TomTom GO 1050 GPS unit

TomTom GO 1050 review: The TomTom GO 1050 has a large, 5in capacitive touchscreen and a redesigned interface.

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TomTom GO 1050
  • TomTom GO 1050
  • TomTom GO 1050
  • TomTom GO 1050
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  • 5in capacitive touchscreen, slick design, redesigned interface, excellent performance


  • Not notably faster at recalculating routes, no traffic capabilities, no Australian text-to-speech voice, half-backed MyTomTom software at time of review

Bottom Line

The TomTom GO 1050 is a GPS device equipped with a large, 5in touchscreen. If you will not be using your GPS unit frequently, you might be better off with a cheaper model, but the GO 1050 is slick, functional and very well designed. Its only flaws are incomplete software and hit-or-miss voice commands.

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TomTom's high-end GO GPS range now includes a model with a 5in, capacitive touchscreen. The TomTom GO 1050 features the same revamped design as the smaller GO 1000 GPS unit but with a larger display. It also comes with Bluetooth hands-free and voice commands, making it one of the best-equipped navigation devices on the market.

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TomTom is well known for the simplicity of its GPS devices, and the GO 1050 continues this tradition. Its only physical control is a power button in the top-left corner; this doubles as an indicator light when the unit is charging. The latest GO GPS units include a brushed aluminium rear that houses the external speaker. The key features remain the same as all TomTom units — the GO 1050 uses an interface that's controlled by a finger-operated touchscreen.

One of the best features of the TomTom GO 1050 is the Easy Click magnetic mount, which held firmly on even the bumpiest roads and is effortless to mount and remove. The locking mechanism is sturdy and easy to apply with one hand. An even bigger plus is the use of a capacitive touchscreen, a first for a TomTom device. Dubbed "Fluid Touch", the GO 1050's screen is more responsive and accurate than displays on previous TomTom devices and its benefits are especially evident when entering text via the on-screen keyboard.

TomTom has also updated the user interface on the GO 1050. It's more of a slight revision than a complete overhaul, but the changes are generally positive. The overall look and feel is more modern, with rounded edges on selection boxes the main highlight. Though there was nothing especially wrong with the previous look and feel of TomTom's UI, it was starting to look a little old and the new changes are definitely welcome. One of the best is the ability to make your own customised "menu" — here you can choose to pin certain functions to the display screen, such as a parking, voice control, call, and help me icons. If you select more than two buttons, you can tap the arrow button to see all the shortcuts you've added. TomTom has also revealed that the new UI will support third-party widgets and applications from next year, though further details aren't available yet.

Usability hasn't been compromised and in many cases has slightly improved. The GO 1050 is as easy to use as any TomTom sat nav thanks to a well laid out main menu and an excellent on-screen keyboard for text entry; the large display is particularly beneficial when entering text. You can also navigate to a destination by using voice control, which allows users to access core functions of the TomTom GO 1050 by speaking. There are more than 140 commands available; in addition to navigating to an address you can also avoid a roadblock, zoom in and out of the map, increase the volume, and add a location to your favourites. The voice command function is available by tapping the microphone button on the home screen. Simply tap the button, say a command and the GO 1050 will react. Like most voice recognition technology, it is far from perfect; we found it often struggled to understand our commands, and you need to speak relatively closely to the built-in microphone on the unit for it to work effectively. In most cases, we found it quicker and more efficient to enter a destination manually, so it’s a feature that needs plenty of work.

In addition to a regular address, the TomTom GO 1050 GPS unit can navigate to a recent destination, a point of interest (POI), a saved favourite, a point on the map, a specific GPS coordinate or even the position of your last stop.

Once you've selected a destination, the TomTom GO 1050 displays a redesigned summary screen. Here you can see the fastest route available using IQ Routes with the time and distance to destination displayed. You can calculate an alternative, avoid a roadblock or travel via a particular point. Conveniently, if you decide to change your route the summary screen will show both the new route and the previous one.

The IQ Routes technology used by TomTom is based on real-life user data rather than the traditional maximum speed method. Like most GPS units, we found the GO 1050 still preferred to calculate routes using main roads rather than backstreets that are often slightly quicker, and it still missed a few 'no right turns' along common testing routes.

The TomTom GO 1050 has text-to-speech technology, which means that it speaks the names of streets as you approach them. The unit tends to struggle with longer street names and can only speak them using a UK voice (there is a male Australian voice but this doesn't announce street names). The voice is loud and clear; the GO 1050's speaker is one of the loudest we've heard on a GPS unit.

Bluetooth hands-free capabilities are included and this function has improved compared to previous models, with a louder speaker and better range for the microphone. You'll still get better sound quality from a dedicated Bluetooth speakerphone, however. TomTom is no longer providing live traffic updates on any of its GPS models.

Advanced lane guidance, fixed speed and red light camera alerts, school zone warnings and an over-speed alert are all part of the package, but we found the unit is missing quite a few known red light cameras. These can be added manually by connecting the GO 1050 to your computer and accessing the MyTomTom software (formerly called TomTom HOME). At the time of review, this new software was limited to updating the GO 1050's firmware, with no option to make changes to the maps.

Lane guidance is very useful on freeways and motorways — an icon on the map screen highlights which lane you should be in, depending on your destination. At busy highway junctions this is enhanced by arrows indicating the lane direction combined with a static image of road signs. The signs are the same colour as the ones displayed on the road, in order to minimise confusion.

The GO 1050 also includes TomTom's Map Share and the 'Help Me!' safety portal. In addition to corrections and improvements to the maps being uploaded every month by other TomTom users, Map Share allows you to make adjustments to maps through the unit itself. Users can add their own POIs, update road changes, edit phone numbers and add new streets. The Help Me! safety function displays information and allows you to navigate (either by car or on foot) to a multitude of services including police stations, hospitals, mechanics, public transport and pharmacies. It also has first aid, traffic regulation, and repair and maintenance guides.

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NAVMAN is absolutely the best choice to me as it's coming from Australia, reliable and with amazingly useful features. Also, GPS Navigation device should be made for human beings not for cars so it must be easily set up and used without studing manuals first when I just open the box. I love the chassis as well as it's slim and light so I can bring it with me anytime.



I was lucky enough to receive a Navman my60t for my recent birthday, I love it. Its so easy to use and even if i get the suburb wrong it stil finds the address because it searches surrounding suburbs aswell. The address input is quick and checks for spelling mistakes as i go! Highly reccommended!



The magnetic mount is AWESOME! I love my Go 1000, its so easy to use and the mount has made it even easier.



NAVMAN....the only way to go! Great service second to none.... before and after sales service.
You won't be sorry if you go for NAVMAN ahead of the rest.... they are the BEST!!!!

chris agnew


i have had my navman for apporimatly 7 years and it has never let me down,it has been althrough out this country , i believe if its not broken dont fix it ,i would recommend it to anyone



love my Tom Toms but... having trouble connecting my phone bluetooth to my new 1050 GO... Anyone else have this prob?



This is a Tom Tom review. Why are you people advertising Navmans? I have had a S300T since they first come out. All I will say is I will NEVER buy a Navman again! They are hopeless. Tom Tom or Garmin will have my money.



I got GO 1050 for early Christmas present and have never had a GPS before. The bluetooth for my phone, voice recognition so I could tell it what I want to go and the GPS combination is what sold me. WELL rubbish.
The voice recognition is crap does not work is certainly not a feature. The bluetooth is great but without voice recognition working it is too dangerous to select numbers by looking and touching the screen - can really on use for incoming calls therefore. GPS is great BUT many errors on the map and when only part of a road is one way the whole road is marked as 2 way and you get a fine if not looking and you can't fix it manually on your own unit.
None of the software works - it is supposed to use the new 'my tomtom' but that does not work, I have no speed camera locations and I can't download them. All the manuals talk about installing "TomTom home" which is wrong that does not apply to the GO1050 but I keep being told by the TomTom website in their FAQ's to load it.
Call TomTom and if the clock ticks past 5:00 pm (my time) and I am cut off, call back immediately and get an auto answer saying "closed call back tomorrow" hangon I was talking to someone at the time!
Support tell me TomTom know about all these problems and the thing does not work as advertised - but can only say new software in the next few weeks??? yeah right.
I asked what about my map guarantee then? oh I don't know about that I will check, that was when I was cut off.

So don't buy this or any TomTom product in my book, support is crap, functionality is not as they advertise and I can't even see where I have been it I want to retrace my path or download my journey at the end of the day.
All of this for their "Top of the line" product brother hate to see their basic model, it might not even turn on!



Hey Jessie, You do realise that Navman was originally a New Zealand based company that is is now owned by Mio (Mitac)??

I bought a TomTom GO1050 after being told by Navman customer support that I couldn't get any more map upgrades for my old device I bought a few years ago!

Love the fast route calculation, and the magnetic mount rocks!



Norman, you have to activate the speed cameras first! I figured that out, you have to click on "TomTom Services" on the device, then speed cameras. Also, you have to say the voice command correct for the voice recognition to work. I thought you could just say "Malvern" and it would take me there. But you have to say "navigate to a city center" first. All the voice commands are under the "help me" menu - product manuals - What can i say.

I called the call center about the latest map and they said it has a 90 day map guarantee, so you have almost 3 months to make sure you have downloaded the latest maps .



Hey Johnno how about some help for me?
I've NEVER had a prob connecting my phone to any of my Tommies... so I'm really at my wits end. Its a christmas pres for my partner who has the technical concentration span of a gold fish and will probably piff the damn thing out the car window if it doesn't pick up his phone IMMEDIATELY... And yes I'm asking the Tom to talk to (find) the phone ... and yes the phone is a current model (and works on my 650 TT XL ) and yes I've turned the blue tooth on and off (cos sometimes that seems to work and also it makes me feel some form of authority over this inanimate object)... Oh and yes my F$#%&&* dog has chewed right thru the lovely little connection that is so cool the way it clicks into the magnet holder... Soooo I can't recharge it till I go back to the shop and get another one .. (but I'll pretend its an extra just cos its such a STOOPID thing to have happened grrr)...
Anyone back to MY problem, got a week to solve it ... anyone? Help pleeese?



ok so tried with my old nokia classic 6220 or whatever (originally came in pink or black) and the damn thing worked ... picked the blue tooth up no problem... so what gives with my T850 (?) current navy blue, strong as a brick, tradie phone?



Well... in answer to my own question... Tom Tom, under scrutiny from the dealer I purchased the 1050 Go off, came up with the wonderful, and certainly hard to argue with .. "your phone (that phone) has a CONFLICT with the TT 1050 Go"... maybe they muttered sorry, maybe I missed it but who the heck cares... My conflicted little friend bluetoothed with all the Navs and the Garmins.. But NOT any of the new, beloved Tom Toms... sigh...
Hope that helps.. anyone who gave a fat rats clacker..
Ohh Merry Christmas and thanks for.. well.. sweet FA!



TomTom GO1050 is a useless piece of junk, as are all the new TomToms.
In their wisdom, they have decided to remove the Live Traffic update service on ALL new TomToms rendering them nothing more than a hideously exepensive Gregory's street directory. My Go1050 is going straight on ebay and have replaced it with a Garmin. At lease that will give me a fighting chance in letting me know if there is traffic congestion downstream.

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Mary Smyth



Company failure to refund
• • •

Company failure to refund - would never buy anything from TomTom again!




When it works - its good
• • •

My wife and I purchased a GO 1000 and a GO 1050 when we replaced our cars last year. In that time we have both returned our respective units for the 2nd time due to battery failure after 2-3months.

Not only do I have to sent them back, we have to wait over a month to get them back and there is no communication with TomTom about the status. If the next one fails, I'll be demanding a full refund. When it works - its not bad and as good as the Garmin I had before. I suspect its just been a bad battery run, but Tomtom are crap at customer service and communication.




dont know
not sure
• • •

Oh shet. I'm totally snookered now. I thought TT's were good, listening to all the comments I'm unsure what to buy now. I do have a TT, old one, its takin me all over the place not the right roads either. Thank Christ I wasn't in a hurry at the time

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