WD My Book Live network storage device

Access your files from anywhere on the Internet when they are stored on the WD My Book Live

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Western Digital My Book Live network storage device
  • Western Digital My Book Live network storage device
  • Western Digital My Book Live network storage device
  • Western Digital My Book Live network storage device
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  • Simple remote file access
  • Easy to install and use


  • iPhone app could be better
  • No USB port
  • Android app didn't work on our phone

Bottom Line

The WD My Book Live is more than a typical network storage device; it can also be used to share your locally-stored files through the Internet. Anything stored on the drive can be accessed remotely from other computers, or even from a smartphone, and the best part is that you don't need to know anything about how it all works to make it all work.

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Western Digital's My Book Live is a network attached storage (NAS) device that's available in 1TB, 2TB or 3TB capacities and with a Gigabit Ethernet connection. It's a simple device to use and while it offers plenty of storage space for your files, it also gives you an easy way to access them remotely.

Installation, ease of use

Once the WD My Book Live is connected t your network router, it can be set up in many ways, but the most simple is with the supplied CD. However, because the drive is UPnP capable, if you use Windows 7, for example, it will simply show up as a device on the network. You can then right-click on it and select the option to launch its Web interface. Or, you could simply type http://mybooklive in the URL bar of your browser to get to it.

From the Web interface, you can add password-protected user accounts, create new folders and choose which folders users have access to. You can also manage backups and even enable data encryption. It's a clean and logical Web interface but it does have some annoying pop-up alerts that appear every time there is an 'event', such as when the network connection is lost or becomes intermittent. (Alerts are also emailed, which we prefer; the most recent one we received alerted us to a new firmware version.)

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After installation, the drive will appear in your local network and you'll be able to drag and drop files on to it. If you want to use the drive to store your computer's backups, then you can easily do this by following the instructions in the Web interface. It has you covered with the details on how to set up the drive with Apple's Time Machine or with Windows 7's built-in back up feature.

In our tests, using a Gigabit Ethernet switch with Gigabit-capable computers attached to it, the WD was able to write data at a rate of 39.1 megabytes per second. This is better than what you would get when copying files over USB 2.0. Incidentally, the My Book Live doesn't have a USB port, so you can't easily dump files to it from a thumbdrive, nor share USB-based drives through it.

Remote access: your personal 'cloud'

The standout feature of the My Book Live is its ability to be seen on the Internet and accessed remotely -- you don't have to know anything about networking in order to set this up. All you have to do is enable the 'remote access' option in the drive's Web interface and register an account with the www.wd2go.com Web site. There is no need to forward ports in your router, and you don't have to fiddle with dynamic DNS settings. To access your shared files, you can log in to the wd2go Web site from any Internet-connected computer -- it becomes your own little personal 'cloud'.

The site makes use of Java, so you will need to make sure that this is installed on your computer before attempting to access your drive remotely. The interface for remote access is sparse; it only shows the devices that are registered to your account and you can click on them to access their folders. The folders can then be opened in Windows Explorer and files can be dragged and dropped to your desktop. How fast the files transfer will depend on the Internet connection both at your home (for uploading the data) and at your remote location (for downloading the data), and vice versa if you are uploading to the device. The opened folders automatically get mapped with drive letters on the local system you are using -- you can browse them as if they were local drives.

Additionally, you can access files remotely through mobile devices. There are mobile WD 2go apps available for the iPhone and Android (2.1 and above). Before you can access content through the iPhone, you have to get an access code for it and tell the drive that your iPhone is a trusted device. The code took close to one minute to generate during our tests, but it all worked to plan once we got it. The app isn't great though: when playing music, it doesn't allow you to skip tracks, it can't play one track after the other, nor does it allow you to exit the 'play' screen without stopping the music (if you want to browse your collection while playing a file, for example). Videos will only play if they are in MOV or MP4 formats. We weren't able to get the Android version running on our HTC Rhyme smartphone, even though it uses Android 2.3.5.

We should note that in order to get the remote functions of our drive to work, we had to upgrade the firmware to version 2.0. We had some trouble upgrading during our tests -- the drive couldn't do it using its auto-update feature so we had to download and install the firmware manually.


All up, the WD My Book Live is a neat little storage solution for the home and we like the fact that it makes remote file access so simple. The mobile app for the iPhone could use some work though and we hope that new drives come with the correct firmware installed so that manual updating doesn't need to be undertaken. The drive in our test model had a 1TB capacity (for $169). It's also available in 2TB (for $269) and 3TB (for $319) capacities.

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Andrew Roberts


As the other user review said, this product is a nightmare! I am on my second one and it wont install correctly, come into the network, connect to the internet etc etc.
Sounds like a wonderful device but reality is there are too many problems with it.



This seemed like a great product but I am not so sure now!! Access to shared public files is no problem but so far access to private files has been a nightmare, I can only write to them if I make them public and only read from the even though they are read/write when they are private. I keep being asked for a network password to access the private folder but whatever combination I have tried fails to work, and yes I've tried everything including no user name and no password etc, etc.

Also the email process to get a web account to access the drive online does not work, I have tried doing this outside of the software and await a response from WD.

If WD support can't sort out the read/write issues and the online access problem, this will be going back to the retailer.

I also had to update the firmware and the WD online support and FAQs have been of little use.



Product is rubbish, For something that is DLNA you have to go through hoops to get it to work with a Samsung TV. Also you have to pay to upgrade the Twonky media server within the product!!
How do they expect non computer savy people to use this kit!!

Tom Grimm


WD must have updated some things between last October and now, because I have had no problems what so ever with my 2TB drive. It works seamlessly with both my my iPhone and ipad2 through wd2go. It also works great with my Sharp Aquos TV using DLNA. I didn't have to do a thing except connect my TV through the Internet. I also use it to transfer files from my desktop to my laptop using Wi-fi,

The only problem I have encountered is using it with iTunes. Overall it works fine, but iTunes has a bad habit over overwriting the data in the Album Artist tag of the mp3 when it syncs. For regular music and single artist albums it's no problem. For compilation albums, it's a nightmare..

Regardless, I've been extremely happy with how mine has performed. Even uploading music for my PC was not as bad as some comments suggested. Mine is connected via cat5 through a router capable of 1 gig transfers. It only took an hour to upload about 8000 mp3's



Just got one and so far it has been fine. Easy to use and configure. Just a pity about USB but otherwise a great device.



Reasons backup is essential: 1) in case of hardware crash, virus, "blue screen of death," etc., there are recent backup versions of all my critical files; 2) in case of file corruption, there is a recent "clean" version; and 3) in case of fire or disaster, I can get things back up and running. I love the concept of the personal cloud device, but it doesn't seem to satisfy #3, since it has to be connected to my wireless router to be any good, and will go up in flames with everything else. Also, it's not clear if you can access your files directly or via the LAN, or is it only via an internet connection?

Kevin Smith


It works fine for me on the Public shares, but I've been having a nightmare trying to set up a Private share. It keeps asking me for the "network password" and every combination is rejected. WD support has been useless too, they say I need to do a factory restore, as if that will solve anything.

The Private share works if I log in as a secondary user (anyone but Admin). But that defeats the purpose of a Private share. I want a read-only folder, otherwise no need to jump through these hoops. WD's tech support. I as Admin need to be able to write to the Private folder, and no one else can write to it.



Kevin, I'm having exactly the same log in issues. What did you find out?



I have a big trouble trying to access a private folder. There is a window asking for a password and also, no combination makes it work. WD product is not a good purchase and I regret a lot of buying it. Any solutions to this really basic functionallity issue that makes anyone buy a NAS? Shame on WD!!!



Windows cannot access \\MYBOOKLIVE
Error code 0x80070035
tried with possible combination of user id and pw... unable to login... really regretting now... any help would be appreciated



Having the same problem with the private folder.
Does any one have a solution that does not involve a rather large inanimate object connecting with the damn thing!!!

Jason Lee


Hi All,

I have the same problem with private folder issue as you mentioned above. I just wonder if any clear solution to resolve this issue.



I have the same problem with private folder issue as you mentioned above. I just wonder if any clear solution to resolve this issue.




I had the same problem with the private folders. The solution is simple and it's do to with Windows being too clever.

Basically when the drive is mapped on installation of the WD there is no username or password needed. So when you try and create another mapped drive to the private folders it always keeps trying (even if you input the private username and password) to use no authentication.


1. Disconnect the current mapped drive to the public folder on the WD (note down what the IP or name it is)
2. Create a new mapped drive to the private folder. Should be something like \\MYBOOKLIVE\privatefolder ("privatefolder" being the name of your private folder of course).
3. When the box for the username and password pops up enter the username and password which has access to this folder (privileges can be set in the "My Book Live Dashboard") you can save the username and password here for later too.
4. Now the new mapped drive for the private folder should now be created.
5. If you want access to the public folder too create a new mapped drive as above \\MYBOOKLIVE\public and no username and password will be requested as it is using the UN and PW from above and no UN and PW is needed any way for this folder.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards



Windows cannot access \\MYBOOKLIVE
Error code 0x80070035
tried with possible combination of user id and pw... unable to login... really regretting now... any help would be appreciated



Useless as a music server. All songs are listed alphabetically unless in "Album View". It takes ages to scroll through your albums to find the write one and have it play back in the correct order.



I've had mine for 6 months now, no problems.
It's a great deal faster than most other single-drive NAS systems on the market, and although the browser UI is awful, once mapped as a network drive through your operating system (works with every OS I can think of), it functions as a normal folder/drive. The android ap is also quite lacking, and auto-detection doesn't work, so you have to initiate a manual connection from the drive itself, but it does work once set-up. (Personally I prefer to use a third-party file browser with added network drive functionality, which is much easier to set up, and nicer to look at.)
As for connectability, works fine locally (wired or wireless), and with a bit of port forwarding tweaks, it works outside your local subnet too.

My review, 4/5 stars for the Drive itself (wish it had a USB port), but 2/5 for the "added functionality"; namely, the mobile apps (although the app does connect through their servers and allows you to use the drive outside your local network)

Ahmad Talash


Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2!
How to get the Setup of My Book Live
I have try to Download but I download the Setup it's for Windows 7 Xp Vista not For Windows Server. Can you help me How I can Fine Setup For Windows Server 2003 Service Pack2.



click on use different credentials before pressing finish. Appears to be working.



I have to say that this device is not as easy to use as this review suggests and I would definitely not say, "and the best part is that you don't need to know anything about how it all works to make it all work". My old computer which died suddenly is backed up to one of these. If I can figure out how to get that data onto the new one, I'll consider myself very lucky. We'll see.... I wouldn't buy another one.



Also you may access by looking on to your router via internet explorer or google chrome by imputing IP address for example in Internet explorer or in google chrome:

by default it will prompt you for a password, the default password is: password

from there you may create users and shares.



Absolute garbage! Every now and then I have to waste time messing with it because it rejects a password that I never changed and have had for many years and now it is asking me to enter a password to a public share. It all worked fine the other day, but today it is a piece of crap. My second WD back up drive and my last. My old one never gave me any problems. This one is going to end up on the road under my truck tire because thats all its good for.



mine too Jerry, it is asking me to enter a password to a public share, from time to time, very annoying :(

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Works as a HD
Terrible for streaming to tv
• • •

Bought this so I could wirelessly stream data (movie files etc) to my brand new Samsung HD tv. Some files it streams ok but a lot of the time it will disconnect. Approx 80% of files wont work as the format is unrecognised (mkv, mp4 etc). Waste of money!!




Easy installation, dlna works with tv
Itunes part is a bit undeveloped
• • •

Seriously for the price this product is really ace. Installation and setup was easy and it works with my tv via dlna. The product no matter the brand is not made to knock over on the desk or down to the floor a little woopsy trip. Seriously, the cat is to be in the cage then, not your precious My Book, lmao. No harddrive is build to be knocked over in the slightest manor. If it happens, yeah well, you might lose all data, ur own fault imo (yes i tried it before, dont blame the products durability when its not made for it).

Well i like the way the software looks and works from several angles but, yes theres a but, it doesnt beat the silky feel of the constantly always updated Synology software in comparison. But thats whole other price range of course. The smartphone apps are very user friendly so most people wont have to use many braincells here, lol.

All in all a fantastic product after they solved some of the major software bugs it had at release and months after. Thanks WD, it works brilliantly now.




It works as an HD
Make sure its secure as any little bump to the enclosure can damage the internal drive making your data irretrievable
• • •

***** WARNING WARNING ********* I have bought two WD MyBook 2Tb backed up all my data photos etc, one fell of my desk everything gone, irretrievable, under warranty but user fault so no refund ok fair enough my fault it fell of the desk, so I bought another one backed up all my data etc.... the cat knocked it over on my desk, it didn't fall it just got knocked onto its side and now doesn't work and again data irretrievable (oh I can get some forensic IT dude to find it, but $$$$) so I emailed WD and they basically said, sorry for inconvenience blah blah blah but that any type of hit on the enclosure blah blah blah, as soft as it may seem blah blah blah, may damage the internal drive blah blah blah. Whats the use I ask, so there's a warning for you, buy it as an HD it works well just make sure you secure it put a cage around it and don't let anything touch it.

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