Stimulus package bargain buys

We highlight the best gear to buy with Rudd’s cash-bonanza handout.

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This month, the Federal Government began rolling out its $42 billion stimulus package to citizens nationwide (along with overseas foreigners and corpses, it says here). For individual tax-payers earning $80,000 or less a year, this equates to 900 clams injected directly into their back account. Not bad, eh?<br><br>Rather than putting the money towards bills or mortgages, Kevin Rudd wants us to stimulate the economy &#8212; which translates to splurging on big-ticket items like camcorders, notebooks and TVs. Being the helpful bunch that we are, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best gadgets you can bag for $900(ish). To find out what our favourite stimulus-steals are, read on. <i>(Note: Click on the model names for an in-depth review of each product.)</i>

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Stimulus package bargain buys

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