Alternative HD disc formats

HD-DVD and Blu-ray aren't the only HD disc formats out there; there's a handful of alternative formats (mostly based on red lasers) that have tried, or are still trying to get a space on that home entertainment shelf.

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<b>HD Versatile Multilayer Disc (HD VMD)</b><br>Yet another format that uses red laser technology, HD VMD has been created by a London-based company called <a href="" target="_blank">New Medium Enterprises</a>. HD VMD packs more layers into a DVD-sized disc than normal &#8211; three or four &#8211; with 5GB per layer. The company says it has the ability to place up to 20 layers on a single disc, to reach a potential capacity of 100GB. Current HD VMD discs use four layers and support a wide range of codes, including H.264. This is the most recent HD disc format to emerge and HD VMD products are already available on Amazon.

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Alternative HD disc formats

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