Uniden Guardian G2720 wireless surveillance system

Uniden's Guardian G2720 is a two-camera security system that is simple to install and remotely accessible through a smartphone

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Uniden Guardian G2720 wireless surveillance system
  • Uniden Guardian G2720 wireless surveillance system
  • Uniden Guardian G2720 wireless surveillance system
  • Uniden Guardian G2720 wireless surveillance system
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  • Simple to install
  • App for remote viewing
  • Easy recording onto SD card


  • Range not as good as hoped
  • Caused some interference with our Wi-Fi
  • Web viewing didn't work

Bottom Line

Uniden's Guardian G2770 is a two-camera surveillance kit that doesn't require a lot of know-how to set up and use and it does its intended job well. Everything just works seamlessly straight out of the box, but you will need to some skill with a drill to fix the weatherproof, night-capable cameras to their desired positions. We did have some problems with interference to our Wi-Fi though, and range wasn't always great.

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Uniden's Guardian G2720 security kit is an attempt by the company to make home or office surveillance systems as simple as possible to install and use. The kit comprises two wireless cameras, one 7in tablet-style monitor and a base for the tablet. Video can be monitored live on the tablet, over a home network, or over the Internet. You don't even have to know much about networking to get all that working either — it's very much plug-and-play. The quality of the video from the cameras is adequate, though video size is small in order to facilitate recording, and frame rates can vary depending on how good the camera signals are.

Setting up the Uniden Guardian is just a matter of finding appropriate locations and power points for the two cameras and then switching everything on so that they can be found by the base unit. You probably won't want to put the cameras too far from the base unit — when we placed the cameras further than 10m from the base unit, the frame rate ended up falling dramatically. The cameras can be fixed with screws up high on a wall or ceiling if they are to be used for security purposes, but because the cameras have external antennas that screw into the back, you'll need to make sure there is enough space for the antenna above the camera's mounting spot.

The metal stands on the cameras are adjustable; they have ball joints that allow for vertical and horizontal movement. This joint felt a little too soft and loose, and we had to really tighten the butterfly screw hard in order to make the camera not move at all from its desired angle. Each camera will need to be plugged into a wall outlet and the power adapters have about 4m worth of cable to work with. You can place the cameras outdoors as they are weatherproof, and they also have infrared LEDs, which means they can work at night.

As we mentioned earlier, you won't want to position the cameras too far from the main base unit. The specs say they can do 150m, but we found the range to be much less in our test environment at the office. The cameras run in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum (using frequency-hopping spread spectrum and encryption), and they can, in some instances, cause interference to your wireless network (unless you are running a 5GHz Wi-Fi network). We noticed this after experiencing very slow file transfers (under 500KBps) to one of our laptops while the Uniden Guardian was on, and faster transfers (up to 10MBps) while the unit was off.

Using the Guardian kit isn't hard. The cameras are paired to the base station by default — we didn't have to do anything ourselves to connect them — and you can see video on the screen practically straight away. Up to four cameras are supported and viewable on the 7in screen at once. We were able to view our two cameras with ease and the beauty of the system is that it also allows you to record streams from these cameras directly to the base's SD card (a 4GB card is supplied with the unit).

The 7in tablet unit is very easy to use as the screen supports touch. It's resistive though, which means that sometimes you have to press firmly in order to get something to work, and we found that we did have to press quite hard most of the time (a new firmware was released to remedy this somewhat). You can simply press on each quadrant of video to make it full screen, and you can press on the menu button on the left to enter the system settings — not there are many — and also to enable Internet mode (as long as the base is connected to your local area network via an Ethernet cable).

The quality of the video from the Guardian's cameras was generally good during our tests, but quite small at 320x240 pixels — we couldn't find a way to change this. Because the cameras are designed to have a wide field of view, there is some distortion on straight vertical lines, which manifests as a slight curve. Microphones are also installed, and you can hear audio through the tablet if you tap on the camera to full-screen the view that you want to listen to. Frame rates were smooth as long as we kept the cameras within a good distance of the base unit, but at the outer reaches of the range the frame rate dropped to less than one per second.

Night vision worked well to illuminate an area, but for the purposes of security, unless someone is quite still and close to the camera, it can be hard to make out facial details. Motion detection is supported, and the unit can start recording immediately when it detects movement in a scene. We found it to be a little too sensitive, even when the sensitivity wasn't on high. It would sometimes start recording when there was a change in the shadows or lighting of an area. You can also perform scheduled recordings.

Remote viewing of the security cameras is provided via an app called Uniden Guardian, which is available for both iOS and Android devices from their respective stores. To use this app, you'll need to make sure that the base unit is connected to your home network via Ethernet. You'll then need to venture into the settings to grab the device ID of your unit (which you'll need to enter into the app) and also set a security code. The process was fairly easy and we were able to view the security system on our phone, both over Wi-Fi and 3G.

The Uniden Guardian app in action over Wi-Fi.
The Uniden Guardian app in action over Wi-Fi.

There is a Web site through which you can also view the Guardian system on a PC (Uniden Video), which requires you to create an account and register your product on that site. However, it also requires an OCX plug-in and only works with Internet Explorer. We could not get it to display video at all during our tests. We used Uniden's email support to try and get a resolution, and while the responses were relatively fast (24-48 hours for each query) and generally helpful, we still couldn't make the plug-in work for us.

All up, if you want some basic surveillance of your home or business through a system that is very easy to install, and which will offer the possibility of remote viewing through a smartphone, then Uniden's Guardian G2720 is worth checking out. You don't really have to know much about technology in order to install and use this kit, and if you're a do-it-yourself type of person, you can have these installed in no time. They are good for outdoor areas, garages, and even inside the home or office, as long as you don't mind the way they will look perched up high in the corners of your rooms. We did experience some interference with our 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks though, and we found the range of the cameras to be dramatically less than the quoted figure of 150m.

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Andrea Finn


Brought the system, unable to start account with Uniden because it will not accept my user name after 12 hours of trying, unable to contact Uniden on line because their web site doesn't work, suggest if you want a camera system look elsewhere. I just want my money back. I thought this would help me with monitor of a pregnant mare. Waste of time and effort.



Bought this system for our factory... it does not record the time that it takes the footage, its blurry, cant make out facial features or number plate numbers, and we bought it to catch criminals in the act, but would be embarrassed to take this footage to the cops.



This system is great, I heard about it from a friend and decided to buy. It was true plug and play and works fantastic, the App is great and the only remote view surveillance system I have seen that works a treat



System needs to be plugged directly into a router...which makes no sense for those wanting to use this to monitor their home (or toddlers) from their bedrooms at night...unless you have a router in your bedroom. Most people do not. This is NOT wifi capable...so its not exactly a 'wireless' system as it claims.



Purchased this system for home surveillance and child monitoring. Other than the range being a little short of the advertised mark, it performs as anticipated. Can view and record cams over the net, via android or iPhone. No problems with hooking up to router or setting up the web access account. Firmware update improved touch screen sensitivity and viewing options on the tablet when hooked to the internet. Can view cams directly on tablet when not hooked up to router, and view on computer, smartphone or tablet when hooked to router. Battery life is a little short on the tablet, but suitable for my needs. No noticable interference with 11n router, and seems to operate OK when microwave oven is on. Happy so far......but would like the ability to attach better (higher gain) aerials to the cameras and receiver.

Patrick Fagenstrom


No wi fi connection computer to base unit. That's a bummer.



Uniden's Guardian G2720 security kit seems to me an excellent monitoring system. I'm very impressed to know about this kit and looking forward to utilize such wireless surveillance system to monitor by office regular workout. Thanks.



We bought this system to monitor our dog in the garage while we are out, our pool in the back yard and also inside our house prior to the installation of a monitored alarm.

The system is magnigicent and works faultlessly!

Yes it needs the base station with the tablet installed to be plugged into a router for remote access via an internet browser or the Uniden app. But that is hardly a shortcoming. If you are at home or in the vicinity of the cameras you can carry the tablet with you to monitor the cameras. The tablet is mobile and battery powered so it seems "Allen" at comment 4 above is confused or does not understand the system. Set the cameras up to monitor your home or the toddlers and take the tablet with you into your bedroom. It DOES NOT need to be connected to "a router in your bedroom" as Allen claims. The base station can be located in the bedroom and plugged into AC power. That way the tablet can be left in the base to charge/run off AC power and you can monitor your home and kids. The system only needs to be plugged into a router for REMOTE MONITORING!

"Fran" at comment 2 claims it does not record dates and times. The system does! It names the files recorded with the date and time they are recorded! When you browse the files recorded on the tablet they are named as the date and the time. If you copy and paste them off the SD card they are also named the date nd time recorded! No it does not show the date and time on the actual footage but it is on the file name!

Take the time to learn about the system and what it does before discounting it's abiities. For around $500 and ease of use and ease of installation it is almost impossible to go wrong with this system!




Maybe you could help me, I have set up the cameras and they work fine, I also have the base connected to my home LAN so I can view by computer when out, I have been unable to be able to do this thus far, is there instructions other than the manual as I have been thru the manual with no luck. Much appreciated.

Also, when connecting to the iPad/iPhone, it asks for a 20 character UID, all I can find is the 15 character DID under Network Setup/Network Information? and does not recognise the details when input, I have also input the 8 digit System ID as the System name to the iPad/iPhone devices and then my security code which I entered in myself, so I know that is correct, is there anything else I am missing, or need to do, again, much appreciated for your assistance.




Can anyone tell me how to transfer specific date/time--stamped surveillance to disc and/or laptop to give to police, when and if needed (download and save to DVD or CD and/or laptop for later transfer)? We have experienced several years of vandalism to our Christmas lights and want to catch the perps (or at the least discourage them with the cameras in sight and out of reach). Also, for fun, we have accidentally discovered lots of "orbs" inside and outside our home (with an older surveillance system we are taking down). Would like to do the same transfers to YouTube. Thanks




Remove the SD card from the monitor and place into the SD slot on your computer.

Open two windows, (makes it easier) one with the SD card file and its content, the other a file you would like to transfer the data files to (lets call this file "end" file), drag files from the SD card window file to the end file, (select all and drag across to make this step easier).

Once you have saved these files to your computer or laptop, you can then burn to a DVD, (much easier to a flash/thumb drive these days)

The files are labeled as the date it was recorded, (ensure your date and time on the monitor is correct) then the time is the file marked in that file, i.e. 120139-1 = 12:01PM and 39 seconds from camera number 1. usually goes for about 2 minutes.

I hope this makes your task easier to do, a bit labourous, but to catch and/or seter theives, a great idea.




Is anyone can help to show me how to upgrade?
Mine shows UID - instead of DID ... How to get the DID number? i suspect i need to upgrade.

To upgrade, I had tried using the downloaded small software namedly as "system_800x480.rom" from their recommended website, them upload into the Tablet using a pc (in all folders include in the main), still does not work.
Thanks and appreciated



12/4/12 - these posts are interesting. I'm pretty good with computers and can not get the base unit to connect with the internet - using an ethernet cable - as recommended. I've tried many times - I'll call tech support tomorrow, but seems easy per the instructions - just does not work. I too would like to see a wireless base station to the internet. My router is 2 floors down - and it makes no sense that I have to hardwire to the router to get the internet working - if I happen to get this going. I have found NO firmware updates on the Uniden site.. strange to me.

The person above has confusion about DID and UID - I had this issue too, but there are 2 different registration areas, one for DID and one for UID. Look around a little and be sure to get the right one, as it won't work if you don't.

If you want to use the system right out for the box, it works. Getting the internet and potentially the cell to monitor remotely, will require me to call tech support - tomorrow.

This unit may go back to Costco - I was hoping to give this as a Christmas gift, but am having 2nd thoughts now



When the SD card is full does it delete the first recording in and continue recording or when the card is full does it stop recording?



Has anyone got the email notification feature working?



I have used a gmail account as per their instructions and still no email alerts




The card stops recording, but I have found it very easy to transfer the data to a computer file, then delete the SD card and continue recording.

I actually have two SD cards, while one is out, the other is in recording so hopefully I do not miss too much if it is needed.

Hope that helps.



I have the G755 system. So far so good i've the system working. I bought another system just to get 2 more cameras and use the base as a spare. Monitoring the house from work and elsewhere, motion detection works well and sends me notification in every motion detected with time and which camera/s, i'm pretty happy with it. Changed the SD card to 16 gigs for more recorded action. One camera has a weak transmission due to its location, on the first floor from numerous walls, but no big issue as it still transmit same quality image as the rest.



How can i extend the range of cameras ???? The range is way short of 500 feet !!!



I think for the price, the G2720 is good value. Its hard to get much info from Uniden, which is disapointing...I want to be able to view cameras through my laptop live without internet as I have it set up now, and TV if possible, as well as the tablet... still trying to workout what software and or hardware I will need for it, uniden doesnt offer any info.
I have 3 cameras, the night vision for the front of the house is better than expected. The backyard which is dark, is not real good at all...Uniden claims 12 meters..not in my case.
The night vision isnt real good at capturing faces with movement either...but like I said, you get what you pay for, and for the price & I shopped around, its the best



I have the ELRO CS87T which seems to be identical to Uniden G755 system. Where can I get a firmware update to enable email alert settings because this menu entry is missing in ELRO but should be in the Uniden model?



I cannot save recordings on computer. I can't find any recordings in the save path.
Does anyone help me, thank you.



I got the same problem as Scott.

Craig Duncan


Before i spend the money, can I use a 64 GB card with the system. fellow in shop says not all hardware is compatable with the 64 GB card. Card supplied with the unit is not big enough for time I spend away.




Just bought it at costco. Set it up and and it works. Haven't tested it with router interference or telephone and microwave. Had a break in and this gave my family a little piece of mind.



Regarding my previous post ELRO CS87T
Update: I got the requested firmware from ELRO.eu and have email alert now!!!

But I have new feature requests to enhance the system...maybe its worth to find out other interfaces to connect to the base station: e.g. it would be helpful to ftp the mp4-files from the sd-card through the network to another storage device.

But I can not see other open ports than 80 and 443

What kind of softwarestack could be on the base device???



Sorry on my previous note on Email SSL port, it should be 465.



only two cameras. additional camera is expensive at over $100 each. signal range is weak.It takes long time to swith to other camera on remote control.Pictures are good but audio is not working. I give it a one star and it sucks.



Ok I have a serious question. Please help, even with the unid3en on, I sleep with all the lights in my house on. I have caught my soon to be ex and 5 of his friends videoing me in the shower, bath ect. He has been kicked out of the house and charges have been made. Question..... when I look back at some of "MY" recorded video, why do I see the same people almost every frame in shadow? I can see them looking in what seems to be a monitor of some sort? Are they using my system also ? I stopped using my home internet. HELP



Sounds like they are trying to pair your cameras on another receiver. ( basically getting your cameras to send the video signal to their receiver which is probably identical to yours). Not to worry though, as long as you have all of your cameras appearing on your uniden tablet/ monitor, that indicates they were unable to pair ( or steal) your cameras signals. You cannot have a Uniden camera transmit it's signal to two Uniden receivers at the same time.

Paul V


Can any of you who are using this let me know how much disk space a 15 min. recording takes? I'd like to know how often I have to wipe the SD card based on its size.



After installing one of these systems prior to Christmas 2012 for a friend & being very impressed with it's capability I went out & bought 6 more systems. One for my place & the rest to install via my business as a technician. People will want these inexpensive units especially after viewing the YouTube link. One question though - what is the megapixel rating of the camera G2010 as opposed to GoPro 11 megapixel photos.



Is there a way to set a recording time on your pc? This would be helpful if there was an actual breakin. I can't imagine a thief leaving the sd card for me to view. This way I would have the recordings saved on my pc.



put the SD card into slot on computer and open movie file folder.
using gom video software to vie video
If you want time go to the properties and it will open and you will see the time.



I bought the Guardian system at Sams. The difference in the 766 to the 765 (or others mentioned in this thread) is the size of the SD card. The one from Sams is 8GB. I spent a lot of frustrating time trying to get the internet view to work. I finally got it going. The tech folks were shooting from the hip but all the pieces finally worked. Here are the lessons learned. If you have a static IP address and are connecting through a router you have to use the DCHP setting in the Guardian (make sure your router is set to DCHP). You have to use internet explorer. I know IE8 works. Be sure to follow the directions to upload the C++ addin. Remote viewing wont work without it. Don't call tech support until 8:30 CST. You get Europe (India) support and it isnt as good. I was told to call back in half an hour at 8:00AM CST. Tech service stayed with me quite a while.

Bill J


System will connect with iPhone but not my iPad? I put in DID and security code on my iPad and it says save successful. Then when I go to view cameras it says disconnected can anyone help me with this?

Dale Bee


Question for Hugh: I too have a 766, bought from Sam's. I continue to get that "connecting to the internet, please wait" message. At one point, it connected and I was able to view it on my iphone and ipad. But the following day, the connection dropped and i was never able to reconnect again. I initially planned to return this to Sams but when I got a successful connection, I ordered a 3rd camera. I just received the 3rd camera and I can't even connect to the internet. Do you have any insights to this? I really don't want to return the item coz I'm impressed with the picture quality esp during daylight hours. But I may have to if I don't get lucky. Thanks.

jeff krueger


just purchased the uniden guardian g766,,,,my question is when the camera detects motion isn't that suppose to triger a alarm,, that you can here? (on the 7" control panel)

Ron R


Jeff...if you want the unit to sound an alarm, you have to turn the function on in the settings.



Useless, no date stamp on recording, the base station can not connect to wireless internet when they say its wireless they only mean between the base and the cameras, WoFi range to cameras does not cover a a single storey house the signal strength is always 1 or drops out. I wasted my money dont waste yours!!!



I have the G755 system, and it seems to only record when I disconnect from the internet. I want to view remotely and record (if there is vandalism etc.) When I disconnect, the motion sensor icon shows up and lets me know when it's recording. When I'm connected it doesn't. I really like the system! This is my only concern so far :)



Easy to install. Tablet great to carry to each camera to make final adjustment.
Dissapointed that you need OCX software installed when accessing via a PC. Not very practical when travelling overseas and using other PCs.
iPhone App OK, but what happens when you take a photo. I cannot find these photos on my iPhone.
Photo taken on PC is very small 15k
Range is short. outside cameras need to be within 30m.
Need a hardwired ethernet connection to internet. Wireless is only from camera to base station. Hence base station needs to be next to a router or modem.



Could I have my base station at my house connected to the Internet through an Ethernet cable and have the cameras at my shop. Would I still be able to view live footage from my iPhone via the app or would the base station need to be with a certain range of the cameras?



Have a G755 4 camera system. Works well for what I use it for. Only question I have is, is there an extension cable available for the antenna? One of my cameras fades in & out. Raising the height on the antenna or moving it would would help.



hi , please help, i brought the uniden guardian g2720 at harvey norman new zealand and i did firmware upgrade that was easy, then i created a portal account, that was easy then i installed the ocx plug in that was easy so then i tried to view the video footage from my computer and on computer i push start to run, it says i am connecting and then comes up with fail...(-6) press stop button, so then i tried it on my iphone 5 and it says its connecting then says disconnected in red. There is obviously something i have not done, please help can someone email me if they know the answer



okay so i read justin comment and plug the base into my router and what do you know i am connected and can see cameras on my iphone and computer, but what i now need to know is sams comment above: Could I have my base station at my house connected to the Internet through an Ethernet cable and have the cameras at my shop. Would I still be able to view live footage from my iPhone via the app or would the base station need to be with a certain range of the cameras?



To Sam and debs, the camera is the transmitter and the monitor unit is the receiver. They have to be in range of each other to work. Unless your home is fifty yards from your shop, forget it.



I read Rons response to my question,,,still not seeing that option in the settings,,,shouldn't be that hard to find,,,only other problem I have with the system, most of the time when I'm not home I get the gmail alerts ok,,but I can rarely view it on my iphone (the live shot) it will say not connected,,,but at home its fine, it will connect no problem any thoughts?



Has anyone gotten the email feature functioning? I have followed the instructions to the letter but it still does not function correctly.



Mine stops recording when I connect it to Internet. How can I stop this? Also, whenever I press on record, it records for two minutes then stops. Please help!



Hi to all, I have also got the G2720 system ans think it is great for the areas it covers but the problem I am having is trying to remote view, the system is connected to the internet via router (ethernet cable) and when I log on via my own wifi it works but when i tried to log in via another wifi network it does not connect - how do you rectify this????????



Hi all, manage to figure that one out now but not how to record remotely?????

Steve L


Do I have this correct?
-You can only get email alert when in charge mode.
-You can get live view both in charge and internet mode as long as you are behind the same router
-You can not get both email alert and Network(remote view) at the same time
-You can not get remote viewing from outside your home network when in charge mode, but you can get remote viewing inside your home network when in charge mode.



can someone give me the viewing Software fo pc?

lecral ladeux


it's a toy
marginal at best
internet access is fubar
did I mention ...it'a toy
Uniden throws this stuff out half baked
sad because the overall concept is very much needed
I bought 2 and returned them after trying to see an imprtant event
it missed it and we lost all faith



Excellent - best thing I have ever purchased we can monitor our home at any time - eo easy to set up within minutes and I'm a non technical female. No cables no wiring - Love it



When I playback recordings, there is no sound. I can hear it just fine when watching it live. I've read the manual and it does not mention anywhere that sound does not record. Is there an update to fix that or a setting I can tweak? Thanks!



Would not purchase again because of the poor internet connection and it has to be hard wired to the router. They advertise internet but it does not work. It worked for almost a month and now nothing on my phone or work computer. It was always hard to connect and the connection was intermittent. For example, alarm company notified me my alarm was sounding so I tried to connect to the video monitoring from my office and it wouldn't worse. Useless. I emailed the company. Cannot find firmware upgrade with the G766 label. Tried the other ones just in case, still nothing. Okay if you are staying in one room and want to monitor another room or area outside your home, but that's about it. Had to get a professional to install a real system.



The company did not respond to my e-mail either about the same thing Ray experienced. Disappointed it's such an easy system out of the box, but then it's a dinosaur when it comes to internet technology, remote monitoring, and the guardian2 app on my phone worked for a few days and now nothing. So disappointed.




There are good, smart comments on this site from which I have benefited.
I hope my post here is a contribution to that end.

The email notification option didn't work for me until a short time ago. In the setup, I tried sending the email to an address different from which it was sent (my gmail to my yahoo). Then I turned the unit off/on. Then it started to work. Nice feature, but then - USELESS (for me) without more programmable options. Here's what I mean.

There are just two options for initiating a video recording. (1) motion detection (2) on a schedule.

The schedule is limited to one period of time on one selected day. For example, if you want a recording while sleeping and you go to bed on July 1 at 10pm for 8 hours, you'll have to set up a one-time, two-part schedule 1July 10pm-12pm and 2July 12:01am-6am. You cannot set it up to do this on a recurring, every-night schedule. You must program it for every individual day. And there are only 5 scheduled slots available to program. Who's going to take the time to set this up every two days?

Motion Detection will also initiate recording (if enabled) and will send an email alert (if enabled) upon recording if triggered by motion. For me, there is regular activity in front of my cameras until I go to work or go to bed. If motion detection is selected on and email alerts are enabled, I may get an email every two minutes while at home. If I keep the email alert disabled while there is motion expected, I have to remember to enable it before I leave. If I forget, I cannot turn it on remotely.

This unit requires so much programming, selecting & deselecting on the unit itself to make use of any of these functions. Do you have an iPhone? Are you familiar with the Do-Not-Disturb function? Do you know how you can set it to not make noises for certain times of the day (like while sleeping)? That's what I'm looking for on this camera system. I just want the motion detection to record and send alerts when I am not planning on being home. Simple, right? Not included. BTW, my Firmware is the latest. I had to look there to give Uniden a chance. A little reprogramming on this firmware could add this feature. It's not rocket surgery.... :-)

In review, if there was a simple activation window that I could program for a recurring schedule or motion recording/alert, it would be SO much more useful. Without this, we could get by with a remote-access control on the iPhone/Droid app. It seems so attainable. Without this, I will be visiting the "returns" counter at COSTCO next week.

Please, if I am missing something here or don't seem to understand the system, throw a dog a bone! Thanks!



Can anyone please tell me what the DID is?



this is great, but how can i review recordngs on the computer, i have inserted the micro storage disc but cannot transfer across?



I recommend Security Monitor Pro video surveillance software. It's easy to use UI and unique features such as pre-buffered event recording, email alerts with images, and detachable preview windows make it a effective monitoring system.



I have just last week bought a G27 series system. I have found that if you follow the instructions and think about it in most cases you can proceed. I am now at the stage of completing the portal account and it has asked for UID or DID info. I have the DID account info but not the UID info. In the instructions it says that I could find it on the monitor on the Network Information Screen. No No No it is not there. Can anyone let me know if I have missed a step in setup or are the instructions somewhat misleading. Hope you can help.



This system is the biggest load of garbage i have been unfortunate enough to have wasted my money on. Don't waist your money on this rubbish and look else where for a system that actual works all the ways it claims too. The back up support is a joke. Only one person in Melbourne that handles tech support and if she is away there is no one else to help. If she does call back its likely to be weeks latter.



Have installed a G 2720, having the same problem as others re- running through I phone , Internet but my biggest problem is that the cameras are too sensitive, they record moths etc up to 3 meters away, over a 6-7 hour period i can end up with 20 or 30 recordings & it's very time consuming going through these every day. I have adjusted the sensitivity but that has not helped, has anybody experienced the same problem & if so did you overcome it? Have spoken to Uuiden tech support (that's a joke) & there comment when I explained the problem was that is just the way they are made



I have a G955 (Costco's G755). Anybody know how to boost a weak camera signal? Can you sue a WIFI hot spot? Anyone know what device some refer to a booster that connects between the camera and the antennae?



Having problems setting up the email alerts......tries a few different things.....can anyone help me with this.....thanks



I bought this system a while back and works like a treat. The range was an issue as I have a large 6 bedroom house but after searching the Uniden website they selling the Long Range Antennas ( http://uniden.com.au/shop/product.php?productid=16743&cat=305&page=1 ) for the systems which boosts the range by another 50 metres which helped in my situation. Good wireless system overall and look forward to upgrading when the next version comes out.



hi there i have this cameras . i record video when i try to watchl it there is no voice. i checked its. voice is full plz tell me what should i do



This thing sounds like a nightmare, glad I checked before buying.



Im using this system, one of my cams is 1/10 mile from base at my gated driveway, 4 bars works fine if I aim the base just right. 520 feet line of site



Just purchased and completed setting up. All features are now active except email alerts. Have 4 cameras and works well. It is simple and portable. I would not hesitate to recommend . Yes as limitations but is value for money. This is a fine entry level system. Picture quality is okay.



I purchased this system and had it installed at our home. The quality isn't as detailed as hoped but works well enough for our needs and the price we paid. The nightvision works well and you can set the sensitivity for motion detection to low or high.

FYI - You have to update the firmware in the monitor for it to work properly! Put the SD card in a computer and download the firmware update from the Uniden site, copy it across to the SD card and put it in the monitor. It will update itself. This allows monitoring online etc and resolves minor issues the system had.

Also, if you plug the network cable into it from your modem so you can view online, it slows your internet considerably, even when not watching online via your smartphone.

Overall I am happy with it for basic home monitoring. If you want it for a business probably spend a bit more and get higher quality cameras.

Hope this helps.



Can you use a battery adapter to power the cameras if there is no electrical outlet nearby where the cameras are located?



Where is the sound? When I play back a recorded piece I hear nothing.



I can't find the uniden app on my kindle or iPhone. Have it on my iPad and a Galaxy S4 and they work great.
Thanks in advance.



"I have just last week bought a G27 series system. I have found that if you follow the instructions and think about it in most cases you can proceed. I am now at the stage of completing the portal account and it has asked for UID or DID info. I have the DID account info but not the UID info. In the instructions it says that I could find it on the monitor on the Network Information Screen. No No No it is not there. Can anyone let me know if I have missed a step in setup or are the instructions somewhat misleading. Hope you can help."

The instructions say DID OR UID you only need to enter 1 of them the DID is on the back of the monitor.



System works well (apart from moths activating cameras) Email alerts working fine, android app works well as does the web view. Alert alarm doesn't seem to be working at this stage
can't upgrade firmware at the moment as Uniden website is down.......

For those having trouble registering ........ The instructions say DID OR UID you only need to enter 1 of them the DID is on the back of the monitor it is also in the email alert.



I have bought this for a shop and workd fine.Downloaded app and can view it on my smartphone while in shop(unit is wired into wireless router).
My question is can I remotely view this from home as I don't seem to be able to?
Any ideas?




Great posts! Just wondering if there is any way to make the motion sensor less sensitive? Even on low it picks up snow flakes, rain etc.



Given that the specifications at the back of the manual indicate tha there are two routput resolutions. Does anyone know how to change to output resolution to the 480x277 (HD) mode?



what is the maximum distance you can go between the monitor and the camera?
I can only go up to 15m, about 3 brick walls in between.



Hi AdamW, I ahve a similar problem and am waiting on a couple of 5.5db antennas to replace the standard 2db antennas. Will let you know if thre is an improvement.



I was little skeptical by this because I couldn't see how a pea coat could fit in that small of a space. Port Authority, PING, Port Authority Signature, Port & Company, Corner - Stone, and other designers have generated and developed lines of outerwear perfect for both genders. You are picking a classic.



Given the price point, this is a great system. It is not as expensive or sophisticated as the $1000 systems.

It's reliable and does what it's supposed to do. That's it. I just bough (2) more cameras to populate my home monitor.

My only wish was the ability to schedule the motion detection

alex bennett


good system well worth the money. remote iphone connection works a treat
Buy it



I'm having huge problem trying to download footage from sd card to my laptop. It keeps telling me windows can't open this file and something about file being in SNX...huh? I have to make a copy for a police report and I'm stuck. Anybody else having the same problem with the sd that came with the uniden guardian system?



Hi! How do I get the alarm to sound when motion is detected? Jeff asked that question earlier and no helpful answer was given. I may be overlooking something. Please give step by step instructions. Thanks!



After waiting on the phone for 35 minutes I have my answer from Uniden: It does NOT have a sound alarm when motion is detected. Oh well... I'm taking it back as this was one of the main things I needed it for.



Can the Uniden Guardian G955 hold more than 8gb? ex. (16gb, 32gb, or 64gb)



Can anybody help me, ...
im having difficulties remote viewing my home from other places through my ipad,
It says disconnected. I guess the systems dont work. But it does work if you use the same router for remote viewing in the house using ipad or android.



Hi Vince,
Mine does the same? Only works on iPhone when I'm at home.
Also I have only had it for 2 weeks and have already had to send 1 camera back that went fuzzy black with a bit of colour in it and I could just make out my hand waving in front and now within 2 days of each other the night vision has stopped working on 2 cameras??? I'm not very impressed!



I just bought this system to monitor our kids. I can't figure out how to keep it on one particular screen (baby's room) so I can hear her throughout the night. Can someone help?



Great system - but for some reason after 1 year I'm unable to connect remotely via phone 00000 error message tried up reset but still not working. - help



Bought 2 of the G955 model from Costco. You can only view ONLY ONE CAM AT A TIME online & for me, no download was saved to the path I specified on my harddrive! Also, viewing the files online requires you use a 32-bit version of Explorer - most computers sold now are 64 bit. While you can Google the topic & find where 64-bit Windows still has the 32-bit Explorer avail (well hidden), I am concerned Uniden doesn't have its heart in maintaining their software & since their software for this device is already obsolete, it will perhaps later present a serious risk when 32-bit systems become entirely obsolete. Equally bad is that the online viewing website is not even https, so it is attractive to hackers! The antique software & the current & increasing risk this potentially presents to my entire computer plus the fact that you can't remotely view/record 4 cams at once means the units I bought are going back. I had intended to buy 4 units total (2 for myself & 2 for family if mine worked) but I can't justify the expense given Uniden's use proprietary outdated, buggy, marginally capable remote software (that they already don't support well & that they could easily stop support for entirely within a few years). A bit wordy & redundant but I think you get my point. Uniden needs to get its act together - this unit is so close to ideal but they executed it poorly.



Additional items I should have mentioned. As I recall, recording remotely online is strictly a manual operation, not motion triggered. And since the recording did not get saved to my computer via the path I specified online, the only other option is to manually pull the SD card & insert it to my computer. I bought these primarily for their remote capability, I expect any thief that does get in is likely to steal my Uniden monitor & my other computer hardware & I won't have access to any recordings there. There is perhaps a way to view the cams via the Intranet (behind your own router) but there were no instructions to do that & I didn't immediately see how to do that using Windows Mediaplayer or VLC. If someone could explain how to do that, I might be able to remotely make & access live video & recordings using TeamViewer, Box.com, Dropbox, etc.



Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have the cameras up and running, however they only record when they are on Quad view. If I enlarge the screen just to one camera the recording stops immediately. Also if I enlarge the screen to one camera, I had an icon with RECX on it so can't instant record either. The other issue I have is updating the firmware. I have flowed the instructions to the letter, but I keep getting an error message not he tablet when I attempt to update it. I appreciate any help i can get



What is the best flash card to use with the G955? I have bought other larger gb and I'm not sure which is the one that came with the system. I want to use 16gb or higher. Three cameras fills the 8gb I have in it now. Even with low sensitivity on the cameras, they record a lot (wind blowing branches, and spider webs on lens is real bad). I'd like to put in a 32gb card but I don't know what the ideal one would be. The numbers on the chip confuse me and I don't know what should be used.



Bummer. Remote viewing now only works with windows...no more iPad or iPhone..."in order to improve customer experience.". I want my money back.



Remote view is okay for me and easy to set up for Windows, iPad Air, iPhone 5s and my old LG Android too. The only problem I have is how to do recording 24/7? I follow the manual and it only records 10 minutes and stop. Please help.



Wow privacy is a big must with uniden and I can see why there are so many of people on the wrong net work is disintegrating a everyone's personal information.



How do I get
DID code and the security code for uniden g1700 to connect into my iPhone ?
Please help



The "OCX plug in" says it is corrupt when I tried to download it. I am trying to set up viewing from my laptop Windows7 at work from my home windows 8 PC. It is very confusing. Also does not accept the default security code or one I created. What am I doing wrong? What # of Internet Explorer does the system use?



I am having the same issue with OCX plugin



I have had the G2720 system for over 12 months now and everything has been working fine. Just recently one of the cameras went into darkness (like no power). I have pulled it down and tried the power point in other sockets but with no success. Is there anything that has to be replaced after a certain time in the camera eg: battery? Some responses would be appreciated. Thank you



The network viewing works fine for a couple of days and then quits working. Operating systems have been Win XP, Win 8 and Win 7. Can anyone tell me the problem?



I have a G766, go the cameras all working, looks good on monitor, plugged in the cable to the router, but still don't see the little world sign on the monitor. Also had the same problem with the OCX being corrupt. Anyone find the solution?



good day guys!!! i forgot my password i dont know what to do,i cant open to my phone.pls help me



my unit G2720 who knows how pls help me............tnx a lot



How can I stop constant notifications on my iPhone and iPad ?
Thanks Sherrie

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uniden guardian
uniden guardian
• • •

my web viewing did work from my mobile now it stopped working.




Easy setup
Remote connection fails
• • •

We bought a G24/27 series with 4 cameras installed. All is working n the base station but we cannot connect remotely via the internet. The network details are all pingable and up and running. We installed the support files and tested with the iphone app on location where the base station is located as well as a remote connection via the internet. We have the black screen display but have a connection error displaying when attempting to load a camera feed. the error reads - 'failed...(-3) Press stop button'.




Just purchase G2720 system.
Alarm doesn't work when camera senses movement. Can adjust settings but nothing happens.
• • •

All set up easy as including Ethernet connection to router and can watch on iPad. App isn't much good as there aren't any options...switch cameras etc. everything works ok EXCEPT ALARM!!!!!
I can adjust the melody/alarm setting and durationtion but doesn't sound when movement is detected. This is a really important function, especially at home when I'm not spending all day looking at the touch screen. ANY BODY GOT ANY IDEAS.??? I have an outside camera 60m away but in line of site. Signal drops in and out occasionally. Will try to upgrade aerial. Haven't upgraded to latest software yet.
Perhaps that will help??

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