More Aldi Mobile details revealed

German supermarket chain Aldi has released some more details of its prepaid mobile service, Aldi Mobile

German supermarket chain Aldi has released some more details of its prepaid mobile service, Aldi Mobile, which is set to launch across Australia tomorrow.

The supermarket announced today that Aldi Mobile customers will be able to recharge their prepaid service online, via a mobile app, and through all 300 Aldi supermarket stores across Australia.

SIM cards for the service will be available in standard and micro-SIM sizes to suit most mobile phones and tablets on the market. Aldi Mobile starter packs ($5) and recharge cards will be sold in all Aldi Stores.

Users of the service will be able to track their credit online, through an upcoming Aldi Mobile app for iPhone and Android, or over the phone. Aldi also confirmed that all customers will receive a text message notification when they have reached 50 per cent of their credit usage "in order to avoid any unexpected bills."

"At ALDI Australia, we are committed to offering our customers high quality products at exceptional value with no lock-in contracts, no flag fall rates, low call rates, fair and transparent pricing and brilliant coverage, using a fast and reliable network,” said an Aldi Australia spokesperson.

"We identified a need in the Australian market for straightforward, clean and simple pricing structures and believe that our three plans tick all those boxes, making it hassle-free for customers to stay connected."

As revealed last week, Aldi Mobile will offer two pay as you go plans, $15 and $30, along with a $35 unlimited plan that includes 5GB of data. The company will also offer a $15, 2GB data-only plan with a 30-day expiry for tablet devices.

The pricing structure of Aldi Mobile.
The pricing structure of Aldi Mobile.

Aldi's $15 and $30 pay as you go plans both have a 365 day expiry. Standard national calls, mobile calls, calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers and voicemail are all charged at the flat rate 12 cents per minute. SMS messages are charged at 12 cents each, MMS messages at 35 cents each and data is billed at 5 cents per megabyte (MB) on both plans.

Aldi confirmed that customers will be able to switch between plans, for example moving from a pay as you go plan to the company's $35 unlimited plan.

The company also confirmed that all users on the unlimited plan will receive up to $10 to use on premium services including international calls and customer call numbers. However, it has not yet revealed the exact cost of these premium services.

Aldi Mobile's unlimited plan is $6 more expensive per month than Kogan Mobile's unlimited plan, which includes 6GB of data and remains the cheapest on the market.

Aldi Mobile will use the Telstra wholesale network to provide its service. The Telstra wholesale network is capped below the regular data speeds of Next G and covers 97 per cent of the Australian population. It offers typical download speeds of between 550 kilobits per second (Kbps) and 3 megabits per second (Mbps).

Along with the Aldi Mobile service, Aldi supermarkets will begin selling mobile phones from tomorrow. The latest catalogue advertises a dual-SIM, Onix branded feature phone for $19.99 along with a Bauhn-branded Android phone, also with dual-SIM capabilities, for $199.

Are you impressed with Aldi Mobile's pre-paid rates? Would you use the service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




Cant wait. Telstra network is far better than Optus or Vodafone. I will be queuing up for this one :)

Brian Ward


Awesome deal. ALDI is a truly innovative organization that focuses on what's most important - it's customers... Simple transparent pricing, value for money, quality network - what more could you want?

Rob Crossland


Huge organization, allways excellent service, so i can't understand why they would provide anything less than a great value mobile service. I looked at Kogan but see a lot of problems there now, and down the road. All Aldi needs to do now is source the same meat provider or at least equal to that of Coles, and they will double their customers. Everything is good at Aldis except their Steak. If they improve on that i will pay extra no problems, but their steak is leather.

Rob Crossland


Imagine, if Telstra done the same sort of deals with their top network, say $30.00 per month unlimited and say 6 gigs of data per month, they would double their proffits, as all money is up front,no chassing people for money, that they eventually lose, people would be climbing over each other to sign up.



What unexpected bills is he talking about when this is prepaid? Doesn't he mean so the customer doesn't unexpectedly run out of credits?

Can someone clear this up please, since I am very interested in signing up.

Rob Crossland


Got my Aldi Sim and the $35 creddit BUT, asked for the nano sim for iphone 5 and it is no good, to big. I even cut it down with a pair of scissors and a file and it is still to big.

I went back to Aldis and said their should be 2 different sim cards, and was told the smaller sim actually pops out from the card. i purchased another ang it simmply does not fit an iphone 5.

Aldi needs to get their act together because every person with an iphone 5 that purchased a sim is going to be bat shit angry this morning.

Rob Crossland


I just got some great news. After speaking with Aldi, about the iphone 5 sim problem, guess what? They do not catter for iphone 5, maybe in the future! Can you believe that, they are actually advertising 2 sim cards, 1 for iphone 4 and other phones and a nano card for iphone 5.

Now after purchasing, and finding that they are to big for iphone 5, i call them up and get told that they are not cattering for iphone 5. Good Start.

Doug Davis


I'll be sticking with the $29 unlimited deal on Kogan. The $10 of international call is useless to me so i'll pocket the $6 difference!



Is tethering possible with Aldi prepaid?

Geoff Davidson


I have an HTC hd2 with Vodafone no plans@ Ic per second+ 20 flag fall SO this ALDI deal looks great.Will their SIM fit my phone;is there a change over fee from V or ALDI and who will I call if I have problems? Regards. Geoff



which phone bands Aldi network will suport for 3G? If its same as Telstra, not many phones can get 3G on their phones. Optus powered Amaysim is good for this.



I just joined telstra @ $80 per month plan for 2 years! Pretty pissed if there's not much difference between aldi service on the telstra network @ $35 unlimited calls/ 5g data compared to direct telstra network @ $80 for limited calls/2.5 data! Does anyone know the real difference between the two re. coverage and data speeds?

karen le


this post is for ross crossland. my friend works in a mobile phone shop she said that you can get your sim that you bought from aldi and cut it down to a nano sim for the iphone 5. they have a cutter which can cut any type of sim to fit your phone.. hope this helps you and enjoy your unlimited polan with aldi.



Can you tether?.....same question as Margrit above asks......I use my Optus for tethering more than calls...and I would do Aldi if tethering is assured..I have a Samsung 2 4G...

Rob Crossland


Hi Karen le,
Yep you are correct there, I cut my sim down with a pair of scissors, but you have to also use a file to get the absolute max of it otherwise it is still to big. I am waiting now for my old number to switch from Vodafone.



I know this may seem petty, but Rob Crossland, learn to spell PEEERLEEEZ!




Spelling or grammar my friend??!! Assuming you are talking about "to" instead of "too.". In which case, grammatical error, not spelling ;)



Don't bother, their coverage is absolutely abysmal - only using the part of the Telstra Network that Telstra don't use. Had to wait over 25 minutes today to speak with somebody (in the Phillipines - not Australia, as they say) and was not able to solve my problem. Switching back to Optus tomorrow.



I rang them and after 35 minutes wait, the person who answered the phone said he is from a different department and someone will ring me lol... If that's the start I can only imagine if more and more people sign up..reminds me of the long waits that I used to have with Vodafail..
I just wanted to know if Aldi Mobile is compatible with Blackberry...after my recent experience, I guess Aldi should stick to selling groceries!



We know that Aldi prices in most family needs are uncomparale to others because they have helped a lot to aleviate the sufferings of the masses.
On this phone issue, from what I have seen on your outlined plans including charges I'll like to advise you to rethink about your outlined plans and compare ithen with networks like LYCAMOBILE, you will see that their plans and charges are the best in the market right now. So think about this hint I've given to you before you proceed further. Lyca-supersaver is only $24 unlimited including 3G interbet and all others.
Everybody will like to see Aldi comr up with competitve rate as they have been in the food market.



We know that Aldi prices in most family needs are uncomparale to others because they have helped a lot to aleviate the sufferings of the masses.
On this phone issue, from what I have seen on your outlined plans including charges I'll like to advise you to rethink about your outlined plans and compare them with networks like LYCAMOBILE, you will see that their plans and charges are the best in the market right now. So think about this hint I've given to you before you proceed further. Lyca-supersaver is only $24 unlimited including 3G internet and all others.
Everybody will like to see Aldi comr up with competitve rate as they have been in the food market.



Yes we need to know if tethering is possible with the Aldi prepaid,if so ill be telling Optus
C YA LATER im on a $100 unlimited plan per month, ill be saving $65 per month what a massive saving



I also tried to Phone People dont have time to wait for somone to answer I say stick to the local telstra I bought the 35 dollar credit I have no way of knowing if it is in the phone and the reciept pissed of bye Mary



Just a post to say that aldi sims do work with iPhone 5. Have just set it up myself. A lot of people have been saying its not compatable but it is. The sim has to be trimmed down to the size of the nano sim. You can do this by using a sim cutter or just some scissors but be careful not to cut the chip. Oh and make sure your phone is unlocked to all carriers. Just because you brought your iPhone 5 outright that doesn't mean your phone is unlocked it probably is not

Puzzled about the charges


I have been using Aldi Mobile now for about 10 days - ported my old number over to the new service. Very efficient in processing that request.
Charges sound fantastic, however, for a total "usage" costing $1.35, I have had $12 charges levied for other services. Three international SMS messages (costing a total of $0.75 according to the fees table) also attracted $2.00 charge for each message - total for the 3 messages $6.75. Three Balance Check requests via text message also appear to have attracted $2.00 each time.
These charges are not outlined in the T&C's - I am waiting on replies to eSupport tickets to find out if these charges have been levied as a result of porting my old number over to the Aldi service.
The bottom line is - total credits/top-ups paid = $20. Usage = $1.35. Current balance = $6.65
Maybe the service is NOT as good as it sounds.

Mobile Man - Bridgeman Downs


The Aldi Mobile service sounds good but it has got major problems including Customer service is far too slow - at many minutes 'standby' with the same repetitive musik, no credit roll over, phone credit fast dissapears due to excessive overcharging. The $19 mobile phone is useless in daylight as person cannot read screen - as no one - including their miniscule brochure - knows how to adjust the brightness on the main screen.

Hopefully after six months operation Aldi may have a really good and efficient mobile phone service -who knows! I have heard that Amaysim is a great service - at the same rates.

Also check out Austech Forums for more info on mobiles - including that Australia Post will start their mobile service in a couple of months. A great new service for the outer blocks - bush.



I switched from Telstra to Aldi and found the whole process flawless! Coverage is the same, my motorola phone tethers exactly the same as Telstra, big saving, Thankyou Aldi !

Works in iPad Mini - With a Little Persuasion!


I made the mistake yesterday of forgetting that the Aldi SIM will not fit in my Ipad Mini. Rather than return it I cut it down right to the bare SIM at which point it just fits into the holder. Popped it into my iPad Mini loaded up $15 data credit and all works perfectly!



Tethering works perfectly on aldi prepaid starter kit with an iPhone 4. Speed is great compared to the virgin / optus network.



I called Aldi a week ago on the point of switching over. I'm so glad I checked Aldi tethering is enabled, as otherwise I'd have no way to connect my laptop to the Internet (and I'm certainly not going to buy an Internet data separately, when I have a perfectly good iPhone that can be used as a modem). I checked with Amaysim too, they are no longer offering tethering for NEW CUSTOMERS (from March 2013), but are honouring tethering for existing customers.

So, I'll be off to Kogan, (they still offer tethering for new customers), unless someone can let me know of another great deal where they also offer thethering (and are still offering tethering to new customers).



I would not bother with kogan they are shit house to deal with.
Iffer u an unlimuted plan with 6gb what they put in yhe fine print thay no one reads is that u cannot use more then 400MB/day for 3 or more days in a month other wise u will not be anle to recharge when the time comes and they will make u choose another provider. Simple as that they will kick your ass to the kurb. They have no customer service skills at all and are currently facing possible action from ACCC for tjis conduct. Many users have been cut off for this reason. They may offer tethering but whats the point if you risk being cut ?? Just thought I'd let you know my experience.



The SIM cards are for iPhone 3 and most phones. And the micro sim is for iPhone 4.
If you have an iPhone 5 you can obvisouly pay for higher rates. So suck. it. Up

Molly Fraser


Hi There I live in Young nsw When will your store be receiving the next lot of sim cards? Cheers Molly



Hi after a bad start finally got my nano sim in the mail. Good one Aldi need to improve call centre in Philipines not updated with info on Aldi website! Nano Sim is available as per FAQ just asked for it.



Excellent coverage excellent speed of the Telstra 3G network ported my number across from Telstra I'm unlimited also I cut my simcard down to fit my iphone 5 cutting through the chip and it works perfectly neat cuts across the chip without scratching def works good luck everyone ... Aldi has a winner here I'm staying ...



I got my aldi mobile 3 days ago and I have been tethering since. I don't know how they can stop this, seeing as it's a feature you switch on through your phone, not your provider.



R u kidding , this service is simply "CRAP"...No cust service at all. waiting hours to speak to people who don't have either the tools to help or just dont't give a sh#t..And coverage don't get me started !!!!!



I bought the starter kit and all is up and running. Quick process
I am reading that prople are tetheting. I probably am misding something as I can not
Get it to work. I am using my iPhone 3GS as I wanted to try the service first
before porting my phone number and using other phone.
Pls could someone tell me how they got the tethering to work? I followed online instructions but no success



The support centre is full of !@##@@!!!! ALDI needs to provide proper advice..
What a waste of time!! (20 minutes on the phone).
All i asked was if i could us BBM with the data included and there was an airy fairy waste of time answer with no guarantees or guidance.
Yep only going to buy groceries for now.. the 5 phones can stay on Optus for now. :D

New Aldi Customer


Just a couple of corrections:

Jackson: "Lyca-supersaver is only $24 unlimited including 3G"
---- LYCA MOBILE uses 2G Telstra ONLY. Your speed would be EDGE speeds at best. You can confirm this by calling Lyca mobile.

Ashley: "make sure your phone is unlocked to all carriers"
---- Actually, with the ALDI SIM I am using a Telstra Prepaid T95 phone ($29) which is still locked to Telstra. So no need to pay for unlocking your locked Telstra handset.

Aldi Mobile Website: "Australian based Customer Care!"
---- ABSOLUTE LIE! I have called their call centre about 9 times and in 7 of those calls staff were in the Philippines. I know because I asked them and they answered honestly.

ACCC should talk to Medion mobile about the meaning of Misleading Advertising and Deceptive Conduct.

Did you know MEDION is majority owned by LENOVO, the Peoples Republic of China manufacturer of computers?

New Aldi (Medion) mobile customer


You all know that Aldi mobile is really MEDION mobile. Don't you?

Aldi just retails Medion SIM packs and recharge vouchers.



where can i get a sim card in wa



Have been on ALDI mobile for 2 months and cannot complain AT ALL!! After coming from a Telstra unlimited plan of $129/month, just $35/month is a massive saving!! The coverage is exactly the same!! Good on you ALDI mobile!!



Has anyone used an Aldi Sim Card in a Blackberry Torch 9800?
Amaysim does not support data in a Blackberry

Mark Fermor


Dude's...Just sand the thing down...Look on Youtube they have great instructions..

fred bishop


i miss 3 phone company

Kevin McAteer


Seems lots of talk about coverage, but no real example or answers. How is the Aldi coverage compared to Telstra, ie; will it work in Tasmania. Several years ago driving around Tassy it was the Telstra service that was the far better coverage than Optus etc as well as most of rural Australia, so can anyone give honest feedback on this.



can anyone tell me where on a medion phone from aldi to find out how to change the ringtone. Thanx



Yesterday i bought aldi sim card for my lock iphone 5 , sim card is not working how can i use it?



AldiMobile provides worst customer service.They promise to call back on multiple occassions but never received any call back. I placed an order on 18th June 2013 to transfer my no. to ALDI and the order status has been pending since then. The overseaseas consultants from UK and philippines have got no full access to the australian database. Multiple calls but no resolution as yet. No resolution through e-support tickets as well. Its just wastage of time.
Even I complaint by sending an email on, but no reply has been received until now.



Anyone know how to tether an iPhone 3gs on ALDI mobile unlimited plan? What are the steps you need to take to make it happen? e.g do you need to jailbreak the phone first and then do something else?...



funny... it just started working !!! all by itself, no need to jailbreak!. Just gone across to the ALDI plan cool!



Johanna. To change ringtone on aldi Medion smartphone just go to audioprofiles and tap on general button. Easy . Goodluck



Where would i get Aldi iphone 5 sim card??



Yes, its always good, exciting till you unwrap the present - ugly!!!!!!



Bought Aldimobile prepaid Sim and activated it on 10th October before 07:00am - 10 days later I'm still waiting for my number to be ported despite numerous calls. Keep getting told it's Kogan's fault. Doesn't make sense as I have had another provider since. Still have wait another 48 hours I'm told. 12 days to transfer number - get real Aldi or get out of the business.



Bait & Switch - the Unlimited plan now only has 2.5 Gb of data, down from 5Gb and at the same price. What's worse is since that change, I've been unable to tether my laptop either by USB or WiFi



I switched to aldi for my iphone4s but every 2days I am being charged for an SMS to +447786205094 which apparently is the iPhone messaging apple? On Optus it is free apparently but aldi insists on you paying and it is not included in the unlimited plan!?!?



Changed to Aldi from Savytell and love it. Best thing ever. Aldi doesn't have international roaming though and rang Aldi today to see if I can use free wifi in NZ and they said no and they reckoned I'd need a NZ sim card. Does anyone know the correct answer? Telecom NZ is offering free wifi for 7 days to anyone with an Australian mobile phone number. I can't see how wifi wont be available to me in NZ on Aldi sim as its only data and I wont be phoning anyone. Would anyone know for sure please?

binoy joseph


Has aldi got the sim card for apple 5S please



Wow..only 5 mins to port the number and activate. I'm very impressed. Well done ALDI!



Just bought an Onix dual sim phone from Aldi for $17.99 - Wow!
Now all I need is to change the ring tone for one of my sims. Does anyone out there know how this is done?



Aldi is a shocker,cant send or recieve mms,data speed worse than old dial up connection,bad reception,emails days to arrive,its a tower problem is the latest reason they gave me after a many a long wait on the help line.I just dont think they have the full power that the mighty telstra has.waiting for pages to load,,,try booking a flight,,"connection timed out" ":,url not found" :document expired" "the connection was reset".Not happy,they should stick to groceries,and some of them are a bit ordinary at that.



Maybe nickopatch's phone doesn't work on Telstra frequencies. au was recommended to me if buying a mobile (not necessarily from them) to check if compatible with various networks. See Aust phone frequencies here I've an htc mobile but the 850mhz frequency is GSM & not suitable for Telstra NextG, easy to make the mistake.But my Samsung Galaxy tab p5100 does, and the connection 100kms from Melb with Aldi was amazing, big change from 3G /Amaysim, and using it as wifi hotspot easy to set up, via phone settings. But for me, good for temporay use only,as on Aldi'sPayAsYou go data charges for 1 day 'tethering &portable hotspot' (240 mbps & internet half that + later emailing 4 small pics ) took most of the $30 in 4 much for 365 day expiry! Better to pay $15 for the month, for miserly 2gig. Don't like reading about issues with the 'unlimited' Aldi plans in 2013 where it's said people are warned about sending too many texts at once, or using a large amount of data in a short period, despite it being within their limit. Having to give them my Medicare no. with ID was surprising too.Hope these issues are cleared up.



Do the sims fit iPhone 5c?

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