Top 5 reasons to hate the Samsung Galaxy S5

How did Samsung get it so wrong?

5. Several gimmicks too many

The Galaxy S5 is full of wonderful innovations most people will never use. We’re huge advocates of innovation, but we want them to enrich our lives daily and not bog down our smartphone.

4. Seriously uncool

Nowadays it feels like everybody has a Galaxy smartphone. People no longer stop what they’re doing when they spot one; they simply pull one from their pocket. When phones go mainstream, their exclusivity and subsequent cool-ness drops.

3. It feels cheap

The Galaxy S5 is an expensive flagship, but that doesn’t make it a premium smartphone. Chrome, plastic and fake leather feel shabby in the hand. Worse yet, these materials adopt an uninspired shape.

The design has been dictated by accountants and executives. Plastic costs less and it is easier to produce in volume.

Read the Samsung Galaxy S5 full review here

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2. Fatter, taller, wider, heavier

Flagship smartphones shouldn’t have regressive designs, but here we are. Compared to the year-old Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S5 is fatter, taller, wider and heavier. Samsung proved with the Note III that it can enlarge a smartphone’s screen and keep the footprint down. Unfortunately it appears Samsung couldn’t make this magic happen twice.

1. TouchWiz

Samsung’s Android overlay is undeniably the worst thing about the Galaxy S5. It is ugly, inefficient, restrictive, superfluous, taxing, confusing and proprietary. TouchWiz is the number one reason why you shouldn’t buy a Samsung Galaxy S5. In fact, we dedicated an afternoon jotting down everything wrong with it in a separate article, and you’ll find even more reasons in our review of the Galaxy S5.

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Tony Ibrahim

Tony Ibrahim

PC World


And also . . .


Reason 0 - You will never get any updates in a reasonable time frame with Samsung, if you get updates at all.



horrible just horrible... writer go kill yourself



Uh oh, the Samsung boys are going to get mad now.



I just bought an S5 and its great no problems great graphics really fast and very pleased... This writer must be a lobbyist for apple.... Fat envelope in your mail box? ,,,,mmmmmm maybe



"The design has been dictated by accountants and executives. Plastic costs less and it is easier to produce in volume."

Hmmm... build details show that it costs 20+ percent more in parts to build a Galaxy S5 than a metal iPhone 5S. So, which one is dictated by accountants? Which one costs less?



I see an iSheep.........



So I guess based on 4 the IPhone is also seriously un-cool? I guess when a phone is so good that everybody wants one thats a bad thing?

Joey Jay


That sure will pissed them off! Starting tomorrow they have a new sales promotion. Buy 1 phone and get 2 free!



I've had a few smartphones and find the Galaxy S models to be the best. Several friends have jumped from their iphones to galaxy S models too and have never questioned their decision. I have yet to know of anyone who has gone back to an iphone after getting a galaxy s.



"feels cheap" haha..What a ridiculous comment. It doesn't matter to me what it "feels" like. Its not a piece of jewlery. Its an electronic device. I want it as light and with as few reception issues as possible. Once I put it into a won't make a difference what it looks or feels like. This blogger seems a bit vain.



Top 5 reasons to hate the Samsung Galaxy S5
01. Apple told you to.
02. Apple told you to.
03. Apple told you to.
04. Apple told you to.
05. Apple told you to.



I can see lot of iCHeap fan talking craps about S5. I am not a Samsung fan but the article is smacking talking about S5. Don't forget iCheap are made from China. Ain't from U.S.A.

Tinker Bell


I am so looking forward to the Sapphire i Phone 6. Don't want no cheap plastic or fake leather droid phones.

B Ry


The new TouchWiz on the S5 is actually really awesome. I recommend at least checking it out. Also, one look at the writers picture and I can tell he's an Apple boy lol.



I'm on my third Galaxy phone (I now own the 5) and I love them. The Galaxy 5 is awesome. My son just got an iphone 5c and he has to download programs to do the things that my galaxy 3 and 5 do without any other apps. I'm not tied to one infrastructure either. Being tethered to iTunes is a good reason to hate iPhones.



2. Fatter, taller, wider, heavier = Iphone6 see link above

what a dummy



So by this logic no one should ever buy an iPhone, because everyone else has one.



Apple fanboys hate every thing that is NOT Apple. Just like the communists - any one who is not communist is their enemy.



the poll is slamming iphone goes to show you. you can't fool everyone and why android is the real king as far as market share. it ain't even close



how much is apple paying you to write this BS....



Those reasons are crap.

Those gimmicks are called features and you do not have to use them.

The phone is uncool? That has to be a joke, only an idiot buys things because of popularity instead of functionality.

Taller and wider? Who would have thought a bigger screen would do that? And a bigger battery makes it thicker? And heavier? This must be witchcraft!

The S5 and Note 3 feel quality the S5 back cover looks ugly but it feels solid.

Touch wiz is also fine on high end devices and the S5 has a lot better version of it and most UIs are bloated and offer unwanted features such as the HTC Ones which can be replaced by free launchers such as Nova Launcher.

Bash the king of sales is the biggest fades, bash Microsoft, GM, and Samsung. Its getting old and sheep follow.



I have a cracked screen GS3 and borrowed my sisters Iphone 4s to see if I'd like it better... I gave it every chance, I promise! I really tried to like it! But after using Galaxy, Apple feels so behind! It is really sad. So many things that I would do every day just were so complicated by Apples limitations. One example is my "direct dial" and "direct text" widgets. I love that I can set my favorites (which is about 20-30 people) with a photo direct call! One touch. No opening app and looking under contacts or favorites list. One touch. And don't even get me started on Apple keyboard not offering swype!!!



Oh--- And I'll add that after a month (see I really did give it a good honest try) I switched back to my cracked screen GS3 for the remainder of my contract. I did find out that I like the size of iPhone better so will be getting a GSmini come October.



There is nothing more uncool than worrying too much about looking cool. 4 of these might be valid, but number 4 just shows that this author is too insecure about himself for me to really care about his opinion on the other 4 reasons.

Dan T


Tony, you are full of S***. Those things are not true for me, GS5 is not cheap to make, in fact, it costs 20% more to make GS5 than your iphone 5S. For the coolness, you are jealous because your iphone has a tiny tidy screen. Iphones are for teenagers and for uneducated adults just like you Tony.
You pay more for your iphone and get less. Do your homework before you write.



How much is Apple paying per article nowadays?

Happy Galaxy Owner


I've had my Galaxy S5 for a week and LOVE it. My previous phone was a Galaxy S2 and I thought it was great too. The processing speed on the S5 rocks, the screen is gorgeous, the phone is larger yet still fits in a pocket and is lightweight, and the applications are excellent. I'm sticking with Android because I can't live without SWYPE and I don't want to be tethered to iTunes. I've never understood all the griping about TouchWiz - it works fine! I also don't understand all the griping about the plastic body for the phone - once you put it in a protective case, which is the only way to protect any of these glass front phones from breaking if dropped, the body material ceases to matter. It's also great being able to change out the battery and insert a micro SD card for more storage. Samsung rocks and the Galaxy S5 is fantastic. I couldn't ask for a better phone!

Ong Wai Kean


It is s obvious that this writer is just trying to flame the Apple vs Samsung again. Tony, you need to do much better than this if you want to be a respected writer.



Waa Waa, Samsung fans will walk off a cliff then to admit that there was something wrong with their cheap phones.



Samsungs for poor people.



why does everything think hes pro apple. lol HTC's phone is better than the Galaxy at this point. i been with galaxy from S1 to S4 and completely sick of it, so i got HTC Max. <3 amazing but i digress. I agree it has become way too mainstream as he said, and it is cheap feeling. And idk why galaxy users feel so entitled..... its just a cheap phone not no versace watch -.- ........ but whatever I love what LG and HTC have been doing lately as well.

Gene Siskel


Did anyone ever stop what they were doing because they saw a Samsung Galaxy?



Bulls*** ! How can one use iphone as a reference for review. Not everyone cares about metal casing. We look at the functionality and the plastic casing on Galaxy phones does not look bad either. Reviewer should be Apple agent.



i have 2 iPhones (iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s) and gotta say...this writer simply licks B****. Hope this isn't your dayjob..



The writer of this article must have had an iPhone up his a*** when he wrote this....



what a hater, youre so a trashy writer :)



Pfft on all the reasons and wtf on the mainstream one, everyone in my high school has an iPhone! only a handful of galaxy users and some till with the blackberry curve. This writer needs to be unbiased when writing an article that's based on his opinions.



#1 Reason: A locked bootloader just like the s4 .



I am no fan of previous Galaxy phones mainly because of the unbearable lag issue however the S5 seems different to me. Played with it a short while and I really liked it. It runs smoother with almost no lag and interface appears cleaner with less Touchwiz obstruction. However I still prefer the HTC M8. Why? Boom Sound. Just. Cant. Be. Beat.

Just Me


LOL seriously?
I don't see anyone complaining about the useless Touch ID crap on the iPhone. They don't complain that almost everyone around them has an iPhone. You see more people with an iPhone than a Samsung. When samsung uses plastic it's "cheap", when Apple uses it (5C) it's unapologetically plastic.

Seriously, I'm begining to think Apple pays these people to write these "articles".

no name


Hey guys , if any , the "I" won't send you any new phone for you ha !!! So start to think seriously about what you are typing , communist!



I agree with 5,4,and 3.5 well it's true not many people use all the features,lots of my friends have galaxy's and they don't know what features the phone even gots LOL.4 I agree most people stare at my phone and gets their attention right away.3 I hate how the back feels.1 and 2 are really crappy reasons though also yes im an iphone user but my dad has a s5 so I know what its like and I used to own a galaxy s3 before I liked it but I preferred the iphone better in my opinion and if people are gonna start talking about how crappy the iphone 5s compared to the galaxy.iphone 5s came out last year so if your gonna compare.Compare it to an s4 also if your gonna compare to an s5 compare it when the iphone 6 comes out lol



Just accept the fact that nobody can beat Samsung with regards to innovation at the moment. I myself is an Apple fan but it seems that Apple is running out of ideas and innovations. They are way far behind Samsung at the moment. Even most of my friends switched to Samsung.

Jay Dogg


Tony how much did you get paid to trash the S5?
1. If gimmicks are too many then use only the ones you need or like.
2. Seriously uncool b/c too many people have it?!!! Seriously. So if too many people owned a Lamborghini then it too would become uncool.
3. Most phones are in a case hence the cheap factor, if that is case, is out.
4. Are all other 5" phone smaller, shorter, lighter.
5. Which phone does not have it's own overlay?



Samsung vs. Apple vs. HTC...blah blah blah. People will buy phones for the reasons that matter to them and that's it. If anyone is buying their phone based on what a clearly biased "tech writer" is writing, they need to take the blinders off and do their own research. I went from the iPhone 3GS to a Galaxy S2, now on the Note 2. I loved my iPhone but didn't like the fact I couldn't flash ROMs and mod it to my liking, hence changing to Samsung. I'm interested in trying out the HTC One just to see if I like it better. I don't get this rabid fanboi crap over phones. It's an electronic device for Pete's sake.



Its amazing how every fAndroid has tons of friends that switched from an iPhone to a Samsung phone yet the numbers don't reflect such desertion oh but the author is a iSheep and all these comments are from unbiased Samsung smartphone owners oh how I love these boards.



@MJ Apple is only behind Samsung in the categories fAndroids choose to care about which appear to be large screens, plastic enclosures, and maybe gimmicks. Other than that Samsung trails Apple because Samsung isn't using its own homegrown OS they use Googles, they don't have an App Store instead they use Googles, they don't have a homegrown music/movie/tv show store instead they use Googles, Samsung doesn't have its own retail stores which allow people to bring in Galaxy phones for service like Apple does, Samsung doesn't have control over the updates of the borrowed OS they use unlike how Apple controls updates for iOS so depending on how you look at it Samsung trails Apple in many meaningful ways.

John Anderton


Reason #4 just goes to show how STUPID this article is..."Uncool because everyone has one."..really...IS THAT NOT THE SAME SH*T THAT HAPPENS WITH iPHONES?!?! IDIOT!



Seriously Uncool? You need a cell phone that makes you cool. That is very sad.



I hate myself for wasting time reading this article. I got my GS5 on Monday and absolutely love it. Yes, M8 is a gorgeous phone and has a metal back but in reality, I have an Otterbox case so it wouldn't matter weather the back was metal, plastic or paper. Every phone I've ever owned has frozen or acted wonky at one point or another. Being able to take the back cover off and lift the battery to do a hard reboot has been a lifesaver. Sorry HTC fans - you won't be able to do that.



So funny that all these comments mention iPhone this and that….why? Why compare an iPhone to Samsung? Completely different phones and OS. Plus iPhone is sooo far behind.

You should be comparing the S5 to the M8 if you are going to bash and play on the same field. I agree with 1 & 3 though and the comments about the S5 being ugly..I don't use cases because part of buying a high end phone is…wait for it….is the looks. I don't care what anyone says. Of course you buy it for the performance and special sauce, but you can't tell me no one looks at their phone or others…



I'm an Apple guy but I can agree that this is a lame article. Although I think the S5 is an ugly phone I know people that have it and it performs incredibly well. This whole smartphone 'war' is ridiculous. With the exception of screen size, which is soon to change, there's really no difference between Galaxy's and iPhones. They just copy each other. I'm for smartphone equality!



It's nothing wrong with the GS5 IMHO. The "gimmicks" as you call them sets them apart from the pack.
/BTW I am a Nokia WP fan who can't stand Sammy's crappy attempt at WP

Mark Christopher


I hate to agree with him but he is right on two of them. It is batter, and heavier. Its only, what, a centimeter larger so that means everything has to go up? And it does look cheap. I was really excited whenever I got, and whenever I looked at it I was upset with it. The HTC one M8 looked real and realiable. I don't know, made me think twice.



hahahah top 5 reasons, I m very sure people hated when Samsung brought a big screen phones and apple loves started to say what a waste so huge phone... soon apple realized and now they are also trying to catch up the market but they know Samsung phones are way way way ahead in the game so they will bring same flavor to there new phones what Samsung has n people or I would say "apple lover" will then say what and innovation get realistic guys,



If you don't like TouchWiz you don't have to use it. Simply download a different launcher and have at it.



I wonder if this douche has an iphone??? Of course.



That sound more like reasons why users should hate the iphone. Especially #4



How does it feel to know that no one loves you, writer?

iPhones RULE


#5 Better to have it and not need it than to need it but not have it ;)
#4 If this is the case, I'm going back to my RAZR(flip phone), I'm sure only hundreds if not less still owns this phone in the US.
#3 Why is plastic so bad? They're used everywhere. Just look at Corvettes. If you want a really good material, then they should use carbon fiber. Very light and durable ;) Metals dent by the way when you drop them...they look ugly forever unless you replace the part.
#2 Good observation. That extra 15 grams could really break your back. Watch out people!
#1 Very good reason not to buy the Galaxy S5. There is no way you can't not use the TouchWiz. I mean it's right there. On your phone...and you can't ignore it. You have to play your games on it or something...
Only two words is stopping me from buying an iPhone though "expandable memory".
And more actually, but we all know how iPhones are actually crippled technology-wise.



I had Samsung Nexus and will never go back to Android. I figured pure Android would be the way to go. WRONG! Phone is was a buggy piece of junk. Dont even want to talk about trade in value after a year. I really wanted to love Android cause I hate Apple's restrictions but after using Android I will have to take it and grin. Even though IOS is not as advanced as Android it is much smoother. In the end having a Honda that runs is better than having a Porshe that stalls. Just a matter of what is important to you. My iPhone 5s has some issues too but it is not nearly as bad my Samsung phone so it will have to do until someone releases a phone that is stable like IOS but powerful like Android. Dont tell me it is Windows phone or Blackberry because I won't believe you. =P



Most everything you said is completely false!! I have the Galaxy 5 and I love it! It's not cheap looking, weighs less than the Galaxy 3 I had, is user friendly and is definitely COOL! You're just being a hater!!! Jealous maybe?????



Only smarter people buy smarter phones, and fooling smarter people needs smarter projects and smarter projects need smarter writers. These cheap reasons only bring better market for Samsung. And smart Koreans surely would prize the writer for his great job.



Wow seriously?? If that's the case. You can say the same about the iPhone.

Tim Crook


Tony,This is Tim Crook, I love your article, looooooooooove it. Now, what was your bank account again? Damn, my junk iphone just died on me so I lost your bank account.



If you need a phone to make you cool - the problem is not the which phone carry it the insecurities you carry - like a really small d***. Am I right?



Why should anyone listen to this p******?

Voice of reason


Samsung's biggest threat is not Apple, it is HTC.

People who use iOS are less likely to move to Android. But the jump between one Android brand and another is really easy.

And right now, given HTC has made a better smartphone than Samsung, more people will be making the switch.



This along with other hate post on Samsung never give facts. Just opinions. Maybe they do not find ultra power saving mode. A virtual tour camera mode. The ability to have 14gbs. The TV Guide remote capability or many others..... maybe they want the same restricted proprietary thing after another....simple people who are simple minded. I for one enjoy freedom and capabilities. These articles are poorly written. Go use Imessage or facetime to ur band Wagon friends. I guess I phones weren't cool when they were the best and everyone had one.... give me a break. Fan boy.



After reading the Top 5 reasons, and I look at the poll results, the S5 is still the most wanted phone! I find that very funny.



Even after all you said, Galaxy still Winning!!!



Even after all you said, Galaxy still Winning!!!

Knowledgeable Human Being


This is the worst article I have ever read. Wow, how are they paying you?



Only a person in desperate need of meaning in his life would worry if his phone was "cool." A phone is a tool. I carry one if it is useful to me. I do not carry a phone because it has some imagined social status or level of coolness. This article did nothing more than highlight how pathetic the writer is.



LOL Galaxy has the most vote. The writer is a moron. It's a cellphone not some humanoid that'll wipe your butt after you take a poop. AND it's the best phone ever made up to now so you want to write about how we should hate it? Consumer reports says it's the best phone so you know more than them? Just shut up and don't quit your day job because you are just so dumb.



Good phone could out sell Iphone 6 if Samung has given it a better styling.



Another twisted advertising Yahoo business...
just like the wester movie "for a few dollars else"

Mr. Mustard


This article is full of iEnvy.



i never heard people having a Samsung S4 switched to iphone 5s because they want a smaller screen, 8mp camera, doesn't want interchangeable battery, and micro sd for extra memory!!!



This I*D*I*O*T writer Tony Ibrahim (PC World) do not know what he is talking about. Look at the polls. Polls does not lie, S*H*I*T*H*E*A*D. You are making a fool out of yourself.



Austraila hate south korea
Many Korean know the fact



Reading this article destroys all credibility to any review of smart phones by this writer or PC World. Extremely bias and opinionated.

Mario Garcia


Top 5 reasons to hate Tony Ibrahim & PC World

01. Apple paid you for you .
02. Liar
03. Unprofessional
04. You do not know tech
05. Brainless

The customer is the one who decides, and Samsung is the best!!



Let me guess writer, you have a small D*** huh? You are saying that you need a phone to make you look cool? Lol



So sad about that SKorean ferry. I hope they find more people alive. That is just a terrible thing.

I still will not buy Samsung-anything.



Samsung is far behind Apple in US sales and this phone is another reason why. They are already giving this phone away trying to jack up their market share numbers. This phone is made for people who don't care about quality by people who also don't care. Samsung is like the MacDonalds of phones. Turn out as much crap as you can as see how many dumbasses buy it.



Well, the author is an idiot, at least that is clear!



It's funny how this article is not about the iPhone yet that's all people want to talk about.

Santiago Dunbar


Only tools use terms like isheep and put an "i" in front cheesy unclever names to call iPhone users. Who gives a rats fat ass what phone you use. Buy what you like and that's that. I have no issues with Samsung or Apple it's the dumb consumers that make asses of themselves.



While I agree with some, the "uncool" point is unnecessary.



not even a samsung fan in the slightest but this article's argument is horrendous.



s5 all day



IMHO, too many Americans are buying products from a company that exercise aggressive and deceptive marketing. They are buying from a company base in a country where the majority general population greatly dislike and resent Americans. Most of the people buy Samsung because they want to look hip and cool (thanks to huge Samsung marketing pocket). HTC makes superior flagship Android phone compare to Samsung (just look all the professional reviews) and if you prefer on time updates, get the Google Nexus 5 made by LG (which is also Korean but not as aggressive as Samsung).



LG G Flex 1.54%
Apple iPhone 5S 22.86%
Sony Xperia Z2 4.53%
Samsung Galaxy S5 40.55%
HTC One (M8) 27.36%
Nokia Lumia 930 3.16%

michel flores


THE best phone i ever had i used to have i phone 5c i had lots of issues so far on this i never had any issue n stay on for long time



Baaahhh, baaahhh... what an iSheep of a writer, just stop...



Galaxy S4 is better than the S5, I can tell you that. And from the top 5 reasons to hate the s5, I think number 2 is number 1. TouchWiz can change if samsung wanted to, but a bigger heavier galaxy s5 phone, never!



full of wonderful innovations? were there just too many to list?




Morning all,

A lot of people are comparing the Galaxy S5 to Apple's iPhone 5S. This is the less relevant comparison to make.

People predominantly fall into two camps: iOS or Android. Those who want iOS have to get an iPhone, whereas Android customers are spoiled for choice.

Right now the biggest threat to Samsung is HTC. The One (M8) is better built, has better software and has more relevant features.

Check them both out before you make your decision. Here are some reviews and comparisons for your research:

Full disclosure: I have pretty much every smartphone flagship from 2013/2014 on my desk, including a Galaxy S5. I use them for research.

My personal smartphone is an Android smartphone.

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