Canon PIXMA MX926 inkjet multifunction printer

This high-end office inkjet is quick, quiet, and can do just about anything

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Canon PIXMA MX926
  • Canon PIXMA MX926
  • Canon PIXMA MX926
  • Canon PIXMA MX926
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  • Versatile set of features
  • Fast text page printing
  • Good photo quality


  • High initial price tag
  • Gloss finish is a fingerprint magnet
  • Non-XL/XXL inks are poor value

Bottom Line

Canon’s top office inkjet printer is a great all-in-one, competently handling multi-page document printing, the occasional photo print-out with excellent quality, as well as less common office tasks like faxing and multi-page scanning. Its $200 street price tag is higher than competing products, though, and you’ll have to buy XL ink tanks for the best value per page.

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Printers may not be the sexiest or most interesting pieces of technology, but if you’re running any kind of business operation, or even a simple home office, odds are you’ll need to print something sooner or later.

Canon’s PIXMA MX926 is an inkjet multifunction printer with all the bells and whistles. It’s designed for the home office user that has a lot of requirements, or a family with diverse printing needs.

Canon PIXMA MX926: Design, features and setup

The PIXMA MX926, as office printers goes, is quite compact. We like that Canon’s inkjet printers are relatively monolithic — they don’t have paper trays protruding from the front or top or back, so you can push them right up against the back of a bookshelf.

The MX926 has every surface finished in a glossy black plastic, which looks good but is one of the biggest fingerprint magnets we’ve encountered. It takes a fair amount of work to keep the MX926 looking clean with regular use, if you care enough to do so. In-built Wi-Fi networking is joined by wired Ethernet, and USB 2.0 for direct PC connection.

The MX926 is laid out in a way that makes it easy to use — there are no big surprises up here. There’s a massive 250-sheet plain paper input tray at the printer’s front base, with a 20-sheet dedicated variable-size paper tray slightly further up. The printer’s output tray pops open automatically when there’s a print job pending, although it doesn’t close afterwards.


Up top, the printer has a flatbed scanner capable of 2400x4800dpi, with a maximum sheet size slightly larger than A4. There’s a 30-sheet automatic document feeder for the scanner head, too, and it’s duplex-capable which makes digitising a multi-page, dual-sided document far easier than on a non-duplex-capable model. The PIXMA MX926 also has a 33.6kbps fax; if your business still needs to fax stuff, this drastically reduces the number of printers you can choose from, so it’s good to see the MX926 include it for peace of mind.

The printer’s controls are set out facing slightly upwards on the top, so they can be easily seen when the printer’s sitting on a desk at waist level or above. There’s a big 3-inch colour screen, and a four-by-three grid of glossy black squares that light up with symbols depending on which part of the printer’s menu system you’re in. It’s a simple idea that’s more responsive than a touchscreen and easier to see from a distance or without reading glasses.

Setting up the PIXMA MX926 is a relatively easy, albeit quite involved, process. Getting it out of the box for the first time means taking off all the orange plastic transport tape — it’s a fun game finding it all — and removing the cling-film keeping the glossy black exterior pristine. Once that’s done, you’ve got to plug it into the power and start it up for the first time before installing the ink cartridges, then follow the steps displayed on the printer’s display.

After you’ve got the cartridges installed, the MX926 goes through a five-minute alignment process, then a five-minute head cleaning — this is quite a wait, but it’s time we used to install the printer’s drivers on our Windows 8 test-bench. The driver package is lightweight at around 40MB — and you can choose not to install any superfluous software if you don’t want it.

Canon PIXMA MX926: Performance and print quality

The Canon PIXMA MX926 uses five ink cartridges. There’s a pigment black, used for monochrome document printing, and photo black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink cartridges used for colour document and photo printing.


You can buy standard-size cartridges — CLI-651-BK, -Y, -M, and -C respectively — which are good for around 350 colour document pages (though the black is fine for around 1700). The standard PGI-650BK should produce around 375 pages. Each of these costs around $20 at street prices.

Far better value is paying a few extra dollars per cartridge for CLI-651XL cartridges, which more than double the number of printable pages per refill in most cases. There’s even an XXL-sized pigment black which boosts output to 1000 pages per refill, at only approximately $28 versus the $20 375-page standard — comparatively excellent value.

If you can commit to paying an extra few dollars per cartridge per refill — around $25 extra in total for a complete refill kit of individual cartridges — the MX926’s refills are impressively priced. Using this printer for anything but the highest volume of printing produces prices per page that are competitive with low- and medium-priced laser or LED printers, as well as any inkjet competitor.

When it comes to printing speed, the PIXMA MX926 gets along nicely for draft- or normal-quality documents. The first page can sometimes take 10 to 15 seconds as the printer spools, receives document information, and gets everything ready, but after that initial first page out we found that it stood up to Canon’s claims of 10 colour or 15 monochrome pages per minute.

Text print quality is good in the Normal quality mode, and excellent in Best. It’s slightly under-saturated and grey in draft mode, although still consistent and free of any skipped lines. We’d happily use the PIXMA MX926 to print text as small as 8pt, where it’s still smooth and detailed enough to be legible.

The PIXMA MX926 has a 9600x2400dpi print-head, so it should be able to print just about as finely as the top photo printers on the market. It does a really good job of fine detail in borderless A4 prints, as long as you’re printing from an appropriately high quality source. Print speeds are not great when you’re producing a high quality photo, even at 6x4in sizes, but we’re happy to wait for the MX926’s good results.


The MX926 has a quiet mode that can be enabled, slowing down print speeds slightly but saving your ears the drone of the print-head whizzing back and forth. We left this on for everything but our printing speed-test — given the option, we’d choose a quiet printer over a quick one any day. You can also set the quiet mode to turn on and off at specific times of day — when you’re working in your home office in the evening with kids around, having the printer as quiet and unobtrusive as possible is a smart move.

The PIXMA MX926’s driver interface may not look as modern or polished as HP’s, or Epson’s, but it’s straight-forward, easy to understand, and customisable. We opted to make the print status box pop up every time printing started, on top of all other dialog boxes, with an up-to-date ink level report — call us paranoid, but we like to know exactly what’s going on when we click Print.

Canon PIXMA MX926: Conclusion

Canon’s PIXMA MX926 produces monochrome and colour documents quickly, quietly, and clearly — they look great considering inkjets are usually inferior to laser printers in this area. High quality photo prints, built-in Wi-Fi, automatic duplex scanning and printing are icing on the cake.

If you’re looking for a versatile small office or home office printer, we’d give serious consideration to the MX926.

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A three inch screen is certainly not 'big' on a new model printer in this price range.



This Printer Cannon MX926 does not easily install on a wireless network with a MacBook Pro. My previous printer installed seamlessly. I'm having all sorts of problems with this pionter. I have followed the instruction to the letter. The PCs in the house can print and scan without problems...but I just can get my macbook pro to connect, I have to revert to using a USB...Crap cannon.....Ive seen the forums I'm not the only one



Christ trying to install this POS now using wireless what a f-ing joke,



Easily connected to my mac with wifi. Excellent speed and quality - and with Canon cash back, a steal at $88 (good guys)

patrick coleman


i have a mac book pro and i mac no problem on either of these computers.



Setting up wasn't a cake walk, but at least it does loose the connection like my previous printer, an HP. And I can print from my iPad! The quality prints, especially photos is far superior to the HP also!



Amendment: At least it doesn't loose the wifi connection like my old HP



I use it with two Mac Book Pros, wirelessly,..



How do you make the print dialogue box pop up all the time? I'm having a hell of a time navigating the on line manual. I wish someone would realize not all of us have ready internet access!



As a senior, installing was a small problem, and when Canon was contacted the technician appeared irritated by simple questions from someone who simply wanted an answer.



About a week or so bought it. Still trying to get it to print same colors appears on the web screen. Red text on the screen some how for the mx926 means blue. Otherwise ok



David, Have you tried experimenting with colour profiles? If you want to print photographs you can manage the colour profiles either on the printer or in the photo editing software (I use Adode Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Elements). Failing that, you might need to have your screen colour calibrated using a specialist device such as Spyder - quite an expensive piece of kit unless you can borrow one from a local camera club.



Just a thought, have you checked to make sure the cartridges are in the correct locations?



I have a new MX926 and no matter how I try I cannot print 4 postcards on to an A4 sheet (or any other combination) even though I set it up as the manual says. What's the secret? The doc was produced in word. I am on a Mac OSX 10.9.2.



I have just purchased a MX926 still cannot get the Fax to work properly always had a canon no trouble, 2 day between Canon & Telstra still no result, they even got me to exchange the printer as they thought it was a faulty one. I can send a fax from the printer in any mode Fax only mode Network switch or tel priority mode, but I can only receive a fax if i have it set to Fax only mode but if its set to that I dont receive any phone calls they go straight to the fax same with network switch we have a duet phone fax line & never had any problem until this machine

Alexander hlodik


I am finding it very hard to set this printer to goggle cloud print I have followed all the instructions tried so many times to enter the URL but to no a vale its very frustration to say the least!!!!



I use an iMac - after some substantial effort, I managed to get it to scan wirelessly (SCANGEAR), but it is so slow, I may as well just go go back to USB....



cant get any of my iphones to connect to find the printer even though they are on the same network and do everything else



Just Bought This Printer Yesterday.Setup Was Easy Enough,Prints on Paper Were Good.Had A Major Problem With Printing To Disc,Using Gloss Surface Discs. When Unit Drags Disc In To Print It Scuffs The Gloss Surface Before Printing,Looks Really Poor. Never Had That Problem With Previous Canon Printer.



I would recommend the Canon PIXMA MX922 over the MX926. I have read some great reviews about the MX922, including this site.
Site :



MX922 (USA) = MX926 (AU)



Avoid any model of Pixma. I've just finished kicking an 860 to pieces and will be doing the same to the 860 I have at home as soon as I get there. They're unreliable, temperamental, pieces of junk that are sold to you to suck you into a lifetime of overpriced inkjet cartridges. I swear this piece of junk demanded a $25 cartridge for about every 10 pages I sent to it. I rapidly gave up trying to print anything in colour. As for the duplex scan...hahaha...don't believe it. You'll spend more time trying to extract your jammed document than anything else. Trust me, I didn't just happen to get a lemon, I've got 2 that are just as bad as each other. Yes, I know this thread is on the 926, but the shell, controls, and I'll wager the mechanicals, are virtually identical. I won't even get into having to wait about 2 minutes for it to spit out it's first page.

I'll never buy a canon printer again and if I manage to save just one person from the torment of having to own one of these pieces of crap then my time here has been well spent.

Avoid like the plague.



pixma mx926 has been a nightmare, returned the first one, it wont connect wirelessly. second has the same problem. Canon haven't been able to solve problem either, although to their credit they have been trying. Should be a massive recall. What a pain in the back side it has been!. Listen to comment above, avoid like plague.



Have not done much with this yet, seems good so far, except that I haven't worked out how to scan wirelessly from my mac yet, until I accidentally moved a sheet that I thought was done printing but was going back in to do the other side. Now I can't get that jammed sheet out for anything. Seems poorly designed so that it can't be opened enough to remove jams. Will have to call the service centre. Seems like this should be a small thing and easy to sort myself...

Robert Holmes


I feel the need to comment on this product to counter the negative reviews that have been posted.
I am a senior person who does not have computers in their DNA and I was aware of the negativity before I went to the shop today, Office National at Clontarf Qld. spent a bit of time with the salesperson and came home with a Canon MX926.
I was uncertain about this was going to turn out but it could not have been easier, I have a iMac desk top and Airport extreme for the wifi and it was just so easy and everything works just fine, I haven't receive a fax as yet but when I phone the number I get that noise indicating you have called a fax number. Scan to file or email works fine and printing from the iPhones or iPads no problem.
I could not be happier, some of the problem with the people who are having problems may be that they are the problem.



I'm with you Robert. It took me a little while to work out which was the best software to use for scanning (My Image Garden) but once I worked that out I have to say it has been fantastic. Being able to do duplex scanning and using the document feeder is a huge step up from what I'm used to. The software also has a brilliant feature that enables you to stitch two scans together. So if they are larger than A4 you can align and put to scans together to create one larger than A4. If you shop online you can find the XL ink cartridges for less than the standard cartridges in a lot of places. They more than double the printing capacity and make it way more affordable than what I used to have. It's also been great for the whole family to print off their iPads, iPhones and networked PC's. None of us have had any problem connecting to it.

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• • •

This series of printers from Canon fails at every level. Look to other brands.

Angus MacKinnon



Canon Pixma MX526
• • •

I find this printer so frustrating
Even using USB connections the printer says , incompatible device (my iphone5s) detected . Please remove device




black ?
Wireless connectivity difficult to connect and problematic. Very noisy.
• • •

Too frustrating for words. I too have been so impressed with my previous canon printers but this is going straight back to the shop. If you are buying it for a wireless printer... Don't bother. Save your sanity and buy a different printer.

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