Five reasons to avoid the Samsung Galaxy S4

Here are five reasons you might want to overlook Samsung's latest flagship Android phone

Samsung's new Galaxy S4 has been one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of all time. You've no doubt seen the TV commercials, read all of the reviews and perhaps bought into the hype. If you're an early adopter, you may have even bought one already.

The Samsung Galaxy S4.
The Samsung Galaxy S4.

Read our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 here

If you're yet to make up your mind, or you're waiting for your current contract to run out, it's a tough decision. The Galaxy S4 has a great display, an improved camera and a huge amount of software features and functions, but there's a few niggling annoyances that might turn you off.

After using the Samsung Galaxy S4 as our primary smartphone for over a month, here are five reasons you might want to overlook Samsung's latest flagship Android phone.

1. It looks the same as the Galaxy S III

If you don't own a Samsung Galaxy S III, you can skip to the next point. If you do and you're considering an upgrade, you'll probably going to be disappointed. Put the Galaxy S4 next to the Galaxy S III and you'll be hard pressed telling the difference.

Samsung has kept much of the design the same, so only small details have changed. The company obviously feels that the familiar look and feel will immediately resonate with Galaxy S III owners, but we would have appreciated a fresh new look. Sure, the Galaxy S4 is thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S III but was anyone really unhappy with the thickness and weight of the S III in the first place?

This is the Galaxy S III. Spot the difference?
This is the Galaxy S III. Spot the difference?

More telling is the fact that the Galaxy S4 feels like a toy when compared to its biggest rivals, the Apple iPhone 5 and the HTC One. It's ultimately a personal preference but there's no denying that the Galaxy S4 feels much cheaper than the aluminium body of its competitors. The glossy back of the phone is also slippery and this can make it tough to hold.

2. The user interface is...ugly

Samsung is clearly banking on software innovation to win over consumers. The Galaxy S4 may be an Android phone but it looks absolutely nothing like one thanks to Samsung's TouchWIZ UI overlay. Like the physical design of the phone, the look and feel of the software hasn't changed very much from the Galaxy S III. This is a shame because the look is, well, pretty ugly.

This is again a matter of personal preference, but put the Galaxy S4 next to the Google Nexus 4, for example, and see the difference for yourself. While Google hasn't always produced nice looking interfaces, the latest stock version of Android is clean, attractive and pretty easy to use.

Samsung's TouchWIZ user interface on the Galaxy S4.
Samsung's TouchWIZ user interface on the Galaxy S4.

The opposite can be said of the Galaxy S4. From the annoying water droplet sounds everytime you touch the screen, to the oversized, cartoonish looking icons in the app drawer, Samsung really needs some new software designers. In many cases, most of the changes it has made are changes for changes sake. Take the S Calendar app for example: is there any person out there who prefers this hideous brown and beige look over Android's default calendar? Surely not.

As if all this wasn't bad enough, Australian users of the Galaxy S4 can't even edit the four home screen dock shortcuts, which are by default set to phone, contacts, messaging and Internet. This is a ridiculous limitation.

3. It's overloaded with useless features

The Galaxy S4 has arrived with a huge marketing campaign that focuses mostly on Samsung's "exclusive" software features. While we aren't ones to turn our noses up at innovation, most of the Galaxy S4's party tricks are exactly that: useless features with an initial wow factor that wears off very, very quickly.

Take Air View, for example, which allows you to hover over the screen with your finger to display extra information, such as previewing an email, a Flipboard story or a calendar entry. Want to use it in Gmail? No, only works in Samsung's mail app. Want to use it in Google Calendar? No, only works in S Calendar. When we did use it, we often ended up tapping the screen anyway because the margin for hovering your finger over the screen is very close.

Air Gesture. Sounds great in theory but largely a gimmick.
Air Gesture. Sounds great in theory but largely a gimmick.

Similarly, Air Gesture allows you to swipe your hand over the screen without touching it to swipe through images in the gallery. We found it very sensitive and it often swiped back when we moved our hand back to swipe forward again. There's also Smart Pause, which automatically pauses a video when you lo ok away from the screen and Smart Scroll, which allows you to scroll a Web page by either tilting the phone up or down, or tilting your head. They both work sporadically at best.

4. It's more difficult to use

Learning to use the Galaxy S4 is a longer process than previous models. The quick settings toggle dropdown in the notifications panel is a perfect example. There are no less than 20 toggles. The basics, like turning on and off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are handy, but the others can be very overwhelming, especially for first time smartphone or Android users.

In addition, the settings menu on the Galaxy S4 is substantially larger, so much so that Samsung has now split the menu into four tabbed sections. The layout makes it more confusing and less obvious which settings are in each tab, unlike the standard Android layout.

Overkill, anyone?
Overkill, anyone?

Samsung has even included an easy mode targetted at first time smartphone users that enlarges icons, provides some simple shortcuts and hides most other options. It works well but the fact that the company felt it necessary to add this mode in the first place is almost an admittance that the S4's interface will initially be confusing to many users.

5. It's not as zippy as it should be

The Galaxy S4 is generally a fast and responsive smartphone overall. It runs even the most graphically intense games without so much as a stutter and most apps open almost instantly. However, some commonly used apps do exhibit some annoying lag and on a phone with class-leading specifications, this is a real shame.

The gallery can be quite sluggish at times, Samsung's on-screen keyboard takes a second or two to appear in the messaging app and the phone app sometimes experiences some slight lag when switching between tabs. There's also some home button lag but this can thankfully be resolved by deactivating the S Voice shortcut. While these minor delays aren't huge issues, they are disappointing given the Galaxy S4's impressive specifications.

Considering a Samsung Galaxy S4? Disagree with our thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

PC World




The Samsung has a bigger battery, latest version of android pre-loaded, removable battery, sd card slot etc. Still a much better buy than the HTC.



I'll be buying the stock android version of the galaxy s4 when it goes on sale in the play store. A lot of feature on the s4 are gimmicky and useless. At least i'll get future updates straight from google.



Whoever wrote this, you're a dumbass. Ever heard of the phrase 'if it aint broke don't fix it?'
I actually like the design of the S4 and I have an S3. Aluminium or not I use a cover as do a majority of people so it makes no difference. And you know you can turn off a lot of the features. Those were some pretty crap reasons to avoid a good phone

Mauricio Ball


To the author: This article is one of the least helpful, misleading, poorly written and subjective articles I have ever read. People looking for articles like this are trying to decide on spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of equipment and are trying to get accurate information and actual facts. They are not looking for you to tell them that you find the UI "ugly". Please expand your vocabulary and put more thought into writing these articles, as I am sure you get paid to do.
For #1: users that have a GS3 are probably still in contract and can't get an upgrade, and people that don't have one and can actually upgrade are better of with a newer improved version of the Samsung Galaxy (much better display, bigger screen, improved OS version, better features, etc. so please get your facts straight.
For #2: "ugly". You find it "ugly". Please stop being an Apple fanboy and write the article objectively. If you find an actual downside or fact that makes the UI difficult, cumbersome or not so user friendly, state that instead of using a verb a 3 year old child would use.
For #3: again features you find useless might be features many other people find useful, and in any case they are MORE features that many other phones don't have and the previous version doesn't either. so MORE is better, the fact that an Apple fanboy is jealous and finds them "useless" is hardly any reason for anybody to make any decision, ever.
For #4: The fact that you don't have the intuition or the experience to use a top of the line smartphone, doesn't make it bad. Please try and learn more about the items you review and don't cast them out because you're not smart enough to learn how to turn on the GPS.
Finally, for #5: "zippy" again, another subjective, poorly worded comment. The GS4 is actually one of the fastest, if not by far THE fastest most hardware intensive and powerful devices up to date, and will continue to be for quite some time (even after Apple's next product for sure). If it isn't perfect and that's what you were expecting, then you might as well criticize it too for not being able to make a burger or transform into a spaceship. Again an unjust, unfounded piece of information that does nothing but hurt and waste the time of people looking up to this webpage to find useful information that would be of any help in their decision making process.
This site's credibility, usefulness and trustworthiness decreases exponentially as long as authors like this one are writing and posting such poorly constructed and biased articles. Please disregard your Apple fanboy feelings when performing a job like this, where you have people actually look at your work to help them make a good decision in whatever matter they look at this information for.



Apple Fanboy! Yeah, just buy an Apple which haven't changed for years. Put a case around it and brag about nice styling and aluminium. Android can do the same thing as Apple (even in terms of user friendliness) and much more.

Useless article!



Nice one, thank you sharing your point of view with all the reader.



That had to be one of the most opinionated articles I have ever had the misfortune of reading. I'm not even a die-hard Android fan boy. I think iPhones are great for people who like simplicity (and I'm not saying that sarcastically), but wow... I don't even know where to begin with this article. When I got the S4, it took me literally like 15 minutes to get myself acquainted with the UI.

Like others have said, you really need to look over your biases because they are just way too obvious. You hardly even mentioned any goods about the phone, so how can you expect me to take you seriously when all you list is the bads? The ones you listed were hardly even a reason not to buy the phone, mostly because your opinions were so subjective that it's hard to tell if you're being serious.

Open minded


Agree with most of the other comments - this is a terrible article as it is so loaded with the authors opinionated biases that nobody looking for facts should read it. I happen to own a SG3 and love the so called plastic feel, way easier to carry around then a heavy brick. The fact the SG4 is very much the same is a plus, not a negative, which will attract me to it instead of the authors claimed opposite.

I'll buy it


Agree with the other comments, it's a horrible biased article. I have convinced some of my friends to upgrade from iPhone to the S4 and they love it. I don't see how anyone upgrading to the S4 is not going to love it over any previous phone they had. I've had numerous friends that have gone HTC and hated it but I've never had anyone complain about the S4.
As for it looking like the S3, so what, I love the Samsung look and feel. It's light and comfortable unlike iPhones and the HTC one. I'm going to upgrade just for the new screen alone!
I love the interface as well, I've never found it ugly. It's certainly better than the static icons on iPhone.
I love the extra shortcuts. You can never have to many. I wish my older Samsung had these extra shortcuts.
As for the extra features, sure some of them are gimmicky, so what, turn them off or don't use them. You would have to be the first person in history to complain about extra features.

El Craigo


How to get noticed "101". When every one else says something is good, say the complete opposite. Ross gets an "A" for this method. If this wasn’t his intention (to get noticed), then sadly Ross gets an "F". This article is complete rubbish

Peter of Brisbin


I will go for the Google Nexus 4 over the Samsung any day.
But I want a phone that will make phone calls. That is the major usage as the name implies *phone* without the ability of my employer to contact me in difficult metro areas I will not have a job. I had an iPhone 5 for a month, (wife now has it), my S3 is in the cupboard after a month of frustration, and I have resurrected my Palm Pre 2+. That should get a few laughs and some brave comments from those that hide behind anonymity. But the Palm works in difficult areas, locks in to WiFi, solid calendar, syncs Bigpond, Google and Enterprise Mail and Calendars, and fits in my pocket.



Everyone stop whinging about this article! Its titled 5 reasons to avoid the S4 so that's what was written. Why would someone write 5 reasons to avoid it then talk about how good it is?!? It's an article offering a different perspective. I actually agree with many of the points. I had a S4 for a month and a half and changed to a HTC One and am much happier. Just because you Samasung lovers can't handle a bad review doesn't make the author 'ignorant' or 'stupid'. Stop badgering people because of the phone they have. People are entitled to write articles on whatever topics and choose whichever phone they like. Whilst I'm an android fan I am so sick of the android vs apple bullying. It's sad. Let it go.

Ken Wagnitz


I'm about to buy an S4 and pass my S3 on to my wife.
The reason being that she dropped her HTC one into a toilet and killed it.
If it had been a Samsung with removeable battery, I might have saved it.
The Samsung wins on removeable battery and expandable memory, though the sealed phones in 64GB versions make that less necessary.
I'm not put off by the 'plasticy' feel of a phone if that means you can remove the back and battery.
A plastic back also makes it lighter and possibly thinner. Attributes that appeal.
Just because the S3 is thin and light enough, doesn't mean thinner and lighter isn't better.
The one area a HTC wins over a Samsung is the software (HTC=better) and button layout.
Kudos to Samsung for including a free navigation app for use when out of phone tower reach.
Brickbats to both for not including real voice dialling (not something that asks what you want to do, then tries to look in up on the net). It would be useful in hands-free Bluetooth mode, eg on a motorbike.



I like the s4......liked it more because of the enormous options of choice.......I like options and there are many more than the iPhone, for sure.......sometimes it is good to be able to think for yourself.......



Author is a real copy cat bozo!
Turning off all the "Fluff" features I do not intend to use. Makes this SGS4 perfect.
Added battery life is great so far & removable/exchangeable battery is a must, so the phone isn't a paperweight brick when the original burns out. what its aluminum...that's all anyone can say positive about it.
Seems like this author has nothing relevant to say at all!



Haha, this article is full of crap. I don't agree 1 point



LMFAO and ROL (and WTF!!)!! Haha, this sounded like a political debate on gay marriages! Where are the facts? Was this article a joke? It was, wasn't it?? a big fat joke! ... If this wasn't a joke, somebody should be fired for smearing PCWorld's good name!

Neil Pardo


They actually pay you to write this dribble? Do you believe what you wrote? Do you even care? It's not even worth commenting on how poorly written this manifesto is. So you dislike the Galaxy S4, but at least write cohesively why you do, for mechanical reasons, not just because its not "pretty."



A ClimatSens for Samsung Galaxy S4 shows a Temperature, Light, Humidity and Atmosphere Pressure data on the screen in real time.



I bought an S4 today morning....its on charge now...and I KNOW I WONT REGRET BUYING IT!!

The thinker


Look stupid nobody cares about what YOU like. Everything Samsung has done since the OS was created has been amazing. The Galaxy S series is the face of Android. Besides any idiot knows that you can change or modify anything within the system to make the OS what you want it to be. Not to mention the fact that Touchwiz has more to offer than all if not most operating systems. Touchwiz is built to withstand "ordinary person" use and tech savvy use.[Hence the seemingly endless features] Even tech savvy people love touchwiz. The point of Android period is to give the user total control. You can literally access any part of Vanilla AOSP/touchwiz and modify it to your liking in order to perfect the OS according to your standards. You're so ignorant that I almost feel sorry for you



5 reasons for avoiding buying pc world.
1. Thousands of quality up to date reviews and articles can be found on the internet for free.
2. Two thirds of the magazine is ads.
3. We don't offer the DVD any more.
4. It's so much thinner than it used to be.
5. No cutting of trees.



2 of 5 is your personal idea. Does this post point out the reasons for people to avoid S4 or just for you? And about hard to use, that is why they give you manual (they just don't waste their money for useless item).Next time when you buy a new phone just read the manual before using it.



The reasons given would not be enough for me to dismiss the S4. I wont buy Samsung because I bought his and hers galaxy tab 2 10.1 3G soon after they came out. I thought that it would have the capability of the tab1 plus enhancements. I was wrong. I test my equipment to the limits and there are many deficiencies in the tab 2. For example, the cable that allows USB tethering for the tab1 is not supported for the tab 2. You can try the cable but performance is flaky (which is why it is not supported). Another nuisance I that Samsung's android will not read the NTFS file system. Even the Aldi tablets I have tested can read NTFS. You could say I should have looked at the specs but Samsung, in common with all other vendors seem to only tell half the story in their specs. You read that wireless n is supported but what you really want to know is whether it is wireless n single band or dual band. After spending $1100 I found out that I should have waited for Galaxy note to get nearer to the capability I want. I will not buy Samsung because I do not trust them.



seriously both s4 and s3 are both the worst design phone ever, but i really really(really) loved the S2 design, i think it's prettier, why doesn't samsung stick with the s2 design, hmm

Edward Skupien


Does this phone hold more than 30 days worth of email in its outlook email? If I leave email on my work server, will it display on my phone as long as it's on my server?



With all due respect... This article was completely useless for reviewing a product. Everything mentioned seemed to be more of personal preference issues. The issues that were said were all of the reasons why I liked the phone. Next time you review something try to focus on more important debatable issues.

For those whom are trying to properly choose between the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 please go to the follow link.

This video provides a more proper and unbiased look at the phones. Never trust in these types of articles. They don't help you and often are made by people whom just complain at simple things.



The S4 is a great phone. The author must try it, and then if his opinion is the same, should use 3 words: "in my opinion...."

Otto Sump


I just got an S4 in replacement for an iPhone 4. The S4 simply destroys the iPhone for speed, screen, apps..... The touch screen works smoothly and perfectly unlike the frustrating apple one. The accelerometers actually respond instantly to the phones position and angle, and the OLED screen is like having a plasma TV in your pocket, you can actually watch movies and play hi-res games with a degree of satisfaction.
I actually bought both Apple and Samsung phones. It's true, the Samsung interface is a bit more complicated than the Apple but then the S4 is a far more sophisticated piece of equipment.
IMO If you want an expensive but easy to use phone with nice glass and metal finish that you can show off to all your trendy image-conscious friends, get the Apple (same old Apple story in fact).
If you want an damned impressive piece of tech that is basically an entire entertainment system in a phone and are willing to invest a bit of learning time/are not a complete idiot, get the Samsung.

Frank Castle


What a useless article! I have owned both phones and I do like the iPhone, but I prefer the S4 due mainly to the screen size, removable storage, and removable battery (all of which Apple lacks). Riddle me this, why in the hell has Apple dragged its feet with upgrading the iPhone's screen size? The screen size increase for iPhone 5 is a joke. Oh well. {sigh}



I actually appreciate this article. I was starting to wonder: Is it me? how come I don't love the S4? I have been using an iphone 3 for two years The battery is getting weak so I went shopping. I ended up buying an S4 and Note 8 for $400. I'm a week in and still can't figure out how to edit Contacts. Can you with S4? It shouldn't be this hard. If you can't edit Contacts on the same Contact name screen, that will be the deal breaker for me and I'll return it. I do love the big screen and the zippiness of the S4 but I agree, the interface is childish, ugly, cartoonish compared to the sleek, clean interface of iphones. I could live with that if things were clearer, more intuitve. I could care less about the cases --plastic, metal -- who cares. I care about how it performs.



You idiots, read the article. Five reasons to avoid, why should he write good things? I had an iphone 5 and got tired of the small screen and practicly the same interface since my iphone 3gs. I replaced my iphone 5 to the galaxy s3. I like both iphone and my galaxy in different ways. Now i got the s4 and i agree with the author. The 5 things he wrote about disturbes me like hell. But still i recommend upgrading due to the better screen, new camera and the improved speed, maybe the battery is a little bit better to? Although the iphone 5 is faster than the s4, regardless the hardware...



This article is pathetic and petty - as if the author is trying desperately to convince himself that he is better off without the new phone his friends are getting.
To the idiots (author's mommy probably) that are defending this article, the rest of us realize an article with this title is not likely to list any good qualities; we are simply disturbed how such a poorly researched, written, and edited article would have been published to begin with. Either this article was sponsored by Apple or PC World's standards have dropped below the 4th grade reading level.



This article is very good. Only problem, it understates the stutter and lag on the s4. I have had 3 handsets swapped by Vodafone. All three had bad stutter and lag. My s2, also from Vodafone is far smoother in operation and in many respects faster. For example, gallery on s2 opened twice as fast.
Note, this is with the s4 having nothing on it!
For the s4 is a lemon. Anyone who says it is fast either: works for Samsung, has not used one yet, or is just an idiot.



Wow, that was the most terrible phone review I've ever read. You don't like that it looks like a previous version? (Maybe you can get a hat that announces to friends and strangers you are elite.) -Too difficult to use? (It has an option to turn it into a kindergarten level dumb phone that both my kids and my grandparents can use. But why are people who don't know how to use a smart phone buying the most sophisticated, most powerful and one of the most expensive phones on the market?) PC World editor's, if you are that desperate to fill your pages, give me a call, I'll round up my grandparents and kids and go test drive a Bugatti for you.



Niwit article. I love my new s4.

Cosina V


I've had one since the launch and all I can say is that it is not worth the $800 I paid for it and definitely not worthy of being call a flagship smartphone.



Oh Come ON! S4 Rocks!!! I Owe a bunch of Apple products, and they are Great! But let´s recognize that iPhone is a couple of stairs behind Android Phones. Just sold my iPhone 4GS and bought a Samsung Galaxy S4, and the difference is HUGE! The only thing I have to get use to, is the size.. Pretty big for me, but great to do some stuff.



Wife and I just bought 2 Galaxy s4 s. Absolutely love them, best damn cell phones we have had yet. The person who wrote this article is a wombat or on the take from apple.



Galaxy S4 is the best phone i've ever owned. This article is all about his personal preference. But claiming these reasons as to why you should avoid the S4 is ridiculous. If you don't like it then you don't. But this phone is amazing, end of story.



S4 go for it - awesome



I just switched back to android from the iPhone 4S (I had my 4S for almost 2 years - used Androids for several years before that). This article, "IN MY OPINION," is ridiculous. Yes, I admit that the new cool features that Samsung is toting I have turned most of those off, but that's not a reason to NOT buy the phone. It does practically everything an iPhone can do and more. The interface is ugly? Sure, the picture you posted is hideous. My screen is awesome. I put a great wallpaper on and have great looking widgets on top. It's not cluttered, and it's nicely organized. Then that Google Nexus 4 pic you posted, that picture looks like a toy smartphone screen for a child! Are you serious? I don't mean to be super critical, but c'mon! You titled this article in a way to get readers attention, and didn't give us what we were expecting.



More like a whining post by an apple fan boy :P. The features he described useless if found in iSheep phone those would be the worlds best features

Happy 4ndr01d Slave


Useless Article....
If you dont like the interface, flash a custom Rom like AOSP... Its Android!
There are currently only 2 phones I consider buying:
Nexus 4 or Galaxy S4!
Why not HTC one?
HTC sucks with updates although Sense 5.0 looks great
Before 4.2.2 (released with old Android wtf) the 2 Buttons where crap



I agree with this article. Bought it as an upgrade to my HTC Evo, I'm thinking of returning for the One. This phone is alright, but I prefer my HTC.



Nice case, but I would recommend the Pong Research <a href="">Samsung Galaxy case</a> over this. Studies conducted by numerous scientific teams in several nations have raised concerns about the possible association between heavy cell phone use and health problems. That's why I did research and found a case that can reduce radiation exposure. In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research 's cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which reduce exposure to radiation. Because Pong is the only technology proven in FCC-certified laboratories to reduce the exposure to mobile device radiation by up to 95% below the FCC limit without compromising the device’s ability to communicate.



I just bought mine a couple of days ago, and these seem like lame excuses. Extremely easy to use, the UI is not impressive out of the box but you customize it to your liking (easily I might add), it's fast, and forgive me if I'm wrong but don't the iPhones look identical if not close?

The camera is awesome, the responsiveness is awesome, call quality and call enhancements are awesome, it does have a slightly bigger screen than the S3, I do agree the air movement thing is a waste because I kind of wanted to look like a jedi waving my hand over the screen oh well. I will have this phone for quite awhile and that's why I bought it. S Voice isn't perfect but hell, neither is Siri. It's super s e x y and I recommend it. I would like to add that I upgraded from the original Galaxy Nexus to the S4, so yeah maybe i'm a little mind-blown because I've come into such updated technology, but I recommend it.



Every smart phone that has come out has its flaws....cant really satisfy everyone. But ultimately is just preference and I love my galaxy s4 even over the iphone 5!



To the author of this article, fuck you.



It's impossible for anyone with an opinion to criticise anything to do with Android. Apple fanboys are no where near as bad as Android fanboys. I have given Android three chances with the HTC Magic, Google Nexus One, Samsung S2 and Nexus 7. Yeah the Apple devices do not have the initial wow factor with all the bells and whistles of the Android devices but will still be a usable device with guaranteed iOS updates as soon as they are released.

It's hard for some of you geeky kids to understand but quad cores, 13MP camera etc doesn't matter. My iPhone 'feels' fast enough, the S4 can still lag. The put high specs in the account for a poor OS that degrades rapidly over time. Closed? Who cares? The choice of mobile OS isn't political for me. I want one that just works for my day to day tasks rather than something from Android which is going to give me hassle and is like going back to Windows on the desktop.

One day you will all grow up rather than using tech specs and useless features as some kind of penis size measurement and actually using technology to enrich your lives rather than wasting your life playing computer games on Windows and hating on Apple at every opportunity.

Osman Musa


If you put a custom AOSP rom like Slim Bean on your Galaxy S4, you are good to go. I agree with author on the ugly touchwiz interface and the bloat apps, btw almost all android smartphones come with bloat.



Fuck samsung , their GS3 should have already android 4.2 GUESS WHAT it is still on 4.1... my tf300t is updated to the lasted version of android about a month after the new release. so FUCK samsung



Get the new Samsung Mega 6.3 and all you people will drop your S4's Hee he he he



Complaints for complaints sake. The phone rocks.



I thought this article was so negative lm currently using the iPhone 4 and lm looking forward to upgrading to the Samsung s4 l have heard so many good reviews about this phone.

S4 Rules you Dimwit


I have a S4 and it is F'in awesome. It is much faster than the S3 and more stable.

I never respond to articles. In fact this is my first time, but I felt compelled as the person who wrote this article is a D*O*U*C*H*E B*A*G.

Are you getting paid by Steve "hand" Jobs minions to spew filth on the internet? Do us all a favor and attempt to breath underwater.



you're on crack. picky much?



Yea. I'm not stopping here either. This is pc world. Not the new york times or anything but I'd bet that thousands of people see this. I'm talking to the owners of this site, this is ridiculous. Anyone who would agree with this poorly written article is almost as stupid as the idiot who wrote it.



God. The Galaxy S4 fangirls are worse than the Apple ditos. Seriously, the S4 seems like a girly phone to me. Only Girls and hipsters owning it. If you want a real phone that doesn't look and feel like a toy get the One or Nexus 4.



S4 is the best...Author is a real mad person...



To be honest, I think the author wrote this perfectly. As a person deciding on my next phone, I've been looking around a lot. And these were the exact problems I have found with the S4. The review does not have to be objective because most people aren't anyways. I think the interface is ugly, so why can't he? Maybe he is an Apple fanboy, but guess what? Most of these people want an iPhone but is considering maybe getting a Samsung instead, including me. He sees it in these people's point of view, which is very well done. And seriously, how much do you actually use these features? They ARE gimmicky which is one of the main reasons that I will not be getting the S4. I'll choose rare quality improvements (Siri, iOS7) over a whole bunch of trash features any day.



HTC one is alot better than that stuoid ugly s4 it is usless pile of uglinees



this article is worthless



Its true though. The s4 lags compared to the iphone, even if the specs are double. The ui is so messy. And the new features are so gimmicky that even my friend who loves android and his s4 stopped using the air gestures after a while because they were inefficient compared to just touching the screen. I was considering the htc one but after seeing the ui and the bloatware of blinkfeed, i just decided to get the iphone 5.



are youuuu kidding me ?!!!!
more difficult ? who are you ? my grandpa ?!
ugly ?!! is that even a reason to avoid 100s of futures ..
be logical, HTC one is better only in outside made ( cover ) plus screen resolution cuz its smaller and HTC is always better in sound performance becouse its powered by Beats & the phone programs are simple ! but in mobile speed and own performace plus unexpected futures ( eye scrolling.. etc) Galaxy S4 kills all the smartphones -yet- !!



are youuuu kidding me ?!!!!
more difficult ? who are you ? my grandpa ?!
ugly ?!! is that even a reason to avoid 100s of futures ..
be logical, HTC one is better only in outside made ( cover ) plus screen resolution cuz its smaller and HTC is always better in sound performance becouse its powered by Beats & the phone programs are simple ! but in mobile speed and own performace plus unexpected futures ( eye scrolling.. etc) Galaxy S4 kills all the smartphones -yet- !!



Eversince I bought the Freestyle for HTC I was like great idea HTC a dumb phone that pretends to be smart! However the os was terrible. Instead of fixing the os with an upgrade, they abandon the whole phone attempting one upgrade which did not do a single thing. Customer Service was terrible too so that made not want to buy any HTC products forever. I don't mind buying an Iphone or Samsung phone and I currently love my GS3. However, I am not going to upgrade to a GS4 because it is too expensive and the only difference is the hardware specs. I think I will go for another GS3 in the future lol.

The Lizard King


I'd agree that there's a lot of stupid bloatware as is true of pretty much every android phone. I really think you should be able to uninstall pretty much anything without having to root your phone. That being said I've been pretty impressed with the performance and feel of my S4.



Lame Article Ever LOL



This is the first smartphone I have ever owned, I just bought it three days ago. So maybe I'm not qualified to write this, but maybe in some ways I'm a good test subject. Most of what this guy wrote in this article is deliberately misleading, or is a matter of his opinion, not fact. I can only assume this guy has some hidden agenda or a grudge.

"the interface is ugly". Notice how for an example he put the ugliest wallpaper background he could find in the picture.

"the oversized, cartoonish looking icons in the app drawer" : The graphic posted is misleading, this is from the "Easy Mode", which is what your granny might use. Most users are going to use the regular mode.

"the annoying water droplet sounds everytime you touch the screen"...uh, hello, have you heard of a little thing called sound settings? Guess what, if you don't like hearing touch sounds, they can be turned on or off. Same goes for all default settings--if you don't like them, change them. It's your phone.

"it looks the same as the S3": Yeah, that's the reason we buy new phones. Just so they can look radically different than the previous model.

"it's overloaded with useless features": the way I see it, I'm getting lots of options that I can choose to use, or not use. If you don't like them, get rid of them or shut them off. Simple, huh?

"It's more difficult to use": perhaps I am not qualified to answer this question, but maybe as a first-time smartphone owner I am qualified. I do not find this phone difficult to use at all. In fact, it's a pleasure to use. And once again, for the graphic he chose to use the more cluttered looking setting. You are allowed to change the factory settings, and I repeat: it's your phone!

"it's not as zippy as it should be". This whole paragraph he wrote contradicts itself--he starts out saying how fast it is, but then goes on to say it's slow for some commonly used apps. But he fails to make any specific comparison to other phones. If there are faster ones, great, but how about mentioning them by name so we can find out?



This article sucks, don't listen to it at all. I have the S3 and love it and am not getting the S4. It is everything but slow and ugly. In fact it looks so nice IOS 7 decided to copy it! It isn't our fault this guy doesn't know how to make a decent looking home screen. The stupid looking one is only in easy mode for people that can’t handle the big one, personal that was very nice of them to put in for users like my grandma. To many features.... what are you talking about?! That is like saying on to free stuff, I don’t know about you but I would like to get more features for the same price as phones with less. Maybe you want to revisit this article a little. Sorry for those of you that had to read this, not of it is true!

jasmanny castaneda


An apple fan wrote this for sure. Galaxy S4 is the best by far.



Looks like Samsung paid all the above commentors quite a good some of money



You should be ashamed of yourself writing such a lame article. Literally, none of the five reasons are valid or would make me, or most people I know, not get a phone. Any phone. The only way I have been able to like or dislike electronics is to use them for extended periods of time. Then I make my choices based on experience and personal preference. What looks good on paper might not be good in reality. But man, are you wrong. I have multiple smart phones. Androids and iPhones. 4, 4s, S3, S4, EVO, EVO 3d, Photon, Hero, X, and some crappy flip phone. The best in the list, in my opinion is by far, the Galaxy S4. It is surprisingly a lot better than the Galaxy S3. I found this hard to believe at first because the S3 was so good. But the S4 just beats the crap out of anything that is out there, not only iOS phones. Bottom line, I think you suck badly and should not be calling yourself a writer, journalist or whatever you might think you are.



<<<Aditya>>> You too suck. Samsung does not waste time on something so low. They have better things to do than to do that for a site that must have sucky traffic. Their minds are probably wired on planning THE NEXT BIG THING!!!!! And that, is not your mediocre phone.

The Pedantic Ranger ;-)


"The user interface is... ugly"

Your writing style is… useless.

(Oh, and I made my ellipsis with the proper character - it's an ellipsis, not three dots.



What is the point of arguing about this. The title is "5 Reasons to Avoid the Samsung Galaxy S4". Not why you should get it. And why the f**k would anyone care about the 'ellipsis'? it's still 3 dots. Why would you write an article with the title different to the actual story. Oh and 'The Pedantic Ranger', I didn't leave a full stop at the end of this sentence just to annoy you

The Pedantic Ranger



I bow my head before your superior reasoning and ironic lack of full stops. I now see the future, for truly you are the saviour sent to forgive the sins of Apple fanbois across the galaxy.
The Middle East shall have peace because you care enough about technology to lay down your life to light the way of righteousness.

You were intending to do that, yes?
Really, you should.

To coin a rather prosaic phrase, 'Yo is pwnd bro'.
BTW, you're wrong - an ellipses is three dots only in the way the belt of the constellation of Orion is three dots. :-D

Adolf Hitler


I should mention Nazi's now and bring this thread to an end.



the Samsung galaxy s4 is a good phone and its not difficult to use with all the things at the top and you don't have to look at the bad of it I mean every phone has something wrong with it or it doesn't have this and don't be mad because its a top seller and that HTC isn't

Adolf Hitler


Jeez, Nazi's don't have the meme power they once did!



I had the iphone 4 and I have just bought and S4. Love this phone so much more interesting than the iphone got so bored with it.

Michael Thompson


I knew this article was bull just by reading the titles and looking at the pictures. POINT 2??? 3RD IMAGE??? YOU ARE USING THE BASIC INTERFACE. FOR THE VISUALLY IMPARED!!! Ok I'll calm a little now.
I have an S4 and it is an excellent phone. I would not agree with a single point mentioned in this article. It's an all around excellent phone. One thing I would like to see is it running the stock android interface (which I know there is an S4 out on the market for). Also would like the settings menu in the notification bar to be returned to the standard jellybean menu. And the ability to change the logos down the bottom of the screen. For the most part though, there's not much to complain about.

Ima Ownya


2 Reasons Not To Read Articles Written By Ross Catanzariti...

#1 - He apparently does no research on the products he reviews.
#2 - He obviously bought the wrong phone and now has size envy over the Galaxy S4.

The counterpoints to every goofy thing you wrote:

1- The S4 is vastly improved over the S3, (I'm not going to bother to educate you, look up the specs).

2- The interface of the S4 is HIGHLY customizable... the fact that you didn't know how to configure your phone to something that was aesthetically pleasing just speaks further to your Android illiteracy.

3- Air gestures are a very cool feature. Anything that keeps my screen a little cleaner, even if it doesn't work on every single app is a welcome option. Just because you didn't have enough coordination to pass your chubby little hands over the phone without bumping the screen doesn't make it a useless feature for every single Android user.

4- Learning how to use the Galaxy s4 was difficult for you? lol... I'm not surprised....

5- Not as "zippy"? What kind of a pinhead describes things with the word "zippy"? Again, you obviously didn't do ANY research before writing this nonsensical article. Look up the processor specs and the Galaxy has the fastest processing speed on the market. It beats out the HTC ONE and the iPhone 5 by a wide margin.

Ross... Get a real job, stop living in your mother's basement, and make a little effort to educate yourself on topics before you speak about them. That way you won't sound so dopey in the future.



removable battery on the samsung is not a feature, it is necceserry. my job is repairing these devices, and it has been my experience that the Samsung batteries do not last. they will begin to swell in under a year. haveing an sd card slot is also something that samsung needs to have, as their bloated os takes up 3/4th of the onboard storage. the interface IS ugly, as it was on the SIII. touchwiz has always been bloated and therefore you will see far more frame drops. the s4 and htc one have the identical processor, snapdragon 600. the difference is that the One has the chip underclocked by 200 MHz to increase battery life, and from experience in real life usage, i have used both devices, the battery life on the ONE is far superior. Air gestures and eye scroll is a perfect example of both the bloat and a battery drain. The setting leaves the sensor on 100% of the time wheater you are in an app that supports it or not, and the technology is just not there yet. it is very inacurate. it is a party trick, much like the 3d camera on the EVO 3d.

Every one of his points has valid, perhaps if you werent so closed minded. instead you simply call him names and critiize his terminology . you really are no better than any loud mouth apple fanboy sir.



i work in IT/Telecom, most of the people i know with S3 got an S4. i think this guy needs to get some other job as he is completely clueless on the subject and i suspect blind too.



I usually use a Nexus BUT I bought a HTC Google edition because 16GB was just not enough, and even though the S4 Google edition had 16GB with expandable memory, stock does'nt utilize the SD card properly so it kind of makes it useless, although not totally. Unfortunately within the first 10 days the capacitive keys on the One became unresponsive so returned. (unfortunately Google takes almost half a month to give you a return. I am still waiting for my return of funds. Up to 14 business days to give it to back to you!) Anyways I went ahead and bought a carrier version of the S4 in the 32GB. I also tried the HTC One carrier edition but the fact that it was on 4.1.2 turned me away. I miss those front facing speakers though, they were actually pretty awesome. (you never know when AT&T is going to update a phone. Could be 8 months to never) there was a few features that I just enjoyed off of my Nexus 4 that were also on the S4). Anyways after loading Nova Launcher prime, Google's Calendar and keyboard, disabling about 16 to 18 useless apps, and turning off features that I don't need, my phone pretty much runs like my Nexus except that I love the screen even more, and when I play a game the capacitive keys don't get in the way like it did on my Nexus. Me being an avid stock only Android user, I'm actually pretty happy with this phone even though it may not get more than one update in its lifetime from AT&T. One thing though- I did end up going back to the stock TWiz calendar because I do actually kind of like the brown and beige look and the way it displays events, but that's just me. To each their own.



Also one other thing- I'm really enjoying the remote that comes on the phone. It was even easier for me to like since I have a Samsung 3D Bluray Home Theater System and TV.



just got in S 4 the user interface is total crap compared to my Nexus 7. Why the hell did Samsung feel they had to make the user interface look 10 years old.

Jeanie Kilgour


I'd suggest the author move to the new iphone. It promises to be as bland as the one he seems to want. Myself, I've been an iphone user since they came out and just org
Dered.a Galaxy 4S. I can't wait to get my hands on it!



Dude is nuts and on acid



Absolutely love my Galaxy S4 coming from my OneX with no spare battery and not enough local storage the S4 is a no brainer of an upgrade. The 5" screen is gorgeous and the build looks and feels much more professional than the S3. I don't care if my phone has a plastic cover or aluminum. I might also add this phone is a great phone where others miss the bar with bad reception , lousy speaker phones and dropped calls the S4 is a titan and the best android / phone I've ever used and I have used them all.

your mother


troll post...

IOS stupid idiot fanboy?

The S4 looks like the S3 ok...but it's quite nice, it's easy to use, home screen is beautiful and resolution is great. IPHONE 2 = IPHONE 3 = IPHONE 4 ... but android devices evolves, grow up.

Matt B.


My wife went down and bought a new S4.
I can't figure out how to do anything on it. Every app is different than google. For no good reason. I don't like any of them as well as on my phone. She is very non-savvy and now I can't / won't help her. If it was mine, I'd throw it away! I want to just use my ph as a tool. Not fiddle with it for a hugely frustrating long time to do the most routine things.
I hate this interface!!!
In mssg, It doesn't even show which mssgs that I sent w/ the time. Just stupid right/left color coding. Total crap.
I've 25yrs as a computer tech.

John A.


My Galaxy S4 has had no service now for 3 days. Took phone back to Telstra who replaced the SIM card, Service lasted for 24 Hours and now no service again. A Long with poor battery life, having come across from Apple to Android one very disappointed Customer!!!!

Graciela Belle


Star S4 is just as hot as the samsung galaxy bestfriend even went excited when i bought one for her from beats a trusted store really ;) anyway, i love that they didn't go cheap with the phone's specs and features but they went cheap on the price instead!I'd prefer Star S4 than Galaxy S4 :D

Boby Gandhi


1. if it ain't broke don't fix it
2. most galaxy s4 users(me) love the user interface however there's this thing called launchers on google play store.
3. first the features are useful to some people and second if you don't use the features then turn them off, why is that a reason not to buy a phone when people buy a phone for its features.
4. its got more functions doesn't mean its difficult to use, if your too dumb to use a expensive phone then switch to a cheaper phone or go to settings and go on easy mode on activate a nokia brick like operating system for dummies.
5. IT IS BLOODY ZIPPY, if you think the animations make the phone feel slow there are two things you can do, go on developer options and turn animation scale to zero or download nova launcher to get a stock android like galaxy s4 with all the features still their.


Boby Gandhi


wait s4 looks like s3 - what about iphone 4 and 4s? that silenced you boy!



This article was written by someone that hates TouchWiz hence the reference to something running android without Touchwiz e.g Nexus. I wouldn't be surprised if the writer was running custom firmware on a Nexus and thinks anything with Samsung TouchWiz is the devil but to bash at the UI itself without explanation like others have said is rather poor writing.

Geert Jansen


I must agree. The Galaxy is nice to have if you like to kill time fiddling around with the operating system. A toy for boys. If you need a smartphone you can depend on, especially professionally, nothing comes close to the orginal, that is and will be the Apple IPhone

Jake Robertson


Samsung is the best smartphone. Lets talk about APPLE. Like what you've mentioned on number 1, Iphone 3, 3gs, 4, 4s they all look the same. So im pretty sure the iphone "5s" will just look like the iphone 5. Nothing really changes with the iphone looks, operating system is still the same. In samsung you can really see the evolution of a smartphone. SO STOP COMPLAINING LIKE A BITCH AND SUCK YOUR IPHONE LIKE YOU SUCK YOUR DADS DICK

Jeanie Kilgour


I just switched to the Galaxy s4 after using iphones since they first came out.. Although I am struggling with the lack of a few of the features that I have gotten used to over the years, I found this article absolutely useless. It is about one person who seems to have no objectivity and his pey peeves. After an hour with my new phone, I realized that whoever wrote this article id lazy and shallow. There may be reasons to dislike the new Galaxy s4, but his are just plain stupid! Won’t waste my time on this site in the future!

Steve Greenwood


I just borrowed and S4 while my HTC ONE is being repaired. I totally agree with everything in the article. Compariing the 2 phones, the HTC ONE is a much better phone. The s4 feels cheap in your hand compared to the HTC and is not as user friendly.

Mike Edwards


I tuned in to the morning weather report on radio a while back. It was just a beautiful day; but the forecaster was having none of it. "Sunny! Darn sun, it gets in your eyes! You'd think we could have a little rain, just for variety. Temperature 72 degrees--guess that's ok if you don't want to go to the beach. Light breeze -- not even enough to turn my wind turbine. It's days like today that just make me sick, because now I'm going to have to mow the lawn and weed the garden -- and then my spouse will want to go for a walk! Won't get anything done! Turned out it was national 'grump' day and the forecaster was just getting into the spirit of the day, looking for any negative he could find.

I think maybe Ross heard that broadcast and took it for his inspiration. His reasons for rejecting this phone: (1) It looks like a telephone -- the same as other phones; (2) It's ugly [but of course it looks just like other phones]. (3) Some of its features are pretty useless--is that different from any other phone? (4) It's difficult to use--as is every other android--if you want simple get a Windows phone; (5) Not as "zippy" as it should be--yeah, just like the review.

In a nutshell: The S4 is, like every other android phone--a phone that looks like a phone--ugly, needs a learning curve like every other android phone, and has occasional periods when it is not lightning fast. Wow, is this the kind of insightful information one get's from PC World? Was this among the serious articles; or was it an editorial on the comic relief page? Just kidding, of course.

So why am I even bothering to write this? Because Ross was smart enough to write a review that was so useless that it makes me and every other smuck writing here feel really astute in catching a farce; when the fact is that it did get our attention--hook-line-and sinker. Not bad for a tongue-in-cheek 'review'.

Oh, and I just bought an S4 yesterday. I guess I should have waited until I read this........






useless article.



The only thing I may agree with is that the keyboard very rarely stays on the screen for longer then it should. The phone is amazing I can see myself using this for years to come.

Sean M


This Sounds like a biased opinion from an apple user...I have had the S4 since it was launched and it has been the BEST phone I have ever owned...I have had both the iphone 5 and HTC One...All hail the S4!



And how much HTC paid you to put this article up?



Oi. all you Iphone haters, read this review and could not fault the poser with their review, very accurate from my own experience. Have used Samsung gear in other realms and it is not hard to see that they are going to be a one hit wonder. Try delving in to their deeper functions and follow their 'Manuals'. Badly written English and even poorer 'Screen Shots' of GUI'S. From a Company that was built on genuine reputation they have gone in to the quick launch mode, launching products and services well in advance of any real testing or performance assessments. They will do well for a year or two but don't expect them to be round for too long..



You must be really retard if you say that it is difficult to use mate!!



I actually laughed with whoever wrote this. I feel sorry for his level of intelligence.... galaxy s4 is the best phone I ever had in my life. I'm actually writing all of this using swapping... its taking me only seconds to write this whole thing. Try to do that with another phone. Dumas author..... whatever feature you don't want you can it off. Did Apple pay you to write this, because even a child could laugh with this, and know what a good phone galaxy s4 is. Feel sorry for you, to write something soooooo stupid in public!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Perkins


You know it's funny how Android fanboys dis anyone who speaks badly of an Android product even if it's true. Do you know how many Android fanboys get on Apple for making the iPhone look similar to previous versions? And yet you have some Android fanboys complementing Samsung for doing the same thing with making the S4 looking similar to the SIII. Also there is nothing good about a plastic phone. It doesn't look better than metal. It doesn't feel better than metal. It isn't as durable as metal. Only reason Samsung uses plastic over metal is because plastic is cheaper. As for the size of the phone. Why would anyone want a phone that's too big to fit comfortably in your hand? Buy a tablet if you need a bigger screen. All that's truly important with a phone is that it makes calls, it's durable, it plays apps/games, it won't get viruses/malware and the overall safety and security of the phone. True every one of those things I just mentioned favors the iPhone. But if you're willing to throw down $200 or more for a phone, make sure it's the best of it's kind if you only care about the size of the phone for watching videos on then a tablet would be a better purchase and then just get a cheap low end Android phones like the 90% who buy Android. But to spend $200 or more on a high end Android phone that's only claim to fame is bigger screen and better specs is stupid. Specs and screen doesn't determine the safety and security of the phone. They don't determine how durable the phone is or how stable the operating system it. They don't determine the quality of apps/games out either.

eldritch drake


this article is just a kick ass, they mannaged to disapoint any sgs4 user. I prefer to buy this unit tommorow and I do have own a sgs3. I feel sorry for those who wrote it. what a dump article



Im a first time user of android GS4 and im loving this phone!!! I switched from iphone 5 to GS4 and had for 2 weeks now and had no poblem getting used to it and getting to know all the new features on it. Unlike for u since u had it for a month and have found ridiculous things u didnt like about it that makes u look dumb. It is bigger than GS3 as I looked in the stores and compared and it has more cool features on it then any other phones iv used. If u like simplicity then u shud stik to GS3 or get urself an iphone but there are othe ppl that wud prefer more features on their phone and ur article about mainly feautures is not the reason that a person shudnt get it or upgrade to it cuz it is not same as GS3 it has a lot more to u and thats y ppl upgrade when something new and more featured phone comes out



I agree with most of the points. Personally I find stock software annoying. BUT I still love my S4 because I don't have to put up with any of that. Remove what you don't like and install what you like. That's the beauty of Android - you can shape it the way you like it. I think the hardware side is much more important and does it have a good hardware? Oh yes!



I hate this stupid piece of crap phone. Miss my Evo... no4 g lte here but there is 4g so another issue. Hate it. Then it changed keyboard to a crappy version of Swype. Worthless.



Bill O'Rielly.... Eat yer Heart Out ¡¡¡¡¡ Ahhhh haaaa haaaarrrr ¡¡¡¡¡



Here's my feedback to the author. ^_^

1. It looks the same as the Galaxy S III

Apple does this too but the bandwagon doesn't really fall separate from the herd. lol.

2. The user interface is...ugly

What if I told you... the GUI or graphic user interface can be modified in any device. :3

3. It's overloaded with useless features

I agree with you on this one. :D Though what I like about the android system is that you can remove the bloatware through apps. Just like the iOS bloat apps that are more money grubbing. ;) Not dissing apple users (well I'm a partial apple user)... but let's admit... you need a credit card to create an apple id without tons of bypasses... while google... click and register. :D

4. It's more difficult to use

Yeah... if you're an idiot. No offense but there's a point why we have a manual. If manuals don't exist... it's natural selection. Imagine not putting labels on poisonous cleaning products and an idiot thought it was a drink. The point is... read the manual. Everybody is a newbie in the beginning including the techno-savy. The only thing that separates them from poseurs is that they read and learn how to use the device, regardless of brand.

5. It's not as zippy as it should be

Yeah... because some idiots do not read the developer notes. Some apps stopped at gingerbread and icecream due to app developer limitations and some end-users still install them on a Jellybean OS which is very very wrong. Hence bricking their phones. nuff said. e.g. Chainfire 3D is just up to gingerbread OS yet some still insist installing it on Jellybean... hence bye bye OPENGL and welcome post boot crashing. ^_^

The thing is... I have S4, HTC, and iPhone... and I can clearly say the device represents the one who owns it. I'm happy with the 3 because I know what is good. And good is what I can do with the device regardless of its so called limitations.

If the owner is a newbie. Expect complaints like the author. If you're smart enough to read to tons of forums like xda, wikipedia, and learn jailbreaking and rooting yourself. You have nothing to blame but your lack effort and understanding. if you fail. Though the success is very sweet and you can root your phone tricking your warranty. You can even hook up a PS3 sixaxis controller, HDMI cable and play PSP/PSX games and play hard. Use and OTG cable and type using a keyboard. So many functions or device can handle... yet people will believe mediocre reviews and biased benhmarks. :D



Bought the HTC one and seen friends s4s...completely glad I got the HTC is way better than the is excellent and the headphones it comes with make your earlobes vibrate from the bass. I love my HTC one and wouldn't trade it for anything on the market as of now



Yall niggas suck dick s4 is the shit



The s 4 is the best phone ive ever had... but its also the worst... you are absolutely correct and this is the best review i have read. Im very unhappy with my samsung s4 experience and had loads of errors ... samsung and voda both lied to me and said the phone is water damaged! Absolute nonesence its been nowhere near water ever.... i think the htc is better quality having seen a mates, but i would never buy because of its inbuilt battery. Sadly there is no competition for the s4... which is still overall sadly the best phone available its time mobile phone companies started building phones for people... not for tv adverts. And trialing them with mature adult testers not kids, before mass production. Half of its reviews are written by easily impressed kids who know no different.



shit samsung galaxy s4. i wud rather use my old iphone 4 much better than this new phone.

oblivious toallthingsimportant


One time I killed a baby kitten, I wasn't on my phone when I accidentally ran him over but I can't stop thinking about what would of happened if I had only had a smart phone back in 1985 when this happened. Any ideas or help would be great.



I think you have in no way taken an objective comparison, I was an avid Unmoveable Apple IPhone user ever since they came out and did purchase an IPhone 5 I was later offered a Galaxy S4 by my service provider free, i thought i would accept it and then sell it on, i decided to try it first and I cannot thank them enough for giving me the chance, I have now sold my IPhone 5 and much prefer the S4 in every way, as far as I am concerned the only thing that iPhone does better is connect to my pioneer Ice but pioneer have now started producing units that connect to the S4 this also makes a statement.



Galaxy s4 is the best smartfone I've ever had...infact many many times nicer, superior and truly ur life companion as compared to apple with so boring features..same user interface and exactly same look every author! Ur article is poor.
ridiculous..meaningless and does stop us from buying so far to the date arguably the strongest smartfone device ever...



Samsung S4 is a turd, will never buy another samsung phone. Totally cannot play regular streaming
applications like VLC, SopCast, or Watch ESPN. It just jams up...Old iphone 4 can play Watch ESPN
much better than S4 can anyday..a few minutes in, even on a wifi, S4 will be showing you graining
blocky low-quality cannot even figure out who is playing who!? Avoid this thing at all
costs...when you try to do everything, you end up doing nothing well at all...






Yeah I own Galaxy S4 and I actually appreciate this article. Its not biased towards Ipone or other phones, it just mentioned the S4's weak points which are many. There are useless features on it and they are not stable enough yet. I have even bought the Smart Dock for $83 which has 3 USB ports for attaching external HDD, keyboard/mouse, PS3 Controller while charging phone and mirroring phones screen on HDTV over HDMI. It works sometimes but then the phones screen goes black and becomes impossible to control apps. Also the dock doesnt charge items over USB so they MUST be separately powered. I had to buy a sata/ide drive connection and remove my 2.5" externak HDD from its enclosure to attach to dock (hardly a solution). This is Official Samsung Dock but its not worth the money. As far the phone its ok but it does lag on same games that played fine on overclocked Xperia Play (believe it or not). And touchwiz just sucks. (Hows that for grammar?) I loved Android but the limitations are bullshit. S4 has 16 gbs? No, its OS takes like 8gb and game data wont run from external SD or from external HDD. So I have to make a script to mount drives or link data?? One of the reasons I never considered a Ipone is removable storage but it is limited even on Android. :(



I have S4 and its amazing, I love each and every features device have in it.



This is one of the most informatively bankrupt reviews I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Don't get it because it looks like a previous iteration? The iPhone says hi. It's Android, why are you using the stock UI noob? It's overloaded with useless features? So is every other Android and its brother. It's difficult to use? You get paid to write for PC World, do you not? It's not zippy? I have no words.



I'v ae owned my s4 for 3 months now and I love it couldn't think of another phone I'd rather own .
yeah the guy wrote this article Is a nitwit. iPhones are for those who can't.



sorry havnt read all comments but most prase the s4 as i do ......i love sammys products and had the s3 , so i was gonna give the s4 a complete miss! but had my s3 stolen, bought the s4 and what a difference!.....superb device !...luv it ! agree with other comments that you can change the ui to suit you !.
It does come with some pe-loaded stuff you will most likely not need or want but its so fast,smooth, i just use it !....One day i will root it but not works so well !
On a side note i am the only one on this planet who likes the samsung touch wiz and the *cartoonish* icons for phone etc. ....personally i dont like the stock google ones and usually pick a cuctom rom for my other devices that come wth touch wiz....anyway this article promted me to write !



I got my S4 3 months ago. Ill be repairing my old iPhone 4 and using that again.

Apple software and hardware are designed beautifully. Clean, simple, useful.

Why would I make my life more complicated than it needs to be?

Especially for such features like changing your phones font or having an (annoying) active background.

Apple all the way. I can't wait to have mine back!



Dear writer, you're a dumb idiot and also don't have any ideas about the actual weak points of S4. I'm so requesting you not to publish useless posts.




Go for for Sam and Goggle they make no money from their products and they will give up soon. The share market will let them know big time soon. GFC COUNTRY. Anyway I have had iphones for 6 years never once had a virus never once had a hack. Go for it guys enjoy your bricks - and enjoy your 16GB my phone has 64Gb - not sure what planet you are on.
PS. 64 bit processing find that on your wonderful Samsung S3, S4 or S100 - you are living in a Korea land. Buy US. Cannot understand the logic. I'm from OZ get a Brain. Or cant afford a real phone! God you are really DUMD.

ballah in the impallah


I find it funny how one of the first things that is mentioned is the fact the s4 looks the same as the s3. I sure am glad apple was unique with all of their phones! :D wait... 0.0

Steve Jobs


Forget android and get an iPhone they are much better and fast than a S4 and Htc one like seriously what's the point of comparing to bad things

S4 is best


Wow.. what a tool!

Dont buy an iphone definatly as they all look the same!

The S3 was hugely popular and more so the s4. Your review is as good as your logic.



Comment 139 - apple faster then s4? Stats show s3 is faster and better then iphone 5



I love all the the insecure android fanboys that freak out whenever someone points out the very real issues with their devices. Samsung phones are gimmicky pieces of crap. Ooo I can bump phones to share a playlist, it pauses when I look away... Lol. No one freaking uses these goofy features.



The author of this article was clearly just venting some kind of frustration out on the Galaxy S4. I find the UI to be pleasing and in line with what I do for work as a mobile software engineer. The added air gestures are just another way in which interaction is changing every day and if you don't like it then you don't have to use it. And to all the people who are hating on Android, well I hope your happy with your rehashed iphone 5crap.



Dear Article just got your ass ripped by your readers. How do you feel?



Whoever said Samesung is better than Apple needs to get their facts straight. Apple is the most popular brand of smart phone you can buy and besides Samesungs haven't change their looks either they are still plastic junk. And for your information without Apple Samesung wouldn't have the phones they have today cause all they do is copy for example look at S1 and iPhone 3 see and resemblance.



By the way when I said Samesung that wasn't a spelling mistake.

not a sad sheep


Hey Apple since when does popularity mean its good. its funny because Justin Bieber's is popular too... Hmmm transformers was popular as well. so you can keep the popular. I will keep a device that works hard for me. funny how you brainwash dickhead sheep have no understanding of design, functionality or quality. you are simply just told what to like and what to buy. funny when A device becomes too light for too fast you call a toy or you say why would anybody need speed like that. you stay popular Apple while the rest of the world continues to be realistic flexible and open source. enjoy Apple Prison.



Hey not a sad sheep I see you have an interest in Justin bieber but come on there is no way that a phone like the S4 is a hard working phone it just has lots of uses features like lag for instance. So you can go with a phone the has a billion features which u won't use or you can go with a phone that's has the features that you will use without the lag.

I dont know


3 reasons samsung fans suck
1- If anyone speaks badly about the galaxy s4, they get angry
2- Many say that the features of the galaxy s4 are useful and they will use them, but in the end, will use the s4 just to use facebook , games and calls
3-If you are a fanboy and are reading this you are probably cursing me because I spoke the truth. So fuck you



I am using s4 and I really find it a mediocre phone. Internet is slow....basic functions are sloppy and the hype is great. Not really a great phone!!!



Lol you are not a bright one. Can we have the opinion of a real developer?
Bring up some points on functionality and I might consider your P.O.V., and not just (whinny voice) "Oh it has too many functions and I can't follow what they do!" Lol get real. If your phone is lagging, than input a larger sd card or root it and remove the software that you don't want. If neither of those flavors suit your taste buds, than change the OS to one that is more basic and easier for you to understand.

L Rose


Bought a Samsung S4 mini - big mistake. My wife's iPhone so much better, I was lured by the nerds who like Android. Two years of regret before I can switch to an iPhone. Short analysis is:
Too small to hold
Keypad very inaccurate
Camera - its poor, video well that ain't great either
Battery life - woeful
Too many useless features (air touch why?)
Connectivity - terrible keeps dropping, have to restart
Its really simple - Samsung phones are just not as good as Apple phones. I'm no Apple fan, but having tried both, the Apple just works and when your paying approx. £30/month you just want hassle free.






I have to agree with the article. I am a long time iphone user but got disheartened with the 5's bad reviews and heard great things about the galaxy s4 so I purchased it two days ago. It does have some great features but I find all the above to be true and im not one who usually has trouble adapting to new technology. Why it needs two different app stores is beyond me. Also in the internet function half the time it is unresponsive to my touch. Lastly, it took 12 hours for its first (and so far only) charge. That is way too long



This is the most ridiculous article I've ever read. Talk about subjective reasoning, totally based on the writer's own opinion and bias, not objective at all, no facts whatsoever, just babble. Dumb ass article, go learn how to write proper articles before you post such vomit again. And no I'm not a Samsung fanboy either, I actually have an iphone.



I have an S3 and it's true the touchwiz lags a little. I installed Cyanogenmod and overclocked it and it's so freaking fast, but it lacks some really awesome touchwiz features and the amazing Samsung look and feel. I personally don't like the stock Android look I think the touchwiz is much cooler. So I installed a custom touchwiz rom (Omega Rom v46.1 running Android 4.2.2) and tweaked it using rom cleaner (removes all unnecessary system apps), seeder (better system responsiveness), memory locker (to lock the launcher, or any app/process in the memory: no more home screen lag!), v8 supercharger script (for more ram and better responsiveness), and now my Galaxy s3 runs very smooth and fast, with touchwiz and all its goodies! I also have installed awesome tweaks like CRT screen off effect, lock screen ink effect, customized fonts, and many more with wanam xposed module. I have made the perfectsmart phone!



you all are piece of shit. dont undrstand english go to a fuckin school.
all points by the author are valid.
s4 are boughty dumbfucks who just use it for net and say it is the best phone when they can do the same with 120$ phone. 1 thing i am samsung user myself and am a s4 fan too. id like it the mst but really touchwiz is not upto the s4 and features are grt but shud be available on all apps. but you can always mod it and put nova prime instead of touchwiz. regarding power s3 s4 are just the same so id go for the cheapr 1 as i dont reqr allfeatures . samsung hardware is mst superior while software still takes too much ram lags and is inferior to others and thats what author wanted to say. it was never compared to iphone . and pc is much more superior than any mbile. s4 on the basis of software is not upto its price however it can be modded or replaced with nicer one u shd not be blind idiots and say samsung is perfect in evrythin



5 reasons to avoid this blog:
1. Dumb article
2. Dumb article
3. Dumb article
4. Dumb article
5. Did i already say Dumb article ???



Ross, did you really get paid to write this?

arts degree


Wow talk about useless...if you look up useless in the dictionary pic of this article would come up.

Ps let me guess you have an iphone? Being a 'journalist' you should be objective...there are too many subjective words in there...very unbalanced. First time here and last time

arts degree



Lol for telling everyone they don't understand english and to go to school. I had a headache trying to decrypt whatever you scribbled.

Hang on I need to vomit



HTC 1 way better. Glad I didn't upgrade my s3 for an s4. I agree with the author. Dare to be different s4 users. As for the majority of comments above it reminds me of all those apple i4 users trying to justify why iPhone s4 and 5 are the best phones when not that much really changed at all for the average user.



Galaxy s4 rules in every way period.

Matthew Montoya


Too bad these comments are mostly from thoughtless people. EVERY ONE of these points is absolutely legitimate. And, this article helped me decide NOT to get the Galaxy S4. I was absolutely concerned about the uselessness of gimicky features that consume battery life. Aesthetics of the UI is MAJORLY important to me. I despise lag. I am a truly reasonable person, not like the majority of these commenters. I truly appreciated the USE of a phone over specs on a paper. Which is why this article was the best S4 review I have seen. Thanks!! PS.. u idiots that mentioned the iPhone have no reason to do so. Just because someone states the obvious in saying the iPhone make is much better than the S4, doesn't mean they are a fanboi. This was not a comparison.. ur statements clearly show your insecurity as a fan of an inferior phone.



After seeing all of these comments, Ive noticed that the negative comments are just as opinionated as this article, even worse. The S4 has served the world its purpose of simply wasting people's money on a cheap plastic phone, loaded with a bunch of bloatware, its not even durable! It fills up pockets, cover user's faces with that enormous screen and destroy other android companies, even google.



Other phones like the HTC One or Xperia Z are better phones with better design with much better UI and software more useful than Samsung bloatware. Im not being an Apple fan, its pure reality. Ive seen how it has corrupted my friends into buying a load of junk plastic and spend 3 years of savings into it.



The reason why this author is bring very critical about smoothness in no. 5 is because even after putting 8 cores in a phone, it still lags. After dumping extreme hardware, it still lags. A big shame to samsung...



I agree with everything. The only Android phone I would remotely consider would be is a Nexus 4 as Samsungs Touchwizz is laggy and mismatching while HTC's sense is to complicated. Also the fact that Samsung still think we will pay £500 for smartphone that is as ugly, uncomfortable and as flimsy as the s4 is frankly comical. I'm no apple fanboy but I have to say they have the edge for me at the moment (I have a 4S and it runs smoother than my Dads s4). ios 7 is also much better laid out and far easier to use and also the App Store is still streets of Google play. I highly recommend against going Apple for now though I am open for Android to improve and win me over.



Sorry my previous comment didn't make sense. I meant I highly recommend against going android.

Samsucks 2


I bet the only thing S4 can do is just detect the airgestures cuz thats the only diffrence with the s3



"Interface is ugly " "it is more difficult to use " WOW man you probably out done yourself those guys who paid you to right this c..p, probably didn't even ask for so much sh...t. Anyway I was all time IPhone guy never used android or samsung or anything else except hundred years ago my first phone was flip Motorola No against Apple I am owning their product I Mac I pad and Mac Book however never experienced any difficulties to use SG 4 , I think that screen and interface is beautiful and ease of use just unquestionable what to features , some people buying 100k cars with 500 hp do they really need that much to get their butt to golf club? NO, but they are there because they can afford that, my wording can be supported by the fact that Samsung outsell all in cell phones that is all and your little article just straight forward job from Samsung competitors



Reddit User said Samsung Galaxy S3 burned while charging



I like my phone, it plays playstation 1 games with wireless Ps3 controllers. It is like wow, magic! Every phone has its good and its bad, but all I will say ,for customisation and getting my system to do what I want out of it, then android is where it is at! I have an S4 and I love it. Although I am sure I would love any new android phone as they seem to come up with new goodies every new model :)



Apple fan boy



I used to be an apple fanboy... 2 weeks ago I found myself in a position with no phone and a choice between waiting (for god knows how long) for a 5s or doing the unthinkable and getting an Android ... I did the unthinkable and got an S4... I USED to be an apple fanboy...



This article is soo stupid.

1. "it looks the same as the galaxy S3". Ermaghurd the iphone 5s looks soo different from the iphone 5
2. "the user interface is ugly". You can make the interface look however you want.
3. "it's overloaded with useless features". You can turn them off. At least it HAS features....
4. "it's more difficult to use". Are you brain dead? the S4 has an Easy Mode for the computer illiterate.
5. "it's not as zippy as it should be". Gimme a break. this phone runs laps around other phones. i've had no problems.

All of these problems are not problems at all. The only legitimate downside I can see is that it's a plastic phone. In a case, all phones look like plastic...



Just have to make a comment after reading this article. I came from being an iPhone user since the 3g and being an avid jailbreaker to now having an S4 and rooting so I could customize to my specifications. There is no comparing the Apple os to Android. Granted, it was not a 15 minute endeavor straight out of the box to familiarize myself. It did take a few days, and after touring which took less than 5 minutes (fastest jailbreak I ever did took almost an hour), I was able to tweak to my hearts content. I now have the most powerful computer I have ever held in one hand. I do not appreciate the forced updates from AT&T. That's why I got away from iPhone as they were very restrictive. However, they never forced an update. With rooting I am able to block that. Otherwise this phone had so much potential whether or not your root. I am so glad I switched despite articles like this.



Rooting not touring lol.



even the readers of this article think dont buy the bs

As for the inferface looking ugly... you can easily get apex nova adw or go launchers
what better phone than the highly powered s4 to use a launcher interface on?
as for the pop sound or bloatware... they can easily be removed by customization or rooting..
unless of course.. you actually like their stuff like i do... alot!
The writer of this article seems to be quite the rube when it comes to phones or customization



Oh Dear,

What a poor review. None of the points have any validity at all. I am guessing you are an iPhone drone, right ?

The Samsing wipes the floor with most if not all of the other phones and features you described above as being "Ugly" or "useless" would make a normal person *grin* with delight.

I am sold ...... I am going to get the samsung !

Thanks for making up my mind ........ you idiot !



Loving the debate this article has created, all because someone decides to give 5 reasons why the Galaxy isn't that great. They're only 5 reasons, and they're not deal-breakers. And whether or not the benefits of this phone outweigh these negative points, all of the above reasons are true.
Because someone hates the design of an SG3/4, doesn't instantly categorise them as an Apple "fanboy" – there are more phones than just iPhone and Galaxy. As a fan of both Android and iOS–personally–I think the Touchwiz UI is one of the shittest interfaces I've ever seen. It belongs in the 90's. It's outdated, inconsistent in its style, and just plain amateur. The same goes for LG's UI, who tried to copy Samsung's. The Touchwiz is also bloatware, and even though the GS4 is an amazingly fast device, their own software slows it down more than it should. Most people will never know about many of its features, and if they did, they probably won't care. I would rather buy the Google Play version just to cut the shit, or better yet; a HTC or Nexus device. Whether or not the Samsung is more powerful in terms of 'specs', the average user is not going to notice the performance difference between that and other flagship devices.



You my friend are an idiot! You mention how it looks like a galaxy 3. First off, it's way thinner with a camera that's way better. Apple hasn't changed their phone in atleast three years. The constantly release the same phone. What, a half inch bigger screen and aluminum! The screen is still small compared to other smart phones. Not to mention all their devices are the damn same! IPhone is nothing but an ipod with a phone and the iPad is a bigger version...Samsung is defecating on the competition. Not only in the smart phone market but all markets. Get a clue

samsung boy


This is really a terrible article how come that galaxy s4 isn't good? The writer is the one who is not effective. Well it's really nice to use the galaxy s4 it satisfies me and it really gives me great service and convience . Well in fact the galaxy s4 is even better than the writer of this article. How pathetic....

samsung boy


Im an apple fan tooo. Actually i have 2 apple phones the 4s and 5c and one sony xperia z and 1 galaxy s4. Yes every phone has properties that surpassed each one. The s4's camera is better than yhe camera of the apple for it is 13 mp while the apple is 8mp the sony xperia is water proof and i lve it and the iphone has better software like the ios 7. My point is dont criticize phones just use it and appreciate its abilities and services it renders us coz each one of us has its own preferences. So dont write articles like this let the people decide and let them discover the differences of these top leading phones... remember it is how we take and appreciate thr services and abilities of the phone it's not about its popularity... well all smartphones today are really of high quality so there is no need yo criticize and throw snide remarks as ive said let the people decide what to buy and let them discover the differences of the phones on their own

samsung boy


Im an apple fan tooo. Actually i have 2 apple phones the 4s and 5c and one sony xperia z and 1 galaxy s4. Yes every phone has properties that surpassed each one. The s4's camera is better than the camera of the apple for it is 13 mp while the apple is 8mp the sony xperia is water proof and i lve it and the iphone has better software like the ios 7. My point is dont criticize phones just use it and appreciate its abilities and services it renders us coz each one of us has its own preferences. So dont write articles like this let the people decide and let them discover the differences of these top leading phones... remember it is how we take and appreciate the services and abilities of the phone it's not about its popularity... well all smartphones today are really of high quality so there is no need yo criticize and throw snide remarks as ive said let the people decide what to buy and let them discover the differences of the phones on their own



I will not trust this website in the future nor pcworld. The review is misleading



I am always amazed at the HUGE numbers of people who would rather live In a theocracy where s/he is the philosopher king and everyone agrees with him/her. What a group of never to move past 14 year olds.

I don't agree with everything here and obviously the author knows "ugly" is subjective. BUT I don't think the author is a moron for not agreeing with important me! And I don't assume he has a nefarious agenda to promote the iPhone. He likes the HTC One, it seems. Geez, you guys.
I am going to go buy my Moto X now.



TouchWiz is a virus. I had to factory reset my phone to get rid of it. BEWARE OF TOUCHWIZ!!!!!! Samsung Galaxy Note III owner



that was bullshit



As a person who has upgraded phones, I gotta say that I will never touch another HTC. I had a contract with Optus for a HTC Incredible S when it first came out, and it had problem after problem. Went back for repairs maybe 6 times and was never offered a replacement phone (Not HTC's fault). What struck me is when I spoke about my HTC, which was my first Android phone, I was surprised to find that most people, no matter what HTC they had, had problems. I ended up switching back to my iPhone 3Gs I had prior to the HTC, 12 months after owning it. Thats a major issue with a HTC for me every 2 months. The difference between the HTC and iPhone 3Gs was pretty minor back then.

Then went on another contract with a Samsung S4. And wow. I am in love with it. While he says the S3 and S4 look similar, I have to say I don't mind it. The plastic backing makes it feel cheap? Oh well, I got a cover on my phone to prevent scratches or other damage. One of my coworkers has a HTC One and really doesn't think highly of it. Maybe its because he's having problems already.

The user interface took minimal time to get used to. I spent maybe 2 days on learning it. After that? Perfectly fine. No, its not user friendly at the start. But I'm assuming the writer didn't get to use the phone for that long. Once you figure out what you're doing, which again, doesn't take long at all considering most people are on 2 year contracts, the S4 is unbelievably simple to use.

Yes. The S4 has some gimmicky features, and sometimes they don't even work. But if you buy a phone to rely on the phone stopping a YouTube video when you turn your head, you're probably an idiot. There is nothing stopping you from simply doing what you used to, and tapping the screen to stop it. It takes a second. The writer used the above "Airswipe" example and I will agree there. But again, nothing stops you from simply swiping the phone. No need to rely on it, and its entirely optional to use any of these features.

Yes. There are a lot of toggles. But again, why use them? I found it very simple to just move all the ones I use to the front, and all the ones I didn't use to the back. This is a very trivial thing to bring up, and all of these take a split moment to turn on and off. So even if you do accidentally turn one on, you can do it again and have no consequence. Only thing I wish for in this aspect is the ability to hide the options you don't use. Other than that? Nothing wrong here in my opinion. Just another case of "Don't like it? Don't use it."

This comment will be split in half due to the character limit.



Onto the second half.

The call that its "Not as Zippy" is literally just grasping at straws, in my opinion. But then I'm coming from an iPhone 3Gs. So what would I know? As far as I'm concerned, I got a major upgrade.

There is nothing I hate about my phone. It responds better than the HTC and iPhones I've used, Its easier to use than the HTC I used (I spent a week figuring out that thing. Then again, I was new to android at the time. Could be a factor) and on par with the iPhone (which lacks any kind of customization and is as simple as folding a piece of paper in half), and with the 4G capabilities, all I want is for my Broadband speeds to at least match my phone speed. Because with only 1 gig a month from Telstra, I nearly pull my hair out every time I reach my limit on my phone because I'm back to a quarter of the speed I once had.

I am completely biased, but I don't think there is anything significant that the writer of this article has posted. Maybe he needed more time with the phone?



I am an android user, have been ever since nexus one, have rooted/mod my phones and have to admit when I played with the S4 and it was only for a couple minutes, there were way to many settings/options...made my head hurt.

Android Example


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David King


Dickhead you are obviously an Apple sheep "it lloks like the S3" doesn't every iPhone look like the last? "The UI is ugly" there is nothing more Ugly, boring & restricted than iOS!



Best phone I ever had!!!!



Mine will not play certain mp3 wit Is pissing me off my s3 and s2 did off the same as card put it in to this shit and it only plays what it likes not me hahahahahah



Compared to the Nexus line, the S3 and S4 look like a Pinto compared to Ferrari. I am no Apple fan boy but this piece of crap cheap looking phone is a disservice to the Android OS! How often do you really change your battery? Be honest!



The Samsung S4 is WAY over-rated in MY opinion! But I also do not care for the HTC, either. Now, the LG G2 is by far a much better phone and not much more in price than the S4. But I also have to agree with most of this post. The only thing I don't agree with is the looks. It kind of looks like the SIII but is more square than it predesessor. I prefer the less rounded style.



HTC battery life and aerial are rubbish, will never get another one

Ross Eatscock


how can you breathe with your nose so far up apples anus?


Why are all the people so angry? You will be angry when you give out how much energy you are wasting with old fashioned light bulbs. Go to to see how much you will save when you change to LED bulbs.



what an idiot, the s4 is awesome! I have had 0 problems and my phone is very snappy and smooth. latest update to 4.3 went very smooth. all I can say is I don't have to worry about maps and navigation and internet. I am not wandering all over the city like umm some other phone (ap..). the open part of the phone also to drag and drop files from my computer to the phone is so sweet, movies, songs, etc I think you get the idea, I don't even have to use any software like some other company which forces you to use ITunes. lol lol lol . moron who who buys the other brand needs to have there head shook. (this is just my opinion)



The s4 is trash... switched from iPhone very disappointed!!! It was cool new phone for like 3 days... Doesn't do anything they showed in the commercial, if it does its half as... Just a weak phone disappointed wont purchase a Samsung phone ever again an won't ever recommend it to anyone!!!



The s4 is a pos. My father and sister both have them. The thing has ten times as much lag as the original iphone.

All of the basic functions have frustrating lag. And the touch screen breaks way too easily.

I hate this phone. It sucks. Maybe it has some awesome features, but the basics don't work like they should.

And for all of you iphone haters who want to call the author an iphone fanboy, I also am not a fan of iphone. I just put the comparison up to illustrate how poorly the s4 functions.

If you own one and you're happy with it, I really am confused



BTW to all the idiots who want to insult the author, this article isn't a review. It is an article about the bad things about a phone that is generally gushed over. The article assumes the reader will have heard 1000 good things about the phone and only talks about the relatively few negatives. Top end smart phones these days are all impressive machines. That's why reviews resort to silly things like appearance. Grow up. Don't read a article that tells you in the title it will be negative expecting something different.

If you want to say, hey four out of five are totally superficial, I agree. But don't insult the author just because you like your phone. He said nothing to indicate he is a "iphone fanboy".



I just bought a S4..kind of hated it for now.. it is SOOO Complicated! So frustrating for me.. The tutorials on the ph itself is also not comprehensive.. Yeah, I agree... Too many gimmicky stuff..will need to ask my friends how to use it.. never have such problems with my old iPhone.. I remembered how i managed to figure out how to use iPhone with ease, just by playing with the phone.. miss my Dear old iPhone...
(P.S. I'm not an apple fan, just sharing my current honest feelings about my phones..)

Jobs reincarnated


gee it must be smelly up iphone's a$$; the things you'd do fo money...

Nikhilchandra Shringare


I like how they have tried to biasedly run down SAMSUNG S4 and put a voting at bottom. Still S4 has more votes!



So much vitriol towards such a tongue in cheek article - all smartphones have their pros and cons, and what appeals to one person often annoys another - you fan boys really do need to get a life LOL



I think he told the truth. The GO is a waste of money. I have been a Samsung user for about the last 3 to 4 year's. I haven't read our heard a more on point review as this one. I have the GS4 and my wife has the HTC ONE and I have been so mad at myself for not getting that phone. It's easier to use and the GS4 has so many useless gadgets that become obsolete after a short period. Hate the GS4. I would get my money back if I could wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy. Very unhappy especially for the money they ate asking for.

Matt Adams


I agree with this article 100%. My S4 is slow, fussy, full of pointless bloatware and the camera takes crap photos (despite the 12 megapixel camera) and now the battery has swollen so it shuts down. I swapped from a Nokia Lumia 800 and I am so disappointed. Will definitely go back to Nokia or try Apple next time. Also, I dropped the S4 from a seated position onto a wooden floor and the screen cracked. Now, I know it's my fault for dropping it, but my Nokia took far worse punishments and was fine. My message to would-be S4 users is don't expect the revolution in mobile experience the handset promises to be. You'll turn off all the features within a month and wish you'd never bothered.

Mel Hayes


Well, it looks like little Ross has nothing to say now and is hiding behind his Mommy!!!! You are the most biased, slanted, ostensible, and elementary writer I have yet come across. This article is the epitomy of insiderism! As a writer myself, I truly hope you have another career and pray that you only write as a hobby once in a blue moon. Please o please! OMG, I've got it!!! The perfect career for you is politics!!! Oh my goodness yes, you will fit right in! Well best of luck and we'll be rooting for you even if it is just to spare us all from ever having read or see another one of your pitiful articles! GO far, far away to the neverland!
Oh my, I almost forgot to mention, I purchased the Samsung S4 Galaxy a few months ago. It is the first Samsung I have ever bought and I am totally impressed and I love it! The iphone is nothing more than a MONOPOLY and I want no parts of anything Apple. They nickle and dime you to death for every app.....everything! Android has so much more versatility and tons of free apps without being locked in!



I listened to nerds who love samsung, bought an s4 and sold it after a month of use. I know have my iphone 5s and nexus 5 two of my favorite phones.

I hate the plastic cheap feel of the S4, the lags, the shitty bloatware apps that I hardly use and useless features of the s4 like air gesture and smart scroll which half the time it doesnt work.

I am a android and apple lover but not Samsung. stock android is far superior, better and efficient that samsung touchwiz. Apple is far more efficient and superior than android but I wont go into detail.

Now the S5 will come out this year, without the metal body design. Its still going to be the shitty cheap plastic. I don't think people will be fooled twice like me. samsung is going in the dustbin and along with their sales as they dont care about customers.

All the samsung hype is dead and gone now. their days as android leader are over.

John Zimmerman



Your reasons for getting rid of your S4 are interesting.

Lag? Learn to tweak Android. That's what it's for.
Samsung bloatware and air gesture? Easily removed with a temporary root.

I find it amusing how you tried to sound balanced by claiming to be an "Android and Apple" lover, then say something like "Apple is far more efficient and superior than android".

Your bias is clear as day, my friend.



It's hard to find educated people on this subject, but you seem like you know what you're talking about! Thanks



While adjusting the settings and rooting the phone are fantastic options, they should in no way be a necessity for the phone to smoothly scroll the Facebook news feed. The S4 blows the iPhone 5/5s out of the water at every benchmark, I just wish that translated into a phone that didn't lag while I'm trying to play Words with Friends. What exactly do you all do with your phones? Personally, I just want to call, email, text and play stupid games without pulling my hair out.



hmmm....ok auther...I've an idea for u...if u want even more thn GS4 thn why don't u make a phone of ur own...????



Six reasons to avoid the Samsung Galaxy S4
1. It looks the same as the Galaxy S III
2. The user interface is...ugly
3. It's overloaded with useless features
4. It's more difficult to use
5. It's not as zippy as it should be
6. Samsung release the bunch of faulty batteries and won't replace the battery
time to say goodbye to samsung for me



Completely agree. I can go a step further and say S Health completely crashes mine if I click on it. Rooting hasn't really been able to do much so I am going for a custom ROM in the hopes I can use my hardware.

@John Zimmerman:The most expensive mainstream phone on the market shouldn't require hacking to get it usable.



My friend did an upgrade that was pending on her Galaxy 4S and the upgrade ruined her phone.
She is now stuck on an error page from Touchwiz 2.0 that has crashed and doesn't allow her access to any settings/apps/etc.
4 hours between AT&T Tech and Samsung Techs she still was faced with losing all her photos and contacts. The only reparation was a complete factory restore.

Now she is in her way to see if those "sentimental items" might have been automatically transfered to her SD micro card.



I have had my Samsung S4 for a while now and its an amazing phone.
There is a really terrible review. The author should be embarrassed.
It is definitely the fastest phone for web browsing on the market and it is incredibly "zippy"




Mr. Sam Sung forever


I cant beleive some people are so serious about there phones, to the point where, if they were in arrms length of the person that. Wrote this article they would kill him. Where are the days where one would comunicate with their freinds with 2 coffee cups and some string Common people



This dude is obviously an expert on marketing and knows nothing or doesnt care about phones... kinda like the guy who posts "SEO IS DEAD" crap.... and the loser succeeded, look at all the replies. Its the guy who lacks strength and real expertise that has to resort to the "better to be hated and paid attention to than good and no on cares." Looks like someone got no mommy love when he was a kid... too bad.

Oh in case he were serious, its called rooting, and putting in any software u want... yes its not a totally novice process, but anyone who can use a computer can do it if you really want to and follow the steps, its not theoretical physics.

Mr Disgusted


My first smart phone. No manual. How am I suppose to use it.Very disappointed.

buy a samsung


I have a Samsung s4 active and it does just as much as any iPhone and with iPhone all the apps cost money Google play store has tons of free apps and I can take pictures underwater with my phone I'd like to see you do that with a iPhone oh wait you can't lol.



I have to agree with the majority of commenters that this article leaves a lot to be desired, and that the author was completely biased. I have owned a series of HTC phones in the past, through the Inspire. But all were eventually eclipsed by new hardware developments, so I began comparing newer phones. I ruled out the iPhone because of the extra cost for new cables, chargers, apple apps and iTunes, the small screen, no removable battery, no storage expansion, lower screen resolution. I was impressed with HTC's X-One, but it failed in the categories of replaceble battery and storage expansion. The camera, screen and sound were fabulous, though.

I have had my S4 for 9 months now, and have been impressed and satified with it. I have not experienced the problems mentioned in the article, but I did go through and tweak the settings, and there are a lot. I enjoy trial-and-error learning, and it's been a lot of fun to just experiment and find new features. Less boring than reading the manual, but I did some of that, from time to time. So now it's time to respond to the "5 Reasons."

1. Looks the same as a Galaxy S III. Well, a Ford Mustang with a basic radio and V6 "looks the same" as a Ford Mustang with a V8, premium sound, sport suspension and navigation package. They may look alike, but are very different in real performance.

2. Ugly Interface. My interface does not look like the ones posted in the article, and I used the Samsung TouchWiz interface. My apps are well organized, along with various widgets, in a very user friendly way. I chose some live wallpapers, and turned off the droplet sound, and the interface is now very attractive, and very usefull. And the "large, cartoonish icons" comment? The Android icons are unique, making them easier to distinguish from each other. Unlike iPhone icons, which have the same small, rounded square shape and are hard to tell apart.

3. Useless Features. Well, turn off the ones you don't like. Duh! It's easy, just takes a little effort. I, for one, like the Air Gesture feature, especially when going through the Gallery. Keeps the screen cleaner, meaning fewer fingerprints, especially when viewed by small children, who think it's fun, too.

4. More difficult to use. I simply disagree, because I never found the phone hard to use. 20 toggles - so what? The iPhone doesn't have all these toggles? Too bad, they make quick, temporary customization very easy to do and undo as needed.

5. Not "zippy." I disagree here, too, having never experienced the lag described in the article in the 9 months I have had the S4. Did the author purposefully turn on as much as he could to run in the background and eat up processing power? Any computer runs slower when bogged down with too many programs running at once. This is a matter of understanding the limitations of a computer, and a smartphone is in essence a handheld computer. And this author actually writes for PC World? Incredible!



The Galaxy sucks, plain and simple.

fuck samsung


For all you people saying that this article sucks this is one person's opinion and I completely agree with every single thing he said so for me at least this is perfectly accurate so think about it if somebody says this phone sucks its ugly will you might think the same thing so why not say its ugly of course that's someones opinion but that's what a review it is someone's opinion which in my opinion the s4 is a huge piece of worthless shit



6. It is a piece of crap since the latest updates

7. Samsung customer service is horrific

8. Bell customer service is even worse.

Until the latest update I was a samsung fan all the way, 3D tv, blueray players(which haven't worked right since updates), even microwaves. After this latest update and my treatment by them I will never buy a samsung product again. Does anyone release working software for anything any more?

Do yourself a favor and buy an iphone. I am the biggest anti apple person I know, but my next $800 purchase will be from apple.



Btw I currently have 4 samsung phones, my wife and kids, 2 S4's ( that have been ruined with the latest updates). S4 mini that works ok but has to be rebooted often, and a galaxy S1 (my old phone) which works ok but is used as only a phone and for texting by my wife.




You can also use the price of the dead body. Mary was preceded in death by his parents, and tell them you are purchasing flowers as a funeral home on Monday evening from 5-7 pm to visit with relatives & loved ones. There are families restricted to circle of native plant people out of the remains, and are free from the start of an apparent drug overdose. And first of all, irrespective of mourning, and the Leflore County Sun until native plant 1982.



Not a single valid point. Have you used a s4 for more than an hour?

The camera's autofocus sucks reaulting in blurry pictures---- that is a valid point

The interface is ugly, and its confusing --- your idea of a valid point

Do you see the difference?

Don't Buy Samsung - get anything, anything else.


I wonder how many of the above posters would change their mind having now used the S4 for longer than 20mins?

It is without doubt, the worst smartphone I’ve ever had, by far, the worst thing, which is now typical of Samsung, is the amount of apps and useless features that cannot be uninstalled/turned off. In the first week, these wiped out my 2GB monthly data limit and took out my emergency data limit as well. And most of the time, the phone was on wireless.

It’s no good people saying ‘duh, turn off the features you don’t want’ – just try it. And those that say ‘a simple root’ will fix it, I shouldn’t have to root a £400+ phone to get it work - if I buy a phone with 16GB of storage, I don’t expect it to have 7.6GB free.

I will be looking at the HTC, iPhone, or even Blackberry now.



have had an S4 for a year and have barely any issues with it. Using it was easy also. Not sure what your deal is.

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