Essential HDTV accessories

An HDTV is just a TV with a pretty picture until you add a few important accoutrements. The dozen add-ons shown here will greatly enhance your HDTV watching experience.

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<h2>Universal Remote: Logitech Harmony One</h2> <br> The average U.S. household owns 5.3 remote controls, according my unscientific survey of friends’ living-room coffee tables. Furthermore, only 1.3 persons per household know which equipment those remotes control, and 0.2 person per household knows how to work any particular remote. But a universal remote like the <a href=";2136212606;pid;4855;pt;1" target="_blank">Logitech Harmony One</a> can control them all, leaving you to learn how to work the buttons on (and avoid misplacing) only one device. Of course, to gain command of such a hydra-headed beast, you may have to take a remote-obedience class. <br> The Harmony One has a 2.2-inch colour touch screen. You can download button assignments from Logitech's online database of more than 225,000 devices, after which, you can listen to music by touching a single button. Turn on the TV, the receiver, and the Blu-ray player, and harmonize their settings for cooperative play by pressing just one button. You are the alpha potato of your household!

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Essential HDTV accessories

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