6 upcoming horror games to die for

Six big bloodcurdling video games to get excited about!

6 upcoming horror games to die for next


<h2>#5: Aliens: Colonial Marines</h2> <br> Aliens: Colonial Marines will detail the events of the unlucky rescue squad sent to rescue Ellen Ripley and the doomed crew of the U.S.S. Sulaco. Written after the events of Alien 3 by Battlestar Galactica wordsmiths Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, you'll play the roles of four Marines as they try to investigate the ship and survive the Alien onslaught. <br> Some classic, disgusting monsters will make an appearance, including Facehuggers and Alien Queens, as you use both one-on-one combat and group tactics to avoid becoming alien kibble. <br> With dark environments, a ship filled with bloodthirsty monsters, and only the barrel of a gun between you and a horrible death, Aliens: Colonial Marines should scare the Hell out of gamers next year.

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6 upcoming horror games to die for

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