Inside a Classic: The TRS-80 Model 100

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<h2>Bill's Last Hurrah</h2> <br> A quarter-century ago, Bill Gates was still getting his hands dirty with tasks that, today would be left to entry-level Microsoft programmers. Case in point: Gates, with another colleague, programmed the Model 100's built-in software, which is contained within the chip you see before you. To this day, the Model 100 remains his last major programming project at Microsoft. <br> In an <a href="">interview with the National Museum of American History</a>, you can still hear Gates' pride in the project. "It is a cool user interface, because although most of the code is a BASIC Interpreter, we did this little file system where you never had to think about saving anything. You just had this menu where you pointed to things. It was a great little editor and scheduler. We crammed it all into a 32K ROM."

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Inside a Classic: The TRS-80 Model 100

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