Five things we hate about the iPhone 5

Here's five things we hate about the iPhone 5 so far

Five things we hate about the iPhone 5

Five things we hate about the iPhone 5

We've just spent our first weekend with Apple's new iPhone 5. While there are plenty of things to love about the iPhone 5, there's also more than a few things we dislike. Here's five things we hate about the iPhone 5 so far.

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Five things we love about the iPhone 5

1. It scratches easily

The iPhone 5's design is excellent but there's a significant problem that I discovered after only three days of use: the anodized aluminium used on the back and the edges of the iPhone 5 seems to be easily scratched and marked, particularly on the black model.

The blemishes are hard to see in photos, but my black review model iPhone 5 has two scratches on the back and a number of small chips on the edge of the right side, towards the back. This occurred in the first three days of use. During this time I have not dropped the iPhone and even had it in a protective case (a Cygnett Workmate, if you're wondering) for most of Saturday.

While both the scratches and the chips are small and not immediately noticeable, they are there. On a device that commands a significantly hefty outlay, wear and tear from only three days of careful use shouldn't be acceptable. Unlike some reports circling the Web over the weekend, my iPhone 5 did not have any visible marks or scuffs when it was brand new in the box.

2. The 'Lightning' port

As you probably know by now, Apple has changed the dock connector on the iPhone 5. Gone is the standard 30-pin connector that Apple has used in most models of its iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. Replacing this connector is a much smaller, 8-pin dock connector that Apple calls 'Lightning'.

This is the iPhone 5's new 8-pin dock connector that Apple calls 'Lightning'.
This is the iPhone 5's new 8-pin dock connector that Apple calls 'Lightning'.

Apple's official reasoning for changing to the Lightning connector was that it needed to save space. The new port is far smaller and allows the iPhone 5 to be thinner and lighter than its predecessors, but what about all those accessories? Yep, every iPod/iPhone speaker dock, all those iPhone cables and many more of your iPhone accessories are now obsolete.

Apple will sell two Lightning adapters to make most of your old accessories compatible with the iPhone 5, but they aren't cheap. In Australia, it will cost you $35 for a regular Lightning to 30-pin adapter or $45 for a Lighting to 30-pin adapter with a 0.2m cord.

Apple's Lightning to 30-pin adapter ($35)
Apple's Lightning to 30-pin adapter ($35)

Why Apple called the new dock connector 'Lightning' is the biggest mystery of all. This implies it is faster than the older port when that isn't the case. The iPhone 5 doesn't charge quicker than the iPhone 4S, nor does it transfer data to and from a computer any quicker than the older dock connector. Lightning? Certainly not.

3. The headphone jack

This will be a "I don't care" point for many people and it's probably more of a personal preference than anything. But I hate the headphone jack on the bottom of smartphones. I've hated it on other phones and I hate it on the iPhone 5.

I've always put my phone in my pocket the right way up, that is, with the top of the phone at the top of my pocket. With the iPhone 5's bottom mounted headphone jack, this isn't possible when I'm listening to music. I've read that it's natural to put your phone into your pocket upside down but it's certainly not natural for me. I suspect it's not natural for plenty of other users.

Apple has moved the headphone jack to the bottom of the iPhone 5.
Apple has moved the headphone jack to the bottom of the iPhone 5.

It's not just your pocket, either. If you use the headphone jack to listen to music in your car, for example, and usually rest your phone in a cup holder, a bottom mounted headphone jack means you'll have to store it upside down. For a company like Apple, who seems to be obsessed with meticulous details, this move strikes me as very odd.

4. Apple Maps

For those who don't know, Apple has replaced the previously default Google Maps application with its own Maps app on iOS 6, which comes standard with the iPhone 5. The problem is, Apple Maps simply isn't very good. It appears to be a half-baked, unfinished solution that lacks both the detail and the accuracy of the Google Maps app it replaced.

According to Apple, the Maps app was designed "from the ground up". It includes features like interactive 3D views, and an admittedly impressive Flyover feature that shows selected, major metropolitan areas from the air with 3D views. The issue here is that Apple appears to have settled for style over substance. While it's undoubtedly cool to flyover a 3D view of Sydney on your iPhone, wouldn't it be better if the Maps app knew where the Apple Store in Sydney was? If you could find Sydney University? If it knew where Sydney's M4 motorway is? if you could search for the SCG instead of the Sydney Cricket Ground. If you could distinguish between the Domestic and International terminals at Sydney Airport? You get the picture.

5. Some apps won't fill the screen, yet

The iPhone 5's increased screen real estate means that developers need to update their apps to take advantage of the extra space. Apple's default apps like Safari, Mail, Calendar and Reminders obviously already take advantage of this but many apps are yet to be updated.

Apps that aren't updated to fit the iPhone 5's screen have black bars at the top and bottom, like Instagram, YouTube and Viber.
Apps that aren't updated to fit the iPhone 5's screen have black bars at the top and bottom, like Instagram, YouTube and Viber.

Apps that aren't updated remain the same size as the old iPhone, with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. They aren't too noticeable on the black iPhone 5, but they're easily seen on the white model and they're pretty annoying. What's worse still is that when you're in an app that hasn't been optimised for the iPhone 5 and a notification arrives, the notification will still appear on top of the app, rather than over the black bar.

To be fair, this issue will become less of a problem over time. I received numerous app updates over the weekend and many of these were iPhone 5 updates. However, there is still a multitude of common apps that are yet to be updated and these are apps I use everyday. The likes of Instagram, Viber, Tango, YouTube, GMail, WhatsApp and Movies are just some third party apps that still have the black bars present.

We'll be publishing a full review of the iPhone 5 in the coming week, in the meantime if you have any questions, comments or queries, let us know in the comments below.

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




Apple mounted the headphone jack on the bottom of the iPod Touch years ago. The thinking is that when you hold your phone and have your headphones in, the cord doesn't hang over the screen and interfere with your use of it - the cord starts closer to your body and the headphone cord goes up to your ears without getting anywhere near the screen. I like it - who cares if your phone is upside down in your pocket.

John Whelan


I have had my iPhone 5 for two days now and I love it. I play a lot of music without using headphones or amplifiers of any sort. To increase the volume, I have become used to positioning the iPhone 4 close to the corner of hard surfaces to better project the sound. No need to do that with iPhone 5 which is at least 30% louder through the speakers than iPhone 4. other features like more space for folders and more space within each folder are sensational. The camera is dramatically better in many ways and the panoramic feature is sensational. Compared to my son's Galaxy III, my iPhone 5 feels like a high quality, high precision, piece of equipment, just like high grade Swiss watches are. I am very proud to own my new iPhone 5. Its a massive upgrade from my iPhone 4 which was just out of plan.

Your Face


Dude really? Now I'll give you credit on the "easily scratch" subject, but the rest of it is just excuses, this whole blog is garbage, shoulda asked Siri for help guy.



The author has some very valid points.

The GS111 is polycarbonate /polyurethane mix and won't scratch or shatter, its not plastic.

The maps are an issue, how can you say they are not?

You forgot to mention no NFC :(



I hope this helps validate the authors concerns:

John Jeffery


only dump fool will like to buy a cheap plastic galaxy 3, all android phones are try to clone iphone for some point.



I hate the app not taking up the whole screen as well and I was wondering why so many apps haven't updated yet. I think maybe it's because a lot of people are going to use the iphone 4 for a while and since they are two different sizes maybe its a problem to update them. Maybe updating to the larger screen wont let them work on a 4.



I used to hate the headphone jack on the wrong side of the phone!

When you take a call and put it back in your pocket, it ends up upside down. Having the jack on top meant that when you had the headphones in, you had to flip it around to make calls and when you were done.

Incidentally, I've noticed it's also nicer to have the power cord and the headphone jack on the same side when the phone is on your desk for example.



Short sighted criticisms of the new connector are based on assumptions that it is usb2 in disguise. Recent analysis of the connector is revealing an adaptive pin configuration that will allow connections well beyond those available by any current standard including micro USB. This future proofing is painful now but will deliver benefits for many years to come.

kyri vouri


Any watch the Doco.. "Apple the tirrany of cool" I'm not a looney it was a in flight Doco on my Cathay flight last week!



I have at least a dozen things I hate about my new I-phone 5 - I'm exchanging it tomorrow FASTTTT. Really a piece of shit on soo many design levels. OMG



I agree with author if this article pretty much with all comments. By far most annoying feature for me is headphone jack at the bottom of the phone. I don't get it why they put it there? I like my headphone connector at the top of the phone due to when I'm charging phone I can listen music as well through headphones or in my car I like to use headphones while in the charging cradle. I personally think that this is most annoying feature for me and this is why I'm not getting iPhone 5 not to mention all chargers and docks and redundant. Have to live with small screen of iPhone4s :-(



these are a few minor annoyances, but I agree with them.
an overwhelming majority of iPhone users always have their phone in a cover -- it's really worth spending $20-30 to protect your $700+ phone, if you choose a case in a soft material like rubberised materials are the most effective, or a leather lined fabric is also good.
the Maps will be sorted out in a few years, for sure, for now just go back to Google Maps or one of the superior, better featured paid navigation apps.
the connector is a pill -- users have been begging Apple for years for a smaller standardised connector (eg MiniUSB / MicroUSB), Lightning is a backward step as it breaks compatibility to all the 3rd party docks, cables, speakers, etc that users have for zero benefit; I hope the new Apple cables don't break as often as the old 30-pin ones -- time will tell.
the headphone socket is a pain, but a lot of apps will flip the screen anyway even when upside down.
the thing I dislike about it most is the stretched body, which has quite ugly proportions, although it fits the hand better than a SIII, the classical iPhone proportion was far more stylish than the iPhone 5.
also, iOS 6 is disappointing, for example there is no way to customise the home screen / interface from the iPhone 1.0 look (without 3rd party hacks), live information is limited to weather and stocks and some icons are too small to press on (eg 'x').



All of these 'problems' are petty non-issues, especially the updated connector.
If you have an iPhone5 why do you need an iPod as well - give your old 30pin device to your grandma. Manufacturers are no doubt already in the process of updating docks and speakers so people just need to be patient. This connect will likely be around for a while - probably as long as the 30pin - so its not a bad investment to buy a new dock. Besides, wireless speakers (Bluetooth or airplay) are the future anyway. The only problem I can see is for people who have an iPad and an iPhone 5 and want a dual dock, but I guess you can't have everything perfect.
Again, it is only a matter of time before all these 'issues' are forgotten, just take a breath and let app developers and manufacturers update their products. Its been out for two weeks for goodness sake.



I'd like to add to the headphone jack on the bottom, another reason it is positively maddening is that when you put your iphone 5 in a shoulder sleeve to workout. Having the headphone jack on the bottom guarantees that while you are working out the cord from your headphones will wrap around your elbow and yank your headphones off your body.

Another point that you are missing is that the previous iPhone's were the perfect size, they were the ultimate single handed device. The new one is just big enough so that you cannot fully operate it with a single hand. That used to be something Jobs taughted as to why the iPhone was so wonderful. You can see that Apple is loosing his legacy quickly.

I would also go one further than a set number of things that you hate about the iPhone 5. Personally, there are only 2 things I like about my iPhone 5. Improved Siri and LTE. There doesn't seem to be anything else that is a positive enhancement.



Sounds like someone needs a tissue. "My iPhone is upside down in my pocket because that is the way Apple taught me to put it in there and now they are making me turn it the other way... and developers haven't updated their apps to fill the screen yet." :'(



I was an apple fan we had the first iphones, iphone 3 iphone 4, ipad, ipods etc I did not choose the Iphone 5 because it seems to be a slap in the face to us as apple just bringing out what samsung and other companies have had for months before. I was the first in my group of mates to get the iphone and now Im the first to not buy one. I actually (cant believe im saying this) love the Samsung S3 its awesome.



i have to say, I don't hate the maps. I actually like hearing turn by turn directions, and I like being able to tell Siri where I want to go, although that is not always a cakewalk. But I realize it's because I live in San Francisco, whereas people in remote areas have more reasons to be disappointed. It's a trade-off for sure, but even when Google Maps returns to iOS, I'll no doubt be using Siri for driving directions, and Google Maps for transit and more detailed views.

Africa Man


I've read all the comments BUT none of you have mentioned the Number ONE thing wrong with the Iphone 5 - BATTERY LIFE - it is appalling. Unless you switch off everything on the phone (which is the whole reason you bought it) it drains the power unbelievably. I have just upgraded from an Iphone 4 which was very good for battery life until they upgraded to IOS 6 and then it drained the battery - Iphone 5 much worse. I heard Apple was going to do something about this BUT I doubt they really will.



The original writer forgot the sticking point about the battery, You cannot change it out when it goes flat permante. Out of fairness this is also a problem with the Android phones - but Steve Jobs foisted this problem onto the world and deserved a premature death. His liver conked out with no miles on it. Good for the cock sucker. He deserves that one place in Hell where the engineroom is, with the nuclear reactor going full power and giving him that nuke tan with the gamma rays to cook him. Eh, Steve-o, how do you like being an Aborigine?



Wow Anonimoso, your point was so well made that you had to use a fake name? Even worse, to wish death on someone or to be glad they died to such a horrible disease just because you don't like the phone they designed? Did Steve Jobs come to your house and force you to buy Apple products? I'm ashamed to say I read your post and anyone else who does possibly feels dumber for doing so. Do you even understand why the battery is not user replaceable? Do you even understand why some manufacturers are following?

Well, back to the points, I feel some are valid and some are just filler to make it a 'catchy' title. You need the 5 at the start and the end to make it cute.

Starting with the point about apps not filling up the screen. How petty is that? Already I've seen some apps fill the entire screen and no it doesn't break the apps on the smaller screens either. That's the beauty of developin for iOS. You can specify how it will look on different screens as opposed to other OSs where a bigger screen such as tablets just simply end up looking like zoomed in versions of the phone app.

The lightning port? Really? An almost 10 year old design and you're complaining about changing it? Funny how you don't hear complaints on this level when some companies went to micro-usb and made your mini-usb cables and devices useless. Oh wait, there were adapters, right? There are lightning adapters too.

Headphone jack being on the bottom of the phone, petty again. I don't care which way the jack is. As a matter of fact with the jack being on top of the phone, a little part of me would worry when i would use my iPhone out in a light rain. I would wonder if any raindrops might sneak into my headphone jack, haha! I know, probably a little paranoia there, but regardless, I'm not worried about it anymore.

Apple Maps, valid point. Apple has always prided itself to release a product that is ready and it obviously wasn't. An bug here or there is understandable especially for the first version of any software. However, as many problems that have been reported is unacceptable. Makes you wonder if Apple tested it anywhere besides Cupertino. Alas, this is a software issue that you know is being addressed and will be fixed soon. Software can always be fixed so I have no concerns about that. However, Apple shouldn't turn into M$ where they like having the public beta test the product.

Scratching easily, believe it or not I thought about that from the very git-go. I like the way the black phone looks and when I saw the metal parts were treated or painted, whatever the correct term may be, I thought to myself, "Self, this is going to scratch so easily!" So I decided on the white phone and I put Ghost Armor on my device and it looks perfect still, and I bought it on release. So get something on the phone to cover it. If you don't like covers and prefer the natural look then take a look at Ghost Armor, they make a nice product and the phone looks great!



Eddie, are you gay? You sound it!
Besides that mate, very valid points. I agree with you whole heartily.
The gay comment wasn't being horrible either - please don't get me wrong.... It was just something I thought whilst reading your post. Now I'm curious

Cheers man!



i have not bought the iphone5 on the earphone socket issue. i want to read / play games on the iphone whilst listening to music. the earphones will get in the way of this. i rarely listen to music with the iphone in the pocket, its usually in my hand. people that point out about the iphone touch miss this basic point - some people want to use safari AND listen to music with the phone the right way up. this was enough to put me off.



The iPhone has grown up. Ross will too one day.

The Truth is in front of you


Agree with above. Appleites need to open ir eyes and realise that this would have to be one of dullest retrogrades ever. phone really does scratch easily, maps is a joke (all above + have you tried to bookmark a place?) and bluetooth seems to drop out regularly. Putting aside cost of getting new connector on all your devices, battery is back to good old days of having to carry a cord so that battery does not go flat. This phone gives anyone who has one a decision point about moving to anor phone.
It does not take long to go from biggest company a small, apple 1, sony, 2.

And with above.

26, people still remained fooled by the hyped up fictional 'Apple products are made better' mentality plagues the Australian consumer electronics market. The S3 isn't 'shitty plastic', it's Gorilla Glass 2 and polycarbonate, and actually costs MORE to manufacture than the iClone 5, @John Jeffrey and @John Wheelan. The Wolfson digital-analog converter and the ability to set a custom EQ provides a superior sound when listening to music, and the thoughtful feature of external SD card storage allows for an extra 64gb of storage on top of the 32gb onboard. The little things add up...but for the majority of blind idrones who only see what Apple feeds them through their own crafty little advertisement campaigns, i guess there's no way to point out that their cheaply made iDevices are in no way comparable to swiss watches. Closer to BigW belt buckles with that gold-coloured paint on them. bah.



Eddie, in regards to the adaptor issue, there's a difference. Micro-Mini USB adaptors don't cost $ put that figure into perspective, you can buy some feature phones for that price. Blatant cash grab from the most morally bankrupt company in the world.
Nice job with the dollar sign in Microsoft, sure haven't seen THAT one before. I like how you comment on their public beta testing philosophy, yet it's so blatantly obvious that you're acknowledging the fact that crApple maps is NOT a completely finished product (in computing, they call that BETA) yet has been released to the PUBLIC.
Your comment reeks of fanboyism, and I fear you may be mentally ill if you genuinely believe what you are saying. hope you get well soon.



I bought the phone an sold it after bought a week I couldn't get used to the small screen an somehow it got all scratched up an I never droped my opinion just get a HD2 an put any android version u want on it or just get a galaxy s3 besides all the apple store apps that are like 1-3$ are free on android



Damn, now you guys left me wondering if Eddie is gay or not, I won't be able to sleep D:



If you use a top folding wallet cover (Mossimo) as I do for my iPhone 5 the relocation of the headphone jack is an improvement because I can now listen to music with the phone in my pocket with the cover closed. And yes the phone is in my pocket upside down which seems to me to be the natural way to put it!



Buy a cool case like



Out of the 5 things listed in the article, I agree with the one about the headphone jack. I tend to rest the iPhone on the ledge of the treadmill or elliptical at the gym. I don't have an armband. It's more cumbersome to skip songs and to see the display. On it's side when I skip a song, the album doesn't change when the song does. Upside down only works if you use an armband, which I want to get when I find one that is all white outside and in. Slight annoyance. I like the headphone jack on top.



The earphone jack is probably located on the bottom because the phone was re-imagined / designed as a phone held in the hand - that way the jack falls nicely from gravity. It the jack is on the top, the wire would kink and is unnatural.

But, I would personally prefer to compromise on this detail due to the same reasons as the author. Apple got the design compromise wrong this time...



I just hope app owners will not go with the "iPhone 4 or 5" logic when they update their code to get the screen size, but rather get the effective resolution of the screen before putting up anything on it. This way they won't have to update again when the next phone comes out with 1234,6x979,3 pixels.
(Well, to be honest, they should have done this in the first place ...)



My brother have a Iphone 5 and hes sneaks up on people and might be a homo person.
I receive many strange sms that tells a alcoholist to work on my eyes, he was okey when he had a HTC.

I dont now what to do?



A lot of android Devices are plastic but more companies are are starting to make premium builds, so now we have better phones and a better OS. Fuck Apple, the are going down just like the companies they used to get here



I have to agree with the headphone jack. That is in fact how I found this site, I was googling how many people hated it there. I am one that places their phone in a cup holder in the car using the headphone jack as the aux port. It now has to be upside down which is annoying. I also have a battery operated small speaker that uses the headphone jack and the phone cannot sit on the ledge of the speaker like it was designed to due to the cord being at the bottom now. Very highly annoying. I could turn it sideways if they would at least put back and next buttons in the landscape view ( the ability to see the songs/artists instead of just the albums would make it bearable.)
The battery life sucks horribly. I have to charge it at least twice a day and that's not using it to stream video or download things, that is basic surfing a few times and a couple games.



Hate the headphone jack on the bottom. When I listen to music while working out on my life cycle I'm forced to either hold the phone or lay it on its side on the magazine holder, and I don't always want to use the landscape view for something I'm reading.



Good work... Thank you for the valuable information.



1. Battery life sucks and isn't mentioned more than like twice... Half way through my day and I am having to charge my phone, and that is with all my apps completely off...

2. I don't know if anyone has experienced this, but I had to go and buy a new charger after a month because there was a kink in the chord and it stopped charging... And now my second charger also has a kink in it... Thank god it is still charging!!

3. Other than those two things I am well pleased with my iPhone you all are just freaking complainers!!



I know this article is over 1 year old, but I just got an ip5s coming from an ip4.

One thing not mentioned in the article and is actually a nuisance (not a petty nuisance like "I have to hold my phone upside down now blah blah blah) is that when in the dock, you can't take/make calls anymore.

To take calls while it's charging you have to unplug the usb cable from the dock and plug it into the phone, which means you can't use the dock!! Very stupid design flaw imo. Surely that would have come up in R&D at apple, no? Or am I the only one that takes/makes calls when the phone's charging????

And before you say "just use the docks line out jack", you can only use it to listen to your phone not take/make calls. And the headphones controller doesn't work through that line out jack either.



I agree with the bottom mounted headjack for exactly the same reasons. Now I have to buy some type of mount for my car bc I too used my cupholder as my phone tray.

Stephanie Lattimore


I agree this new i phone 5 is know better then any other I phone. To me it's worse. Now we have to buy new equipment to use our old devices. This sucks......

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