What's new in Internet Explorer 8 RC1?

Microsoft is readying the final release of its browser Internet Explorer 8. Here are images of IE release candidate 1 along with descriptions of the features

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<h2>IE8 RC1: Security</h2> <br> IE8 RC1 also offers improved protection from sites flagged as phishing or malware threats. In addition to warning you when you encounter such a site, IE8 RC1 makes it more difficult to disregard the dialog box and click through. Finally, IE8 has added protection against clickjacking -- a kind of attack that became common toward the end of 2008.<br> These are all strong steps in Internet Explorer's development and will be good features for current users of IE. Still, considering the comparable protection available for other browsers, I don't know that they'll hold a high enough value to bring any outsiders in.

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What's new in Internet Explorer 8 RC1?

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