How fast is the Aldi Mobile network?

Aldi Mobile offers extremely competitive prices on pre-paid plans, but how fast are its data speeds?

German supermarket chain Aldi has officially switched on its low-cost mobile phone network, Aldi Mobile. It offers extremely competitive prices on pre-paid plans, but how fast are its data speeds? We purchased an Aldi Mobile pre-paid starter pack from our local supermarket to find out.

Aldi Mobile uses the Telstra wholesale 3G network in Australia to provide its service, which is capped below the regular speeds of Telstra's 'Next G' network. It's the same network rival mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Kogan Mobile uses.

Before we delve into data speeds, here's the key details you need to know.

Aldi Mobile uses part of Telstra's 3G mobile network. The Aldi Mobile mobile product provides a 3G coverage footprint of 97 per cent of the Australian population covering more than 960,000 square kilometres.

Outside the 3G coverage footprint, customers will revert to 2G coverage and speeds. The combined 2G and 3G footprint covers 98.5 per cent of the Australian population.

Aldi Mobile has a typical download speed of between 550 kilobits per second (Kbps) and 3 megabits per second (Mbps) and a typical upload speed of 300kbps-1Mbps (peak network download speed of 7.2Mbps)

Typical Telstra 'Next G' download speeds range from a faster 1.1Mbps to 20Mbps and cover 99 per cent of the Australian population, more than Aldi Mobile.

So, with all these details in mind how fast is Aldi Mobile and the Telstra wholesale 3G network? We just bought and activated a new Aldi Mobile SIM card and decided to run a few speed tests to find out. Our new SIM card was activated in just over 20 minutes after we registered the service online.

Although we haven't undertaken any extensive testing, here's our initial results. All speed tests were recorded in North Sydney, with a full coverage indicator.

Our speed test results on Aldi Mobile.
Our speed test results on Aldi Mobile.

As you can see above, download speeds on the Aldi Mobile network were quite consistent. Speeds ranged from a low of 6.42 megabits per second (Mbps) to a high of 6.62Mbps, while upload speeds varied slightly from 1.27Mbps up to 3.58Mbps.

We ran the same tests in the same location on Telstra's Next G network and the results weren't surprising. The regular Telstra 3G network was often over twice as fast as Aldi Mobile during our tests. It produced download speeds of between 16.43Mbps and 21.79Mbps. However, upload speeds were very similar.

The Aldi Mobile Android app.
The Aldi Mobile Android app.

We think these speeds are excellent value for money, but what do you think? Are the data speeds recorded in our tests fast enough to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




I'm wondering does the Aldi credit roll over if you recharge earlier than required?



I'd like to know the OPTUS 3G comparison with Telstra and Aldi mobile ??



Telstra / let Aldi/ Kogan and Boost run on there 3G net work, Optus is good for the city but no good for the country / rural area , it would still be good to compare the speeds for the town people so they could have the choice, we up until now have not had the choice between mobile phone or internet company's,it has only been Telstra, lol well it still is just a diffrent banner up front



Will it be possible to use Aldi mobile as a wifi hot spot? Other resellers on Optus network do not allow. Not sure how they prevent it.

Sash (Galaxy note 2)


Wi-fi Hotspot connection depends on your device not the carrier/service provider.

Sash (Galaxy note 2)


My wife uses the woolworths mobile sim card in Galaxy s 2. Which uses optus network & we don't have any issues connecting to Internet via wi-fi hotspot. Woolworths pre-paid cap plan $29 gets you $500 call credit $250 to any network & international & $250 to optus network. Plus 5Gb of data with 45 day expiry period. Which is better than any other deals we've found. And data speeds are decent.
Hope this helps.



I see from your screen shots you are on H+ speed, shouldn't it be showing 3G??

I am 1.5hrs north of Brisbane. I am lucky to get 3G connection, most of the time it is E (2G). The 3G network is a waste of time for data out of a capital city. I have done a few speed tests when it did show 3G and was lucky to get above 700k. When on 2G, it either times out or get about 50k speed.

Basically, if you are not in a capital city, forget it.



Does Aldi Mobile deal direct with Telstra Wholesale or through a third party?

Rob Crossland


This Aldi deal is a joke. If you have an iPhone 5 it will not work with an Aldi sim. Keeps telling me to get a sim from a provider that supports your device.
I had to cut the sim down to make it fit, but I also had to cut my Vodafone sim and it works fine. If I take the Aldi sim out and put the cut down Vodafone sim in there is no dramas.
They, Aldi can not be serious not supporting iphone5.



Given that these Telstra virtual carriers use the 3G/2G air interface, one hopes that the back-end data links of these older services are not given lower priority compared to "native" Telstra 3G users and also the NextG and 4G services running off the same cell tower.

While you may get decent data throughput when the back-end is lightly loaded, it will be very interesting to see if these data rates hold up when NextG and 4G users (as well as Telstra 3G users) start loading up that particular cell area - I suspect that these cheaper carriers will get the leftovers as low priority customers.

Back-end data capacity is a finite resource, Telstra will apportion it to whoever makes the most money for them and this is *not* the category the cheap resellers are in.



BOOST is Telstra. Different story to Aldi and Kogan. Boost was picked up by telstra after optus gave it away.



BOOST gets full NEXTg



.....LESS the 4G.........



Amaysim is Optus's wholesale. $39.90 for unlimited and 4Gb of internet.



Have just signed up to Aldi still cheap but you have to pay for 365 days first $30 then pay unlimited plan monthly $35 as a bolt on. I emailed them thinking it was a mistake but they told me " Reply from Jess Halkett on 12/03/2013 14:36:27To be able to add an unlimited Bolt on you must first have Pay as you go credit on your account, which is the $15 or $30 recharge, this lasts 365 days. You will now need to add your unlimted bolt on. Thankyou.



Aldi mobile might slow down Telstra -
Telstra is the best



I agree with Glenn above I only wanted the $35 for 30 days unlimited plan when I tried this I had to first of all do the $15 plan then the $35 plan as a bolt on. On their advertising they do not specify this. So I tried to find out exactly how it worked do I have to pay $15 every month + the bolt on, I rang Aldi customer support help desk after waiting a while and guess what they had no idea, well if they don't khow am I suppose to know, the offer seemed to good to be true and it is. Aldi need to sort out more information regarding their plans as to exactly how it works.



I got the aldi sim and didn't have to do no prepaid, I just did the bolt on for $35 unlimited and of she went



I am not sure about Aldi mobile ,as I have been trying to port my wifes number across from razy johns since the 17/3 (now 21/3). it keeps getting rejected because ?? the information supplied is not correct !
I have ckecked and rechecked spoken to both parties to confirm we are all on the same page regarding the information (which is correct) and still nothing.
Tomorow is tell'm to stick it day.



i have been trying to activate my aldi sim card..I ma still waiting ater 18 one called me back why its not activated yet...unbeleivable bad customer service

one important point to note is that i bought a sim first and recharged with $15 so my account have $20 credit. The sim card didnt work and I asked Aldi to refund the money which they refused. I aske dif I have another sim card and activate it whether if they could transfer the $20 to the new sim card, they refused as well...
what I am wondering is if for some reason you sim card cannot be used at all, whatever amount you have in the account though It never was used, will not be returned...that means thats not your money nor you will not get any service for that money
Unbelievable...its like a daytime robbery by the so called german company

john connop


joncon 0416344488 pass word n2551772. email
this is useless i have been waiting hours for a reply.
can you please email me an aldi email address so that i can speak to someone who can help me . joncon

ginny C


Aldi sim card coverage is pitiful.L eft Gympie Qld no cover at Curra about 7k from Gympie but found a signal at Tiaro again at Maryborough . Very hit and miss.
Arrived home at Bundaberg no signal in house or yard tho' picked up a signal a couple of hundred yards down the street. Husbands telstra mobile works well at home and between Gympie and
As I bought the mobile for emergencies when traveling between Gympie and Bundaberg the sim card is usless unless I'm in the right spot.



Successfully activated my new Aldi number and sim yesterday, using my Telstra HTC Wildfire S, quite suprised it works, but its saved me $150 for a new outright phone, so I'm happy!



Dear Rob Crossland,
Get your Vodafail network to unlock your iPhone 5 first do proper tests and than put crap onto Aldi mobile. I personally use this card for over a week and have no issues what so ever neither in metro nor regional areas.
The data part works fast enough to stream 128kb audio streams and voice calls are absolutely fine as well. It's absolutely great value for money for someone who's constantly on the phone and requires a great Telstra network quality.
Vodafone network is absolute disgrace and just rubbish in comparasment with Telstra or even Optus.
So Rob, you can stick with your Vodafail network and don't put rubbish on other networks without any proper tests!!

Peter Zeilic


Comment re Woolworths pre paid by Sahs (Galaxy Note 2)

Do Not Get the Woolworths Sim card - it is worst than a joke! I have run two of these cards both here and overseas and they provided the worst service of any carrier I have ever known. It uses Vodaphone out of England. Do I need to say any more re Vodaphone?
Let me explain - I run two phones a Samsung S3 4G and Iphone 4s - locally in Australia it was just ok but way less that normal 3G speeds let alone 4G.
Internationally you would die before it would connect to any (workable) service and internet data was a joke. Often I would need to make 2 or 3 calls to the same number to get a call back connection.
Auto top up would not work on either sim card or phone and despite all the excellent on line help Woolworths could not get it working (Woolworths technical issue). This meant that the my service on both phones would run out of service without notice. Can you believe that.
Get any other service provider other than Woolworths - its a sham.






I use the Amaysim SIM card. $40 a month and I get unlimited phone to any number in Australia (excluding premium) and I think 4 or 5gb of data a month which I have never exhausted in 2years of use.
It's prepay with no contracts. Very Happy with it.



Well I activated Aldi mobile sim without any problems and porting my number took less than 2 hours and I did this after 5 pm.

I had a prepaid Telstra sim for the 3 to 4 years and the Telstra exchange is across the road from my house (about 50 meters) and i never got more than 2 signal bars and a lot of time no signal bar.

I signed up for Telstra's bigpond ADSL 2+ but the maximum speed Telstra can provide is 8mega pits per second. Telstra is only good if you got 2g not 3g or 4g and i live in Brisbane metro.




Hi, I live in Anglesea Vic and use Telstra Next G. Is there a new pre-paid plan which will give me Next G coverage or is it limited to 3G only?



Hey guys, im using the woolworths optus sim cut down to a mini sim in my s3.
I live in Port Stephens NSW and the coverage is great.
My dl speed is up to 400KBS in fingle bay or Sydney metro but under 200kbs in Nelson Bay.
I wonder how fast the Aldi will be around here where Telstra has the better reception?



I use Vaya's 3G no-contract monthly $11 plan which includes a generous $500 worth of call/text and 1.5GB internet with the same reception as Optus. Best value ever!

Dan Helen Mead


I have read most post, an still not sure to try also mobile. I have Telstra prepaid and live in the south burnet in Queensland. I wish to keep my current number but unsure about Aldi mobile porting it across. Do you think it be wise to change. Aldi mobile have a great deal.



i unlocked my phone from



ALDI mobile (on the Telstra network) works better in Sydney than Optus



I just swapped to amaysim mobile on their unlimited $39.95 plan. It seems like a good deal but I have since found out that Optus have blocked Amaysim from allowing users to use hotspot on their iphones. I would have thought twice if I had known this! Does anyone know if it's the same deal with these aldi sims? I really want my hotspot back so I'm prepared to jump ship again if needed!!



For those wanting to test Aldi Mobile, buy a SIM for $5, activate and select to new number. The Sim comes with $5 of credit that can be used for phone and data. No credit card information is required at this point, just some personal details to signup. Make sure you phone or modem supports the Telstra network (850Mhz), a small thing they should highlight on the web site. If it does not perform as expected, you have only lost $5.
I previously used Virgin / Optus data. Signal strength via Virgin/Optus connection was about 98dbm (crappy) and would drop out a lot. The Aldi/Telstra connection is around 78dbm, much stronger, but speed tests are slower? Virgin speeds at around 3.5Mbits/s Vs Aldi at 1.6Mbits/s. I tested using a Telstra Elite USB modem that does not need to be unlocked to work with the Aldi SIM.



I was with telstra prepaid for a year, ported number to aldi, took about an hour to come alive in aldi. same speed as telstra not much difference. was able to use it as portable hotspot for my mac and ipad. speed was excellent. 5GB data is awesome, with telstra, i paid $50 for 800 MB and with aldi $35 gives 5GB and unlimited calling. this is what serious value for money will feel like, well done Aldi. I dont shop at aldi for grocery, just for mobile - will stick with them until this $35 dollar deal lasts.



i live in budgeree vic , very rural and have only ever been able to get reception with telstra and bought the starter pack for aldi sim and couldnt believe i had full bars, cant get optus up here unless ph is on window sill so im very impressed, think at least it might take a few customers from telstra :)



Can I use Aldi data sim in my pocket wi fi?



I got the aldi sim, but it nearly took me 2 weeks to activate, but I have not had any problems with it, yes Rita as long it is unlocked

katerina b


will aldi $35 unlimited plan will work for samsung 3 4g?



Aldi sim doesn't support wifi hotspot

Tim Sheehan


Here in Hervey bay speed is same around 6. For the price it is fantastic.I dont need faster.

Tim Sheehan


Hot spot works well on my samsunh note 2.



Ken's comments (No. 36) are spot-on. TEST and ALDI sim card first. It will only cost you $5.00. ALSO, You need to ensure your phone will work with the 850Mb HSPDA band (which is 3G, for Data downloads etc), not just the 850Mb GSM band (which is 2G - speech only and may switch to 3G in good areas). Any phone that worked with Telstra will be fine. Any phone that worked with Optus, Virgin Mobile, will work OK on ALDIMobile for speech (2G) but will not get the data download speeds that you are paying for. On the downside, Aldimobile customer support are somewhat slow to get response from, but usually get back to you within a few hours, if you use the 'call me back' option.

James Cox


I have been a Telstra mobile user for years and always enjoyed the fast speeds. Although I was pretty sick of always running out data :( So when I heard about Aldi mobile I did a bit of research and then gave it a go.... Must say I don't have any complaints... I didn't have to purchase credit before getting the $35 bolt on and the personal hotspot works great on my iphone 4s....

I tried Woolworth's mobile the month before last and they don't allow personal hotspot on an iphone... It will work on an Android but not an Iphone



I need to know if video calls (face time) can be made and received on the aldi or boost networks. I am using an iphone 5. Even, at least, on wifi?
I don't want to go without them again (after having on iphone 3gs).
I just received this from Kogan "16:04

Hi Jodie,

We can confirm that video calls are not included in the standard Access package. If you wish to make video calls, you can purchase the Premium Access Bolt-On for $14.99 which provides $14.99 worth of credit to use on video calls, at the rates described previously.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance."



In Downtown LA, there are many best reception venues. At the present, I am inside bewilderment that which one will be excellent for me. I wish to book a reception venue in Los Angeles, which is spacious, and decoration will live there in an ethnic way. Please help me in this purpose.



I have an iPad 3 can I use aldi sim in it now I have amaysim and it's very slow I live on the central coast when I with Telstra it was okay but it's too expencieve I'm not a big user but like to download and Skype would the aldi sim cover all needs
By the thats Australia Bateau Bay



cant get my sim card out the back of my car ph it slipped out of the tray. the car ph is built in.



Aldimobile problems with activating prepaid sim cards, I think their databases are not linked or something, they require way too much information compared to Woolworths, telstra, or optus prepaid all of which i connected without any problems. either they dont know how to manage new technology, dont know what they are doing or they are just garbage, i have written off the prepaid card cost i forked out(not much, cheap, but you get what you pay for) and just decided to go directly with telstra for now.
my experiences with other prepaid in my area.(with the plans i choose)

Woolworths, $29 -45 days - optus network , data 6Mbps - 5Gcapacity
optus network direct - 6Mbps 200Mcapacity 30 days -$20
Telstra network direct prepaid - longterm plan $30- 6 months - data browse plus10-$10 - 200Mcapacity(30days) - speed 12-16Mbps .....i.e $10per month data only for 200Mbps - i dont sms or talk on this phone..
Aldimobile - bought sim but never connected -- Aldimobile prepaid SUCKS.



correction.. 200MCapacity using telstra at browseplus10 pack -12-16Mbps

i.e $10per month data only for 200MCapacity - i dont sms or talk on this phone..



I would not recommend Aldi mobile to anyone. Their customer service is abysmal. Their information is poor and they are extremely inefficient to deal with. Every single time I have had dealings with their customer support I have struck people who have no idea what is going on.

Gizelle - Now Stuck Thanks to Aldi


I would definitely not recommend this service to anyone. They don't know what the hell they are doing at the best of times. To make it worse, I've been waiting for 2 weeks to have my number transferred to Aldi Mobile from Telstra and it's still not done. When I call - they tell me they are in the process and I can't do anything but wait. They can't even cancel the request!!! Now I have spent over 50$ in credit with Telstra awaiting Aldi to transfer... My credit is almost finished and don't want to buy more without knowing what's going on - but NO ONE AT ALDI CAN TELL ME!!!!!! Time to call the ombudman!

Gizelle - Now Stuck Thanks to Aldi


I would definitely not recommend this service to anyone. They don't know what the hell they are doing at the best of times. To make it worse, I've been waiting for 2 weeks to have my number transferred to Aldi Mobile from Telstra and it's still not done. When I call - they tell me they are in the process and I can't do anything but wait. They can't even cancel the request!!! Now I have spent over 50$ in credit with Telstra awaiting Aldi to transfer... My credit is almost finished and don't want to buy more without knowing what's going on - but NO ONE AT ALDI CAN TELL ME!!!!!! Time to call the ombudman!



I moved to Aldi when 3 shut down. I didn't think I could get worse service. I was wrong!

Firstly, the data speed is so slow as to be non existant. I can no longer use maps function on iPhone as screens don't load, and forget those quick Internet searches when you are out and about - impossible. Uploads to Facebook freeze and eventually fail. Downloads are not much better.

Secondly, I don't receive a scary percentage of SMSs that are sent to me, particularly when they are replies to group texts. I think that this must be something to do with iMessage as it is worse from senders with iPhones.

Reception for call better than 3/Vodafone but that wouldn't be hard.

Customer service by people who don't seem to be able to read the complaint or respond intelligibly.

Don't bother, people

does not support iPhones, apparently.



From what I've been told, Boost is to Telstra what Jetstar is to Qantas. Everyone else connected to Telstra are hiring the towers 3rd party and not all the towers at that. Boost has all the towers and works on 3G, just not 4G but when 3G came out we all thought it was pretty cool anyway. Not touching the Aldi/Amaysim deals. That said, it's prepaid so give it a shot if you want. I think it really depends on your phone and where you live. I travel so it will be Boost for me!

Jack Riddles


Guys, please make sure your equipment works with 850 MHZ UMTS/HSDPA - same as Tesltra equipment compatbile with Next G. not just the 850Mb GSM band - your phone or mobile broadband device / wifi router may show it's a 4 band 850/900/1800/1900 GSM/EDGE device - this is no good (the 850Mhz GSM is for overseas, and has nothing to do with Telstra 850MHZ NextG network). It must be 850 MHZ UMTS/HSDPA - same a any Next G device.
Cheers and perhaps follow the advise of other before attempting to cut your numbers over - buy a 5$ sim and register it a new number, to see if it works (first).



The main thing people need to figure out is your PHONE. not the network. for example, i had a HTC Desire HD (from voda) worked fine for me on voda. moved to aldi, could not get 3g. did some digging (very light digging) and discovered that my PHONE was unable to access the 850Mhz telstra 3G network. so i bought a $160 Kogan Agora 5 phone, and i have had no problems with it. sold the HTC for $150, made most of my money back :) anyway, the moral of the story is DON'T blame the NETWORK until you figure out if YOUR HANDSET is the problem.

Milan Mitic


Aldi in general sells junk
its better to pay a bit more than buy junk - sometime dangerous.
Bought 3 garden tools from Aldi all junk.
and one shoddy manufactured tool with Aldi number 2280 damaged my hand - 80% invalid
Aldi advertisement for that tool was - "premium"
Tool is very good looking but faulty and dangerous.
Aldi is not what they propaganda tells you.
I heard that Woolworths checks everything - Aldi at least in my case does not
what is very dangerous practice.



I have the Aldi chip and it works fine, clearly you people who are not getting it working are not setting the devices up for the network to access correctly, for proper coverage and data speed you need to put in the setting for the network, granted some devices will do this for you, such as the Aldi supplied phones that they want you to buy, I have the Bauhn phone and tablet and they work perfect, I have put the Aldi chip into my old Unlocked Telstra and Vodafone handsets with NO issues, and I have used the devices all around S/E Queensland from Gympie to Brisbane, Gold Coast, and as far west as Roma, it drops out in the same places as Telstra as the PHONE dictates the success of the coverage on the Network, NOT the Sim Card!



in response to Milan Mitic, (good advice for many people, well said, Milan)

Or you can bother to learn about the devices how they work, in all manner of speaking, and how the networks work, then make an informed decision instead of assuming perfection and zero effort, then whinging about it on the internet,

Gestapo Phone


We think these speeds are excellent value for money, but what do you think?

What do I know - Aldi is SO incredibly fucking slow - 3 to 5 minutes and many repeated attempts - just to get a webpage up.

The idiot customer service says to do the "Pull the SIM card in, pull the SIM card out, Shake the battery up and down and wave the phone about," Hokey Pokey..... when it's their network that is a speed crippled piece of shit.

Rob Harley


I have the same problem as others trying to activate an Aldi SIM - it was not a simple exercise as it was when I changed to Amaysim only 12 months ago. My personal info (driver's licence and Medicare details) was rejected by the online application, now they want photocopies of passport, driver's licence, Medicare, photo ID, etc. - either hard copies or sent by secure email. Bugger that for a joke, this is taking way too much time and is not required by other providers. I have phoned the Aldi number to the Philippines with no joy. Hey, don't bother trying to activate by phone either, for the same time-wasting reasons. If I get no joy, I will demand a refund of the $5 on principle alone. If, as other users suggest I get turned down, I will report to the Telecommunications Ombudsman, because somebody must do something to get the attention of these overlords.

pete nicoll


NEVER IN MY DAYS HAVE I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH A DAM PHONE SERVICE,,ALDI MOBILE .cant send mms cant send emails,internet slowest connection ever,email forever forever loading loading loading.Spent hours talking to them,but no solutions!It must be the phone.there price continues to go up each month when renewing,and the gigs and limits go down.think they better stick to groceries.very disapointed.



Having read most of this - thanks! I am going to give the $5 SIM a try on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, wonder why since Aldi uses the slower Telstra 3G nextwork it requires a phone/tablet for Next G 850Mhz band?(Confirmed here b J Riddles). Reading latest blurb aft Sept 2013 it seems recharging is similar to Amaysim, with long expiry so that area has improved. ( In Hol. area Vic-this time of yr. with Amaysim, can only connect before Had trouble getting Aldi SIM and couldn't check any Aldi stores,they confirmed it was because none have phone access to public!



I have been with ALDI mobile for nearly 12 months now on a pay as you go plain. I don't use the phone much and I have been happy with the service until today. They are very slow processing your account and recharges and your messages take forever to arrive but I put up with it until Today. This Mourning I got a warning that I breached the agreement by using my plain too much?
Yes that's right a Warning that yesterday I bought a 2gb data bolt on, used 1.4gb of it, made no other downloads or calls for many previous months yet ALDI Mobil have Shunned Me. So they are only happy if you pay for and don't use what you pay for. Obviously as this was the first time I used any data other than say the weather update I have asked ALDI to explain in detail what the bloody hell they meant. I hate Liars and thieves and if you sell someone 2gb why cant you use 2gb?
I have also noticed they have reduced the data available on their unlimited bundle recently also.
Anyone who wants more info on how or in fact if ADDI respond to me are welcome to ask me at

I think a lot of our big corporation's need to learn English, buy and read a dictionary or just stop telling lies, Free is Free, Unlimited is without Limit and 2gb of data is 2gb of data ans DEFINITELY IS NOT EXCESS.



I use this on my LOCKED Telstar phone and it works because Aldi is using the Telstra network, it says aldi mobile as the carrier but it works, I've had it for over a year and it's great. (I am using a locked Samsung Galaxy 5 (not s5) or GT-i5503T bought from Big-W for $30)

David Griffiths


I'm with Brendon...have used Amaysim for years, (pay as you go) I live in a regional area of NSW, have no connection problems, and the calls are sooooo cheap. 12 cents a minute, any time, anywhere, any server, no connection fees, and so cheap to call overseas too. Their prices leave Telstra and other's for dead.



Why does my order keep getting rejected?



Does Optus now operate all over Tassie? Didn't a few years ago while there.



"I'm with Brendon...have used Amaysim for years, (pay as you go) I live in a regional area of NSW, have no connection problems, and the calls are sooooo cheap. 12 cents a minute, any time, anywhere, any server, no connection fees, and so cheap to call overseas too."

Aldimobile are also 12 cents a minute. SMS 12 cents a minute. Call US/Canada/NZ for 10 cents a minute. All with no flagfall.



I have just activated the ALDI sim - took a whole 10 mins to get it activated!



Just ported to Boost, Aldi reduced 35 plan down to 1GB and 1250min in calls, 2200 sms if only used that way but will be less if sending MMS and used in other ways, third reduction in inclusions but price same. Just connected Boost, 40 / mth Unlimited calls, txt, mms, 1300 / 800 2gb data. Speed test Bella Vista NSW 18.00 Mbps down and 3.86 Mbps up. 36 ms ping. Also can use global roaming (just need to add extra pack). For the network coverage, but 2 GB data less than Amaysim worth it for me.

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