Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 wireless display adapter

Netgear's Push2TV now supports Miracast, which allows you to beam an Android smartphone screen to a TV

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Netgear Australia Push2TV PTV3000 wireless display adapter
  • Netgear Australia Push2TV PTV3000 wireless display adapter
  • Netgear Australia Push2TV PTV3000 wireless display adapter
  • Netgear Australia Push2TV PTV3000 wireless display adapter
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  • Small unit
  • USB-powered
  • Supports Miracast


  • Had issues re-connecting laptop WiDi sessions

Bottom Line

Netgear's Push2TV adapter has gotten much smaller and also smarter. It now incorporates Miranet technology so that the screen contents from a compatible Android smartphone can be beamed to a big-screen TV. It still works with Intel WiDi-based laptops, too, but we did have some issues re-connecting laptops in our tests. It's an adapter that hasn't been released in Australia yet, so we'll re-test it again and update the review if/when it gets new firmware.

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Netgear's Push2TV PTV3000 is a device that allows you to wirelessly beam the contents of your laptop or Android device to a big-screen TV. To use it, you have to connect it to a TV via HDMI (a cable is not supplied) and make sure that your laptop or Android device has the requisite software to communicate with it. To ake use of this adapter, you'll need a laptop that supports Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi) or an Android device that supports Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast. (Wi-Fi Direct is what allows two devices to connect to each other, and Miracast is what allows the contents of the screen to be sent over that connection.)

Physically, the Push2TV PTV3000 is tiny. It's smaller than a business card and 12mm thick. All that's on it is an HDMI port, a USB port and a button that can change its mode. It doesn't require a power adapter (the original version of the Push2TV did) — you can simply plug it in to one of your TV's USB ports to give it power. Because it's such a small device, you can leave it dangling at the back of the TV, or fix it to the rear with double-sided tape. We'd recommend you try and find the shortest possible HDMI cable to connect it, otherwise you'll end up having to manage a lot of the slack.

Setting up the Push2TV can be a little fiddly depending on your scenario. When we first switched it on, we had to upgrade its firmware. To do this, we had to first download the firmware from Netgear's site, then hold down the button on the device for five seconds until the instructions for upgrading the firmware came up. Finally, we had to connect to it through our laptop (by finding it in the list of wireless networks through Windows). This all went to plan and the upgrade was successful.

Viewing a laptop screen

To connect to the Push2TV device, we used a laptop equipped with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 wireless adapter and Intel's Wireless Display software. It's important that your notebook has an adapter that supports WiDi, as well as the WiDi software installed (from Intel's site) so that it can connect to the Push2TV adapter. Our notebook saw the adapter straight away and we had no problems connecting to it after entering the PIN that the Push2TV displayed on the TV screen. You'll only need to enter this PIN once as the PC will remember it.

The Intel WiDi interface had no problems finding the Push2TV adapter.
The Intel WiDi interface had no problems finding the Push2TV adapter.

Once connected, you can use the TV screen either as a duplicate of your laptop's screen, or you can use it as an extended screen. The latter comes in handy if you want to watch a video on the TV screen and continue to do other things on the laptop while you watch. The adapter supports Full HD, so if you have a laptop that uses this resolution natively, so will the TV. However, if your laptop has a lower resolution, you can still use Full HD on your TV by changing to extended screen mode. You might need to re-size the image to fit on a TV, but this can be done easily through the WiDi software.

There is a slight delay between the laptop and the screen until all the image data is sent, which means that you'll notice lag if you move the mouse pointer or open and close windows while looking at the TV screen instead of the laptop's screen. For watching videos though, this won't be a problem. Sound will travel through the wireless HDMI connection, too, which means that volume will be dictated by the laptop. Overall performance was good during our tests; we duplicated a Full HD resolution and watched movies comfortably via hard drive files, DVD and Blu-ray discs (using CyberLink decoder software), and we didn't experience any break-up in the picture. We tested from a close distance of 2m, but if your laptop is too far away from the Push2TV, the performance will degrade.

Viewing a smartphone screen

Because the Push2TV creates a peer-to-peer connection to your devices (you can still use the Internet over Wi-Fi while it is connected, but bandwidth will be limited), it can only connect to one device at a time. If you have a laptop connected to Push2TV and then you want to connect your Miranet-capable Android smartphone, you will have to disconnect the laptop. To connect an Android smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy Note II, for example, you have to use Samsung's AllShare Cast feature, which can be found in Settings-Wireless and networks-More settings menu. Under Media Share, tap on AllShare Cast and then tap on the Push2TV adapter that is found. Other vendors have differently-named software that can do the same thing. (Android Jellybean 4.2 has integrated support for Miracast.)

Miranet in action, showing the contents of the Samsung Galaxy Note II on the big screen via the Push2TV adapter that's visible in the lower left-hand corner.
Miranet in action, showing the contents of the Samsung Galaxy Note II on the big screen via the Push2TV adapter that's visible in the lower left-hand corner.

Once connected, the phone's screen will be duplicated on the TV in the same way as the laptop. However, because the orientation of a phone is vertical, it won't fill the screen. Videos will fill the screen though and we had few problems streaming YouTube videos to the TV. There was some breakup occasionally, and the signal did deteriorate when we took the phone to about 5m away from the TV, but overall it was fine. Once neat thing with the Samsung Galaxy Note II is that you can watch a video on the TV and then use Samsung's Multi screen feature for browsing the Web or reading Twitter.


The WiDi experience wasn't always smooth sailing for us though. We often had trouble reconnecting to the Push2TV adapter from the laptop, which forced us to restart both the laptop and the Push2TV adapter. We didn't have the same trouble when reconnecting from our smartphone though. We updated the drivers and software on our test laptop without seeing a difference, and the Push2TV adapter was also running the latest available firmware. It's a device that is not yet available in the Australian market though, so there will likely be more updates to its firmware before it's released. It remains a good idea though, if you want to get the contents of your WiDi-equipped laptop and new-model Android smartphone onto a big-screen TV.

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Miggles Martinez


I don't have a laptop that has an Intel chip with WIDI support but I DO have a bunch of Android devices that should be compatible with this device, the problem is updating the latest firmware so that Miracast works for all of my devices. I've tried connecting it to my PC running Windows 7 via USB and manually updating it but PC won't recognize it. I need serious help.



Me too, seems no one can help



Quoted from PTV3000 installation guide from Netgear's website:
1. Use your laptop or mobile device to visit and download new firmware.
2. Press and hold the Push2TV side button for 7 seconds.
3. On your laptop or mobile device, find and connect to the Push2TV WiFi network name (SSID).
4. Open a browser and type in the URL bar.
5. Upload the firmware and install it.

Cristian Pittigliani


Hello, Im Braziliam man, i have a question.
Must be a TV smart ?


Nathan Rollins


No need for Smart TV. I have had issues reconnecting when using and have to restart the laptop also. But once connected works fine. Put the laptop to sleep and try and connect it will not fine the WIDI device. Need to restart every time to connect.

Hans J. Schaefer


Can you have several Push2TV in the same location?
Like go and return for videoconferencing?
(I noted the remark about delay...)


steve tiber


Can or will Push2TV work with LG's SmartShare?



I have an older version of the Netgear PushTV device, it works great, mirrors whatever is on my laptop, no time lag.



I ordered PTV3000 from america. It is connecting well with phones, but nothing happening with WI-DI hp laptop. Some times the adaptor is visible, sometimes none, connected 2-3 times. restated all 100 times, have upgraded firmware both for laptop and adaptor. Why cant i connect. please help



A shame it doesn't send the audio through at the same time.



I ordered this. And I have a samsung galaxy 3. I'm so frustrated with this device. I haven't threw it out the window just yet. I've tried everything. So I down loaded the filmaware. I noticed that on the tv. It read writing script. Then I went on to type the http://192- address and I keep getttig stuck. Please help!



We have the new one and just installed it, looks great but has no sound. Is that normal?



Having problems on Sony xperia were I can use mirror display BUT not able to stream internet material to tv like youtube etc. Keeps disconnecting due to direct wifi? Xperia tablet can only connect to play2tv or internet Not both. Can anyone help?



I have the same prob with my xperia z exactly the same please contact me for help

fuckin angry...


This is bullshit!!! Sony xperia z!! Why i cannot use miracast and use wifi at the same time..WTF!!!! Im going to eat this device!!!! Bon abetit...



So i can never use the internet on my xperia z? Or what do you mean? You mean it isnt possible with an xperia z but whit a samsumg you can? My tv is a sony bravia kdl 46hx750



The only ready for primetime solution I have found in 2013 is to buy an Apple TV Gen 3, and use Airparrot for Windows to connect laptops to the TV.

Airplay Solution simply works! no headaches!



Is this device can be used in North America, Europe, or in Asia? My question is voltage input (110 V, 220V) does not matter?



Can a Galaxie Tab be used ??



None of my devices can see the "Push2TV" wifi. Does the wireless router need to be on a different channel or something? Thx in avance.



Working great with my BlackBerry Z30, easy to connect via display settings. No trouble with normal web browsing whilst connected. When streaming TV (BBC iplayer) via my device, image quality not quite as good in full screen view compared to connecting it directly to the TV with an HDMI cable, but wouldn't necessarily expect it to be; no wireless connection is as good as wired. Image quality is very good when not in full screen view though. Overall impressed so far.



Can you stream internet video still, even though wirelessly connected?



Can we watch personal video & snap through dis device



For those with the wifi not connecting on sony phones you need to turn off the following setting ; settings> power management> turn off location-based wi-fi. Doing this resolved my problem with a Z1.



Connected to TV fine
Got firmware update after going to netgear site different from where manual sent me!!!!!!
Mac found Push2TV and wifi set to this
BUT Safari could not get to as the manual required
So NO update, no Android phone connection
VERDICT Piece of Rubbish. It's going back tomorrow



Novice needs help. I have a Toshiba Satellite P755-55120 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium OA. It's 2 years old. I was only told I would need a WiDi Push 2TV adapter if I wanted to have my laptop and digital TV 'communicate. I have not been able to find the exact NetGear adapter model number that would work with my computer. I see commenter "CLN" is happy with his older model WiDi from NetGear. I would love to know which Model WiDi Push 2TV from NetGear this older model is, which I hope is compatible with my 2 year old computer. If they've worked out the problems with newer models, I would like to know which WiDi models work with my computer also.



Works awesome with my Blackberry Z30 and a (non-smart) older TV. Nice sound. Sometimes you have to hold the mode button for a second for the Netgear device to activate and show up on the monitor. Takes 2-5 seconds to connect with the Blackberry. Love it!



Will netgear work with galaxy tab 2 10.1tried all outher devices im told I need flash player thanks? bill

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Small size
bit tricky to set up
• • •

I have read all previous comments and can understand the frustration. Maybe I was lucky that there have been more firmware updates, but I connected the device to the TV without any issues, my sony vaio duo requested some software updates which I did with no problems, right after it recognized the device and tried to connect to it unsuccessfully. I then did the device firmware update following the instructions provided without any issue. However, the laptop did not manage to hold the connection, it would connect and disconnect right after. After a few trials the laptop automatically lowered the screen resolution from the default 1920x1080 to 1280x720 and voila, it was working flawlessly. After that I tried with my Galaxy S5 and worked at the first try. It does help to look into youtube videos to find the correct application to run on the mobiles. I hope this helps others. It does work, once you find your way around.




• • •

Netgear and there products sucks. Says you can update from your mobile device. Not true but they make sure they put it on there box and there website saying you can. Always skipping

Don Houghton



HTC one. Best phone I've ever, very relieble.
I Phone 5
• • •

Just purchased Net-gear Push2TV / PTV3000 According to tech. requirements listed on device I have the goodies, HTC One, Toshiba lap top, Sharp TV with HDMI + USB inputs. Step 3 is the problem, we can't get past it. We have checked out YouTube tutorials etc, + tried different methods to get it to work. For a device that is supposed to preform a pretty simple task, getting it connected to my PC / phone / my sons Samsung tab2 is impossible. It shouldn't be this hard, I'll be returning it tomorrow.

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