Aldi to sell new dual-core, 3G Android tablet for $249

Aldi selling 3G-capable Bauhn Android tablet from Saturday 23 September

The new 3G-capable Android tablet selling through Aldi is Bauhn-branded.

The new 3G-capable Android tablet selling through Aldi is Bauhn-branded.

German supermarket chain Aldi will sell a 3G-capable, dual-core Android tablet running Google's Jelly Bean software in Australia for $249, but has once again warned consumers that stocks are likely to be limited.

Set to go on sale this Saturday 23 February as a limited run special, the new Bauhn-branded Android tablet is the third device of its kind Aldi has sold in Australia.

The new tablet has a 9.7in IPS display with a resolution of 1024x768, comes with 16GB of internal memory and has a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera. The Bauhn product will be powered by 1GB of RAM, comes with a microSD card slot that allows users to expand the memory and also includes a built-in GPS chip. It has a non-removable 6100mAh lithium polymer battery.

The Bauhn device, which doesn't appear to have a model name listed on the company's Website, is powered by a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A9 MTK8377 dual core processor and will run the 4.1 Jelly Bean version of Google's Android platform. The device also comes with a front-facing VGA camera and will support 3G on the 850MHz and 2100MHz network bands in Australia.

The new Bauhn tablet as it appears on the company's Website.
The new Bauhn tablet as it appears on the company's Website.

"Stay connected with the Bauhn 3G Tablet, this product includes a 16GB hard drive and 5MP Camera, all in a beautiful slim line design," the product page states.

In addition to the Bauhn 3G tablet, Aldi is also advertising two accessories. It will sell a keyboard case ($29.99) and a 16GB microSD card ($14.99).

Aldi has previously sold two Bauhn-branded tablet devices in Australia. It stocked the AMID-972XS dual-core Android tablet last September and also sold the Bauhn AMID-971R tablet last June. Both models ran the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google's Android OS and were sold for the same price as the new model, $249.

The original Bauhn AMID-971R tablet was incorrectly advertised by Aldi as having a dual-core processor. At the time, PC World Australia discovered that the device was actually powered by a single core chip with a separate graphics processor.

Like other Bauhn tablets, Aldi has advertised the new Bauhn device as a "limited special buy" and says stocks will vary between stores. The supermarket chain also says the product may sell out on the first day due to "unexpected high demand."

The back of the new Bauhn Android tablet.
The back of the new Bauhn Android tablet.

"While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores," reads a statement on Aldi's Web site. "Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities."

Aldi refuses to reveal exact sales figures, but it is believed the supermarket completely exhausted Australian stocks of the original Bauhn tablet in days. PC World Australia understands that many stores in suburban Sydney sold out stocks within minutes.

Bauhn provides a one year warranty with the new Android tablet, while Aldi says it will refund or replace any Bauhn product within 60 days, provided it obtains a proof of purchase.

Have you previously bought a Bauhn Aldi tablet? If you missed out, are you going to try again? Let us know your thoughts about the Aldi tablet in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




What is the expected real battery life for emailing and simple Google searches (no movies etc)? The 7" $99.99 Aldi tablet (should add that to theAldi tablet release list) that sold out in minutes on 5/12/12 had a 2.5 hr battery life and seemed to take 20 hrs to recharge, making it useless away from powerpoints. It also had a terrible, erratic, really barely functional touch screen with lots of gremlins as you tried to type... bad enough to seem like they were running just a marketing project to see how instantly they sold and then how many came back (would be interesting to know those figures) in the 60 day money-back period.

This Saturday 23/2/13 Aldi are also selling on special a dedicated case for this 9.7" tablet, incorporating a Bluetooth keyboard, said to suit a wide variety of Android and Apple tablets. Would this keyboard also definitely work with any Android or Apple phone?

Ross Catanzariti


Hi Al,

There are no published figures for battery life on the Bauhn website, unfortunately. Most Android tablets should last at least 24 hours, though obviously lots depends on how you use the device e.g how long the screen is on for etc. It really depends on a lot of individual factors.

A standard Bluetooth keyboard case should work with any Android or Apple tablet with Bluetooth connectivity (all of them). It will just depend on whether the tablet itself fits into the case.



Thanks. Same bluetooth keyboard would also work with most Apple/Android phones?



Bought the previous tablet and 4 of the 7inch tablets. The larger tablet had to be replaced twice due to faulty SD slot. All tablets take at least 12 hours to fully charge and have a user time of less than 3 hours usualy closer to 2. The larger tablet is no longer working before it died i found it to be slow and quite unresponsive at times. I wouldn't buy another one. The smaller tablets are very slow and also mostly unresponsive. The power button and home button rarely work correctly and charging and usage times are very frustrating especially when you ned to keep 5 kids occupied on long car trips.



i brought one broke the cover with the sim card in it . The sim card doesn't lock in any way. broke the cover trying push it in. The whole section needs to be redesigned. some like other sim card as other tablets or slide in like a phone



Both the sim and the microSD use a spring loaded mechanism. Although I can see how the cover could easily be broken. It's not the sturdiest piece of plastic, but it's also not the weakest.

So far, it seems ok. Certainly faster than the original 7inch Galaxy tab I have.

It takes a long time to charge, I'd like to test it against an iPad to see the difference in battery life and recharge rate.



I bought two and one had an error Black Screen of Death and it started flicking between apps. Also had problems trying to get the sim card to lock in.

2nd one the sim locked in ok. I have a Telstra sim card and it would not pick up the network although when it did it was very weak and was cutting in and out with no signal most of the time and I could not access the internet. On wi fi it was great. I am not happy and will be returning them both tomorrow. I have an android phone and it works perfectly well on the internet as well as phone calls. I thought the Bauhn tablet would be a good substitute for the android phone as it has a much larger screen and was 3G.



The sim card is not locking in , what should i do with it ?

Bruce G


I purchase the first 9.7 tablet Aldi sold and returned it within a hour as the off on switch fell into the case.
I purchase this new offering this morning and while it was charged I could not wait to install my Telstra sim out of my htc desire .
First problem, the sim/sd cover is very small and It just poped off and and it took me a couple of minutes to find it .
Next problem is to have the sim click in you need to use your finger nail to push the sim about 1.5 mm inside the slot and to remove it I needed to use the end of a pen to make it click out.
The big problem is the tablet does not read the sim, I will have my son try again tomorrow to double check I'm doing things correctly. The only pluss so far is Aldi have no problems with refunds up to 60 days after purchase.



I have purchased the 9.7 tablet and I am wondering if I can run a seagate 500 gb hard drive to watch movies and store photos. I would appreciate if anyone can help me with the answer. I have added the apps that I wanted and it seems to work fine although I am a first time tablet user.



I've bought this tablet last Saturday and I found nothing wrong with very well running.

Jonathan Cliff


I am writing this on the bluetooth keyboard connected to the new tablet. Having used it (well, really played with it...) for a day and a half it is BRILLIANT. Sim card in - instantly connected toTelstra. Extra memory card in - instantly more memory. I tappears to give me the option also of yet more space to be connected through the USB connector, but I haven't tried that yet.

The touch screen is very fluid and the tablet is certainly fast enough. I have an android phone and also an iPad (first version). The OS (4.1) is much improved on 2.3 on the phone. Compared to the iPad this tablet is certainly a lot faster. Unlike Apple stuff it takes a little while to get organised and also to get familiar with the icons etc. I cannot see how an iPad3 at up to over $1,000 is 4 times better than this little beauty.

I've bough quite a bit from Aldi before - Desktop PCs, Laptops and TVs. They are all still going - some are more than 5 years old and theywereall greatvalue and bits haven't fallen off. I did have a bad kettle which was replaced with another bad one, then I asked for (and got) my money back instead. I have also bought stuff (most recently a laptop)and then changed my mind. I got a refund, no questions. I say to anyone who is dubious about buying their stuff - if you don't like it you really can take it back for 2 months.



Bought the first model last June. After 3 months the on/off switch fell inside the casing (a common occurrence), Was replaced under warranty with the second model which has run fine to now. Gets used daily. Fine for games and wi fi access to internet. Camera performance is poor. For the money I have no complaints.



I joined the que last Saturday & got my tablet. All is going well .... except when I put an SD card in I also had to pop it out with a pen, then needed tweezers to get it out correctly. I have not attempted to put my sim card from my phone in as yet as I am abit concerned about it getting stuck. I have used wifi & very happy with result. I think I have had about 10 hours out of the battery, using it for playstore, set ups, facebook, ebay & abit of YouTube. Will do a full back up of phone then give the sim a go. I also bought the keyboard cover but it really adds a lot of weight to it. As I bought it as a light weight option for work, rather than lugging my laptop & power supply every day. I may return the keyboard, undecided right now. As previously stated Aldi have the 60 day satisfaction guarantee money back policy. Gotta love that.

Bruce G


I poisted comment #9 having a bit of trouble with the new tablet. I left it untill the next day and started again, this time the Sim out of my phone installed with no problem and worked.
I have been playing around with the tablet and can say it's a top item,

I still need to work out how to make the keyboard in the cover case work, Is there a trick to it?

Diana S


I bought 2 tablets on Saturday to I also had problems with the tablet not reading the sim card.Thought it might have been a faulty sim so changed it but no still didn't work .I guess thats the luck of the draw the other one I bought working well.Aldi's did not hesitate to refund my money



I am unable to put the SD card in and putting the clip back on the clip doesn't stay shut can anyone guide me.



I picked up one of the AMiD-9743G tables on Saturday last week. The only trouble I have is 3G. I purchased a data only Virgin SIM. $15 for 1GB post paid. The login screen displays Virgin Mobile. So the Sim is seen but still get "No internet connection" for 3G
I got some settings from Virgin Mobile and under setup, data usage, more, access point names, I created a new entry with an APN of "virginbroadband", APN type WAP, Authentication type PAP, I can only get a step further if I turn on WiFi and I get a 3G connection, but turn off WiFi and 3G returns to "No internet connection", that is, if you either turn off 3G data on the table or if you switch off you home WiFi. Vodaphone uses the 900Mhz/2100Mhz band so is compatible with the Braun. Virgin have confirmed the sim is activated.
Has anyone had any luck with 3G.
Who did you use and what settings did you apply.



If you bought a Bauhn iPad bluetooth keyboard case (which is exactly what it's designed for) like I did for the Bauhn tab, it worked a treat for me but I did have to modify the case a on.
Connecting: Turn on Bluetooth on the tablet, then turn on the keyboards, you will get a prompt to enter some numbers on the keyboard (this is like a pin).
If you have been there and done that and get an invalid pin/id message, go into Settings | Bluetooth | look for paired devices or available devices for a keyboard. If it's in availavble devices, press on the "bluetooth keyboad" text and it will try pair up.
I got an exacto knife from Jaycar Electronics (Look's like a surgical knife) and carefully cut a section out of the case where the power & volume buttons are. Draw the cut line with a pencil and ruler first Seal off the exposed edge with black nail polish, and walla, a pro finish. I made a hole for the headphones with a craft or sewing leather hole punch.

Lila Moss


I had bought Asus brand for the first time last year's a transformer tablet from Harvey Normans just before Christmas for around $800. Second day frames have coming off and while putting the sim card, a piece came off' a small frame. Took the tablet to exchange. They said nothing they can do. I have to wait until Christmas was over to take it to Asus centre for repair. By the time I took the tablet to Asus, most of the frame was off, tablet coming apart. Asus blamed me dropping the tablet asked for $200 to repair the frames. Tblet was in my handbag, was using it damaged. I had never dropped the tabled. I didn't and used it damaged until I bought this tablet from Aldi for about $250. 2days past, nearly a week- I am over the moon. I am so happy with this tablet. I am out of misery. I throughout the $800 misery into rubbish bin. I can neither stand the Harvey Norman name nor Asus. I feel I am tricked. I am constantly looking the frames of this tablet to see any signs off breaking from heat or just coming off. They look still strong. I am happy with everything about this tablet. If I have problem after a year, I won't still feel being tricked. It's about $250 not $800.

Colin Jones


I brought the Tablet and case Keyboard for my mother, and to be honest its a good unit for the price. The 3G sim works well and the wireless functions like it should. I compared it to my Galaxy Note 10.1, Nexus 7 and there are big difference but they are both quad core units but still performs well. I have used the Kogan Agora Dual Core 1.5GHz and the speed difference is marginal. The big bonus I think is that the Bauhn Tablet has the 3G capability and in my eyes makes it a better unit. I did notice they stripped out some functions in Jelly Bean to increase battery life like Live Wall papers and it took me a few goes to get skype functioning. Really minor teething problems that you get anyway no matter how much you pay. It test it a little more I loaded Beach Buggy blitz and they Gyro functioned well and the over all game played well. Movies loaded playing through QQ Player all worked well with a smooth look and Audio was good, the generic player was lacking and Audio did not work so I would suggest using another player. My question will be updates for the ROM well I think maybe not! you never know your luck but if your a person who likes putting on custom roms this might not be the tablet for you. Overall if you want a tablet for the kids to do homework or your parents to travel with get the bluetooth Keyboard and cover because they make for a great package and really a very cheap alternative.



Have you had trouble with making 3G work like me? Well I finally fixed it. This might save you time if your in the same situation. Refer to my previous post on the symptoms. To fix, ensure you have backed up your data. You have to reset the tablet which will delete any apps and settings. Go to settings, Backup & Reset, Factory Data Reset. After a restart, return to adding your 3G settings (APN details) as per your telcos suggested settings. That solved my issue.



I know how many ALDI sold, they sold around 30K units. Source: internal information leaked from employee.



Hi Colin, how did you fix the Skype problem?



I bought one, along with the keyboard/case and heck, picked up the 16GB sd as well.
I was able to buy it on the Monday, and our local store still had some, the manager told me they had ordered in plenty.
Kudos to Frank for the mod on the case. I was thinking along the same lines, but I'll use your solution. ATM I just put it in "backwards", because I'm not actually using the camera, but will later.
I found Skype to be good.

Now the bad bit. When I plug it in to my Windows 7 Laptop, it powers from the USB port, but I can't get the tablet to be recognised by the laptop for data transfer across the USB.

I've tried all of the settings I can think of (including mount/dismount USB, and my Android Smartphone works fine.



I purchased AMID-9743G for the 3G capability and found connecting to Optus wiil not work. I called TEMPO AUSTRALIA they informed me that it has been tested with Telsrta ONLY. Why didn't they say that on the packaging. Yes I do have a choice to return.
But every thing else works fine. .

John T


I bought the Bauhn AMID-9743G from Aldi on Monday 25/3 and I couldn't be happier with it. It does in fact worh with Optus. I'm with TPG and have been for a few years and my IPhone has always said Optus in the network section. I had no trouble putting both microsims in - the 3G micro sim and the SDHC micro sim. The screen is brilliant both in clarity and responsiveness and using it has been a breeze (having to refer to thr manual a few times but that's why it's there).

The reason I bought it is that I know quite a few people who bought them last time Aldi had them and they all were happy with them. It shows what a blatany rip off Apple is because I haven't found anything yet that they can't do and Apple's products can. Similarly I have a HTC explorer bought new for around $115 18 months ago as a work phone because I didn't want to ruin my iPhone 3GS and not only does it do nearly everything the 3GS does (keep in mind the difference in prices of these products) but the spell checker and Dictionary on the HTC are miles better. While it quickly learns your writing style and finishes sentences for you (if you have the setting for it turned on) the iPhone will SOMETIMES finish one word when I'm up to the last or rarely 2nd last letter.

In short the Bauhn stands alone as a brilliant product, without having to compare it to the iPad or taking into consideration the price - they're just bonuses.

The people who are having buttons fall off (of the two they have -the volume is a one piece rocker switch) or having the card cover breaking must be extremely heavy handed because out of this model (early days I know) and the earlier models, I know nobody who has had similar problems.

I too, have bought a number of Aldi branded products (camera, laptop, etc) and found that they do set tight quality control standards as I've had no problems with any of them.

Danni M


Hi all
Has anyone that has bought this tablet been unable to connect a USB through a micro USB to 2.0 USB converter? I can't seem to be able to get the tablet to acknowledge the USB has been connected... Other than that the tablet has been great!

Tracey F.


Hi All,
May be there are not many people out there that use USB except Danni and me. I could not get USB to work either and after talking to the "Tempo" people was told that it didn't work and if I wasn't happy, to return it for a full refund. One of the reasons I purchased the tablet was the USB capability so I am not happy. I haven't returned the tablet yet as I am happy with other aspects of the tablet. Mind you I agree about the SD and SIM slots and cover - they are totally unsuitable. I keep hoping by some miracle an update will appear for the USB. I will think further about whether I will return it or not.



Hi Ross, If you were tossing up between this and the Motorola Xoom 2 for an extra $50 which way would you go.



Where do I buy a cord to download photos from this phone? , you say it comes with a cord !!!! ( where would it have gone ?????) The phone will not hold the charge so I will have to but a new battery.
This phone was purchased last Wednesday from ALDI
Please help


i have bought one of thease leads Mini USB OTG i know it worked on my 7"tablet which was micro usb OTG for mouse keyboard and extra hard drive so for a $1.60 wil give this a try as Aldi help phone number didn't know and didn't get back to me as to whether it would work or not



Hi Nev,
The Aldi people told me the USB option does not work as advertised. I already purchased an adaptor and then found I wasted my money. I look forward to hearing if you had any luck.



Hi tracey did you buy an OTG lead



Hi Nev,
I purchased an adaptor that plugged into the micro USB cable that came with the tablet, so that I could plug a USB thumb drive (4g capacity) into it and have the tablet read it. The tablet would not read the USB or even acknowledge that there was one plugged in.



with my other tablet it had to be an OTG lead not just the normal lead (On The Go Lead)
it allowed the tablet to read keyboard mouse and usb stick or external H drive and worked well
For $1.60 thought its worth a try

Beryl Henry


I bought the Bauhn 3g tablet when I try to buy a book or anything else
It tells me I have reached my quantity or have no more tabs and I haven,t bought anything I,m 85 perhaps it,s too big a challenge.



Beryl, maybe you have two many "windows" open - that means pages on the internet. Look at the tabs at the top. You may need to click on the "x" at the top to close the window. It has nothing to do with buying the books. I am guessing at your problem but hopes this help.
PS Good on you for giving it a try. Don't give up.



Can someone tell me how to set up my photos for emailing to a jpeg format on my Aldi 9'7 Android tablet as the book ( camera section) tells me zilch. This technology is new to my husband and me. I've tried ringing the support people but no luck.



probs with sim card for me



Has anyone had any success with plugging in a USB? I bought an adaptor to plug the cable supplied into so I can add a USB but nothing happened. Where should I be looking to see if it is connected & can see the files in the USB? Im normal able to sort this stuff out by googling etc but I'm really lost with this tablet but I do love everything else. Thanks



Hi all.
I bought this tablet and have no issues.
Sim card put in without hassles. Works with Optus 3G no problems.
No hassles with power button falling in.
Memory card installed without any hassles.
Battery takes a long time to charge.
I played video poker with life like graphics for about 1 hour. Battery was at 93%. after.
All round .... a great price tablet.
I'm very happy with this tablet.
If you are not satisfied take back before 60 days for a refund.
You will not find a tablet with these features for the price.
Good luck and happy computing.



Very impressed with this unit for the money, I`ll be modding my case as soon as I can get some black nail polish. Bought a micro usb adaptor $1 from Hong Kong (ebay), recognises all flash drives so far, brilliant.



3 friends all bought aldi tablets to use as marine chart plotters.We loaded NAVIONICS HD CHART app [$46] but find when we tap to accept the start up agreement we all get [Unfortunately,Aus/NZ charts stopped.] we can find no way around this .Can anyone HELP please All other functions are looking good



Love my new tablet not sure what size SIM it needs micro. Or the older big ones?



Hi All Have just brought the Aldi Bhuan tablet. I also had trouble gettiung the sim card to click in. Just needs a good push with a pair of tweezers. Still hard to get it out tho. need tweezers to pick it out.

Can anyone tell whether I can use my telstra sim in the unit and or my Telstra data sim from my mobile date USB Turbo dongle. Will the tablet accept both and allow both to work, or should I only try the USB dongle via the Micro USB port (Is/if their a cable that female normal USB to micro USB Aldi tablet?) Its all a bit confusing.

Michel Vogeli


I bought the Bauhn 3G tablet with the Bluetooth keyboard on 23/02/13. It worked well until the tablet started to go haywire with icons jumping all over the screen and applications starting on their own. I contacted the support branch and they recommended to do a reset. It worked again after the factory reset (and downloading all the apps again) until today 03/04/13. Same thing again, crazy icons jumping and disappearing with no response when touching the screen. I went back to Aldi to return the lot and they refunded me immediately which was a relief !! I'll be shopping for another brand as I want a stable and reliable tablet when I am travelling.

Helping hand


At Linda, and others having trouble transferring files via USB.

There are 2 work arounds that I use.
1. buy a microSD. Transfer files by moving the microSD between the tablet and your PC. (I will concede that it doesn't look easy to remove the microSD from the tablet. I haven't tried yet because my preferred method of transfer is 2 below.)

2. If you have a wifi home network, Download an app called AirDroid. This will connect your tablet to your computer without wires. (secure connection by taking a photo of a unique QR code in your PC Web browser or entering a session unique password. ) You can do heaps with this app. View everything that is on your tablet, move files around, etc. Shockingly powerful and shockingly not very well known.

(While I've used it with plenty of phones and other tablets, I used it for the first time on this Aldi tablet this morning and was surprised that my extra microSD card wasn't recognised. I transferred what I needed to the main memory then moved the files later.)



I purchased this Tablet on March 6th. I find charging the device is very very slow. Do other uses have a similar problem. It takes more than 24 hours to fully charge. Sometimes the device will not charge despite all connections being found to be properly connected. At some point despite the connection, the battery seems to be decreasing in charging capacity. Hope some person can offer a solution. If not I may have to return to Aldi.



Can I used the tablet overseas? with

Helping Hand


@Yusef... sounds like a faulty connection or charger. The tablet would still be under warranty. Call the support number. They are usually very helpful.

@Ryan.. I don't see why you couldn't use it overseas. Good thinking getting a roaming SIM.
However, remember to look out for free WiFi to save you even more money. The rest of the world tends to be more generous than Australia in this regard...



Do u need a sim to connect to Internet? I thought I could just use my wifi? I pair up but still can't get on net. When I go into network settings there is no active link to click on???

Helping Hand


No, Carmen, you do NOT need a SIM to connect to the internet.
If your WiFi network doesn't appear, most likely the WiFi setting is turned off. There should be a button that looks like a sliding switch. Turn it on.
If your network still doesn't appear, find the menu button and choose scan.
This assumes your network is visible and not "hidden".



I bought the bauhn tablet - the 2nd lot that came out with no 3g - has been awesome - until i got one of the bluetooth keyboard cases and now the screen has cracked - and cracks further when i recharge it in the case - have a feeling it's the heat coming from the bluetooth keyboard because up until recently didn't have it in that. As for the microsd issue - i found there's one way to put it in, and when i clicked one to change it - the card flew half way across the room lol - but the next one went in all good. have now bought 2 and they are great - bought the mini tablet for my mum and would have to say that is lacking - but as for the other ones great - i also have an ipad (1st vers), and have found the tablet faster than them. No dramas with the case, or microusb (have adapter which works fantastically) - but be aware what looks like the miniusb port is actually for the HDMI cable - same as ipads it won't charge off laptops - not enough charge. Got it because in my industry there's a lot of flash videos that i need to see and of course apple will never support flash - found google app store can be clunky, and you need to look at the reviews from people before downloading stuff and it took me a while to work out the google wallet - but apart from that all good - would buy another one in a heartbeat - and am thinking i may have to if i can't get the screen fixed lol - but probably wouldn't use the keyboard case with it again - not sure if it's the heat that has cracked the screen or the keyboard being pressed onto it during transit that has caused the crack but either way it's happened



The first Aldi Tablet had USB out-GREAT the new one doesn't
The first Aldi tablet read ALL com pressed movie files. The new one DOESN'T
For SOME strange reason the new one DOESN'T so I returned it
AVI/MKV/MP4 is a VERY common movie file...why did they leave this off the new model Bald?

Helping Hand


@helen. You're right about the 7 inch Onix tablet. Even at $99 I found it too slow and unresponsive. Fortunately, Aldi's return policy (60 days) made it easy to try out, and simply return.
Not sure what you mean about the port though, the latest tablet has a micro USB, which is pretty standard.
Google app store has recently been updated. Perhaps you would find it more user friendly now?

@Ray. What do you mean about the USB out? I can download files via the supplied USB cable. If you can't, that is a fault.
As for the video file types, it is easy enough to find a free app to play mp4s and AVIs. Try MX player. I'm pretty sure it does MKVs as well. It's a great and powerful app.



I've had one of these units since Sept 2012. So far I've had it shutting itself down as the battery instantly discharges then waiting for it to recharge before booting it. Support advised me to factory reset it. That fixed that issue. Then the battery overheated and left a heat mark on the LCD; that disappeared over a few days. Did another factory reset with no further battery issues. The sounds has just stopped working so I'm about to do my 3rd factory reset. Lets see how that goes. Apart from those few issues its been ok. You get what you pay for.



I would like to say that I love everything that my tab offers. It really is a portable computer come mobile phone. My girlfriend has an Ipad and if she had to do it again she would be buying the baune. I buy the Woolworths 29 recharge and away I go, its Awesome. Now I need to know when they are coming on sale again cause I would like to get my son one and my dad would really like one also. There are a few things that I would like to know though. Where do I get screen protector's for my baune and extra covers



the next lot of Bauhn tablets 10.1" comes on sale Wednesday 5th June 2013
not sure if i need the 3G only the wifi so for an extra $30 might just buy the samsung tablet instead though ??



What's the best company sim card to put I. The aldi bauhn tab having couple problems with it?



What brand sim card does the bauhn tablet take Harbin a couple problems with it???



Is it possible to print (wireless) from the new 10.1 Bauhn? And if so, how?



I have new 10.1 Brauhn tablet. I do not yet have a Sim card. When I try to connect to W-i Fi the Wi Fi button slide goes from "off" to "on" but then immediately slips back to "off" ! Anyone know why and how to fix it ?
Do I need a Sim card for Wi Fi to work ?

Also what is the size of the Sim card no dealers at my mall have a mini sim




On the first screen touch the Wi Fi button to turn it on. You don't need a sim for Wi Fi. On page 10 of the manual it shows size of the mini sim!



Each of them is presenting very demanding of today's consumers! Large household help, in the event that any will payday effectively as simple as that and basically guaranteed. Cash awards can be found by with a mix of designers, strategists and project managers.

Frank ACT


Have just purchased last week a new tablet from Aldi Canberra, it appears to be working quite well have not tried all of the things it will do. Have connect to my home WiFi no problem, is there an Office program or Apps that can be downloaded for this tablet.

Phil Byrnes


Hi, a small problem that has me perplexed. A friend of mine bought one of these aldi tablets and is very happy with it but has given it to me to see if I can fix a small ( turned out to be large lol) problem that he has.
He tried to put his amaysim SIM card in ( best on market, can't recommend them enough) but he unfortunately snapped out the little micro sim out of the larger enclosure you normally use and then, finding it swallowed by the slot, tried, without success, to dig it out with a knife hmm.
I have looked on the net and can't find a service manual anywhere and need advice please as there are no screws on the case to be able to remove the cover to get to the SIM card holder.
Do you or any of your subscribers know where I could get such a manual, advice on how to get inside the little machine without doing any further damage or, lacking such advice, where best to go to get our difficult resolved without going through a fortune. We live in Oatley in Sydney and would very much appreciate any advice as he's a good mate, and trusts me to find a solution for him.
All the best, Phil

Michelle VIC


Hi I feel pretty stupid but don't want to have the same problem as Phil's mate. Can you use Aldi prepaid Sim for the Bauhn tablet and do you need to push it out of its larger holder or is that different to a mini sim?



Have tried a Telstra Data Sim in two 10.1" 3G tablets so far without them being recognised. Any ideas as a fix on this?



How do I get this new tablet to show Hebrew and Arabic keyboards? Have bought the 10.1" on behalf of a Palestinian friend and am not at all savvy about tablets.



Re Phil with the micro sim caught in the channel. All you have to do is make a tool from a sturdy paper clip. Use a pair of micro cut off snips and fashion a right angle at the end of the clip.then with your snips cut back to a millemetre. Like a small grab hook.Slide it down one side and pull out. Comes out with one pull.



Can anyone tell me how to get a new charger for my Bauhn tablet

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Kathy Cassidy


First impression on unpacking the Q702 test unit was the solid feel and clean, minimalist styling.

Anthony Grifoni


For work use, Microsoft Word and Excel programs pre-installed on the device are adequate for preparing short documents.

Steph Mundell


The Fujitsu LifeBook UH574 allowed for great mobility without being obnoxiously heavy or clunky. Its twelve hours of battery life did not disappoint.

Andrew Mitsi


The screen was particularly good. It is bright and visible from most angles, however heat is an issue, particularly around the Windows button on the front, and on the back where the battery housing is located.

Simon Harriott


My first impression after unboxing the Q702 is that it is a nice looking unit. Styling is somewhat minimalist but very effective. The tablet part, once detached, has a nice weight, and no buttons or switches are located in awkward or intrusive positions.

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