2007's most offensive computer games

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<h1>Lair</h1><br>Lair is offensive not for its violent content, but for foisting on gamers one of the worst control ideas this side of Nintendo's hideous Virtual Boy. <br>You're supposed to fly a dragon using the PlayStation 3's motion-sensitive SixAxis controls. Cool, right? Well, yeah, except for the parts where you have to twist and swivel, and shake-shake-shake, and hold some button while lining your soaring flame-throwing lizard up with some other dude's, and then stab your entire PlayStation 3 controller left or right, and pray that the invisible timer clocking the little screaming fire-bombed guys you're trying to protect down below doesn't expire and jerk you out of the moment with a hey and a "whoops!" and a "try again." <br>Sony's misbegotten dragon-riding simulation is our most offensive-to-play video game of the year. <br><b>For: PlayStation 3; Developer: Factor 5; Publisher: Sony</b>

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2007's most offensive computer games

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