Video game box art gallery: Best & Worst

Video game boxes have never enjoyed a particularly prestigious reputation. That’s because most of them suck.

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Bad: Hunter

Activision, 1991 (Amiga/Atari ST)
This free-roaming, 3D action/adventure game is one of the great lost gems of gaming. The ability to drive anything, go anywhere and shoot anyone paved the way for every sandbox title that came after. (Amazingly, some of its features are still unique to the genre, such as the ability to windsurf and fight sharks.)

So how come Hunter isn’t as well remembered as it should be? Could it perhaps have something to do with that terminally bland box art? Whatever possessed them to put a floppy disc on the cover is a mystery for the ages — it makes the game look like a spreadsheet program for army enthusiasts. The box is so inoffensive and boring that we doubt many of you have even bothered to click on the image. Which means we could pretty much write whatever we want here... hmmm... [Snip! — Ed.]

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