overall happy with it but wifi is proving a problem to an Optus Netgear router. Whenever I swap tasks or attempt to open a second app, the wifi crashes and does not auto reconnect. Similar wifi freezes occur during file downloads. Fix is to manually off / on wifi which is a pain. Their warranty technical service has not been overly helpful to date.



Help still can't download apps error 101. I have a Google account Set up still unable to download apps



Was walking past Aldi and noticed these things walking out the door so I went in and I got one. Was worried at first that this impulse buy was a waste of money, but I must say for the money it does everything I want out of a tablet, it connected easily, Ive been able to download apps no problems. My only gripe would be in certain parts of my home the wireless connection drops off, these are spots where my laptop has poor coverage so I think its wireless range must not be so good. In respect to the battery life I think the 6hr as claimed is easily achieved. Happy buyer here as I was thinking of spending a lot more for an ipad

Brad Marriott


This tablet is great for surfing web ,emails ,apps so far has been worth the money ,I have tried to transfer
files from my PC using team viewer but can't work out how to do it ,possible or not ,not sure! Its also a pain to control the mouse on my tablet while remotely connected to my PC.

Anyone else tryed this ?

Michel M


I hope the guy with 150 qualifications (writer would not be one of them!) is right - I just got my tablet and not sure how I feel about it - I have never used one till I tried an Ipad a few weeks ago and not used to it yet. I found the sliding and tapping/Clicking not responding too well and somehow kind of scratchy. The speed...I guess for me everything is slower than my desktop so here I'm not sure what to expect. Although I've got an HTC I still have problem using android, again one gets spoilt with proper gear on a desktop with most needed and wanted features of a descent OS. I resisted the tablet as I always thought it would be awkward to hold it in your hand and this one confirmed my expectation - so when hand held it can get uncomfortable. But I have to admit it's nice to have something that starts almost straight away (I use to love my Psion for this reason and never could accept it got abandoned, but such is life!). The keyboard is reasonable but I had trouble with input is such needs as in passwords that need to be so accurate, especially numbers, some did not seem to be registered with quick typing. This could be just me as I'm not used to virtual keyboards.
I like the idea of a mic. SD that could soon quadruple the basic storage.
I found it very easy to catch my Wi Fi and was up and running without worry to much about the manual although it was quite nice to get one. Yes $250 seems to be a fair deal so far.

Margaret A Simpson


I had trouble to start with kept on getting error 101 but after resetting the tablet it worked I also have a HTC which I use as a portable hotspot as well as WI FI on our PC very happy



Yeah I had to reset to fix error 101, then made sure I set up my play store acct before my email or face book accts', seems to be working now. Still can't get the bauhn blue tooth keypad/cover to work with it though despite successful pairing & it saying its connected :-(



Its simply the best always COOl



Hi, to fix the 101 error,you can log in with a different Gmail account at playstore (just create one if you don't have an extra one already) then log back in with your original Gmail account. worked for me and some other people I know. its a shame about the keypad, hopefully a fix is on its way.



Can anyone tell me how to copy music into the aldi tablet? For the life of me I can't work it out.



Just got the aldi tablet impressed so far with performace a couple of problems that seems others here areexperiencing, the cover with bluetooth keyboard connects but doesnt workalthough haveconnected the key board tomy friends samsung and itworks fine on that
Also error 101 when trying to download apps
Wondered if anyone canshed anylight as to fixing the problems



Just got the aldi tablet impressed so far with performace a couple of problems that seems others here are experiencing, the cover with bluetooth keyboard connects but doesnt workalthough have connected the key board to my friends samsung and it works fine on that
Also error 101 when trying to download apps
Wondered if anyone can shed anylight as to fixing the problems



I think this tablet is awesome...! I have used it on the internet and it works very well to my Phone as a hotspot, no problem. Including my work emails, eBay, F/B, Surfing..surprisingly quick for a non-PC. all good. Battery life has been great too. Apps work well and can download new ones with ease... Onboard keyboard types well when you get used to it. (Bauhn bluetooth keyboard won't work as it is meant for the ipad. But it is a great hardcase anyway, good for 30 bucks) ..... I just love the Bauhn tablet...!!! Kth



This new tablet mightn't be the best thing going... but I reckon for the price it is! Bought one for the missus to use in bed of an evening and she's loving it (rather than me... :( LOL). Drove an hour each way to pick one up early Sat morning with the wife... they were sold out within 15 minutes at the store I used! I whacked it on the car charger, did a little shopping, then connected to McD Wifi and my HTC Wildfire WAP no trouble at all. Within minutes the wife was surfing happily, set up a gmail account and registered with Facebook and posted a photo from the tablet as her avatar. Yep, while I'd not used a tablet before now all the children and I watch for any opening to nab it off the wife and take it for a spin. Around home is brilliant with charger at the ready and ubiquitous wifi... might be different on the road... Wife downloaded heaps of free (legal) mp3s and plugs the tablet into the hifi in the kitchen or in bed... brilliant! (The in-built speakers are minimal but adequate when no alternatives.)



Bought the Aldi Tablet, not sure what system it uses so i can install a Virus Security
does anyone know.
Love it, would love to get a screen protector and and stand for it.



I bought one of the AMID-972XS tablets. I had difficulty with getting it to read the 32GB micro SD card.
More recently, I cannot get my PCs to recognise it as a USB mass storage device. Earlier it worked fine. Now, on either a PC running XP or a laptop running System 7 all I get (when viewing the driver in device manager) A problem occurred during hardware installation with 'This device cannot start (Code 10).

I have tried to uninstall the driver --also did a full factory reset of the tablet (including data)--The PCs just will not work with the tablet. I searched the internet--why too much junk and so I have not found a replacement driver. I rang the support number--they are not programmed to respond to software questions other than to suggest 1 (factory resetting) or 2 (returning the unit to Aldi)

Does anyone have a solution?




Just wanting to know about purchasing a wireless keyboard and mouse for the Aldi tablet. It appears to have the same specs as the Ipad 2 and 3 except the placement of the camera etc. Has anyone tried buying and fitting a case or a case with a wireless keyboard to the Aldi tablet? Would appreciate any advice.

colin williams


I just bought an Aldi 972xs tablet. Everything working ok except for the external micro expansion slot. When a 32gig card is mounted there is a short message "preparing the sd card" and then no access to either the internal or external card files. Only when the card is unmounted do you have access to the internal card. However when connected to a PC it sees both cards and can write to and from both.
Does anyone have the same problem or can someone HELP.



is anyone kow thsi new aldi product is microsoft office compaitable bcoz i need 1 for my uni.



I need a cover for the aldi tablet oe anyone know of one that will fit???



Aldi tablet cover. Bought one cover ( 29 Sep 12) that fit very, very snugly the tablet. Got it from Big W store in Geelong for $ 28. Its a BELKIN brand and as I was told is made for the IPAD



By the way, I forgot to ask if anybody coud tell me where to get a FULL MANUAL for the Bauhn tablet. "The one in the box" is pathetic!!



Can anyone suggest a Virus protection for the Aldi Tablet?

dawn knox


hi i got the tablet for a gift is worked fine for a couple of weeks, no probs connecting to the web, but now when i try to get onto the internet, it just says its loading, my laptop and other other devices are working so im not sure why this isnt.. any idea

Steve R


i purchased the new aldi tablet and so far so good. i have downloaded AVG virus freeware from the internet and works fine. you can purchase the full product if neccessary however the freeware seems to work ok!



i also have the new baughn duel prosser model , i find it great no problems at all very fast batt last the 5 -6hours easy, easy to connect to net just plug in any usb internet dongle automaticly loads and goes on line also wi fi..and hooked up to your computer buy usb....looked at a little 7inch samsung tabket was 700 bucks only week ago wasnt as good to use as this one ...i was quite suprised at price and how little and crappy it was for $700 only had 4gb hd 1 gb ram pretty avarage ,,,,i recomed to anyone top tablet at $250 bucks i couldnt find anything better...even though from aldi bauhn is top company they are very well made cheers all



How do I attach a screen shot from browser to an email??. Saved screen shots for viewing off-line and cannot access to send or save elsewhere.
Also would like to know where to download full manual.
Good unit, but after sales support non existant.



I have the same problem as dawn Knox. Is anyone else having this problem?

I don't want to return it as it works o.k. most of the time.




There's an update people
Read the info



ET, I have the same problem with the HDMI set up, picture on TV but no sound

love my cheap tablet

have not tried to connect to PC



Ross C do you have any Idea about the problem I have with the HDMI set up posted on thew 14th Oct Grumpy



I tried to download new upgrade but I get so far then I keep getting the message unfortunatelythe upgrade failed. anyone else having this problem


Gary Lock


Please tell me how to connect to the internet with my 4G sierra wireless



How do you sync your tablet so that the same emails don't appear on your main computer when I use it. Gmail and Outlook

Kerrie G


Help. My brother is trying to get the tablet to play through his car cd player. Unfortunately there are no input connections on the player (sorry don't know what sort of player) to receive a cable.
We are both 'tablet novices' - totally :( Any suggestions would be welcome please. Many thanks.

Wendy K


Hi my son jumped onto the chair (where my Bauhn tablet was resting) and has cracked the screen...does anyone know if you can get a replacement screen?



Can someone advise me how to add an attachment / photo to a Hotmail email when using the Bauhn tablet? Thanks



I have been using a Dodo prepaid mobile broadband stick on my laptop but now I have the new Bauhn tablet (for only $199) and when I tried the Dodo stick I was told it wasn't available in the area!) Any ideas? Dodo suits my needs as I am not a heavy user and I can get 60 days for $20, but only if I can get it to work!



Sorry, correct message was "not in range" but remove stick, place in laptop and connection!!



I was able to connect to my wi-fi router....but unable to connect my big pond account....was able to get as far as pop3.



happy with my tablet, but it times out too quick, reading articles it turns off. Have reset the time out setting but still keeps happening. Only problem I have - having just spent 3 years with nothing



I've lost my charger is anyone know where can I get or what the other charger I can use? I can't remember how much volt in it... Thanks



Can you screen shot the bauhn like an iPhone or ipad?



The statistics for battery life aren't updating ... says 100% discharging all the time. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Leanne Davidson


Hello, On my 9.7 Android tablet I am having touble with the sound, I can only get it with earphones in. Also I have been connected to the WiFi for some time but now the tablet is telling me that I have a Authentication problem and I am unable to connect to the web. If this is a password issue, I have forgotten the password used originally. Is there a way to reset the password. I have reset the tablet back to default with no success in either problem.

Julie W


I have the bauhn tablet and it is the best thing I have ever invested in but, I made a deadly mistake. I went into filebrowser and had bluetooth highlighted and I think I must have deleted it. its not there, I lost all my photos that I had bluetoothed. My computer will now not recognize my android but the android recognizes my computer. ( I was going to try a recovery program to see if I could recover the lost file on the android but the program can't find the android as my computer won't recognize it)
Please can someone help me to fix this problem or advise me where I can have it fixed thanks

Diana Hay


II purchased a case for my bauhn android on ebay for $10, but the case I purchased with a keyboard that was purchased for a 9.7 android almost stuffed the android up, I thought I was going to have to return it, so I am not game to try anything that doesnt specifiy ifs for this product, I also tried to download incredimail as I have this on all my computers for emails, but it wouldnt download.

Patricia R


I cannot read my optus webmail now that Optus has changed their format. I could read it until about a month ago. I get this through the Optus site. Is there another way of rerieving my Outlook emails. Please help.



I love my Bauhn tablet, and am looking for a case. E-bay has a case specifically for this tablet with keyboard for sale from England, which would cost $40 approx. including airmail postage. Has anyone got one? If so, would you recommend it? Maybe Aldi will bring out the cases one of these days.



Please help - how do I open documents in a folder I transferred from my laptop?
After 'factory re-set' Wi Fi was a breeze And all else seems to be working well and I am pleasantly suprised having bought it last weekend on line, from DealDirect for $150 delivered (yesterday).



Vicki Aldi has the caes for the baun table this saturday 23/2 for $29.95 with keyboard! good luck :-)



can anyone tell me if I need to buy the separate "bluetooth speaker & charging dock" at $49.99 23/2/13 or if the tablet has its own charger in the box?



Can anyone tell me if it is possible to run itunes on the tablet? Or connect to an iphone?
I'm going overseas and keen to take a tablet (or very light laptop) with me, both for keeping in contact with friends and family and also as a way to connect to my iphone too but am not sure if this will work for me?



I bought one of the original Bauhn tablets (AMID 971R) early in 2012 and have been very pleased with it to date. Like some of the contributors above, I wanted to provide some sort of protection for the tablet and after measuring every possible dimension, I tried a relatively cheap cover from BigW, suitable for the iPad. It fitted well, all I had to do was cut a piece of the cover at the side to reveal the ON/OFF switch. However, screen keyboards drive me crazy so when I saw Aldi were selling a bluetooth keyboard and case today (Sat 23 Feb) I got one. No problems, it all works very well.

I wonder if it is possible to upgrade the OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) to Jelly Bean, or is it worth the effort? I don't have a reason to do it except being a retired electronics technician, I like 'fiddling' with things! I currently have a desktop with Windows 7, a netbook to which I upgraded from Windows Starter to Ubuntu (love it!) and this tablet.

Gesmond Cataia


Hi did any one fid t a bit hard to instert the 3g sim,it does ot seem to click in?
I am finding it hard to make itwork the ttablet keeps saying no sim,could this be a faullty port?



G'day Peter,
Like you I do not like screen keyboards, so i have just purchased the bluetooth keyboard.
Bluetooth is paired and keyboard shows as "connected" but I cannot get tablet to work off it.
Is there a setting I need to change in tablet?



Hi Dennis I to have a Bauhm 9.7" androidtablet model # :AMID-972XS I have also bought the bluetooth keyboard and am having the same result as you. Have reseached the net, and most comment has been negative to it's compatability.



G'day Robert,
I am calling Tempo customer service tomorrow to find out what is going on.
Will post the result



Gesmond, I can't get the SD card or the 3G sim to click in. The only way I can do it is by holding them in position and then re attaching the slip off slot cover which will then hold them in. Saying that the SD card then works but I have tried 3 different 3g sim cards the tablet is not recogising them at all. I planned to take it back tomorrow and exchange if there are any left but perhaps this is a problem with all of them? I assume that I shoud be able to use any 3g sim card from a phone or a wifi dongle?



G'day Robert,
Tempo tell me that the keyboard will only work on the Bauhn tablet released last Saturday or ipad.

Return it.



Hi Dennis and Robert,
The only problem I had connecting the bluetooth keyboard/case to my 971R was I forgot to switch on Bluetooth in the the tablet 'Settings' - as is my usual habit, I rushed in after charging the keyboard and forgot to RTFM ( Read The Flaming Manual - put your own interpretation on that acronym!)

Not sure why Tempo replied to you Dennis with that comment - mine works fine.



G'day Peter
I have the 972xs and had all hooked up and "connected".
Tablet knew it was there, but I could not disable the android screen keyboard.
After talking to Tempo I took it back to Aldi.
Will seriously check out facts on what Bauhn have on offer in future before buying.
(if you can get facts from Aldi or Tempo)



Thanks Dennis did by four of these as gifts etc for the grandkids who got lucky at xmas with the 972xs back to aldi they will go.



Same problem here with the bluetooth keyboard on the 972xs lol. Taking it back



My Bauhn Aldi keyboard works fine on Bauhn 3G Tablet. I have not tried putting in a sim or micro SD card yet. So far, I am happy with it.



My Bauhn from Aldi is great. I bought a Micro USB to a female USB, and placed in my USB stick with photos and a couple of movies, but not getting a connection. Has anyone done this successfully as I am thinking that my micro usb end might not be long enough?



Hi I got the a 7" android tablet computer as a xmas gift. mum bought it from Aldi ,it was pink. any how I liked it at first . but is only now that I have tried to set it up but can,t. I got the screen on, went into settings so I could set up my bigpond account typed it in ,than it scanned it than came back with access vilation problem . so I turn it off and tried it again but this time the screen was white and flickering so I turned it off and took it to a pc shop for them to look at it. he turned it on but nothing all it did was go pop so he put a special device on it and it read nothing works now.



I am looking into to buying the bauhn tablet can i use a USB can i connect to my Computer and can i use some type of words app can someone please help me




Shit product... U get what u pay cheap gives shit... Bought, used for 2 days & took it for holiday, it died...shows poor quality control & unreliable...better spend more get ipad or Samsung tab



I have tried downloading the AVG antivirus to the tablet, but it wants to load as either a video or audio file. How do I get it to download to the hard drive?



Once you 'save for offline reading' where does that image store? I can't find it



Help, I have lost the charger/ power adapter for my daughter's onix (aldi) 7" tablet, I have hooked it up to my laptop via a usb cable in the hope that it will charge that way but i haven't had any luck. I'm not sure what size the plug on the adapter is(only that it is is very small) or what voltage it is.does anyone out there know this information?.Or, for that matter where I can get a replacement?



my wi fi was working fine then all of a sudden it would not connect to the internet and keeps giving me the message "authenticating problem" does anyone know how to fix this???regards Fay



Bluetooth is SHIT on all the Bauhn products from Aldi, I purchased their smaller phone for $149 the bluetooth didn't work, then I buy the larger version for $249 and it would only connect when I took the battery out, replaced it, and turned it back on, then the Bluetooth wouldn't turn on at all, so after several days of trying I went back and replaced it thinking it was faulty and the new phone (exact same one) doesn't even recognise the the S4 Blue Ant hands free speaker.

If you're thinking of buying anything "Aldi" like this... DON'T!!!!



I am looking for parts for aldi baughn 9.7 inch tablet mainly the bloody screen which my kids decided to far it will cost me more than the frigging thing is worth to replace the screen and I am just not that into it..if i can get my own parts I will happily repair it but no wish to pay some other idiot money to do the same thing...any help appreciated...



My battery will not hold charge, how do you replace battery in the AMID 972XS?

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