The 7 best video game lifebars

We celebrate our seven all-time favorite video game lifebars!

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#3: Rock Meter (Guitar Hero Series)

The concept of having a lifebar in a music title is a bit weird unless you're John Lennon (... too soon?) but Activision managed to incorporate one into Guitar Hero with great results. As your performance begins to suffer, the Rock Meter — a meter similar to many found on professional music equipment — will slip from the safe green section on the left to the middle yellow, to the red on the right. If your performance forces the pointer all the way to the right, you lose. It's simple, effective, and it fits in with the game perfectly. When you take the mess that is Rock Band's Band Meter into consideration the genius of the Rock Meter is magnified. What the hell does that outline when one person fails out mean anyway?

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The 7 best video game lifebars

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