Telstra-powered Aldi Mobile pricing unveiled

Aldi Mobile will offer two pay as you go plans, $15 and $30, along with a $35 unlimited plan

The Aldi Mobile website currently includes a countdown timer to next Wednesday 6 March at 8.30am.

The Aldi Mobile website currently includes a countdown timer to next Wednesday 6 March at 8.30am.

Pricing for German supermarket chain Aldi's new pre-paid mobile network, Aldi Mobile, has been revealed.

Australian blog EFTM has published Aldi Mobile's full pricing structure and also confirmed that the new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) will use the Telstra wholesale network to provide its service.

Aldi Mobile will offer two pay as you go plans, $15 and $30, along with a $35 unlimited plan that includes 5GB of data. The company will also offer a $15, 2GB data-only plan with a 30-day expiry for tablet devices.

Aldi's $15 and $30 pay as you go plans both have a 365 day expiry. Standard national calls, mobile calls, calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers and voicemail are all charged at the flat rate 12 cents per minute. SMS messages are charged at 12 cents each, MMS messages at 35 cents each and data is billed at 5 cents per megabyte (MB) on both plans.

The $35 a month Aldi Mobile plan has a 30 day expiry and includes unlimited calls, voicemail, SMS, MMS and 5GB of data. The plan is $6 more expensive per month than Kogan Mobile's unlimited plan, which includes 6GB of data and remains the cheapest on the market.

The pricing structure of Aldi Mobile.
The pricing structure of Aldi Mobile.

Like Kogan Mobile, EFTM reports Aldi Mobile will use the Telstra wholesale network to provide its service. The Telstra wholesale network is capped below the regular data speeds of Next G and covers 97 per cent of the Australian population. It offers typical download speeds of between 550 kilobits per second (Kbps) and 3 megabits per second (Mbps).

The launch of Aldi Mobile was first reported earlier this week by Android blog Ausdroid. The service will launch next Wednesday 6 March and the Aldi Mobile website currently displays a countdown timer that ends on that date at 8.30am. Most Aldi supermarket stores across Australia open at this time on weekdays.

Along with the Aldi Mobile service, Aldi supermarkets will begin selling mobile phones from next week. It's latest catalogue advertises a dual-SIM, Onix branded feature phone for $19.99 along with a Bauhn-branded Android phone, also with dual-SIM capabilities, for $199.

The current Aldi catalogue advertising the Onix and Bauhn-branded phones. (Image credit: Ausdroid)
The current Aldi catalogue advertising the Onix and Bauhn-branded phones. (Image credit: Ausdroid)

The Bauhn ASP-4500Z Android phone is advertised as having a 4.5in IPS screen with a qHD resolution of 540x920, a 1GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. It also includes a microSD card slot, a 5-megapixel camera and a 2000mAh battery and runs the 4.1 Jelly Bean version of Google's Android operating system.

Are you impressed with Aldi Mobile's pre-paid rates? Would you use the service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




This is nothing spectacular. Lebara Mobile offers a $29.90 Unlimited product (calls and text) which includes 3Gb of data



yeah the difference is that this is on the telstra network



pretty useless plans really...

Neil macsonald


Makes prepaid affordable - great news



Nothing special in the rates. Those lucky enough to get in on Crazy Johns prepaid before the rebranding to Vodafone must be laughing at this.



Good news for occasional users who want to be on the Telstra network. $15 for 365 days.

Kogans better value for unlimited. $6 cheaper and 2 gb more.

The questions are, how are the data session charged, kilobyte, megabyte?

How much is the data only plan?

Will calls/txt be limited to Australia or will there be a "bolt on" option for international calls/txt like Kogan and Boost?



I believe the Kogan data is only on 2G......slow...I wonder if the same for Aldi?

Elly Dekker


Yes I would use it, I dont use mine phone often mainly for text and receiving calls



I pay $20 per month with iiNet. Great plan but Optus is the carrier. Definite benefit of Telstra being the carrier and worst carrier is Voda phone. No point having the cheapest plan when you cannot get service.

InThe Know!


Kogan operates on the 3G network. Next G is Telstra's branding for their 850 mhz 3G frequency (which is really fast). Kogan still uses this frequency but has an absolute download ceiling of 7.2 mbps. This is more likely to be 2 - 3 mbps in actual use depending on peak use etc. I have been using Kogan since it was launched. Living in Brisbane and travelling around all the greater South East region of QLD I get data speeds of 2.5 - 3 mbps. Which kicks my old optus speeds in the pants where I would be lucky to get 0.5 mbps. I'm never sitting around waiting for pages to load anymore. And the lower frequencies are great in cities where we often enter large buildings like malls and high rises. I never used to have coverage when trying to transfer cash in the back of a woolworths (often ending up running outside to get some coverage). I can transfer my cash even when in the deepest darkest parts of a westfield or woolworths. Kogan is an absolute winner in my opinion. Especially over Optus who i used more than 10 years. Only thing with Kogan is there is a wait list for their sims. As they have already sold over 70,000 in their first two months. I have a friend that has been waiting months for a sim. But I was luck because I got in early. Kogan was so good I switched from Optus and my wife switched from Telstra.

Ross Catanzariti


Hi all,

Article has been updated: Data inclusion on unlimited plan is 5GB, not 4GB as first reported.

Data-only plan for tablets is $15 per month for 2GB.

Josh French


In my opinion, my liveconnected plan is far better than this. I receive $550 worth of talk and text, unlimited liveconnected talk and text, unlimited social networking and 2 GB of data. I only pay $11 a month!!



I don't really mean to have too much of a shot at you Josh... But why do people insist on bragging that they get " $500 worth of talk & text".. Without saying how much that works out to in terms of cost per minute and how much they pay per flag fall. Its a meaningless figure. So can I assume that your calls are charged at $500 per minute so you only really get one minute free?? OK that is silly but no more so than just quoting "$500 free talk and text" with no further details.

I am always amazed that consumers get sucked in by this nonsense from our Telcos.

Sean Richards


As Bazza says, yes there is Lebara but they use Vodafone. One that people haven't mentioned that is cheaper than Kogan is Lycamobile $ 24 Super Saver with 3GB and like Kogan uses the older Telstra network ( NOT Next G ). Just very recently Boost has rescinded their relationship with Optus and now sells Telstra Next G, yes you read this right Telstra Next G 850 mhz. I believe I am 99% sure that they are the first provider to sell the Next G network, as I said Kogan and Lyca use the older Network NOT Next G so Boost Mobile is the first to onsell Next G. But in Boost's T & C's they don't use 4G just the Next G network. Following is a copy and paste from Boost T & C's to show 100% that they are using the Next G network .... You will have access to the 3G Telstra Mobile Network which provides coverage for over 99.3 per cent of the Australian population. .........Yes, all Boost Mobile customers on the 3G Telstra Mobile Network will have access to the same network.However, Boost Mobile customers will not have access to the Telstra 4G network. Also, to ensure that you get the most out of your service, it is important your handset is compatible with 850MHz <----- Sean says which is Next G
Please refer to the compatibility and unlocking FAQ’s for more info. ...... I have worked in the phone industry for 20 years and if I can provide anyone knowledge or assistance, please email me



if aldi's prepaid plans, including mobile & data were $29 on a 45 day plan, like Woolworths. It would be an absolute winner.



key word telstra network Q.E.D.


$1 per month etc 9.9 cent / minute (1 second rests)
Pay only for what I use. Optus infrastructure.
Light user. Costs me $6 per month all up.



Can I bring my number with me as I have 365 day with vodaphone and this one sounds better



Great for us 365 day plans for $15 cant wait.

Ross Catanzariti


Hi Bev,

Yes, you can port your number across to Aldi Mobile from another network.

Philip J


I am a pensioner and need to cut costs where i can. To enable me to afford Foxtel to get the footy.
I am currently on 'voda $30 28day prepaid plan'. I get 350mins = 8.6c/min. In practical terms i get 12.5 mins/day, costing $1.07/day or $32/mth. (NB: mth=30days)
If i go to Aldi '$15 or $30 365days plan' and budget on 6mins/day usage. Cost would be
12c x 6=$0.72c/day or $22/mth.
I have allready saved $10/mth by changing my homeline & internet from Optus to Dodo.
So that's $20/mth. Now i need to find out Foxtel costs.
Any, further saving ideas or alternatives out there...???



So will the new aldi smartphone make use of telstras 850 mhz sites



I order a Kogan SIM card online in early January . It did not arrive even though they sent me an email that it had been sent.So i contacted their help line by email. you cannot call anyone at Kogan.
The same thing happened 2 more times. I received an email yesterday saying they had been waiting for a new shipment and it was on it's way. its now 2 months of waiting.
There is no way I would transfer my mobile account and number to Kogan . Their performance is appaling.I don't trust them on past performance.

I will give Aldi a try . They have a network of outlets so I can get a SIM card from on the spot. They use Telstra network. Optus is hopless in the regional town I live in anyway.
I bought a 32 inch Bauhn LED T.V. from Aldi for $259.99 and it is excellent, so will check out their smart phone as well.

Philip J


Foxtel is $60/mth. So i will have to dig further for tech savings. May even have to cut back on cigs and grog. Gotta have the footy. Is there anyway i can share foxtel dish with my neighbour? We live
in adjoining wall apartments?



Has anyone bought the new smartphone yesterday? I can't switch off the keyboard sound while typing SMS... help from anybody?



To switch off keyboard sound
Settings- Language & input- Android keyboard settings.
Any idea on how to check for android firmware update?

Philip J


Just found out that Dodo internet runs at only 24mps, compared to optus @ 100mps. Enormous diff.
When i switched to Dodo from optus a mth ago they inferred all services were same. I am going back to optus



Our Aldi only had 4 smartphones available and no matter how you were queued up at the door, it was who found the phones first. Hubby bought a $20 one which wouldn't boot. Back to exchange it and then returned that one as the sound quality was terrible. Shame, we usually love Aldi.

Ross Edwards


I have signed with Aldi on the unlimited plan. Was a prepaid customer with Vodafone.
Bought a sim at the local store and put info on Aldi website that night. Next day rang through to a nice aussie, told her the plan i wanted and by 2pm i was hooked up ready to go, number already ported and plan in place. I live in south west vic and the service is great. Could not be happier. This might seem like an aldi commercial but it's not. It was so easy. Happy customer here.

Janet Rowlands


My husband and I connected today to the Aldi $35 unlimited plan. Tonight we paid by visa the $35 and received a text to say the $35 had been received. My balance was stating $14.85, would this be the balance from the $5 set up + the $10 bolt??? I am confused as we have not used the service since connecting other than receiving a call. Should the $35 credit be loaded overnight? As Ross above states it was nice and easy to set up and all transferred and connected within 2 hours. I have an iphone5 and the sim fitted after being cut down by a mobile shop in a nearby shopping mall.



4 Days ago I purchased the $5 starter pack - after being told I would be connected after 1 - 4 hours. (I opted for a new number in the hop that this would make things quicker and have already purchased the $30 credit on my account online). After 4 phone calls all they can say is the connection is still pending. The call centre staff are very pleasant, but the problem still has not been identified and I still can't use my mobile phone. Very frustrating.

Christiane schmidt


signed up to Aldi friday on $35.unlimited, what a way to go, took less than one hour.Have been with big brother telstra forever,had to wait 2 days before being clearned from my out of date contract.So happy days. Oh I,ve only got a cheapy phone ( $20) lasts for week without needing tobe charged.



I don't see how this is useless.. $35 for an unlimited service with 5GB of data, powered by Telstra towers (which guarantees reception everywhere) is pretty sweet. Might pick up a sim today!



I bought a $5 sim rang on sunday and gave all my details to the nice man at aldi. I have my account at aldi showing my ported number as my aldi number on the net but can't make calls except to ring 2534 (aldi) and wait on line for a half hour at a time.My phone is a sony ericsson g502.Any ideas please.




Do you have to go to an Aldi shop to get the unlimited deal? I live in Perth where there are no Aldi shops, wonder if that matters?



also, does the unlimited plan include voicemail? thanks



Just switched from optus to Aldi.
Amazed how easy it was and how great it is so far.
Telstra 3G reception is strong.
I feel so privileged to be using Telstra.
An unlimited Telstra plan is over $100 a month.
Problem is my iphone voice mail button doesn't work but dialing 141 is easy enough.
So happy.

Margaret Woodland


We are with Kogan but received a message last night saying that telstra has ended their deal with ispONE, will the same thing happen with Aldi ??? as we are thinking about going with them.



I am with Aldi and am Very happy with the service provided, both Calls and data.
I live in an area known for it's bad reception, that's why I was with Telstra, have had absolutely no problems since switching.

And Margaret, as far as I know Kogan had a deal through an on seller of Telstra services and the on seller went into liquidation not Kogan, Apparently Aldi have dealt directly with Telstra so hopefully they will remain in the game.

Ang Lor


re ALDI UNLIMITED...Read following:

5.2. We will monitor your usage on a rolling 30 day basis. The following is deemed to be unacceptable use where your service is used to do any of the following over a 30 day period:
i) make more than 2,500 minutes of voice calls;
ii) send more than 2,000 SMS;
iii) send more than 500 MMS;
iiii) download or upload more than 400MB of data on your 2GB data bolt on on a single day on three or more occasions.
We will attempt to contact you and give you warning notifications to let you know when you are close to breaching these limits.

5.3. We will monitor your usage on a daily basis. The following is deemed to be unacceptable use and a severe breach of this Policy where your service is used to do any of the following per day:
i. make more than 480 minutes of voice calls;
ii. send more than 500 SMS;
iii. send more than 100 MMS;
iiii. download or upload more than 1000MB of data

5.4. We may also monitor your usage in other ways and may deem the following usage to be
unacceptable where your service is used to do any of the following over three consecutive days:
i. make more than 300 minutes of voice calls per day;
ii. send more than 300 SMS per day;
iii. download or upload more than 400MB of data per day

With all the above conditions, can this plan be deemed "UNLIMITED" I do not think so!!! Perhaps another name for this plan would be in order!!!.
Was also informed by a Customer Service person that length of call should not exceed 30 mins at a time....I must have missed this in Acceptable Use Policy as I cannot find this anywhere.
Big fan of Aldi but they have disappointed me in not spelling out all these rules in a more "Open" manner. Not everyone reads the Terms (even though they are told to) so feel Aldi should be more "Upfront" with these conditions.



The problem with Aldi mobile despite being "with telstra" is that it only uses "part of telstra's 3G network" not all of Telstra's networks and not Telstra's 4G network...

So if you have an old phone, don't use the internet much... its great as Telstra's 3G still beats everyone else's 4G network... but if you're a serious mobile phone... who spent alot of money on their 4G phone? its not worth it.

Frederick Santos


I am going to mess this up, i am not very conversant on emails.

My Daughter has spoken to me about an Aldi Mobile Unlimited Phone plan for my Mobile, which presently uses a Telstra contract. which is due for renewal on 29/ 10/2013.

I have two of the same telephones The contract for the actve one is the one due for renewal.

The Model of the Phones is Samsung S5511T, the one in use is locked to the telstra Network.

The second phone is the same model, but is unlocked, and i wish to keep my Present Phone Number.
They are both Clamshell type phones for convenient shirtpocket useage.

If Possible, i want the Data (Broadband) disconnected, as i use my Mobile For only voice/ Text

My home telephone is 0296713749, for any clarification, and advice for any action from me.



I am impressed, just to trial Aldi mobile, I activated my Aldi sim 8pm to port existing number from old provider thinking it will at least take a couple of days. By 8.30pm my old service was cutoff. Surprisingly by 9.30pm received a welcome message from Aldimobile via email. Inserted my new sim, bought recharge $35 unlimited online, was given $5 credit already on sim-total$30 charged on my credit card . Reception and internet excellent.Happy.



Has been a brilliant service, maybe cheaper out there but i use it for the cheapness, the access to telstra system and 10 cent per minute calls to UK , USA , NZ. Much cheaper than what telstra was offering themselves and i use my grandfathered vodafone infinite plane for all my free voice, video calls in oz and free text in oz and to overseas, so is a good pairing for me. And $15 recharge equals 150 mins of cheap overseas calls.



Hey does anyone know where you can get a data/charging cable for the Aldi Onix Dual Sim phone at all?



The USB cord to recharge the phone on the 19.99 ONIX phone is poor quality. Worse still it is difficult to get a replacement cord at any of the usual stores because it has a proprietary on the metal connection and not just any cord will fit. I contacted the supplier and they want $25 for the USB cord plus postage on top of it. Definitely don't waste your time with this phone.

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