21 upcoming Wii games to drool over

The 21 games we're most excited to play on the Wii.

21 upcoming Wii games to drool over next


#16: Call of Duty: World at War

ETA: November 11, 2008
Why You Should Give a Damn: The Wii version of World at War is going to offer everything the PC/360/PS3 version of the title will, along with extra features the other versions of the title won't support like Wii Zapper support and improved camera movement. Running on a modified CoD 4 engine, Call of Duty: World at War takes the Call of Duty franchise back to World War II. This time the emphasis is on conflict in the Pacific Rim, pitting you against the devious tactics of the Imperial Japanese army and the hostile jungle environment. Use the flamethrower to burn out the enemies waiting to trap you. The game's premiere at E3 caught the eye of many critics — it's one of the best looking Wii games we've seen yet. If the gameplay can match the visuals, the Wii could finally have a FPS on par with the HD consoles.

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