HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus inkjet multifunction printer

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One printer review: features and speed aplenty

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HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus
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  • Fast
  • Cheap ink
  • Solid construction


  • Non-LCD controls are slow

Bottom Line

The Officejet Pro 8600 Plus is merely one of best inkjet MFPs on the market. You might argue about the default plain paper photo output, but it's very fast, produces good printing overall, and is very cheap to operate.

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Please note: pricing in this article is in US dollars.

In a world filled with cheap but underpowered inkjet multifunction printers (MFPs), using the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus is a pleasant departure. One of the most competent MFPs for the price (US$300 as of 12/05/2011), it lacks nothing in its features, is solidly constructed, fully supports legal-size paper, is faster than everything else in its price range, and even offers dirt-cheap ink. There's not much more you could ask for.

When it comes to paper handing, the Officejet Pro 8600 Plus can do everything. It automatically duplexes printouts, and copies two-sided-to-two-sided as well. Legal-size paper is fully supported throughout the printer (as it is with all OfficeJet Pro models), including the scanner and the 50-sheet ADF. The 250-sheet paper tray is adequate for most small businesses and workgroups, as is the approximately 50-sheet output tray. If you need more tray capacity, you can step up to the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium e-All-in-One Printer, which has an additional 250-sheet input tray -- for another $100.

Setting up the Officejet Pro 8600 Plus is a breeze with any of the three supported interfaces: USB, ethernet, and Wi-Fi. The 4.3-inch LCD is great: It’s easy to enter passwords for wireless setups; the menus and settings are well-organized; and you get access to HP's numerous Web apps. For printing from smartphones and tablets, you get HP’s print-by-mail ePrint service, as well as direct printing from iOS and Android devices via HP applets. The contextually lit navigational controls (they remain dark until needed) that flank the LCD are less thrilling, as they require an unintuitive, annoyingly long touch before responding.

The OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus is one of the fastest inkjet MFPs we've tested, with speeds that range from 13.2 pages per minute (ppm) for text and mixed text with monochrome graphics, to 4.6 ppm for half-page photos on plain paper, and 2 ppm for half-page photos on glossy paper. For our most challenging print test, a high-resolution, full-page photo printed on glossy paper, the OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus managed a just-above-average rate of 0.56 ppm. Scans are quite quick as well.

The Officejet Pro 8600 Plus's print quality for office basics is quite good: Text is crisp and dark, and simple graphics look quite good. On the other hand, photos look a bit yellowish and washed out on plain paper, though they are much better on HP's own photo paper. Copies, both monochrome and color, are good, although color scans lean toward the dark side.

Ink costs for the Officejet Pro 8600 Plus are outstandingly low: The standard 1000-page black cartridge costs $27, or 2.7 cents per page (cpp), while the three standard color cartridges last for 700 pages at $20 each, or 2.9 cpp per color. That makes a four-color page approximately 11.4 cpp. The news gets better: The 2300-page, $37 XL black cartridge works out to only 1.6 cpp, and the 1500-page, $28 XL color cartridges come out to 1.9 cpp -- making for a four-color page that costs a mere 7.3 cpp. If you do a lot of printing, this machine’s inks will save you money in the long run.

The Officejet Pro 8600 Plus is merely one of best inkjet MFPs on the market. You might argue about the default plain paper photo output, but it's very fast, produces good printing overall, and is very cheap to operate. If you don’t need this model’s comprehensive legal-size support, the Epson WorkForce 840 costs the same and has more paper capacity. On the other hand, it’s also a little slower, and its inks are not quite as inexpensive.

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Price is very off. The RRP is $499 on the www.hp.com.au website as of Feb 2012. At the same time it is $299 or $229 with a rebate on the US hp website.




As I'm in the US (and my friend from Aussieland is back over there) I think they got it mixed up. The list price is $299 in the US but I don't believe they take into account the conversion rate. I know the dollar is falling but last I heard it was still well over 1 AU for 1 Dlr, If the magazine is, as it states, Australian, you'd think they would convert to MSP in your currency, not USD. (Manufacturer Suggested Price....I assume you say Retail ? Price or something similar).

Anway, that would make sense as the last time I heard the exchange rate it was 2 to 1 but that was years ago.




I paid only $149. Seems like a really good printer. Perfect for non high volume home use. Replaced my black and white laser with this model. Just hope it holds up long term. HP has been known for problems w/ some items such as laptops having quality problems...

Ricky Lam


Hi Telldw,
Where did you get the printer for $149?



Adam, I don't know if HP are up to date, but if you go the the Office Works Website, the pro is $288.00 and the pro with multifunction centre etc is $349.00. I just checked it out myself. I do hope they are the same.

David Frew


Just bought it in Australia for $360 (Retail price here is $499) I am a bit disappointed in the photo print quality. though I have yet to try it with HP paper.



Some of these machines will not print in black and white if the colour ink is out. Is this the same for this machine?



Office Depot and Best Buy in Lawrence, Kansas have this model for sale at $149.00. Normal price is around $219.00.



Awesome printer and a bargain at the price I bought it, Harvey Norman $338.00 (RRP $499.00). Plus with all the awesome features it really is a bargain!
Love the fact I can print from anywere.
Interesting to see how the cartridges life span will go with all the printing a uni student does.



Will print b&w go to settings black ink only if only printing b&w or it will use colour cart in combo to make black which is much more expensive and buy the XL cartridges far better value for money home use you will only need to replace once a year



Frustrated ,,,,, on installation I have tried to sort the fax function for 2 days and then by remote with HP.... no luck. now have to lug it back to Officeworks and get another... not happy as my last HP Photosmart Premium C309 was fabulous and loved it to literal death by overuse. Not sure whether to risk another of this model.



why use fax anymore?? Scan and email.......

Danny Campbell


I am getting an error message that my HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plu is missing one of the ink cartridges. The cartridge is installed. Does anyone know how to fix?



I have had nothing but trouble with this printer, evertime I put new ink cartridges in, worst printer I have ever owned



I have found this printer to be unreliable and while it prints ok it doesn't scan or fax. HP doesn't have a clue.

My OJ Pro 8600+ is a major waste of time and money.



Does anyone know if this printer can print on disks???

Davy Crockett


I have the 8600 Pro (not the Plus) and it is an absolute pain as it loses its network settings on a regular basis and then takes calls to support to sort it out! Support are very good, but even they have great difficulty sorting it, and I don't want to spend an hour on the phone with them every other week! Have previously had Epsons and they are simply set and forget. Will go back to Epson next time.

Robert Lash


No... it will not.



This is the far worse printer I ever owened. Buying new ink cartridges and the printer still does not regognize them. The real pain is that it tells you that the cardridges are empty with no consistency, once is the yellow, and sometimes it is the cyan.
This is a one year old printer, about to be toasted, and the last HP printer I buy.



Have had nothing but trouble with 8500 - half the time faxes dont go -and its so slow
It will print one page then the next ones covered in lines - printer head issues - Cleaned head then it wont print now because alignment didn't work- its so crappy -the last HP printer I will buy

Sue Dalla


Thinking of buying ink cartridges very cheap the Officejet Pro 8600E All in one Printer Apple air Print with WiFi,Hp,e print apple air print On sale in there catologe until 31.3.2014 for $193.00 online n instore

john majane


Service is awful.

Plan to have three (3) hours available and be prepared to be called by your first name by person who has limited command of the English language (pronunciation).

Be prepared to crawl around the floor unplugging, disassembling the primpter, looking out for ink spills etc.

Be sure to get a recording of any agreements since the sales people tell lies, at least to me.

This can cause real problems.

In my case they gave me a two year warrantee since I wouldn't buy a rebuilt machine without it.

Of course in just over 12 months (standard warrantee) the "d" thing stopped printing color.

After many hours and two calls they refused to honor the warrantee.

And of course the part needed, the print head, cost half as much or more than the original printer.

I have a 4000n printer and it works great after 20 years.

Things have really changed at HP.



Great Printer ,order xl's all the time.
I buy the ink from Inkstation.com.au
Good Price & Service.
Buy Cheap , get cheap.
Buy Quality, Smiles all round, Including "The Dad"



Whilst generally working well, this printer doesn't like generic ink cartridges installed. It sends an error message that the cartridge is faulty. Sometimes it's the black or cyan or other. It also responds with a message that cartridges are empty when in fact they're full and most irritating of all, it will not print if one of the cartridges is empty. Sometimes it gives you a 'spool full' error message too implying a back log of material to be printed when there is none.
I also have an HP laptop which proved to be a real headache with its overheating such that blocks of ice had to be placed beneath it when internet browsing. HP service provided little help for what they perceived to be a design issue.
Summary: Stay away from HP products

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• • •

After going through one set of factory supplied ink cartridges then installing new cartridges, the HP8600 OfficeJet Pro will not print black, will not align, will not respond to exhausting solutions found on the internet or their site.
One thing it will do is to waste ink trying to clean the heads.
Absolutely the last time I EVER buy an HP Printer.

Linda in L.A.



Apparently the email function is hot
An awful lot, tsk tsk HP for shoddy work
• • •

Just as an FYI for anyone else looking into reviews in trying to find a really good, reliable workhorse printer/copier for a small home/office environment.....this is apparently NOT IT!

I have spent at least a 2 full days looking at the reviews all over the web and after deciding to go for the big dollar 8600 Premium, so I would have the legal (11x14 inch) size paper capability (only on the 2 pricier models) but the Premium also provides the second paper tray option. If you work for yourself with no staff at home, having a printer with a second tray option for printing envelopes is a BIG PLUS.

After reading all the reviews all over the different sites (amazon was really the most informative...and I always look at the worst reviews first to see if I can live with the problem or if it's a one or two time glitch in the product) I have decided against the 8600, at least the pro plus or premium version!
1. The 2 tray system apparently is so glitchy that offices are stating they are returning them in frustration. The printer automatically defaults to the top tray....which is the only tray you can put envelopes and have the machine work right. It's an old problem I remember from a very old hp printer I had, and they have NEVER fixed this programming glitch. Long time ago but I remember the wasted envelopes and the frustration. Apparently there is no way to permanently default to the second tray.
2. Tray 2: many users complain the printer doesn't recognize tray 2 has paper in it to default, so you have to go back and refill tray one anyway. So the ONLY advantage to the more expensive Pro Plus is the long paper/scanner capability, which is a plus but not as much as they are charging for it.

3. BEWARE Delynn's review above. This is a common complaint with this product and this is what turned me off to getting it. I can go cheaper and not have the headache. Too bad. Before HP went global and outsourced (like Dell) they had the best printers I've ever had. No glitches, few problems, and worked until I retired them. But I had 2 printers go out the day before trial this month and just have to do something....I keep two printers, inkjet and laser in my office for just this reason and both got glitchy just at the last minute. I spent the last week trying to fix all my office equipment and now I just want one reliable printer/copier. (I own the fujitsu scansnap for scanning and nobody can beat it IMO, and an extra fax, so all I need is printing, color printing, and copying).

Do NOT get caught in the frustration of returns. If HP won't replace it or refund after a reasonable number of attempts, do what Delynn says and dispute the billing WITHIN 60 DAYS of purchase! Don't let them string you along. Too many complaints on this product to waste your time. See amazon us website for all these reviews I am summarizing.




• • •

I bought this printer new at the end of May 2012. By the middle of June it stopped working in the middle of printing a photo. This was only my second time printing with it. Just died and nothing worked to turn the power back on.

I contacted HP support and their solution was, "Unplug it, plug it back in. Is is working?" They determined they couldn't help so they sent me a replacement. The replacement turned out to be a used printer! As a replacement for a brand new printer they send a used one.

To make it worse, the used, replacement printer didn't work. This one gave nothing but error messages regarding a missing or defective print head. I installed the print cartridges again using the manual, online troubleshooting and HP techs on the phone. Couldn't get the error message to go way. Their solution, after, "Turn it off, turn it on. Is is working?" ... send another used, replacement.

Third printer arrives and again, I get nothing but an error message indicating the print head is missing or defective. HP troubleshooting says it's probably defective print cartidges. So I go and spend another $100.00 on new cartridges trying to resolve the problem. THAT doesn't work.

I have been trying to deal with HP Support since the whole mess started and they have done abosolutely NOTHING to resolve this matter except send me used, defective replacement printers.

At this point you couldn't PAY ME to own this printer. I have no faith in this product, or any
HP product, and their customer service is a joke.

I've repeatedly asked for a refund and all I get is condescending apologies at the start of every email and then no help at all. I was told for weeks that first contact techs were sending this issue on an "escalated, emergency, priority" basis to a Case Manager who would be contacting me.

I never heard from any Case Manager ... ever! There was no attempt by anyone to fix this situation.

I'm returning the printer today (I have asked several times for them to send me a shipping label to return their defective printer and they have not complied - so I'll pay for it with my credit card and dispute the charge just like I'm going to do with the printer ($158.00) and the useless cartridges they sold me at a 20% discount ($103.00) as a way to apologize for my inconvenience when the brand new printer died.)

This was the first, and LAST, time I ever buy an HP product.

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