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The HTC One is one of the best designed phones we've ever used but it has a few annoying flaws

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  • Excellent hardware design
  • Fast and smooth performance
  • Outstanding screen


  • Below average battery life
  • Camera not spectacular
  • Odd button layout

Bottom Line

The HTC One is one of the best designed phones we've ever used. It has an outstanding display and offers fast and smooth performance. However, its battery life is below average, its new camera technology isn't a revolution and the tile-based 'BlinkFeed' home screen won't suit all users.

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The HTC One is one of the best designed phones we've ever used, has an outstanding display and its battery life is slightly improved over previous models. However, the One's new camera technology isn't a revolution and the tile-based 'BlinkFeed' home screen won't suit all users.

Stunning hardware, gorgeous display

The fit and finish is among the best we've seen on any smartphone.

HTC has generally always built excellent quality hardware and the One is no exception. Although it's a large phone, the One feels relatively comfortable to hold and the fit and finish is among the best we've seen on any smartphone. We were particularly impressed with the bevelled edges, which appear to use a similar machining technique to Apple's iPhone 5, along with the "zero gap" construction. The back of the handset curves in towards the edges and the smooth finish doesn't easily scratch or mark.

There are a few annoyances, however. The top-mounted power/lock screen button, which doubles as an Infrared port, is positioned too far to the left. This makes it very awkward to press when using the phone single-handedly. The volume rocker on the right side sits flush with the edge of the phone, so tactility isn't the best. Finally, the Beats Audio logo on the back wore off after just a week of use and the white plastic around the edge of the phone shows up dirt after just a few days.


The design of the HTC One means there's no room for a microSD card slot, so users can't expand the 32GB of internal memory. The built-in battery isn't removable either, which may annoy hardened Android users. HTC's capacitive button layout is also an issue, even if it's a minor one. The new layout sees a back key on the left and a home key on the right below the display.

There's no multitasking button on the HTC One, so this menu is accessible by double tapping on the home button. A long press on the home button launches Google Now. The layout becomes second nature after a few days but does require a learning curve if you're coming from another Android phone.


One of the most distinctive design features of the HTC One is the inclusion of dual-stereo speakers that sit above and below the display. Called 'BoomSound', HTC says the speakers will pump out up to 93 decibels of sound. In other words, they're loud. Despite the fact they're still phone speakers, they are certainly effective and are the best smartphone speakers we've tested. They even better most tablets on the market. We also love the neatly hidden notification LED, which sits towards the left of the top speaker.

We can't stress just how impressive the HTC One's display is.

All in all, the HTC One feels like an exceptionally built smartphone but it does have a few annoying issues. It screams premium and almost every person we showed it to commented favourably on its look and feel.

We can't stress just how impressive the HTC One's 4.7in display is. It offers bright, vibrant colours, exceptional viewing angles and deep blacks. The full HD screen has a pixel density of 468ppi, making it one of the highest on the market. Text is super crisp and clear and there's no way to distinguish individual pixels on the screen unless you get a magnifying glass out. Our only complaint is that sunlight legibility isn't the best.


New Sense makes more sense than ever

We've long been critical of HTC's bloated software overlays but its latest attempt is a step in the right direction. The One runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but is skinned with "New Sense". Unlike many previous HTC phones, the software doesn't slow down or hinder performance of the One. We also liked most of the new fonts, graphics and animations, save for a few ugly app icons that have been changed for no apparent reason.

HTC's new Sense is a step in the right direction.

Sense could still use some improvement when it comes to ease of use, particularly for those who haven't used an Android device before. Certain apps, including people and phone, offer more than one way of changing settings and accessing certain functions, whether it's tapping, long pressing, swiping or using the options menu. The main elements of the interface, including the app drawer, home screen and lock screen, are significantly improved from earlier versions, though the default keyboard is poor.

From L to R: BlinkFeed, a regular home screen and the app drawer.
From L to R: BlinkFeed, a regular home screen and the app drawer.

The biggest change to Sense is BlinkFeed, which is the new tile-based home screen on the One. It looks like a cross between Windows Phone 8 and the Flipboard media aggregation app and pulls in content from a variety of pre-selected sources including your social media accounts. The list of content Australian content isn't extensive though we expect it to grow over time.

We did not like using BlinkFeed as our main home screen.

BlinkFeed is a handy way to catch up on news if you've got a few spare minutes but we did not like using it as our main home screen. We much prefer the "static grids of icons" that HTC dislikes, purely because the idea of seeing social networking status updates and feeds every time you unlock your phone isn't appealing to us. Other users may feel differently, so this is very much a personal preference. In what may prove to be an annoyance, BlinkFeed can't be completely removed from the HTC One. It must be one of your home screens, but at least doesn't have to be the primary one.


The HTC One is a very fast and slick smartphone. We didn't encounter or experience any lag when performing basic tasks and the phone has no trouble playing even the most graphically intense games, such as EA's impressive Real Racing title.

One of the best features of the One is the built in TV app, which combined with the Infrared port at the top can act as a universal remote control. We tested the app with a Panasonic plasma TV and a Foxtel IQ set top box and the setup process for both remotes was less than a minute. It's a handy feature and one we quickly came to appreciate.

From L to R: The TV app, the settings menu and HTC's calendar app.
From L to R: The TV app, the settings menu and HTC's calendar app.

UltraPixel camera, battery life

Photos captured with the One suffer from plenty of image noise.

The HTC One has a 4-megapixel camera dubbed 'UltraPixel'. The custom image sensor uses enlarged pixels that the company says can absorb up to three times more light than those inside "most leading 13-megapixel phone cameras." The use of UltraPixels combined with an f2.0 aperture do make for very good low-light performance compared to most other smartphone cameras. There's also built-in optical image stabilisation to keep things steady.

While low light performance is impressive, photos captured with the One do suffer from plenty of image noise. You won't notice this if you're using your photos to upload to Facebook and Instagram but when you want to zoom or crop images the quality isn't as crisp as we'd like. Thankfully, full HD video recording is of a very good quality and the front-facing 2.1-megapixel front facing camera uses an ultra-wide angle lens, the same seen on the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

A photo we captured with the HTC One, in low light (click to enlarge).
A photo we captured with the HTC One, in low light (click to enlarge).

The UltraPixel sensor has allowed HTC to introduce a new media called "Zoe" which captures one second of video before you take the photo and three seconds after. The feature is similar to Twitter's Vine videos or the Cinemagraphs used on the Nokia Lumia 920 (think of it as a three second GIF) but it allows you to select still shots from the video. It's useful for capturing an action shot which you may normally miss and the editing options are plentiful. Annoyingly, you can only share these Zoe files through HTC Share, which stores them on HTC's servers for a limit of 180 days.

One nice feature is the updated gallery app, which automatically creates highlight reels of videos, still images and Zoe clips you've captured each day. You can choose from some rather cheesy pre-loaded background music and can save the clips as regular MP4 files for sharing.


The HTC One has below average battery life.

The HTC One has below average battery life. During our tests the 2300mAh battery lasted around 14 hours on average before needing a recharge. While this is better than most previous HTC Android phones, it's still a below average result.

Users with less demanding usage patterns may be able to squeeze a full day out of the battery before needing a recharge but heavy users will likely need to top up the One before the day is out.

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My wife just asked what I want for my birthday and the HTC One was my immediate response. This phone looks awesome! And I'll be using it on my unlimited-4G-everything plan that costs me next to nothing! Check it out:



How did you get the IR remote to work with Foxtel? Mine only gives an option for free to air...?



The HTC One has one of the best stock keyboards around in my and many other peoples opinions



hello my friend my name is Nikos i'm from Greece and i like that phone very much!!!can you send it in Greece???if you can i wanna know how much is the postages and the phone cost together.
Please answer in my emailm
Thank you
Best Regards Nikos



after 180 days? I can't post it anymore? what the HECK!



I echo Richards comment, how on earth do you set up the HTC TV app for foxtel?

charles k


i have had this phone for a week,camera for zooming in not so good ,normal shots ok,macro shots good,very quick on the web to load up,and the battery life ,well four days before i had to recharge it.....I do use my phone for phone calls ,using the web taking pictures......
if you play with your phone a lot you will not get much more than a day out of it....
so to those people who say battery life from these phones are might be a iphone samsang nokia and so on....people get a life.......


very easy to use phone for a dumb person like myself.....
well done htc.....

Jim freedman


I haven't got this phone, but I'd guess that to use on foxtel you would select 'Pace' as the manufacturer

John w


i have an old samsung flip phone quite old. Do you think i would be able to use a htc1 without too much trouble? JW

john W


being an old person, would it be too difficult to get used to operating an htc1. I have an old samsung flip phone



I love my HTC - very easy to use once you get to know it and good videos and info on the HTC website to help with setup. I really liked the camera when I could zoom, but now won't which is just cheesing me off as I don't like Zoe and don't want to have to set it back to factory settings grrrrr. Great performance, but there is 2 things I don't like - the keyboard is a pain with the comma at the bottom and I often hit the back button and it took a fair bit of searching originally to find where the phone numbers were saved to! Silly idea! Love the size and easy to read when the eyesight isn't the best :(



I have only ever had an iphone and have found controlling the screen to be much harder compared to iphone. I don't know maybe I just bought a dud phone, has anyone else found the same problem?



Very disappointed cannot put my music on my sd card seems to be common wtth Kit Kat OS. Had I known I would not have bought this phone. P----- right off if you want to use the sd card to store music dont buy this phone. Resurrected my old Samswung phone and dumped this one.

Lawrence Edward Calcutt


Where o where can I buy a real HTC cable to charge my HTC One V(5)?. Someone stole my original and now all I can find for sale is something that will charge my phone but is not, I say NOT able to communicate with my PC or Laptop. The original cable did, Just fine and it transferred my 1300+ photos and my 60+ vidoes to my Lappy just fine. but only that ONE time before it was stolen. Now the cel HTC One V(5) tells me every cable I use, or borrow , to try, tells me ,NO I cannot use this [charge] cable to connect to a PC in a very sneezey way ,but not in a honest direct way in plain English. I am sorry if this post. "Lets the Cat out of the Bag" for HTC, But "I am mad as Hell, I I'm not going to take it anymore" as the man once said in the Movie... Larry or Lawrence.

Lawrence Edward Calcutt


There is a Newpaper write editor in my area who might be very interested in my comment above. I will send him a copy of it, it will "Make my day" for us both.



Its many days since my last comment. and I still ...I am still waiting for someone in Tennissae in the USA to call me and tell me about my problems and how I can find someone in Canada to advise me. The first time I called the US lady gave me 30 minutes, well 28 to be exact, and we /I went over 6 different problems and she promised someone would call me back. 5 day later I called again and they/ she said she could find NO record of my first I went over the simplest problem again and she promised to call me back, She has not... They have my phone No. But.. Guess I will have to buy a Samson or whatever for Christmas and hang me HTC One V on the wall with the 8 point Buck I shot in 1997.

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Looks ok
Photos stored on mother board chip
• • •

HTC phone stores data such as photos and videos on a 'NAND' chip on the mother board.

Experience a technical issue affecting the mother board and it will be swapped out by the HTC warranty company FoneBiz, resulting in the loss of all data including the photos and videos.

It doesn't matter if you inform HTC and FoneBiz that the photos are irreplaceable. While repairers may state "Accredited since 2004 to repair down to component level" for HTC, it doesn't mean they will swap the memory chip over as it appears swapping the entire mother board is the easier option.

Allen Pozzi



easy enough to use
technical support what a joke
• • •

I purchased one week i shut down screen and 10 minutes later the phone would not restart. Plugged in charger and the red LED did not light up. HTC technical support absolute garbage no number so no send message. total B.S.

Dan Sprague, Snr.



I just like my phone. However, it is difficult to see screen outdoors in bright sunlight.
I have a cracked screen, but it doesn't seem to affect much.
• • •

I need some help in locating a driver to adapt to my Dell Vostro laptop.

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