10 slick and cool IE extensions

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<h2>Greasemonkey</h2><br><b>What it is:</b> Won't change the oil in your car, but will allow users to change the behaviour of a Web page by adding bits of "user scripts". In much the same way Cascading Style Sheets let users control a Web page's style, user scripts control any aspect of the page's design or interaction.<br><b>Why you should use it:</b> Puts you at the controls and lets savvy users write scripts to customise Web pages. Hundreds of pre-built scripts to choose from including adding multiple search engines to Google or ensuring all URLs are shown as clickable links.<br><b>Where to get it:</b> <a href="http://www.gm4ie.com/scripts.html" target="_blank">www.gm4ie.com/scripts.html</a>

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10 slick and cool IE extensions

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