Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Apple iPhone 5: Head-to-head

Which is the better smartphone? Nokia's Lumia 920 or the Apple iPhone 5?

Nokia's upcoming Lumia 920 could represent a last throw of the dice for the once dominant Finnish company, as it attempts to combat iPhone and Android devices in the top-end smartphone market. Its latest flagship smartphone does look impressive on paper and will be one of the first phones to run the newest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.

Read our comprehensive preview of the Nokia Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 has a 4.5in display with a 720p resolution, boasts a new optical image stabilisation system on its camera and has a built-in wireless charging system. How does it compare to the benchmark, Apple's iPhone 5? Let's find out!

Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920


Operating system
Apple iOS 6
Windows Phone 8
Screen size
Nokia Lumia 920
Display resolution
Nokia Lumia 920
Display technology
LED backlit IPS
LED backlit IPS
Pixel density
Nokia Lumia 920
Front camera
Rear camera
8-megapixels, single LED flash
8.7-megapixels, dual LED flash
Camera features
Autofocus, tap to focus, face detection, panorama
Autofocus, tap to focus, optical image stabilisation, panorama
Video recording
1080p HD @ 30fps
1080p HD @ 30fps
Internal memory
Apple iPhone 5
Expandable memory
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5
Apple A6 1.06GHz (dual-core)
Krait 1.5GHz (dual-core)
Australian 3G networks
HSDPA 850/900/2100
HSDPA 850/900/2100
Australian 4G networks
LTE 1800MHz
LTE 1800MHz
4.0 with A2DP
3.0 with A2DP
Apple iPhone 5
Quoted battery life
Up to 8 hours
Up to 10 hours
Nokia Lumia 920
Proprietary 'Lightning' 8-pin
Standard Micro USB
Nokia Lumia 920
SIM card

Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5: Design

The Nokia Lumia 920 follows a similar design trend seen on the company's previous Lumia phones like the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 800. It's constructed from a single piece polycarbonate which is coloured all the way through in the manufacturing process, so any scratches to the surface won't be too noticeable.

The colours on offer (particularly yellow, red, white and grey) are certainly bold and refreshing among a sea of boring, black or white slabs. However, the Lumia 920 is 10.7mm thick and weighs 185g, so it's far from the thinnest or lightest smartphone on the market. It doesn't compare favourably in girth or weight against the iPhone 5 or even the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. Users who long for a thin and light phone are likely to be left a little disappointed.

The Nokia Lumia 920 will be available in yellow, red, white, grey, and black colour variants.
The Nokia Lumia 920 will be available in yellow, red, white, grey, and black colour variants.

The Lumia 920's design is a far different picture to the iPhone 5. Its feather light 112g weight is one of the best features of the device and Apple certainly deserves a huge amount of credit for managing to make the phone significantly lighter than its predecessor while increasing its overall footprint. At just 7.6mm, the iPhone 5 is also one of the thinnest smartphones on the market.

Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5: Display

If you're balancing size and weight with screen size, then the Lumia 920 immediately begins to look more appealing next to the iPhone 5. For starters it is larger than the iPhone 5 (4.5in compared to 4in) and it has a pixel density of 332ppi, slightly higher than the iPhone 5's 326ppi. In fact, the Lumia 920 has one of the highest pixel density ratings on the market, bettering most current flagship smartphones.

That pixel density rating comes from a resolution of 1280x768. Previous Lumia devices were hamstrung by Microsoft's maximum allowed resolution of 800x480, so this is a significant upgrade if you're coming from an older Windows Phone. A unique feature is the fact that the Lumia 920's touchscreen can be used even if you're wearing gloves.

Nokia claims that the Lumia 920 has one of the brightest displays of any smartphone on the market.
Nokia claims that the Lumia 920 has one of the brightest displays of any smartphone on the market.

Nokia cites the use of PureMotion HD+ technology on the Lumia 920's screen, which it says will refresh pixels faster than many other LCD panels. Nokia also claims that the Lumia 920 has one of the brightest displays of any smartphone on the market and says it will automatically adjust the colour tone (and brightness) depending on the amount of ambient light. We'll have to wait until we get our hands on a review unit to put those claims to the test, but it certainly sounds positive.

The Lumia 920 certainly has its work cut out in competing with the iPhone 5's display, which is one of the best on the market. It's larger than previous iPhone's at 4in, but it's the same width as the screen on every other iPhone, only taller. Apple says the decision to keep the phone at the same width ensures that the span of a user's thumb can reach all the way across the display when using the phone single-handedly.

The iPhone 5's display is one of the best on the market.
The iPhone 5's display is one of the best on the market.

In a side-by-side comparison with the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5's screen is slightly brighter at the full brightness setting. It also displays deeper blacks, most notably when watching video content.

Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5: Software

The Nokia Lumia 920 will be one of the first smartphones to ship with Microsoft's latest mobile OS, Windows Phone 8. We'll learn more closer to its release date, expected to be at the end of October. What we already know is that there's a completely new interface with support for small, medium and large home screen tiles, more colour customisation options, built-in Skype integration, a data use monitor, and a revamped backup system that now includes the ability to backup SMS messages.

The Windows Phone platform is a smooth, effective and efficient OS. The interface is refreshing and different to anything else on the market and performance has been consistently smooth in most devices that have been released so far. The fact that the Lumia 920 will come with a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM should ensure that performance will be competitive with the best smartphones on the market.

Windows Phone 8 will introduce a revamped home screen with small, medium and large tiles.
Windows Phone 8 will introduce a revamped home screen with small, medium and large tiles.

The biggest issue for Windows Phone 8 will be third-party apps. The platform lacks both the number and the variety of apps when compared to both iOS and Android. If Nokia is to be successful with the Lumia 920, it needs to attract developers to build apps for the Windows Phone platform.

The iPhone 5 has no such problems, with third-party apps one of its strongest advantages. Using the iPhone 5 is a very similar experience to previous iPhone's. Apple says its new iOS 6 software, which comes standard on the iPhone 5, has added over 200 new features to the platform.

Panorama photos, Facebook posts from the notifications screen and the 'Do Not Disturb' feature on the iPhone 5.
Panorama photos, Facebook posts from the notifications screen and the 'Do Not Disturb' feature on the iPhone 5.

The most significant change is the abolishment of Google's Maps application, which has been replaced with Apple's own Maps app. This is a change for the worse as the Maps app appears to be a half-baked, unfinished solution that lacks both the detail and the accuracy of the Google Maps app it replaced. The Nokia Maps application, which will come standard on the Lumia 920, is one area where the company can claim to hold a big advantage over the iPhone 5. It offers free, turn-by-turn navigation in 110 countries, compared to the iPhone 5's 56 and it also works offline, unlike Apple Maps.

Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5: Camera

The Nokia Lumia 920 has a "PureView" camera but this isn't the same 41-megapixel sensor seen on the 808 PureView smartphone. Instead, Nokia is now marketing PureView as any feature or features that enable the camera to capture quality images.

The 8-megapixel camera on the Lumia 920 has a "floating lens" which enables optical image stabilisation. Nokia promises this will improve photos in low-light and minimise out of focus photos and shaky, unstable video recordings. We're very keen to put this to the test, as Nokia says the feature will capture blur-free videos even if the camera is shaking.

The Lumia 920 will certainly need all that and more to better the camera on the iPhone 5, which is one of the best we've ever used on a smartphone. It remains at 8-megapixels, but captures excellent photos with great detail and many of the shots produced are comparable to some dedicated point-and-shoot digital cameras.

An impressive photo we captured with the iPhone 5's camera. (Click to enlarge)
An impressive photo we captured with the iPhone 5's camera. (Click to enlarge)

During testing, we found that the iPhone 5's camera consistently produced more accurate colours than the iPhone 4S. Macro performance is excellent, and the lens is quick to focus on close range subjects — an issue we found on the 4S. The biggest improvement on the camera is the ability to take better quality photos in low light conditions, though these images are still noisier than most good point-and-shoot cameras.

Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5: Internals

The Nokia Lumia 920 has relatively impressive specifications. It's powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, has 1GB of RAM and comes with 32GB of internal memory. There's no memory card slot though, so users won't be able to physically add to that 32GB of storage.

NFC connectivity is present and allows a range of accessories to be paired with the phone simply by tapping the two devices together. There's also 4G connectivity, too — the Lumia 920 will be sold through Telstra in Australia.

One interesting feature that the iPhone 5 can't boast is built-in wireless charging using the Qi wireless power standard. Nokia will sell a range of charging accessories for the Lumia 920 including a wireless charging plate, a charging pillow, a charging stand and a wireless charging speaker by JBL.

The Lumia 920 includes built-in wireless charging, using the Qi wireless power standard. There will be a range of charging accessories available.
The Lumia 920 includes built-in wireless charging, using the Qi wireless power standard. There will be a range of charging accessories available.

The Apple iPhone 5 is powered by an updated A6 processor, has 1GB of RAM and comes with 16, 32 or 64GB of internal memory depending on the model you choose. Apple says the A6 processor is two times faster than the A5 chip used on the iPhone 4S and has two times faster graphics. There's no NFC capability but the iPhone 5, like the Lumia 920, is 4G compatible in Australia. The iPhone 5 also uses a new SIM card standard called Nano-SIM. It's a smaller SIM card than the Micro-SIM Apple used on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

The Apple iPhone 5 is available now through all major Australian telcos. Nokia has confirmed that the Lumia 920 will be sold through Australian carrier Telstra. No pricing or specific availability has been announced but the Lumia 920 is expected to go on sale sometime in early November.

What do you think about the Nokia Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5? Which smartphone would you buy and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




You seriously put the camera as a draw? You didn't even get the specifications correct, let alone the details that really set the Lumia aside from the iPhone.

The A6's specs are also known.

Seriously, I stopped reading right there. What's the point of a review like this if you can't get basic, publicly available facts correct.

Here's a couple pointers:
1) The Lumia 920's rear sensor is 8.7 megapixels not 8 flat. It's also f2.0 vs iPhone 5's f2.4. That means the Lumia 920's lens is faster. There's a whole WORLD of marketing buzz about the Lumia 920's camera - it's inexcusable to not account for that type of thing in a side by side.

2) The A6 has been listed by multiple sources as being a dual core 1.02ghz arm processor. Which on a ghz to ghz comparison might be less than the Snapdragon S4 dual core 1.5Ghz processor slated to be in the Lumia 920. However, it performed very well in benchmark tests. A good test might be to compare it's benchmarks to the US version of the Galaxy S3 - since it uses the same processor the Lumia 920 has - and it's available. Granted, that's not going to give a REAL comparison -- but it's better then just saying it's unknown.

Google, my friend. That's all it takes to be a journalist anymore and the journalists don't even use it... seriously!



Actually, Lumia 920 will have a bluetooth 4 support. Source:



Camera features a Draw? Pureview vs. PurpleView? Lumia 920 clearly the winner there too...



Agree with the others...a 'draw' on the rear camera? It destroys what iPhone 5 has. Also you tout the panoramic as a iPhone only feature, but it is actually been on the Windows phone platform! In-fact, the Nokia Lumia 920 will have HD panoramic! iPhone does not do HD panoramic. The screen is also super touch sensitive on 920 meaning you can use gloves to anything! iPhone cannot do that.

Time to update this article :)

Here is more info and infographics to back up this info and compare: and (both point to Google+ page)

Ross Catanzariti



@ Kelly: It might be an idea to read the whole article before criticising. This is not a review, either. But you would have known that had you read the article.

@ awwsome: Nokia's global specifications page says Bluetooth 3.0:



Comparing specs is useless, it was important for the early android cellphones as it was clunky on anything less than dual core and iOS 5, but WP7 ran as smooth as android on SGS2 on a single core 1GHZ ,
as for the rest of the comparison - it really can't be made before the device goes public, sure, there is a lot of hype over the lumia 920 but you should've talked more about their attempt to go exclusive (1 or 2 carriers on each country to increase the hype) rather than the assesments you did here,



Have to agree on the camera comments from some of the readers. Your comparison on the camera needs more research, The iphone 5 uses pixel binning and other dsp algorithms to boost the low light image to higher ISO which makes the picture grainy, noisy and blurry as compared to the pureview which uses a faster lens and optical stabilization for longer exposure.



You should compare iPhone 6s to The Lumia 920, that would be a more interesting or rather fair comparison. For a company that is sitting on $200 Billion in cash, one would expect quite a bit more than a faster processor and an extra row of icons.
I currently have the 4s and am waiting for the 920 in November. As an equity trader, aapl just topped.



@ Ross Catanzariti Okay, we´ll have to wait and see then. :) But what comes to camera comparison there is plenty of actual evidence that Lumia 920 beats every available smartphone in that regard. Even if the article is not a review it does list specifications for both phones and there exists available data to compare the cameras.



LOL at all these Nokia fanboys...Can I use Instagram on the Lumia 920? Nope. How about Pocket? Flipboard? Pinterest? Dropbox? Is my banking app on there? Probably not.

You can talk about the camera and specs as much as you want but until Windows Phone starts getting all the big and popular apps then it will fail....



@Ross - you should be ashamed. Get your facts straight before you publish something people might actually make a purchasing decision on.

It's sad you evidence such a small notion of responsibility to publish facts rather than the garbage seen here. Why, exactly, should I have kept reading? Were you going to wow me with some more incorrect facts about products you clearly didn't research?

I suppose not. But I'm glad you popped up here to show us all your wit. I find it amusing that you would come here to defend yourself before you would fix the glaring inaccuracies of your... well, whatever that thing is.



@ James I don´t consider it ´fanboyism´ to point out possible inaccuracies. In general level you do make a good point about the weaker app support for Windows Phone at the moment. However, Instagram is coming for WP, you can use SkyDrive instead of Dropbox.



Nokia's shown that it can make great hardware and Microsoft seems to finally be about to deliver on the potential showed by Windows Phone 7, but both of these companies have demonstrated that they can't execute a product launch to save their lives. The ridiculously long lag time between announcement and availability, botched promotions and complete dearth of information on pricing has totally undermined my enthusiasm for the Lumia 920. I still hope that it's a great phone, but I'm far more likely to hang on for the next Nexus than buy this now.



@ awwsome I wasn't referring to you. Anyway as far as I can tell the Lumia 920 has been approved for Bluetooth 4.0 but this hasn't been officially confirmed by Nokia and it is still listed as 3.0 on its own site.

Completely agree with Matt. Nokia and Microsoft have no idea how to launch a product. Also Windows Phone 8 becomes available at the end of the month and Microsoft hasn't even given a complete overview of all the features yet!?? what are they waiting for!? Is there something to hide??



Hi Ross. Look, I do love reading your articles, but I also thought it was strange you didn't mention the super high refresh rate (2x iPhone 5) and other features of the Lumia 920. I was also really taken back by you not giving some big ticks to the camera where (compared to iPhone 5) aperture, focal length and mega pixels are better - but the real killer is the mechanical image stabalisation.

The issue here is really what is physically possible in a 7.6mm thin phone. That is a really interesting angle for a journalist to take! Try explaining to consumers the pros and cons of making incredibly thinner phones and point out that it does exclude some possibilities such as the type of camera lens tech included in the Lumia 920.

I think most review should either focus on the phone thickness and weight and apps and give it to the iPhone 5....or actually compare the hardware and give it to the Lumia 920. If you don't, and want to wait for release - which is perfectly reasonable because we don't really know how the Lumia will review once you get your hands on it - then you should really wait until you have it in your hands. At least on specs it is just way ahead.

One final phones are fragile devices. My current LG is almost broken. My wife broke her Samsung and we purchased a replacement. My brother has broken part of his iPhone 4 (the speaker no longer works). Please please please when you get a Lumia 920, try scratching it with your keys....try driving over it with you car....try throwing it down a set of stairs. Then try the same thing with an iPhone 5. Weight and thickness are important....but like everything there are pros and cons.

Ross Catanzariti



Hi David,

Thanks for your comments and for bringing your point across in a civil manner. Always happy to discuss.

I am happy to go into far more detail when I get my hands on the Lumia 920. This is really just a basic overview of features. Keep in mind our audience consists of both technophiles and the average consumer so it's a very broad spectrum and it's often difficult to find the right balance for all of our readers.

Your point about the Lumia 920's thickness in relation to its camera technology and lens is a very good one. The question is, does the average consumer want a thin and light phone or would they rather sacrifice this for excellent low light images?

Nokia has been producing outstanding/excellent cameras on its phones for a long while. Whether consumers want these features ahead of others is debatable, however. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal choice - some users will be happy carrying around a bit of extra weight and thickness, others will prefer a lighter device.

As for scratching and driving over the Lumia 920 with a car, I'd love to do those tests but I don't think Nokia would be pleased :-)



Dude seriously, I think I shud gift u a I AM A IPHONE FAN tshirt and mug. COME ON! I agree the iphone 5 it thinner and lighter but to say its a draw on the camera point is just ridiculous. you either have not seen the comparison pics taken by The Verge which are all over the net or you are blind, and to state that the iphone 5 is brighter has has a darker black is not only funny but jst plain ridiculous. get ur fact straight b4 misleading people.



um...the article says the iPhone 5 is brighter and has better blacks than the 4S, not the Lumia 920..can you read??

Buckus Toothnail


The Nokia Lumia 920 SMOKES the iPhone 5 in every way. Apple's lagging so far behind its competitors its embarrassing. Buying an iPhone nowadays guarantees you are at least one generation behind the technology leader, soon to be two.



Collecting money to buy lumia 920..



Really? a draw on cameras...
Video comparison:
Low light comparison:
Low light comparison:



Please read this first, all fanboys and fangirls



@lumpo: yeh sorry about that but still u cant deny that this article is completely biased



> Your point about the Lumia 920's thickness in relation to its camera technology

I would add that it is much more than just a camera versus thickness question - it is a technology versus thickness and weight question. I am sure items like the camera, induction charging, battery size, screen technology - might all have been impossible on a 7.6 mm thick phone.

It is just a general point to consider that in another generation maybe we have 5mm phones.....but other thicker ones that have much better technology.

Apple absolutely do deserve credit for producing an amazing phone and camera weighting 112g and 7.6mm thick. It is an absolutely amazing achievement for the size of phone.

I am not 100% happy with the Lumia 920's weight, although I am reasonably sure I am going to buy one. It doesn't need to be 112g, but i would prefer 140g-150g.

Right now I believe the market is distorted. The carriers have fallen into the trap of subsidising these phones to the point where another phone might be cheaper than the iPhone and yet the carriers swallow the difference in their subsidies wanting to pick up the hugely lucrative iPhone crowd. This cultimates in Nokia releasing what to me looks like a significantly better phone for a lower price but potentially costing the same or even more on contract with a carrier. I believe this situation is the same in the USA - although you will probably find HTC/Microsoft and Nokia subsidising the cost with the new Windows Phone 8 releases to make sure the iPhone does not have that advantage. If people walked into a shop/carrier and needed to paid $599 for the Lumia 920 or $799 for the iPhone 5 - the market would look significantly different.

In summary, I do get frustrated by the number of reviews in the media claiming the iPhone 5 "winning". It is almost like they are saying they simply do not trust Nokia that the Lumia will have the screen quality, Camera quality and general robustness they are they assume Nokia are not being entirely honest and conclude saying the iPhone 5 wins. That just doesn't make sense. You either say the Lumia 920 wins or you say it is looking good and you are waiting on a review unit to verify the quality.

Really looking forward to your review when you get your hands on one Ross!



Although not perfect, your comparison was better than many others I've read. To all those who complained about the camera comparison, to an amateur(as most cellphone users are) the pic and vid comparisons I've seen put the iPhone 5 at a very close 2nd behind 920. The iPhone 5 hasn't been "blown away" by any means. That said, I'm currently an iPhone 4 user and I'm dropping that thing like lot a hot rock on Nov 4! Steve Jobs is dead, Apple has more money than most nations and they care about their customers like Bashar Assad cares about his countrymen. Fat, arrogant and lazy is not the route to continued success. Long on Nokia.



wait. so the 920 has an extra half inch and its immediately better?
this should have been a draw because people with small hands will definitely prefer the fell of the 5 better.



I need to pick one or the other in November, and all of my research puts the hardware of the Nokia in front of the Apple (camera, build, screen, design - processing is a virtual tie for me). I'm coming from Blackberry, so no bias...after test driving both several times, I just happen to prefer the WP flow over IOS. Especially the live tiles. Apps seem to be getting there for WP, just missing a TD trading app, then I'm all there. I experienced the Nokia apps (Drive, City Lens and Music) just yesterday (on a WP7 device)...and that blew away what the same rep showed me on the new iPhone. They can only get better on the 920 and WP8. I'm bias coming into it, but when I line them up, side by side in November, I can't see (at this time) not coming home with a 920. iPhone has good's all preference at this point, and a yellow 920 will be mine.



I think the iPhone 5 should be compared to the Lumia 820, to be fair:-)



There is no comparison here.The iPhone 5 is no match for the Lumia 920 in many ways. Get a life!



At the end of the day I'm pleased that there are now decent smartphone alternatives to the Apple iPhone. We have to give Apple credit - if they hadn't come out with the iPhone then we wouldn't probably have had these high-end smartphones now available to choose from. However, my view is that Apple missed the boat with their last iPhone opening up the market to their opposition. Why - maybe they thought that with such a dedicated and loyal fan base they could stretch features out over two phone releases instead of making the iPhone 5 a better one.

I think this is a mistake, also they have left the screen size and phone down to lighter weight than the Nokia and Samsung higher-end phones. I agree that the small form factor and weight is definitely a requirement for a reasonable number of users which is why Nokia and Samsung have alternatives. I'm just wondering whether they also intentionally kept the phone smaller and lighter to not encroach on their iPad-mini market?

I have an iPhone 4S and a Samsung Omnia WP7. I am now sold on the WP OS and personally find it better to work with than the iPhone / Android look and feel and have had no issues with speed. Noted that it doesn't yet have the depth of applications that the iPhone has but with 115K of them I'm assuming that they are slowly getting there ... I'm expecting that the major banks will start coming out with WP versions of their applications and I've switched across from DropBox to SkyDrive because of application features and as an added bonus SkyDrive works across WP 7 / 8 and my iPad & PC.

Whilst I would like to have a smaller form factor / lighter weight phone I'm also heavily into using key apps on my mobile device so would prefer a larger screen and happy to take the hit with some extra weight. When quizzing someone recently about why there is no Micro-SD in the 920 (I think there is one in the 820) I was told that with data plans and the cloud for storage / streaming that they decided not to put it in and use the space for something else. Pleased that NFC is supported and thought Apple missed the boat on this one.

Anyway - just my two cents worth and yes, I'm waiting for the Nokia 920 to be released in November :-).



Nokia 920 is FAR superior to anything Apple has ever made or modified. No comparison.
Combination of superior hardware and best OS makes the Nokia 920 the absolute best at the moment.



Anyone bitching about apps on WP8 must be pretty clueless about Windows 8 and the fact that the 2 share code, an app developed for Windows 8 ports to Windows Phone 8. Not to mention Windows Phone 8 is the first mobile phone to include DirectX for gaming, developers are going to go apeshit with WP8/W8.



What about NFC? Wireless charging? And the biggest advantage of all no itunes.



One of the most difficult choices for the Lumia 920 is deciding which colour to choose. I like the yellow, red and white. Maybe even the black.

This phone just looks so incredible.

Wish Telstra would hurry up and post some prices so I can decide whether to go on contract or import it.



Can the author please kill him or herself quickly and save everyone from this rubbish. I don't care what apple pays you just do it.

Before you do it please edit this and fix the errors we are all finding, how does blogs like this leak into the news stream. Embarrassing for humanity, technology and this is why no one take PCworld seriously anymore.

Kind Regards



Lumia 920... you're mine bitch



Dear Laplacetrans, are you kidding? Telling a human being to go and kill themselves over a phone article? Class act.
Keen on doing a better review? Post the link here when you are done. If you dont like the site then go elsewhere.
I'm sick of seeing cowards like you leave these disgusting and useless comments. I dont work for PCWorld, I'm just a reader like you.
If you can do a better job, please do.



Agree with all comments from other people. To the editor: if its better just say better. 8.7 megapixel is better than 8. 1.3 is better than 1.2 front facing camera, and on and on. Please call it how it is, without bias.



the author of this article has most likely never been in possession of or has even held a l920. Can the author confirm if he has any first hand experience with this phone or did he just post a news article based off opinions he could find on the internet?



i don´t know how people can wish a nokia lumia 920, it´s such a cheesy product... nokia wants to create a banana republic and everyone seems to like and talk good thins about it.

my parents always told me that quality costs money, so for me apple is still the best bet.



LOL!!! If Lumia's camera is tied with the iPhone 5 then I certainly won't be buying this phone! iPhone 5 camera is HORRIBLE!



Why do they keep comparing the iphone 4s to the 5? I though this was about iphone 5 vs nokia lumia 920.



The A6 processor on the iPhone 5 blows every other phone out of the water on benchmarks including the Galaxy S3. The comparison based on cores and clock speed is irrelevant.



Jim, I hope you are joking.



Its very funny.. Alot of you guys are americans or american citizens. Of course you'll defend the iphone5 its an american product as well.. The choices are yours guys. Choose a thinner phone? Go for it. I prefer the lumia's cons, its weight. It dont bother me. I have average hands. And its more durable. Feels like a men's phone.



nokia looks better out of the box, but what about in 3 months? in my experience all phones besides iPhones, such as android and windows phones, have started to lag and glitch after about 3 months. and by 9 months i hate my phone and can't wait for my contract to be up to get a new phone. but with my current iPhone 4 that I've had for about 3 years, i hardly notice any aging symptoms beside the home button tweaking a little bit.



i have been using nokia's for many years and never even looked at getting an iphone. i must say i was seriously thinking of getting the samsung s3 but now nokia has come up with this brilliant device there's no doubt i'll be running to telstra this month and get one! the nokia cameras have always been the best and is 1 feature that is important to me. the rest is txting and social networking, i'm not a hight tech knob and prob. won't use 90% of the apps on it like i think most people won't. i'm just glad they finally came up with the new lumia and from what i hear and read it must be a damn good piece of tech. i would pick anything over an iphone but this nokia is just the cream for me..telstra...better stock them up!! i'm comin to get one!



to add to that, i'm still using the nokia N8 wich still doing what i want it to do but very slow compared to others. the 12 MP camera tho is awesome and their panorama app is still making some very nice pics. the ones that are on here are high tech pc nerds with a lot more knowlage of pc's and phones and what they can do but for the average blow jo that doesn't need his phone for work/business most apps and what it can do is not really important. as others i look forward to the time my contract with vodafone (or whoever) ends so we can replace the outdated device we have. around that time i start doing my homework and start looking at the ones that have the best ratings and reviews. so with 2 weeks to go on the contract i'm looking at phones that fits my needs and the plans they offer. right now it's the galaxy s3 and the nokia 920... the nokia is not even available on vodafone plans as they still need to sort out their crap network not even to mention the 4G network!!! it will take them another 3 years to sort that out!! so telstra is on the cards as i want this nokia! it all comes down to personal choise and most people got draged into the iphone hype for reasons i don't know...i'm sticking with nokia, as i have done the last 4 years. the NOKIA LUMIA 920 is a phone i can use for the next 2 years and the apps?....welll i couldn't give a you know what. i want something up there with the latest tech so it serves me for the next 2 years. i looked and played with it at telstra and i like the phone. when i get it i'll play with it to see what has changed in the last 2 years but i'm sure i won't be dissapointed! NOKIA ALL THE WAY! suck on that apple!! i'm gonna munch on a real one now :-p



and it will be one in bright yellow!!! now how's that for a change! good on ya NOKIA for steppin up with colors that ROCK!



luke... my N8 is still not old enough for me to change it for an iphone!!! it might be slow but it does what i want it to do...just wish it had better coverage with vodafone....



I have tested both the iphone 5 and nokia lumia 920. I must say the colours on the iphone is more naturel, and the depth in the pics are better. But as the light goes down the lumia wins bigtime, and the flash is much better.
the video on the lumia is far the best, due to the sound quality, and the stabilizer, but still nokia have some issues about white turns out yellow, both in camara mode and video.
When you do evening shots on the lumia it is not so noisy as the iphone, but red is not red anymore if u use the night settings and flash.



Used both of the devices for a month or two, and the lumia just wins it for me by a long shot. Guess it's something about the fact that ITS NOT FREAKING BORING. The lumia OS is also way more customizable and fresh. And oh, i can use it in the cold Finnish weather with my gloves as promised :) im sold for good.



Apple offers Pine Tree State wonderful post sales support through their Apple Stores. If I actually have a drag with ANY Apple device I merely take it in and that they can resolve my problems. attempt progressing to a Best obtain or a Fry's with a laptop or cellular phone drawback.

See More:

Daniël (Amsterdam)


I have the Nokia Lumia 920 for a few days now, and it's an awesome phone, before I get the Lumia I've had the, iPhone 5 and the difference between these two are so huge, the Nokia has so many features that the iPhone don't have, example: wireless charging, my opinion is that the Lumia 920 is a better phone than the iPhone 5. The most people want the iPhone because it is The iPhone,(you know what I mean with that.....) the Lumia is a better choice, you can do many more with the Lumia
(haha, sorry for the bad English)




Owning a iPhone must be as the Nokia CEO says a bit embarrassing.
145,000 apps available for Windows 8 phone.



Its a real hero...



I love the nokia 920 and would not have anything else. I am sick of hearing how much very the iphone is

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