The most overrated games of 2008

We name and shame last year's most overrated games.

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<h2>Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)</h2><br><br>Despite what Rockstar’s legion of fans might tell you, GTA IV is unquestionably the most overrated game of 2008. Having single-handedly amassed <a href="" target="_blank">over $710 million in publishing revenues</a> and taking out the year’s top spot <a href="" target="_blank">on</a>, its placement on this list was assured from the very start. Relentlessly smug comments from Rockstar Games didn’t help matters either. For example, <a href="" target="_blank"> “GTA IV sets a new benchmark for interactive entertainment"</a>. After lofty proclamations like this, how could it <i>not</i> be overrated?<br><br>While unquestionably a very good game, GTA IV is not the revolutionary slice of perfection that so many critics claimed. It certainly isn’t <a href="" target="_blank">the best video game of all time</a>, or even the best game of 2008. In fact, we’d argue that THQ’s <a href=";2136213066;pid;6788;pt;1">Saint's Row 2</a> provided the best virtual sandbox of the year, despite being thematically shallower.<br><br>For every moment of sheer, unadulterated brilliance, GTA IV throws up something boring or boneheaded to counter it &#8212; from the baffling omission of ambulance/pizza missions to the terminally dull man-dates. (No Steve, I DON’T want to go bowling!) Old gripes like the car handling remain largely unchecked, while some of the all-new features (like watching TV) are a complete waste of time. Brilliant characterisation aside, the game is far from perfect &#8212; something which the majority of the gaming press conspicuously failed to notice.<br><br>(You can read a more detailed account of our love-hate relationship with GTA IV <a href=";1242172200" target="_blank">here</a>.)

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The most overrated games of 2008

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