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Telstra's T-Hub 2 now runs the Android operating system

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Telstra Corporation T-Hub 2
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  • Flexibility of Android platform
  • Full-sized SD card slot
  • Reasonably priced


  • Requires Telstra broadband to operate
  • Initially runs Gingerbread OS

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Telstra's T-Hub 2 home phone system runs the full Android operating system and therefore acts like a standard Android tablet. However, you'll need a Telstra broadband account and a Telstra fixed line home phone account to use the device.

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Telstra has revamped its T-Hub home phone system by releasing the T-Hub 2, a home, fixed line product that consists of a cordless home phone and a portable tablet device. Where the original T-Hub product used a proprietary software platform to power Telstra's own apps and services, the T-Hub 2 runs the full Android OS and therefore acts like a standard Android tablet.

The Telstra T-Hub 2 consists of three devices, a cordless DECT phone, a 7in Android tablet and a docking station for the tablet that charges the device and amplifies the loudspeaker for hands-free phone calls. The T-Hub 2 requires both a Telstra fixed line home phone service and a BigPond broadband service to operate. Users can make calls from the tablet or via the cordless handset and can transfer calls to and from either device.

The Telstra T-Hub 2 features a new, curved design with an attractive black and white finish. In our brief hands-on with the device, it felt solid and relatively well constructed. There's a built-in kickstand on the back of the tablet for standing it up on a desk or table, while the ergonomics of the tablet make it comfortable to use single-handedly.

The tablet component of the T-Hub 2 is manufactured by OEM Technicolor, which has built Telstra BigPond Gateway products in the past. The T-Hub 2 is a relatively well specified device, but doesn't compete with top-end Android tablets. It is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and has 2GB of internal memory. There's also dual-cameras and a full-sized SD card slot to expand the on-board memory.

The Telstra T-Hub 2 is manufactured by Technicolor and consists of a cordless phone, a tablet and a docking station.

The 7in capacitive touchscreen on the T-Hub 2 has a resolution of 1024x600. In our brief hands-on the screen was bright and clear, though it lacks the vivid colour and super crisp text of higher end tablets like Apple's new iPad. The T-Hub 2 felt fast and responsive during our initial test.

The T-Hub 2 comes preloaded with a range of Telstra apps and services including Yellow and White Pages apps, a T-Box remote control app and a T-Share app that can be used to stream content from the T-Hub 2 to any DLNA capable device such as TVs. Unlike the original T-Hub product, T-Hub 2 users can download most compatible third-party apps from the Google Play store, just as they would on any Android smartphone or tablet device.

The T-Hub 2 will initially run the 2.3 Gingerbread version of Google's Android platform, but the Telstra says the device will be upgraded to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the "coming months". The telco has promised to continue to evolve the T-Hub 2 software as the Android platform is updated.

The T-Hub 2 is available through Telstra stores and online on Tuesday 17 July. It will sell for $360 outright but can also be purchased through a Telstra T-Bundle and paid off over 24 months for $15 per month.

Existing T-Hub customers can upgrade to the T-Hub 2 for half price, though any existing T-Hub contract will still need to be honoured.

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I have contacted Telstra and the half price offer is invitation only and definitely not for all existing T-Hub customers. According to Telstra the invitation for the half price offer is via email, and if you didn't get the email, you cannot get the offer.



I was offered the upgrade for free. Problem is I cannot get past the first setup screen because the virtual keyboard will not appear. Lucky it is free. Otherwise, it looks good.



I just received my T- Hub 2 & we love it as it does so much that my old computer didn't do. The features & Apps, love all the internet radio you name it T-Hub does most things like having an Apple. Its such a great telephone as well. I think everyone should have one
Next thing I want will be the T_box which you can control from your T-hub. I highly recommend this as facebook is more fun & so easy to send photos & the keyboard has all the spelling as your composing a letter or facebook email. Of course I'm paying for this as part as a bundle but with 200GB I'm not complaining.



Has anyone had trouble with the thub2 and caller id?? I have complained to Telstra so many times that the caller ID is not working but the codes have been applied????

Suzie W


Don't touch the THubs. They are complete rubbish, unreliable, and backed by Telstra' s non existing customer service/warranty/follow up.

Sheilagh L


The call quality is rubbish on both Thub and Thub2. I got this device thinking it would be better than a normal phone for for husband who has hearing difficulties...........................wrong. not only are calls inbound muffled depending on where they come from, outbound calls get complaints from the recipient on the other end. Apparently we sound like we are at the bottom of a garbage can or the end of a tunnel. Other problem is trying to speak to someone in Australia about this!!!!%$#@. forget the whole thing.

Garry Todd


Garry T26/10/12,
I had a few problems trying to set the unit to work.
After 3 weeks I was unable to receive or make calls, but the Tablet appears to work ok otherwise.
I contacted Telstra and they said they would send me a full working unit, and then return the faulty unit.. So far I have only received a pre paid envelope.
Three days after notiyfing Telstra the phone started working again , I am not very hopeful



T hub 1 was and still is, rubbish. We are stuck with that lemon and it will take some convincing from Telstra and reviews such as these to have me pay another $360 for sub standard equipment.
I agree with other reviewers on the very poor sound quality of the handsets (version 1). We have constant problems with others not being able to hear us clearly. I am also not qualified for a half price upgrade and I am on their top bundle package?????

Magilla Gorilla


I have had the T-Hub 2 now for 6 months and I can say it is the biggest load of crap I have ever bought.
It cant even get the time right for missed calls etc due the software not being fixed yet. It has limited window functions, difficult to get customised.

If I could I would give it back and get an iPad set up. ave youself the pain.



Its been a huge learning curve for this technophobe but everything else will be easy by comparison
I have become pretty good with the virtual keyboard though
and its really handy for web access without having to turn the computer on
BUT the phone functions are awful and very frustrating and the. its very hard to hear
I will be very ready toffy something else when the bundle deal is finished
er one.



We are loving our new T-Hub 2. Have not experienced any of the problems that others have mentioned above. Telstra has been exceptional in customer service as well. We highly recommend the product.



Cool tool and it came free with my adsl downgrade(!?).



We have had our T hub for about a month now and what a load of rubish. When we talk though the handset it crackles and echoes back. We have made a lot of phone calls to telstra about this but they say they will upgrade the the complaint and someone will call us back but they never do. After complaing about this they say they tried to call us but no one answerd the phone. LIES all LIES we don't have any missed calls. Anyway they said they can't help us and someone will call us back within 24 hours. # days later no phone call. I have also tried to look on the internet for set up videos on how to set up the T hub through my T gate but telstra hasn't provided any. Well now we have boxed up the T hub and connected our old phone it works perfect. Only problem is I am still paying for the T hub for the next 2 years. Thanks telstra When my contract is up I will chang to optus



I have a THUB 1 and it hasn't worked since before last Christmas. And I am still paying the contract. It went throught the update downlad and half way through it, it froze and didnt complete the download. The hand sets crackle can't hear voices on it I have to repeatedly ask for them to repeat what they say. I have tried to speek to Teltra but all I get is when I say to them that I have been with them for nearly 31years and am considering to leave Because the products are crap is we will give you a better price on your phone and we can give you this Budle at a lower price and we can give you all this but it is only through this centre that I can do this but you have to go on another contract,even though mine is almost finished. More contracts But pay less. I Just want a products that work But all they want is my money no matter how little or how big. They dont care about the products reliability. Not that I dont want to save money But mor contracts!! They just dont want to loose this little Sucker !!!!!!!!!!!



I too have a handset that crackles and echos back i have phoned the only contact number provided
twice and both times i struggled to hear the operator who wanted to phone me on my mobile
when I explained (several times) that I dont have reception for mobile and would have to go up the hill in the back paddock they said they would connect me to someone in Australia both times they left me hanging on 25 mins the 1st time 15 mins the second and no Australia. Plus they said I would have to pay for a technician to come out and fix the problem!!!!!!!!!

michael shannon


t-hub 2 is a lemon ,l have a blank screen and cant do anything with it ,belongs in the bin.



I f you need peace, Joy and happiness at home PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH TELSTRA T-HUB. tHE AFTER SALES SERVICE IS HORRIBLE.They dont care what happens to you after the sales deal is done.



The T-HUB 1 is definitely rubbish, both the tablet and handset are sluggish with both units playing up on and off. I just upgraded to T-HUB 2 using the half price deal (which is apparently finished so instead they had to give me a 50% credit straight up and so instead pay $15 per month). A lot of mucking around to get it (order was placed for a T-BOX instead by Telstra, 2nd person left the T-HUB 2 order in pending, 3rd person told me she'd have to delete that order and create a new one then the next day the T-HUB 2 from the 2nd order turned up - wonder if I will get 2 now???). Currently setting it up, I notice it only comes with a single handset but the original T-HUB 1 handsets work if you de-register them with the old base and re-register with the new one. Will be interesting to see how it all goes, will need to give it a month or so to assess

Pete C


How come not one of the writers have taken Telstra to the Telecommunications Ombudsman?

Its all they react to, because under the legislation they have to contact the complainant and make a concerted effort to resolve the issue.

Give it a go!



I too like others am disappointed with TELSTRA. I had the T HUB1 which went faulty after some time. We brought it back for repairs which went on for over 2 months and they decide to give us the T HUB 2 as a replacement after telling us ours was not repairable. They made no attempt to contact us in this time and we only got the second T Hub after I pressured them with numerous phone calls to find out what’s happen to our repair. In all it took approx two and a half months. In this situation I couldn't use my two phones and the tablet for over two months which I'd paid for.
??????? AS FOR THE NEW T-HUB2 ???????
I've only had it for two days and couldn't fully use it yet but haven't had a good experience yet.
Well after spending two days to try and set the phone, contact name & numbers and tablet up
"""""""""""""""""" IT WAS FAULTY """"""""""""""""
The WI-FI part doesn't work thus the phone cannot be used and to make matters worse it only comes with one phone """"" NOT TWO PHONES """"""" like the first T-HUB. When complaining their response was you can buy another phone for approx $50.
"""""""""""" WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT """"""""""
Once again it gets back the good odd fashion MORE MONEY & ANOTHER SALE don’t worry about customer service or the customer. We only brought the T-HUB because it came with two phones and the tablet.
The first T-HUB was a straight forward connection, the second T-HUB2 is more fiddly and the instruction are lacking with a little of confusion due to on manual for two optional connections.
As for the personal phone contacts storage area - this is another disappointment.
You need to add in one name for one phone number thus you have to enter the same person in twice, one for their home phone, and the second and third time for their mobile/s. It doesn't remember the names so if you are adding people with the same first name or surname you would think it would remember the name and show it above to save you typing it in fully again.
To extend it's memory another SALE IS REQUIRED - BUY A MEMORY STORAGE CHIP. The hand books instructions are very poor and lacking in info. The menus are not very user friendly either. AND THE BIGGEST DISAPPIONTMENT IS – IF I DON”T TAKE IT IN FOR REPAIRS OR EXCHANGE THEN I”LL HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER FEW MONTHS TO GET IT DELIVERED. Now I have to waste another two to three hours in going in waiting in queue to be served and get it checked out.
I hope it's not another two months or more delay waiting again as this is frustrating. I hate ringing them too as they never pick up their store phones.



I had t hub 1 and had 2 faulty ones however telstra have been very helpful and now I have t hb 2 which is going well so far. I cant complain about the service at all from
If you think Optus will be better think again. I have optus mobile under contract and phone is faulty. I have waited over 1 month to even get a reply to my final complaint before ombudsman. They are not wanting to take responsibility for the faulty phone.



I have the t hub 1, OMG! NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS!!!

lately the cradle burnt out, have been waiting for a replacement for over 10 days, when I spoke with a telstra rep just today, he said they were Out of Stock! why did they not mention it in the first instance, now we have lost some customers due to not being able receive calls, because the tablet does not ring at a high volume when it is on the highest volume, then I can't call out as the person on the other end can not hear me.

what about the date & time for the call logs, it's back in time 5 months ago, telstra tell me it is being looked at as they need to amend (whatever!) I've only been waiting since August 2012.

If I do not receive the replacement for the cradle for my handset, will definitely revert back to a normal handset phone, does anyone out there know of a better provider????



Terrible Hub 2

Have had to plug the old phone in to make and receive calls.

The tablet makes a poor phone and web browser, however is a useful clock (just runs a bit fast).



I have the t hub 1-slower than a snail-never tells you there is a voicemail-freezes and so on. the hand set crapped out and now you can't buy a t hub 1 handset-went through the telstra merry go round until i asked for an Australian-went through the merry go round again and was told the t hub 2 handset will work with the t hub 1 but then they would not sell me one as it was not listed as an asset on my account because I bought it from Dick Smiths when they were selling them-then low and behold I went on line and could buy one from the Telstra shop direct? So what is happening at telstra-why are they so bad at what they do- lets see if the handset 2 actually worsk with the hub 1-I bet it doesn't even though they said it would.



I'm glad I found this site and read these comments, I had a Telstra sales rep call me and offer me this deal, which sounded great, offering me a t hub and a few other quirks of the deal... I told him I'd like to run it past my partner when he got home from work, and to call back tomorrow..
I'm glad I've had the time to research the product, DEFINATLY not getting it....
Thank you all...

terri schleter


When they're working, they're great.but that's the problem...keeping it working.after returning first one, getting it replaced and a mix up in telstra,I ended getting my faulty one back fixed .so ended up with two, and can't get either one to keep charge, record missed calls or phone to stay off loud speaker.takes me all my patience not to throw them over the back fence.if you're contemplating getting one....don't! And I'm still paying money every month for it.



I agree with all the comments from users-
I wouldn't buy one again.
It cant even get the time right on incoming calls & even the handset always has the wrong time despite having reset it numerous times.
Does anyone from Telstra read these comments or dont they care ???

Ray Hutchinson


My current T-Hub 1 screen has just frozen. Even after resetting the unit the screen wont respond to any of my touches.. Was going to look at upgrading to the new T Hub 2, but the reviews above have scared me off

John Payne


Got a Telstra T-HUB; now useless because Telstra decided not to extend phone network in the suburb I live in - expect this to be a thing of the future!!!! JP of Sandhurst.

D Walker


I had the update to Ice cream sandwich - now it seizes up with all the Google updates into insufficient memory space. Apparently there's a fix where you the consumer, without being told by Telstra - so you won't know, have to perform a reset. I only know this because I found a recent update guide on internet while looking for the tech support number. It only says follow the steps on the screen so it may be involved. It seems low end Android devices like this have pitifully small internal memories and now all updates go into that tiny memory unless you merge the two internal memories. How shit is that? You have to find this out for yourself. 750 million Android devices in the world and most are 'low end'. GMail won't sync when the internal memory is low so that's why your G Mail is behind your PC and phone and e-mails get stuck in the outbox. This is from a G Mail delivery device!! Now my front panel is coming apart and I can see inside the tablet and all Tesltra say is they have to have it back to fix or asses if it will be fixed under warranty..

Penny Avery


I too have problems with T Hub2. I was listening to my favorite Radio Station and had been streaming for a couple of hours! when all of a sudden! stop? ' No internet connection'.... It said something about 'No storage space'....I then deleted all the g/children's games, and a few more other 'apps' thought that would restore more space! No luck! As for the phone system, plus other component's Telstra has thrown in! Radio streaming is fantastic! nice tone, that's about the only thing good about it!

Christine Kay Millier


I had a phone call offering me the T hub T box and I accepted. I had trouble setting up, so I phoned tech support and was talked through,and it was rather easy. I love it. Only I was of the impression that I could use the tablet away from home. I would like to know if I could convert it to do this or do i have to buy another one?

Gail Wilson


These complaints make me feel better about the 3 months nightmare Telstra have put me through trying to get ADSL, THub entertainer bundle etc working. First gateway was non functional so had to wait for a new one to be sent through. T Hub never arrived so had to wait for that. Telstra kept forgetting tht the set up of the unit was free as part of the deal until I insisted to about 6 different people that it was. Technicians didn't arrive on days I did have it arranged with them and did arrive on days they had not informed me about. My sister ended up doing everything and getting it working. The Tbox causes static badly on the non foxtel channels so is good for only movie downloads and foxtel. I just got off the phone from one Phillipine lady who actually was helpful and rang back to check the connection on the Thub phone/ base station was ok and when she found it was echong my voice put me in touch with a lady who sorted it maybe now I can relax and use the thing.. I was charged almost a thousand dollars for the first month despite ringing about the bill mistake before it was due to be taken from my account. I would be reluctant to sign up for any further contract deals with Telstra ever again.

Barry Backman


The engineers at telsta or wherever they get this peace of crapp from should hang their heads in shame and go out and design shovels! I can't even get the screens in the book to show up or the menus and they ask you a lot of questions even a qualified tech would have trouble with! It really is a prototype and should be treated as such! The instructions are appalling and what i'm seeing does not correlate with the book. It's my fault; I should have read this site before buying it and I have wasted my money again! Telsta is not doing itself any favours by buying into this rubbish and flogging it to customers. They should take them all back ,appologise and give us a full refund!

Brendan W


I guess I am one of the luckier ones. I am writing this on the thub 2 tablet. Mine works OK with the current firmware. Only complaint is with the telstra T-Gateway. When I got this it made all the handsets (I have two and the tablet) get network timeout errors. If I go back to the original gateway then all is OK. Like someone said. When they are working they are a fantastic device, but when they mess up they mess up badly. Great hardware let down by somewhat flakey firmware and software.
I would not recommend one unless you have a bit of technical knowledge and a lot of patience.



Woe is me, I bought the T-gate, T-hub, T-phone... now I'm just T-d-off. T-gate drops-out whenever the wind blows. The T-hub can't handle any usage; a few games of scrabble and it dies - battery life one-hour max. T-phone joined the dead-electrics draw almost immediately.

All have been to Telstra repair once; they want me to send it in again; they won't accept it is crap technology.... Apparently there are no problems, and none of us are complaining... at least that was what I was told.

I still have $180 owing on this turd of a deal, and my only way to break the contract is to pay the $180 immediately, Telsrta are thieves. DON"T GET CAUGHT BUYING THIS CRAP!



My T Hub2 hasn't worked since last Oct. I only just rang Telstra as I was dreading it and they say I am out of space. I don't think that is the case. Has anyone had the error message The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Then there is a Force Close button. It keeps popping up with all the programs eg: the process has stopped unexpectedly... Its not connected. I appear to be the only person who has had this problem. Please help

Barbara Coyne


I wish I had read all these reviews before we got locked into a stupid contract with Telstra. You are right all they want to do is lock you in. At the moment with the T-Hub 2 I can't even open the back to put the batteries in and my hands are red raw. Wish I'd never seen it.

Alexander John Irwin


My T-Hub 2 works well except for one thing. Every so often when you ring someone and they say "Hello" my T-Hub has not connected. Here I am saying "Hello" and they are saying "Hello" and cannot hear me. They hang up, so I ring again and the connection works perfectly. Has anyone had this experience and if so, how do you fix it. It is most embarassing.

Donald M P Cameron


We have just received our new T-hub 2 package, but no modem, that apparently comes in a second package. That might be OK, but we live on a rural property, and AP won't deliver packages to us, as our mailbox is a few km from the house, they won't drive up the drive, nor will they leave packages at the mailbox. So we have to go into town to collect parcels. We have not set up T-hub 2 yet, so we don't know how things will pan out. Apparently, we are getting the T-hub 2 gratis, so I guess we can't complain. We never ordered the T-hub 2, it was just sent out as part of the deal. I feel sorry for people who paid out $360 for it, and then found out it's a dud!

Peter M


Have spent a while setting it up, but now awesome. My Modem is a Telstra TG582n .. I left this connected as was with filter BUT connected the base station to the line without filter.
I suspect that the T-Gateway may tidy this problem up internally!

Would like to know if I can connect the Cat5 cable between base station and modem without damaging anything? ... Question .. Please answer ...



i was given one for free and was only using it for, well lets call it "fishing and boating" videos..
I was only using the tablet and found it great to use until my (&^&& brother plugged the ipod charger into it. we discovered it fits and destroys the unit. I cant remember if it has an IR port or not, and thats the only reason im NOT buying a replacement (cheaper than other tabs of the same size 2nd hand) i do need IR now and will keep this a clean unit and let me 3yo niece play with it..

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• • •

Absolutely pointless expensive device. Horrible to use compared with any android tablet or ipad. Heavy and a small screen. Absolutely no streaming media or extra content available through the T-Hub at all. It was included as part of our deal and after setting it up (requiring phone calls to support due to password not being accepted), now it's just a large ugly paperweight that is practically useless as a phone as well due to fairly average speaker phone/microphone. Honestly, steer clear.




• • •

The t-hub2 and t-box have been made for tech idiots. if you know nothing of tech, this device will amaze you. An over complicated, unreliable, non customisable piece of crap, endless problems with these pathetic products. Products constantly (every cpl days) fail and need to be fully reset and setup again. I have a fully compliant DLNA network, which these products is meant to be totally compatible with and all they do is screw around my network settings and then crash meaning i have to repair everything again. FAIL telstra FAIL, try testing your products before public release :(

ios user



• • •

Had the T-Hub and T-box combo for nearly 2 weeks,have already disconnected the t-box, too laggy and no channel 10. The t-hub still doesnt work! It wont accept my email addy with all server setting I could find online and without the help of the Phillipino lady that had no idea what she was doing!
This is the worst thing I've ever seen from these twits,hope someone has lost their job over it.
Anyone know the mailing address to send this rubbish back?

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My first impression after unboxing the Q702 is that it is a nice looking unit. Styling is somewhat minimalist but very effective. The tablet part, once detached, has a nice weight, and no buttons or switches are located in awkward or intrusive positions.

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